IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

Chapter 3: The Methodology In the following chapter the two data collection methods for answering the three-research question (see paragraph 3.1) will be explained. To successfully conduct the data collection phase, two different research methods were used. Firstly, a survey was distributed to people with a high managerial position in a company with 500 or more employees. The purpose was to gain more insights into the vision of the large international companies on their future usage of external meeting venues. Secondly, six interviews were conducted with the clients of IACC’s venues to collect more specific information about the wants and needs regarding future external meetings. In the analytical phase, graphs were made to analyse and decipher the collected statistical survey data. Furthermore, a combination of deductive and inductive coding has been used to analyse the interviews conducted. 3.1 Research Questions The Project Group has been requested by IACC to provide insights on current trends and factors for the future of meetings, as well as their potential impacts on the meeting industry, particularly in the case of smaller meetings. It is critical for transformation and future investment in meeting venues to shed light on key concerns for future business events and meetings. The information will benefit IACC members by assisting them in determining the best strategic options, calculating demand, and balancing risk. The formulated management question can be found below. Management question: “What are the current trends and factors affecting future demand f or the external meeting venues that will enable IACC to predict and adjust to the changes brought on by a decentralised work environment?” To answer the management question, three research questions are formulated. These research questions, which are stated below, are crucial for the research project's success. It identifies precisely what information the Project Group needs to acquire and gives the project a defined focus and goal. The first two research questions target a different group. The first research question seeks to learn more about what large multinational companies are doing, while the second aims to learn more about what clients of IACC venues require from the venues for a successful business event in the future. The third research question is a comparison of the findings from research questions one and two with the literature research gathered during the research study.

Research questions:

RQ1: “Under what conditions will strategic leaders bring their teams together in real life again, considering the current decentralised work environment?”

RQ2: “What are the needs and wants of the clients of IACC’s venues regarding business events?”

RQ3: “How does the perception of strategic leaders and the clients of IACC’s venues on the future of the meeting industry compared to trends and factors, derived from literature reviews.”



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