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Spring 2022

Cover: Resident Eveline gets her face painted.

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From the General Manager

Welcome to the Spring edition of Home Stories . I hope that you’re enjoying the sunnier, warmer and longer days and noticing the signs of Spring all around you. We’ve got lots to share with you in this edition. We’ve included a snapshot of the results from our 2022 Resident Satisfaction Survey. The surveys are an important opportunity for us to hear from you - your thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Your feedback helps us to understand what you’re happy with and where we need to improve, so a very big thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. We held some great resident events in September, including an event at Bunnings Windsor Gardens where our residents were able to paint their own plant pot to take home while learning all about plant care. We also held a coffee morning with Helen Carmichael from the Eastern Collaborative Project who spoke to some of our residents about the important upcoming reforms to in-home aged care. We caught up with our immensely creative resident

and loneliness. He is keen to hear from fellow Housing Choices residents about their experiences as inspiration for his next art project, you can find out more on page 5.

a survey in conjunction with the Resident Focus Group, and they’re seeking your participation. The survey is aimed at helping us understand how our residents feel about the Home Stories newsletter, Housing Choices website and our social media channels, so that our communications are better for you. Your feedback is very welcome! We also have some money saving tips and adorable photos of your pets. I hope you enjoy this edition of Home Stories, and I look forward to seeing you at one of our end of year celebrations. Stay safe and well,

Our annual Residents’ Day event took place on 4 October. It was a

wonderful day where we celebrated with residents at the Klemzig Community Centre to the theme of achievements over the past five years – and there were many to celebrate! It was so lovely to be able to meet and speak with so many of you and reflect on the last year. You can see photos from the day on page 10. On the topic of events, it’s not long until our Housing Choices South Australia Festive Season Celebrations kick off! We’re holding three end of year gatherings and you can find the details in the enclosed invitation and RSVP flier. All residents are invited and every year the events book up quickly. If you’d like to come along, make sure you RSVP as soon as you can by filling out the flier and sending it back using the enclosed reply-paid envelope by 30 November. The Communications Team at Housing Choices have recently developed

Julie Duncan General Manager, Housing Choices South Australia

Tom, who was recently announced as the 2022

recipient of the Guildhouse Fellowship. Congratulations Tom! Tom’s work explores themes that resonate with many, including social isolation


A huge thank you to our residents who took the time to respond to the 2022 Annual Residents’ Satisfaction Survey. We had a good response rate with just under half of our residents taking part – that’s almost 500 respondents! The Resident Satisfaction Surveys are an important opportunity for us to hear from you. Your thoughts, feelings, opinions and feedback – what is working for you and what could be improved. We take everything on board and the results help us to identify the specific areas we need to focus on and tell us when we’re getting it right for you. What you told us: • You’re more satisfied with our maintenance and repairs, with a 6% increase in satisfaction compared with 2021 • Your satisfaction with your home and neighbourhood has remained steady, with 78% and 75% respectively • Your overall satisfaction has risen by 2% to 79% , Resident Satisfaction Survey results

2022 Snapshot




satisfied with home

satisfied with maintenance and repairs

satisfied with customer service




satisfied with ease of contacting right person

satisfied that we take account of residents’ views

overall satisfaction




satisfied with neighbourhood

satisfied with the way feedback was dealt with

rights are upheld

Not surprisingly, several local issues of concern to residents were highlighted in the survey. The impacts of these issues ranged from night noise, air pollution and other neighbourhood disturbances. We are continuing to work to find solutions to these issues, and we appreciate the time

and energy impacted residents have taken to document, record and provide information to ourselves and the relevant authorities. We will continue to communicate with impacted residents as we work towards finding lasting solutions.

which is great result and one which we take pride.


In September we notified residents via a letter about changes to the market rent amount for their homes. Housing Choices SA has an obligation to advise all residents of the market rent amount applied to their home by the Valuer General. We understand that this letter has caused some confusion for residents. We are sorry for any concern caused as a result of this letter. We want to clarify that all rents are income based and we are required to calculate your rent based on your household income via our six-monthly rent review process. For residents who do pay full market rent, any increases to your rent will be capped at $10 per rent review in March 2023 and September 2023 and these residents will receive a communication regarding this closer to the time. Thank you to residents that have provided feedback regarding this letter. We will use your feedback to improve our market rent communications in future. If you have any questions regarding this letter, please contact your Housing Officer on 1300 312 447 . Market rent clarification

ASES Accreditation

Housing Choices SA recently completed the Australian Service Excellence Standards External Accreditation for both our Common Ground Adelaide program and Catherine House. We are pleased to announce we met all of the essential requirements at certificate level. This great outcome is especially significant given that we are still working through our integration between Housing Choices and Catherine House. As part of the assessment, our leadership team board, staff, residents and stakeholders participated in interviews, and staff completed a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate how Housing Choices SA meets the criteria for accreditation. Some of the key findings in respect to our services included: • Client/resident-led services foster respect and equality • There is good client/resident and community engagement in both Catherine House and Common Ground

• Housing Choices has an innovative and evidence-based service delivery model - specifically noting the Housing First model • Housing Choices has a focus on positive client outcomes, with a flexible and agile approach to meet client needs • Staff at Housing Choices are skilled, professional and committed • Housing Choices have embedded a culture of respect, equality and belonging • There is good team work with collaboration across Housing Choices and with partners

There were also some quality improvement

opportunities suggested, including improvements to risk reporting and strategies to improve environmental

sustainability that the management team will

consider and include as part of the Housing Choices SA quality improvement plan.

Above: the Housing Choices SA team with their ASES accreditation, standing left to right: Mark, Celia, Deirdre, Anne, Julie, Cristy, Jaylee, and Fiona.


Tom was successful in gaining a permanent cleaning role at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital when it opened in 2017. “Winning the Guildhouse Fellowship means I can quit my job as a cleaner at the RAH and focus on being a full-time artist.” Tom is a three-time Kilgour Prize finalist at Newcastle Art Gallery, four-time Manning Art prize finalist at Manning Regional Art Gallery, and two-time Muswellbrook Open Art Finalist at Muswellbrook Regional Art Gallery, to name only a few. Expressionist in his style, Tom likes to depict the human struggle in his art. His Guildhouse Fellowship will see him explore issues around the failing of neoliberalism leading to social isolation, loneliness and homelessness. “I would like to express in my art our human vulnerability, anxiety and our fragile existence in this modern world” explained Tom. Tom would like to meet with fellow Housing Choices residents who would be willing to share their experiences of loneliness and abandonment. Whilst not wanting to paint their images, he wants to use their experiences as inspiration for his work. If you would be willing to meet with Tom or correspond with him via telephone or email to assist him in this project, please contact the Inclusive Communities Team on 1300 312 447 or email communitydevelopmentsa

Above: Tom with some of his artwork in his studio

Resident profile: bringing light to loneliness through art

He enrolled himself into the Adelaide Central School of Art in 1992 went onto an Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts and began showing his work at group and solo art exhibitions. Tom explained that in 2015, he found himself in a state of homelessness. “I gave up my rental to move back home to care for Mum after she’d had a fall.” He was staying at his sister’s house when he was offered an apartment at Common Ground Adelaide’s Light Square Complex. “I was assigned a Case Coordinator, Kathy,” Tom explained, “She helped me to transfer to the apartment I have lived in for the last six years and even gain casual cleaning employment at Common Ground”.

Housing Choices resident Tom was recently announced as the 2022 recipient of the Guildhouse Fellowship. A resident of Housing Choices Franklin Street apartments, Tom has always been a creative person. He grew up in a working-class household and it wasn’t until he was in his 20’s when he saw a documentary about the Australian artist Sidney Nolan that he realised art could be a career. “It was the first time I’d really thought about making my art my work.”


Coffee Morning Aged Care Reforms

In September we held a residents’ coffee morning dedicated to upcoming reforms to in-home aged care. Helen Carmichael from the Eastern Collaborative Project gave an interesting overview of the changes which will become effective from 1 July 2024. The reforms are a result of the Royal Commission’s report into Aged Care quality and safety released in March 2021 and are designed to provide genuine improvements which will allow older Australians to stay living independently in their homes for longer. These changes will include: • improving access to services • better aligning services to the needs of older people • reducing admin costs • better supporting client independence • making navigating the aged care system simpler. Below: residents listen to Helen Carmichael from the Eastern Collaborative Project

The reforms will also include a new regulatory framework to protect the safety of older people in our community. The new Support At Home Program will replace the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), the Home Care Packages Program (HCP), and Short-Term Restoratives Care (STRC), however, no one will lose any supports they currently have through CHSP, HCP or STRC during this transition. More information can be found at https://www. and-programs/aged-care- reforms.

Need help or support with the current system? Contact the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) on .../support-for.../ your-aged-care-rights/ or phone 1800 700 600 . To get help from an advocate at Aged Rights Advocacy Service visit them via their website or phone: (08) 8232 5377 or 1800 700 600 (toll-free in Australia).

Housing Choices SA facilitate our free coffee morning with a guest speaker on the first Friday of every month. For more information, about upcoming coffee morning sessions, please contact the Inclusive Communities Team on 1300 314 447 .


Resident Communications Survey

To find out more about the unique needs of Housing Choices residents we are keen to find out how they use our communication channels. The Housing Choices resident survey was developed to capture your thoughts and insights on how you use our website, social media, and how frequently read the resident newsletter Home Stories. The information from the survey will help us to produce content that is relevant, interesting and engaging for all residents. The survey will be distributed to all Housing

Choices South Australia residents and will help us to continue with the work toward a national approach for our communications that meets the needs of all. Those who do not have internet, or smart phone access are able to submit a paper version of their survey responses via post. All survey responses will be anonymous and kept confidential. A summary of the results will appear in Home Stories following analysis of the resident feedback. Please send all survey responses back to us by 30 November 2022.

To submit the survey, via:


Remove this page of Home Stories, fill it out with a pen, and return to Housing Choices South Australia, using the reply paid self-enclosed envelope. (You can use the enclosed reply paid envelope to send back both this survey and the Christmas party RSVP form together.)


Online: Simply follow the URL provided here: https://www.surveymonkey. com/r/TM6PG62

What would you like to see more of on the website (select all that apply)? Understand more about my and Housing Choices rights and responsibilities Learn more about Housing Choices Resident stories News and updates about Housing Choices How I can be more involved in Housing Choices Community engagement opportunities Housing sector news Information related to Common Ground support such as case management setting, budgeting and advocacy. Options for people who require an interpreter (please specify)

What is your most common reason for visiting the website? Information about repairs and maintenance News and updates about Housing Choices Register a compliment or a complaint Understand our policies Other (please specify) Do you visit the Housing Choices website? Daily Weekly Monthly Every few months Never (skip to question 4)




Other (please specify)


Do you use social media? Yes Rarely No (go to question 8) Why do you use social media (select all that apply) ? News Advocacy Social reasons Other (please specify)

How would you prefer to receive Home Stories ? Digital/Email Hard copy/ Delivered to mailbox Social media




11. What would you like to see more of in Home Stories (select all that apply) ? Understand more about my and Housing Choices rights and responsibilities Learn more about Housing Choices Resident stories News and updates about Housing Choices How I can be more involved in Housing Choices Community engagement opportunities

Have you used the Housing Choices social media platforms (select all that apply) ? Instagram (@HChoicesAU) Facebook (Housing Choices Australia, or Housing Choices South Australia Twitter (@HChoicesAU) Linkedin (Housing Choices Australia) None How often do you visit the Housing Choices social media platforms? Daily Weekly Monthly Less often Never


Housing sector news Other (please specify)

Would you be interested in contributing to Home Stories ? If yes, please specify. Yes Maybe No



If you wrote yes, please specify (i.e.: photos, recipes, regular column, creative piece)

If you would be interested in contributing to Home Stories , please provide us with your contact information so we can follow up with you.

Do you follow or like our Facebook page?


Yes No

Do you have any other comments about the Housing Choices’ website or social media accounts or Home Stories ? 13.

Do you read our resident newsletter Home Stories ? Yes, every edition Sometimes Not at all


Your input is anonymous and welcomed by the Communications Team.


Money saving tips

We love receiving your money saving tips and if we publish yours, we will send you a $25 supermarket voucher! Thank you to Christina from Walkerville who emailed in these great ways to reduce some essential living costs.

Foodbank Food Hubs

My Money Program If you would like to explore more budgeting techniques, come along to our My Money program. My Money explores our relationship with money, where and how we learnt our money skills, identifying ways to save money, setting money goals and understanding the products and services available to help when needed. Funded through Good Shepherd Australia & New Zealand, Housing Choices SA provide $150 rent relief to all residents who complete the program. Contact the Housing Choices SA Customer Service Team on 1300 312 447 to register your interest.

Glasses SA helps eligible South Australians access free or low-cost glasses and contact lenses. More information can be found by visiting the Glasses SA website or by phoning 1300 762 577 during business hours.

offer a dignified shopping experience at significantly reduced food prices. They offer pantry foods, meat, frozen foods, personal hygiene products and household cleaning products. Vegetables, fruit and bread are offered free. Affordable recipe packs and ready-made meals are available for those willing

to learn how to cook. Foodbank is accessed through a voucher system provided by a

The Adelaide Central Market is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. There are $2 trays of fruit and veg offered after 12 noon on Saturdays and you’ll often find better deals than at the big supermarkets! Other fresh food markets in the Adelaide area include: • Saturday - Marden Markets on Saturday mornings • Sunday - Wayville Farmer’s Market, Farm Direct Community Market Windsor Gardens, Torrens Island Markets and Gepps X Market, just name a few!

range of South Australian organisations and charities including Housing Choices SA. Each voucher allows 10 visits over a six-month period. Foodhubs are located at Edwardstown and Woodville with mobile hubs visiting fortnightly at Beulah Park, Modbury and Paradise.


1. 2.

2022 Residents’ Day

Each Spring, Housing Choices South Australia hold our annual Residents’ Day. It’s a day where we can reflect on the year that has been and share our hopes for the coming year. This year is even more special, signifying five years since the transfer of property management from the South Australian Housing Authority for many of our properties. On Tuesday 4 October, we celebrated with residents at the Klemzig Community Hall to the theme of achievements over the past five years.

We have had the privilege of being a part of many residents’ lives and sharing in some significant moments during this time. We acknowledged that some residents have passed away and others have celebrated the arrival of new family members. There have been some challenges but also many highlights. Despite the wet and windy weather, it was wonderful to see so many of our residents coming together, enjoying a fabulous lunch and finding out about the many different opportunities within their

Image 1: General Manager Julie Duncan chats to Maria and her daughter Rosemary. Image 2: Michael, Alycia and Kenneth knitting with Amy (City of Adelaide). who provided guidance, the HCSA cooking group who assisted with catering and all the residents who led activities on the day. communities. A very special thank you goes out to all the residents who helped make the event a reality, including the Inclusive Communities Focus Group

2021/22 Snapshot

Welcomed 78 new housed residents and transferred 21 residents to new properties

Ensured 100% of clients leaving our Common Ground Adelaide program had stable housing

Invested $3.1 million on property upgrades and maintenance

Facilitated over 270 programs and activities resulting in more than 3440 face to face resident engagements.

Received over 15,000 calls answered and processed more than 3300 maintenance orders


Bunnings Plant Pot Painting morning

It’s almost that time! As we look towards December, it’s time to start getting ready for the festive season. Housing Choices South Australia end of year celebrations are a great opportunity for our residents to come together, celebrate the festive season and enjoy a delicious feast. And you’re invited! Join us at one of three great locations: You’re invited to Housing Choices South Australia 2022 Christmas Event! Tuesday 6 December 12pm - 2pm Campbelltown Uniting Church 607 Lower North East Rd Campbelltown Thursday 15 December 12pm - 2pm Walkerville Town Hall 66 Walkerville Terrace Gilberton Tuesday 20 December 4.30pm - 6.30pm You’ll find your RSVP invitation in this edition of Home Stories along with a pre-paid envelope. Please fill it out with your information and your preferred choice and send it back to us using the reply-paid envelope provided as soon as possible and no later than 30 November 2022 . All Housing Choices SA residents are invited and every year our venues fill up quickly as spaces are limited. If your preferred choice is unavailable we will contact you to discuss an alternative date and venue. Should you need to bring a carer in order to attend, and for those residents who are unable to access public transport and require assistance to attend, please contact the Inclusive Communities Team on 1300 312 447 or at Light Square Adelaide 75 Light Square Adelaide

The Community Team at Bunnings Windsor Gardens invited residents to attend their plant pot painting workshop in September. Residents each had a terracotta pot and a selection of colourful paints to create their individual designs and show off their artistic talents. With the addition of a free petunia plant the pots were ready to take pride of place in residents’ homes!



Image 1: The group listening to a Seasol presentation on plant health. Image 2: Residents Michael, Kenneth, Willem, Damien & Jeff painting their pots.

Hot tip: cut this page out and keep it somewhere safe so you can remember which Christmas event you’re coming to. 11

Home Stories Spring Puzzle Win a $50 Bunnings Voucher!

Find all of the words in the word search except for one, which is not actually in the grid. Words may be forward, backward, up, down or diagonal.




Pet’s Corner




There are plenty of benefits to your health when you own a pet. They can help get you outside to socialise and exercise, reduce your blood pressure and manage loneliness with their companionship. You can see three Housing Choices community furry friends here! Maria has a four month old maltese/chihauhua called ‘Peanut ’ (image 1) . He is a playful puppy full of energy and excitement. Sarah’s kitten ‘Pudd’ (image 2) is a cute little ball of fun, constantly exploring but loves a quiet snuggle with mum too. Charlotte’s cat Ivy (image 3) is an independent little soul, but likes to try and sit like a human on the couch! Did you know that Sassy’s Cat Café & Rescue is located at 499a Payneham Rd Felixstow (P 0422 19 10 80) and is open 7 days a week? There are entry fees to visit, but look out for a Housing Choices coffee morning in 2023 to visit have coffee, and play with the rescue cats in residence. Contact the Inclusive Communities Team on 1300 312 447 or email to register your interest.

Once you’ve found all the words in the word search contact our Inclusive Communities Team with the remaining word on 1300 312 447 or send an email to to go in the draw. Please also include your name, home address and contact number. Entries for the competition close on Friday 9 December . Maximum one entry per household. VFFPTFBKUE YBZS IURKQH LGNHRCOLJL FNEMTENRCX R I DOZWWI PW ERRS INOOCS TPASPFHRLN TSGOZPJHGF UNSLMVEKKB BMFBNELLOP

Disclaimer: To the best of Housing Choices Australia’s knowledge (Housing Choices), this information is valid at the time of publication. Housing Choices makes no warranty or representation in relation to the content or accuracy of the material in this publication. Housing Choices expressly disclaims any and all liability (including liability for negligence) in respect of use of information provided. Housing Choices recommends you seek independent professional advice prior to making any decision involving matters outlined in this publication.

Contact us: Please get in touch at any time if you have any questions or suggestions. For maintenance requests please call 1300 153 850 or report via our website: contact/report-a-repair

192 Waymouth Street Adelaide SA 5000 1300 312 447

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