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Hey Pittman PT Nation!!

This has been crazy. I don’t know how else to say it. I know that you are all feeling it too. This timehasbeensostressful. Not knowing... anything. What to do, who to listen to… and the news, “Wow” is all I can say. I have never in my life seen so much crap and bipartisan activity. I am not going to get political, I promise!! I want to first off, say “THANKYOU” to our first responders, healthcareworkers, food vendors, and truckers for keeping the life lines open for the entire USA. We were and continue to be blessed to be considered essential to the health of our community. If you have followed us on FaceBook or Instagram, you would see that we have been doing a lot more outreach. I appreciate how y’all have interactedwith the page. I don’t like the camera that much but wewill continue to deliver value to you. The 30-day challenge continues to reach a lot of people and get peoplemoving. There is no cost, just “Like” our FaceBook page and start moving with us. If you don’t know what this is...we are doing a different movement every day for 30 days. We offer easy, intermediate and advanced options for each movement. We also did a cookbook challenge on FaceBook. That video went VIRAL. Well...not really. Viral for me though!!! I got such a good response. I amgoing throughall of thedifferent ways that people got me their recipes. I got

them in email, messenger, regular mail, hand delivered, onFaceBookandon Instagram. One luckywinner will get a hard bound copy of the cookbook. Sophie reachedout toher followers on Instagram and she is going to give one luckywinner a signed copy of the cook book. We have had some brave souls continuewith their PT. They have noticed our adjustments in themidst of the crisis. We have stepped up all of our cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Wearequestioningour patients for symptoms, taking temps and screening prior to allowing patients to get into the clinic area. If you need us, we are here. We are ready. If you stopped PT due to the Coronavirus, it is time to come back. If you sat too much while off, we are here to help. Tech neck is real and it will get better with treatment. Thankfully, it does look like we will be getting back tosome sort of normal soon. My sonhas a baseball tournament scheduled. The pool is open and we have played a ton of pickleball in the cove. Stone has even taken up fishing. That freakedme out abit. He has never shown an interest in fishing at all. But it hasmademy father-in-law very happy. Besure tocheckyour inbox, as Iwill besending you more information that way as well. Stay safe. I cannot tell you how ready for summer I am. In Health, Jeremy

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