PP&L Terms & Conditions 2018-2019

Pacific Plug & Liner Term & Conditions Effective July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

A. Pricing Pacific Plug and Liner pricing covers our Perennial, Ornamental Grass, Hellebore and Specialty Plant Programs. We offer 162- cell, 128-cell and 72-cell liners in our Perennial and Grass programs although not all sizes in every variety. Hellebore varieties are produced in a 72-cell and a 32-cell. Our Specialty Plants are grown in our 102-cell. Production Lead Times When a product is not shown on current availability section of our Liner-ability we will custom grow that variety. Our future Liner-Bility ® reflects available cuttings or TC from all of PP&L’s suppliers and shows when the variety can be delivered in the size desired. We include the acquisition lead time as well. Please refer to our website for more specific instructions on how to use our innovative Liner-Bility™. General crop time guidelines included in the forecast are below.

Average Lead Times per Liner Size (plus 3 week Acquisition) 32 Cell Tray--> Hellebore available week 33-40, Lavender 25 Weeks

72 Cell Tray--> 8-15 Weeks 102 Cell Tray--> 14-20 Weeks 128 Cell Tray--> 6-12 Weeks 162 Cell Tray--> 5-10 Weeks

Product produced from division and tissue culture Lead times for products in this range can vary between 6-12 months for PP&L to secure inputs plus grow time because stock must be built at the labs to meet orders. PP&L does order speculation on tissue cultured items but we still encourage contacting customer service for orders up to 12 months in advance so orders can be placed to meet customer needs.

B. Shipping

a. Minimum Orders

Grow-to order: 2 trays per variety Grow-to Specialty, Tissue Culture and Grass orders: Please Inquire. Current Availability orders: 1 tray per variety Current Availability Specialty, Tissue Culture and Grasses orders: 2 trays per variety b. Order Timelines PP&L order timelines are designed to provide the best possible regional and national service options for multiple order sizes. Cutoff is Tuesday, 9 PM, Pacific Time Overnight Delivery is available same week; multiple delivery services are available for the following week. Contact Customer Service for options. Pallet Shipper Grower Truck deliveries: Product will be loaded Thursday or Friday of the following week to be delivered Monday through Thursday of 2 nd week. (Example-order placed 4/6 will be loaded 4/14-15 to be delivered 4/18-21). Cancellations and adjustments will only be accepted 3 weeks prior to sticking or sowing of plant material. Cancellations will not be accepted after plant material has been sown or stuck . c. Packaging Trays shipped in cartons are netted to ensure quality delivery. • Standard Box dimensions: 16 ¼” x 11¾” x 22” • Small Box dimensions: 10¾” x 12 ¼” x 23” Winter wrap for box and Pallet Shipper shipments in extreme cold conditions: $2 /box $14/pallet shipper


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