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THE COVER Class of 2022 Rising Stars – story on page 10

CHANNELS ENVIRONMENTAL + SUSTAINABILITY 22 Texas Solar Farms Providing Bright Futures Face New Tariff Threat 24 Designing Resilient Port & Intermodal Yards with Geosynthetics STRUCTURES + BUILDINGS 26 Can Prefabrication Play a Role on the Path to Net-Zero? 28 A New Home for the Performing Arts in Orlando TRANSPORTATION + INFRASTRUCTURE 31 New Yorkers Ready to Welcome The Holy Rail 32 The Road to Opportunity: Cleveland’s Opportunity Corridor, Section 3 35 L.A. Metro’s Purple Line Extension Project Will Reshape Daily Commute for Los Angeles SOFTWARE + TECH 39 AMC Bridge Advances Real- Time Generative Design Technology: Desktop Metal’s Live Parts Case Study 41 Smooth Finishes: Paving, 3D and the Road to Autonomy UNMANNED SYSTEMS 43 Understanding The Opportunities for AI-Cameras and LiDAR for Smart Road Infrastructure SURVEYING 44 Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Increase Construction Efficiency 46 New Prism Pole System Provides Significant Time Savings

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Columns 5 Industry Insights: Brick by Brick: How to Inspire the Next Rising Star John Bray 6 Looking Back, Moving Forward: The Future is Written in the Stars Luke Carothers



May 2022


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May 2022

Industry insights

Brick by Brick: How to Inspire the Next Rising Star

“I avoid grandiose plans. I start with a small piece that I can do. I go to the root of the problem and then work around it. It's building brick by brick.” - Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Award Winner It is no secret that the AEC industry has been experiencing a labor shortage for the last 15+ years. My work at Zweig Group as an Advisor to both Executive Search and Mergers & Ac- quisitions (M&A) clients has given me a unique perspective on how growing companies have tried to combat these forces through both organic and inorganic growth (also known as M&A).

John Bray

The issue predominantly began following the financial crisis of 2008, where many Engineering companies were forced to lay off large portions of their employees due to the negative effects of the recession. This problem has been exacerbated in recent years by low numbers of graduating students that have entered the AEC industry. How do we reverse this trend and inspire the current generation of students to become the next generation of impactful Engineers? There are a number of ways to get involved as you will see below but, to get to the root of the problem, it’s building brick by brick. Our mission at Zweig Group is to Elevate the AEC Industry. One of the five tenets of this mission is to Celebrate the incredible achievements of firms and individuals within our industry. While Chief Executives and rapidly growing firms deserve a lot of the praise; we believe it is equally important, if not more so, for Engineering firms to recognize and celebrate the achievements of their younger staff members as well. Zweig Group’s Rising Stars Award gives Engineering companies the opportunity to nominate their talented young staff members to receive rec- ognition for the positive impact they are having on the Civil and Structural Engineering Community. In honor of this year’s Rising Stars Award Winners, here are a few ways that your firm can start (or continue) to take action and encourage young people to pursue a career in Civil or Structural Engineering. Who knows, they could even turn into a Zweig Group Rising Star at your firm one day. 1. Celebrate the achievements of young people in your company - how does your firm treat younger, less experienced employees? Are they an afterthought or a top priority? In what ways do you show them that they are a critical aspect of your future success? You should be nominating your young staff members for awards like Zweig Group’s Rising Stars and others; share their accomplishments on LinkedIn and other social me - dia; give admiration and personal shout-outs internally after a job well done. You need to be doing everything you can to show the next generation of engineers that young people in our industry are doing some really cool stuff, and that they could join the movement. 2. Encourage a culture of diversity and inclusion within your firm and the AEC industry. According to a survey of Generation Z students that was released by Monster in April 2022 - 33 percent of college graduates in 2021 and 2022 would not even apply for a job if they did not see a company’s commitment to diversity in the job posting. Additionally, roughly a quarter of respondents said they would not apply for a position if they did not see diversity in leadership (26 percent), and women in leadership roles (24 percent). When college graduates are looking at your website, job posting, etc. – how would your company fare in these areas? Are you doing everything you can to foster an inclusive environment and promote diversity within all levels of your organization? These are absolutely things that the next generation of Engineers will be looking for in their future employers. 3. Highlight the positive impact that your firm’s projects have on the environment - young people, STEAM students especially, care more about preserving our planet perhaps more than anything else. They want to play a role in creating positive environmental change on Earth. As Civil and Structural Engineers, your firms have a profound impact in shaping the sustainable society of the future. That is an incredibly exciting opportunity for anyone who is making a decision on their future career path. Are you committed to sustainability as a company? Is there more you can do to engrain that commitment into your culture? What are you doing to highlight and market the positive impact that your firm has on the environment? 4. Be active in your local student communities - I recently had the opportunity to be a presenting speaker at the Highland Park High School Science and Technology Festival in March 2022. I was surprised to see that none of the other 30 or so speakers at the event were from Civil or Structural Engineering companies, in spite of the fact that Dallas’ feats of modern engineering are often lauded in media and publications. What is your firm doing to connect with young students who are trying to decide on a future career path? 5. Enhance your branding and marketing - When was the last time you spruced up your logo and marketing messages? What type of investments has your firm made in Marketing over the last 3-5 years? Young people don’t want to work for a firm with a stale message and outdated look. It is important to take adequate time to develop and implement a thoughtful marketing strategy. Hire a branding consultant; study successful brands both within and outside of theAEC industry; constantly assess and improve your mission, vision, and values to ensure they are indicative of the culture you want to embrace; You need to make it a priority to create a company brand that is unique and captures the attention of the next generation.

JOHN BRAY is an M&A Advisor at Zweig Group. If you want to talk, reach out at jbray@zweiggroup.com.


May 2022


There has been no shortage of works throughout human history that try to define the relationship between humans and the stars in the night sky. Our earliest ancestors looked up at the stars and saw patterns that reflected their own lives, crafting stories to understand the worlds contained in the sky above them. As soon as we developed the technical capacity for doing so, we erected monuments that mirrored the positions of the sun, moon, and stars. At the same time Stonehenge was being built in England, between 3000 and 1520 BCE, ziggurats were serving a similar purpose across the world in Babylonia. Still further away, in modern day Mexico, the Maya people utilized a dome-shaped struc- ture called El Caracol for the same purposes. These early construction projects are exemplary of our ancient need to understand the sky above us. While there is no evidence to suggest that these ancient structures served any scientific purpose, they were able to reflect the sky above us in a way that our ancestors could better understand, bringing what once must have seemed so very far away just a little closer. Later in history, advances in not only astrology but also engineering and construction allowed civilizations to further advance their study of the heavens. By the early 9th century CE, several early scientific tools had been developed to help accurately measure the positions of heavenly bod- ies. The Islamic world was at the forefront of these developments, with several notable observatories being erected in Damascus and Baghdad. Perhaps the most notable of these early Islamic observatories is the Ulugh Beg Observatory in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Although the exact date is unknown, construction on the Ulugh Beg Observatory began some time during the 1400s CE when Ulugh Beg, the city’s ruler, invited a number of notable astronomers, mathematicians, and architects to help design and construct the structure. Built on a hill 21 meters above the ground, the observatory contains a cylindrical structure with a height of roughly 33 meters that contained a sextant. The weight and height of the sextant compromised the strength of the brick walls, so half of the sextant was constructed below ground, reducing the height of the building and strain on its walls. Using these architectural and astronomical advancements, Ulugh Beg was able to correct several mistakes made by the legendary astronomer Ptolemy. Our quest to understand the heavens was further aided in the 17th century CE when Galileo developed the first optical telescope. Further devel- opments led to the first observatories being built with telescopes, with their motion being entirely limited to movement along a single plane. By aligning this movement along the local meridian, astronomers could time the passing of stars based on the Earth’s rotation, greatly improving the accuracy of position measurements. Not satisfied, humanity again sought answers from the stars. By the 20th century, telescope technology afforded astronomers a much broader and clearer view of the night sky. In 1916, the Canadian government started work on the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in British Columbia. When completed, the observatory housed a groundbreaking reflecting telescope nearly constructed on an asymmetrical mount, giving it access to most of the night sky with movement being provided by mechanical ball bearings. This groundbreaking telescope weighs nearly 42 tonnes and is 1.83-meters in length. To house this telescope, a cylindrical construction was topped by a domed roof with arched slat openings to allow access to the sky. Since its completion, the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory has hosted many of the greatest achievements in our quest to understand the stars. For example, this structure allowed Canadian astronomer John Stanley Plaskett to demonstrate that the Milky Way is rotating, while also accu- rately measuring its size, mass, and rotational speed. Achievements such as these are significant steps in the evolution of our human quest for understanding. Our earliest ancestors looked at the heavens and studied them, coming to an understanding that the movement of heavenly bodies has a definite impact on our lives. These generations knew the heavens shared some patterns with the natural world, and they constructed structures– temples, sundials, stone markers–as well as stories to make sense of what patterns they found. As our understanding of engineering, architecture, and con- struction grew, we paired those pursuits with our need to understand the stars. Throughout history, from our earliest ancestors to now–in every part of the world–we seek to utilize our understanding of design and technology to know more about the worlds contained in the sky above us. Although we no longer color our exploration and knowledge of the stars with tales of gods and heroes, our fascination is still enraptured in the belief that the stars will tell us what is next for humanity. Our ancestors looked to the stars to answer their questions about the next harvest, war, or migration. In the same way, we now look at the stars to answer our questions about exploring and inhabiting new planets and finding other intelligences that share our yearning for the stars. Luke Carothers looking back, moving forward The Future is Written in the Stars

LUKE CAROTHERS is the Editor for Civil + Structural Engineer Media. If you want us to cover your project or want to feature your own article, he can be reached at lcarothers@zweiggroup.com.



May 2022

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events + virtual Events

may 2022

The Principals Academy june 16-17 – Miami, FL

The Principals Academy is Zweig Group’s flagship training program encompassing all aspects of managing a professional AEC service firm. Elevate your ability to lead and grow your firm at this impactful two-day program designed to inspire and inform existing and emerging AEC firm leaders in key areas of firm management leadership, financial management, recruiting, marketing, business development, and project management. Learning and networking at this premiere event challenges traditional seminar formats and integrates participatory idea exchange led by Zweig Group’s CEO Chad Clinehens, PE, and Zweig Group's Managing Principal, Jamie Claire Kiser. Zweig Group’s leadership team draws from our 30+ year history working with AEC firms to teach the latest approaches to managing and operating successful firms – using our comprehensive data set of industry benchmarks and best practices. The Principals Academy is like a two-day mini-MBA for design and technical professionals and is the most impactful two days you can spend learning to build your career and your firm. https://zweiggroup.com/products/the-principals-academy-2023 HxGN LIVE Global 2022 promises to be our best conference yet with a hybrid in-person and virtual event taking place from 20-23 June 2022. The programme will be structured around audience-centric summit topics enabling you to discover and learn about innovative technologies and proven solutions driving our autonomous future forward in your professional field. This format will serve as a platform for inspiring thought-leadership discussions and a springboard for building customer communities around each summit topic. Whether you join us in Las Vegas or attend our virtual event from your home or office, you’ll have exclusive access to all that HxGN LIVE Global has to offer. https://hxgnlive.com/global HxGN Live Global june 20-23 – Las Vegas, NV The 2022 AEC Executive Roundtable is a unique opportunity for AEC firm leaders to engage and interact with industry peers to discuss current issues facing firms today, explore industry trends and next practices, and confront the biggest challenges they face leading their firms. Through a combination of short informative presentations and panel discussions, along with multiple topic focused roundtables, this event will allow leaders to truly find the knowledge and insight they are looking for. Zweig Group’s leadership team moderates the program, guiding group conversations, encouraging integration, and networking, and ensuring attendees gain valuable insight, new ideas and tools – and a new network of colleagues – to foster effective leadership at their respective firms. Come prepared to discuss your biggest challenges and successes during this highly interactive session. With you in control of the subject matter, roundtable discussions strike at the heart of what you need to effect change in your organization. https://zweiggroup.com/products/aec-executive-roundtable-2022 AEC Executive Roundtable june 22-24 – Dallas, TX

2022 CFSEI Expo may 16-18 – Denver, CO

The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI) will host the 2022 CFSEI Expo on May 16-18, 2022 at The Curtis – a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Denver, Colorado. After two years, the Expo returns to an in-person format that will include several educational sessions; announcements of the CFSEI Design Excellence and Creative Detail Award winners and the John P. Matsen Distinguished Service Award winner; and an exposition featuring state-of-the-art innovations, technologies and principles in cold-formed steel framing. https://www.buildusingsteel.org/2022/03/2022-cfsei-expo-to-be-held- may-16-18-in-denver/ The twelve topics selected was guided by good practice design including consideration for how structural design and applicable codes, material properties, and well-defined professional specifications can impact in-service outcomes. Participants will earn 15-hours of continuing education credit (1.5 CEUs) and a certificate at the completion of the course. The audience for this course is engineers involved in the design of wood construction projects, residential designers, metal-plate- connected (MPC) wood truss designers, engineered wood product (EWP) designers, general contractors, and building code officials, plan reviewers and inspectors. https://www.cpe.vt.edu/sdtwc/index.html Structural Design Topics in Wood Construction may 17-18 – BLACKSBURG, VA It's back! Join us at Simulation World to discover how simulation enables creators to explore limitless possibilities and take advantage of digital transformation opportunities. Simulation World 2022 is the first in a series of events planned for this year designed to inspire and educate executives, engineers, R&D, and manufacturing professionals about how engineering simulation strategies are helping innovators Take a Leap of Certainty to bring their world-changing ideas to life. https://www.simulationworld.com/?promo=7013g000000HVi6AAG& tr=true&utm_campaign=brand&ut m_medium=media-referral&utm_ source=cs-engineering&utm_content=digital_sim-world-2022_free event-listing_event-virtual_register_na_en_global june 2022 BAEC's mission is to empower Architecture, Engineering, and Construction financial leaders to be better equipped to guide their firms to greater value. The BAEC Summit will provide practical, focused information ideal for connection, communication, and collaboration between the AEC disciplines. https://baecsummit.com/ Simulation World 2022 may 18 – Virtual The Principals Academy june 12-14 – Scottsdale, AZ



May 2022

july 2022 Elevating Doer-Sellers july 14-15– Houston, TX

SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2022 september 26-30– Vancouver, BC

Built for SketchUppers by SketchUppers, 3D Basecamp is where modelers of all levels come to learn and share their 3D skills. During 3D Basecamp, the best of the best share their tips, workflows and extensions. Whether you are just getting started or polishing your skills, the learning sessions at 3D Basecamp are jam-packed with knowledge that will enhance your workflow and get you modeling better in no time. Without a doubt, you'll walk away with something new. Sessions and training cover a variety of industries, topics and skill levels. We attract the best trainers and experts to be your SketchUp sherpas at 3D Basecamp. Discover what is possible when you are surrounded by people who inspire you. https://3dbasecamp.sketchup.com October 2022 Following a record-breaking UAS Summit & Expo in 2021, we are ready to build off last year’s excitement in the Sili-Drone valley,” said Dayna Bastian, program coordinator for UAS Magazine and the UAS Summit & Expo. “Drone usage is increasing rapidly, and we are looking to showcase presentations reflecting a variety of sectors including counter-drone, emergency management, agriculture, military operations, government and commercial usage and operations, research UAS Summit & Expo October 4-5 – Grand Forks, ND

Business Development for AEC Professionals equips professionals in architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental firms to grow the business while serving clients. Elevating Doer-Seller 2022 is hosted by three industry leaders: Chad Clinehens, PE, Dan Williams, PE, and Stephanie Warino, P.G., WV LRS, PMP. This interactive seminar presents business development techniques proven to drive value in your firm. Rooted in data and case studies, Elevating Doer-Sellers focuses on what works in today’s AEC firm utilizing practical and proven techniques that resonate across your organizational chart. https://zweiggroup.com/products/elevating-doer-sellers-2022 August 2022 Practical leadership skills are vital to the health and success of every company in any industry. Effective leaders motivate their teams to achieve exceptional results, inspire others to be better than they thought possible, and create an environment where their team is focused and working towards a common vision. Zweig Group’s team of management experts – who have extensive experience working with AEC firms providing solutions to the challenges facing AEC firms today – deliver practical solutions that technical professionals can put to work immediately to lead their firms to success. https://zweiggroup.com/products/leadership-skills-for-aec- professionals-2022 september 2022 Leadership Skills for AEC Professionals August 11-12 – New Orleans, la

and development, and more. www.TheUASsummit.com November 2022 Trimble Dimensions+ November 7-9 – Las Vegas, NV

Dimensions is going beyond what you’ve seen before. We’re taking things to a new level, bringing the digital and physical worlds together like never before. We’re going from Dimensions to Dimensions+. Trimble Dimensions+ is more than a conference. It's about making better connections. Sharing knowledge through planned and unexpected interactions. Meeting with old and new friends from your industry and beyond. https://www.trimble.com/en/our-company/news-and-events/ dimensions/overview

Commercial UAV expo september 6-8 – las vegas, nv

Commercial UAV Expo Americas is the definitive event for professionals integrating or operating commercial UAS. With top- notch education, thousands of attendees, and more exhibitors than any other commercial drone event, it’s the best opportunity of the year for anyone who needs to keep up with commercial UAS technology,

trends, and developments. https://www.expouav.com/

ElevateAEC Conference & Awards Gala september 14-16– las vegas, nv

The 2022 ElevateAEC Conference and Awards Gala registration is open for the annual in-person conference in Las Vegas, September 14-16. Celebrate the iconic black-tie awards gala 2022 winners of the Hot Firm list, Best Firms To Work For, Marketing Excellence, Rising Stars, Top New Ventures and the Jerry Allen Courage In Leadership Awards. Register now for the AEC industry’s top IN-PERSON learning and networking event of the year. https://zweiggroup.com/pages/annual-in-person-elevate-leadership-summit


May 2022


It's awards season– the time of the year we start honoring and cel- ebrating some of the amazing accomplishments of people and firms in the AEC Industry. There is no better way to start than by recognizing those young professionals who have already made an impact through exceptional technical capability, leadership ability, effective teaching or research, or public service. The 2022 Rising Stars in the AEC Industry have benefited the design profession, their employers, project owners, and society. Our winners this year hold a diverse skill set and technical capabilities and have done outstanding work in their communities. They are already leaders and mentors in their firms, bringing new ideas, practices, and impacts beyond their technical capabilities. They come from all over North America and beyond–from Guam to New York, from Houston to Chi - cago. This year we have everyone from Presidents and Principals of firms to EIT Civil Engineers. This shows that no matter where you are in a company, you can be a Rising Star in this industry. I also want to take the time to acknowledge all of the people who nomi- nated all of our winners and those who did not win this year. Recogni- tion of a young professional's accomplishments, skill, leadership, etc. can go a long way in that young professional’s career. The knowledge that there is someone out there who recognizes what they are doing and takes the time to nominate them for an award like this is very important. I would encourage everyone to try to think of that young professional in your firm that deserves this type of credit. Letting the next generation of leaders know that their work is getting noticed is not only good for their career but can be very helpful for the long term success of your firm.

Through our awards program, we also recognize revenue growth with our Hot Firm List. We recognize outstanding marketing through our Marketing Excellence Awards. We recognize those who are showing courageous leadership with our highest professional honor, The Jerry Allen Courage In Leadership Award. We honor those new firms who are already making an impact with our Top New Venture Award. And we honor those firms impacting their employee’s live by creating great workplaces with our Best Firms To Work For award. We will be announcing and celebrating these winners over the next few months culminating with our awards celebrations at the 2022 Elevate AEC Conference in Las Vegas. Zweig Group’s Awards are at the center of one of the five tenets of our vision, Elevate the Industry; that tenant is “Celebrate.” There is so much good that this industry brings to the built environment and to the lives of the people who work in it. We want to celebrate the firms, people, and accomplishments of the AEC Industry. These awards give the winning firms and people the recognition that they deserve in an industry that is often overlooked by society. The winners of our awards truly do help to elevate the industry as a whole. Cel- ebrate your success, celebrate your accomplishments, celebrate your employees, and help Zweig Group Elevate the Industry.

KYLE AHERN is the Awards Manager at Zweig Group. He can be reached at kahern@zweiggroup.com.



May 2022

Rising Stars in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Water Resources Project Manager Thomas & Hutton Mt. Pleasant, SC

Hillary Aton started her career at Thomas & Hutton in 2015 as a Water Resources Designer and quickly advanced to a Project Engineer within two years and Project Manager by 2020. Aton oversees various civil and water-resources related projects, from initiation through design and construction, serving multiple clients , including many local government agencies. Aton’s success is driven by a positive attitude and a sense of pride and responsibility, which has allowed her to grow and step into the role of master communicator, presenting project updates to stakeholders at neighborhood meetings, local government councils, HOAs, and private developers with ease. Accomplishments/Projects: Drainage Improvement Studies - Forest Acres (City of Charleston), Phase 3 Drainage (City of Isle of Palms), Old Village (Town of Mount Pleasant), and Arbor Oaks (Town of Summerville), SCE&G Williams Station Spill Prevention (Berkeley County), Volvo Manufacturing Plant (Berkeley County) Education: MS in Civil Engineering, Clemson University, BS in Civil and Envi - ronmental Engineering, The Citadel Professional/Public Service: Berkeley County Habitat for Humanity, American Society of Civil Engineers, Member, Environmental Water Resources Institute, Member, American Public Works Association, Lowcountry Branch Secretary, Na - tional Association of Women in Construction, Palmetto Chapter, Founding Member

Hillary Aton, PE

Market Director–Transportation and Water Ulteig Fargo, ND

Aaron Lauinger’s 16-year history serving Midwest and Western clients covers multiple civil engineering disciplines. He has transformed Ulteig’s transportation and water sectors, serving as market director since 2017. His strategic leadership resulted in new markets in Colorado and Texas, resulting in a 90 percent growth rate and service offering expansions through new traffic, environmental, and bridge teams. Aaron created the “Energy and Infrastructure” podcast and published thought leadership on electric vehicle impacts to the AEC industry. Aaron has a passion for teaching, mentorship, coaching, and advocating for diversity and women in engineering. Accomplishments/Projects: Williston Basin International Airport (XWA), Project Executive Education: BS in Civil Engineering, North Dakota State University Professional/Public Service: American Council of Engineering Companies, North Dakota, CEO/Key Transportation Principal Committee, ACEC National, Energy and Water, Engineering Change Labs, Planning Committee, AWWAMember

Aaron Lauinger


May 2022 csengineermag.com

Rising Stars in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Civil Engineer EnTech Engineering, PC New York, NY

Rima Abisaad began her career at EnTech Engineering by providing design de- vices for the firm’s civil engineering team, but her passion for continuous learning and research soon distinguished her as a leader in the field. Abisaad is driven to transportation engineering because it combines the civil and traffic engineering disciplines, which allows her to focus her work on creating sustainable designs that keep people safe and get them where they need to be. Abisaad represents a rising generation of transportation engineering professionals that is ready to take on cur- rent and future challenges such as climate change and increased use of electric and smart technologies. Accomplishments/Projects: Van Wyck Expressway Expansion, JFK Airport Ter - minal One, Civil3D Modeling, Project Lead Education: PhD in Transportation Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technol- ogy, BS in Civil Engineering, Lebanese American University, Beirut Professional/Public Service: Transportation Club of NJIT, member, NJIT Intel- ligent Transportation Society, President, NJIT Institute of Transportation Engi- neers, President

Rima Abisaad, PhD, EIT

Project Manager JQ Engineering, LLP Dallas, TX

Conner Maines has been able to rise rapidly in the Structural Engineering industry based on his demonstrated capacities for project design and management, leader - ship, and public service. An in-depth knowledge and grasp of technical issues has allowed Maines to participate in some of the more complex public sector projects undertaken by his firm. In just under three years with JQ Engineering, Maines has held management duties on many complex projects in both design and construction administration phases. Throughout his career, Maines has also been passionate about the positive impact our profession has on society, working with students at his hometown high school. Accomplishments/Projects: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport/Terminal D Expansion, Construction Administration Manager. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility, Project Manager and Structural Engineer of Record. Public Safety Building/Weatherford TX, Project Manager and Structural Engineer of Record Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University, ME in Civil Engi - neering, Texas A&M University Professional/Public Service: American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), Committee on Manuals, Voting Member, Structural Engineers Association of Tex - as (SEAoT), Member, JQ Community Outreach, Co-Founder of the Waxahachie Dulin Memorial Scholarship

Conner R. Maines, PE, NSSA AP



May 2022

Rising Stars in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Managing Partner Universal Engineering Services Las Vegas, NV

James Bristow is a professional engineer actively involved in improving his com - munity socially, economically, and environmentally. An experienced leader who manages significant projects and teams, Bristow currently serves as a Managing Partner at Universal Engineering Services (UES). As a part of the fastest growing architecture, engineering and construction firm in North America, James Bristow has proven himself to be a critical leader. Additionally, he has demonstrated a passion for fostering rich opportunities for career path development among young engineering professionals by participating in multiple industry and professional boards. Accomplishments/Projects: Las Vegas Convention Center, Phase II Expansion, UnCommons Development Project, Las Vegas, Project Neon Highway Education: BA in Political Science, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, MS in Civil Engineering, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Professional/Public Service: Green Our Planet, Board of Directors, American Concrete Institute (ACI), Examiner, Nevada Contractors Association, Voting Member, NAIOP, Government Affairs Committee

James Bristow, PE

Group Leader/Project Manager Thomas & Hutton Mt. Pleasant, SC

John Winters joined Thomas & Hutton in 2015 and has 16 years of experience in recreational, golf course, resort, traditional neighborhood, mixed-used, commer- cial, retail and industrial planning and design. Winters has a penchant for not only understanding the tasks at hand, but also seeing them through to completion. He is notably adept at guiding his team through the client’s needs and challenges to create a mutual understanding of the project’s objective for the end-user. At the heart of Winters' work at Thomas & Hutton is a desire to create timeless spaces for people by balancing community, culture, and nature. Accomplishments/Projects: Daniel Island Waterfront Park, Landscape Archi - tecture Project Manager, Shem Creek Phase 3 Improvements, Landscape Archi - tecture Project Manager Battery Park Pedestrian Bridge, Landscape Architecture Project Manager Education: BS in Landscape Architecture, Mississippi State University, European Institute of Golf Course Architecture Professional/Public Service: Leadership Charleston, Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, Member

John Winters, PLA


May 2022 csengineermag.com

Rising Stars in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Site Development Department Manager Croy Marietta, GA

Scott McNally has repeatedly shown a capacity for leadership and responsibility, and was named head of Croy’s Site Development department in 2021. In his first year in this role, McNally set records for both utilization and departmental profit. In this role, McNally leads a team of seven individuals who are both younger and older than him. McNally also demonstrates his leadership qualities through men- torship by diligently tracking key metrics, strategic planning and workload sharing, commitment to quality, and a positive team attitude. Accomplishments/Projects: Greystone Power Headquarters Campus, Lead De - sign–layout, grading, and detention pond design, Kennesaw Depot Part, Project Engineer, Powder Springs Downtown Greenspace, Project Engineer Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Georgia Southern University Professional/Public Service: ACEC Georgia, Future Leaders Program, Cobb Chamber of Commerce, Next Generation Mentoring Program, Leadership Pauld - ing, Participant

Scott McNally, PE

Director of Civil Engineering Ulteig Greenwood Village, CO

Andria (Andi) Schmid was promoted to Director of Civil Engineering for Ulteig Engineers, Inc. in late 2020, overseeing eight engineering teams that comprised 110 employees. Since taking this position, Schmid has grown into one of the stron - gest leaders in the rapidly growing firm, consistently demonstrating her ability to build organizational cohesion, competence, and resilience. In this time, she has increased net service revenue 32 percent year over year, successfully hiring more than 20 new employees. Schmid also established and leads a women’s Employee Support Group (ESG) to provide support to this critical, under-represented group of employees. Accomplishments/Projects: CDOT Region 1 Fall River Road Project, Project Manager, I-70 EB Peak Period Shoulder Lane Project, CDOT Project Manager Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Colorado School of Mines Professional/Public Service: American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Colorado, Member, Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) Colorado, Member

Andria Schmid, PE



May 2022

Rising Stars in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Senior Project Manage The VERTEX Companies, Inc. Freehold, NJ

Victoria “Tori” Spina has quickly risen through the career development stages at VERTEX, demonstrating the professional drive and work ethic that is consistent with the company’s highest level of project management practices. She currently managers multiple staff members in New Jersey and Maryland in a way that em- bodies VERTEX’s core value of caring for your team. Tori Spina consistently demonstrates a sense of urgency, is always willing to take on new challenges, and develops high quality deliverables. Education: BS in Earth and Environmental Science, Lehigh University, MS in Management and Organization, University of Colorado (Sp. 2024) Professional/Public Service: Society of Environmental Insurance Professionals, Young Professionals, Development

Victoria Spina

Senior Engineer Arup New York, NY

Adam Jaffe has worked on over 100 projects in his six year career with Arup. These projects have covered topics as diverse as the durability of precast tunnel segments, automated crash test simulation post-processing, embodied carbon and circular economy, the design of a refrigerator with no power source, and more. Because Jaffe has unique skills and sits in a small team, he has often worked as the project manager or technical lead on these projects. Jaffe is also the man - ager of Arup’s Material Skills Network in the Americas. In this role he supports learning, skill development, and knowledge-sharing in the materials discipline as well as working cross-regionally to adopt best practices and allocate funding for priority research topics. Accomplishments/Projects: Million Cool Roofs Challenge, Project Manager and Technical Lead, Engineers Without Borders, Chill Challenge, Project Manager and Technical Lead Education: BS in Materials Science and Engineering, Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science Professional/Public Service: Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining, Member

Adam Jaffe, MIMMM


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Rising Stars in Structural Engineering

Principal, Project Manager Walter P Moore Houston, TX

Erin Kueht joined the AEC industry in 2007 and has spent her entire career with Walter P Moore. Kueht manages a variety of complex structural projects, leverag - ing her expertise in structural engineering analysis, design, and management in a variety of market sectors. Kueht was named a Principal of Walter P Moore in 2017 and serves as the co-leader for the firm’s Project Management Committee. She has demonstrated an outstanding ability to profitably manage her projects through a focus on alignment of scope and fee, along with strong risk management skills with a particular emphasis on managing risk through responsiveness and attention to quality. Accomplishments/Projects: Churchill Downs, Project Manager, Houston Bo - tanic Garden, Project Manager, Stephen F. Austin Basketball Practice Facility, Project Manager Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University, MS in Civil Engi - neering, Texas A&M University Professional/Public Service: Architecture Construction and Engineering(ACE) Mentoring Program, Founding Member, Executive Board, Passion Behind Design

Erin Kueht, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Associate Principal ZFA Structural Engineers San Francisco, CA

Angie Sommer started her career as a drafter for a structural engineering firm during her final year of college before graduating and working as an engineer on large, custom residential homes. Sommer joined ZFA Structural Engineers in 2011, advancing to the role of Senior Engineer six months later. By 2019, Sommer rose to Associate Principal and had joined the ZFA ownership group as a shareholder. Sommer has worked both internally and externally to further the causes of gender equity, diversity, and engagement in the structural engineering profession. Accomplishments/Projects: SE3 Committee, Primary Author for 2016 SE3 Sur - vey Report and 2016 SE3 Pay Report, 12+ Presentations Nationwide to Profes - sional Organizations and Conferences Education: BS in Architectural Engineering, California Polytechnic State Univer - sity, San Luis Obispo Professional/Public Service: Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC), SE3 Committee, DEI Endowment Committee; National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA), SE3 Committee, Racial Equity Task Group; Commercial Real Estate Women San Francisco (CREW SF), Communications Committee, Finance Committee, Chief Financial Officer

Angie Sommer, PE, SE



May 2022

Rising Stars in Structural Engineering

Senior Structural Engineer BASE Tamuning, Guam

Yuriy Mikhaylov joined BASE as a structural designer in 2010. Before this, Mikhaylov was a research assistant at the University of Hawaii studying the per- formance of multi-story reinforced concrete buildings in various seismic zones and under tsunami loads. His first major project was the Guam Regional Medical City (GRMC), which is a state-of-the-art hospital designed for extreme seismic and typhoon loadings to meet essential facility post-disaster requirements. Accomplishments/Projects: Guam Regional Medical City, Lead Structural De - signer, Tsubaki Tower, Lead Structural Designer, Aircraft Maintenance Hangars P-109 and P-601, Lead Structural Engineer, Special Inspector, Special Inspector of Record, Holds ICC Master of Special Inspection certification Education: BS in Civil Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa, MS in Civil Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa Professional/Public Service: Guam Symphony Society, First Violin

Yuriy Mikhaylov, SE


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Rising Stars in Civil Engineering

Project Manager Wallace Montgomery, LLP Richmond, VA

Julia Simo has ten years of experience in structural engineering, project manage - ment, and program management. Prior to joining Wallace Montgomery, Julia worked for the Virginia Department of Transportation as a Structural Engineer in the Structure and Bridge Division and a Senior Construction Engineer in the Construction Division. Since joining Wallace Montgomery in June 2020, Julia has stepped into a leadership role on many transportation design projects. To deliver the designs for her current projects as efficiently as possible, Julia has managed the development of 3D models, which has improved efficiency, avoided delays during construction, and saved tens of thousands of dollars. Accomplishments/Projects: Route 50/Route 606 Intersection Improvements, Project Manager, Albemarle Intersection Improvements Bundling Design-Build, Deputy Design Manager, Chatham Bridge, VDOT Lead Designer Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Old Dominion University; MS in Structural Engineering, George Washington University; MBA (Data Analytics), University of Richmond Professional/Public Service: Institute of Transportation Engineers, Washington DC Chapter, Presenter; American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Reston Branch, Presenter; American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), Virginia Beach, Emerging Leaders Program; Women’s Transportation Seminar, Central Vir - ginia Chapter, Treasurer

Julia Simo, PE

Associate Vice President Baxter & Woodman, Inc. Chicago, IL

During his time at Baxter & Woodman, Matt Moffitt has furthered the firm both internally and externally during his time at Baxter & Woodman. He was promoted to Water Resources Department Manager in 2013, growing the department from a staff of five to 45 through four new departments. Moffitt also fosters growth through mentorship; he has developed both department and project managers. He has secured five new clients, three of which have annual billings in excess of $1 million. Moffitt is also a co-founder of BWNR, a Natural Resources Maintenance and Construction subsidiary company. Accomplishments/Projects: Village of Wilmette Neighborhood Storage Project, Co-Program Manager, Village of Glenview Stormwater Management Program, Stormwater Engineer and Program Manager, City of Lake Forest Stormwater En- gineer, Project Manager Education: BA in Physics, Western Illinois University, BS in Civil and Environmen- tal, Engineering, UUIC, Graduate Certificate in Water Resources Engineering, UUIC Professional/Public Service: American Public Works Association, Suburban Branch, Chicago Metro Chapter, Vice President, American Society of Civil Engi - neer, Environmental and Water Resource Institute, Past-Chair

Matt Moffitt, PE, CFM, CPESC



May 2022

Rising Stars in Civil Engineering

President Civil Tec Engineering & Surveying Suffern, NY

Rachel Barese is a talented and competent civil engineer in the land development field. What makes Rachel unique is a combination of excellent engineering and business management skills. As President and a founding member of Civil Tec, Rachel has exhibited her leadership skills in guiding the growth of a thriving engineering business. Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Rachel has persisted in leading her company, continuing the business uninterrupted, and continuing its growth without detriment to the quality of work. Education: BSCE in Civil Engineering, Bucknell University Professional/Public Service: New York State Society of Professional Engineers, Rockland County Chapter, Young Engineer of the Year (2014-15), Vice President, Lower Hudson Valley Engineering Expo, Planning Committee, American Society of Civil Engineers, Member

Rachel Barese, PE




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Rising Stars in Full Service Engineering

Architectural Project Manager, Senior Associate Galloway & Company, Inc. Greenwood Village, CO

Blake Olson demonstrates a quiet yet decisive leadership style that has earned him the respect and appreciation of all who know him. His ability to effectively navigate challenging circumstances, evaluate multiple perspectives, and develop strategies for success has defined Olson as a leader for his team and company. Olson not only excels in management, leadership, and mentorship, but also in his commitment to being an instrument of change. Under his leadership, Olson has greatly elevated Galloway’s strategic planning efforts around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by setting clear objectives, building a team to support these objec - tives, and shepherding actionable items until accomplished. Accomplishments/Projects: Vasa Fitness National Rollout Program, Future Leg - ends Sport Complex, Ko-Kwel Rehabilitation Center Education: BS in Environmental Design, University of Colorado Boulder, MS in Architecture, University of Colorado Denver Professional/Public Service: National Organization for Minority Architects (NOMA), Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA) Colorado Chapter, Mem- ber, AIA Colorado Justice Equity Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) committee, Member

Blake Olson, AIA, NCARB, NOMA

Vice President of Design and Engineering Volumetric Building Companies Philadelphia, PA

Sara Ann Logan has propelled a team from a few employees primarily working on single-family houses into a first in class integrated full service architecture, interiors, and production engineering multidisciplinary company with over forty talented designers, engineers, modelers, and project managers. As the VP of Design and Engineering, Logan has led her office to become the premier innovative design firm for modular construction while managing to keep focused on the company’s original values. One of her most valuable skills is her ability to craft buildings from a form and function perspective while simultaneously understanding the im- plications from a manufacturing and construction perspective. Accomplishments/Projects: 2021 Women Who Inspire, ArchNative, 2018 & 2019 Best Architecture Firm, Cambridge Scout Magazine Education: BA in Architecture Arts, Rice University, B.Arch in Architecture, Rice University Professional/Public Service: National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA), Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA) Licensed in 13 states, Member, IIDA, Member




May 2022

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