“The definition of financial freedom is to have a purpose--to be engaged, knowledgeable, and in control of what’s going onwith your money.” –Ivan Anz

“[Philanthroinvestor ® ] are people willing to sell all of their Ferraris, airplanes, yachts and all of that, have just what’s really necessary in life and invest the difference to improve someone else’s life, while making a financial return,” Anz said. Anz views the HappyHomes™ pro - gram as a team effort. The company, Philanthroinvestor ® and families work together to improve neighborhoods one “happy home” at a time. So while Philanthroinvestors assists families by becoming their private lender, the family is working to improve the prop - erty with their own funds and family cooperation, so when everything’s done, it truly feels like their own. Equity & Help ® is currently working with Philanthroinvestors ® who own more than 400 residential real estate assets and has helped families across 32 states secure a home. “Families have this feel of owner - ship—they created their own Hap - pyHome™,” Anz said. “The concept is simply saving neighborhoods as a team.” INVESTING ISALLABOUT ENGAGEMENT For Anz, investing is more than just writing a check and collecting the returns. There’s a certain level of engagement that needs to be involved if an investor wants to get any satis - faction out of the transaction. Part of the reason many people take the “set it and forget it” approach to invest - ments is because they are promised “financial freedom.” Anz however sees financial freedom a lot differently from others. “If I tell someone, ‘here’s my mon- ey, do what you want with it’, I don’t get the knowledge or have any control to make decisions,” he said. “I don’t get to be engaged; I just gave you the

money and that’s it. “You’re telling me you’ll give me financial freedom, but there’s a contradiction to that. Free - dom is related to knowledge, purpose, and engagement. It’s about the ability to make decisions and have control while living a purpose you enjoy. “Freedom is not being passive and doing nothing—that’s not freedom or happiness—it’s boredom. If someone tries to sell you financial freedom by saying you’ll be doing nothing, an alarm should sound.” Anz’s argument is with the tra- ditional financial freedom mindset comes a lack of engagement and pur - pose and a step into that “money for money” trap again. Plus, investments always come with risk, but truly pas - sive investors don’t have much control over their gains and losses because they handed their financial car keys to another party. There’s not much free - dom in having your financial wellbeing tied someone else’s ability to get you a return on investment, according to Anz. “The first definition of the word wealth was wellbeing, and lacking purpose, knowledge and engagement is not wellbeing at all,” Anz said. “Most people don’t like to talk about the things they have lost. So now, you will blame the guy you gave the [financial responsibility] to, but you’re the one in the bad position. How is that financial freedom?” Instead, Anz defines financial free - dom as having a purpose, as well as

being engaged, knowledgeable and in control of what’s going on with your money. Part of the reason a lot of peo - ple don’t discuss their investments is because they are not knowledgeable when it comes to what’s going on with their finances. “The Philanthroinvestor ® is some- one who actually understands what they’re doing and has control” Anz said. “He’s the CEO and he’s guiding the Equity & Help ® team through his Real Estate Philanthroinvestor ® Con- sultant™ with the decisions he’s making to improve his real estate portfolio. The families he supports have achieved their dream of home ownership; he is investing with a purpose. Not only that, he has CLEAR INVESTMENTS™, which include spe - cific reporting every month.” Under Philanthroinvestors’ mod - el, investors can clearly see each property, who lives there, when they were paid and the return. There are no hard-to-read graphs or unneces - sary data thrown at investors that they have to decipher—that’s what Anz and his team call CLEAR RESULTS™ “As a result of that, you can have a CLEAR LEGACY™, you can tell your child, ‘you know what, I’m a Real Estate Philanthroinvestor ® , and I have helped five families. They will own their home when they finish paying our family 10 years from now, but by helping them, we’re becoming a Philanthroinvestor ® lender for them.’” The other upside of families work-

18 | think realty magazine :: january 2021

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