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In 2004 BGB purchased the commercial interests of another Grantham company - Aquabeam Ltd, manufacturers of Aquaculture products. This acquisition expanded BGB’s product portfolio into the field of underwater lighting and camera systems and created a new area of the company called BGB Marine. Primary applications include cage illuminators for photoperiod manipulation within fish farming, underwater lighting for the energy and water treatment industries, induction lighting for yachts and a wireless Ethernet bridge system which enables high speed data or video links to be transmitted across distances of up to 20km with line of sight. Alongside lighting and camera products, BGB Marine also manufacture a wide range of cables, connectors and cage/dock side control boxes. BGB’s range of underwater products are exported throughout the globe, as far reaching as Australia, New Zealand and Chile.


AQUACULTURE RANGE: Cage Lighting For Photoperiod Manipulation


The fundemental role of the Pisces lights are to slow down the maturation process of the fish, whilst maintaining growth. In the afternoon or evening, the Pisces lights maintain daylight levels and expose the fish to a process called photoperiod manipulation. Photoperiod manipulation allows for the fish to be put to sea at several times throughout the year instead of during the normal springtime. The Pisces range of lights are designed for vertical suspension, with a lifting eye alongside the cable entry point.

PISCES 365 & 400

The Pisces 365 & 400 are submersible, pendant, fish cage illuminators with an outstanding record of reliability season after season. The luminaire embodies either a 365 or 400 watt, metal halide lamp, offering an output closely resembling natural daylight. It is self contained, easy to handle, streamlined and corrosion proof.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com


AQUACULTURE RANGE: Cage Lighting For Photoperiod Manipulation


Similar to the Pisces 400, the Pisces 1000 is a submersible, pendant, fish cage illuminator. The luminaire embodies a 1000 watt, metal halide lamp, perfect for large cages. The 1000 watt lamp gives up to 90,000 lumens of light output. The power feed cable presents a polyurethane jacket that guards against corrosion and abrasion by fish stock.

Pisces lamps should not be used out of water.

LIGHTWEIGHT PISCES 1000 The new lightweight Pisces 1000 has been designed to be light and easy to handle without losing any brightness. All control gear is located in an accompanying cage side box allowing the luminaire to be easily maintained and movable without compromising the original Pisces 1000 robust design.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com


AQUACULTURE RANGE: Cage Lighting For Photoperiod Manipulation


The LED version of the Pisces includes features such as a dimmer control and 50,000 hours LED life span. The unit is light weight for operator handling and has a maximum wattage output of 220W. Lumen output is rated at 33,000 (equivalent to a 400w metal halide). Different colour LED strips can be inserted should a non-white light be preferable.

The dimmer control platform allows users to introduce the light into the pen at a low lumen output to create a “soft-start” illumination for gentle introduction to the fish. This allows the fish to acclimatise to the light almost immediately. The LED bulbs have a life expectancy of 3.5 times greater than the equivalent metal halide option and run on 180W less power, creating significant savings in both bulb replacement and power usage. Based on 2015 energy figures, a farm of 100 LED Pisces could save £3960 in energy per season and up to £9730 in bulbs during LED product lifetime.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com


AQUACULTURE RANGE: Floating Photoperiod Light for Tanks & Hatche r ies


Developed in response to the requirement for an efficient photoperiod light for tanks, ponds and raceways, Turtle is an entirely self-contained floating unit, housing a highly efficient metal halide discharge lamp together with associated control gear. The starter is safely enclosed within the unit, this avoids the hazard presented by systems that transmit high voltage ignition pulses via inadequate cable and connectors from a cage side mounted control pack to the underwater lamp.

Turtle’s design makes use of the critical angle optical principle to minimise light escape, by using the water surface as a mirror (see illustration below).

The position of the discharge lamp, relative to the water surface, ensures that light cannot pass directly through the surface, providing the added benefit of easy stock observation.

Loss by reflection

Loss by reflection

Broader, Brighter Coverage

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com




A compact and robust, underwater camera assembly for feed response and behavioural monitoring of fish stocks. The FR Camera is designed for operation in low light conditions and housed for permanent immersion in sea water. Feed response monitoring is achieved with the camera rendered positively buoyant by the attachment of a floatation collar, allowing it’s deployment to look vertically upward from a predetermined point beneath the feeding stock. The accumulation of debris on the camera viewport is minimised as a result of the housing.

The combined camera power and signal cable is taken to the cage side and terminated in a connector for interface with the monitoring system. The cable is designed to resist abrasion and remains flexible in cold conditions. Like the camera, it is designed for permanent immersion in sea water. Camera monitoring systems are available and may be configured to suit individual requirements. Components include camera power supply units; picture monitors; signal amplifiers; automatic and manual, camera selector units and cable assemblies.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com


AQUACULTURE RANGE: Wireless Ethernet Bridge

DIGILINC Digilinc wireless ethernet bridge enables high speed data or video links to be transmitted across distances of up to 20km with line of sight. The system eliminates the costs, disruptions and delays that the laying of hard wire provides. Incorporating 11 Mbps bandwidth and direct sequence spread spectrum technology, a frequency of 5.15 to 5.85Ghz provides powerful, reliable and secure transmissions in assorted weather circumstances. Built around ethernet technology, Digilinc is very effective in providing a wireless local area network link between commercial and residential communities.

One of the features of Digilinc is the ease of use, including on-site survey tools for easy installation and trouble free maintenance. The system has a wealth of features including a built-in lightning protector. Digilinc is housed in a robust metal case for outdoor applications. Digilinc can be configured to work in line with V.O.I.P., SKYPE and P.S.N.C. technologies.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com


AQUACULTURE RANGE: Submersible Photometer


An instrument developed specifically for the checking and monitoring of sub- surface light levels within fish cages and tanks. The buoyant sensor module is positioned with the aid of a shot weight, fitted with an eye, through which is passed a cord, attaching to the sensor. The weight is lowered to the base of the cage or tank and the free end of the cord is used to raise and lower the sensor by drawing it towards the weight, or allowing it to approach the surface.

A purpose designed cable connects the sensor with an above surface, hand held meter. Meter read-out is in ‘lux’, allowing the comparison of readings with prescribed levels of illumination. The sensor module and weight may be retrieved by hauling in from the free end of the cord.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com



RMG CONNECTORS BGB’s rubber moulded connectors have been manufactured and supplied to civilian and military markets for over 25 years. The RMG connector range is used to terminate both neoprene rubber and polyurethane jacketed cable, providing economic and reliable underwater connections for electrical services ranging between delicate electronic signals and mains voltage power feeds. Cables commonly used in aquaculture applications are normally kept in stock, which maintains a section dedicated to the rapid termination, and dispatch of cable assemblies. The RMG series of in-line, straight connectors is designed in keeping with the original specifications for these time- honoured and very popular, submersible cable terminations. Accordingly they are interchangeable, or will mate with those of other manufacturers which are built to the same standards. BGB have retained “secondary sealing” at the interfaces of all contact pins and receptacles and very precise dimensions within the contact configurations. The range includes dummy connectors and is completed by locking sleeves in stainless steel.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com


UNDERWATER LIGHTING - GENERAL: Nuclear & Water Treatment Industries

AQUALUX STAINLESS STEEL Aqualux is a system of underwater lighting equipment based on a series of parabolic, aluminised, reflector (PAR) lamps designed for direct immersion. A watertight power connector cap is bonded to the hard glass envelope, obviating potentially troublesome seals and facilitating easy lamp replacement. The mating connector is of a type employed in deep diving equipment and moulded directly to the power feed cable and the union is secured by a stainless steel locking sleeve. This technique is applied, as standard, to PAR 56 & 64 envelopes embodying 500 and 1,000 watt, long-life, tungsten-halogen capsules and may be used on special, discharge sources.

Protection of lamps and universal orientation is afforded by “free flooding”, stainless steel luminaires. These are relatively light in weight and provided with a bright, polished finish to facilitate decontamination. Lamps must be fully immersed during operation. Water level switches are available for inclusion within power supply and control circuits to ensure that a minimum of 50mm (2 inches) of water is maintained above the lamps.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com




As with the Stainless Steel version of Aqualux, Aqualux Black Satin has “free flooding”, stainless steel luminaires. These are relatively light in weight and provided with a satin black finish, rendering the fixtures unobtrusive in daylight and when not in operation. Lamps are retained in fixtures by a bezel, secured with four captive, winged screws. No tools are required for lamp replacement. All standard lamps are designed for universal orientation and since beam patterns range from spot to wide flood, Aqualux may be applied to a broad spectrum of tasks. The longevity of lamps within the TH-120 range, renders the system of particular value in applications demanding low maintenance.

Suspension chain assemblies may be used for luminaires required to project vertically downward and the addition of a yoke assembly affords universal orientation. The latter may be mounted on a deployment pole, secured above the surface of the water for easy retrieval.

* Diagram shows ways to deploy Aqualux via chain or pole.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com


L.E.D LIGHTING: For Operation In Or Out Of Water

AMPHIBIAN Amphibian is a robust underwater/out of water lighting system designed to withstand the full force of an active river. The LEDs are purposely designed to provide changeable lifestyle mood lighting for aquatic displays and architectural features such as waterways, marinas, canals, rapids, jetties, ponds, fountains and swimming pools.

The Amphibian is available in a full colour range (RGB) or just white, and can be dimmed and controlled via an IR or IF remote control which is included with the unit.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com


POWER CONTROL BOX: Standard Cage Side Control Box For Power Applications


The cage side box is a simple, robust, cost effective and extremely safe way to provide power and signal to electrical appliances (this could consist of underwater lights, cameras, mains appliances etc). Cage side boxes can be manufactured to a particular specification although the BGB standard range is of 1, 2, 3 or 4 way combination units for providing power to our Pisces luminaires. The boxes are sealed to IP66 allowing them to operate in brutal weather conditions for a prolonged period of time. Quick connection & disconnection plugs also make the boxes user friendly to install or isolate for maintenance. The unit also comes with a lockable front panel for added security. The hardware of the boxes consists of an IP66 receptacle (for power sockets each will need to be protected by a 30mA RCBO. This provides circuit protection and prevention against electrical shock). BGB can supply the boxes completely wired to the latest regulations or as a development kit for the user to wire the boxes independently. Every receptacle on the cage side control box will be protected by the relevant 30mA RCBO unless the customer requires the box as a development kit (development kit is the control box without the internal wiring & RCBO’s).

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com


L.E.D LIGHTING: Deep Dive - Coming Soon!

DIVER’S HEAD LIGHT Using the latest LED technology, the diver’s head light is a compact, robust but extremely bright luminaire. Electrical connection is provided by a stainless steel penetrator, terminating in our RMG series deep dive connector range. Electrical connectors are protected by a stainless steel locking sleeve which creates an extremely robust connection. The universal helmet bracket is designed for fixing to the current Kirby Morgan range of helmets. However with minimal modification the light may be attached to most helmets and full face masks.

HYPERBARIC LIGHT The Hyperbaric fixture has been designed for use within S.D and D.D hyperbaric chambers. The light gives the user a high output to heat ratio due to its use of an LED light source. The lamp housing is fitted with a pressure relief valve to combat post decompression explosion hazard which may arise from Helium ingress.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com


L.E.D LIGHTING: Yacht Lighting - Induction

SILS - Submersible Inductive Lighting System SILS (Submersible Inductive Lighting System) uses induction contactless technology to power the LEDs used within the exterior light.

Electromagnetic induction is the near field wireless transmission of electrical energy between two coils that are tuned to resonate at the same frequency. BGB SILS operates by having the primary unit (the housing for all the inverter electronics and communication control) on the inside of the marine vessel, lined up with the secondary unit (the luminaires and drive circuitry) on the exterior of the vessel. Both units are positioned in place by marine grade adhesives. The operator can tune into the surrounding SILS wifi zone (approx 50m) with their tablet or mobile device and control the RGB-W coloured LEDs with a simple slide of a finger via a BGB App.

SILS does not require any drilling or penetration of the hull in any way (an obvious benefit of using induction systems in the marine industry). The lights can be easily retrofitted without fear of leaks or bad workmanship by an outside electrician and gives peace of mind that the vessel has not been weakened in any way with a hole.

View the BGB SILS website:

* Full Technical specification available on BGB SILS website: www.bgb sils .com




BGB Marine underwater lighting and camera products suit a wide range of applications. BGB’s current major markets include:

• Aquaculture / Fish Farming

• Nuclear Industry

• Motor Yachts / Maritime

• Waterways & Canals

• Swimming Pools & Underwater Film Sets

• Marinas & Harbours

• Rapids & Canoe / Rafting Courses

• Video Surveillance

• Deep Sea Exploration

• Architectural (Fountains & Statues)

...and many more



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Fax: +44 (0) 1476 561557

Web: www.bgb marine .com Email: sales@bgb marine .com

Twitter: @bgb_ innovation

BGB Marine is a trading style of BGB Engineering Ltd. Dysart Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG31 7NB UK

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