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April 29, 2019

ARC International Celebrates 35 Years Manchester, England, a manorial township for much of the Middle Ages, embraced textile manufactur- ing during the industrial revolution, thus taking its place in history as the world’s first industrialized city. So it’s no wonder that as a lad growing up there, Micheal Foran always saw the world as a canvas for industrial achievement and business success. Just barely an adolescent, the eventu- al founder of ARC International chose not to join his father and two older brothers as a contractor. Instead Foran secured an engineering ap- prenticeship with a hometown firm that serviced companies in flexog- raphic coating and embossing — an industry also born in England. Journeyman Foran spent two more years there as a journeyman before moving that skill set,his wife of six years,and their first two daughters to the United States. “There was huge potential in flexo where I was, but my impulse to improve processes and build produc-

reported by Greg Kishbaugh

S mart packaging offers significant opportunities and a real risk of disruption. Innovative business models and practices can help overcome challenges and maximize the value of smart packaging applications.Deloitte has released the findings from a recent survey it conducted on smart packaging and the effects it will have on brand management and the supply chain. A shipment of high-end skin care products leaves its offshore production facility, and an embedded multifunction sensor in the pallet tracks the location of the product as it moves through

multiple transport modes, letting the consumer packaged goods company alert retail partners to the expected time of arrival.At a domestic warehouse, the pallet unfortunately slips off a skid and is partly damaged, the time and location of the shock being recorded by the sensor for later apportionment of responsibili- ty and improvement of handling processes.The products arrive at the retail store where scanners read anti-tamper intelligent labels on each package to confirm that the products have not been tampered with and are non-pirated. At home, a sensor in the cap monitors the consumer’s usage and uploads the data to

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