April Oracle 2021

Well, it ’ s been a trying last twelve months, and a challenging winter season. By and large, our Canadian owners have remained home in Canada. Our American owners have been able to enjoy the resort, albeit a quieter winter, with reduced activities and a lower occupancy. Here ’ s hoping our governments get the pandemic reined in and that next season, we will all be able to return to ORPS and enjoy our winter home with all it has to offer. I have noticed the word ‘ fiduciary duty ’ used in a number of conversations lately. I ’ d like to take a minute to explain the meaning and how it relates to an HOA board, and to ORPS specifically. What does fiduciary duty mean for an HOA board member? It places a burden on an individual in whom the association members have placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money. It ’ s also places a ‘ Duty of Care ’ to the interests of the corporation. In following that ‘ fiduciary duty ’, one of the primary tasks of an association, through its board of directors is to, at a minimum maintain, repair and replace the common areas, and where possible give consideration to improvements, to protect, if not enhance, the property values of both the association and its members. Your board, a few years back, embarked on the development of a strategic plan. Why? ORPS ’ Vision Statement: We strive to be a Premier RV Resort with excellent facilities, activities and amenities, creating a positive social culture for all. There is the old saying – “ If you ’ re not moving forward, you ’ re falling back. ” There are many ‘ premier / luxury ’ RV resorts around the country to choose from. And more are being developed each year. ORPS does have ‘ competition ’. It is important for ORPS to keep moving forward, to look for ways to improve, to enhance and improve our facilities. Both to meet the expectations and provide enjoyment for our current members, but also to be viewed as being among ‘ THE ’ premier RV resorts in North America, to potential purchasers. I think we would all recognize the perception of ORPS by those looking to purchase an RV lot is of the utmost importance. Demand for lots affects the inventory of lots for sale. And if the demand is there, resulting in a lower inventory, that could/should push up property values. So, developing and following through on a long - term strategic plan, planning for and implementing facility enhancements and improvements, is one component of protecting, preserving and enhancing the property values of both the association and members ’ own property values. Wishing all safe travels this coming summer, Don Renoe Board President

2 Board of Directors 3 General Manager Safety & Security 4 Architecture & Aesthetics

5 Fmca 6 Golf 7 Health & Fitness

8 Tennis 9 Chapel

10 Pickleball 11 Activities Planning 12 Big Star Night 2021 13 A1 Convenience Bella Roma 14 Support Our Vendors



APRIL 2021

Wow . . . a “ season ” like no other, is rapidly drawing to a close! To those leaving us soon, farewell, and safe travels. To those who couldn ’ t join us this year, can ’ t wait to see you again. I can ’ t wait until the word Covid is past vernacular . . . and those masks . . . and “ social distancing ” is in the rear - view mirror. Covid has particularly impacted the Lifestyle Depart- ment ’ s social events and my hat ’ s off to Alyssa Torres, Clarisa Robles, and their staff. As the protocols changed, sometimes on the day of an event, they had to make decisions which impacted the comfort of those who attended. Ironically, the moving of events to the El Saguaro pool deck proved to be popular and there are plans to have some events, perhaps on a monthly basis, held there next season. My thanks to both Richard and Maria Camacho, the operators of Bella Roma, for their efforts as well as Jamie Wal, of Gourmet Passions, for tremendous flexibility as they responded to the needs of each event and made the season successful. I trust you were not too inconvenienced as you attended. When you return next season, we hope to have yet another reason to look forward to your return, besides the absence of Covid. Major projects are a resurfacing of the La Palma pool deck, a replacing or repainting of the fences and freshened general appearance at the Satellites, but most of all, repair of curb & gutters, over- lays, and seal coating of the roadways at the south end of the Resort. I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised how much a newly surfaced road enhances the appearance of the community. As we embark on the 1 st phase of a three - year improvement, scheduled to start after the first of May, there will be inconvenience to those still here, but it will be worth it. New Board members will be finding their way and learning how best to serve the needs of the community, all the while under a Corporate style. I wish them the best at forming a team which can compromise, as possible, and gain consensus so that smooth decisions can be made. Zoom, which has dominated meetings this year, can still be used in the most efficient way, but there is nothing like in - person meetings to get the personal touch and I look forward to shaking hands as we resume greeting each other at Board meetings held at the La Palma Clubhouse. Most of all, however, I appreciated the welcome to the Resort as I started my tenure here, now a little more than a year. While I know that I have not yet experienced the full - on season, with full occupancy, the learning experience was interesting none - the - less. The words of support as well as correction were a reinforcement as we embarked on a renewal of “ Ladies & Gentlemen Serving Ladies & Gentlemen. ” Let me apologize if we didn ’ t fulfill that credo, but it will not deter us from trying better down the road. I look forward to sending you updates electronically as we improve the Resort during the summer. If you are not on the Constant Contact distribution list, please notify Jennifer Miranda, Resort Services Manager & Assistant to the Board, at jmiranda@orps.com. Until next season, be safe and well. Ed Vitrano

The Unsung Heroes of our Park The unsung heroes of ORPS have got to be our own security force. Our in - house security has been in place for three seasons now, put in place after some years of major problems with an outside contractor. The cost is about a wash, and the service much improved! Before the change, the owners lost about 165 bikes per season to theft. With active patrol, this season, only 3 bikes were stolen. In those old days, there were homeless folks living behind the entrance fountains, and sleeping bags and food were often found in the pump rooms at the satellites. Now, only about 3 people a month are escorted off the property, and as a result, theft and garbage problems are way down.

There are 10 full time guards, with two on duty at all times around the clock. They are assigned to one of three shifts. One is always on patrol, and one always staffs the Gate House. The patrol person has a long list of duties, with over 100 door locks to check each night. His or her first duty coming on shift is to check the entire perimeter wall for breeches. Then it is on to checking each roadway, and each lot for any suspicious indicators. The Gate House officer deals with more than 1000 vehicles per day entering the resort. Covid has created a whole new list of duties for our team, including mask enforcement and also checking in new arrivals in a contactless manner. As Covid fades, more efforts can go to the speeding problems and the problems with dogs, which always brings lots of complaints to our security team. Asked what we could do to help, Chief Frank said,

“ Lock it up, or stash it away. That helps us a lot. ”

DO IT NOW! Don't go through the ORPS phone menus! Put this in your phone now, Security Direct Line 760 - 770 - 0065

Dan Hannah Safety & Security Chair



APRIL 2021

Summary of Important Rules Approved RV ’ s - Only Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, and House Trailers are allowed in the resort. Other RV ’ s such as park models, truck campers, vans, tents, pop - up campers, tiny homes, etc, are not allowed. (See Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Section 6.2; Rules and Regulations, Section 2B) Minimum RV Length - Minimum RV length is 24 ft. Travel Trailers are measured from the front cap to the rear cap. (See Rules and Regulations, Section 2A) Occupancy Limit - No more than 3 persons can occupy a lot overnight. (See Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Sections 6.1.A; and Rules and Regulations, Section 13B) Overnight Guests - Overnight guests are allowed up to a total of 6 persons in the RV, for a period not to exceed 14 days, in three non - consecutive instance periods in a year. (Rules and Regulations, Section 13B) Pet Limits - No more than 2 pets can reside on a lot. Please make other arrangement for additional pets. Pets must be leashed and not walked on common areas except streets. (See Rules and Regulations, Section 3 – Pets) Parking Limits - Only three vehicles are allowed (cars, carts, motorcycles) and all must fit on the lot overnight. (See Rules and Regulation, Section 7 – Motor Vehicles.) Lot Improvement Permits - Permits are required for any modifications to RV lots, including landscaping, electrical, plumbing, steps, fences, etc. (See Architecture and Aesthetics Rules)

Selling your Lot and RV RV ’ s must be inspected before sale. This may trigger a painting project of up to $5000. Friends painted their very nice 2006 5 th wheel last season and put the lot and RV on the market. The severe heat and sun over the summer created additional paint damage. In hindsight, it would have been better to wholesale the RV. Realtors tell us that it is usually easier to find a buyer for a vacant lot than it is to find a buyer for the lot and RV because so many buyers already have an RV or there is a newer RV they want to buy. KARV (www.gokarv.com) operates a RV sales lot in Desert Hot Springs and will make you a cash offer or take the RV on consignment. Simply send them photos of your RV to start the process. Permits for Summer Work Please file your permit requests as soon as possible so that approval can be issued while our volunteers are in the resort. It ’ s best to get an early approval of your plan, and then the committee will work with you on any changes as project matures. This will avoid delays in your approval and our contractors like to know they have a full list of projects for the summer. End of Season Preparation When you read this in early April it is time to plan your exit from the resort. Be sure to buy quality furniture covers at Home Depot before they sell out. Also have your hedges trimmed while you can supervise. High temperatures and irrigation cause rapid growth in the summer. Also, February ’ s high winds knocked a lot of bark off the Washingtonian Palms at the front of our lots. Be sure to store away your dog fences and privacy screens. Driveway Chains One of the unsightly features of our resort is the wide variety of driveway fences that are erected over the summer. We see the chains propped up by Home Depot buckets, orange safety cones, and concrete blocks. Swim noodles and tennis balls decorate the chain. Plastic chains get brittle and break in the sun. The Board of Directors will be looking at making an A&A change that will require pulling the chains tight between the two posts and eliminating the home - made center props. We invite you to get a head start by cleaning up your driveway chain installation and improving our resort Aesthetics. Charlie Leahy A&A Chair



APRIL 2021

April 2021 ORPS Chapter, Family Motor Coach Association

Are we getting close to the end of the tunnel? We certainly hope so! From the Board, we wish you all good health and nice walks through the neighborhood. You all are being so positive and extra kind. Above all, please be safe and patient. This month I ’ m grabbing pictures from friends at ORPS to celebrate the beauty of our little piece of heaven. Second of all, we take our hats off to the wonderful work the health agencies have accomplished. Third we give thanks to the millions of essential workers who boldly do their jobs and unselfishly, I might add.

Outside at Lunch with "the girls" today at Fisherman's Market & Grill. YES … we wore masks until we ate lunch). Left to Right: Sheryl Stapel Nelson, Marilou Moore Guscette, Sharon Mee, Kathy Chastain, Me and Lynne Livingston).

Muriel Leff took this of a storm rolling in on the golf course. ORPS still a little piece of Heaven.

Sharen Metz and Ron Langdon and happy, happy.

This is from Chavalla Lopez Bassham. She has it right, be kind.

Larry, Margie and Danny in the Owners Lounge!

Speaking of essential pilots who bravely do their job; we are proud of Jeff Buchman who turns 65 and retires this month after thirty four years with Continental and United Airlines. He will see you in April.

So, who can be a National and Chapter member of the FMCA? Go onto the National website, www.fmca.com to join the FMCA. For the local chapter, it is any ORPS owner or ORPS “ long - time renter ” with a Motor Coach, towable RV or 5th wheel. You must be a member of the national FMCA organization first. You will soon find chapter membership applications near the mailroom in El Saguaro and La Palma. National FMCA Benefits include Emergency Medical Assistance as needed, mail forwarding, travel assistance in the event of an issue, discount wireless hotspot, discount tires for your RV or car and a great magazine, just to name a few. The FMCA National parent club dues are $85.00 first year; $75.00 thereafter. Annual local dues are $25.00. New ORPS Chapter members will also need to purchase a name tag, $10 each. FMCA ORPS Officers Jeff Buchman, President – (202) - 577 - 6478 - Lot 835 Susanne Strauss, Vice President – (518) 368 - 8084 Lot 632 Vicki Hilmer, Treasurer – (253) - 312 - 0193 - Lot 1082 Ken Hearn, Secretary – (610) - 573 - 3747 - Lot 835 email: kenhearn59@gmail.com Doug Hibl, ORPS FMCA Nat ’ l Director – (209) - 480 - 8971 Lot 99 For any questions; please contact Ken Hearn

Rich Strauss ’ cat Bailey, picture by Sue Strauss.





APRIL 2021

Susan Charley Hole #7 Hole in One Pot Winner

Men ’ s Club Champion – Steve Ornellas, Gross Score – 109, +1 Men ’ s A Flight Net Champion – Jerry McGee, Net Score 104, - 4 Men ’ s B Flight Gross Champion – Tim Tait, Gross Score – 117, +9 Men ’ s B Flight Net Champion – Roman Orenchuk, Net Score – 101, - 7 Men ’ s C Flight Gross Champion – Mike Holland, Gross Score – 127, +19 Men ’ s C Flight Net Champion – Marty Lentz, Net Score – 104, - 4

Women ’ s Club Champion – Deanna Joe, Gross Score – 121, +13 Women ’ s A Flight Net Champion – Christine Anderson, Net Score – 108, E Women ’ s B Flight Gross Champion – Debbie Penero, Gross Score – 130, +22 Women ’ s B Flight Net Champion – Katherine Holland, Net Score – 107, - 1 Women ’ s C Flight Gross Champion – Wendy Oleson, Gross Score – 135, +27 Women ’ s C Flight Net Champion – Walli Olive, Net Score – 102, - 2

03.18.21 Frosty Dube Hole #7 (Winner of the Hole in One Post $360)

03.06.21 Wendy Oleson Hole #14 Winner of the Hole in One Pot $68

02.09.21 Crystal Huffman Hole #12 02.19.21 Danna Mullins Hole #4

02.28.21 Gary Selanders Hole #3

03.12.21 Steve Kouns Hole #1 03.14.21 Christie Etie Hole #1

02.21.21 Larry Black Hole #10



APRIL 2021

A BIG thank you to all who attended the Health and Fitness 5 - k Walk/Run, on Feb. 27th. Fun was had by all. Even our General Manager, Ed Vitrano, put his feet to the pavement. Also included in the mix, were all the fun fur babies dressed in their favorite sports attire. This event has been a fundraiser for the Health and Fitness Committee over the last 3 years. We appreciate the cash that was graciously donated as well. Our goal for this fundraiser is to purchase a rowing machine for the gym. You will see this new piece of equipment very soon. There were several prizes given away for best dressed in their favorite sport attire, best dressed dog, first to cross the finish line, sales of 50/50 tickets as well as additional prizes given out from drawing names out of the bowl. Ray Evans, was the first place winner, who crossed the finish first. John and Cheri Boudin were the winners for the best sports attire Best dressed dog goes out to Benny Anderson. 50/50 cash sales went to Karen Shapper who graciously donated her cash back to health and fitness. A special thank you to my committee members, Maryellen Muir, Kathy Oedekerk and Roberta Neirs for all their help, as well as extra help from Keith Bassham and Gary Oedekerk. We still have bricks to sell for the pathway to Fitness. If you would like to leave your legacy on a brick please notify one of the committee members. The gym has been running pretty smoothly. The sign up sheet is on the clip board in the gym. If you are not going to make your scheduled time, please take your name off the list so others can workout. Please, also remember to wash off the equipment after each use!

Chavalla Lopez - Bassham Health and Fitness Chair



APRIL 2021

will be able to once again join us for lots of tennis and desert fun. . I know many of you are missing the BNP Paribas Open normally held this time of year at the beautiful Indian Wells Tennis Garden. This is the second year in a row it has been cancelled due to Covid - 19. There is still a possibility it will be rescheduled for later this year but most likely it won ’ t be back until 2022. BNP PARIBAS OPEN BACKGROUNDER

We had an end of season mixer on 3/17 with approximately 40 participants. Everyone was in their most festive St. Paddy ’ s attire & fun was had by all! Pizza and drinks were enjoyed afterwards in the new tennis pavilion. St. Paddy ’ s Day Mixer

(Robert Laberge / Getty Images) Before the 2020 BNP Paribas tournament was canceled, the tennis tournament had been held in the desert every year since 1976. The tournament is one of the most popular stops for the men and women on tour and is considered an unofficial fifth “ major ” tournament. The BNP Paribas Open set an attendance record in 2019 with 475,372 attendees over the two - week period. The loss of the tournament is a big hit to the whole Coachella Valley as it brings in approximately $400 million to the region each year. The BNP Paribas Open is the largest two - week combined event outside of the four Grand Slams and the most - attended WTA 1000 and ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tennis tournament in the world Since the opening of the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in 2000, more than 6.7 million fans have experienced why the event is known around the world as Tennis Paradise! The tournament has gone through many names and CV locations through the years. Below are some of the highlights of its history. 1976 - The American Airlines Tennis Games found a new home in the Coachella Valley at Mission Hills Country Club in Palm Springs, CA. That year ’ s tournament featured 12 future Tennis Hall of Famers including Arthur Ashe, Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg, Cliff Drysdale, Jimmy Connors and Roscoe Tanner. 1980 - While the four semi - finalists were Jimmy Connors, Brian Teacher, Peter Fleming and Gene Mayer, no final was held due to rain. 1981 - Thanks to passion and persuasion from tennis great Charles Pasarell, the tournament remained in the Coachella Valley despite ATP plans to move it to Florida. The tournament, now known as the Grand

Top Gun ended the first week of March with Steve Simpson and Michael Beal tying for first place on the men ’ s side. Susan Cowan took first place on the women ’ s side.

The Top Three Men ’ s & Women's Top gunners are … 1. Steve Simpson / Mike Beal - Tie for first place.

3. Greg Farmer 1. Susan Cowan 2. Kathy Brown 3. Julie Farmer

First photo is Steve Simpson on the left and Mike Beal on the right. Second photo is of Susan Cowan. As this challenging tennis season at ORPS comes to an end, we hope that next season brings some form of normalcy. We hope that all our friends and neighbors



APRIL 2021

Message from ORPS Owners During our Valentine ’ s Day dinner at Bella Roma, I became ill. We would like to say thank you to Larry and Brenda Reed, Carol and Ed Johnson, Misty and her daughter, and Maria and her staff from Bella Roma as well. A special thanks to the nurse who assisted until the paramedics arrived. Thank you to Jim Gwinn for his prayers and everyone who prayed for us. Also, a big thank you to Pat Keyes for a beautiful dinner to celebrate our 63rd anniversary. Your cards, thoughts and prayers were deeply appreciated, and we send our love to all. Lee and Louise Tibbits, lot 602 Marnier/ATP Tennis Games, was moved to a newly opened 7,500 - seat stadium at the La Quinta Hotel. 1987 - With the tournament growing in popularity, it outgrew the facilities at the La Quinta Hotel. The newly completed 350 - room Grand Champions Hotel (now the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa) served as an ideal next home for the tournament, thus bringing it to Indian Wells. This was also the first year that a top women ’ s professional competition (featuring now Hall of Famer Stephanie Graf) was held in conjunction with the men ’ s, though not concurrently. 1989 - The tournament became a sanctioned WTA tier III tournament this year, known as Virginia Slims of Indian Wells. 1996 - Previous years the women ’ s event was held immediately prior to the men ’ s, but that changed in 1996 when ATP and WTA approved the combining of the events. Known as the Newsweek Champions Cup/ State Farm Evert Cup, the tournament in Indian Wells became one of only six combined tournaments in the world. 1997 - The WTA designated the (Now known as) State Farm Evert Cup as a Tier 1 event, the top WTA category at the time. 2000 - A new home for a new millennium, the tournament moved to the newly constructed Indian Wells Tennis Garden. The state - of - the - art facility boasted the second largest stadium in the world at 16,100 - seats, as well as seven other match courts spread throughout the 54 - acres of lush landscape. 2006 - The tournament was threatened this year by hard economic times but tennis legends Pete Sampras, Billie Jean King and Chris Evert, along with new investors, banded together to acquire 50% ownership of the tournament. The City of Indian Wells purchased 27 acres of adjacent land in order to keep the tournament in the Coachella Valley. 2009 - BNP Paribas is a premier sponsor of tennis globally, and became the new title sponsor of the tournament in Indian Wells. 2012 - The event became the only ATP/WTA combined event to offer $1 Million in prize money to each of its singles champions. Submitted by Dawn Williams Tennis Communication

DREAM BREAKERS; INTERUPTIONS WE HATE Waking up in the middle of an awesome dream when it is really a good one is upsetting especially if you were dreaming how to eliminate stress. Often this type ending happens more than we want or like. Even when we try hard to recall it. Think with me of the power of words: Someone bet Ernest Hemmingway ten dollars he couldn ’ t come up with a short story only six words long. He took the bet, pulled out a napkin and wrote this following story on it: FOR SALE, BABY SHOES, NEVER WORN. There is a story there, one that touches us. Try thinking of six words you could share as a story everyone could imagine or add their own ending to. It is a fun for an evening meal with friends asking “ tell me your story ” because we all have one. Here are a couple of six word stories you may be able to share with many hurting people; GOD WILL NOT WASTE YOUR PAIN : GOD WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE Jesus shared stories called the beatitudes with His disciples, facts that seem totally wrong to us and our culture. Matthew 5:4 says, “ You ’ re blessed when you feel you ’ ve lost what is most real to you. Only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you. ” When we are at the end of ourselves we are eligible to be blessed to experience the presence of God. There is no embrace like to one Jesus provides us. Each of us love good dreams, only to be sadly wakened and interrupted just as the dream was wonderful. When that happens we can ’ t even remember details, even those that made us happy. Dreams of mourning are also very real. “ come near to God and He will come near to you. Wash your hands you sinners, and purify your hearts you double minded. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up. ” James 4:8 - 10 Whatever our dreams we must remember, “ cast all our cares on Him for He cares for us, ” Have a terrific end of ORPS season as WE DREAM of being gathered with you in October or November. Here is a great dream, don ’ t wake me if it isn ’ t true … we can have live Chapel in La Palma without masks. dis- tancing, or limited numbers able to enjoy the reality of the Bible and the love of Jesus Christ for each of us.. An outstanding line up of speaker are already excited to be with us beginning in October. Have a fabulous summer, attend church, and we ’ ll see you in Chapel at 8:50 each Sunday. God bless you, your family and friends.

Jim Gwinn Chaplain



APRIL 2021

CAN - AM TOURNAMENT The CAN - AM tournament had to be adapted this year, given that the Canadian attendance was very limited. However, as usual, there was friendly, patriotic rivalry and great fun!

ST. PATRICK ’ S DAY TOURNAMENT The luck of the Irish was with the following winners! Partners were drawn from a hat! 2.5: 1 st : Sue Pavelka/Beth Wynn; 2 nd : Jeannie Unverzagt/ Corky Reiman; 3 rd : Diane Backer; Orville Mason; 3.0: 1 st : Sue Olsen/Ed Bills; 2 nd : Karen Brewer/Kim Smith; 3 rd : Judy Mortenson/Jeremy Brewer; 3.5: 1 st : Chavalla Lopez - Bassham/Chad Thompson; 2 nd ; Jack Carson/Mike Pavelka; 3 rd : Kingston Mitchell/Mark Appel; 4.0: 1 st : Steve Stockman/Nick Kiniski; 2 nd : Scott Peterson/Mark Gallivan; 3 rd : Karen Schaper/Glen Brewer.


Women ’ s Division were: 2.5: 1 st: Eileen Johnston/ Rhonda Heiney; 2 nd : Lori Flood/Terri Turco; 3 rd : Sue Pavelka/Mary Jo Appel; 3.0 : 1 st : Denise Evans/Linda Thorgeirsson; 2 nd: Sue Anderson/Sue Olsen; 3 rd : Jeannie Unverzagt/Karen Brewer 4.0 : 1 st : Karen Schaper/Jenn Corbin; 2 nd : Cheri Boudin/Chavalla; 3 rd : Laurie Duncan/ Sherry Mindell. Men ’ s Division winners included: 3.0 : 1 st: Kris Olsen/ Randy Anderson; 2 nd : Hal Mortenson/Mark Hansen; 3 rd : Ralph Joiner/Bob Winn; 3.5 : 1 st : Richard Block/Dennis Duncan; 2 nd : Steve Flood/Claude Picray; 3 rd : Ron Hauser/Mark Appel; 4.0: 1 st : John Boudin/Dave Crosswhite; 2 nd : Glen Brewer/Steve Unverzagt; 3 rd : Dan Reiman/Scott Peterson. Mixed Doubles: 2.5 1 st : Eileen Johnston/Mike Johnson; 2 nd : Terri Turco/Leo Turko; 3 rd : Kristin Demazio/ John Demazio; 3.5: 1 st : Jill Lawler/ Richard Block; 2 nd : Laurie Duncan/ Dennis Duncan; 3 rd : Lori Flood/Steve Flood; 4.0: 1 st: Ellen Newton/Dave Crosswhite; 2 nd : Kristy Victorio/Steve Unverzagt; 3 rd : Cheri Boudin/John Boudin

Submitted by Lynn Barry, Pickleball Public Relations



APRIL 2021

SINGO—It ’ s like Bingo, but with music!

AdHoc Facility Master Improvement Planning Committee

Social - Goal One: The Resort will encourage social interaction and friendships among owners by properly providing facilities to support programs that make the Resort a social hub of owner interaction and enjoyment. Recreation - Goal Two: The Resort will provide and promote an active recreation program for owners to make the Resort their recreational hub while residing in the desert. Facility Improvement - Goal Six: The Resort will develop a facility improvement master plan and a recommended prioritization for implementation to provide facilities which achieve the Resort ’ s Mission. The above statements are taken from the refresher strategic plan your board of directors is developing with the assistance of the McMahon Group - McMahon Group – Private Club Planners & Consultants. The committee had it ’ s fourth meeting with the McMahon Group on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Glen Seligman, McMahon Group, walked the committee members through a more refined iteration of the various facility enhancements proposed by the committee members, for both the La Palma and El Saguaro clubhouses. The committee will be meeting one more time in early April to prioritize potential projects and finalize the plan. The McMahon Group and the committee next step will be to present a proposal and plan to the Board of Directors for consideration. If all holds, the next step in the plan will be for the board, the committee and the McMahon Group to develop a presentation for all association members ’ consideration early next season. Don Renoe



APRIL 2021

Big Star Night — March 5 & 6, 2021



APRIL 2021



APRIL 2021

Aguirre's Propane On Site Fill (760) 342 - 1645

Your ad could be here! Email Communications Coordinator, Abby Lomeli, at alomeli@orps.com.

RoundTablePizza.com for online ordering use ' ORPS ' for a 15% discount off of the regular menu price for all orders, cannot be combined with other discounts/promotions. Round Table Pizza #0858

31775 Date Palm Drive Cathedral City, CA 92234 760 - 321 - 1756



APRIL 2021



APRIL 2021


FRANK ’ S RV WASH & WAX 760 399 6320 JOSE GOMEZ GARDENING 760 641 4571

RAY DUFF 760 567 8772

SOUL SHADES 760 699 4297

760 - 328 - 3834

Admin Office



244 262

Accounting Front Desk


Maintenance Dispatch Community Standards

293 246 260 250 252 254 255 256


La Palma Clubhouse Board Office/


A1 Store

Mailroom Bella Roma

El Saguaro Clubhouse Lifestyle Director

270 271 272

Event Coordinator


Golf Shack



69411 Ramon Road Cathedral City, California 92234

Beauty Salon

760 - 328 - 0007



APRIL 2021

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