Ranges and New Products for 2021

Stat i cs Fundamenta ls

The Statics Fundamentals range offers teaching equipment for understanding the core principles required for civil and mechanical engineering disciplines. The range brings theories, such as concurrent and non-concurrent coplanar forces, Bow’s notation, equilibrium theory, parabola theory, and many more, to life. The range consists of a series of modular experiment kits that fit to the essential base unit (Statics Work Panel), these can be mixed and matched to suit teaching requirements.

Range h i ghl i ghts : Stat i cs Work Pane l ST F 1 Work panel for use with TecQuipment’s Statics Fundamentals (STF) range.

Essential Base Unit (STF1)

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Experiment modules (stf2–stf5)

Suspens i on Cab l e Demonstrat i on ST F 2 A kit for use with the work panel that demonstrates the tensions and shapes in a suspension cable, comparing them with theory.

Equ i l i br i um of Forces ST F4 A kit for use with the work panel for experiments with three or more coplanar forces at equilibrium and an introduction to Bow’s notation.

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