PP&L Terms & Conditions 2021-2022

Terms & Condition for the PP&L Program Effective November 1, 2021 to October 31, 2022

Terms, Conditions and Order Guidelines Valid from November 1, 2021 to October 31, 2022

Updated 7/23/2021

A. Pricing Pacific Plug & Liner pricing covers our Perennial, Ornamental Grass, Succulent, Tropical, Woody and Specialty Plant Programs. We offer multiple tray sizes for many of our products including 162-cell, 128-cell, 72-cell and Quick Turn 32-cell although not all sizes are available in every variety. Hellebore varieties are produced in a 72-cell and a 32-cell, Vegetative Lavender varieties are produced in a 162-cell, 128- cell, 72-cell and Quick Turn 32-cell. Our Specialty Plants are grown in our 102-cell and most Succulents are produced in a 72-cell or 50- cell. For details of all available sizes, see DETAIL page. Production Lead Times When a product is not shown on current availability section of our Liner-Bility® we look into a custom grow of that variety. Our future Liner-Bility reflects available seed, cuttings, divisions or tissue culture from all of PP&L’s suppliers and shows when the variety can be delivered in the size desired. Liner-Bility ready weeks include the procurement lead time as well. Please refer to our website for more specific instructions on how to use our innovative Liner-Bility. General crop time guidelines included in the forecast are below.

Average Lead Times per Liner Size (Plus 3 week procurement for items from Seed or URC, Plus 6-12 months for items from tissue culture or division)

32 Cell Tray--> 22-25 Weeks (40-52 Weeks for Hellebore) 50 Cell Tray--> 10-15 Weeks 72 Cell Tray--> 8-25 Weeks 102 Cell Tray--> 14-20 Weeks 128 Cell Tray--> 6-12 Weeks 162 Cell Tray--> 5-10 Weeks

Product produced from division and tissue culture Lead times for products in this range can vary between 6-12 months for PP&L to secure inputs plus grow time because stock must be built to fill each order. PP&L has a limited speculation program on tissue cultured items so we highly encourage contacting customer service for orders up to 12 months in advance so orders can be placed to meet customer needs.

B. Ordering

a. Minimum Orders •

Grow-to order: 2 trays per variety

• Grow-to Specialty, Tissue Culture and Grass orders: Please Inquire. • Current Availability orders: 1 tray per variety

b. Order Timelines PP&L order timelines are designed to provide the best possible regional and national service options for multiple order sizes. Cutoff for orders delivered the same week is Tuesday, 9 PM, Pacific Time. EXCEPTION: Canada Orders must be placed by Tuesday 9PM, one week prior to the ship week. Overnight Delivery is available for orders placed the same week; multiple delivery services are available for the following week. Contact Customer Service for options. Pallet Shipper Grower Truck deliveries: Product will be loaded Thursday or Friday of the current week to be delivered Monday through Thursday of 2 nd week. (Example-order placed 4/5 will be loaded 4/15/21 to be delivered 4/18-22). **Please note: the week indicated on your order confirmation is the ‘SHIP’ week prior to the delivery week for pallet shipper deliveries** c. Cancellations Cancellations and adjustments will only be accepted 4 weeks prior to sticking or sowing of plant material with exception of items from division and tissue culture. Item cancelled on product from division or tissue culture will be reviewed prior to acceptance of cancellation. Divisions and tissue culture inputs are ordered up to a year in advance and strict cancellation windows from our vendors. Cancellations will not be accepted after plant material has been sown or stuck .

C. Shipping

a. Packaging Trays shipped in cartons are netted to ensure quality delivery. • Standard Box dimensions: 16 ¼” x 11¾” x 22” • Small Box dimensions: 10¾” x 12 ¼” x 23” Winter wrap for box and Pallet Shipper shipments in extreme cold conditions: $2 /box $14/pallet shipper Trays and Box Information (All Subject to Crop Size)

b. Freight Prices are F.O.B. Watsonville, CA. Freight is pre-paid and billed to the broker. • Freight can be directly charged to Broker & Customer freight accounts . • GSO (Golden State Overnight) Delivery is available for the following states: WA/CA/OR/ID/NV/UT/AZ • FedEx Priority Overnight and Pallet Shipper Grower Truck delivery are the primary services offered by PP&L Nationwide. Contact Customer Service for more information and pricing. • For orders shipping to Canada: Phyto Fee is $73.00 USD. c. Pallet Shipper Pallet shipping via refrigerated truck is available for all customers. Minimums for pallet shipper orders are based on tray size. Pricing is based on a half pallet or full pallet price. We schedule qualified pallet deliveries when available. Please contact customer service for schedules into the various markets. Maximum height of a pallet shipper is 96”. Half pallet price will charged for quantities from a half pallet up to the full pallet quantity. Full pallet pricing will only apply after the full pallet quantity is reached. Please note: the week indicated on your order confirmation is the ‘SHIP’ week and for most shipments going east of the Rockies, is the week prior to the "Arrival" week for pallet shipper / truck deliveries.

Advantages of Pallet Shipping: • Mix and Match tray sizes • Mix and Match plant varieties • Increased ventilation during transit • Ideal for orders of 60+ trays

D. Claims

Our goal is to provide a quality product in full. However, occasionally problems arise, including the following:

• Freight Damage: Customers should contact their broker with any issues related to freight damage. Brokers should then file the claim with PP&L and we will make the claim with our carrier. Freight damage claims need to be made within 48 hours of receiving the shipment, photos required. • Product Shortage: Please notify customer service if the quantity delivered does not match the quantity on the packing list provided at the time of delivery, this must be done within 48 hours of receipt of our shipment. • Product Quality: Customers should notify their broker within 48 hours of receipt if anything does not appear right with product delivered. PP&L will research the issue with the broker and the customer and will determine a best course of action. Photos are required for product quality claims. • Product Reversion: PP&L will not give credit for plants that revert after planting. This includes variegated foliage and bicolor flowers. All claims must be submitted in writing via broker claim process to track effectively. PLEASE NOTE: • Failure to document a problem within 48 hours of receiving plants may result in refusal of the claim at a later date. • Failure to provide supporting photos may result in refusal of the claim. a. Limitations of Warranty Pacific Plug & Liner warrant’s that our products will conform to the description or pictures presented and will be viable when received. Since we have no control of the customer growing of the plants, we give no other warranty, expressed or implied. Claims will be limited to the amount of the purchase price of the product and any applicable freight and royalty. Pacific Plug & Liner will not be held liable for consequential or incidental damages resulting from a shipment such as: lost revenue, profit, commission, contamination, legal fees or any other damages. If there is a problem with any order and a need to file a claim, please notify our customer service department immediately with any problems. All claims must be reported within 48 hours of delivery.

E. Tag & Program Details Pacific Plug & Liner offers tags for select plants listed in our current catalog. With the exception of specific varieties, tags are optional. Please specify if you would like tags when placing an order. Mandatory Tags cannot be waived.

*Customers are required to label plants with the appropriate patent number or applied for status at point of sale. We are always happy to assist customers with this patented plant information.


Sunset Plant Collection Program Details

Pacific Plug & Liner is excited to announce we are now carrying select varieties in the Sunset Plant Collection in partnership with Plant Development Services, Inc. The program is now being marketed to a broader range of customers as there is a tag only requirement and no longer a pot requirement. This allows non-licensed growers to participate in the power of this consumer brand that is trusted by millions of consumers across the country.

Products in the collection are marked at the end of the product description with SUNSET PLANT COLLECTION on the DETAIL Page.

Tags Tags are mandatory for this program, cannot be waived and must be purchased with all liner orders at a 1 to 1 ratio. Tags will be automatically added to all orders and drop shipped to the grower through MasterTag near the time of liner delivery.

Pots & POP While pots and POP are not mandatory, growers might want the option to purchase Sunset branded pots and/or POP. Please contact Plant Development Services, Inc. for more information on pots and POP available for purchase at info@plantdevelopment.com or 1(888)922-7374 Restricted Territories In some states the sale of the Sunset Plant Collection is restricted. These restricted states include: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

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