It's Easy to Stay Healthy Over the Age Of 31!

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“ It’s Easy To Stay Healthy Over The Age Of 31!” Improve Your HealthWith Flexibility

Welcome to our newsletter. I want to thank you for being a past or current patient of South Valley Physical Therapy. Check out our patient spotlight for a story of success. A good example of the power of positive thinking and the right physical treatments to overcome pain. We want you to improve your health and fitness. Aches and pains can keep you from the things you love as you age. You have worked so hard to see results in your new active lifestyle. Don’t let aches and pains stop you from accomplishing your fitness goals. Take a look inside to find out more about how to beat aches and pains while staying active naturally.

Thank you!

Inside: Patient Spotlight Improve Your Health With Flexibility A Plank A Day Keeps The Doctor At Bay

Thomas Sawhill, P.T. Physical Therapist, CEO

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