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Start with Rotary Good things Happen and

“Rotary Serving Humanity” RI theme 2016‐2017 I believe everyone recognizes the opportunity to  serve Rotary for what it truly is; not a small  opportunity, but a great one; an opportunity of a  lifetime to change the world for the better, forever  through Rotary’s service to humanity.”   ‐‐RI President John Germ

Rotary was Founded on February 23, 1905 in Chicago, Illinois, as  National Association of Rotary Clubs and became incorporated in the  State of Illinois on January 30, 1911.  In 1912 became International  Association of Rotary Clubs . The name Rotary International was  adopted 1922. 

Rotary International is an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide,  to provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and to help  build goodwill and peace in the world. The main objective is service ‐ in the community, in the  workplace and throughout the world.

Governor Bill Dendy District 5810 Serving 65 Rotary Clubs in North Texas 2016‐2017

It has been a fantastic year; so much good has been accomplished.  There is a lot more we can do to  continue on in Rotary. We have had a great Rotary Year, but I believe our best years are still in front of  us. We are looking forward to another impactful year Making a Difference with District Governor Rick  Amsberry 2017‐2018. We have had a number of well attended district events. We have accomplished so much this year. I  encourage you to continue reading this newsletter and click on all the links including our final Rotary  Round Up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NlIjXofjk4 Our biggest event for this Rotary year is yet to come: Our Annual Rotarian Club & Awards Party to be  held Sunday, September 10 th . I would like to thank all our individual Rotarians for their countless volunteer hours, for all the work  that has been done this Rotary year and for all their excellent fellowship.  I would like to thank the  club Presidents who’ve had a wonderful year this year.  I also want to thank our very strong team of  Assistant Governors. And I’d like to recognize our Past District Governors who have committed so  much of their time and resources during their governing years and the years following. This has been a Rotary year to remember where we have done so much nationally, internationally, in  our local communities and for each other. No one could do this job without a lot of support and I am  so grateful for all those that have stepped up.  But I am especially grateful to my family who has  shared the joy of serving our Rotary district with me this year. I’m grateful for Rotary.  I’m particularly grateful for our district here in North Texas. I’m grateful for     ‘all of you good Rotarians’  that I have had the pleasure to work with this year. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.  And God Bless You, Bill 

Lisa Nolley Dendy Supper Supportive Spouse District 5810

Super Supportive Spouse… What a wonderful year I have spent as the Super Supportive Spouse to my  exceptional, energetic, and inspiring husband, DG Bill Dendy.  We have enjoyed  participating in local, zone and international events as stewards of Rotary  International.  I am amazed at all of the “good” our clubs are doing at the local  level and also how those projects are amplified on a national and international  stage as we join Rotarians worldwide to Serve Humanity through our work with  Rotary. District 5810 has a generous tradition of supporting a cause which is special to  the spouse of the DG.   This year, I would like to personally thank the local  District 5810 Rotary Clubs who contributed to Our Friend’s Place which is local  DFW organization that helps young women break generational cycles of abuse,  neglect, poverty and homelessness.  Our Friend’s Place is dedicated to providing a strong foundation for girls and  young women to build from adversity by learning a self‐reliant approach to  their own development. Their Transitional Living Program provides homeless  young women, poverty‐stricken women, girls aging out of foster care, and  young women escaping abuse or neglect with supportive homes where they  can learn the skills they need for self‐sufficiency.   Our Friend’s Place empowers young women to break the generational cycles of  abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness and become strong members of our  society…and maybe even future Rotarians and leaders within our community.

Our Friends Place https://www.ourfriendsplace.org/ Click on the link to vie the video https://youtu.be/lZDK_qjQtIs

Year in Review notes from our District Governor

I am so pleased that so many of our Rotary Clubs, Rotaract Clubs, and Interact Cubs have met the  criteria for the Presidential Citation. Achieving the criteria strengthens Rotary and your club.   Activities include growing your membership, developing sustainable service projects, giving to  The Rotary Foundation, and building awareness of Rotary in your community. I have been so pleased with the number of clubs that have chosen to continue to support  the girls education program in Malawi, Africa.  For more information about supporting this  program and matching grants click on www.rotary5810.org or www.orantcharities.com .  The next trip to Africa is November 24 th to December 5 th , 2017.  . For more information  click www.Rotary5810.org

Nicaragua Heart of Service trip story and pictures can be view by clicking on the link: https://online.flippingbook.com/view/915800/ Join us next spring for a week leaving Saturday, March 10 and returning on Saturday,  March 17.  We are organizing a group to Granada and a group to San Juan Del Sur.   For more information and to register contact Sandra at  thechocolateeo@gmail.com

Cuba Heart of Service trip March 11‐16, 2017 Preview our video link at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10zcTBCNu6M&t=137s Join us for out next trip on our next trip to Cuba, July 15 – 22,  2017 and also on September 27 to October 3 . For more information  check www.Rotary5810.org

Enjoy the a review of this year through the District Newsletter.  Click  line for First Quarter: https://online.flippingbook.com/view/261849/ Half Time Report: https://online.flippingbook.com/view/379985/ Spring: https://online.flippingbook.com/view/27078/

100 th Birthday Party

The Rotary Foundation was first established in 1917, as an endowment fund, by Rotary International.  Formally established 1928.  The Rotary Foundation supports the efforts of Rotary International to  achieve international understanding and peace and further friendly relations through international  humanitarian, educational and cultural exchange programs. Thank you to all individuals and clubs that have contributed to the Rotary Foundation. Those clubs  that have an average of over $120 per person giving will be considered “priority clubs” for receiving  matching grant contributions. Submit your District Grant request by August 15 to  district5810grants@gmail.com Thank you to all individuals and clubs that have contributed to the Rotary Foundation.  On May 13 we celebrated the 100 year Birthday Party of our Rotary Foundation. We had over 450 people  attend the event where we enjoyed fellowship, music, a casino night, a live auction and prizes.  I want to  thank all the donors and volunteers that worked with Melissa Jordan with the Rotary Club of Dallas‐ Uptown  to make this a fabulous event.   At this event we also recognized Darren Collins with the Rotary Club of Desoto who received the Service  Above Self award from the Rotary Foundation. View our video by clicking this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvLxwqB8M1w

Rotary District 5810 Conference Cruise Saturday, April 23‐30, 2017

Our district conference and  service cruise was a tremendous  success, with over 300 people  participating, with great  programs, and service projects.  

Thank you so much, our  cheerleader, Happy Franklin  with the Rotary Club of Park  Cities for chairing the cruise  and for all the pre‐cruise  gatherings and for all the  organizational details. You are  amazing!  

And thank you Regina Edward  with the Rotary Club of  Carrollton‐Farmers Branch for  organizing the work that we did  in Jamaica.  And thank you  Rotarians that donated  thousands of pounds of school  supplies and medical equipment  and dollars for our water  projects and other service work  done in conjunction with our  conference. And thank you David and Annette  Weiland with the Rotary Club of  Greenville for the work that you  organized for Cozumel.

To experience the events, activities, and  pictures, click on the link: https://online.flippingbook.com/view/866227/ Celebration of Life Remembrance Service: https://online.flippingbook.com/view/699169/

The Rotary International Convention was in Atlanta during June at the  Georgia Convention Center across from Centennial Olympic Park. It was a  wonderful experience to realize how truly international Rotary is with the  opening ceremony of flags from 153 nations, and the 40,000 Rotarians  attending cheering! Rotarians from Africa, South and Central America,  Asia, Europe and Texas walk in sporting their native dress and indulge in  many group pictures and exchanges of club flags.  “It’s a people festival  with the openness and friendliness of Rotarians the best part”  stated by  Owen Devlin (Dallas Uptown). There are super general assembly meetings with featured speakers like  Bill Gates and Andrew Young and then in the afternoons there are  “breakout sessions” of specific topics like social media. The fun place to  go is The House of Friendship, a large hall full of exhibit booths of Rotary  projects and “action groups”, food and entertainment and Rotary licensed  clothing and pins.  District 5810 had a Desoto Club booth for the Project  HAND UP for HIV and Aids education.  “The use of puppets to explain HIV  prevention is the best way to reach young children in East Africa”  according to Darren Collins who is currently directing and implementing  HIC and AIDS prevention education puppet shows in Kenya. PDG Ean and  Jan Sullivan were also hosts at the Hand Up booth with PDG Bill Dendy  joining in. There were a number of Rotary action group booths staffed by  District 5810 members such as the blood donation booth with Dan Long  and the water and sanitation booth with PDG Sandy Forster.  There are many ways to enjoy the House of Friendship! You can grab a  hot dog and iced tea and sit with Rotarian farmers from New Zealand  who are having a snack and telling jokes about Texans  (“Is it true bullshit  is an eight syllable word in West Texas?”. ) ~Contributed by Owen Devlin, Rotary Club of Dallas‐Uptown

Rotary International Convention  2018 Toronto, ON, Canada For more information click link:  http://www.riconvention.org/en

Blood Drives for  Rotary World Wide & Rotary District 5810

PDG Mark Healy, PDG Bud McBrayer and his Aide George Elking ‐ were the first three Blood Drive Coordinators. When George  Elking was Blood Drive Coordinator he initiated the Governors’  Challenge with the Ft. Worth Rotary District. Daniel Long has  been our district Blood Drive Coordinator since 2011‐12 Rotary  year.             In Rotary year 2004 ‐ 2005 ‐ the district goal was 4004 units ‐ we did 4,792 (119.68%). From 2004 to 2014 – our District has  donated over 51,000 units of Blood. This Rotary year‐to‐date  we have received approximately 2,000 units with Plano Sunrise  bringing in the highest donations at over 900 units. For Rotary year 2016‐17 Daniel Long with Rotary Club of Plano  West was Vice President of the Rotary RAG group, Global  Network for Blood Donations. Global Network for Blood  Donations has over 3,000 members from all over the world.  While at RI Convention in Atlanta, Daniel was inducted as the  2017‐2019 President of this organization. Congratulation  Daniel, we are very proud of you. In Atlanta, he hosted the

Global Network for Blood booth  located in House of Friendship.  For more information click on ourblooddrive.org Someday all of us will have a loved one that is going to need a unit of blood to live.

Rotarian Action Group focused  on promoting the merits of  voluntary blood donation.

The District Interact Committee led the year with a successful  leadership “Summit” activity that included breakout sessions for  Interactors, Faculty Advisors and Rotary Club Interact Advisors. The  event was sponsored by the DeSoto Rotary Club and held at DeSoto High School in DeSoto, Texas. This activity was unique in that it was led  by one Interact District Governor, RYLArian, RYE , Rotaractor, Facualty Advisor and a District Interact Committee Rotarian. This activity also  included for a second year “The House of InterAction”, which showcases  district service projects in which the youth can participate. This was a  huge success with more than 15 district Rotary Clubs and various Youth  Services.

64 active Interact Clubs Chartered 11 this Rotary Year

Frisco ISD - Frisco Rotary, Reagan MS Grand Prairie Metro, Vandeventer MS - Frisco Rotary, Plano West Senior HS - Plano Metro Rotary, Sherman HS - Grayson County Rotary, Cedar Hill Collegiate HS - Cedar Hill Rotary, Sunnyvale HS - Mesquite Rotary, Lone Oak HS - Greenville Rotary, MacArthur HS - Irving Las Colinas Rotary, Duncanville HS, Duncanville Rotary, Jasper HS - Plano Rotary. The year ended with  Spring Fling. It was  modified this year to include a service project  component. The 2017‐18 District Interact Governors were selected at this activity. We  have seven high school Interactors representing  Rotary District 5810. Students who participated  in this project also received community service  hours. Two District Interact Governors attended the  District Conference Cruise.

DG William “Bill" Dendy allowed me, as District Interact Chair, to  develop new youth programs while thinking “outside the box”. I  believe this freedom inspired our district youth to become more  involved with their local Rotary Clubs. Kristin DeLoach – Midlothian Rotary Club District Interact Chair 2016‐2017 Later in the year, October saw the Salvation Army Angel “Kit  Making” Day have a wonderful turnout. All students who  participated in this activity earned community service hours  towards their high school graduation.

Why am I a Rotarian? Because of the fellowship with service minded friends. I was asked to attend a Rotary  meeting at Preston Trails Rotary Club in Celina in the spring of 2012 as a guest speaker. I did  a short presentation on identity theft and cyber security like many of my public financial  education sessions; however, this place was different. As soon as I walked into the room, I  was greeted with open arms (those Celina fellers should do like to hug). Their meeting  surprised me with the Pledge Allegiance, a fun song, and a Rotary shout. The excitement  was contagious. A few of the members asked if I would like to come back as a prospect  member. I was shocked; I was 31 years old and the average age in the room was  60. Recently becoming a single mom with no family nearby, I was eagerly searching for  something that made me feel welcomed and loved. Becoming a member of Preston Trails  Rotary Club in Celina was the home I was searching for. Members of the Club encouraged to me to get involved. They wanted me to participate in  events and I suddenly felt like the popular kid. I soon got to spend some one on one time  with then President Andy McAnally at a 4 th of July event. We were power sugar partners in  the funnel cake booth raising money for the Club. I thought he was nice by introducing me  to people in the community. Later Mr. McAnally continued to invite me to events, as a  group, not a date. I really enjoyed the service projects we were doing and just being around  fellow Rotarians – we are a fun bunch. Finally, another Rotarian disclosed that Mr. McAnally liked me so I made the first move and invited him to join me and my family visiting from out  of town to a rodeo. Our first date was December 26, 2012. We are planning to get married June 2, 2018. Thank you, Jerrica Anderson Rotary Club of Preston Trails

Why Am  I a Rotarian? I became a Rotarian as a member of the Greenville Rotary Club in the heat of the summer in  2013.  What is the main reason a woman is brought to a Rotary meeting initially you might  ask? Oh, you say, Your Husband is the President of the Club! It’s true, that was when, why and who brought me to Rotary.  But the moment, or moments,  that I became a Rotarian i s at a different place and time.   I had been in the Greenville Rotary Club about a year and had experienced what being in a  vibrant active Club was like. I was tentative about really getting in there and doing much, after  all I was “ just the President’s wife” .  I attended everything he did and enjoyed the people  tremendously.  I just wasn’t feeling any special calling. I began to hear about a relationship between the Rotary Club in Cozumel Mexico and our  Club.  The relationship was because of a CAM School for special needs children with blindness,  deafness, autism and other sensory disorders.  Before I became a Rotarian, the clubs had built  raised gardens and taught the children to grow vegetables to sell, provided tools for a wood‐ working shop to sell what they made, and a commercial kitchen to teach them to bake ‐ all to  help these students become active in the tourist industry and earn a wage.   This was exciting  stuff for me to hear about!  I loved human interaction, this was what I was waiting for!  This  was what I thought Rotary was all about!  Maybe there was something to the Service Above  Self motto other than giving money to local charities.   We booked a cruise with about 20 other Rotarians headed to Cozumel that year and got off  the ship, walked across the street and met Ernesto, Alex, Alioth, Captain Alvarez, & Nemecio – now our lifetime Rotarian friends in Mexico.  They welcomed us with hugs, kisses and  hospitality like none I’ve seen.  We came to see the CAM School and what the students had  been up to since the last time our Club had been there.  A short, crazy drive to the school with  instant friends from Cozumel, we walked into the school and I Became  a Rotarian . Thank you . Annette Weiland, Secretary 2015‐2018 Rotary Club of Greenville


REAL Leadership Pilot Program Keith Mankin, Rotary Club of Dallas – Uptown

R otary E ngagement A nd L everage

The mission is to strengthen  leadership skills to positively impact Clubs and energize Rotary Next REAL Basic to be held on Saturday, October 7 To Participate contact:  George Ritcheske at  gritcheske@yahoo.com

Eleven Rotarians walk into a college conference center on a rainy Saturday. This sounds like the  start of a shaggy dog joke or perhaps a Gothic novel. In reality it is the beginning of a new  educational and leadership initiative within Rotary District 5810. Last Saturday the district offered a Pilot version of its newly developed leadership training seminar.  The Rotary Engagement and Leverage (REAL) Leadership Program is slated for a full roll‐out in the  Fall of this year with plans for a companion advanced course in the works as well. Saturday’s event  was the first chance to take the program for a spin with full participation of Rotary members and  observers from around the district. The Program was expertly facilitated throughout by the Coppell Rotary Club’s George Ritcheske, an  experienced leadership trainer. It consisted of a heady mix of didactic and interactive training  during which the participants built literal towers and figurative bridges while exploring the  meaning, definition and responsibilities of leadership in the context of the Rotary Clubs. The  lessons had wide application for outside engagement as well. The day began with an introduction of the participants based on interactive conversation, such that  each attendee was presented to the whole group by a new acquaintance. From there, we talked  about the expectations for the course, ranging from exploring the Rotary definition of “leadership”  to handling specific interactions. But the central tenet, as illustrated by the single word that George  wrote in the center of the circle on the display board, was to have fun. As the program stretched out the group tackled solutions to Rotary challenges using the Outcome,  Method and Resources tool (“OMaR is your friend!”) and designed and displayed the ideal Rotary  Club through the use of pictures. Social Interaction Styles were explored, leading to some surprised  participants (“I was sure I was ‘expressive!’”), and these tools were used to show how one’s  individual style may need to adjust to give the best leadership. Hearing and understanding were  emphasized as key components of listening, and the ability to commend and congratulate was  celebrated. At the end of the long day the eleven participants, joined by the REAL team and observers, came  out with a better understanding of how to approach and embrace the complex roll of leadership.  Friendships were forged (as is the Rotary way) with pledges of exchanged ideas, club visits and  assistance in each other’s club projects. And everyone was eager for the promise of advanced REAL  training in the not so distant future.

Our REAL leadership class sharing  ideas on how to make their  Rotary Clubs better! A lot of ideas  are circulating! ~DGE Rick

Rotary Club of Park Cities   President A. Tracy Gomes

Fundraising/donations‐‐ $10,000 ‐ North Texas Food Bank (July  4th Parade) $5,000 ‐ Assist the Officer Foundation $35,000 ‐ Pat and Emmitt Smith  Foundation (Snider Plaza Tree Lighting) Social/Fellowship activities ‐ 23, plus  3 "co‐hosted" events as part of Dallas  Core (w/Dallas, Uptown, Fair Park,  North Dallas and Preston Center) District Events‐ Conference ‐ 5 or 6 Assembly ‐ 6 REAL ‐ 2 Roundtable ‐‐ at least 1 member  present at each roundtable

“ChildsPlay at Bachman Lake is a  collaborative effort initiated by the  Rotary Club of Park Cities in  cooperation with the City of Dallas,  Bachman Recreation Center, Bachman  Lake Foundation and Easter Seals of  Greater Dallas. ChildsPLay at Bachman  Lake is a fully accessible playground for  all children and their families.)


Rotary Club of Royse City   President Dr. Phillip Paul

• Our fundraiser this year was a golf tournament held on Columbus Day, 2016. We raised money to fund  our Foundation and pay for scholarships, and other charities we contribute to. • We had 7 members of our club that attended the Rotary District Convention and cruise and participated  in the service projects in Cancun and Jamaica. Our club donated money to the project in Cancun to  purchase air conditioners, blinds and paint for the Juvenile Center, partnering with the Rotary Club in  Greenville.  • We had participants in the District Assembly also. • Several members of our club are active in RYLA as counselors and on staff, and we send several teens  every year. Many of our teens have gone back to RYLA on staff. • Several of our members went on the District trip to Nicaragua, and we sponsored one of our Interact  members for the trip. • We presented a Quilt of Valor to one of our local veterans. A pic is attached. • We had a couple of social events this year also. • Our club supports the Food Pantry at the First United Methodist Church, Our Daily Bread, with money  from our brag bucket, and with many members working as volunteers every week. • We sponsor a twice yearly blood drive at Royse City High School, which is a joint project with our Interact  group and our members. It is a very successful project! • We supply toothpaste for the annual Shoes For Kids project for Rockwall County, that presents shoes,  socks, toothpaste, school supplies, immunizations and other necessary items for needy children in  Rockwall County. • Our club president, Dr. Phillip Paul, has for many years sponsored a Thanksgiving dinner for Senior  citizens, and our club volunteers at this function. • Our main fund raiser is our flag program, and most of the members of our club participate in putting out  flags for residents seven times each year, as well as flags for the downtown area. • We furnished a flagpole, benches and trash receptacles for the Becknell Park in Royse City and some of our members helped to put together playground equipment. • Our satellite (evening) group helps with Bow Wow bingo each month to raise money for the animal for shelter here in Royse City. • Our club is the first group to be called for volunteers for City and Chamber of Commerce functions, such as Fun Fest, held each fall, for the Car Show benefitting the Main Street Foundation, Fourth of July celebrations, the Back to School Bash, and Trick or Treat on Main Street. We handle traffic control and parking for many of these events.

We are a small club, but we stay busy! ~Contributed by Jackie Gilbert, Club Secretary

Rotary Club of Prestonwood  President Barry Hoffman

What were your fundraisers this year? Flag Program How many social activities this year? 6 What district events did your club participated and how many  attended each event?  Governor Installation ‐ 4 Assembly ‐ 2 Conference ‐ 6 Foundation Dinner ‐ 8

Mix For Six (for small clubs)  6 couples hosted dinner in their homes for two other Rotarian couples ‐ thus all club members had a small intimate social evening to get to know  each other better.

Firefighter Honors Day

2017 Flag Days MEMORIAL DAY Monday, May 30 FLAG DAY Tuesday, June 14 INDEPENDENCE DAY Monday, July 4 LABOR DAY Monday September 5 VETERAN’s DAY Saturday , November 11 Flags delivered by Friday AM,  picked up Tuesday, weather permitting

Rotary Club of Preston Trails   President Charles Keen

Preston Trails Rotary  Club donated $1,000  to Grace Bridge for  holiday support. Thank  you!!

What were your fundraisers this year? Funnel cakes at City events, gun raffle, and flags How many social activities this year? Only 1 social event What district events did your club participated and how many attended each event? 

3 Rotarians attended Conference Cruise. President attended most roundtables.  Sponsored table for 100 th celebration. Sent 6 students to RYLA.  Helping with new leadership training REAL.

Rotary Club of Plano   President David McWhorter

What were your fundraisers this year?  • Annual citizen of the year banquet  expanded to total of 12 schools, 2 banquets. • First annual Blue, Brews & Que Festival held  last Saturday, June 17 th . How many social activities this year? 5 What district events did your club  participated and how many attended each  event? • District Awards Ceremony‐2 • D.G. Installation‐4 • District Cruise‐1 • District Rotary Foundation Party‐12

Jack Carter Playground Ribbon Cutting Click on video link:  https://www.facebook.com/planorotaryclub /videos/1111683882204159/

Celebrating Herb Hoxie's 53 Years of Service to Rotary Click on video link: https://youtu.be/afMAkxuKbKA

Rotary Club of Terrell   Bruce Bryant, President

What were your fundraisers this year? Two (2) Chili Supper & Hamburger Cook out How many social activities this year? One (1) Christmas Dinner What district events did your club participated and how many attended each event? President Bryant & one other member attended the Cruise

Rotary Club of Farmersville   President Tonya Mercer

What were your fundraisers this year?            • We had our 20th annual Tedford Golf Tournament – the proceeds  from this fundraiser helps the club to fund other projects that we  support.  We give $4000 of scholarship money each year to 4  students graduating.  • We give $1000 to Honor Flight to send 1 veteran to see the wall in  Washington DC.   • We give $1500 to our local boy scouts club.   • We give quarterly to our Senior Citizens group, Polio fund, boy  scouts, Community outreach – someone local in the community that  needs help.    How many social activities this year?              We had two social activities this year with the entire club – Christmas  party and spring fling. What district events did your club participated and how many  attended each event?      • Went to the grant program, the district meet earlier last year, the  president induction at the beginning of the 2016‐2017 year.  Sent 3  kids to RYLA. • We also started our flag program, this is the first year for that.  It has  been successful, we currently have 19 signed up.   • We also feed the homeless two times this year at the Samaritan INN  in McKinney, we installed a shade at our local water park here in  town for parents to sit under, photo attached.   • We had volunteers at our 1st annual car show, at our bike ride and  scare around the square event in October last year. • We collected food for the local food pantry 2 times this year.   I am sure there are more things we did but, this is all I can think of  besides the items listed above.

Rotary Club of Garland Lakeside   President Barbara Jane Kaplan

After the event with the Dallas Police in July 2016, the  club started honoring a police person and fire person in  Garland each month. This has been a great informative visit and an  appreciative way to show our support for their service.

Rotary Club of Plano Metro, President Deborah Wolfgram

Over $10,000 back to the Community • “Our Friend’s Place”, Athlete for Athlete, Minnie’s Food Pantry,  Leadership Plano’s Servant Leadership Day, Plano Santas, My Friends  House, Dallas Stair Climb for Emergency Responders, to Plano  Children’s Theatre  • Participated in Plano July 4 th Parade with all Plano Rotary Clubs,  • Partnered with other 4 Plano Rotary Clubs for Minnie’s Food Pantry  drive to collectively donate 8192 Pounds of Food • Partnered with North Texas Pioneer Club for PISD CORE store school  supply drive  Over $3500 donated Internationally • Partnered with Rotary Club of Hoshiarpur in India with to help with  eye replacement project to give the gift of sight to approximately 17  recipients • Italy Earthquake relief Over 14,750 supporting Vocational Service  • 2 new scholarships to graduating students in Plano through the  Hendrick Foundation  • (5) scholarships renewals • Created 5 new Collin College Scholarships in Plano Metro  • PISD Foundation • RYLA and increased our sponsorship to 6 students • 4‐Way Speech Test, which 2 financial awards were given • Plano West Sr High Founding Interact Club with 23 members and  assisted with their international project “Teddy Bear Brigade”  Fellowship • 30 th Casino Night ($59,626)  • Flag Program 371 Subscriptions for 462 Flags ($16,853.86) • 7 club members/spouses attend 100 th Anniversary District Event • 5 club members attend National Convention in Atlanta • Great monthly happy hours & a fantastic holiday party • Sponsored Human Rights Symposium for Rotarians and Interactors And So Much More….

Rotary Club of Dallas North   President Shirley Heitzman

Service Projects & Volunteer Support 100% participation rate of club members in Club Service Projects &  Events (22 members) Rotary Youth Exchange Program – Sent 2 students to Japan & Korea,  and Hosted a student from Switzerland Fair Park Discovery Garden Volunteer Day ‐ State Fair “Men Who Cook” Fundraising Event at the Dallas‐Uptown Club Services of Hope – Put together 100 Thanksgiving food baskets for  families in need Interact Club at Faith Family Academy  • 40 students participating  • 20 Interact Officers and upcoming officers attended the  Interact  Leadership Conference • 35 Interact students attended Human Rights Symposium • Tutoring of at‐risk Pre‐Kindergarten Students (new program) Youth Leadership ‐ 2 FFA Students will attend CAMP RYLA Student Scholarships – Club provided 2 $1,000 Scholarships to high‐ achieving Interact students at FFA Coats Donation  to Faith Family Academy children & families in need Rotary/FFA Rotary/FFA Teacher Grants  increased student reading &  math achievement Pebbles Apartments Easter Egg Picnic & Hunt ‐ Organized the Dallas  North Rotary’s annual spring club service project at the Pebbles 

Apartments, a supportive housing program for  homeless women and children. The club provides  an Easter Picnic & Egg Hunt at the Pebbles  Apartments including Easter Basket decorating, an Easter Egg hunt, and lunch for moms and children  who would not otherwise be able to participate in  this kind of holiday festivity.

Rotary Club of Hurricane Creek   President Kevin Butler

Fundraisers • One ‐ Casino Night, January 2017 Social Activities • Four ‐ Christmas Dinner and three evening Social Meetings Community Events • Anna 9‐11 Remembrance Event ‐ September 2016 • National Night out ‐ Van Alstyne ‐ October 2016 • Three $1000 scholarships to students from Anna, Howe and  Van Alstyne (One for each school) • Three Teacher of the Year awards from Anna, Howe and  Van Alstyne One for each school) • Sponsored one boy from Anna to American Legion Boys State  in Austin District Events • President Elect Paul Nobles attended PETS • RYLA Committee Chairwoman Robin Pierson attends the  district RYLA meetings

Rotary Club of Grand Prairie Metro   President David Awe

Fundraiser: Pumpkin Run Events: Veteran's Memorial Cookout and Service Memorial Day Cookout and Service RYLA Cookout Back to School ‐ School Supply Project District Events: Table at Rotary Foundation Birthday Gala

Members participated in the District Conference and Atlanta Conference

Rotary Club of Carrollton‐Farmers Branch   President Steven Patrick

We have 2 fundraisers a year. • A very simple raffle in April • A Glow‐Ball golf tournament in May • The raffle and the golf tourney generated a profit of $14,000 We had two social activities during my term. • at Sam Pack Ford’s museum with the spouses • at the incoming President’s house Three of us attended the District Conference Cruise.  We always had 2 members attend the monthly round table. We had 12 people attend the 100 Birthday Party at the Flight  Museum. Great Year!

Rotary Club of Frisco   President Joshua Meek

What were your fundraisers this year? This year our fundraisers were our Farmer's Market and raffle. How many social activities this year? This year we had many social activities, particularly our monthly  membership mingle. What were the district events did your club participate and how many  attended each event? Our district involvement was very minimal this year. Our club recognized  this and is forming an official district committee within our club to assign  a few members the task of being engaged with the district. Over  the year we had some members attend the district installation (1), round  tables (4) and the district conference (3).

Rotary Club of Lake Texoma  President Terry  Pope

What were your fundraisers this year? Community Flag Program What district events did your club participated and how many  attended each event?

• Round Table attended by Club president • district birthday party donation ($1100).  • District Cruise with two attending. • Atlanta Convention (3 attended) • RYLA summer 2017 (two students sponsored)

The Rotary Club of Lake Tacoma (Pottsboro) was chartered by Rotary  International in January 2010. It is a 501(c) (4 organization.  The club meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at St. John  Episcopal Church in Pottsboro at 6PM.  The club is small in membership, but very active. Projects include a  community flag program wherein US Flags are installed throughout the  area on five national holidays per year, active participation with  Habitat for Humanity, work with local youth at Pottsboro High School  and S&S Middle School, awarding annual high school scholarships, and  sponsoring the Pottsboro Senior Center. Potential members are invited to attend a club meeting. Additional  information can be obtained from Joe Henderson and 903.786.9090

Rotary Club of Farmers Branch   President John Land

What were your fundraisers this year? Annual Golf Tournament – Net $17,000 Moved weekly meeting from lunch format to coffee  only – Net $15,900 Tour of Lights – approx. $2070 Weekly Drawing – approx. $1,150 Recycling Cart Screens ‐ $5,500 How many social activities this year? 6 (mainly service projects) What district events did your club participated and  how many attended each event? PETS makeup – 1 DG Induction Ceremony – 1 1) a community service project

2) our annual Veteran's Day cookout where we feed over 300 senior  citizens/former military personnel

Rotary Club of Dallas‐Uptown   President Dave Helfer What were your fundraisers this year? Men who Cook How many social activities this year?

Literally, a couple dozen between dinners, FORNO (  Friends of Rotary Night Out) and other gathers. What district events did your club participated and how  many attended each event? • Helped provide extensive support for the 100 th year  Rotary Birthday Celebration, • Significant attendance at the District meetings  Representing social media, membership and governance  committees • Numerous members went on the District Cruise Other: • Our club hosted the new Rotary Club of Plano East as a  Satellite while they gathered their members and were  granted a new club charter.  • We completed the second year of our Interact Club at  Bishop Lynch.  • And for the first time ever, two Major Donors were  named! • Dictionary project

We are excited to be following such a great year for  the District, it's like getting a head start in a race!

Rotary is defined  not by who we are,  but by what we do. Ian H.S. Riseley,  President Rl 2017‐18

Rick Amsberry District Governor, District 5810 2017‐18 Lisa Amsberry Director, Rotary Club Park Cities 2015‐17

DG Rick will be starting his year with:  65 Rotary Clubs  2710 Rotarians  New eDistrict Website  New & Improved Rotary Club Central  Fully trained Governor's Team  And a slew of ongoing projects,  programs, district grant applications,  global grant projects and oh so much  more….. Making A Difference in District 5810 in 2017‐2018

Welcome our new year District Governor Rick Amsberry,  District Governor Elect Bill Slicker,  District Governor Nominee Beverly Grogan, and  Immediate Past DG Bill Dendy. Congratulations!

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