AFAS 2019 Annual Report




To support Airmen and enhance the Air Force mission by relieving emergency financial distress, helping Airmen’s families achieve their educational goals, and improving their quality of life through proactive programs.


To be a charitable institution that embodies the concept of Airmen helping Airmen – that is embraced by Airmen and those who support Airmen.

Air Force Aid Society has been named a 4-Star Charity for five consecutive years. This is the highest rating possible by Charity Navigator, the nation’s leading independent evaluator of charitable organizations. Air Force Aid Society received this high rating as a result of our fiscal efficiency and transparency.

AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report

General Henry “Hap” Arnold


The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) is the official charity of the U.S. Air Force (USAF) and has been meeting the unique needs for the Total Force and their families, as well as Air Force widows and widowers since 1942. Older than the USAF itself, AFAS traces its roots back to the great five-star General Henry “Hap” and Mrs. Bee Arnold. The Arnolds envisioned an organization that embodied the ideal of Airmen helping Airmen , which still drives our mission today. On March 9, 1942, the Arnolds created Army Air Corps Relief Society. With the establishment of the U.S. Air Force (USAF) on September 18, 1947, the organization was renamed the Air Force Aid Society to provide financial support for the families of Airmen who lost their lives during World War II. Each year, the Society provides on average $15-16 million in support for Air Force families through emergency assistance no-interest loans or grants; education grants, scholarships and no-interest loans; and through on-base community engagement programs. 100 percent of every contribution received is used to help Airmen.

Mrs. Bee Arnold



A Message From Our President

The Honorable William A. Moorman, Major General, USAF (Ret)

“WE TAKE PRIDE IN BEING ABLE TO TELL OUR DONORS AND SUPPORTERS WHEN YOU DONATE $1 TO AFAS, WE WILL DEDICATE $3 IN DIRECT SUPPORT TO AIRMEN AND THEIR FAMILIES.” The sacred trust the Arnolds established over 70 years ago continues to sustain and motivate us to take care of our Airmen today. However, to continue this support, we must have strong performance from our investments and increased donor contributions. We take pride in being able to tell our donors and supporters when you donate $1 to AFAS, we will dedicate $3 in direct support to Airmen and their families. A key aspect of our look ahead is acknowledging that next year we will undergo executive leadership transitions. Successfully planning and installing the next generation of leaders is the mark of good organizations. The Society’s board is fortunate to have the stability of our civilian members to combine with the operational savvy of our uniformed members. In 2020, a few of our senior uniformed members are scheduled to move on and some of our civilian members. Of note is that my esteemed colleague, AFAS CEO Lt. Gen. (Ret) John Hopper has announced his upcoming retirement after 15 years of service to the Society and 35 to the U.S. Air Force. We are preparing an executive search committee to find his replacement. Though our board and CEO leadership changes, we are working to continue to bring in key replace- ments that will position the Society for continued future success. Our partnerships are solid as ever, and we thank the U.S. Air Force, our Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) staff, along with our Military Relief Society part- ners, the American Red Cross, our Air Force charities, Army and Air Force Exchange Service to name a few. Our donors and supporters, we thank you for your continued investment in us. Lastly, to our Airmen and your fam- ilies who sacrifice so much in service to our coun- try, you are the cornerstone of everything that we do.

As we reflect on 2019, our thoughts remain with our Airmen, their families, and the communities hardest hit by 2018’s hurricanes. There’s no doubt in my mind that this year has been one marked by recovery. Families are still rebuilding their homes, Tyndall Air Force Base is being restored. While no one can replace what these families and our Air Force community have lost, we learned how resilient we are in times of adversity. When we stand together, we are even stronger. At the AFAS, we learned a great deal from last year’s disaster relief efforts. We listened to our Air National Guard and Reserve Community. As a board, we sat down with AFAS leadership and discussed an opportunity to extend emergency financial assistance eligibility to Air National Guard personnel on Title 32 USC 502(f) Full-Time Active Guard Reserve (AGR) orders beginning in 2020. This year we also discussed how we will render support to the men and women of the newly created U.S. Space Force. Many of the members of this new service branch will be the very same Airmen we have always supported. As 2020 unfolds, we will continue these discussions with Air Force and Space Force leadership. Concurrently, we have been spending a great deal of time discussing the future of AFAS, to ensure that we will contin- ue to be around for another 77 years.

Thank you for your service!

AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report

Lieutenant General John D. Hopper, Jr., USAF (Ret)

A Message From Our CEO


As Judge Moorman, our board president mentioned, 2019 marked a period of recovery for the Society. Despite tough times we faced last year, we stood together, united by our desire to serve Airmen. We have been busy this year looking for new and innovative ways to expand our support to Airmen. We are excited about the plan to offer support to the Air Guard. These 15,000 Airmen are on Title 32 USC 502(f), Full-Time Active Guard Reserve (AGR) orders, and their full-time mission is devoted to Air Force readiness. We are also seeking new opportunities to expand our Spouse Employment Program. In 2019 alone, we had nearly 900 spouses who completed the program, which came within a whisker of last year’s record of 1,000 spouses. The program remains in high demand, and we are looking to devote more time and resources in order to increase this offering to even more spouses. With this year’s Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign, we raised $1.9 million for AFAS. We are pleased to recognize that Royal Air Force Alconbury received the “Top Performer” base recognition again this year followed by Nellis/Creech Air Force Base who came in as the “Most Improved.” Thank you to these bases and all the Installation Project Officers, Unit Project Officers and key workers for all your hard work. We also had another successful year for the Air Force Charity Ball. Our net profit from this year’s gala was $636,000 Thanks to our corporate and organizational sponsors, attendees, Mrs. Goldfein, Mrs. Wilson, Charity Ball Chair Mrs. Chris Mavity, and her dedicated Charity Ball Committee drawn from the Air Force Officers’ Spouses’ Club of DC. I would also like to extend a huge thank you to the Airmen and their famlies who were gracious enough to share their uplifting stories describing their journey from disaster to recovery. We are aggressively looking for new ways to increase donations outside of our traditional fundraisers. Our marketing and fundraising efforts are focused on launch-

ing a planned giving program to appeal to donors interested in es- tablishing legacy gifts with the Society. Along the same lines, we have a major push to establish/re-establish contact with our donors who are able to make major gift contributions. We have also pursued partnerships this year with our local sporting teams. A special thanks to the Washington Nationals for your continued sup- port and the Washington Wizards and Mystics for your efforts to team with us in the upcoming year to raise money for our Airmen and their families. For the fifth consecutive year, I am happy to report that we still maintained our 4-Star Charity Navigator rating! As I look beyond 2019, I must announce that I have been in active discussions with our board in preparation for my retirement in 2020. We are engaged in reviewing our succession plan to find a new CEO. Stepping aside is always a difficult decision, but I have never worked with an organization better prepared to look and lean forward in sup- porting the mission of helping Airmen! To my staff, I want to say thank you for your commitment to the Air Force families we serve. I would like to thank our donors for your continued support. A special thanks to the USAF leadership, our board, our corporate and organizational partners, A&FRC staff, and our Airmen and their families. You all enable AFAS to continue to be an essential resource for our entire Air Force community.



Air Force Aid Society is governed by a distinguished group of volunteer trustees comprised of current Air Force leaders and personnel, former Air Force leaders and members of the civilian community – fulfilling the vision of our founder, General Henry “Hap” Arnold.



Air Force Aid Society Board President The Honorable William A. Moorman, Major General, USAF (Ret)

The Honorable Barbara M. Barrett, Secretary of the Air Force General David L. Goldfein, Air Force Chief of Staff CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Mrs. Lisa Atherton Ms. Kathleen K. Barchick Mr. Eli A. Cohen Chief Master Sergeant Danny R. Doucette, USAF (Ret) Major General Alfred K. Flowers, USAF (Ret) Chief Master Sergeant Dennis L. Fritz, USAF (Ret) Mrs. Dawn Goldfein The Honorable Robert F. Hale Lieutenant General Dorothy A. Hogg Dr. William W. Jennings Lieutenant General Brian T. Kelly Dr. Jerrold I.W. Mitchell Major General John M. Pletcher Lieutenant General Jeffrey A. Rockwell The Honorable Eugene R. Sullivan Mrs. Tonya T. Wright

Air Force Aid Society Board Vice-President Mr. James C. Reagan

Chief Executive Officer Lieutenant General John D. Hopper, Jr., USAF (Ret) Chief Operating Officer Colonel Linda F. Egentowich, USAF (Ret) Chief Financial Officer Colonel Sidney R. Heetland, USAF (Ret)

*This roster reflects our Board of Trustees as of 31 December 2019.

AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report


The Air Force Aid Society is the official charity of the U.S. Air Force and has been meeting the unique needs of Airmen and their families since 1942. Air Force Aid Society works to support and enhance the USAF mission by providing emergency financial assistance, educational support and community programs. In2019, AFASprovidedover $14.4 million in direct support to over 27,000 Airmen and their families . Air Force families received help through emergency finan- cial assistance, education support and AFAS-sponsored community enhancement programs – the Society’s three mission priorities.

Community Programs $1.34M

Education Programs $5.74M

Emergency Assistance $7.32M



When unexpected emergencies arise, AFAS provides no-interest loans and grants to help Air Force families meet immediate needs and make a positive step towards a lasting financial solution.

In 2019, $7.32 million in emergency assistance was provided to Airmen and their families worldwide - $6.1 million in no-interest loans and $1.2 million in grants totaling 8,414 assists.

Emergency Assistance by Purpose

Funeral Expenses $130,000

Other Expenses $570,000

Vehicle Expenses $1.91 M

Emergency Travel Expenses $1.73 M

Basic Living Expenses $2.98 M

Of the $7.32 million given for emergency financial assistance:



More than $80,155 in assistance was provided exclusively to aid 57 Air Force Wounded Warriors . Of that 96% was in the form of grants.



20 30 40

50 60 70




• 93% supported the Total Force (including active duty, eligible Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve) • 7% supported Air Force retired and widowed persons

AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report

READY AND WAITING Quick action from AFAS allowed an Airman to go home.


money toward the funeral’s expense and avoid paying a loan with a high-interest rate. This relieved some of the stress during a difficult time. “Without AFAS, I know there are a lot of us who would be in a very bad financial situation,” said TSgt Oguinn. The Society was ready and waiting for TSgt Oguinn to help her and her kids get home to say their final goodbyes. She is grateful for the generous AFAS donors who made that trip possible. “I really appreciate that they’re there for us,” she said. The assistance from AFAS is another way that the Air Force shows how it supports its own. “It’s a true family,” TSgt Oguinn said. “We love each other. We’re always going to have each other’s back, no matter what, to assist when anything should happen.”

Last August, Technical Sergeant Kimberly Oguinn was taking a class in New Jersey. On the evening before she was to head back to Dover, she received a phone call from a paramedic telling her that her father had passed away unexpectedly. The next morning, TSgt Oguinn headed back to Dover Air Force Base. Because her supervisor, Master Sergeant Walgren, had called the Air Force Aid Society in advance, TSgt Oguinn and her kids were able to fly home the next day. TSgt Oguinn had been away from her hometown of Lacey, Washington for 13 years. In her time of need, AFAS helped her get back within hours. The unwavering kindness from the Society meant that “in any time of need, they’re going to get me home,” TSgt Oguinn said. To her fam- ily, “it showed them that the military cares about them as well.” The assistance that TSgt Oguinn received meant more than plane tickets to attend her father’s funeral. It also meant that she could put more


FOCUS ON RECOVERY Assistance from AFAS helps ease the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis.


falling behind on the bills. It also allowed this Airman to focus on his job, and “helped me to keep my head in the game,” he said. Now, with his humanitarian reassignment, the TSgt is reunited with his wife. Instead of worrying about their finances, they can focus on recovery, thanks to AFAS. Encouraging anyone who is experiencing undue hardship, the Airman urges others to reach out to the Society for assistance. “There are wonderful people standing by to help you through your times of need,” he said. From the bottom of his heart, this Airman thanks all of the donors who helped ease the burden during his difficult time. “My family and I are incredibly grateful.”

When a Technical Sergeant’s wife received her cancer diagnosis, their world immediately changed. If a major health condition was not enough to deal with, the Airman was assigned to a new base during his wife’s treatment. While his wife stayed behind to finish treatment, the TSgt moved and waited for a humanitarian reassignment back to his previous base. In the meantime, this family now had to pay two sepa- rate rents. Having been an Airman for 13 years, the TSgt heard about the Air Force Aid Society through the Airman and Family Readiness Center. Knowing his Air Force family had his back, he turned to AFAS for assistance to help with the unexpected bills.

“This support was a tremendous relief for my family and me,” he stated, which kept him from

AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report


Total Education Support $5.74M

Higher Education is a key to advancement and future success. Dependent children and spouses of active duty and retired Airmen can work toward their dreams of a college degree with AFAS education grants, scholarships and loans.

In 2019, $5.74 million in total Education Support was provided to dependent children and spouses and disbursed as follows:

Surviving Spouse / Children of deceased Airmen 2%

Retired Airmen 60%

Total Force 38%

of scholastic achievement will be invited to apply for an AFAS Merit Scholarship. Applicants will be selected based on cumulative GPA, high school transcripts, and an essay written on a specified topic. For the academic year 2019-2020, AFAS awarded $187,500 in Merit Scholarships to 46 Air Force dependent scholars. AFAS SUPPLEMENTAL LOAN PROGRAM Scholarships and grants don’t pay for everything. Air Force Aid Society offers the no-interest Supplemental Education Loan to help. Active Duty, Active Guard/Reserve, Retired and Retired Reserve Air Force families whose financial need has been established through the Arnold Education Grant application process are eligible. For academic year 2019-2020, AFAS provided 47 families with Supplemental Education Loans totaling $53,000.


Arnold Education Grants are the centerpiece of the Society’s education support initiatives. The grants are awarded to eligible, qualifying Air Force dependents (spouses and children). The selection criteria is uniquely tailored to recognize the proper weighing of family income and education costs. The Arnold Education Grants range from $500 to $4,000, with specific amount awarded based upon a student’s individual level of financial need. For academic year 2019-2020, AFAS awarded $5.5 million in Arnold Education Grants to 2,172 dependent scholars. AFAS MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS Each year AFAS awards a number of merit-based scholarships as a complement to the need- based support allocated through the Arnold Education Grant program. Incoming college freshmen being considered for the Arnold Education Grant who exhibit the highest levels


$5,000 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS A total of 29 outstanding incoming freshmen students were selected to receive $5,000 Merit Scholarships.

Anna-Grace Brammer Oklahoma State University

Julianna Budnick University of Washington

Ivy McDermott Thomas Nelson Community College

Emma Driggers Texas A&M University

Grace Bernhart Colorado State University

Kennedy Davis Northern State University

Willem Growden University of Colorado - Boulder

Kira Ewoldt University of Nevada - Reno

Adelina Geraghty University of Dayton

Amber Ide University of California - Davis

Allison Fick University of Notre Dame

Racquel Hopkins University of Texas at Austin

John-Michael Kadrmas Texas A&M University

Castalia Mayerhofer Brandeis University

Sara McNeal Oklahoma Christian University

Gabrielle Joseph Northern Arizona University

Ryan Kardoes Montana State University

Emily Kelly Montana Tech of the University of Montana

Megan Pfeil University of Washington – Seattle

Julia Phillips University of Florida

Caroline Schumaker University of Missouri- Columbia

Lily Olson Marquette University

Alexa Ortiz University of Hawaii at Manoa

Hannah Nelson Virignia Tech

Abigail Wiser East Carolina University

Faith Verbsky Florida State University

Fangyou Zou California Insitute of Technology

Hannah Vitt Texas A&M University

Allison Young Augustana University

$2,500 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Availability of funding in 2019 allowed AFAS to award additional $2,500 Merit Scholarships to these 17 students to be used for the Spring 2020 semester.

Andrew Connor Auburn University Emily Cournoyer College of the Holy Cross Sarah Gann

Brandon Mammano Miami University Katherine Meves Purdue University Madelynn Palmer Taylor University Brooklyn Purdy Southeastern University Christopher Rill University of Florida

Spencer Sattazahn Lebanon Valley College

Kathryn Thiel Xavier University Tiffany Williams West Virginia University Jordan Vaughn Northwestern University

Meghan Schaffer Baylor University Hannah Steadman University of Nebraska, Lincoln Hannah Suh UCLA Reagan Swindler Birmingham Southern College

Grove City College Michaela Gonnella Clemson University

AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report



A grant from AFAS allows one college student to stay focused.

Brianna knows what it means to be a part of the Air Force family because of her father, Master Sergeant Willard Arthur, who retired in 2004 after 20 years of service. “The Air Force really, really helped our family out, with all the benefits that we can receive from them,” she said, including the education grant from AFAS. For those who contribute to AFAS, Brianna is grateful for their generosity. “They are affecting us a ton. Our families are not stressed anymore. We’re not going to be in debt because of you guys, so we appreciate that. I appreciate that especially,” she said. Hoping that every student knows about the Hap Arnold Education Grant, Brianna said it can “change their lives and help them get through school.” And as she continues her studies at Delaware State University as a mass communications major, Brianna knows exactly how this opportunity has created lasting change in her life.

Freshman Brian- na Arthur wanted to receive a good college education while not accu- mulating debt that could hinder her after graduation. Fortunately, she

received numerous scholarships to help her achieve this goal, including a grant from AFAS. The General Henry “Hap” Arnold Education Grant, also known as the centerpiece of educational support offered by AFAS, is a need-based grant offered to the dependents and spouses of Airmen. “The money that I received from this amazing grant has allowed me not to stress over funds,” Brianna said. The Hap Arnold Education Grant allows her to avoid having to find additional part-time jobs to pay for school and instead dedicate more time to her studies and obtaining a degree.


BUILDING HIS FUTURE An Airman’s son works toward a career in communications.

Because of his dad’s many years of service in the Air Force, CJ’s experience within the Air Force community has always been one of support and giving back to others. “Ecstatic” upon learning that he was a recipient of the education grant, CJ sees it as another way the Air Force supports its own. The Hap Arnold Education Grant has helped to make CJ’s future one without student loan debt. For that, he thanks those who have donated to AFAS. “The support means a lot to me and my family. We consider it a very gracious gift,” he said. He now has more leeway in the future, not having to worry about money after graduation. “THE SUPPORT MEANS A LOT TO ME AND MY FAMILY. WE CONSIDER IT A VERY GRACIOUS GIFT.”

CJ May is a fresh- man at Delaware State University, graduating in 2023 with a degree in mass communica- tions. When he was planning to apply for college, CJ was

concerned with how expensive pursuing his higher educational goals would be. Wanting a good education, and having limited financial resources, CJ’s mom told him to apply for the General Henry “Hap” Arnold Education Grant. The Hap Arnold Education Grant is a centerpiece of AFAS education programs. A competitive grant with need-based criteria, the grant weighs family income and education costs. CJ’s dad, Colonel Christopher May, has been an Airman since before CJ was born. “That’s just how I grew up. I’m really proud of it,” he said of his dad’s service. “I cherish the fact that he’s doing something for us and our country.”

While still early in his education, CJ plans to work in public relations or marketing after graduation.

AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report


AFAS understands the challenges that come with active duty Air Force life, from deployments to PCS orders, and offers targeted community enhancement programs to help make everyday life on base a little easier.

In 2019, AFAS provided nearly $1.34 million in community enhancement programs at Air Force bases around the world.



BUNDLES FOR BABIES $184,000 worth of gifts were provided to expectant Air Force families completing parenting and budgeting classes. SPOUSE ORIENTATION $54,000 was distributed to Air Force bases in support of the USAF Heart Link spouse orientation program. SPOUSE & PARENTING PROGRAMS

GIVE PARENTS A BREAK Air Force bases offered a collective $279,000 for stress relieving child care. CHILD CARE FOR PCS $348,000 of care was provided for families relocating on Permanent Change of Station or Retirement orders. CHILD CARE FOR VOLUNTEERS $29,000 was provided to Air Force base community volunteers, including key Air Force spouse training participants.

CAR CARE BECAUSE WE CARE $102,000 provided 2,458 preventive vehicle maintenance check-ups for spouses of deployed members, as well as first-term Airmen (E4 and below) who attended a financial counseling session.


Air Force bases took advantage of a collective $342,000 to fund entry-level job training for Air Force spouses that can lead to immediate and viable employment opportunities.

Readiness Programs $102,000

Community Programs =

Spouse & Parenting Programs $580,000

Child Care Programs $656,000




An Air Force spouse gains a new career that can move with her.

“There are so many families that wouldn’t be able to attain this, or even think of going for this course because of the financial strain that it would incur on their family,” she said. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to have that financial burden lifted.”

As a military spouse, Heather Cameron wanted a career that would be easily transferable when her family inevita- bly is relocated. Or, in Heather’s words one that she can put “in go-mode.”

Through the AFAS Spouse Employment Program (SEP), Heather enrolled in the certification course as a pharmacy technician at Delaware Technical Community College. The program provides free, no-cost entry-level job training to active duty military spouses with a goal to help them secure immediate, viable employment and possibly long-term careers. Upon completing the SEP course and passing thenational certification,Heatherwill bea certified pharmacy technician. It will open new opportunities in a field of interest to her, and she won’t have to start over again with each PCS move. Heather and her spouse, Master Sergeant Theodore Cameron, are grateful for the support from AFAS and the opportunity their family has received. She also recognizes the opportunities that the program provides to many families who cannot otherwise afford additional schooling.

Having received aid from AFAS after Hurricane Michael in 2018, Heather sees her participation in the SEP as a second blessing from AFAS. To Heather, admittance to the program says, “We believe in you, and here’s another gift that we can give.” And for this second gift, Heather is extremely grateful to AFAS and its generous donors.


AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report


Madeline Jensen can start a new

career because of a program from AFAS.

Madeline is now attending Delaware Technical Community College, and unlike her lost college credits, the certificate she receives in Delaware will transfer to other states. “This is something I can take with me, no matter where we move,” Madeline stated happily. And, as a pharmacy technician, Madeline will have flexibility in her employment, working either part-time or full, as well as on-base or off. “It’s hard to have to start over everywhere you go,” Madeline explained. And with this certificate, she knows that she won’t have to start a new career with each move, and that provides Madeline great comfort. “I am excited and I look forward to my future,” she said. Madeline sees the SEP and the generous donors to AFAS as “a huge blessing for myself and my family.” She said it’s another way that AFAS shows that they really care and support the families of Airmen.

When Madeline Jensen married her husband, Captain Kyle Jensen, she was in the middle of studying for an undergraduate degree. When they moved soon after, she learned that many of her college credits wouldn’t transfer to another school. After learning about the AFAS Spouse Employment Program (SEP), Madeline decided it sounded interesting, so “why not give it a shot?” she recalled. The AFAS SEP provides free, no-cost entry-level job training to active duty military spouses with a goal to help them secure immediate, viable employment and possibly long-term careers. Upon learning that she qualified for the program, Madeline was very excited to pursue a certificate to be a pharmacy technician, which was something of interest to her already. “I don’t usually count myself as a lucky person, so I was pretty excited…and I am looking forward to the opportunity to further my education and get in the workforce,” she said.



Condensed Financials

Statements of Financial Position as of December 31, 2019 and 2018




Cash & equivalents








Emergency assistance and education Loans receivable, net



Donations receivable



Property & equipment



Other assets



Total assets

$ 211,701,097

$ 189,049,978

Liabilities and net assets

Accounts payable and accrued expenses





Net Assets: Net Assets without Donor restrictions



Net Assets with Donor Restrictions



Total Net assets



Total liabilities and net assets $ 211,701,097

$ 189,049,978

The information above is extracted from our audited financial statements, which are audited by an independent audit firm. The final audit report will be made available on our web site at .

AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report

Condensed Financials

Statements of Activities as of December 31, 2019 and 2018



Operating revenues

Air Force Assistance Fund Contributions

$ 1,937,579

$ 2,310,671

Other Contributions



Investment return designated for operations 1



Other revenue



Total operating revenues




Program services: 2

Emergency assistance 3



Educational assistance



Community enhancement



Total program services expenses



Supporting services 4



Total operating expenses



Change in net assets from operations



Non-operating activities: Investment return in excess (deficit) of amount designated for current operations



Change in total net assets



Beginning net assets



Ending net assets

$ 210,490,016

$ 186,889,247

Notes: 1. The Society follows a spending guideline based on a 36-month moving average of the investment portfolio’s market value. The spending guideline, which was set by the AFAS Finance Committee at 4.53% in 2019 and 5.18% in 2018, provides the basis for yearly investment returns designated for operations. 2. Program services expenses are reported on a functional basis. Certain costs have been allocated between programs and supporting services based on the percent of time an employee works on specific programs. 3. Emergency assistance expenses exclude loans receivable, which flow through the Statements of Financial Position. The 2018 results include $6.5M spent on grants to Airmen affected by Hurricane Michael – the most expensive disaster payout in AFAS history. 4. Supporting service expenses consist of management, general operating costs, and fundraising expenses.

The information above is extracted from our audited financial statements, which are audited by an independent audit firm. The final audit report will be made available on our web site at .


2019 FUNDING SOURCES The Air Force Aid Society relies on two main sources of revenue to fund our programs and operating expenses – market-driven returns on our investments and donations.

INVESTMENTS As the chart below reflects, AFAS utilizes returns from its investment portfolio to bridge the gap between donations raised and program support funded. As a result, 100 percent of individual charitable donations can be used directly on mission-focused programs to help Airmen and their families. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the investment portfolio. This is managed by the Board’s Finance Committee with advice provided by outside investment professionals and administrative support from the headquarters staff. These funds ensure the Society will be able to assist Airmen and their families far into the future while maintaining the ability to surge in the event of a natural disaster. For example, during 2018, the Society was able to provide $6.5 million in unbudgeted emergency support to Airmen affected by Hurricane Michael, by pulling additional funds from the investment portfolio. Following a strong year economically in 2019, the portfolio’s value climbed to $206 million as of 12/31/2019. Every $1 million of program funding requires $17 million in investments, earning 6% annually.

AIR FORCE ASSISTANCE FUND The U.S. Air Force administers an annual Air Force-wide fund drive to benefit four important Air Force-affiliated charities, AFAS being key among them. In 2019, the AFAF campaign raised a total of $1.9 million for AFAS. The AFAF campaign truly demonstrates the Airmen helping Airmen philosophy that the Society was founded on. AIR FORCE CHARITY BALL The Air Force Officers’ Spouses’ Club of DC holds an annual ball benefitting AFAS. The 2019 Charity Ball gave a net gift of $636,000 to AFAS. PRIVATE DONATIONS In addition to our two main fundraising activities – AFAF and the Air Force Charity Ball - AFAS also solicits funds from other sources. In 2019, $1.1 mil- lion in donations were received from other orga- nizations and individuals to include a $119,000 in estate bequests.

USAF Charity Ball $636,000

Private Donations $1.1 M

AFAF Campaign $1.9 M

Planned investment Spending $8.7 M


AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report

THE AFAS NETWORK Ensuring Airmen Worldwide Access to Society Programs

Airman and Family Readiness Centers around the world are home to base level AFAS sections. Community Readiness Consultants and Technicians in those A&FRCs oversee AFAS programs at the base level, disbursing emergency assistance loans and grants, as well as facilitating AFAS on-base community programs. These base level AFAS representatives are invaluable to our mission-driven focus. In the event there is no Air Force base in your area, AFAS maintains cross-servicing agreements with Army Emergency Relief, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, and the American Red Cross . These partnerships make it possible for military members of all services to receive emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because of these partnerships, we are – quite literally – always there for our Airmen. Other important partners helping us help Airmen include: Air Force Wounded Warrior Program and the Air Force Association , which collaborate with the Society to support wounded Airmen; Carlson Wagonlit Travel , which provides Airmen and their families with low-cost electronic ticketing for emergency travel; and the Fisher House , which provides housing built on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers.


Nellis/Creech players and volunteers pictured from pre-tournament, kickoff event.


Taking Care of Our Own

This year’s Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign raised $3.1M. Of that, the Society received $1.9M. Thank you to our Airmen – Active Duty, Retired, Guard and Reserve personnel – for your support. A special thanks to the Air Force Personnel Center staff, William D’Avanzo the Air Force Fundraising Chief, and our Installation Project Officers (IPO), Unit Project Officers (UPO) and Key Workers who help run the campaigns at the base level. Each year we recognize the IPOs and UPOs from the “Top Performing” and “Most Improved” installations. Once this year’s results were tabulated, Royal Air Force Alconbury earned the top-performing base recognition again when they exceeded their performance goal by 48 percent! Nellis/Creech came in as the “Most Improved” after they more than doubled their participation levels from the prior year.

Top Performer ALCONBURY IPO: 2Lt Justin R. Moore (pictured above) Assistant IPO: MSgt Alicia R. Audi


IPO: 1Lt Carolina Arboleda (pictured above) Assistant IPO: SMSgt Adam S. Watson Assistant IPO: MSgt Jackie Zimmerman Assistant IPO: SMSgt Jason Daughhetee

AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report


– Mrs.Christina Mavity

The 2019 Air Force Charity Ball benefitting the Air Force Aid Society raised $636,000 to help Airmen and their families. We are deeply grateful to the Air Force Officers’ Spouses’ Club of DC Charity Ball Committee for their countless volunteer hours and months of planning to make this event such a wonderful success.

Photography by Trish Alegre-Smith


AFCB Advisor – Dawn Goldfein AFCB Advisor – Nancy Wilson AFOSC President – Jenny Minor AFOSC Vice President – Erica Bartley AFCB Chair – Christina Mavity


Diane Rauch Nancy Reed Laurie Siebert Karen Tapper Marilyn VanHerck

Beth Howell Lisa Krumm Heather Moseley Carla Murphy Kim Nahom Jeryn Palenske Olivia Ramsey

Michelle Aikman Deb Arquiette Carey Cothern Christa Dittus Sonya Dunn Pamela Felman Kim Franks


– Mrs.Dawn Goldfein



Every day, Air Force Aid Society is working to improve the lives of Airmen and their families. The AFAS mission depends on support from the Air Force community, individual donors and industry partners. The Society believes it is important to acknowledge and thank those who have demonstrated an expression of support. The following list includes gifts of $250 or greater made between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019. While space does not allow for inclusion of every donor, all gifts are essential and appreciated.

Great care has been taken in preparing these lists. If a name has been misspelled or omitted, please bring it to our attention.

Mr. Matthew Carrick Ms. Trisha L. Caupert MSgt Samuel Cirelli, USAF (Ret) Capt Charles Clinton Mr. Eli Cohen CMSgt and Mrs. Peter L. Donahoe, Jr., USAF (Ret) Col William A. Douglas, USA (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eitel Col Vincent Farhood, USAF (Ret) Dr. Lee S. Fruman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gass, III Mr. William L. Gould and Mrs. Kipsy C. Gould

Butler Parachute Systems, Inc. Comcast Corporation Holy Cross Catholic Church Keesler Spouses’ Club JBAB CREW JP Morgan Chase & Co.


$50,000 - $99,999 The Greenbrier Classic

Knights of Columbus Council 7588 L3 Technologies PAC Charitable Match Program Marquardt Family Fund Military Officers’ Wives Club Naval Officers’ Spouses Association Palmyra High School United Way of Central New Mexico United Way of Greater PA & Southern NJ United Way of Larimer County, Inc. VFW Post 9272 Washington Nationals Baseball Club Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTERS $20,000+ Gen and Mrs. Lester L. Lyles, USAF (Ret)

$10,000 - $49,999 Air Force Chaplain Corps The Awalt Family Charitable Fund BAM Technologies LLC California Community Foundation DynCorp International Leidos Raymond James and Associates, Inc. SpaceX $5,000 - $9,999 The Eugene Curtis & Florence Armstrong Family Foundation Janning Family Foundation Musk Foundation Charitable Fund NFL Ventures LP North Texas Military Foundation Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc South Point Hotel and Casino Zion Lutheran Church $1,000 - $4,999 37th Training Wing 1st Sgt Council Amazon Smile America’s Charities American Legion Post 176 Association of Military Banks of America Caring for Colorado Foundation Chardonnay Group Decunzo Family Charitable Trust Fruman Foundation Harold Rubenstein Family Charitable Foundation The Herndon Family Foundation Hurlburt Spouses’ Club Impact Assets Morgan Family Foundation NSA Consolidated Religious Offering Fund

Mr. Richard L. Gray Mr. Mark Greenly

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Hahn Maj and Mrs. Homer E. Hall Mrs. Tara Healey Lt Gen Charles R. Heflebower, USAF (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald Hentz Maj Gen and Mrs. Kenneth W. Hess, USAF (Ret) Lt Col Edward Heyse Mr. Thomas Hintz Lt Gen and Mrs. Walter S. Hogle, Jr., USAF (Ret) Lt Gen and Mrs. John D. Hopper, Jr., USAF (Ret) Lt Col William Hutchinson, USAF (Ret) Ms. Jennifer Idell Dr. William W. Jennings Mr. Martin Johnston SHCS Cornelius J. Joseph, USN, (Ret) Mr. David Keller Y. M. Kim

$10,000+ Mr. and Mrs. R. Donald Awalt Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Jeffery, III Mr. and Mrs. F. John Marshall

$5,000 - $9,999 Ms. Kathleen Barchick Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ehrle Mr. Robert Finlayson, III Mr. Dennis J. Gaugel

Maj and Mrs. Samuel D. Guy Lt Col Nicholas Jameson and Mrs. Darby Jameson Mr. James Janning and Mrs. Donna Janning Mr. Jason Janning and Mrs. Elizabeth Janning Maj and Mrs. James M. Kiser, USAF (Ret) Col Bobby Moorhatch, USAF (Ret)

Maj Charles Laubach Mr. Charles Ledford

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Leuthauser Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Love Col Robert H. Maginel, USAF (Ret) Mr. Kristopher Mailen Mr. and Mrs. Ken Mailender Lt Col and Mrs. Craig S. Matsuda, USAF (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. Skylar W. McCormick Col and Mrs. Shaun McGrath, USAF (Ret) Mr. John Medeiros Mr. Edward Merz MSgt and Mrs. James S. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Mintz The Honorable and Mrs. Michael Montelongo Mr. and Mrs. David C. Mount

$1,000 - $4,999 Mr. Edward Alameida Ms. Joanne Aldridge Lt Col Gerald Alonge Mrs. Virginia H. Armstrong Dr. Dennis P. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Beck Mr. Carl Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Cole Brodman Col and Mrs. Gary Cable

Raiders Foundation Rusty Lion Academy VFW Post 5633 Wells Fargo Advisors

$250 - $999 American Legion Post 106 BMLC, Inc.

AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report

Ms. Margaret McCord Mr. Scott Mcdonell Mrs. Louise McGhie Mr. and Mrs. Stewart R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Steve Miller Ms. Michael Mills Lt Gen and Mrs. Stephen P. Mueller, USAF (Ret) Maj Gen and Mrs. Brian G. Neal Mr. Michael Neary CMSgt and Mrs. Eddie Noce Ms. Phia Paterno Col Christopher Patrick Mr. Michael Peake Mr. Val R. Pemberton Gregory Petrick

Col and Mrs. Gerald Cox Mr. and Dr. Gregory E. Dale CMSgt Suanne R. Davendonis Mr. Van Denham Mr. Jeffrey Diesing Mr. Gregory S. Diggs Ms. Samantha Dillenback Mr. Frank R. Doerr Ms. Melanie Dolmans Mr. Martin Doucette Mr. Paul Edwards Brig Gen and Mrs. Troy Endicott

Mr. H S. Murphy, Jr Mr. Andy Mutter Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Parker

Maj Gen Timothy Peppe and Col RJ Peppe The Honorable and Mrs. F. Whitten Peters Mr. Ronald R. Peters Ms. June Pierce-Shuler Mrs. Louise Poo Lt Col and Mrs. Robert G. Robuck Mr. and Mrs. Dan W. Ryser Ms. Daniella Schwartz Col and Mrs. Douglas W. Slothower, USAF (Ret) Col and Mrs. David Snell Mrs. Jennifer Thomas Mr. Andrew Tiedge Ms. Julie Tolan

Ms. Kim Fandetti Mrs. Tiffany Feet

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Ferrara Col Theodore J. Fink, USAF (Ret) Lt Col Elroy Flom Ms. Dee Floyd Mr. and Mrs. David Foley Mr. Robert Frank Dr. Melvin Frankel Mr. Bert Fujishige Col and Mrs. James L. Gates MSgt James J. Gaughan, USAF, (Ret) Mr. Kenneth J. Goodwin Lt Col and Mrs. Thomas Gorham Mr. Andrew Gray Lt Col Gary Greene Maj Eric Gumbs Col Kristine Hackett The Honorable Robert F. Hale Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hall Lt Gen and Mrs. Michael A. Hamel, USAF (Ret) Mrs. Patricia L. Hoecker Lt Gen and Mrs. John D. Hopper Jr. USAF (Ret) 1Lt Kasey House Brig Gen and Mrs. Dave C. Howe, USAF (Ret)

Mrs. Marilyn Phelps Mr. Stanton D. Phelps Mr. and Mrs. David T. Poiesz Mr. Robert A. Powell Ms. Jamie Priest Ms. Jane M. Pritchard Mr. Robert Provost

Col and Mrs. Eric Vitosh Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Wall

Ms. Alysha Wiegand Mr. Stephen R. Wright Lt Gen and Mrs. Michael E. Zettler, USAF (Ret) $250 - $999 Ms. Sara E. Abels Francis Afinidad Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Arce Mr. Michael Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. John Atkins Mr. Chester Bankowski Mr. and Mrs. George Barborak

Mr. James Pryor Col Riley Pyles SMSgt Ronald Quick Ms. Brianne Rahn Brig Gen Antonio J. Ramos, USAF (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Rappold

Dr. Megan Remmel Mr. Thomas Revay Mr. Henry Reyes Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Rhoads Mr. Norman L. Riley Lt Col John W. Roberts Mr. David Robinson Col Richard Rock Lt Col and Mrs. Harry Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Rubin Mr. Rory Rudd

Mr. and Mrs. David Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Archie Barrett Mr. Douglas A. Barry Mr. Frederic G. T. Bass Mr. Charles D. Bathman

Mr. Robert Bennett Mr. Irvin Blanchard Mr. Galen Bodenhausen Mr. William Brackens Col and Mrs. Edward W. Brass, USAF (Ret)

Mr. James Ruffing Ms. Nichole Rush Mr. Robert Saffle Maj Thomas Samuel MSgt Hector Santaella Mr. Alan Schmidt Mr. Mark Schneckloth Ms. Lisa Scott Maj Jacob R. Shafer, USAF (Ret) Lt Col Steven Skipper Mr. Alex E. Smith Ms. Brenda Soya Maj Gen John M. Speigel, USAF (Ret) Ms. Hollie St. Arnauld Mr. Rick Steinau Mr. Mark Strehlke Col and Mrs. Allen W. Summers Mr. Benjamin Susek 1Lt Todd C. Swathwood, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Swearingen Col and Lt Col Terence Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tew

Mr. Bernard Hund Mr. Brendan Hurst

Mr. Conor Brew Mr. Austin Britt TSgt Welborn D. Broadnax, Jr.

Ms. Faye A. Hutchins Col Michael Jackson Mr. John Jacobs Mr. John Jansheski Mr. and Mrs. Rick A. Johnson

Ms. Kathleen Brooks Mrs. Mary D. Brown Col and Mrs. Alan Burke, USAF (Ret) Lt Col Nannette Cain Dr. Phuong Le Callaway and Mr. Bach Callaway Mr. Dennis Cameron Mr. James Cannaday Mr. Jim Cartmill Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Chappelle

Mr. Randy L. Johnson Mr. Stephen M. Jones

Ms. Janet Jumper SSgt William Kafer Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ketterl R. C. Kitchen Col Michael Klapmeyer Mr. John Klausner Mr. Stanley J. Kozlowski

Lt Col Marc Church Ms. Jennifer Claxton Mr. David Claxton Col Darren L. Cochran Maj Robert L. Colella, Jr. Ms. Catherine Colly

Maj Walter Lassiter Ms. Holam Holly Lau

Col Eric G. Lund Mr. Michael Lynn Ms. Alexis Macivor Brig Gen and Col Patrick Malackowski, USAF (Ret) Mr. Ivan Marcotte Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Mazzanti

Mr. Joseph A. Colquitt Mr. Vincent Condello Dr. and Ms. Mark B. Constantian Christina Corbett Col John S. Costello

Mr. Mangin Thomas Mr. Brian Thomasson Lt Col Andrew Thornley


Mr. Milam Gray Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Harris

Lt Col Christopher Smith Mr. Richard Troop Mr. Richard White

Mrs. Anne C. Tomaski Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Joe Turner Lt Col Felix Uhlik Mrs. Meliza Vargas Ms. Jean Wadsworth Ms. Jill Wadsworth Maj Charles Waszczak, USAF (Ret)

Lt Col George Hart, Jr. Mr. David M. Hayner Mr. Gary Hayward Mr. Ernest Heinrich Ms. Shelby Henry Mr. Joseph Hernandez Mr. Aaron Higgins Mr. and Mrs. David Holt Ms. Cathy Howard Mr. Frank Huddleston


Mr. Eric Anderson Mr. John Anderson Mr. Garrett Andrews Ms. Candice Arcuri TSgt James Avard, USAF (Ret) Mr. Shaun Barnette Mr. Charles D. Bathman Col and Mrs. Eugene Becker Ms. Nikita Belikov Mr. Dylan Bell Ms. Debora Berg

Mr. Bradley Watson Capt Susan Weeks Mr. Shawn West Mrs. Myra J. White Mr. Jim Wilson Capt James Winkler Col Kenton Ziegler

Ms. Kimberly Huff Mr. Robert Hughes Mr. Aaron Jackson Mr. Jeffrey Jarry Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Jones Lt Col Paul & Mrs. Ju Chiung Jones, USAF (Ret) SHCS Cornelius J. Joseph, USN, (Ret) Mr. Pierre Julien Mr. Yunji Jung Ms. Shannon Katris Mr. Ryan Kay Lt Col Leonard Kearl Mr. Michael Kenny Ms. Stacy Kihara Mr. Wesley Kirk Mr. Paul Kitko SMSgt and Mrs. Roger G. Klink, USAF (Ret) Mr. John Klohr Mr. Jason Knight

HAP AND BEE ARNOLD LEGACY SOCIETY Sgt James L. Boyer, USAF (Ret) Mrs. Terry Connor Mrs. Edith Cossaboom Mr. Douglas Jackson Capt and Mrs. Paul Litteau

Mr. Javier Bermudez TSgt Gordon Blancett

Ms. Danitra Booth TSgt Bill Brannon Ms. LeAnn Brecke Ms. Maria Brune Col and Mrs. Brad Bucholz Mr. David Cambridge Mr. Dominic Caputo Mr. Henry Carlson Mr. Eric Champagne Col Claude Chan Ms. Eleanor Chapman Mr. Billy Christian Ms. Anne Clark Mr. Dominic Clementz Mr. Joshua Clifford Mr. Thomas J. Comer SSgt William Concepcion, III Mr. Gary Connor Mr. Arthur Cooper AIC Kejuan Crump Ms. Sheena Currence Ms. Marissa Danta Maj Gen John Davey, USAF (Ret)

Col and Mrs. James C. Miller, USAF (Ret) TSgt and Mrs. James Charles Peyton Dr. and Mrs. David A. Tansik

BEQUEST GIFTS Estate of Donald C. Rich Estate of Carol J. Sears Estate of Rudolph Gartzke

If you have named the Air Force Aid Society in your will or estate planning, please contact us to be listed in the Hap and Bee Arnold Legacy Society. TRIBUTE GIFTS OF $250 OR MORE In Honor of: Maj Lee Carrick

Mr. Donovan Kroeplin Mr. Stephen J. Kubinec Mr. Robert Kuhn Mr. Charles Kunz Mr. Tor Langehaug Mr. Andrew Langness

Mr. James Larson Mr. Joshua Lawson Ms. Sandra Leiker Major David Lewis Mr. Elgin Lewis

Mrs. Caroline Creech Gen James Holmes Lt Gen Steven Kwast Mr. John Lamontagne Maj Patrck Mount

Mr. Russell De Ritis Mr. Russell DeMoss Mr. Eric Dewell Mr. Patrick DeWitt Mr. Kirk Douglas Ms. Veronica Drehobl Ms. Suzanne Dubois Mr. William Dyer

Ms. Sharmaine Lomax Ms. Ariana MacLaird TSgt Willard H. Mahle Mr. Saul Marquez Mr. John Martin Lt Col Martin Martinez, III

In Memory of: Mr. James Albee Mr. Alvin Ashley

Col Robert F. Brodman & Col Gregory N. Brodman Capt James Brooks Col Billy Cooper

Ms. Barbara Marting Ms. Cynthia Mateu Col Walter McCants

Ms. Eileen Ebenger Ms. Jamie Erickson Mr. Michael Farrar Mr. Jay Field Mr. George Flaig Capt Robert R. Fonnesbeck Mr. Jason Foster Ms. Victoria Franco Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Frericks Mr. and Mrs. Tom Garrity Ms. Sheron Gause Mr. Bernard Gerlach Mr. and Mrs. William E. Goldy Mr. Anthony Gonzalez 2Lt Nathan Grafton Mr. Joe Grasso

Mr. James Dawkins Mr. Louis DeCunzo Mr. Bobby Dunagan Mr. Robert Finlayson Mr. Austin Gleich Maj Walter Gutman Dr. Norwood Hoecker Mr. Clayton Johnson Col Roy Johnston SSgt Shane Kimmett Mr. Thomas Penn, Sr. Mr. Stanton Phelps Amn William Pierce

Mr. and Mrs. Terry McCarty MSgt Robert McFetridge Mr. James McMaster Lt Col and Mrs. Stephen Meister SSgt Wayne B. Miller Mr. Romel Miller Mr. Ivan Mitzel SMSgt Christopher Mouton

Ms. Korey Mundell Capt Timothy Naill Mr. William Neece Mr. James M. Neely Mr. Kenneth Negron Ms. Dawn Nettles Mr. Jonathan Northington

Dr. Harvey Rubin MSgt John Seifert

AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report

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