Strategic Plan Progress Report

Support Bureau Accomplishments

Tactical Investigations Division  Full time Vice Unit with 10 officers and 1 ser- geant is in place and fully functional.  Intervention/Prevention officers have been working with Pathways to Justice in conjunction with the Explorers on a new federal program that targets high-risk high schools and encour- aging students to pursue a number of justice related carriers.  Intervention/Prevention officers actively met with the community and YMCA administrators during the school year and summer months.  FWPAL's membership now over 350 youth in multiple sports programs. FWPAL reached mile- stones with five kids reaching Golden Gloves status and an increase in participation at the North FWPAL gym to 20 youth. FWPAL devel- oped a partnership with the Southside Hornets Athletic Association and now have 50 cheer- leader participants. Investigative & Support Command Community Programs Division  Trained over 200 new COP members  55 Drug Prevention  153 School Safety  17 Anti-gang Criminal Investigations Division (CID)  Created an audit process to ensure all detec- tives work their cases in a timely, thorough manner.  Developed a basic Detective Training Manual for department-wide use.  CID Units attended roll calls as needed to clarify investigative duties and responsibilities.  533 active COP patrollers  2017-2018 school presentations:  80 Anti-bullying

Forensic Science Division  Hired personnel to oversee the National Inte- grated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN). NIBIN is a national database of digital images of spent bullets and cartridge cases that were found at crime scenes or test-fired from confis- cated weapons. Firearms Examiners and Tech- nicians enter cartridge casing evidence into the system, which are correlated against the data- base. Law enforcement can search against evi- dence from their jurisdiction, neighboring ones, and others across the country. The Fort Worth Police Department has long utilized the data- base, but until 2017 did not have dedicated staff to enter cartridge and casing evidence into the system. Below is recent NIBIN data that shows how dedicating personnel to NIBIN re- sults in more leads.  Purchased a new gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and flame ionization de- tector (FID) for blood alcohol count (BAC) analy- sis.  The Division is scheduled to receive grant fund- ing that will allow the process of validating Y- screening for sexual assault kit examinations to begin.  Received grant funding to validate STRMIX (probabilistic genotyping). Property/Records Management Division  Updated Records Management System went live on October 1, 2018.  Implemented a training program to increase staff retention. 2013-2015: Total of 650 Entries with 4 Leads 2016: Total of 250 Entries with 8 Leads 2017: Total of 514 Entries with 24 Leads 2018 (YTD): Total of 1690 Entries with 73 Leads

 Accident Reports are now available online.

Upgraded security camera system.


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