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July 22, 2019

Consumers Desire Eco-Friendly Packaging

For exclusive content and breaking news p lease visit The PMMI Foundation awards more than $200,000 in funds each year to students enrolled in PMMI Education Partner programs, demonstrating PMMI’s commitment to developing future leaders of the packaging and processing industry. PMMI Supports Next Gen Workforce The PMMI Foundation, a part of PMMI, The Association for Packag- ing and Processing Technologies, an- nounces the winners of three $5,000 scholarships to students studying food and beverage processing, me- chanical engineering and electrical engineering at four-year PMMI Educa- tion partners.The recipients of these scholarships are: Daniel Mauger, Pur- due University Northwest, Electrical Engineering Technology; Hitech Mo- ryani, Illinois Institute of Technology, Food Process Engineering; and Jacob Zaguri, University of Illinois at Chica- go, Mechanical Engineering “These students represent the great potential of the next generation workforce to transform the pack- aging and processing industry,” said Kate Fiorianti, Senior Education Man- ager, PMMI.

reported by Greg Kishbaugh

A study conducted by Exal Corp.,Youngstown, Ohio, and Bos- ton Consulting Group, Boston, Massachusetts, shows that a majority of Americans are willing to pay more for consumer goods with eco-friendly packaging. According to the report, 55 percent of survey participants said

they are willing to pay least 5 percent more for beverages con- tained in green packaging, while 47 percent were willing to pay that much more for personal care products that come in envi- ronmentally friendly packaging. Moreover, about 25 percent of consumers were willing to pay up to 20 percent more for these products if they were packaged in eco-friendly containers, according to the report. Nearly 60 percent of consumers say they were less likely to buy products that are packaged with materials deemed harmful

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APR Plans New Locations For Flexo Regional Workshops All Printing Resources (APR) is taking its Flexo Trou- bleshooting Regional Workshop Series to three new cities in August, including Portland Oregon; San Jose/ Malpitas,California,and Cincinnati/West Chester,Ohio. These limited-seating events will cater to companies that have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the flexo print process and want to gain a more advanced knowledge of methods and best practices to optimize and troubleshoot their flexo applications. Event dates and locations include: August 13 — Portland, Oregon, at the Hilton Garden Portland Airport. August 15 — Bay Area, California, at the Hilton Gar- den Inn San Jose/Milpitas. August 27 — Cincinnati, Ohio, at the Hilton Garden Inn Cincinnati/West Chester. APR will reportedly present tools essential for pro- cess control in prepress, platemaking, the ink room and the pressroom. Attendees will discover methods for determining the root causes of common challeng- es encountered in flexographic printing and how to solve these issues to take their flexo applications to new levels. “Our focus for these regional workshops is to help

attendees troubleshoot and determine the root cause for common flexo production and print challenges,” said Catherine Haynes, Director of Training and Digital Solutions at APR.“We will be exploring common issues with prepress, platemaking color management and press optimization to help attendees fine tune their best practices to minimize and manage these issues on their own production floors.” In addition to the presentations, attendees will have the opportunity for peer-networking and group dis- cussions related to print challenges, troubleshooting and solutions. Technology Center Additionally,APR will be holding a Technical Summit and “Learn and Lunch” event August 20-21 at the com- pany’s Glendale Heights, Illinois,Technology Center. The Summit will sponsor presentations by Esko,Mac- Dermid,Harper,Apex and Siegwerk.Presenters will dis- cuss the key components to the success of enhanced screening. Over the course of the day, attendees will take a deep dive into modern screening solutions and how screening can work to address both productivity improvements and quality enhancements. The Learn and Lunch event will have presenters showcasing the latest advancements in the flexo pressroom.


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Flexo Market News July 22, 2019 3

FINAT Research Shows Cooling Europe Label Market After last month’s report of slowing demand for self-adhesive label materials in 2018, FINAT’s latest edi- tion of the 6-monthly market monitor, the FINAT RA- DAR, confirms signs of a cooling label market. Last year’s consumption of self-adhesive label mate- rials in Europe amounted to a total of just under 7.5 billion square meters, an increase of 1.4 percent on 2017. Last year continued the signs of slowdown that became evident in the course of 2017, when the mar- ket grew by 4.7 percent, below the average 5 percent plus annual growth rates that had been recorded since the bottom of the last recession in 2011.

For the first time since the beginning of the decade, there was a mixed picture of label volume demand growth rates across Europe.Whilst leading markets like Germany and France recorded modest growth rates below 0.5 percent, several southern and eastern EU markets continued to achieve above average growth rates between 2.5 percent and 4 percent,while emerg- ing markets in Russia and Ukraine recorded strong growth numbers in excess of 6 percent. By contrast, at opposite ends of the continent. The UK and Turkey recorded negative growth of more than 1 percent and 4.5 percent respectively, although towards the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019, there was a pre-Brexit stocking effect in the UK leading to a rebound of labelstock demand. Healthy Underlying Factors Given the strong historic correlation of labelstock demand and GDP development, the slowdown of the label industry is a significant indicator of eco- nomic uncertainty, after years of macro-economic recovery. Nevertheless, the prospects for the self-ad- hesive labels and narrow-web packaging industry remain healthy.

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4 July 22, 2019 Flexo Market News

Eco-Friendly Packaging (Cont’d from Page 1)

to the environment, the report shows, while 37 per- cent responded that they wouldn’t buy them at all. “The research shows us that being green isn’t just a trend,” said Michael Mapes, CEO of Exal. “Consumers are translating their beliefs into action and are willing to speak with their wallets.” Other notable results of the survey include: • Nearly half (44 percent) of respondents say the sustainability of packaging is a factor in their product selection decision. • Millennials (between the ages of 26 and 35) are among the most likely group to seek information on recyclability and sustainability (48 percent). • Consumers are more than three and a half times more likely to associate plastic with “ocean pollution” and two and a half times more likely to associate plastic with“waste”compared to aluminum. • Conversely, consumers are significantly more likely to associate aluminum with recyclability and eco-friendliness than plastic. “This research points to the role retailers and man- ufacturers need to play in the education of the end consumer,”Mapes said. “We are in a position to ensure customers have the information they need to make an educated decision at the store shelf or online. Addition- ally, manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers need to ensure consumers have the sustainable options for products and packaging that they so clearly desire.” Menasha Packaging Takes Home Nine Retail Awards Menasha Packaging Company, a retail-focused pack- aging and merchandising supply chain solutions pro- vider with facilities throughout NorthAmerica, earned two gold and seven bronze OMA Awards on June 26. The awards recognize displays that set the precedents for excellence in merchandising and design in a vari- ety of categories. Menasha took home a gold in the Cosmetics and Fra- grances category for its work with Coty Canada on the Coty Rimmel Halloween Family of displays. Menasha also took home a gold in the Drug Store cat- egory for its work with Beiersdorf on the NIVEA Care Launch Floor Stand. Menasha also received seven bronze awards in the following categories: Food, Snack Products,Drug Store, Healthcare, Cosmetics and Fragrances, Mass Merchan- dise and Carbonated Drinks. Entries are evaluated on the display’s ability to in- crease sales, obtain retail placements and work strate- gically to position the brand at the point of sale.


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FINAT Label Market (Cont’d from Page 4) In the past two decades, the European self-adhesive label market grew by a factor of 2.5, led by the contin- uous maturing of label markets in eastern Europe, and by innovations in variable information printing tech- nology and high quality product decoration. Reflecting The Industry Eastern Europe now accounts for almost one quarter of the European label market (almost a doubling of its market share in 15 years), whilst high-end filmic label materials are approaching the 30 percent benchmark of total label materials demand in Europe. Edition 11 of the FINAT RADAR was based on a sur- vey carried out among 80 label converters across the different regions in Europe. The results from the sur- vey reflect the above picture, as year over year sales growth is down in most regions, and with 4.9 percent was the lowest since the survey’s base year 2013. There was also a remarkable shift between 2017 and 2018 in growth rates per top three end-use segment. While 2017 was the year of ‘non-prime’ (VIP) label growth, 2018 showed a stronger performance in the prime labeling sectors (with the exception of industri- al chemicals). Rebounding Market Looking at the short term, the first quarter of 2019 appeared to indicate a rebound, with self-adhesive roll labelstock demand increasing by 4.2 percent com- pared to the first quarter of 2018. Going beyond self-adhesive, FINAT notes that 35 per- cent of the respondents indicated that they are cur- rently already active in the area of flexible packaging. Also shrink sleeves and wraparound labels are part of the product portfolio of more than 25 percent of la- bel printers’ portfolio.And the interest to diversify into other areas continues to grow, especially in areas like pouches and linerless labels. For the first time, there is a section in the RADAR to check the status of recycling inside the industry. “As we saw during roundtables with label converters at the European Label Forum, sustainability and recy- cling are at the top of label business leaders’ agendas,” said FINAT President Chris Ellison.“The issues at stake (raising awareness through education and lobby, or- ganizing the logistics and making sure that collection and recycling solutions become technically and com- mercially viable), are beyond the scope of individual companies and requires a collective approach involv- ing all stakeholders.” The FINAT RADAR is available free of charge for downloading for FINAT members.

Flexo Wash is laser focused

Introducing the Flexo Wash Laser Anilox Roll Cleaners

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6 July 22, 2019 Flexo Market News

Flexo Wash Introduces New Plate Washer

Founded by Maria Nieves in 1997 in Corozal, some 25 miles from the island’s capital San Juan, Alco has grown from its original investment of $1.5 million and 22 people to be the island’s leading manufacturer of flexible packaging, all produced under the guidance of the FDA’s ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’. Products produced include printed and laminated bags, films, stand-up pouches, zip lock products, and more recent- ly flexo printed labels. The majority of the company’s output is for local consumption, but a growing export business sees Alco products finding markets as far away as Spain and In- dia, as well as more locally in the United States, Do- minican Republic and Mexico. But fundamental to all the packaging is the company’s capacity for extrusion, with currently seven lines in operation from a variety of manufacturers, reportedly making it the largest ex- truder on the island. The company’s first Vetaphone order was for a two-sided 1.4m wide VE2B-A Corona system. In Febru- ary 2019, a second Vetaphone Corona system was in- stalled.Today,Alco High-Tech Plastics employs 90 staff and occupies a 70,000-square-foot property, which de- livers sales of $12 million to more than 300 different customers. Markets supplied include pharmaceutical and general packaging, as well as food and beverage.

Flexo Wash has introduced the latest addition to its family of Plate Washers: The PW 62. This new Plate Washer cleans plates up to a maximum plate width of 24 inches (620 mm). This new mid-size Plate Washer reportedly answers a growing need for many printers who are moving from narrow web printing toward mid-web printing. A distinguishing feature of all FlexoWash PlateWash- ers is its inlet conveyor belt,which is said to streamline the loading of plates into the cleaning system, thereby allowing the press operator to work on other matters. As with all Flexo Wash Plate Washers, there is an op- tion to buy an UnloadingTable as well,which provides the freshly-cleaned plate a home until it can be loaded back into the press. Alco Turns To Vetaphone Technology When Puerto Rican converter Alco High-Tech Plas- tics needed a new Corona system for the extrusion side of its business in 2018, it turned to Danish manu- facturer Vetaphone. Three months on, it added a sec- ond Vetaphone system.

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An ad in Flexo Market News is a direct sales meeting with thousands of Presidents, Owners, VPs and General Managers of flexo operations — the key people who make decisions on equipment purchases.

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Comexi Seminar Addresses Extended Gamut The extended gamut printing system was the main point of interest of the technical seminar that Comexi,

“Today, this is a subject that is of interest to most con- verters, but many of them do not know how to move forward in extended gamut,” said Muntadas, Comexi’s regional representative for this area. “Comexi wanted to explain the complexity of this implementation, the advantages of the process, and also its limitations,which in many cases are not clearly defined,”said José Luis Soriano,Comexi’sArea Manager in Latin America. The technical seminar, organized by Comexi, had the collaboration of the company’s different partners, such as Siegwerk,Apex, MacDermid and Tesa. Techkon Donates To Clemson’s Sonoco Institute TECHKON,Danvers,Massachusetts,donated to Clem- son’s Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graph- ics. The donation is valued at more than $100,000 and includes the SpectroVision Inline Quality Inspection System, SpectroDens handheld devices, and multiple seats of ChromQA,Techkon’s Color Quality Assurance Software. This donation is part of a long-standing partnership that Techkon has developed with Clemson’s Sonoco Institute.

held in Buenos Aires on May 10th.At the event, a hun- dred professionals from 30 companies in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay had the opportunity to learn first-hand the main advantages of this printing system. Yago Luling, Technical Advisor of the Manel Xifra BoadaTechnological Center, Comexi CTec, opened the session with a presentation.

8 July 22, 2019 Flexo Market News

AICC Offers Design Seminars

aging market and a greater diversity of ideas.There is a category for everyone to compete for first, second, and third place, as well as, honorable mention awards and receive recognition for creating and manufactur- ing successful global packaging solutions. Submissions are being accepted through Friday,August 16. Printing Industries Alliance Plans Franklin Event Printing Industries Alliance has announced that the 68th Franklin Event will be held in New York City on Thursday, June 4, 2020.The event’s new venue will be Club 101, a private club located in the Kalikow Build- ing,located on ParkAvenue at the corner of 40th Street. “The event will return to a 100 percent focus on our print industry and proceeds will go to the Print Drives America Foundation that is the champion and cheer- leader for the national print industry,” said Tim Free- man, President of the Printing Industries Alliance. PIA affiliates of the greater NewYork/New Jersey geographic footprint have presented the Annual Franklin Event for 67 years, since 1952.During that time period a wide variety of industry dignitaries have received-earned recognition during the event. From 2014 to 2018 the Franklin Luminaire event was co- sponsored with Idealliance.

BestBrightHalfHOUSEfour.qxp_Layout 1 9/12/18 4:27 PM Page 1 The Independent Package Design Competition fea- tures 42 corrugated, folding carton, and rigid box cat- e ories, providing a wider reach into the entire pack- AICC,The Independent PackagingAssociation,is offer- ing two opportunities specifically for designers during the AICC 2019Annual Meeting, September 16-18, at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Cana- da.They include The Practical Innovation in Package Design training forum and the Independent Package Design Competition , whose entries will be on display and winners will be announced at the meeting. Practical Innovation in Package Design , a one-day training, will begin with Mike Schaefer, President, Tav- erns Packaging & Display,who began as a designer,shar- ing the CEOperspective of howdesigners bring value to the company.Later,Brent Lindberg,Founder of Fuseneo, an innovative package design firm, and Graham Hough of PCH Innovation Hub will help attendees design for innovation. Industry experts will challenge attendees to consider new designs, incorporate sustainability, and plan for designs that customers are expecting in e-com- merce, retail packaging, and more.Attendees will learn how to design for waste reduction and the machines available while balancing innovation and practicality in structural and graphic design.

The Best And The Brightest Are Waiting To Hear From YOU

An ad in Flexo Market News is a direct sales meeting with thousands of Presidents, Owners, VPs and General Managers of flexo operations — the key people who make decisions on equipment purchases.

Greg Kishbaugh 317-306-1060

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Flexo Market News July 22, 2019 9

Xeikon Recognized As FLAG ‘Vendor Partner of the Year’ Flexo Label Advantage Group (FLAG) has awarded Xeikon its Vendor Partner of the Year award for excel- lence in serving label and packaging converters with digital print production solutions. FLAG is a community of independent label convert- ers. This buyer’s group provides opportunities for its members to be more competitive in the marketplace and become stronger companies without sacrificing their independence. Xeikon will be recognized during the FLAG Annual Meeting, an event that provides members an oppor- tunity to network and learn from each other and part- ners. The meeting includes a site visit to Bollin Label Systems in Toledo, Ohio, to see its operation in action. Carl Ostermann Erben Becomes Bellissima Partner Aniken Graphics, a joint venture between Hamillroad Software, a UK based prepress software company, and Apex International, a global provider of anilox and me- tering products, has announced Carl Ostermann Erben GmbH as the latest licensed Bellissima partner. COE is a prepress company and provider for label and packaging printing.The company is the latest Bel- lissima DMS partner to sign up in Europe and serves the German label market. Genera Secures $118M For Sustainable Packaging Sustainable packaging producer Genera has received more than $118 million in new funding for its first manufacturing facility to produce its Earthable line of sustainable packaging products. The Tennessee-based firm will use grasses and other agricultural crops to make compostable foodservice packaging products like plates, bowls, and takeaway containers at a new facility in Vonore,Tennessee. The Earthable range is designed to meet growing consumer demands for more eco-friendly products in the food industry. Fibres used for the packaging are de- rived from high-yield conservation crops like switch- grass and biomass sorghum. Genera has already begun to work with Tennessee farmers to produce the feed- stock it will use in its new manufacturing facility and is actively seeking additional farm partners in the region. TennEra, an affiliate of the University of Tennessee Research Foundation, has leased its former biorefinery in Vonore, Tennessee, to Genera for the development of the new facility.

Flexo Market News

Adheso-Graphics, Inc.

AGI manufactures, distributes and converts current technology flexo mounting tapes and backing systems for corrugated plate mounting. Flexstik hard vinyl, FlexSoft, bi.esse brand, Gold Series Thin tapes for sleeve and Narrow web plate mounting. Specialty tapes that cover the vast thickness range re- quirements and specific adhesion systems for all flexo mounting requirements. We provide technical service and problem solving services for unique customers & applications. A&V manufactures a complete line of photopolymer plate processing systems and is a leading distributor of flexographic platemaking materials. A&V also sells digital imaging systems and software specifically designed for flexography. ARC International ARC International is a world leader in the manufacturing of roller products for flexography. The latest nanotechnolo- gy laser engraving in our Charlotte and Las Vegas manu- facturing facilities ensures superior quality and consistency in anilox rollers. Comexi Group Industries S.A.U. The Comexi Group is a leading supplier of quality flexographic C.I. presses for the flexible packaging indus- try worldwide. We also provide solventless laminators, slitter/re- winders and related peripheral equipment such as automatic wash-up systems, solvent recovery systems, automatic roll unloaders, and plate cylinder/sleeve storage systems. DuPont Packaging Graphics DuPont Packaging Graphics is the world’s leading sup- plier of flexographic printing systems in digital and con- ventional formats; including Cyrel® brand photopolymer plates, Cyrel® FAST processing equipment, Cyrel® round sleeves, mounting and finishing products. For more than 35 years, beginning with Cyrel®, the first photopolymer printing plate, through to today’s digital workflow revolution, DuPont has been driving innovation in the Flexo and package printing industries. The Digital Cyrel® FAST imaging system has been broad- ly recognized for its efficiency, productivity, print perfor- mance, and environmental benefits. Anderson & Vreeland, Inc.

10 July 22, 2019 Flexo Market News

Acucote Receives Two Safety Awards

Acucote, a pressure sensitive adhesive coating manu- facturer with a 100,000 square-foot plant and 125 em- ployees in Graham, North Carolina, has been awarded two honors for its safety program. The North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL) presented the company with a Gold Award at its annu- al awards ceremony on June 4. To qualify for any of NCDOL’s annual safety awards, a firm must have zero fatalities during the calendar year and have maintained a safety incidence rate of at least 50 percent below the average for its industry group. The Gold Award is based on days away from work, restricted activity or job transfers as a result of injuries. This is the first time that Acucote has received this highest accolade from NCDOL and recognizes their incidence rate of .71. AWorkSafe Award was also presented to the compa- ny on April 29 by Acucote’s Workers Compensation Insurance Carrier - HUB International SE and Accident Fund Insurance Company. This award acknowledges “Continuous Safety Im- provement from 2015 - 2019.” Amy Trent, Safety Manager, who has been with Acu- cote for the past two years, conducts weekly safety briefings for all plant employees and has successfully developed processes which encourage proactive re- porting of safety concerns. AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, will soon be able to offer another free online course, in Spanish, to AICC Members. BCM Inks, one of the orig- inal AICC Education Investors, has volunteered to sponsor the translation of Essential Principles of Wa- ter-Based Flexo Ink . There are choices when it comes to the different inks used in printing, but inks are critical to a success- ful print job.This 60-minute course outlines the basics that participants need, as a printer or supplier of wa- ter-based flexo inks, and how to engineer these inks for consistent, quality printing. This free online course, currently available in English, will be available in Spanish in October 2019.This on- line course brings greater depth to the AICC Produc- tion Development Track, and the flexo focused cours- es currently in the catalog of free online courses. More information about AICC’s free online educa- tion can be found at school . AICC Offers Spanish Language Ink Seminar

Flexo Market News July 22, 2019 11

AICC Releases 2019 Sales Compensation Report AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, has released its 11th Sales Compensation Report. Based on a survey conducted over the last few months, it is the reportedly the most comprehensive survey of key sales compensation salaries and benefits being paid by independent corrugator plants and sheets plants in the United States. This report is based on data from 56 independent corrugator and sheet plants.These companies employ more than 5,600 full-time employees spread across all the United States. In aggregate, these plants sold ap- proximately $2 billion of corrugated products in 2018. “Benchmarking is a critical way for AICC member companies to ensure best practices and leadership,” AICC President Mike D’Angelo remarked. “Knowing where you stand is vital information in the competi- tion for people, and especially vital when looking at the sales function.” Benchmarking As of January 1, 2019, the mean base salary for sheet plant salespersons in the United States was $72,558, which is 19.0 percent higher than reported in 2017. This represents an increase substantially larger than that observed between 2015 and 2017 (3.3 percent), between 2015 and 2013 (1.5 percent), or between 2013 and 2011 (7.5 percent). Total compensation, which adds actual commission/bonus paid in 2018 with the 2019 base salary, averaged $141,517, a sub- stantial increase (21.5 percent) from $116,482 in 2017. The mean base salesperson salary at U.S. corrugator plants as of January 1, 2019, was $66,140, a decrease of 17.7 percent when compared to the average report- ed ($80,339) in 2017. Still, the 2019 mean base sales- person salary was higher than that reported in 2015 ($57,911) or 2013 ($64,405). Total compensation av- eraged $208,053 and showed an increase from the $164,908 reported in 2017 and was also higher than was reported in 2015 ($137,039),and 2013 ($123,953). The Report offers detailed information on sales ob- jectives, base salaries, bonus basis, CRM usage, social media activity, and more both as a national and region- al view to allow independent sheet plants and corru- gator plants to benchmark their companies. All responses to this survey were collected and compiled by Association Research, Inc., Gaithersburg, Maryland, and have been held in strictest confidence. None of the data received have been seen by anyAICC member or staff member. To order the full report visit store .

Flexo Market News

Eaglewood Technologies, LLC

Eaglewood Technologies provides the award-winning Sitexco Laser Systems, Sanilox ™ Systems and Sani- Blast ™ Mobile Service. Sitexco Laser Systems are the latest technology in anilox roll cleaning and are perfect for packaging and label printers. Sanilox ™ Systems are the global standard of reliable, environmentally safe anilox roll cleaning. Sani-Blast ™ cleaning service has been cleaning rolls for over 20 years and offer several cleaning options to minimize downtime. Flint Group Flint Group Flexographic Products develops, man- ufacturers and markets an extensive portfolio of printing consumables, including: nyloflex ® photopoly- mer printing plates and processing equipment, and dayCorr ® die-cutting blankets and anvil covers. With a strong customer focus, unmatched service and support, and superior products, Flint Group strives to provide exceptional value, consistent quality and continuous innovation to customers around the world. Harper Corporation of America We’ve made ceramic anilox rolls longer than any- one in the world and pride ourselves on being the best in the world. Whether wide web, narrow web, newspaper, or corrugated markets, Harper continu- ously strives to bring new flexographic products and services to the printing industry that will improve the

quality of your graphics. J I MacWilliam Co., Inc.

Used equipment for flexible packaging, folding carton, paper, film, foil and non-woven industries. Professional, knowledgeable service for more than 30 years.

KBA-Flexotecnica – Get the Edge

Flexotecnica’s patented Safe Sleeve Change ® system and Speedy Clean ® auto washup system are designed to give converters a competitive edge through Flexotecnica’s commitment to research and development. Sales, service and support for Flexo- tecnica presses is provided by KBA North America, Inc. in Dallas, Texas with U.S. resident technicians, an extensive spare parts inventory and an experi- enced, dedicated service staff.

12 July 22, 2019 Flexo Market News

Sachet Packaging Sales Reach $7.7 Billion

chet packaging in low-income countries, as retailers in these nations are adopting the small packaging trend over bulk packaging and targeting an untapped con- sumer population. A growing focus of companies on increasing accessibility and affordability of products to penetrate new markets has been promoting demand for sachet packaging. Growing The Market Growth prospects of this market are high in develop- ing countries of Asia Pacific, accounting for one-third share of the total revenues, the report said.The lighter, portable, and cost-effective nature of sachets continue to make sachet packaging an attractive proposition for the low-income consumers as well as young and active millennials. A major factor in this market is waste. Several ‘ze- ro-waste’ groups have been promoting innovative solu- tions to brands to replace sachets, while many con- sumers in developed regions in North America and Europe continue to prefer bottles and large pack sizes. However, the report further states that “as most brands are looking forward to incorporate sustainable initiatives in their business developments, recyclable raw materials for sachet packaging remain a key area of interest.”

The worldwide sales of sachet packaging reached 855 billion units in 2018, equaling revenues worth $7.7 billion and is likely to expand at a Compound An- nual Growth Rate of 6 percent over the course of the next eight years, according to a new report by Future Market Insights. This, according to the report, is due to consumers’ on-the-go culture. “Launching small-sized, one-time use product sachets has helped brands survive the re- tail revolution over the recent years,” said the report. “With technology innovations in packaging machin- ery making a strong attempt to overcome the long- standing drawbacks facing the packaging industry, such as poor productivity, the study finds that sachet packaging is rapidly emerging as a way to increase profit margins, as it requires lesser volumes to be filled in packages.” First-time buyers have been the primary target for manufacturers selling products in small-sized sachets, according to the report. Also, as modern consumers continue to develop an interest in functional packag- ing, several brands are incorporating sachet packaging into their product marketing strategies. There is further potential for manufacturers of sa-

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ARC International Now Hiring!! Celebrating their 35th anniversary, ARC International is a world leader in the fabrication and re-manufacturing of preci- sion rolls and sleeves. With state-of-the-art production facil- ities in both Charlotte, NC and Las Vegas NV, ARC Interna- tional manufactures a full range of anilox rolls and sleeves, air mandrels, carbon fiber chamber systems, glue and meter rolls, feed and pull rolls, and much more for the flexographic printing industry. Due to our continued growth, ARC International is now seek- ing inside and outside sales representatives. Candidates should have a working knowledge of Flexographic printing and be computer literate. Excellent communication and time man- agement skills along with attention to detail are all required. These challenging new positions offer a competitive salary-bonus and benefits package. Qualified candi- dates are asked to submit a resume in confidence to: ARC International is an Equal Opportunity Employer Flexo Market News® is published bi-weekly by NV Business Publishers Corporation, in association with Board Converting News®, Corrugated Today® Recycling Markets®, International Paper Board Industry®, Folding Carton Industry®, and Board Converting News International. Marketing and Circulation offices: PO Box 802, Manasquan, NJ 08736-0802, Phone: (732) 245-3702. Subscription Rates in U.S. and Canada $60 per year or $105 for two years. Overseas rate per year $80 USD. Current issue single copies (pre-paid only) $5.00 in U.S. (elsewhere $7.50); add $5.00 per order for shipping & handling. No part of this publication may be trans- mitted or reproduced without permission from the publisher.

Durst and Koenig & Bauer have ap- pointed Robert Stabler as Managing Director of the new joint venture effective August 1. Koenig & Bauer Durst was established in May follow- ing the clearance of antitrust regula- tions from the relevant authorities. Before joining Koenig & Bauer Durst, Stabler was senior vice-president with Xerox’s Continuous Feed Business, based in Rochester, NewYork. Previous executive roles also included HP andAgfa. Enercon Nate Fales will be serving Enercon Industries Corpo- ration customers in the role of Service Manager. In this role, Fales will lead this support team of mechanical and electrical engineers in maximizing Enercon cus- tomers’ uptime. Fales’ experience includes over 12 years with Ener- con as Field Engineer, International Sales Manager and Technical Purchasing Manager. Coveris Coveris has appointed Martin Davis as President of its Films division, completing the formation of its new leadership team. Robert Stabler

Following the divestiture of its Rigids andAmericas divisions in 2018, Coveris has refocused its business on the EMEA region.As part of this trans- formation, it has now realigned its ac- tivities into three core business units – Films, Flexibles and Labels & Board. The Coveris leadership team is now complete with the immediate appoint- ment of Davis,who joins Christian Ko-

Robyn Smith - President/Publisher Len Prazych - Vice President

Martin Davis

Greg Kishbaugh - Editor/Co-Publisher Phone: (317) 306-1060 email:

larik and Dennis Patterson as leaders of the Flexibles and Labels & Board divisions, respectively. Davis joined Coveris in 2015 as Chief Operating Officer. ProAmpac Wins Two PAC Canadian Packaging Awards ProAmpac received two Silver PAC Canadian Lead- ership Awards, one for designing the packaging for new children’s snacks and the second for graphics innovation in flexible packaging for premier hair- care products.

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14 July 22, 2019 Flexo Market News

Partnership adds true value to my business

The FA-Line from Nilpeter gives us the upper hand when competing in the modern market with our focus on high quality products and fast production time. The FA-Line delivers excellently.

Deanne Sinclair, Cambridge Label


Engineering Driven, Productivity Focused, Dedicated Service & Support

As a leader in flexo press innovation and technology, Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica has a North American based team dedicated to your growth and success. Our team of American, German, and Italian experts are on your side.

Contact us to learn more. Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica +1 (800) 522-7521

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