Gems Publishing - February 2020

By Dr. Tom “The Gems Guy” Orent

You’ve heard the old adage, “If you don’t have a plan, you’re planning to fail.” And then there’s “hindsight is 2020.” In this article, I’m going to reveal the simplest way to plan for your success in 2020.

firing, motivating, and above all else, holding team members accountable for performing their day-to-day jobs. Without a top-notch team upon whom you can depend to help you keep your practice moving in the right direction, the No. 1 and No. 2 issues can be overwhelming. Running a dental practice depends in large part on Maslow’s hierarchy. Staff issues aren’t your biggest problems until they are! But when your Dental Assistant gives her notice the same day as your most knowledgeable business staff member … not coincidentally the same day your Hygienist asks you for a raise … staff issues trump everything else. "What if I told you the only way to ensure success in 2020 is to invest at least 72 hours in a 'Think Tank' crafting a 37-point multivector business plan. Seriously?"

only recently landed on Planet Gems). I’m allergic to complicated strategies and shun trying to focus on more than one or two things at once. So, I’m going to reveal three SIMPLE KEYS to ensure revenue growth in the coming year and beyond. These keys are aimed at battling what you told me are the three biggest issues you’re currently facing in practice. If I were to suggest that you totally pull out of managed care network plans, for some, that may be so far from reality you’d shut down altogether and take no action at all. Instead, I’m going to share what should be a very realistic goal for the next 12 months. Reduce your dependence on managed care by dumping the worst 20% of the plans currently holding you hostage. 1. REDUCE YOUR DEPENDENCE ON PPOS BY 20%. Let me clarify “20%.” That does not mean if you have 10 plans, you should drop two of them in the next 12 months. Not all plans are created equal. My suggestion is you walk away from enough plans to reduce the percentage of patients you treat for ridiculously low fees by 20%. For example, if you have 1,500 active patients and 1,000 of them


Last week, I asked over 35,000 Dentists to answer a one-question survey: “What is the biggest issue/problem you face in your practice today?” I’m sure you can guess which issues were at the top of the list (by a landslide): managed care, network insurance, PPOs, time wasted, money down the drain, unreasonable write offs, and bullying. The No. 1 issue we face in practice today is mis-managed care (a term I coined) dental insurance. No. 2? New patient flow is a distant second place behind managed care insurance. No surprise there, either. In fact, it’s because of concerns about new patient flow (and thus busyness) that many Dentists make poor decisions about joining network plans. It’s a vicious cycle. “Maybe I’ll just add the best one or two PPOs.” It’s like hoping you contract the least deadly form of cancer in a misguided effort to fight the common cold. Bad idea. The “cure” could kill your practice.


What if I told you the only way to ensure success in 2020 is to invest at least 72 hours in a “Think Tank” crafting a 37-point multivector business plan. Seriously? You know me way better than that (even if you

Finally, coming in third … our colleagues reported problems with staff/team: hiring,

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are in-network with PPOs for whom you are a provider, then plan on reducing by 200 patients in the coming year. That might be one larger plan or three smaller plans. The 20% goal represents the number of patients by which you’ll reduce your obligation to accept cut-rate fees. How do you decide which plans to cut first? Cut the plans that require you to take the deepest discounts off of your fees. Let’s say there’s one plan that represents 20% of your managed care patients, but that plan only requires you to reduce your fees by 10%, whereas three other plans making up another 20% of your managed care patients require you to sacrifice an average of 28% of your fees … that’s where you begin. "A very realistic goal for the next 12 months: reduce your dependence on managed care by dumping the worst 20% of the plans currently holding you hostage." Be smart. Don’t dump any plans until or unless you’ve first replaced those patients with additional new patient flow. Read my “Delta Resignation Strategy” report and letter which should be used as you exit any plans (not just Delta) … in order to retain the highest possible number of patients on the plans you’re leaving. Be prepared to lose them all (by adding more new patients), but do your best to retain the highest possible number. Ask your Personal Gems Concierge to help you find this resource, or go to InsidersCircle. com SITE MAP STRATEGIC DOCUMENTS DELTA resignation letter to patients v3.

35–40 new patients per month to 50 and up. The reason for the range is that some offices may be doing only bread- and-butter dentistry and low fees while another practice may be full fee-for- service and routinely performing full- mouth reconstruction. Regardless, if you want to boost your revenues in 2020 and reduce your dependence on managed care, then increasing your new patient flow by 20% is a good goal for your next 12 months. Of course, you’ll want to focus on strategies that target new patients who’ll pay fee-for-service. Ask your Personal Gems Concierge to assist you with the following resources: a. Dr. Chris Phelps’ targeted marketing to active seniors using the Wine and Cheese events (see the article in the “Recently Unearthed on Planet Gems” column in this issue titled “Laser- Focused Target Marketing Fee-for- Service New Patients”) b. Reverse engineering your patient list to identify local businesses that don’t offer dental insurance then reaching out to those businesses and offering all of their employees their first year of your Dental Benefits Savings Plan for FREE. If you don’t yet have an in-office Dental Health Benefits Savings Plan, ask your Gems Concierge to have our graphics folks help you create one today. Although the need to hire new team members is an issue from time to time, more often than not, Dentists reported their biggest concern with their teams was accountability: getting the team all rowing in the same direction and continuing to row hard without having to be asked! If your team members don’t see your vision and aren’t focused on helping you get there … it’s not their fault. They need you to be the leader who defines the vision, maps a plan to get there, and BECOME THE LEADER YOUR TEAM NEEDS YOU TO BE.

then leads them along the way. That includes a system for accountability. If you’re not yet using the Gems Action List at every team meeting, ask your Personal Gems Concierge to give you access to your Google shared Action List. Once you begin using this tool, you’ll never look back. It’s one of the simplest, most powerful tools on the Planet! Finally, watch (or if you’ve seen it in the past, then revisit) “An 18-Step Plan for Leadership Excellence.” In this video, I reveal exactly how to develop your vision of your perfect practice, how to share that vision with your team, and how to lead your team along that journey. For this resource, ask your Concierge or go to SITE MAP GOLDMINE UNDERGROUND TEAM TRAINING TOOLKIT 029 AN 18 STEP SYSTEM FOR DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE. order to make 2020 your best year ever. There are three pieces to the equation: increase fee-for-service new patient flow, decrease the number of patients for whom you’re required to accept reduced fees, and define and share your vision with your team. Become the leader they need in order to help you achieve the practice you desire. This is a simple plan, one which I’m confident you can accomplish in the next 12 months in



I’m going to use a solo practitioner as an example. However, if you have three Doctors, simply multiply these numbers by three. A healthy new patient flow for a typical solo Doctor ranges from

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Dr. Kevin Norige, Platinum Member

I’ve been a member of the Gems Family for the past several years, but I didn’t have a chance to really get to know Dr. Tom Orent until the Fall Members’ Retreat. It was there that I was able to interact with Dr. Orent on a personal level, and I was amazed at how considerate and personable he is. I’ve always been impressed with the accessibility and dedication Dr. Orent and his team have shown to my team. I have learned a tremendous amount from my work with Gems, and every new Gem we deploy makes me excited for the next. But it was our interaction this fall that really put into perspective how meaningful and powerful this work can be. It makes a real difference when you create a personal connection with someone — my practice’s latest venture with the support of the Gems Family is proof. In October 2019, Dr. Orent suggested we celebrate veterans throughout the entire month of November rather than just honoring these brave men and women on Veterans Day. As a man in a military family, this struck me. My father and father-in- law served in World War II in the Navy and the Merchant Marines, respectively. I’m also the proud brother of an Air Force veteran, and these men inspire me as I serve my community in many different

ways, including through my church and as a longtime Boy Scout leader.

and tied it up with a gorgeous purple bow. On the tag, we had printed, “Thanks for Your Service. –Team South Windsor Smiles.” Andy had posters made up for the office to alert patients and visitors of this special promotion. In each step of the process, we grew more excited about the project. With everything set up, all we had to do was wait in eager anticipation for November to roll around. But on Halloween, I couldn’t wait any longer. He was the last patient of the day. In fact, this was his first visit to our practice. But when I learned this man was a pilot during the Korean conflict, I knew we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to thank him for all he did for this country even though it was “technically” still October. I said, “You know, we’re starting this tribute to our veterans tomorrow, but I’m going to give this to you today.” With that, I handed

In the past, my practice, South Windsor Smiles, donated toothbrushes and toiletries to various veteran programs, but honoring the brave heroes who have defended our country for generations throughout the month was the least we could do. I passed the idea along to my son, Andy, who manages the marketing, creative, and administrative work for South Windsor Smiles. What happened next is all because of Andy’s creative thinking. Andy connected with a local chocolatier to create dozens of custom-made boxes of chocolate. We wrapped each box in gold

"I handed him the golden box … I may as well have handed him a gold brick. The man was so appreciative of our support and gesture, and I was proud to recognize him in such a simple, unassuming way."

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WED 3/4/20 to SAT 3/7/20


MARCH 4-7, 2020

Don’t Miss Special Pre-Event DayWithMr. VanceMorris! “Systematic Magic LIVE! FromWalt Disney World”

A Disney Insider’s “Behind the Curtain” System for Service, Development, Growth and Profits. Unvarnished Behind the Scenes Service and Profit Truths (not found in a Disney Institute seminar) Who Should Attend this SPECIAL PRE-EVENT DAY? This “Deep Dive” peel back the curtain on EXACTLY HOW Disney consistently delivers legendary service is mission critical for Dentists, Office Managers, or those with the authority to affect change in your practice

Create an environment where the outside world melts away, inhibitions to price are lost and patients become raving fans. Inspire, encourage and impel your team members to ACTIVELY deliver consistent, superior and best-in-class service Create a more efficient (profitable) process for delivering best-in-class service to your patients day in and day out Become recognized as THE expert “Go-To” dentist in your area What sets you apart from all the rest of your local competition Create service standards that consistently deliver profitability far exceeding today’s dental profesion norms.

Mr. Vance Morris GKIC Reigning Marketer of the Year

What’s Included in this SPECIAL PRE-EVENT DAY: Exclusive ½ Day Meeting building your own Disney Style Service System. At the end of the day you will have a blueprint to implement in your practice the following Monday. Value ($3497) Resources, Guides, Blueprints andWorkbooks (Value $297) Exclusive VIP reception with current Disney Leaders . Ever want to know how “the rubber hits the road”? You will have unprecedented access to these Disney leaders to ask any question you want to. We will also be serving a feast of hors d’ oeuvres menu that will certainly be your dinner. (Priceless)

Dr. James Metz is a 1973 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. He maintains a restorative dental practice with an emphasis on dental sleep medicine and reconstructive dentistry. Dr Metz’s current research with Oral Appliance Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and Headache have led to the completion of a 136 consecutive patient study was just published in Frontiers in Neurology. The outcomes, using his techniques, have compared favorably to CPAP therapy for mild, moderate, and even severe OSA patients.


Dr. Metz was a member of the American Dental Association’s Scientific Investigation Committee Workgroup, which defined the role of the Oral Appliance for the control of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Metz during the past 7 years has been a member of the Scientific Investigation Committee of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, which publishes their literature review yearly in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. He has served on the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine board of directors, course development committee, public relations committee, chair for both the Introductory and Advanced Course of Dental Sleep Medicine, and vice-chair of the AADSM Annual Meeting in 2014. He is a board member of the Ohio Sleep Society. Metz is the founder and current chair for the Dental Interest Group of the American Thoracic Society. As a member of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry and International Academy of Gnathology, he has pursued excellence in the field of Restorative Dentistry during his entire career. Dr. Metz is also a member of the American College of Dentists, American Dental Association, and served as president of the Muskingum Valley Dental Association. COURSE OBJECTIVES Breathing is basic. Our primitive brain controls the process, and we take it for granted. We as dentists can influence the available oxygen dramatically. An understanding of the physiology of breathing will allow for a more precise treatment plan of our restorative care. Considering that breathing well may increase your patient’s quality of life and possibly even their lifespan as well as the durability of the finished restorative case, this course will cover the process from intake to completed treatment. The overall objective is to present a logical and efficient way to incorporate Mandibular Advancement Therapy into dental practice.

5. Eval, analysis, & comprehension of polysomnogram reports & the necessity of med- ical eval & importance of a multidisciplinary team approach to treating snoring & OSA 6. Appliances 7. Building a delivery team in the office.

At the completion of this talk, participants will be knowledgeable in: 1. Why we sleep and how sleep impacts your day-to-day dentistry 2. Physiology of sleep (focus is the heart, brain, and basic pulmonology) 3. The terminology of Sleep Medicine 4. The pathophysiology, demographics, and sequelae of OSA

8. The appointment process – how to handle the flow. 9. Patient motivation – it is more than an appliance 10. Billing and Insurance

“SATURDAY AFTERNOON PRIVATE BEHIND-THE-SCENES Disney Tour Limited to the 1st 60 People to Register” Private Keys to the Kingdom Tour (not available to the general public)

An in-depth, 3 to 4 hour behind scenes look at the most iconic theme park at Walt Disney World Resort. You will experience exactly how Disney consistently creates the magic on a daily basis through this tour of the Magic Kingdom. You will go “underground” into the “utilidor” and see how the magic is created from the perspective of the cast members. The tour guides will also focus on the “business” of the park.

VIP Attractions experiences (at least one and maybe two behind the scenes look at the rides, depending on time) then of course; you’ll have a chance to ride the ride! The tour will focus on the FOUR key strategies that Vance introduced you to: Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency. This will solidify your un- derstanding and ability to implement your own key strategies in your dental practice. Tours are small groups with plenty of time and opportunity for questions.

Disney has limited this tour to a hard count of 60. This is the maximum they can do in one day. So if you want to see the behind the scenes magic, SIGN UP TODAY! These spots never last! Please indicate on your form how many spots you need. We will be counting these at the back table. Once we hit 60, it will be sold out.

“The Secret to Using KPIs to Achieve Killer Practice Income!”

During this presentation you will discover:

The #1 activity you must do every day to avoid unpleasant and disastrous financial surprises Discover the single best tool for “Gems-centric” practices to always identify neglecated areas, track progress, and master their numbers How using your dashboard to implement and track a few simple changes can create massive and sustainable gains in profit The only time it’s remotely okay to ignore the numbers (“non-quantifiable criticals”)

The KPIs that matter most and how to fully leverage them to create more profit, happier team members, and healthier patients The critical leading and lagging indicators in your practice (and what to do about them) The 3 ways to get your team super-motivated and hyper-focused on your numbers How unhealthy business data leads to unhealthy patients and an unhealthy practice (and income)

TOM RICH, MBA Senior Practice Analyst

“The Dental YouTube Blueprint - New Patient Electromagnet!”

How to Tap Into Social Media’s Best Kept Secret, and Immediately Drive More New Patients to Your Practice Create a successful YouTube Channel for your dental practice

Manage SEO in order to get YOUR videos to the top of Google Find optimal keywords and phrases for your dental practice Use those keywords to rank at the top of Google Finally demystify using cards and end screens Determine which tools to use (both free and premium) for video creation Build a following of people on YouTube who are your ideal potential new patients

LISAWEBER, RDH Certified GG12 Coach

Make high-quality videos on a budget that get you found, AND drive potential new patients to your practice Properly use titles, descriptions, and tags Create a clickable thumbnail to get more views Place your video ads on your competitor’s You- Tube Channels and capture their audience Use YouTube to set up real-world marketing funnels Leverage YouTube’s 5 billion daily viewers Create YouTube ad campaigns to promote your practice

“Top 7 Essential Wealth Building Strategies for Dentists”

Learn the right way to pay off debt How to obtain financial freedom.... earlier than you thought possible Should you use a financial advisor? The REAL cost of financial advice

Passive income secrets 101 You BIGGEST tax breaks

DR. JEFF ANZALONE Board Certified Periodontist, Certified GG12 Coach


STEP 1: Complete contact & attendee information

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STEP 2: Enter into each line, the TOTAL NUMBER attending EACH event

____ Friday Evening Gems Family Retreat Dinner ____ Saturday Gems Members’ Doctor & Spouse Mastermind Session ____ Saturday Gems Team Members’ BREAKOUT Mastermind Session ____ Saturday Gems Disney Behind the Scenes Tour (1st 60 registrants) Behind-the-scenes tour is SOLD OUT. Indicate number for WAITING LIST

____ Vance Morris’ Systematic Magic LIVE (add $447 per person) ____ Thursday Keynote and GG12 Certified Coaches Presentations ____ Thursday Evening Illuminations & GG12 CELEBRATION Dinner ____ Friday Doctor and Spouse Mastermind Session ____ Friday Team Members’ BREAKOUT Mastermind Session

Please enter any special dietary needs here __________________________________________________________________________

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__Visa __MC __AMEX __Disc # ___________________________________________________________ City: ______________________________ State: ______ Signature Authorizing Charge: ________________________ Date: ________ Name On Card: _____________________ Exp: ___/___ Upon registration, tuition will be charged to your credit card on file. After registering for the event, you will receive a confirmation which will include a link to book your room(s) in the event hotel at our group rate if space within the Gems group block remains available. “Disney Behind the Scenes” Tour is limited to the first 60 people (and is currently sold out). The PRE-EVENT DAY, “Systematic Magic LIVE” with Vance Morris is an additional $447/person (but worth TEN TIMES that!) Your Retreat Tuition is FULLY REFUNDABLE if you cancel at least 30 days prior to the event. *GG12 & GG12 Alumni Members credit card will be charged a $200 REFUNDABLE Deposit, to help plan for meals and retreat space. The FULL $200 will be REFUNDED the week after you ATTEND the retreat (or if you Cancel 30+ days Prior to event). Your card will be charged $447/person for the Pre-Event day. CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD ON FILE (check the box and sign above) BONUS GIFT for ALL doctors registering before 2/29/20, choose any one of our 7 Gems Swag. See photos top of this page, of the 6 Gems Family Swag T-Shirts, or , you may choose one of the Planet Gems Thermal Cooler Bags (out of this world!). T-SHIRT # ___ SIZE ___ or Cooler Bag ___

FAX FORM TO 1-508-861-1550 (Outside USA/Canada FAX 001-508-861-1550) OR CALL 1-888-880-GEMS (4367) TO REGISTER TODAY!

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him the golden box … I may as well have handed him a gold brick. The man was so appreciative of our support and gesture, and I was proud to recognize him in such a simple, unassuming way. That feeling never got old during November. We handed out well over 40 gold boxes of chocolate to deserving veterans and patients. We knew nearly every patient who was a veteran, but we also learned of a few others who hadn’t mentioned a record of service. It

was a truly memorable way to get to know a little about our patients. It connected our entire team to the patients we serve in a unique way. And while this certainly drummed up some good ol’ word-of-mouth referrals and chatter, we didn’t deploy this project with the goal of it becoming a marketing campaign. In fact, it still isn’t. We wanted this gesture to be received with the highest honor, and we wanted our patients to know our intentions

were just to simply say thank you. We wanted to honor those who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy today. It was the right thing to do. Honoring our veterans was a goodwill effort dedicated to serving those who gave up so much to serve us. The entire project cost less than $500. But the connections we made with our patients were priceless.

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GEMS INSIDERS’ CIRCLE™ QUARTERLY Q&A WEBINARS: Four times each year, I’m available in the evening for up to 90 minutes to answer your questions about any topics of your choice regarding dental practice management. GEMS FAMILY SPRING RETREAT – DISNEY WORLD, FL, MARCH 4–7: Doctors and Team Members often tell us they have never experienced anything like our retreats in all their years attending dental continuing education. Experience it for yourself and form lifelong bonds with other Gems Family Members. If you’re ready to experience a transformative time for your practice and your life, head on over to, and click on the retreat banner in the top left corner. Register now!

For the latest up-to-date information about what’s happening on Planet Gems, go to and click on “Calendar” (menu bar, top left of homepage). If you have questions, please contact your Personal Gems Concierge or call 1-888-880-GEMS (4367). 90-MINUTE GG12 TEAM TRAINING WEBINARS: GG12 Dental Practice Transformation members, please block out this monthly program on your calendar. These occur just once each month, but they could easily be the most important 90 minutes you and your team will ever invest.

Feb. 11: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST — GG12 Office Hours

Feb. 17: 8:30–10 p.m. EST — GG12 & GIC Quarterly 90-Minute Q&A

Feb. 19: 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST — GG12 90-Minute Monthly Team Training Webinar

GG12 OFFICE HOURS: Twice each month, my office door is open for your visits. This is an opportunity for GG12 Doctors and Team Members to reach me directly with questions about dental practice management.

Feb. 27: 12–1 p.m. EST — GG12 Office Hours

Dr. John Kostides, IN Dr. Melvin Pierson, NJ Dr. Alan Limbird, CA Dr. Bruce Bosler, CA Dr. Bernard Kolber, NY Dr. John Miller, SC Dr. Stafford Conley, MD Dr. Richard Klein, NY Dr. Mardi Tingzon, IL Dr. Roger Suter, WV Dr. JimWest, TX

Dr. Aaron Polinsky, NY Dr. Sean Thompson, CA Dr. Carlos Sibaja, CA Dr. Bruce Stephenson, CA Dr. Heather Diulio, CA Dr. Basem Al-Taani, MI Dr. Maher Rashid, FL Dr. Michael McClure, FL Dr. Victor Rodriguez, TX Dr. Mike Murphy, IL Dr. Angela Abernathy, NY Dr. David Cenk, TX Dr. Matt Bunchman, CO Dr. Matthew Cripe, MI Dr. John Johnson, TX Dr. Tom Hughes, OH Dr. David Bell, OH

Dr. Geoffrey Jackson, FL Dr. Bonnie Ferrell, CO Dr. Alexander Gelman, NJ Dr. David Hoyle, NC Dr. George Jonson, OH Dr. Scott Sutherland, CA Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez, FL Dr. Lance Giordano, MD Dr. Thomas Wegner, IL Dr. Alan Fortenberry, OK Dr. Doug Hamill, NY

Dr. Isaac Menasha, NJ Dr. Robert Hooper, GA Dr. Riyazali Hassam, NJ Dr. David Hershkowitz, NY Dr. Doug Forbes, SC Dr. Thomas Kirkdorfer, MI Dr. Christopher J Torres, CA Dr. Marc Verner, PA Dr. Kyle Schulz, CO Dr. Michael Belder, PA Dr. Marco Fernandez, NJ

Dr. John Lohner, UT Dr. Scott Arnold, FL Dr. Randall Burba, MA Dr. Donald Rossler, CT Dr. Kamran Fattah, AZ Dr. Jonathan Zimmerman, PA

Dr. William Brown, SC Dr. Anne Eunson, PA Dr. Paul Eckstein, FL Dr. Harvey Levy, MD Dr. Curtis Hayslip, GA Dr. William Trout, GA

Dr. James Campo, LA Dr. Susan Wagner, IN Dr. Greg McBeth, IL Dr. Mark Wassef, NJ

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Dr. Chris Phelps was at a crossroads. He spent his career establishing and building high-producing dental practices, yet now he found himself in an unfamiliar position with a seemingly all-too-familiar problem. He had sold his two highest-producing, lowest-debt practices and earned quite a chunk of change. That left him with his two lowest-producing, highest-debt practices … one of which owed $75,000 and only collected $35,000 each month.

they can experience deeper, more painful, and more expensive issues. It’s a vicious cycle that continues to create more debt and pain for patients. “Dr. Phelps raked in $1,460,274 in additional revenue, and his two practices saw two years of 40% growth.” In response, Dr. Phelps devised a solution. He created a Dental Health Benefits Savings Plan at his practice. He sold the plan for about half of what he estimated it would cost for individuals to purchase their own dental insurance. Although not insurance, his plan offered similar options for care as an insurance plan … but with a few extra perks. These included two cleanings, two exams, digital X-rays, and two fluoride desensitizing treatments each year. Two other perks for members were 15% off minor treatments and 10% off major needs. The plan could save retirees hundreds of dollars each year, while providing the preventive treatment they deserve and need. Editor’s note: On Planet Gems, we recommend our members who are offering a DHBSP NOT offer a blanket percentage off care. Rather, we recommend you create a short list of services for which you reduce the fee by a specific dollar amount. E.g., $100 off each crown, implant, and veneer is still very well received by patients, yet ends up being

significantly less than the dollars you’d lose to a blanket percentage. Furthermore, your menu or list of covered services won’t cover every service you offer (again, saving you from giving away the practice when it’s simply not necessary). Ask your Personal Gems Concierge to help you create your own Dental Health Benefits Savings Plan tri-fold brochures and member cards. Gems Graphics folks will do all the layout and design. You simply tell us what you want to include/write. You can SWIPE ideas from many of the plans we’ve already created for our members. (It’s that easy!) Go to SITE MAP ADVANCED MARKETING BRAIN TRUST 012 DENTAL BENEFITS IN-OFFICE PLAN

Dr. Phelps needed to find a solution … and he needed to find it FAST.

He knew the answer was to ramp up new patient flow, and acquiring fee-for-service new patients would be the best way to go. But Dr. Phelps realized there were two issues with this strategy.





Dr. Phelps figured he could offer a plan and retirees would come flocking. His chairs would fill up with fee-for-service patients, and, as a result, his drowning practices would find new life.

A high percentage of the remaining fee-for- service patients are older adults — retirees who no longer have dental insurance. Their out-of-pocket costs to see the Dentist can be significant. No one can justify spending thousands of dollars they simply don’t have. According to Dr. Phelps’ estimations, the cost of acquiring individual dental insurance for patients ages 55 or older in his region was over $600 each year. Not many retirees can justify this cost.

He was wrong.

Instead, Dr. Phelps discovered that many people — especially those in the Baby Boomer generation — were skeptical of plans like the one he was offering. They were looking for a catch, and very few of them believed Dr. Phelps when he said there wasn’t one. He

On the flip side, we know that when patients don’t invest in routine preventive treatment,

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couldn’t just place an advertisement in the newspaper or tell his existing clients about this, hoping word would spread. He had to find a way to convince the demographic he was targeting that he really could offer them a preventive, useful solution.

And that’s exactly where Dr. Phelps found his answer.

to Dr. Phelps’ presentations about senior dental health. At the end of each talk, he told them about his Dental Savings Plan. Utilizing the lessons he learned from Dr. Cialdini, Dr. Phelps pulled out all the stops. His idea was perfect, his stage was set, and on the night of one of his first presentations, Dr. Phelps blew the audience away. His staff said he was amazing, and everything went great.

As Dr. Cialdini explained his principles of persuasion, Dr. Phelps felt the lightbulb in his head go off. He had been spinning his wheels, focused on what worked in the past instead of what was proven to work today. Note: Dr. Cialdini recognizes that his research could be used for unethical reasons, but that’s not what he preaches. Instead, Dr. Cialdini asks leaders to ask themselves three questions before using his principles.

Dr. Phelps still faced the same issue. How was he going to rescue his practices?



How many plans did he sell?

In order to find the root (no pun intended) cause of these practices’ pains, Dr. Phelps sought help wherever he could find it. He registered for a workshop with Dr. Robert Cialdini. You may know Dr. Cialdini as the author of the book The Harvard Business Review called one of the best business books of all time, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” Dr. Cialdini is a world-renowned psychology expert who researches and teaches others on persuasion techniques. As a Regents Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, Dr. Cialdini has done extensive research to develop six (now seven) principles of persuasion. When applied effectively and together, these principles drive results, according to Dr. Cialdini’s research. (Keep reading to see the proof!) Those seven principles are …


1. Is it true and honest?

But he didn’t give up. Dr. Phelps continued to offer good conversation, free wine, and his presentations to retirement communities across North Carolina. Soon, word spread. Dr. Phelps’ presentation was the hot ticket in these communities. In short order, he was selling dental plans to new patients who heard about the program from attendees who hadn’t even signed on as patients. That meant Dr. Phelps was getting referrals from people who weren’t even his patients (yet). Over the course of one year, Dr. Phelps sold 947 Dental Savings Plans, approximately 35–45 each month. Dr. Phelps raked in $1,460,274 in additional revenue, and his two practices saw two years of 40% growth. Today, Dr. Phelps has refined this technique into a seamless operation, offering additional perks for those who attend the events. Sure, he has his chronic attendees who only want to show up for the free wine. But that doesn’t limit the merit of his message … nor does it stop these attendees from telling others about what he can offer. And it certainly hasn’t diminished the POWERFUL results Dr. Phelps created for his now-thriving practices. To learn more about creating laser-focused target marketing to attract more new, fee-for- service patients, call your Personal Concierge to set up a meeting with your Gems Coach today. Hear Dr. Phelps’ entire presentation on this Gem at SITE MAP ADVANCED MARKETING BRAIN TRUST 031 Senior Community Wine and Cheese Event.

2. Is it natural to the situation and not staged?

3. Is this a win/win for both sides?

If you cannot answer these questions, you may need to rethink your strategy or motives. Dr. Cialdini refers to the use of his principles as “ethical influence.”


Dr. Phelps and his wife ventured on a Napa Valley Tour at one point, and, along the way, Dr. Phelps signed up for wine clubs at nearly every winery. At the time, it was a great idea! Who doesn’t love wine delivered to their house every month? When the crates began to show up, Dr. Phelps had a different perspective. What was he going to do with all this free wine? Dr. Phelps took the lessons he had learned from Dr. Cialdini, the wine that kept showing up at his doorstep each month, and his mission to provide affordable dental care to retirees straight to the source: Go directly to retirement communities. Once every quarter, Dr. Phelps and his team presented at local retirement communities, where Baby Boomers were thriving and living together in one space. They invited the community to a wine and cheese night, where Napa Valley wines were paired with the perfect cheeses. Attendees were treated And that’s when the two problems converged into ONE solution.


Reciprocity : When we receive something from someone, it's in our DNA to want to give something back.

2. Liking : It’s simple. People want to buy services from people they like.

3. Consensus (Social Proof): With so many decisions to make every day, we depend upon shortcuts based upon what others have done in a similar situation.

4. Authority : Be the expert on your topic and provide expert opinions.

5. Consistency : Make a commitment and actively pursue it. (P.S. This is what Dr. Phelps felt his practices were lacking!)

6. Scarcity : The harder it is to get, the higher the perceived value.


Unity : We crave connection. Using connecting language links you to others.

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p.6. Laser-Focused Target Marketing to Fee-for-Service New Patients

p.1. 2020 Foresight — Your Plan to Succeed

p.3. Dr. Norige Connects With Local Veterans

p.8. Making a Difference With a Pair of Shoes

p.5. Happening on Planet Gems

How an Idaho Nonprofit Is Making a World of Difference

A lot of us take our shoes for granted. Most of us have at least one pair of shoes, and many have multiple pairs. Even if we need a new pair, we can easily run to the shoe store or order them online in just a few clicks. It’s all so easy that we don’t even think about just how amazing our shoes, or the process of buying them, really is. Shoes themselves are remarkable. They protect our feet and allow us to safely traverse lots of different types of terrain, whether that’s walking to the office or going for a hike. We put them on in the morning and we take them off at the end of the day. Simple. And while shoes are an often-overlooked boon in the U.S., many people can’t afford to buy shoes when they need a new pair — and they simply go without. This is how the story of The Shoe That Grows started. In 2007, the founder of The Shoe That Grows, Kenton Lee, was in Nairobi, Kenya. There, he observed a child wearing shoes much smaller than her feet. She had cut open the ends of her shoes so her toes could stick out. This experience inspired Lee to develop a shoe that could grow with the child — hence the name. Kenton returned home to Nampa, Idaho, and set to work. He, along with some friends, tried to figure out how they could solve this shoe problem and do it in a way that made sense. It took about six years to develop a working solution. That solution was a durable shoe that can expand up to five sizes and has an exceptional life span.

As part of the development of The Shoe That Grows, Kenton and his team also established a nonprofit organization called Because International (BecauseInternational. org). This organization was created to put as many shoes on as many kids as possible all around the world. Their work didn’t stop with The Shoe That Grows. They also developed a product called the Bednet Buddy, a portable bed net kids can sleep under and not worry about mosquitoes, which often carry life- threatening diseases like malaria. Young children are highly susceptible to malaria, which can cause serious illness and death. Bed nets, like the Bednet Buddy, are remarkably effective tools at combating malarial infections. For the people of Because International, it’s more than just providing the shoes or netting to children around the world — it’s also about giving impoverished communities job opportunities. They manufacture their products in regions where those products are used the most, namely Ethiopia and Uganda. In 2020, they are looking to expand into Haiti and Kenya. They also pay their employees a livable wage — something in short supply in these regions. The accessibility of the shoes is also reflected in their price. Every pair of shoes is $20, which is far lower than the average price of a pair of shoes in the U.S. (In 2018, the average price of shoes was $75). When you buy a pair of shoes (or several pairs) as a donation, those shoes are then delivered

to people who need them. You can also partner with the organization directly to help fundraise and distribute shoes to areas they might not otherwise reach. Interestingly enough, because their mission is to get shoes to those who need them, they do not sell the shoes to consumers directly, at least not through the Because International website. You can, however, buy the shoes for personal use from a separate company called GroFive ( Part of the revenue from GroFive is donated back to Because International to further their mission. In a few short years, Because International and The Shoe That Grows have made a remarkable impact. Thanks to incredible support the world over, they’ve been able to get shoes to thousands of children that will last them for years to come. They don’t have to worry about outgrowing them, at least not for quite some time. In a world of poverty, having one less thing to worry about can make a huge difference. It changes a person’s entire outlook and can potentially change their lives for the better. In communities where prosperity is limited, this kind of impact can be monumental — and it all comes back to something as simple as a pair of shoes.

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