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6 Marketing Gems You Can Take to the Bank! Before Maximizing New Patient Flow

By Dr. Tom “The Gems Guy” Orent

Just start with a goal to increase by one new patient a week.

We discussed the basic math behind how increasing by just one new patient per week, which is 50 for the year (with two weeks off for good behavior), can add $240,000 to your revenue over a six-year period. What we didn’t explain was how that compounds from year to year. The average lifetime value (ALV) of a patient is $4,800 over their six-year sales cycle. You’ll see roughly $60,000 of that revenue in the first year. In the second year, that same patient brings in another $36,000. But when you add the Year 2 group of the additional 50 new patients, their revenue combines with the first group and creates a snowball effect — one that takes you to a quarter-million dollars and beyond. The following table illustrates this concept:

In our last issue, we defined capacity and broke down how to maximize new patient flow. A practice at capacity is open six or seven days a week from 7 a.m. till 9 p.m. They use every square inch of space, even possibly expanding the square footage of their building. All hygienists’ and doctors’ chairs are booked out for the next two months, and they can’t squeeze in a patient even if they wanted to. The fact is that very few practices are truly at capacity! Practices at capacity are generating $3,000,000 to $6,000,000 per year per location. If you are not at capacity, then one proven effective method (of several) for increasing revenue is simply to increase new patient flow — and it doesn’t have to be by huge numbers.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6 Total

Year 1



Year 2




Year 3





Year 4






Year 5







Year 6








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The Secret to Unlock Consistency, Competency, and Conversion

Verbal-Skills Training — aka Role-Playing!

By Tom Rich, MBA, GG12 Senior Practice Analyst

there are definite consequences if/when it’s done wrong, compared to practicing with a safety net, most people will opt for the “safe” environment.

If there is one word that sends dread through the hearts and minds of your team, it’s “role-playing.” Most people hate it because it’s uncomfortable, they don’t like being put on the spot or in the center of attention, they don’t know what to say or are not confident about how to say it, or they believe that nothing good can come from a “fake” conversation. “It just doesn’t feel natural. They’re not my words.”

There are two simple ways to overcome people’s resistance to role-playing.

No. 1: Stop calling it “role-playing.” What we call a thing shapes our perception of it. For example, several farmers petitioned the government to allow them to change the name of “prunes” to “dried plums.” The idea was that by repositioning the product, it would become more appealing to those who classified it with “old-people food” or “nature’s laxative.” So, instead of saying “role-playing,” call it “Verbal-Skills Training.” No. 2: Everyone plays, using every verbal skill. No matter their title or position, everyone in the office should participate in every Verbal-Skills Training. That means everyone … doctor, hygienist, front-desk staff, back-office staff … everyone. Why? First off, shared experience (good or bad) brings people together — it helps them feel and act like a team. Second, it is a great opportunity to hear how everyone presents to discover the best way to do it. For example, if everyone presents two times and there are eight people in the office, everyone will be exposed to the Verbal-Skills Training 16 times! Finally, when everyone plays, the practice (including the patients, the doctors, and the team, etc.) all get the benefit of cross-training, which means everyone on your team will be consistent on how to answer a question like, “Do I really need fluoride?” This one habit will do more than virtually any other tip, trick, or technique to drive the success of your team. The best part is this is just one of the 6 Critical Factors to maximize your practice’s revenue and success. To look more in-depth on this or to discover the other 5 Critical Factors, go to, click on “Site Map” in the upper left, then click on “GG12 Monthly Team Training Toolkit” in the bottom right, and select “085 6 Critical Factors.”

Admittedly, those are the biggest downsides, and since so many people are resistant to it, most practices never rehearse what to say to a patient. So, when the hygienist or assistant offers fluoride, patients routinely ask, “Does my insurance cover it?” When they hear that insurance does not cover it, they politely decline, and everyone goes about their day. Here’s the good news: You only have to role-play the things you want to improve or don’t want to get worse. The simple fact is if you want to get constant improvement, it requires constant practice. When given the choice of practicing in real life, where

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$100K MIT Boost

did they accept and schedule one or more crowns as a result? Enter the fee for the crowns accepted and scheduled as a result. Finding just two deep cracks (on otherwise asymptomatic teeth) per week could be worth a SIX-FIGURE BUMP annually! The form helps to ensure you are consistently using transillumination and helps to quantify acceptance rates of the solution you propose (most often crowns). The key to challenges is to begin using them (no more than TWO to start!) … then never stop. Even if you wait 3–6 months after you’ve deployed your first two … adding your third on month seven is terrific! By the end of the year, you’ll be consistently deploying four systems and strategies proven to help you deliver better dentistry and make a whole lot more money. “But Tom, how can I get my team on board?” Well, Dr. Jeff Cohen has a great approach. Micromanaging is one of the worst ways to run a practice, and Jeff has found a great solution. Rather than micromanage, he leads by example and asks his team for their ideas on how to proceed. Show the 13 available GG12 Challenges to your team and allow them to decide where to begin. 083 “$500K* MIT Boost. 16 Gems 1st Class Dental Experiences” provides a complete breakdown of how challenges can transform your practice. Tom Rich shared with us a “Gem” at one of our retreats a few years back: “Measure it, and it’s going to improve ... measure and report, and enjoy exponential improvement!” This sentiment holds true now more than ever, and with the challenge forms we provide on the website, it’s easier than ever. *No, that’s not a typo! Watch this video and see how $100,000 (referenced above) could potentially grow into a $500,000 revenue increase for your practice! experienced anything like our retreats in all their years attending dental continuing education. Experience it for yourself and form a lifelong bond with other GG12 and GIC family members. Register now!

So I know you’re probably thinking, “Tom, what is this MIT boost?” Well, it serves as a moniker for “Measure IT.” Without tracking, your practice has no way to measure progress and gauge growth. That’s one of two reasons we’ve provided the challenge forms on The other reason is to ensure that the Systems, Strategies and Toolkits … the actions you want taken in your practice are being deployed week in and week out … consistently, and at the highest possible level! These challenge forms, if you apply them properly, can help you help your patients achieve better health while altering the foundation of your practice. Choose JUST TWO challenges. The choice which is entirely up to you. These forms provide a system to not only grow your practice but also to hold your team (and yourself!) accountable. Why just two? ‘Cuz otherwise, you’ll drive your team nuts! Trying to start with too much too soon results in nothing done well. Master two Toolkits and their challenge forms — such as Fluoride and Perio verbal skills or Perio and Cracked Teeth — ONLY after you are seeing consistent and significantly improved results, then add in just one more Toolkit and its challenge form. The forms are simple to follow and can provide immediate results when appropriately applied. Two challenges a week can easily represent a $2,000 increase in revenue — which is $100,000 annually. So let’s use Cracked Teeth as an example. To deploy the challenge, simply enter the first name and last initial of every patient upon whom you used transillumination. Enter Y or N — For the latest up-to-date information about what’s happening on Planet Gems, go to and click on “Calendar” (menu bar, top left of home page). If you have questions, please contact your Personal Gems Concierge or call 1-888-880-GEMS (4367). 90-Minute GG12 Team Training Webinars: GG12 Team Training Toolkit Dental Practice Transformation members, please block out this monthly program. These occur just once each month, but they could easily be the most important 90 minutes you and your entire team will invest. GG12 Office Hours: Twice each month, my office door is open for your visits. This is an optional opportunity for GG12 doctors and team to reach me directly with questions about dental practice management.

July 10; 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. EDT — GG12 Office Hours

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GG12 and Insiders’ Circle™ Members’ Spring and Fall Retreats: Doctors and team members often tell us they have never

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hear the complaint in order to understand precisely what is going on. In some cases, the patient may just want to vent. The conversation could take an hour, but I have close friends today who were complaining customers yesterday. The very first step toward repairing strained relationships is to genuinely listen to your complainers. Empathize Look at the situation from their point of view. If you own your mistakes and truly empathize with their situation, you’ll find the opportunity to create a mutual bonding point. From there, do everything you can for the patient. You’re not on opposite sides; you’re on the same team. The worst outcome for a practice is when a patient becomes angry and leaves. You’ll never have a chance to gather valuable data, find a solution, or know how to prevent others from leaving your practice in the future. The best way you can prevent a patient from taking their business elsewhere is to join forces with them and work together to identify the problem and fix it. Breathe There are moments when you’ll be pushed to the brink. During these times, take a deep breath and think to yourself, “What can I do to calm this person?” You can’t find a mutual resolution while either one of you is heated. If you’re able to roll with the punches and go with the flow, you can save your practice endless amount of revenue.

Reward a Complainer, and You’ll Have a Customer for Life Complaints: The Best Market Research Money Can ’ t Buy

By Ira Hirsch, Certified GG12 Coach

The mindset about complainers is all wrong. Sure, a complaint can be challenging to overcome, but it is actually a highly valuable practice asset. When we look at patient complaints as inconveniences, we miss the irreplaceable market research they provide. Think about it in terms of finances. In 2015, there was an estimated $68 billion spent on market research, but what if practices could’ve had that information for free? While working for a medical technology company, I noticed every time we released a new product, some people would complain. The issues usually centered on either functionality or developing the business around the product. The more I listened to them talk about just where the breakdowns were occurring, the more I learned how we could improve our products and services. Most dental practices don’t view complaints this way. You would think businesses would be more customer-service driven in this day and age, but that isn’t the case. I’m sure you can name a company or practice that’s given you the runaround when you’ve called with an issue. I’m a big believer in never-ending improvement. If your patients complain about your practice, it’s because a system failed them. Maybe one of your services was poorly executed or a treatment didn’t meet their expectations. Solving that problem is about pinpointing the break in the chain and figuring out how to bond it back together so it’s even stronger than before. Here are a few “Gems” on how to do that. Listen Flipping a complaining patient could turn them into raving fans, but to do that, first you must listen. It’s important to

Reward If you reward a complainer, you’ll have a patient for life. The key with this is to get ahead of the

complaint. If you have a patient

who’s been waiting over 15 minutes to see the doctor, give

them a $15 gift card to the local cinema and apologize for taking their time. If you can’t get ahead of the complaint, then find a way to deliver service that is above and beyond. Complaints make the best market research, and it’s completely free. Develop a tracking system to pinpoint the source of the complaints. Measure efficiencies and, most importantly, inefficiencies. Invaluable market data is right under all of our noses; we just have to see it that way.

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Sometimes, even the Pros need a helping hand. While our team is chock-full of talented writers and editors, that doesn’t mean we’re above using spell check or riddling the AP Stylebook with bookmarks. These tools are invaluable to our An App Worth a Thousand Typos

check, or you can have it meticulously check your documents for passive voice and word repetitions.

As the leaders in the newsletter business, we know the power of the written word. Grammatical mistakes and stylistic missteps can easily bruise your brand’s image, whether in a newsletter or on

work, which is why we’re excited to feature a relatively new app that writers can add to their arsenal: Grammarly. For those who haven’t heard, Grammarly is a web extension that integrates with your browser and functions as your personal editor. From spelling and grammar to word economy, the app will catch mistakes and make suggestions as you write. Whether you’re writing an email, a blog post, or even a tweet, Grammarly will ensure you always put your best foot forward.

a social media post. Solid editing makes the difference between writing affectively and writing effectively. That’s why we put everything we print for our clients through a rigorous review process.

Unfortunately, we as individuals can’t have a team of expert editors helping us with every single thing we write on the web. Even if you do have an expansive content team in your own marketing department, chances are you don’t run every post, tweet, or email past them before you hit send. That’s the value of Grammarly — consistency. If you want to ensure your social media persona conforms to your standards for print materials, or if you want to make sure your whole team writes at their absolute best, Grammarly is right for you. Put this tool in your digital kit, and you’ll write like a Pro. off, bottled, and shipped off to a distributor. There are other methods, such as expression (aka cold pressing), but because steam distillation is so easy to do, most essential oils you see on the shelf will have gone through this process. Lavender essential oil is harvested from sheaves of lavandula angustifolia, that purple herb you see all over gardens across the United States. There are lavender farms all over the world, from California to Japan to Brazil, but the biggest world producer of lavender is, interestingly, Bulgaria. Tea Tree oil comes from the leaves of melaleuca alternifolia , commonly known as narrow-leaved paperbark, a short, bushy tree that produces white, fluffy flowers in the spring. The trees are endemic to Australia, but today are usually farmed in New South Wales or Queensland. Bergamot is distilled from the peels of lime-green bergamot oranges, or citrus bergamia . Most of it comes from coastal areas around the Ionian Sea. Whatever you do with it, use it sparingly on your skin — it can amplify skin damage from the sun!

Now, to some, this may sound intrusive. No one likes a backseat writer, after all. Grammarly avoids this in two ways. First, its intuitive user interface provides instant feedback without feeling invasive. Suggestions fade into view as you write and move along with you, so there’s no need to be concerned about breaking your writing flow. Second, you can make Grammarly as astute as you need it to be. You can dial it down to a simple spell

Where Essential Oils Come From

Call it a pseudoscientific fad or a medical revolution; either way, essential oils are more popular today than they have ever been. Though research on the efficacy of lavender, ginger, and the dozens of other sweet-smelling oils is conflicting at best, people are using them at an astonishing rate. In fact, according to Stratistics MRC, essential oils were a $5.91 billion industry in 2016 and are expected to reach $12.85 billion by 2023. Whether you are an essential oil acolyte or fly into a rage at the faintest hint of bergamot, your mind is probably already made up about aromatherapy. The question remains, though: Where does all this delicious-smelling stuff come from? Most essential oils are derived from a process called steam distillation . Soon after harvest, the plants are placed on a mesh inside a sealed still, into which steam is injected. As the steam rises and envelops the plant, it breaks it down and lifts its constituent components up through a tube and into a condenser. The condenser cools the resulting vapor and collects it in liquid form at the bottom. Since essential oils do not mix with water, they float on the surface, where they’re siphoned

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Down and Dirty Email Copy Cr itique and Tips By Shaun Buck, CEO of The Newsletter Pro

I have some winning campaigns I can share with you about how this kind of one-to-one event-based marketing can help you grow your business. Let’s find a time to chat, and I’ll go over them with you. Click on this link to schedule a call on my calendar for a short strategy session, and I’ll show you a simple, proven way for you to get more new customers to your business.

Some people simply don’t like to write copy. I get it — writing copy is not easy, and when you first start out, it can be downright difficult. Below is a sales email I got and my rewrite of it.

Here is the original email I received.

Talk to you soon,

Hi Friend,


There are times in a person’s life when they react differently to things. Times like Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas apply to people in general, and they’re good times to get higher response rates by making offers that relate. But there are special personal times in someone’s life, and they too are good times to market to an individual. At Moving Targets, we’ve been specializing in two of those times for over 25 years … when people move and when they’re having a birthday. Most businesses miss those marketing opportunities because it’s not easy to make it happen. You need the data, you need the message, and you need to deliver it at just the right time. In today’s sophisticated world, using personalized one-to-one marketing can bring you outstanding results. If you think your business can benefit by reaching the new people who move into your neighborhood or those having birthdays, you should look at what we can do for you.

P.S. During the strategy session, you’ll walk away with no less than three killer ideas to grow your business, so don’t miss out on another set of new movers or birthdays — schedule a call today. Hopefully you can see my email is much more likely to get a better response simply based on the copy changes. Let me point out a few of the major changes I made.

1. Your copy should be talking to one person, not a group of people.

2. You need to provide good information that is useful and interesting to the reader.

3. Make sure each sentence adds value to the message and goal of the piece you’re writing. Some of the sentences in her email served no purpose.

4. Move the prospect through a journey so that the logical conclusion is to take your CTA (call to action).

Simply click here to check us out. If you like what you see, let me know, and I’ll help you get started.

5. Get the prospect thinking about the future and what could be.


6. When you create a problem, as she did with her statement about the difficulty of targeting new movers and birthday mailers, make sure you give the reader a clear solution to the problem. That solution may be your CTA, or it may be more copy, but either way, typically, you want to solve the problem for them. Sometimes in advanced copy, you won’t solve the problem until later, but that was not the case here.


This email is all wrong. Here are my edits below, and after that, I will point out a few tips you can use to make your emails better.

Hi Shaun,

Have you ever noticed there are times in a person’s life when they react differently than they normally would? For example, Valentine’s Day, Easter, or Christmas. If you tailor your marketing message during these times, it’s a good way to get a higher response rate, despite what others may have told you about marketing over holidays. Many of us share the above special holidays, but individually, we all have special occasions. What if you could target a message to a prospective customer’s specific special time? But that level of targeting can be easier said than done. Most businesses miss these opportunities because they don’t have the data on when these events are happening or proven campaigns that get results, and frankly, it is costing them a small fortune. Good news, though — having a targeted campaign surrounding special events doesn’t have to be hard. Here at Moving Targets, we have been providing proven, done-for-you new mover and birthday campaigns for businesses just like yours for 25 years. Two of the best special times to send a targeted message to someone are shortly after they’ve moved or for their birthday.

7. Make an offer. This is likely the largest mistake. The offer was to go to the website, and that is just as good as having no offer.

8. Assume the sale in the close. “Talk to you soon,” is at least a small assumption of a close.

9. Have a P.S. Most people read the P.S.

I’m sure there are other points my copy writing friends could share with us to improve both her copy and mine, but I am 100 percent confident my copy would get some appointments, and I’m 99 percent sure her copy won’t get any appointments. Copy doesn’t have to be hard. Think of how you’d talk to a prospect if they were in-person, sitting in front of you, and simply write just like that.

Hopefully this critique and the above tips are helpful. –Shaun Buck

... continued f rom cover So how can you find one more new patient a week? We recommend you take a deep dive into “9 Keys to Rapidly and Consistently Increasing New Patient Flow and Adding at LEAST $150,000.” To find that on the website, head on over to “Site Map,” navigate to “Advanced Marketing Brain Trust,” and scroll down to 036, and you’ll find the PDF file. I know you’re thinking, “Tom, the title says we’re adding $150,000 a year, but one new patient a week only generates $60,000.” But if you apply yourself to the following principles, you won’t just add one new patient a week. You’ll more than likely add at least a couple new patients per week … and I’m using a conservative ALV of $4,800 per patient. Yours may be significantly higher! To achieve the results you desire from each step of the “9 Keys to Rapidly and Consistently Increasing New Patient Flow and Adding at LEAST $150,000,” apply the following 6 Marketing Gems. For doctors who get excited about adding one new patient marketing strategy with hopes of improving their practice, it won’t work. 6–8 marketing strategies minimum are required from the get-go. When you implement these strategies, you’re likely to find that two or three of them don’t work. Once you find out which ones are underperforming, cease implementing those and add other new patient marketing strategies. Let’s say you are a doctor from another planet, and you’re in your spaceship exploring the universe. Your mission is to seek out new life and heal them. You land on earth, and you don’t know anything about human anatomy and physiology. The only instrument you have is an oral thermometer. So you put it in someone’s mouth, and it reads 98.6 degrees. But that doesn’t mean anything to you. You have no barometer for understanding because you don’t know what’s normal. The same concept applies to knowing whether or not your marketing dollars are working for you! When you monitor the effectiveness of your patient acquisition strategies, plan on investing about $250–$300 per new patient. If you run an ad that costs you $2,000 and you get six or eight patients scheduled, you’ve done well. 1. 6–8 Consistent Simultaneous Strategies 2. Cost of Acquisition Barometer

patients who do come in for a visit, the 20/20/20 New Patient Exam is a strategy you can use to protect you and your time.

During the first 20 minutes, your assistant begins with radiographs and a review of the patient’s medical and dental histories, etc. This is followed by 20 minutes of doctor time. Your initial exam. This is not meant to be a comprehensive treatment- planning session! Get to know your new patient first. Plan just an initial/simple phase of care. (See No. 5 below.) AVOID reserving an hour of doctor time for new patient visits. If you get one no-show a day and five in a week, then you just wasted five hours of the doctor’s time. The fact is that the 20/20/20 and a minimal/initial phase I plan exam will help you RETAIN more new patients and gain higher treatment acceptance in the long run. It’s all on the website. Go to 012 “Anatomy of the New Patient Visit Part I.” There, you can find extensive detail. You might be asking, “But Tom, how is that possible for you to do a complete, thorough, and comprehensive evaluation, examination, and treatment plan in 20 minutes?” As I mentioned in No. 4 above, you can’t. That’s not what we’re trying to accomplish. We are trying to build LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS via trust. The timing of the comprehensive eval and planning is critical. For most asymptomatic patients, the first visit is the worst time to tell them they need $15,000 of care. Go to 012 “Anatomy of the New Patient Visit Part I.” On “Shark Tank,” Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, says, “If I give you a hundred $1 bills, each one is going out with marching orders. They need to go out there and bring more back with them.” Well, when they come back, you need to know where they came from. Every dollar needs to be accounted for in marketing, and that can only be done with a thorough tracking system. So are you ready for the step-by-step plan to rapidly boost new patient flow? Stay tuned for next month’s edition of “New Frontiers of 5. The Story Behind the 20/20/20 New Patient Exam 6. SwimWith the Sharks (Eat or Be Eaten!)

Dental Practice Success” where we go through each of the 9 Keys (the actual marketing strategies) that will change your practice — and your life.


Don’t be surprised, concerned, or bummed out if a strategy doesn’t work. That’s why we suggest not committing more than $3,000 to any one tactic until it’s proven to work for your practice.

4. Preframe Expectations

You’re going to get three kinds of people from your marketing. The ones who never show up in the first place. The ones who just come in for the freebie. And the third kind, who are nice, happy patients and who refer their friends and family. Expect that some of your new patients are going to be no-shows. For

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Gems Inside

1. Break Down New Patient Flow Principles 2. The Secret to Unlock Consistency, Competency, and Conversion 3. Ready to Boost Revenue by $500K?

4. How to Flip a Complainer 5. An App Worth a Thousand Typos Where Do Essential Oils Come From? 6. Down and Dirty Email Copy Critique and Tips

By David Hanle

they have to offer. Everyone at the retreat was having a good time in a stress-free environment, and it was freeing to be around such phenomenal people.

My practice and my life had reached a point where I needed a change. What I was doing wasn’t working. I was searching for solutions but couldn’t find anything that resonated with me. One day, I received an email from Tom, and what he wrote struck home.

A business’s sense of family almost always comes from the top. The feeling that you get when you’re a part of this community stems from the passion Tom puts into his craft. He’s dedicated to both giving back to the field of dentistry and helping our patients. But Tom isn’t only out here to help people. He also empowers those of us who serve others. The way in which he works with his clients and team members is something I aspire to apply in my practice. Once you implement the tactics GG12 teaches you, you’ll see evident and visible benefits to every facet of your practice,

There’s something different about what Gems does. I had a few conversations with other members, and it became immediately apparent that I could improve. GG12 met me right where I was, which is precisely what I was looking for as a dentist and business owner. The path I have been on since joining is nothing short of extraordinary. The GG12 program is about more than just managing your practice. All of the information is great, but the impact goes deeper. You’ll improve your practice and

Everyone at the retreat was having a good time in a stress- free environment, and it was freeing to be around such phenomenal people.

but the biggest perk is a very simple one. It’s about being better. My practice is better today than it was months ago. I’m a better dentist, I’m providing better treatments, my staff is better, my finances are better, and we are getting better at learning new techniques. If you want to improve and process dentistry in a more advanced and efficient way, GG12 is the program for you. There’s so much information to learn, all of which will have a resounding impact on your practice, your growth, and your life. -David Hanle

your personal life. It’s not an overnight fix, but GG12 has put me on a mission. There’s so much information to learn, and I have enjoyed going through the process of determining what works and what doesn’t. Tom has built something extraordinary with this program. When I went to the spring retreat and met everyone, it was a different atmosphere than anywhere else I’d been. I wasn’t just another business owner trying to improve their practice; I was treated like family. The retreat blew me away, and I left impressed with who the team members at Gems are as individuals and what

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