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E N H A N C I N G T H E L I V E S O F T H O S E W E T O U C H ®

The Strength of our Business Model


As I review the many statistics that come across my desk each month, I am continually impressed by the diligence and hard work of those who are building a Melaleuca business. I am also impressed by how many lives are being enhanced by the concept of “helping people reach their goals.” But I am impressed most of all by the increasing popularity of Melaleuca products and the rapid growth of our customer base. The fact that one in nine of these loyal customers will eventually decide to build a Melaleuca business is also compelling. Seventy-nine percent of Melaleuca customers receive no financial incentive at all! And another 10 percent receive a tiny commission each month because at some point in their lives, they referred a few customers to Melaleuca. It is obvious that their primary objective with Melaleuca is to receive the products—not to work the business or receive any financial reward. This is not to say that these customers do not appreciate their monthly checks (it is much better than what they receive from Safeway or Walmart), but the tiny check that they receive is clearly not their

main incentive for being Melaleuca Preferred Members. The strength of Melaleuca’s business model is that it is based on hundreds of thousands of customers purchasing better products each month at a better value than the grocery store brands. Approximately 11 percent of those who have been introduced to Melaleuca products and have become Melaleuca customers eventually decide to build a Melaleuca business and invest the time and effort necessary to reach Director status. That means they have probably spent 50 hours or more at some point in their lives introducing Melaleuca products and catalogs to prospective customers. (Although some achieve Director in a single day, we estimate that it takes the average person about 50 hours of concentrated effort to become a Director.) One might spend those 50 hours in a single week or over a period of a year or longer. A serious business builder must use time wisely. Certainly one could spend a lot longer than 50 hours on unproductive activities and still not enroll eight customers.

“The strength of Melaleuca’s business model is that it is based on hundreds of thousands of customers purchasing better products each month at a better value than the grocery store brands.”


One could argue that a 50-hour investment does not a business make. But achieving Director status with eight to 10 customers is a good start. Customers are precious to us. We should take care of them. If we do, not only will they remain loyal customers but many will refer other customers as well. The danger in talking numbers or percentages is that someone might make the mistake of thinking that building a Melaleuca business is somehow a game of chance or of beating the odds. This could not be further from the truth. The value of understanding the numbers is only to create a valid explanation of the averages. It’s really not an indication of what you will do. But averages are interesting to consider. Let’s suppose you decide to build a Melaleuca business. As a rule, 79 percent of your customers will not refer any new customers to your business. But that will not diminish their value. As they continue to buy products each month directly from the company, your commission on their purchases will provide valuable income that you can count on each month. On the other hand, approximately 21 percent of your customers will eventually refer at least one customer to your Melaleuca business. Many will make a small commission on the customers they introduce to Melaleuca. Sure, they are just “dabbling” and many may not develop the skills to make a good product presentation. Therefore, you will want to help them. In fact, in the beginning you should request help from your enroller in making presentations. You will learn from your enroller as you perfect your presentation skills. Then you will be prepared to help others. As the numbers show, we value and give generous rewards to those who help us find and keep loyal customers. Superior products, reasonable pricing, generous compensation—they all work together to create the most successful business model in the marketplace. Whether you decide to be a loyal customer or a business builder, we appreciate your decision to be a part of Melaleuca!

Our endeavor is to introduce superior Melaleuca wellness products to those we care about so they can have longer, more vibrant, and healthier lives. Those who simply use our products will benefit by having a healthier, more vibrant life. And, those who refer customers consistently will prosper with residual income that will bless their lives forever.







N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

The Approach Mindset p. 18 Mark Atha gives some great advice for getting into the approach mindset. Why do we talk about mindset so much? How can your mindset limit or empower you? What mental limits do you need to take off yourself?


ILC Bali.................................................... 10 Retention and Growth....................... 18 Now we Know the Truth: Lung Damage........................................ 23 What to say on Social Media.......... 30 NEW Holiday Products..................... 35 Recognition . ..................................... 36 Convention ...................................... 39


HAPPY CUSTOMERS = RETENTION & GROWTH The keystone of Melaleuca’s business model is the ability to generate reliable residual income. That doesn’t come from growth alone— it comes from having customers who shop for life.

NOWWE KNOW THE TRUTH Let’s learn a lesson from the history of cigarettes and their deadly impact on the health of millions of people. Don’t wait 50 years to switch from national brand cleaners to EcoSense® cleaning products! PAGE 23

of our new and exclusive facebook group and gain access to our business oriented content. PAGE 7




T E A M , W H A T D I D W E L E A R N ?


Leadership in Action is more than reading material—it’s a training tool for you and your team! After reading this issue, turn education into action. Below you’ll find questions that you can ask yourself or use to engage your team in discussions to help everyone reach their goals.



Although Melaleuca offers a generous Compensation Plan, the majority of our Preferred Members choose simply to order our superior wellness products each month. How do those customers relate to your residual income? Discuss the role our products play in the Melaleuca business model.

›  › MA I N M E S S A G E Melaleuca’s social media policies are unique. Why do we have the policies we have? Address specific policies that can easily trip up business builders. Be an example in what you post and how you talk about these policies.  ›  ›  B U S I N E S S T R A I N I N G A N D M I N D S E T Brooke Paulin and Krista Wineinger offer advice on building fast with high retention rates. What is the significance of two Marketing Executives of the Year emphasizing a similar strategy? What can you personally do to elevate your customers' experience? What is the biggest challenge you face in helping a new Preferred Member place an order? What can you do differently in your approach or Melaleuca Overview to change this? ›  ›  P R O D U C T E D U C AT I O N A N D W E L L N E S S Make sure all your customers are aware of Melaleuca’s exciting limited-time products that capture the feel of the season. Tell them which products you are most excited to try. ›  ›  E V E N T S Who are the members on your team with a goal to attend the next Road to Senior Director Event. Develop a plan with them to help them acheive this huge milestone.

QUESTION OF THE MONTH How have you incorporated the Lung Study into your approaches and Melaleuca Overviews? Share your ideas with us at anz@melaleuca.com




The Power of Praise.

We have all been asked at one time or another, “Who is your hero?” In considering this, my mind will typically wander to athletes, musicians, business leaders, and great historical figures. In the end, however, I always arrive at the same conclusion: my heroes are my parents. This is not because my parents have been credited with ground-breaking work, nor have they been the recipients of any significant public recognition. What makes them heroes in my opinion is the positive effect they have always had on those around them, and on myself in particular. How have they done this? By praising those around them. Sincere praise can be a sustaining force for all of us throughout our lives. Words of praise and feelings of positive recognition are never forgotten. How many of us remember kind words that were spoken to us years ago? How many of us still hold on to a compliment we received as a child? This poem by the great twentieth century poet Helen Lowrie Marshall is one I learned many years ago from my mother, but I find its lesson to be timeless.

Many of the activities in which I take the greatest pride today are things I was praised for trying to do my very best at many years ago. Similarly, many of the attributes I still seek to gain are those on which I have been complimented in the past. Sincere and meaningful compliments are not easily forgotten. At Melaleuca we feel strongly enough about celebrating and praising others that it is one of our 7 Critical Business-Building Activities. I encourage you to identify the specific work and results being accomplished by those around you. Celebrate everyone in your organisation for each success they encounter, and speak openly about these successes with others. This celebration will become contagious and will produce even greater results by inspired, motivated Marketing Executives. I encourage you to keep the following in mind as you set out to praise and compliment others: • Praise should be deserved, specific, and sincere. Opportunities to praise others are all around us, be it with family, friends, co-workers, or other acquaintances. • Each of us receives praise in a manner unique to ourselves. “Different strokes for different folks” is an apt reminder to find the medium most meaningful to the individual, whether written or verbal, in public or private, online or off. • Flattery is different from praise. It can be insincere and excessive, designed to manipulate or to get something in return. Praise, however, is not manipulative or motivated by the hope of reciprocation. It is my belief that we can never praise too much. Those who master the art of offering specific, sincere praise infuse immeasurable joy and meaning into their own life and the lives of those around them.

“Once, someone said something nice about me, And, all undeserved though I knew it to be, I treasured it there on my heart’s deepest shelf, Till one day I quite surprised even myself By honestly making an effort to be That nice thing that somebody said about me!”




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EXECUTIVE Melaleuca presents

LEADERSHIP COUNCIL THE EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL Melaleuca is focused on understanding and helping enhance the lives of our customers. The voice and collective experience of our Executive Leadership Council are integral to the process; the Council guides us to make informed decisions that help positively impact the lives of customers, and the growth of our market.

Bee Vaughan QLD

Yvette & Justin Brewin SA

Sharlene Lesa NZ

Carole Sellar SA

Hayley & Ben Harding SA

Karen & Matthew Buttery VIC


Corporate Fundraising: STEPTEMBER Make every step count...

In September 2018, our corporate team embarked on a 28-day challenge to support people living with Cerebral Palsy. The challenge was to take 10,000 steps a day for 28 days straight. During the month, we asked our family and friends to help sponsor us along the way. Steptember was a great way to help boost our fitness and do something great for people with cerebral palsy at the same time.

7 teams of 4 participated in the challenge pushed themselves each and every day to reach their 10,000 step goal. Some actions we took to achieve our target included walking to work and team walks during lunch. In the 28 days we raised a total of $3,084 and took 9,554,019 steps! The money we raised will help people living with cerebral palsy in Australia get the specialised equipment they need to do basic, everyday things we take for granted such as standing up or moving around.

7 If you want to achieve your goals with Melaleuca, you need to focus on and repeatedly do these seven activities day after day and week after week.

Pictured: Approx. half of our enthusiastic team who participated in this fantastic challenge!



Build Your Contact List


Set Appointments

I want you to notice something about the Seven Critical Activities, the first four in particular. You cannot do Critical Activity 3, Share Overviews, before you do Critical Activity 2 or Critical Activity 1. That’s not how it works. These activities are in this order because that’s the order you’ll need to do them in. Before you can hold a Strategy Session, you need to present Melaleuca: An Overview and enroll a customer. And before you can do that, you’ll need to invite someone you know to your Overview. There’s a reason the first Critical Activity is not Set Appointments. Before you invite someone to your Overview, you should already have a relationship. The first thing to do is add their name to your contact list and begin establishing a relationship. When the time is right, you can invite them to attend a Melaleuca Overview and make a decision about Melaleuca. We are a “warm market” company. The right way to build your business is with people who know you, like you, and trust you. So before you approach someone to set an appointment, take the time to build a genuine relationship with them. As you help them reach their goals, you’ll find that those personal relationships can be just as rewarding—if not more so—as your income from your Melaleuca business.


Share Melaleuca: An Overview


Hold Strategy Sessions


Celebrate Success

Always Be Involved with Fast Track




Lead by Example



International Leadership Conference BALI

By Kevin Procter | DIRECTOR OF SALES September 2018 All Senior, Executive, National and Corporate Directors had to qualify to be in attendance at this training event. Melaleuca’s only Presidential Director, Zhang Shichen attended this event along with some exceptional guest trainers from North America sharing insights and experiences of their own journeys at Melaleuca. Melaleuca’s CEO Frank L. Vandersloot discussed how we have been changing millions of lives across the globe over 3 decades, taking its mission into heart. Frank

International Leadership Council was an exclusive three-day leadership event, first of its kind where we brought leadership groups of Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia & New Zealand under one roof at the Westin Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali.


emphasised on the importance of building a business to last a lifetime, while acknowledging there will be flat spots in all businesses. Frank elaborated on the significance of being tenacious to get through flat spots, and build a successful business to last a lifetime, using exceptional products we have in our product portfolio. Australia & New Zealand Marketing Executives included Bee Vaughan, Sharlene Lesa, Jenny & Greg Poett, Judith Scott, Yvette Brewin, Carole Sellar, Siutaka Vaka, Jennifer

Robinson, and Hayley Harding. Throughout this training, amazing success stories were shared from Marketing Executives across the world, including Carole Sellar who shared her own story. It was not all work – we had an opportunity to experience the Balinese culture, food and beautiful nature during this event. This event was an opportunity for a thousand leaders to learn from the best, challenge themselves, make goals and acquire tools necessary to achieve.



G EAR UP FOR THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME—WITH FRANK AND BELINDA AS YOUR TOUR GUIDES! You’ll see unforgettable sights. You’ll forge relationships that will last a lifetime. And you’ll return with your horizons expanded

and your vision of what’s possible changed forever.



You’re about to set off on an African safari like fewwill ever experience. Immerse yourself in the majesty of the African savanna—endless rolling grasslands, proud acacia groves, and an astonishing diversity of wildlife. Enjoy day after day packed with thrilling adventures,

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MINDS THE APPROACH By Corporate Director 3 Mark Atha


“It’s really an exciting time to have a Melaleuca business! When I first started with Melaleuca, the company was making $200 million a year in sales and I thought that was remarkable.



Now I see us at $2 billion and I share Frank’s vision of having our products in every home. With scientific evidence like the recent independent lung study findings, why wouldn’t we have products in every home? I’m going to give you a variety of ideas for approaches and some words and phrases you can work into your own way of telling everyone out there about Melaleuca.” The following is Mark’s training, presented in his own words. BEGINWITH BELIEF If I knew where a treasure was buried and knew I couldn’t dig it up alone, I’d invite others to help me—people I know and trust, people I love and want to share the wealth with. For us, that treasure is all the benefits that Melaleuca brings people—and we have the treasure map! BUILD WITH REFERRALS: IT’S NOT JUST WHO YOU KNOW, IT’S WHO THEY KNOW Myrna and I built our business on referrals. We have seven personally enrolled Executive Directors and 10 personally enrolled Senior Directors, and of those 17 business partners, 11 are folks we were introduced to because we asked someone for a referral. Start with 50 names on your contact list. Those 50 people will each know 50 people, and those 50 names can become 2,500 people you could talk to with a simple introduction from somebody you know. I can guarantee you that not every single person you know will partner with you, but I can also guarantee that everyone you know knows someone who will. Every no can lead to a yes when we make our contact feel comfortable in giving us a referral, so I’ll say



“Rock solid belief is the one single thing you can instill in your team that will help them more than anything else in achieving success.”

On the other hand, fear can be a great motivator. Think of what your future may be if you don’t do this business. To me, that’s a lot scarier than having to learn the new skill set of setting appointments! BUILD MENTAL MOTIVATORS I love that our team does Power Hours on Tuesday and Saturday, but I encourage a daily habit of making phone calls. Why? Because I don’t want my team to slip into the thought pattern that getting through Tuesday means you don’t have to make calls until Saturday. What if you got into the daily habit of saying, “I’m going to make enough calls and talk to enough people each day that I set at least one appointment.” If you cultivate a daily habit like that it will eventually seem like an easy thing to do and you will be a lot less likely to procrastinate about it. THERE ARE THREE Ps IN SUCCESS In making approaches and setting appointments, three things contribute to the right mindset. POSTURE Posture is confident enthusiasm, not the result of hype. People pick up on your energy or the lack of it in your voice, and your energy is affected by where you make your calls and your physical posture when you make them. I tend to be the type of person who walks around a lot, so I’m like that when I’m on the phone. I’d rather not sit, so I’ll walk around the backyard or around the office. Because I stand up and walk, I’m breathing deeply, I’m enthusiastic, and it comes across. Everyone is different—some of you call from the quietest place you can find in the house and it’s often the bathroom! Wherever you choose to make your calls, make sure you are energized and upbeat when you do. PREPAREDNESS Don’t just grab your contact list and your phone and dial numbers. Start with you . Have your schedule handy, as well as the schedule of anyone helping you with the Melaleuca Overview. Next, consider the person you’re calling and decide how they would best be introduced to Melaleuca. For example, if you’re calling a stay-at-home momwith little children, consider getting a few other moms together at her home on a Thursday morning while the kids are at school. Our team sometimes elects to do “business luncheons,” where they present the Overview to business people during lunch. Executive Director 5 Charles Stuetzel built his business on business luncheons! PARAPHRASE When I enrolled inMelaleuca I wrote down all the approaches of successful business builders

something like, “Hey, if it’s not for you, you might think of someone who would be perfect for me to talk to and I’d just appreciate any help I can get.” A no doesn’t have to stop with that one name on your list.


In creating a positive mindset of approaching people, all business builders need to get over a few things. TREPIDATION STOPS YOU BEFORE YOU START Trepidation is defined as “an anxious apprehension about something that may happen.” I love that word may — it’s the word I underlined in the definition. With success comes belief, and belief overrules trepidation, so it’s all about initiating a success cycle. With brand-new business builders we really need to help them get wins under their belt. With a few wins they have less trepidation, success leads to more action, more action leads to more success, and we can create momentumwith that. PROCRASTINATION DELAYS SUCCESS We tend toprocrastinateon thingswedon’t like. Sometimeswe’ve just got tomake the leapandbuildourwings aswefly.Whatever you think you’re theworst at doing, dive right into it. After all, this isn’t abusinesswhere youcanmake life-threateningmistakes. FEAR IS BEHIND INACTION We’ve all heard the old acronym for fear: False Expectations Appearing Real. The word “appearing” is the key word. Many of our fears aren’t real; they just appear real to us. I am fully convinced that with belief and confidence we could go out and enroll all of America in the next month. If we’re only separated by six degrees from everyone on the planet, we already have enough builders to enroll every household possible in the world in the next fewmonths. Get a calculator and do the math! If we had 10,000 people and charged themwith telling a few people each day, it wouldn’t take long to get to seven billion—so why don’t we? What is holding us back? Fear is a prison! The day you identify the fear holding you back is the day you get out of your prison.


and handed themout tomy team; instead of helping them it paralyzed them, so I decided to help themparaphrase instead. Here are some ideas I share with new builders: TECHNIQUES THAT WORK TIME, TIME WHY This means you first establish a time to meet and then you tell themwhy you’re meeting. I call this my furniture-moving approach because if I called and asked you to help me move a grand piano you’d say no , but if I called and asked if you were free to get coffee on Saturday you’d say yes . Then I would say I had an exciting idea I wanted to bounce off you. DIRECT QUESTION “Are you shopping at Melaleuca. com yet?” It’s such an easy question to ask and if their answer is no you can naturally segue into setting an appointment. You may say, “It’s like Amazon but with much better customer service and better products that are focused on wellness. I’ve got to show you this!” OFFER HELP OR LEAD WITH A NEED “Are you still working full time or have you found a way to be home with the kids yet?” If they say no , then you can tell them you’re calling to help themwith that. WORK YOUR STORY INTO IT When you share your own story, it’s authentic. Then when you say, “Here is the type of person I’m looking to partner with and here’s why I thought of you,” it not only helps them see themselves in your story, it also compliments them so they’re more willing to listen. MAKE TEXTING WORK FOR YOU To initiate contact, text them something brief like, “Hey, what’s up?” If they reply right back, ask if they have two minutes. If they say yes , then call them. I have found that 99 percent of the time, they’ll answer their phone. Do it this way because if you text to ask if they have a fewminutes right now to run something by them, they usually text back to talk to them later. BYPASS THE NO FEEL, FELT, FOUND If they voice an objection, respond with, “I understand, I felt that way too. But I found...” and then tell them how the business worked out for you. THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Agree with their objection. (“I understand. Most people are really busy.”) Then say something like, “I’ll show you howMelaleuca works and if you still feel like that then don’t do it, okay?” If you knew one hundred percent for sure that you would be at Convention 2019 walking across the stage at the status you envision getting to, how fast would you get started in achieving that status? What’s stopping you? Let’s just do it.


Instead of “home-based business” say “work from home” because people want to work from home. Instead of offering an “opportunity” say your “partner” or “team up” with others to help them. Instead of asking to “tell” them about Melaleuca—because then they want you to tell them right then on the phone—use words like “show” and “see” instead. I’ll say, “I want to show you something” or “I want you to see this” because if I’m on the phone I can’t show them something they need to see, right? It gives me an opportunity to book a time to meet with them. Resistance isn’t an objection it’s what you may get when you’re trying to book an appointment. Here are some words to help you avoid it.

The content of this article is a small excerpt from a Convention 2018 workshop. Each Convention is packed with practical, useful, and life-changing workshops like this. Register for Convention 2019 so you don’t miss out on powerful trainings that will change your business and change your life. Plus, you’ll get early pricing when you register now!


To book tickets visit...





The keystone of Melaleuca’s business model is the ability to generate reliable residual income. That doesn’t come from growth alone—it comes from having customers who shop for life. When you put your customers’ needs first, you’ll see how retention and growth work together to help you reach your goals.

Two Marketing Executives of the Year, Brooke Paulin and KristaWineinger, discuss how growth and retention are natural by products of a culture that cherishes each customer. *



KW When we started this business, our ultimate goal was residual income that would last forever, no matter what happened in our life. We knew the only way to get that is through customers. Sometimes you can get lost in the business, the advancements, the bonuses. But what it comes down to is the customer. If you don’t have a customer, we don’t have Melaleuca. BP The true key to building residual income is mastering the basics. Approaching the right way. I would never ask for a favor. We don’t teach our team to ask for favors—we ask them for solid approaches. Give a full Overview. Because we don’t want a customer just for now, we want a customer forever. If it doesn’t start there, then you have to do more work on the back end. There are no shortcuts.

*This transcript was taken from an hour-long video recording. Quotes have been trimmed and sometimes reordered for the purpose of this article.


Retention and Growth

Create an Organisation That Cherishes Customers: Always give a full Melaleuca Overview. Build an ongoing relationship with each of your personal customers. Help new customers set up their shopping account and place their first order. Call customers after they receive their first order to share in the excitement and ask if they have any questions or concerns. Offer to help customers place their second or third orders so they can experience the breadth of the products. Contact your customers after new products are launched so they know to try them in their next order. Be sure to call a customer if he or she ever receives a Backup Order. Repeatedly thank them for being your customer. Brooke likes to send a thank-you note in the summer and a gift at Christmas. She’ll also follow up with a phone call to ask if they received the gift, thank them again, and ask for referrals. Emphasise the importance of customers with all business builders. Krista explains the relationship between long-term customers and residual income in every Strategy Session. Do frequent team trainings on following up with customers. LH

KW You have to take care of new customers. They’re very vulnerable. They don’t know why they should be shopping with us instead of a big-box store. So it’s our job—and we get paid more in the first three months to take care of them. Write a thank-you note, call them to make sure they got their first order. Make sure everything went well. Help them place their order, help them set up their account. Taking a little bit of time out of your life to take care of customers pays you forever. BP The fortune is in the follow-up, 100%. You cannot train enough on the follow-up because sometimes a new builder doesn’t know what to do. We’ve got to get that to duplicate quickly. If we’re having a big month, we talk about following up even more. The best time to do it is when you’ve got all these enrollments coming in. If I can teach each builder to take care of their customers, then that’s taking care of our whole team. KW It doesn’t take a lot of time if you just put in a little effort. It can change everything.

BP Happy customers make a strong business.

KW You can grow very fast and you can build a super- strong foundational business at the same time. Best of both worlds.

National Director 9 Brooke Paulin was Marketing Executive of the Year along with her husband Jason in 2013 and 2014. Before starting their Melaleuca business, she and Jason owned a gym, so she’s passionate about health and fitness. Brooke and Jason live in Louisiana with their five children.

National Director and 2017 + 2018 Marketing Executive of the Year Krista Wineinger hails from the small town of Humboldt, Iowa, where she and her husband Jordan are raising their two sons. A former social worker, Krista loves empowering others and enhancing lives.



senior director

Senior Director 9 Judith Scott 2016 Mitsubishi ASX

Purchased in October 2018

"This is the second car that is now paid for by Melaleuca - it means the world to me that I don't have to worry about monthly repayments. " - Judith Scott

Imagine the thrill of driving a brand-new car … and knowing Melaleuca is paying for it! Marketing Executives across Australia and New Zealand feel this excitement every time they start their engines, thanks to Melaleuca’s Car Bonus Programme. What an incentive! LET MELALEUCA CAR BONUS


Real income enhancing lives

Executive Director 2 Esther Tevaga 2017 Nissan X-Trail

Executive Director 3 Sharlene Lesa 2017 Hyundai Tucson Highlander

Senior Director 8 Carole Sellar 2015 Ford Kuga

Senior Director 4 Jennifer Robinson 2014 Hyundai Veloster Plus

Executive Director 4 Bee Vaughan 2018 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

Executive Directors 3 Doug & Anne Glennie 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Senior and Executive Directors

GROW your business to Senior Director, then select your new car and apply for Melaleuca’s Car Bonus Programme! Active leaders receive the following monthly Car Bonus for qualifying vehicles at these statuses:

Senior Director $800 Executive Director $2,000 GROW your business and drive away in a new car!



It all starts with a phone call.

Want to speed the growth of your organization? Double your phone calls. Phone calls lead to appointments. Phone calls are the simple fuel that powers your business.


A new, independent study based on 20 years of international data reveals that cleaning your home as little as once a week with some common household cleaners is as damaging over time to respiratory health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years! Let’s learn a lesson from the history of cigarettes and their deadly impact on the health of millions of people. Don’t wait 50 years to switch from regular cleaners to EcoSense ® cleaning products!

In the 1920s smoking cigarettes was thought to be harmless by the general public. Today cigarettes are confirmed by thousands of independent researchers to be hazardous to your health. It took about 50 years for society to realise cigarettes are dangerous, then to respond with usage parameters, and finally to codify those parameters in law. Millions died from the effects of smoking before the evolution was complete. Recently, another kind of consumer product, once thought harmless, has been proven to be harmful: cleaning products with problematic ingredients



1850 Tobacconists are one of the first shops established on the goldfields in Victoria. 1900 Dr Harry Brookes Allen, Professor of Anatomy and Pathology at the University of Melbourne, noted that the number of deaths attributable to oral cancel rose significantly within 30 years. 1945 World War II gave cigarette smoking a boost and consumption had peaked during that period. 1950 First clear and unequivocal evidence of the links between smoking and lung cancer, as proved by Sir Richard Doll and Sir Austin Bradford Hill and documented in the paper: Smoking and Carcinoma of the Lung. 75% of Australian men and 25% Australian women were smokers at this time! 1973 Health warnings first mandated on all cigarette packs in Australia. Gough Whitlam of the Labor Government implemented a ban on direct tobacco advertising on radio and television. 1979 US Surgeon General's report noted that in the 15 years since the first report, more than 30,000 scientific papers provided further irrefutable evidence on the negative health consequences of smoking 1986 Report was released from the National Health and Medical Research Council: Effects of Passive Smoking on Health (1986). 1990 After intense lobbying by a range of health promotion groups, led by Cancer Councils across the country, the Tobacco Control Act 1990 came into force to regulate the sale and promotion of tobacco.


CIGARETTES became popular for both men and women in the 1920s. By 1950, around half the adult population smoked—consuming nearly 400,000,000,000 cigarettes per year. Cigarettes were advertised as refreshing and relaxing—even healthy. Ads picturing “tough guys” from Air Force pilots to race car drivers gave smoking an aspirational, masculine image. At the same time, glamorous models and actresses implied cigarettes were a key element of their feminine mystique. As the evils of smoking became better known, courtroom wars raged as tobacco brands fought liability lawsuits—the science was inconclusive, they argued. Millions of smokers became collateral damage to their greed.

https://www.tobaccoinaustralia.org.au/appendix-1/a1-6-history-of-tobacco-in-australia/a1-6-timeline.html http://www.tobaccoinaustralia.org.au/fandi/fandi/c03.htm https://www.acosh.org/law-policy/wa-tobacco-control-legislation/tobacco-legislation-and-policy-timeline/


CHEMICAL CLEANING COMPOUNDS—like cigarettes—have a history of popular use followed by a growing awareness of their harmful and sometimes deadly effects. Chlorine bleach, ammonia, and quaternary disinfectants are only three among many dangerous chemicals lurking in the regular cleaners. About 90% of child poisonings occur in the home. Each year, 180,000 calls are made to Poison Information Centres in Australia with about half of these relating to children. NOW WE KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT CLEANERS WITH CHEMICAL CLEANING COMPOUNDS.

After 20 years of data collection, the results were compiled and analyzed by a team of 28 researchers from 9 countries led by scientists at the University of Bergen in Norway. In March 2018, the study was published in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine . And it generated global media attention. While future legislation and warning labels will eventually shift the perception of the masses, you can act now. Dispose of any of your regular cleaners in a responsible manner and switch to EcoSense ® products. Don’t wait. Share what you know with those you care about. It took over half a century for the deadly effects of cigarettes to be fully acknowledged by the general public, by science, and by law. Let’s not wait 50 years to act on the knowledge that chemical cleaning compounds are dangerous to our health! 2018 An independent study concludes that cleaning with chemical cleaning compounds as little as once per week is as damaging over time to respiratory health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years!

CHLORINE BLEACH 1772 Swedish chemist C. W. Scheeles discovers chlorine, an essential ingredient in modern bleaches. 1913 The Electro-Alkaline Co. (name later changed to Clorox Chemical Company) sells chlorine bleach to institutional users only. 1947 Chlorine bleach starts to get accepted by households. 1997 Estimated 85% of Australian households use chlorine bleach. As usage grows, so do horrifying statistics of child poisonings. The accidental exposure to chlorine bleach is one of the most frequently received calls at Poison Information Centres involving children. AMMONIA This common household cleaner is an acknowledged toxin. Exposure to cleaning products containing ammonia can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, throat, respiratory tract, and skin. QUATERNARY DISINFECTANTS Recent research shows a rise in linking asthma to the use of cleaning products, and one particular ingredient linked with both the onset and increased rates of asthma is quaternary disinfectant compounds. Some also interfere with hormone functions.



TALK ABOUT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR. CIGARETTES continue to kill more than 7 million people each year with around 890,000 of these deaths linked to exposure to secondhand smoke that poisons the air with carbon monoxide, according The air we breathe in our home should be as clean as the home itself.

Melaleuca has known for 32 years what the lung damage study recently proved, and we continue to be a leader in creating toxin-free products. EcoSense ® products contain no dangerous chemicals and never will. Our EcoSense ® products continue to be the safer, effective, and more affordable choice.

to the World Health Organisation. Knowing that some ingredients in common household cleaners are equally as damaging to lung capacity, how can anyone continue to use dangerous chemicals at home?

Don’t wait! Switch to EcoSense products today.



JUNE 21 & 22, 2019 Mantra on Salt Beach– Kingscliff NSW

Live your life on your own terms and enjoy Financial Freedom

Advance your business to Director 3 for the first time: - Hold status for 3 months. Two ways to qualify as fully hosted: Qualifying Period: October 2018 – April 2019

Receive the training and guidance you need to help you advance your business to Senior Director – and have lots of fun along the way! Attend this fabulous event fully hosted – Melaleuca will arrange flights from your capital city, 2 nights’ accommodation and 2 days of exclusive training with all meals included!

1. 2.

Develop 2 x Personally Enrolled Director 3s: - You must be a Commission Rate Director 4 or above on 30 April 2018.






When people don’t care for the planet, she rages with a vengeance. Our mission is to help you powerfully clean your home, your dishes, and your laundry, without the harsh, toxic chemicals used by national brands. Melaleuca is proud to offer safer, more effective, nontoxic EcoSense ® cleaning products that never put you, your family, or the environment at risk! And keep Mother Nature calm and happy.

Stay on nature’s good side.



What to Say on Social Media Understanding the policies that protect your business

with Kevin Sommer Senior VP of Business Development

Social media. Either you love it or you hate it. The funny thing about social media is that everybody is an expert. I conduct job interviews almost weekly. I look at the résumés that come in and it’s funny how many people list that they’re a social media guru because they have a Facebook account. With all these different opinions about social media, it can be tough to help everyone understand why Melaleuca does things the way we do and why we are who we are. I was interviewing a young woman the other day and she said, “I was looking at Melaleuca’s social media presence and I feel like if we did this, this, this, and this, Melaleuca could become a household name.” That’s exactly what we don’t want. I’m certain someday Melaleuca will be a household name, but we want to get the word out by word-of- mouth, not by blasting on social media. When you approach somebody for the first time, we want them to say, “Mela what ?” Otherwise, if they’ve seen posts about Melaleuca blasted all over social media a bunch of times, they think they already know everything there is to know about Melaleuca. They’ve already formed an opinion. The opportunity for you to paint the picture of what Melaleuca really is and who we are is lost. Use social media to build meaningful relationships—the same way you would in real life. The first time you talk to someone in real life, you don’t immediately ask them if they are interested in a business opportunity or tell them how much you make. First, build the relationship and get to know the person. Discover their needs and then help them see how Melaleuca can help.


Be consistent with what people expect. When someone friends you on Facebook, what do they expect to see? Why did they friend you? They didn’t do it to hear a business opportunity. Your personal page should feel like a glimpse into your personal life—not a commercial. Post things your friends who don’t have a Melaleuca business would post. None of your contacts should be able to identify you as a Melaleuca Marketing Executive by your public social media presence—whether that’s an individual post or by reading between the lines on many of your posts. Sometimes some good-meaning builders who have learned bad habits in other places come here and they can fall into some traps because they don’t know better. We rely on our leaders to make sure everyone on their team understands how Melaleuca is different so they don’t fall into any of those traps. Every public communication you make impacts all Marketing Executives and their reputation as a whole. It only takes one or two people to mess things up for all of us. That’s why we’re serious about making sure we have a healthy, growing business and a great opportunity today and 50 years from now. Before you post something, ask yourself why you’re posting it. If your goal is to have someone immediately message you or comment wanting to know more, STOP. That’s the wrong approach. If your intention is to foster relationships and create genuine curiosity so YOU can proactively approach your contacts when the time is right, then you’re on the right track. My job is to make sure we’re not taking any shortcuts that will damage this business in the future. For over three decades, Melaleuca has been careful to make sure that overzealous Marketing Executives do not “burn the fields.” That’s why the message of Melaleuca is as fresh today as it was in 1985! If you are serious about building a business to last a lifetime, you will have that opportunity. We will get there together.




For over three decades, Melaleuca has been careful to make sure that overzealous Marketing Executives do not “burn the fields.” That’s why the message of Melaleuca is as fresh today as it was in 1985!




SAVE 22% IN NOVEMBER Lemongrass

Cymbopogon Flexuosus

EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam distillation AROMA: Clean, sugary citrus, slightly sour

HOW CAN I USE IT? PURE ™ Lemongrass helps freshen rooms for a relaxing atmosphere • Always dilute with PURE™ Coconut or Sweet Almond Carrier Oil before use • PURE ™ Lemongrass can be used to massage • Diffuse indoors or outdoors with 5 -7 drops to your humidifier as a natural perfume HISTORY: The Lemongrass herb has stalks that are fibrous and smell much like lemons. In an essential oil, the scent of Lemongrass is fresh and light with a hint of lemon. It was believed that the news about the Lemongrass plant and its essential oils began to spread quickly in 1905, when a Sri Lankan researcher by the name of J.F. Jovit acquired several “Kochin Sera” plants (Cymbopogon citrates) from South India and planted them at a farm in order to conduct research. Lemongrass was eventually commercially cultivated in Florida and Haiti in 1947.

WHAT SHOULD I BLEND IT WITH?: PURE ™ Lemongrass pairs well with grapefruit, lavender, lemon, marjoram, melaleuca, patchouli, rosemary, and ylang-ylang


Melaleuca offers a full range of 100% pure essential oils, at a level of quality and purity that is second to none.


’Tis the season.

Sei Bella® Root Lifting Spray

Sei Bella® Lip Butter

Sei Bella® Mini Nail Sets

THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALMOST HERE! And Melaleuca is ready to help you celebrate the season in style with exclusive, limited-time looks, flavours, and fragrances. Get special holiday savings and gifts that will bless and brighten every home. All of these and much more are available starting November 1— while supplies last!

Sei Bella® Intense Eye Shadow Palette

Petite Bath Bar - Shea Butter 3pk

Sei Bella® CC Brightening Crème

Sun Valley® Hawaiian Holiday Personal Care Bundle

Koala Pals Bubble Bath



DIRECTOR Keep watching each month for these fast-moving achievers—will your business be here next? ACHIEVEMENT LEADERS August 2018

September 2018

Janet & Vaea Lang-Siu, QLD, Senior Directors

Agnes Faamita Lui, VIC, Directors 2

Doug & Anne Glennie, QLD, Executive Directors 3

Doug & Anne Glennie, QLD, Executive Directors 3

Andriana & Steve Demir, VIC, Directors 3

Siosiana Denham, NSW, Director

Baby & Ieremia Tuapola, NSW, Directors 5

Rhianna Moussa, SA, Director 3

Karen & Matthew Buttery, VIC, Senior Directors 2

Agnes Faamita Lui, VIC, Director

Esau & Iaeli Galu Futi, QLD, Directors 3

Robyn Boyle & Bohden Wharton, QLD, Directors 9

Esau & Iaeli Galu Futi, QLD, Director

Andriana & Steve Demir, VIC, Directors 2

Wayne & Michelle Smith, SA, Directors 3

Robyn Boyle & Bohden Wharton, QLD, Directors 9


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