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Connecting with You...a Message from Dr. Shelly Mondeik

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MID-STATE CONNECT Mid-State Connect , Mid-State’s quarterly newsletter, is designed to enhance communication and connection with our community partners by providing updates on current college initiatives and activities.

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Mid-State does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its program, activity, or employment. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies: Vice President – Human Resources; 500 32nd Street North, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494; 715.422.5325. 12/17


Mid-State Connect Winter 2017

connect ing wi th you. . .



My name is Dr. Shelly Mondeik, and I am honored to be able to serve as the sixth president of Mid-State Technical College.

In the short time I have been here, I have been able to get out into a number of the communities in Mid-State’s district to visit businesses, K–12 schools, leaders, and community members. The incredible discussions and conversations we’ve had truly make me look forward to what we can accomplish together. Over the next few months, I look forward to getting to know you even better and identifying even more opportunities for partnerships. Together we can create new and innovative approaches to meeting the needs of our communities and businesses here in central Wisconsin. • K–12 – Building and enhancing our K–12 partnerships • Programming – Reviewing programs for the five R’s—right programs with the right curriculum offered in the right format and right delivery mode in the right location at the right time • Workforce & Economic Development – Offering ongoing customized solutions to our business partners • Continuing Education – Meeting professional development and community enrichment needs for all in our district Moving forward, our efforts for the communities we serve will continue to focus on four key areas:

I am glad to be a part of Mid-State and look forward to working with all of you.

Pictured left to right: Mid-State’s past presidents Dr. Brian Oehler, Dr. John Clark, and Dr. Sue Budjac, and current president Dr. Shelly Mondeik.


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our programs IN DEMAND

Our mission to prepare students for relevant, in-demand careers means we are always evaluating our program offerings to align with the needs of area employers.


Business Analyst Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Customer Relationship Professional Technical Diploma Mid-State’s Customer Relationship Professional program develops students into important members of a call center or customer service team. The program focuses on communicating with customers to help them navigate past challenges to fulfill their needs, emphasizing active listening, effective verbal communication, and customer service skills. Through hands-on projects, students learn telephone etiquette, how to respond appropriately to customers, and how to perform quick problem-solving analysis while exceeding customer expectations. Graduates of the Customer Relationship Professional program may advance into the Office Support Specialist program or the Administrative Professional program.

Business analysts play an increasingly vital role to the success of any enterprise. They act as an all-important link between businesses and technology. This program teaches students how to research, analyze, design, and implement solutions to solve a variety of business- related problems. Students will develop and leverage leadership and team-building tools using a variety of collaboration methods. They will gain experience working on projects in areas such as IT, finance, accounting, marketing, and operations. This prepares them to work with various stakeholders. Graduates from this program will have strong leadership and organizational skills.


Mid-State Connect Winter 2017

Emergency Services Management Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Fire Protection Technician Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Mid-State’s new Emergency Services Management program develops incumbent workers in a fire or emergency services role into leaders within their field. Applicants to the program must hold an EMT license or Firefighter 1 certification. This program ensures a competitive edge to excel in their emergency services career path. Students are exposed to realistic simulations, inside and outside the classroom. They train on our state-of-the-art burn tower, fire engines, and other high-tech equipment. Graduates will know how to take command, using research and best practices to safeguard public safety. Emergency service managers are crucial to the well- being of communities, working diligently with their team to ensure our safety and protect us from threats.

The Fire Protection Technician program at Mid-State turns students into real-life heroes. Graduates learn the knowledge and techniques needed to save life and property during fires, medical emergencies, and other hazards. This program exposes students to realistic simulations, inside and outside the classroom. They train on our state-of-the-art burn tower, fire engines, and other high-tech equipment. Developed in partnership with local fire departments, this program ensures graduates have a competitive edge when starting their career, and local demand for highly skilled firefighters is rising.


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why choose mid-State?

EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN The needs of our students and the workforce we serve are always changing. Today we serve a population on the decline in some areas of our district, and we continue to see declining enrollments as a result. We also face the added reality that our student mix has shifted to a high percentage of part-time students. Clearly, our ability to offer dynamic programs and flexible scheduling and delivery modes (e.g., online vs. face to face) and improve student outcomes is essential to our continued value as an educational provider of choice in our campus communities. When it comes to how we align and coordinate our efforts to improve student outcomes, we look to our Educational Master Plan. Finalized in spring 2016, The EMP identifies actions to support the College’s institutional 2015–2020 Strategic Plan. It is based on an honest look at what the data says about our strengths, gaps, and opportunities for the future. The Five Rs of the EMP The EMP calls on us to work together to improve student outcomes with comprehensive instructional On the Same Page with the Educational Master Plan (EMP)

planning, provides the blueprint for planning in Academics, and is aligned with our Strategic Plan Breakthrough Strategy 2 to establish dynamic programs, flexible scheduling, and delivery modes that respond to current and emerging workforce and student needs. The EMP is addresses these emerging needs through the 5 Rs—right programs, right curriculum, right format/delivery mode, right locations, and right time. That’s a lot to get right, and doing it will require us to think strategically and even reorganize. At its core, the EMP is designed to meet the needs of students and employers. Students will have even better career opportunities when we better align our program offerings with the needs of employers in our districts. Employers will of course have access to a workforce with the right skills when we deliver a programming mix that aligns with their needs. It’s a vision whose time has come. How We’re Getting There The EMP has reorganized our academics, moved us to a learning commons model, and led to significant staffing changes to make it all possible.


Mid-State Connect Winter 2017

right programs

right curriculum right format/delivery mode right locations right time

Mid-State’s academic programs in six schools • School of Business & Technology • School of General Education & Learning Resources • School of Health • School of Protective & Human Services • School of Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering • School of Transportation, Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Construction Learning commons model In addition to the academic reorganization, the Library will transition to a learning commons model that provides holistic academic support services to students. This will include transforming the physical spaces at the Wisconsin Rapids and Marshfield campuses to support collocated instructional resources such as materials, academic coaching, and tutoring as well as adult basic education services. The spaces will also provide a place for students to study, including huddle rooms for collaborative study and projects. Staffing changes Each school and academic support unit is led by a dean. Based on the number of programs and accreditation requirements, an associate dean

continues to provide support in three of the six schools. The realignment has also created new positions focused on areas to improve Student Success and Organizational Effectiveness. Looking Forward All the work and energy we’re investing now will pay dividends when we are able to better serve our students and workforce partners. The EMP, combined with an aligned workforce within academics, will deepen our commitment to providing district residents with the opportunities they need to pursue their educational goals, improve their quality of living, and meet the needs of employers in our district. We all look forward to seeing the uptick in our Key Results of Student Success and Organizational Effectiveness— and feeling better than ever about how we deliver on our mission to transform lives.


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foundation & alumni MAKING A DIFFERENCE

Why Give? Giving to the Mid-State Foundation is one way you can say thank you and see that your hard-earned resources provide the critical help others may need to achieve success and independence. The Need Is Great Mid-State transforms lives, creating “career-ready” employees who make an immediate impact in the community. But the students in our district start out with greater financial hurdles than almost any others in the state. The success of our mission comes down to generous gifts from people like you—who help keep our students enrolled and working toward a brighter future for themselves and our shared communities. Your Gift Gives Back Every gift, whatever the size, is needed and appreciated. In turn, our students and alumni strengthen our region’s economy and outlook by giving back their skills and resources. Of course our donors give for the sheer joy of it, too. 65% WITHIN OUR DISTRICT OF MID-STATE GRADUATES ARE EMPLOYED

Those of us who have found success in life know the price—hard work, dedication, and support from others along the way. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have the support needed in this formula for success— especially when it comes to financial help. Mid-State serves a resident population of 171,000, with approximately 8,000 students enrolled per year. The vast majority of our students bring the hard work and dedication while pursuing their degree with us, but too many do not have the financial support they need to fund their education or weather unforeseen expenses. In fact, the central Wisconsin district is the second highest in the state for percentage of economically disadvantaged students. And that’s where the Mid-State Foundation comes in. More accurately—that’s where the work of the Foundation’s many generous donors comes in. 80% FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE OF MID-STATE STUDENTS RECEIVE SOME FORMOF NATHANIEL RUIZ 2017–18 Scholarship Recipient the lives you Impact “I almost didn’t go back to college because I didn’t know how I was going to pay for all my schooling. The scholarships I’ve received have truly changed my life and helped me proceed with my life goals.”

STEPHEN KAGE Midcon Data Services • Mid-State ‘78 “The Civil Technology degree that I received from Mid-State has served me well throughout my career. By creating this endowment, I hope that others will also benefit from the Mid-State experience. May those who seek knowledge have the opportunity to receive it.”


Mid-State Connect Winter 2017

Alan, Debra, And Dave Marten Marten Machining, Inc.

Ways to Give The Mid-State Foundation offers a variety of gift-giving options. We would be happy to assist in implementing any gift, though we do recommend that you consult with an attorney or accountant for the legal and tax implications of any gift you m ake. Cash gifts Fully deductible to the extent allowed by federal law. Corporate matches of individual gifts Leverages and maximizes the impact of your original gift. Endowing a fund Provides annual support for a scholarship or project. Sponsor a Scholar program Sponsor a Scholar is a “win-win” partnership opportunity that matches motivated students interested in hands-on careers with businesses willing to invest in their education and employ them immediately after graduation. Other options Gifts by will or living trust, planned and deferred gifts, and gifts of stocks and securities are all great ways to make large gifts and gifts that extend into the future. Shout-out to Donors It’s so important to share the story of giving that keeps our students on track to graduation. Displays at our Marshfield, Stevens Point, and Wisconsin Rapids campuses, publicly express gratitude to our contributors and recognize their generosity. Ready to Make a Difference? Visit mstc.edu/giving , or get in touch with us directly: Phone: 715.422.5322 Email: foundation@mstc.edu “Mid-State Technical College has been Marten Machining’s main source of workforce-ready employees for the past 30 years. We support the general scholarship fund because it’s one of the best ways to keep students on a successful career path and help our company maintain the skilled workforce we need for continued growth.”


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credit corner DUAL CREDIT High school students may earn FREE college credits through Mid-State Technical College via three different dual credit programs: Transcripted Credit, Course Options, and Youth Options. These Dual Credit programs give high school students the opportunity to take Mid-State courses and earn Mid-State credits at no cost to the students and their family. This means that high school students are introduced to college rigor as they challenge themselves academically and are taking courses that

may transfer directly into their program of choice at Mid-State and possibly other colleges. Taking Dual Credit courses as a high school student also means the student can complete his or her post-secondary degree faster and enter the workforce while saving money on tuition and books. 2016-2017 Mid-State Dual Credit Data: Over 800* high school students earned more than 3,100 Mid-State college credits saving all the students over $420,000 in tuition money alone (not including textbook costs).

To learn more about Dual Credit and the courses available, visit mstc.edu/getdc .

dual credit is the ultimate “two-for-one”

* This number is unduplicated high school students.

CREDIT FOR PRIOR LEARNING Receiving credit for prior learning can have a huge impact on student success. In fact, students who receive credit for knowledge and skills gained through previous education, work, life, and military experiences are more than twice as likely to graduate. Credit for Prior Learning at Mid-State is designed to accelerate the completion of students’ educational goals and help them save money on tuition and books along the way. Credit for Prior Leaning credits may include: transfer of credit from regionally accredited

post-secondary institutions; credit by standardized examination; military, occupational or other life experience/training; and articulated high school credit. Students are required to complete 25 percent of their program credit requirements at Mid-State. The remaining 75 percent of credits may be earned through various types of credit for prior learning. Get more information about each Credit for Prior Learning option and take steps to getting started on Mid-State’s website at www.mstc.edu/cpl .




Mid-State Connect Winter 2017


A GRAND OPENING Mid-State’s past president Dr. Sue Budjac (center-left) and vice president of Student Services Dr. Amanda Lang (center-right) cut the ribbon at the grand opening of Mid-State’s new Student Services & Information Center on Tuesday, May 2, in Wisconsin Rapids. “I was aware of the remodel, but until today I had no idea how much this project represents a transformation with an eye to the student experience,” said Wisconsin Rapids mayor Zach Vruwink during his tour of the new facility. “It’s exciting to see the student-centered intentionality of this project, and it just adds to the ways that Mid-State is an asset in the community, making the area even more attractive as a place to live, raise kids, and attend college.” Construction on the new Student Services & Information Center started in June of 2016 and was completed according to plan this March. More importantly, The Center allows Mid-State to centralize all student services and is an important part of a comprehensive plan to better connect students to the resources they need.

Thanks to the recent completion of a major remodeling project, the following student service functions are now housed in close proximity, right inside the doors of the beautifully remodeled entrance to our Wisconsin Rapids campus: • Admissions and recruitment • Counseling and advising • Disability services • Financial aid • Foundation and Alumni • Guest information • Registration and records • Student accounts • Testing


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Introduction to Photoshop Project based exploration of key Photoshop techniques. Fridays, January 5 - January 26 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. • Wisconsin Rapids Campus Class #: 26406 • Course Fee: $69.00 Outlook - Beginning

Learn the basics of searching the web and email. Tuesdays and Thursdays, January 9 - February 8 10:00 a.m. - Noon • Stevens Point Campus Class #: 25136 • Course Fee: 70.60 / 62+ Fee: $4.50 Introduction to Windows Learn the ins and outs of the Windows 10 operating system. Tuesdays and Thursdays, January 9 - February 8 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. • Stevens Point Campus Class #: 25129 • Course Fee: $70.60 / 62+ Fee: $4.50 OSHA 10 - General Industry Learn about hazard avoidance, workers’ rights, filing an OSHA complaint, and more. You will receive your OSHA 10-Hour Card upon successful completion.

Monday, January 15, and Tuesday, January 16 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. • Wisconsin Rapids Campus Class #: 26536 • Course Fee: $175.00 / 62+ Fee: $135.34 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, January 23 - February 15 10:10 - 11:05 a.m. • Wisconsin Rapids Campus Class #: 26470 • Course Fee: $175.00 / 62+ Fee: $135.34 Basic Life Support Provider CPR Monday, January 15 4:30 - 9:30 p.m. • Wisconsin Rapids Campus Class #: 21992 • Course Fee: $29.33 / 62+ Fee: $9.50 Wednesday, January 24 4:30 - 9:30 p.m., Marshfield Campus Class #: 22029 • Course Fee: $29.33 / 62+ Fee: $9.50 HeartSaver® First Aid CPR AED Saturday, January 20 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. • Wisconsin Rapids Campus Class #: 22064 • Course Fee: $50.94 / 62+ Fee: $24.50 RHIT Test Prep Explores strategies for preparing for the Registered Health


Information Technician (RHIT) examination. January 22 - May 16 (Every day of the week) Class #: 26520 • Course Fee: $120 / 62+ Fee: $60.51 (Online/Virtual Class)

Learn more and register at mstc.edu/continuinged . You can also call the continuing education manager at 715.422.5426 or email at continuinged@mstc.edu .


Mid-State Connect Winter 2017

Healthy Aging Series - Dimensions of Health - It’s More Than Just Diet and Exercise This series is designed to help you understand some of the issues with aging while maintaining health, independence, and well-being. For both those who are aging and for caregivers of the aging. Monday, January 22 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. • Wisconsin Rapids Campus Class #: 26449 • Course Fee: $10.00 Tuesday, January 23 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. • Adams County Center Class #: 26448 • Course Fee: $10.00 Monday, January 29 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. • Stevens Point Campus Class #: 26458 • Course Fee: $10.00 Monday, February 5 An expert at researching, locating, and retrieving stolen Nazi loot, Yaron Svoray was born on a kibbutz in Israel and conscripted into the Israeli paratroop brigade. He later joined the police as a detective and eventually moved to the US with his wife, where he studied media and communication while working as an investigative journalist and public speaker. On a speaking tour Yaron’s life was forever changed when he met a WWII veteran. Free presentation. Wednesday, January 24 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. • Wisconsin Rapids Campus • Auditorium 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. • Stevens Point Campus • Room 635 Beginning Oil Painting Develop an understanding of the basic principles of art and materials in oil painting. Tuesdays, January 30 - March 6 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. • Adams County Center Class #: 26469 • Course Fee: $80.60 / 62+ Fee: $14.50 Fundamentals of Drawing for Painting Develop an understanding of drawing as a foundation for painting. Tuesdays, January 30 - March 6 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. • Adams County Center Class #: 26468 • Course Fee: $80.60 / 62+ Fee: $14.50 Mid-State Speaker Series Human Trafficking Presented by Lisa Sennholz, founder and director of Damascus Road, dedicated to fighting the evil of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Lisa will share valuable information on human trafficking, including what to watch for to keep our communities safe. Free presentation. Tuesday, January 30 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. Wisconsin Rapids Campus • Room L133/134 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. • Marshfield Campus Class #: 26459 • Course Fee: $10.00 Mid-State Speaker Series - Infiltrator

Stevens Point Campus • Room 417 (TelePresence) Marshfield Campus • Room TBD (TelePresence)


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DON’T LET WINTER SLOW DOWN YOUR EDUCATION • Brand new this year—winterim! • Course offerings guaranteed to run—no matter what • Over 45 courses to choose from • Online classes available hit the books this winterim

register today at mstc.edu/winterim

Credit transfer to other institutions is contingent upon credit acceptance by the institution you are currently attending.

we need your experience WANT TO TEACH FOR MID-STATE? mstc.edu/careers


Mid-State Connect Winter 2017

distinguished alumnus


Kristin Crass is a tenacious and inspiring graduate of Mid-State

valuable input to this board by working to make scholarships available for part- time students—similar to her situation when furthering her own education. In July 2016, Kristin was selected to serve on the Mid State Board of Directors, and she was very proud to be able to give back to the school and community that has given her so much. As a member of this board, she is able to share business and life experiences that benefit Mid State Technical College while representing

Technical College who fulfills our vision of a distinguished alum. Her support of Mid-State, growth in her profession, and dedication to her family and local community are all qualities we seek to instill in our graduates. Born in Stevens Point and raised in Custer, Kristin earned her associate in applied science degree from Mid-State’s Accounting program, graduating with honors in 2007. Kristin

was able to accomplish this through evening courses while maintaining full-time employment and taking care of her new family. In 2005, Kristin also took part in the Portage County Leadership Program and gained valuable leadership skills while also learning important information about the Portage County community. Kristin truly embodies the spirit of lifelong learning. Since 2011, Kristin has been the vice president at The Worth Company. Starting in 1990 assembling fishing lures, she has worked hard to climb the ladder. Kristin made an art of positively impacting employees’ lives with her strong leadership skills and positive attitude, but she traces her ability to ascend from the lowest position in her company to vice president to one great decision: acquiring her degree from Mid-State. “The Worth Company has believed in me and my abilities through the years, and that is all because of the quality of education I received from Mid-State,” she explains. In July 2010, Kristin had the opportunity to help others benefit from a technical college education by joining the Mid-State Foundation Board, focusing on the Scholarship and Grant Committee. She directly added

the community she lives in and the business she works for. As a Mid-State Board Member she has the ability to actively preserve and always improve the quality of technical education available in central Wisconsin. Kristin plays an active role in her community by giving her time and talents, including membership in the Stevens Point Kiwanis Club, service on the United Way Committee Board and now its Board of Directors, and volunteering for a variety of other local organizations that positively impact central Wisconsin. The value Kristin places on technical college education is substantiated through her unwavering commitment to making the technical college promise a reality accessible to more students and to removing barriers that jeopardize student success. Kristin also regularly exemplifies the very traits that many Wisconsin technical college students aspire to.


mstc.edu 888.575.6782

Graduation is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of our hard-working students poised to take the next step in their journey. This spring, several of our graduating students took time out to be featured in our Graduate Spotlights series. Annie Cobb’s story is just one of six from our May graduating class. Head over to mstc.edu/gradspotlight for the rest! grad spotlight

Annie excelled in the program, so much so that, approaching graduation, her phlebotomy instructor, Nichol Riedel, nominated her for the ASCP National Student Honor Award. The ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathology) is the certification agency that administers the exam students take to become a certified phlebotomy technician. She earned the award shortly after, just before graduating from the program with high honors. “My favorite memory is when I had to draw blood from a person and was shaking from nerves,” she recalls. “My instructor guided me through the process, and I ended up being successful on the first try.” Reflecting on her time in the program, Annie points to how much she has learned from her instructors, even the friendships she has formed with each of them. Annie’s plans after graduation include moving to a bigger city and looking for her first job as a phlebotomist. She is looking forward to a fresh start but first has a word of advice for incoming students: “Be confident in yourself and your abilities, and don’t be afraid to go the extra mile. You will get a better experience out of your time here at Mid-State.”

Annie Cobb Phlebotomy Technician, May 2017 Stevens Point campus

Annie Cobb has always known that she loves helping people, but she didn’t know what career would be her true calling. After high school, she planned to go to University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh to study criminal justice, but before the school year had even started she had a change of heart. “I decided to enroll at Mid-State in the Phlebotomy Technician program, thinking this would be a good start in studying health care while waiting to start the Medical Assistant program,” she says. This time her change of heart would keep her on track—she fell in love with the art and science of drawing blood. One of Annie’s favorite aspects of the program is the hands-on learning, the real-world experience. “During your first semester in this program you experience lectures and open labs and get to practice drawing blood from a fake arm—even practice on your classmates,” she explains. “Second semester is clinicals, where the hands-on gets even more real.”

“be confident in yourself and your abilities, and don’t be afraid to go the extra mile.”


Mid-State Connect Winter 2017

employer spotlights THE RIGHT TEAM FOR WORLD-CLASS HEALTH CARE Marshfield Clinic Health System, Marshfield, WI

Mid-State Technical College and Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS), now with its Marshfield Medical Center, have had a very close, robust partnership for decades, and the future looks bright to grow even more.

Through our partnership, training a pipeline of learners and enhancing workforce development in our area is a top priority. The relationship offers students education and employment opportunities that rival those in bigger cities. And, as Wisconsin’s population ages, there will be more need for students pursuing health care careers and choosing to live and work in their home communities.

Marshfield Clinic’s Division of Education works closely with Mid-State’s Marshfield, Wisconsin Rapids, and Stevens Point campuses to coordinate clinical experiences for Central Service Technician, Health & Wellness Promotion, Health Information Management, Medical Assistant, Nursing, Phlebotomy Technician, Respiratory Therapist, and Surgical Technologist. This includes classroom space in the Marshfield Medical Center, adjunct faculty, and committee stewardship. Health care requires many skilled people across disciplines to provide capable teams. Besides physicians and nurses serving patients, health care teams also require those with knowledge in business and finance/accounting, information technology like computer support and software development, administration, health information management, pharmacy, and other disciplines, too.

Providing state-of-the-art, highest-quality health care requires a great team. The MCHS and Mid-State partnership is just the team to help make that happen for years to come.

A FRUITFUL PARTNERSHIP Skyward, Inc., Stevens Point, WI Strong industry partnerships are the key to ensuring our students are exposed to the most current training and technology, and Skyward, Inc., has proven to be an especially involved and effective partner.

Skyward is an industry-leading K–12 software provider headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. This school year alone, the company awarded five scholarships to Mid-State IT students (40 total since 2002). As an active member of both of our IT program advisory committees, Skyward wrote a letter of recommendation for our new IT Security Specialist program that contributed to its approval, and their input has been crucial to the development of new courses for the IT Software Developer program redesign. Skyward has also been deeply involved in the development stages of the new IT Software Developer Apprenticeship. There are many more examples of how Skyward has and continues to partner with Mid-State, including the Fast Forward grant (resulting in several placements of Mid-State students at Skyward), a Central Wisconsin Information Technology Alliance (CWITA) mentorship program, and internships at Skyward for our Accounting students.

It’s amazing the impact one dedicated partner can have on our students, and we are proud and honored to work so closely with Skyward!


mstc.edu 888.575.6782

JANUARY Get Credit Event

January 9 • Stevens Point Campus January 10 • Marshfield Campus Attend this event if you have prior life, military, or transfer credit experience so that getting started at Mid-State is even easier.


MARCH Nursing Assistant Orientation Nights March 6 • Wisconsin Rapids Campus March 7 • Stevens Point Campus March 8 • Marshfield Campus

CareerView March 9 • Stevens Point Campus and Marshfield Campus March 16 • Wisconsin Rapids Campus For grades 10-12. Learn about Mid-State through general program exploration, facility tours, instructor interaction, and current student testimonials.

To learn more and register for events, go to mstc.edu/calendar-events or email enrollment@mstc.edu .


Mid-State Connect Winter 2017

save money with dual credit

That’s right. Last year over 800 high school students just like you took at least one dual credit course with Mid-State Technical College and saved a combined $375,000 in tuition.

You too can earn free college credits in high school and get a head start on your college education.

learn more about dual credit at mstc.edu/getdc

mstc.edu • 888.575.6782

500 32nd Street North Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494

EMERGENCY SERVICES IN DEMAND Paramedic Technician—just one of our many in-demand programs

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