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DME MOLD CLEANER DME Mold Cleaner is used to remove corrosion forming substances such as lactic acid, urea and sodium chloride, which are common in perspiration residues left by ordinary handling of polished cavities. In addition to cleaning the polished cavity it also provides up to 20 days rust protection at temperatures to 120°F at 100% humidity. Use DME Mold Cleaner to clean polished mold surfaces and protect them for up to 20 days. Use DME Mold Saver for long lasting protection from corrosion.

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ITEM NUMBER MOLD CLEANER DESCRIPTION CLE 0001 (1) 12 oz. aerosol can CLE 0012 Case of (12) 12 oz. aerosol cans CLE 0004 (1) one gallon can CLE 0016 Case of (4) one gallon cans

Available in 12 oz. aerosol or 1 gallon non-aerosol... individually or by the case.

DME MOLD SAVER DME Mold Saver is an ideal protective coating for molds to be stored over a long period of time. It protects polished cavities and all metal parts from costly corrosion damage. Its thin, transparent film averages about .0003" thick. It is soft, dry and waxy and can be easily wiped off without solvents. One can of Mold Saver covers about 80 square feet.

QUANTITY DISCOUNT: 2 to 5 cases. ........................... Less 3% 6 to 19 cases. ......................... Less 5% 20 to 50 cases. ....................... Less 8% 51 or more cases.................. Less 12% BLANKET ORDER DISCOUNT: Money-saving blanket orders reduce your inventory costs and permit maximum savings over a twelve month period. They are accepted provided the combined annual order totals 20 cases or more. Split shipments against blanket orders must be in quantities of 10 cases or more.

ITEM NUMBER MOLD SAVER DESCRIPTION SAV 0001 (1) 12 oz. aerosol can SAV 0012 Case of (12) 12 oz. aerosol cans SAV 0004 (1) one gallon can SAV 0016 Case of (4) one gallon cans


“SURE SHOT” COMPRESSED-AIR SPRAY CANISTER Holds one quart of Mold Cleaner or Mold Saver. Metal can is refillable and reusable. Includes stemmed air valve.

TRIGGER PUMPS for 15 oz. cans



Package of (6) trigger pumps

SAV 0003

SAV 0002

U.S. 800-626-6653 n Canada 800-387-6600 n n

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