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Solutions for the School Transportation Industry Air Purification n Engine Pre-heating n Interior Heating n Idle-Reduction

Effective Driver and Passenger Protection

Improving Air Quality & Transportation Safety Cleanliness and sanitation has increasingly become a focal point within school bus transportation today. And with this being the only transportation option for some students, it is even more important to find the most effective ways to disinfect bus interiors - one being that of airborne viruses and other contaminants.

standard surface cleaning. With the use of medical-grade H14 filters, this filtration process helps prevent the spread of airborne bacteria, viral organisms, and even air pollutants such as vehicle emissions. The filtration process is capable of removing 99.995% of airborne particulates, offering peace of mind and safer routes for both driver and passengers alike.

Webasto’s HEPA Filtration System is specifically designed for thorough decontamination, when used in combination with


HEPA H14 Filtration System The Webasto HEPA Air Filtration System offers the highest level of interior air purification and cleanliness using medical-grade H14 filters, while greatly reducing the risk of infection. NEW

HEPA H14 Features: n Removes 99.995% of airborne infections and contaminants

HEPA Air Filtratrion System

n HEPA H14 classified filter n High air exchange rate n Up to 350 ft 3 (10 m 3 ) fresh air every minute n Ultra compact and lightweight n Hasslefree installation n Contamination free exchange of H14 filters

n Available version: 175 cfm (300 m 3 /h) n Automatic filter monitoring feature n Compliant with European Medical Device Directive CE 47/2007 n Meets WHO / CDC / ECDC / IATA air filtration guidelines

175 cfm (300 m 3 /h)

Retrofit any school bus with a medical grade air filtration system

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Fuel Efficient Solutions for Heating and Idle-Reduction

North American School Bus Industry and Webasto Manufacturing and distributing heating systems throughout North America has been expanded at our plant in Fenton, Michigan. Research and development, testing, and assembly are performed by highly trained engineers and production-line personnel. How It Works The concept of Webasto in school bus engines is simple. Heat the cold coolant from the engine’s block, then pump it back to the vehicle’s engine and heat exchangers. The result: Your engine is preheated and the vehicle’s heat exchangers distribute an abundance of heat to the vehicle’s interior. Idle time is eliminated and emissions at start up are reduced.

How It Works for You Webasto coolant heaters go to work before drivers arrive, preheating the coolant in the engine and eliminating cold start concerns. Webasto heaters defrost and defog windshields quickly, and provide excellent supplemental interior heat.

The Alternative to Idling n Buses are meant to be driven, not idled. n Idling a bus for warmth: – Wastes fuel – Wears out the engine – Produces harmful emissions n Webasto heating systems offer an incredible return on investment compared to idling.


Webasto‘s Scholastic Pro 90 provides engine-off pre-conditioning and supplemental interior heat while eliminating cold starts. Scholastic Pro 90

Coolant Heater Features: n Auxilliary heating for school and shuttle buses of all sizes, offering up to 31,000 BTU/h (9.1 kW) of heating power n Arctic Start function provides quick pre-heat even in extremely cold temperatures n Low heater power consumption due to highly efficient design n Highest product quality with long service life n Automatic altitude adjustment up to 11,000 feet (3,350 m) n Several mounting options available n Quiet operation

Scholastic Pro 90

31,000 BTU/h

Webasto‘s Scholastic coolant heater gets to work before you do, pre-heating the engine, eliminating cold starts, and warming the bus’s interior. Scholastic Series Heaters

Scholastic Heater Features: n Preheats the engine to eliminate cold starts and extends engine life n Accelerates and maintains window defrosting and defogging n Provides in-duty supplemental heat for increased driver and passenger comfort n Reduces vehicle emissions eliminating unnecessary idling n Stops white smoke at engine start-up and eliminates diesel knock n 1” water connections n High-capacity water pump for increased heat distribution n Built-in bleed valve to purge air from system

Scholastic Coolant Heater

45,000 BTU/h

Manufactured at our North American assembly facility in Fenton, Michigan


Thermo Top Evo Coolant Heater The Thermo Top Evo coolant heater preheats bus engines, eliminating cold starts and the need to idle before and during normal bus routes. Webasto offers the most economical idle-reduction solutions.

Thermo Top Evo Heater Features: n Eliminates the need for an electrical block heater n Stops white smoke and reduces emissions on start up n Supplemental interior heating n Strong heat output of 17,200 BTU/h n Proven Thermo Top technology n Compact design n Ceramic ignition system n Frame rail or engine compartment mounted n PC diagnostics

Thermo Top Evo Heater

17,200 BTU/h

Over one million in use worldwide

Webasto Helps You Make the Right Choice n Diesel fuel prices are on the rise; therefore the need to reduce idling is more important than ever n State, federal, and provincial regulations are sweeping the land n Maintenance costs keep increasing


Timers for programmable start settings and diagnostic kits for manual control and monitoring. Accessories

SmarTemp Control fx 2.0 for coolant heaters Webasto’s SmarTemp Control fx 2.0 is easy to program for repeat heating duration times and allows up to four different timer settings per day. The LCD screen displays mode and duration remaining for set time when in auto mode. It also features a “Week at a glance” screen view for 7 days of timer settings and, timer settings are saved indefinitely until changed.

Scholastic Diagnostics Test Box Webasto’s diagnostic capabilities let you manually control the heater to test components while actually operating the system.

Diagnostic Kit This kit allows you to connect a PC to the heater and perform diagnostics.


 Webasto representations worldwide

For over a century, Webasto has continued to set new technological standards – in both the original equipment sector and the aftermarket. As one of the 100 biggest suppliers in the automotive industry worldwide, Webasto develops and produces roof systems as well as heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Webasto products help provide a better driving experience on the road, more comfort and security, as well as increased efficiency for cars, buses, commercial and special vehicles, motor homes and boats. An outstanding network of production facilities and dealers guarantees high quality products, installation standards and services worldwide.

Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc. 15083 North Road Fenton, Michigan 48430 USA Toll Free: 800-860-7866 Phone: 810-593-6000


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