FitnessPreneur's Life - Sept / Oct 2017

SEPT / OCT 2017


As Thomas Jefferson said, “No one and nothing on Earth can help the man who is, himself, uncommitted to his own independence or accomplishment.”

There are roads to riches. It is NOT an “only the lucky” or “winner-takes- all” jungle out there.


There are well-established, well-proven, and well-detailed paths to transformational success and wealth in the fitness industry. There are systems that can scale in virtually every type of niche you can image for your future. You are not meant to be broke, living paycheck to paycheck, enduring years of struggle while hoping something finally changes. We do not need to grind for decades and end up burned out. The reality is this: You are not going to get freedom, wealth, reverence, remembrance, notoriety, status, security, and a whole host of other feelings that you deserve the way you’re currently doing things. I sure as hell didn’t get it by staying on the path the industry suggested: 1. Be a trainer. 2. Open a studio.

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