Fyzical: Getting to the Core of Back and Neck Pain


Getting To The Core Of Back& Neck Pain

If you suffer from an aching back or neck pain, it could simply be that your core muscles are weak. You may have heard of the term “core”, but what is it? (continued inside) THE TOP 5 REASONS TO TRY LASER THERAPY Get your Risk-Free Laser Treatment today by going to: laser.fyzicalutah.com Details Inside



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Getting To The Core Of Back & Neck Pain

Your core is the foundation of your body and like a building, needs to be strong and supportive. If your foundation is weak or crooked, then the other structures, which rely on this, will not function properly. However, unlike a building, your core needs to not only be strong and supportive, but also move. The timing and strength of the various muscle contractions is critical for your proper body function. When it isn’t, abnormal strains occur to your spine, causing a lot of common aches and pains.

muscles are arranged in different angles that are layered to give you support and stability.

Why do most people suffer from back pain? Most people will experience back pain sometime in their life due to core muscle weakness. When the spinal joints, hip joints, sacroiliac joints and the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, spine and hips don’t move well, a resulting strain occurs on the spine. This causes pain and can occur at any stage of life. However, this typically happens as we become older and less active as adults.

Your core muscles consist of a wide variety of skeletal muscles that keep you erect and help you move around on two feet. The core is a group of muscles in the pelvis, spine, abdominal and upper thigh areas. These


Use It, Or Lose It!

How does the core become weak? A simple answer; use it or lose it. Our lifestyles today put us more at risk with prolonged sitting at work, sitting in the car, bending forward, watching TV, poor posture and many other factors which contribute to core weakness. Once the core is weakened, the weight of your body rests on your spinal discs, joints and ligaments causing long term damage. Medication, injections and other treatments can help with pain control, but do not address the root cause of the problem, which is core weakness. If you have ever had a surgery that involves cutting through the abdominal or pelvic walls, this weakens the core. In addition, prolonged illness and bed rest also weaken the core. Another common reason for core weakness in women is from childbirth and c-sections. This severely weakens the core. The answer to helping most back pain suffers and preventing future injuries, is to strengthen the core with professional help. Specialized training and exercise techniques can be done to strengthen your core, relieving stress on the spine. Physical Therapists are the medical professionals most uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat back pain resulting from core weakness. Working with your physician, we thoroughly evaluate your movement, alignment and strength. After we determine where the root cause of the problem is coming from, we then put together a comprehensive treatment plan to help restore core strength and movement. This helps you to not only have relief from back pain, but teaches you the right exercises, posture and movement

to prevent future problems and maintain a strong, healthy core. To see how we can help you have a strong core and relieve your back pain, call us today or go online for more information.

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“I have had to go to Fyzical several times for different reasons over the years. All of my experiences have been good. Recently my doctors told me that I would need both hip and neck fusion surgery. I went to see Rogan at Fyzical and after a few visits, I am doing much better and don’t believe I will need surgery which makes me very happy. A couple of years ago my doctor sent me to a different physical therapist. Although he was good, I preferred going to Rogan and so this time I told my doctor that I was going to go to Fyzical instead.” I preferred going to Rogan and so this time I told my doctor that I was going to go to Fyzical instead.

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Try this movement to strengthen your core. Relieve Pain In Minutes:

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Who DoYou KnowThat Needs Our Help? � Move without pain � Bend and move freely � Balance confidently & securely � Sit for long periods comfortably � Walk for long distances � Live an active and healthy life DoYou Have Friends Or Family UnableTo DoThe Following:

Helps The Core


PLANK FOREARMS & KNEES Position yourself on forearms and knees. Make your body flat as a plank from head to feet. Keep trunk engaged, do not let lower back arch. Repeat 7 times.

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