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First, we at Plug Connection would like to thank you for choosing us to produce your young plants for over 30 years. We love what we do: growing amazing young plants. We love where we do it: sunny, coastal Southern California. And we love who we do it for: the tireless growers that turn our SolarPower young plants into something a consumer can enjoy. We are pleased to show you what’s in store for the year to come. The market is changing and Plug Connection is adapting with it. Making it easier to purchase everything you need from Plug Connection is our continued goal. The first initiative is our One-Click Availability , found at One-Click generates an instant PDF or Excel file which updates inventory every 15 minutes. You can also still book directly on our website through our ePicas inventory, which allows you to book through your favorite broker. The second initiative is that we are now forecasting both our stock plant availability, and offshore unrooted supplier availability into the future. So now you can see what we can produce for you and when it will be available. We have integrated with several of our broker partners through online ordering and EDI. Faster acknowledgments equals peace of mind. You now have visibility to our SolarPower TM Succulents and SolarPower TM Grasses inventory. Southern California is an ideal place to grow both of these product lines. Our SolarPower collections offer a mix of tried and true products, in addition to some unique items that can only be found at Plug Connection. Speaking of unique items available from Plug Connection, True Bloom Roses TM from Ping Lim’s breeding are a breakthrough in the new Hybrid Tea Shrub class. True Bloom Roses are disease resistant with a shrub-like habit and a TRUE Hybrid Tea flower. Some other products that are unique to Plug Connection include Hamelia ‘Lime Sizzler’ Firebush, Lotus ‘Flashbulb’, Pixie Grapes, and we are bringing back to the market items such as Ocimum ‘Balsamic Blooms’, Pennisetum ‘Black Stockings’ and Lavender ‘Calm Breeze’. We have made it easier to get your products to you. Speed, reliability and price guide our freight program. We are now able to provide truck delivery to Texas, Mountain States, California and the Pacific Northwest. From our tried and true boxing system, to our industry leading one-way shipper pallets, to our attentive logistics team, we work hard to get you your product on time and in great condition. Here at Plug Connection, we take pride in what we do and who we do it for. From our customer service team to logistics to the folks on the seeding line, we dedicate ourselves to growing and shipping the highest quality young plants in the country. We want to thank you for your business and wish all of you success. Best Regards, Bruce Gibson, General Manager JP Williams, Sales Manager

73°F and

sunny again in Vista, California


Plug Connection, located in sunny Vista, California has some of the highest light levels in North America. Clear skies and warm temperatures by day, with evenings cooled by light ocean breezes, makes this the perfect place to grow young plants. Our greenhouses are designed to maximize the year-round sunshine we enjoy, allowing us to deliver toned young plants across the country.

Plug Connection, Vista, California

At Plug Connection Vista, we specialize in seed-grown annual and perennial plugs, organic vegetables and herbs, grafted vegetables and Stage-3 tissue

culture liners. The facility is divided into a large number of zones that provide the ideal environment to grow a variety of culturally diverse crops, like the cool season Cyclamen to the warm needs of Vinca.

Plug Connection, Bonsall, California

Broker Contact Website ABBOTT-IPCO INC. (800) 525-1379 BALL HORTICULTURAL COMPANY (800) 879-2255 BFG SUPPLY CO. (800) 883-0234 BILL MOORE & CO. (800) 237-7794 BILLY HARRIS AND ASSOCIATES (800) 297-8727 BONDI BROKERAGE, LLC (813) 376-9332 CASA FLORA (800) 233-3376 EASON HORTICULTURAL RESOURCES (800) 214-2221 ePLANT SOURCE INC. (855) 674-8440 EXPRESS SEED CO. (800) 221-3838 FLAMINGO HOLLAND (800) 550-5459 FLEURIZON, LLC (805) 389-8980 FLORA FINDER LLC (360) 625-9809 FLORASOURCE LTD. (949) 498-1131 FOREMOSTCO INC. (305) 592-8986 GERMANIA SEED COMPANY (800) 380-4721 GLOECKNER & CO. (800) 345-3787 GRIFFIN (800) 323-7253 GRIMES HORTICULTURE (800) 241-7333 HARRIS SEEDS (800) 544-7938 J & P PARK ACQUISITIONS INC. (800) 845-3366 JACK VAN KLAVEREN LTD. (800) 665-1642 JOHNNY'S SELECTED SEEDS (877) 564-6697 LOG HOUSE PLANTS (541) 942-2288 M & M PLANT SALES INC. (831) 801-6049 McHUTCHISON (800) 943-2230 MESSICK CO. (408) 871-9816 MICHELL’S (800) 422-4678 MID-ATLANTIC PLANT CO. (800) 366-0350 PAULGER’S PLANTS (800) 400-0095 PRO GROWER SUPPLY (801) 669-0976 STAR ROSES AND PLANTS (800) 457-1859 VAUGHAN’S HORTICULTURE (855) 669-6480 VIS SEED CO. (626) 445-1233 WeHoP (800) 669-6480

Plug Connection partners with the best brokers in the industry to distribute our plant material. We join forces to offer the best quality, service and logistics solutions for your business. Please reach out to your favorite broker today to learn more. Plug Connection Broker Network

One-Click Availability

In today’s market, speed and reliability are expected. Accurate, visible availability is a powerful tool and we have invested this year in expanding your visibility to Plug Connection’s live inventory.

• New One-Click Availability—new easy link to an Excel or PDF live inventory that can be found on our inventory landing page on our website. Now there is no need to navigate ePicas every time you are looking for a full availability. Availability refreshes every 15 minutes. • ePicas—you can link to our ePicas inventory system electronically and navigate our availability. With a login you can place your own orders directly in the system through your favorite broker. • Broker Integrations—we have collaborated with some of our broker partners to forecast our availabilities electronically onto their web availability systems. In addition, we can transact Purchase Orders and Acknowledgments electronically and instantly. These system integrations make ordering easier and more accurate. • Forecasted Availability—Plug Connection now imports unrooted cutting availability from our partner vendors, as well as our own stock cutting availability. We are able to convert this into a forecasted liner availability. This “can-do” availability takes the guess work out of future ordering.

Program Details

Tray Sizes Seed—512c, 288c, 128c, 72c Vegetative—104 ellepot (geraniums) 102c, 72c (loose fill and Ellepot) Poinsettias—104 Oasis How to Order Please contact your preferred Broker. Brokers listed on the preceeding page of this catalog each have our pricing and product listings. For additional information contact or call 760.631.0992 and our sales and customer service team will assist you.

Changes No cancellations or reductions accepted within two weeks of sow or stick date without approval. Cancellations are pending until we confirm cancellation from the unrooted cutting supplier Pricing Main Program valid from ship dates October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019 Cyclamen pricing (wk 1-52), Poinsettia Pricing (wk 20-39) Tags For breeders that require tags, we will automatically invoice and work with MasterTag for fulfillment. Mighty Mato, Pixie Grapes, Kosmic Kale, SuperDwarfs and True Bloom Roses have required tags Claims Please inspect shipments immediately upon arrival. Freight claims must be submitted within 48-hours of receipt of product and all other claims within 72 hours. Please submit claims to

Order Cutoffs Products are sold Grow-to-Order Seed Lead time = Crop time + 2 weeks Vegetative Lead time = Crop time + 3 weeks

Availability Current Week’s Availability—place orders by 4:00pm PST Monday of same week Next Week’s Availability—place orders by 12:00pm PST Friday (week prior to ship)

We welcome feedback on how we can improve and also what we are doing right!


We strive to deliver your young plants on time, in great condition and in the most appropriate and economical shipping method possible. Plug Connection has experience shipping very perishable product across North America. Our experienced team will work diligently to get that product to your door quickly and safely. Shipping Methods Air Freight UPS (2nd day and Overnight) Golden State Overnight (GSO—CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA Commercial Refrigerated Truck (Beks-—AZ, Tawjo—NV, UT) Texas Truck—Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Tyler (Runs all 52 weeks) Oregon and Washington Truck Mountain States Truck (ID, MT, UT) Plug Connection Truck (SO. CAL) Customer Pickup (Tuesday- Friday 7:30a to 3:30p) Pallet Rack We lead the way in using one-way pallet racks. We build our racks to accommodate your order, we can

load as few as 60 trays and as many as 162, depending on the size of the tray. We will even customize the height of the pallet to maximize space efficiency. The shelves are braced to withstand the transit, yet easy to breakdown or reuse upon receipt. Shipping Box Our UPS approved, time tested boxing system has allowed us to ship across the country. Most of our product ships in the side loading durable box with 2 - 6 inserts to accommodate differently sized plug and liner trays.

F.O.B. Vista, CA Shipping is prepaid and added to invoice. Winter wrap packaging will incur a charge. Partial box charges apply.

Freight damages must be reported within 48 hours. Phytosanitary fees will apply and be assessed on invoice.

Plug Connection’s Master Phytosanitary Certificate eliminates the need for domestic phytosanitary certificates. See pricing for any exceptions.

Plug Connection Highlights

Plug Connection Stock Program Our Bonsall stock location houses our SolarPower Grasses and SolarPower Succulents. In addition, we hold our own stock of proprietary or difficult-to- find items in order to have consistent availability for our customers. Our clean stock greenhouses are equipped with double-door entry systems, high light, warm temperatures and are well suited for clean, reliable stock production. Inquire today about these items and look for our forecasted availability on Some of our favorites include:

Lavender Make your lavender production a breeze with our strong rooted, toned liners. We hold our own stock on these varieties, so our cuttings have a vigorous start with no transport stress. Our bright light and cool nights create robust, well-branched liners. Lavandula ‘Calm Breeze’ This stand-up variety from Selecta is bought for its highly fragrant and heavily textured foliage as well as its heavy flower power. Lavandula LaVela Series These Spanish lavenders from Selecta have excellent branching and flower earlier than most L. stoechas varieties, for early-season sales. Strong, vivid colors make a beautiful presentation.

Lotus ‘Amazon Sunset’ and ‘Flashbulb’ These vividly colored plants have unique parrot’s beak shaped flowers with brilliant hues of red and orange. The plants have a unique cascading foliage of soft silver needles adding unique texture to containers and baskets. Hamelia Lime Sizzler™ This first-on-the-market Firebush with variegated green and yellow foilage, has sizzling red-orange flowers from late spring to fall. A heat-loving tropical shrub. Lime Sizzler can be used as a perennial mounding shrub in the south or as a summer tropical annual in the north. Performs well in the landscape or in a container. Hardy in USDA Zone 9.

Lavandula Calm Breeze

Lavender LaVela Compact Dark Violet

Lotus ‘Flashbulb’

Hamelia Lime Sizzler

Plug Connection is excited to begin offering a complete line of ornamental grasses and accents that features reliable availability and excellent quality. SolarPower™ Grass plugs and liners, produced in Southern California under our sun-drenched days and cool nights, yield optimum quality and color. These grasses are toned, well-rooted and ready to perform anywhere around the country. We maintain stock on more than 35 varieties from division and 35 varieties from seed, for year-round availability. Our forecasted numbers can be seen in ePicas or in our One-Click Availability.

SolarPower™ Grasses

Grasses are available in the following sizes: 50-cell 72-cell

128-cell (seed) 288-cell (seed) 512-cell (seed)

Acorus ‘Ogon’

Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’

Carex ‘Evergold’

Carex ‘Orange Sedge’

Carex 'Frosted Curls'

Helictotrichon 'Blue Oat Grass'

Miscanthus 'Gold Bar'

Pennisetum 'Fireworks'

SolarPower™ Succulents

San Diego is undoubtedly the best place in the U.S. for producing quality succulent liners. Our dry, yet mild climate, paired with sunny days and cool nights, produce toned liners with the most intense foliage colors. Our in-house stock facilities allow us to provide best-in- class variety and quality, year round. Visit our ePicas site or our One-Click Availability to check the inventory

of our SolarPower™ Succulents varieties. Succulents are available in 72-cell trays Sempervivum are available in 102-cell trays

Assorted Trays In addition to full trays of over 100 varieties of succulents, we offer the following assorted trays for growers to create mixed combinations or to sell a boutique assortment at retail.

Echeveria Assortment 72-cell (6 varieties, 12 plants each) Mixed Succulent Assortment 72-cell (6 varieties, 12 plants each) Sedum Assortment 72-cell (6 varieties, 12 plants each) Sempervivum Assortment 102-cell (6 varieties, 17 plants each)

Plug Connection has been growing the highest quality plugs from seed for over 30 years. We have the experienced team, the facility, the tools, and most of all, the environment to produce the best quality in North America. With our mild temperatures and high light levels, our plugs are engineered for a successful start. Our sophisticated ePicas software system allows us to trace seed lots from our suppliers and react quickly to inventory adjustments. We supply annual, perennial, vegetable and herb seed plugs from Benary, Floranova, Hem Genetics, PanAmerican Seed, Sakata and Syngenta flowers, as well as any other line of seed genetics the market demands. Plug Connection is a reliable supplier for varieties which are challenging to germinate or take excessively long crop times such as tuberous begonias, cyclamen and gerbera. We offer long-day-lit plugs by request at no additional charge for dianthus, lobelia, petunia and snapdragons. This additional boost of light gives you an initiated plug that is primed to flower for early spring sales. Our plugs are offered in the following tray configurations: 72-cell (3/case) 128-cell (4/case) 288-cell (5/case) 512-cell (6/case)

Seed Annuals

floranova creative plant breeding

Vegetative Liners

The best vegetative plants start with the best liner producer. At Plug Connection, we’re privileged with exceptional weather, superior light levels, and cool ocean breezes…all yielding robust, toned liners in every season. Our collection of genetics, from acclaimed breeders worldwide, paired with the extensive growing expertise, gives growers and retailers sustained profitability all year-round. We have expanded our vegetative offering to include more genetics, more breeders and better access. In addition to all of the breeders that have open rooting programs that we support, Plug Connection is proudly a licensed root and sell producer for the following breeders:

More Accessible Availability

Plug Connection has teamed with several offshore farms to forecast unrooted cutting inventories. The forecasts are now imported into our system daily and converted into a vegetative liner availability. This gives you full, live visibility of what can be produced and when, so you can confirm orders with ease.

Dümmen Orange Hishtil Innovaplant de Costa Rica Selecta One Syngenta Flowers Vivero Internacional

Vegetative liners are available in the following sizes: 102-cell tray 72-cell (various items)

Plug Connection has a dedicated propagation facility that specializes in rooting Stage-3 tissue culture plants into robust, ready-to-plant liners. With multiple shade levels, propagation tents and high pressure fog, we can accomodate many types of tissue culture starts.

Our listing of specialty items includes:

Tissue Culture

Agave attenuata ‘Ray of Light’ Blooming Aloes Beschorneria Flamingo Glow Cordyline Pink Passion Cordyline Red Star Ensete (banana) Garvinea and Patio Gerberas Terra Nova Heuchera Plus many others and special requests. Please see our listing for minimums and ordering cutoffs. Watch for new items in the coming year .

Agave 'Ray of Light'

Garvinea Gerbera

Terra Nova Heuchera

Cordyline Pink Passion

High summer temperatures can pose a problem for most growers producing cyclamen plugs. But at Plug Connection, our proximity to cool ocean breezes and mild summer temperatures result in well-grown and toned cyclamen plugs. In addition, this season we have shifted to a superior 128-cell tray that has more ventilation and better drainage. The result is more wet dry cycles and amazing roots. We partner with the top cyclamen breeding companies worldwide, including Morel Diffusion, Schoneveld (Sakata) and Syngenta Flowers. These premium genetics, paired with our tradition of offering the highest quality cyclamen plugs in North America, offer growers a profitable and successful start to their cyclamen programs.


Poinsettias & Geranium Liner Programs Poinsettia Liner Program

Plug Connection has been producing the highest quality poinsettia liners in the west for decades. Our multiple greenhouses allow us to build the adequate humidity and light levels for great propagation and liner development. In addition, our open bench design allows great air movement to prevent diseases like Botrytis and Erwinia. We are proud to root quality poinsettia liners from all of the major breeding companies worldwide.

Available weeks 20-39 104 Oasis Wedge Tray 4 trays per case Minimum 1 tray per variety, 1 case per order. See our forecasted availability on ePicas.

Geranium Liner Program Geraniums are light accumulators, making Southern California the ideal place for growers to source their young plants. Our geraniums are rooted in a 30-mmEllepot, providing a well rooted liner that is easy to remove and transplant. We offer all pelargonium species from the top breeding companies worldwide.

Available weeks 40-39 104 30-mm Ellepot Tray 4 trays per case Minimum 1 tray per variety, 1 case per order. See our forecasted availability on ePicas.

True Bloom™ Roses

All of the beauty, none of the drama. A new generation of roses for your garden. Finally, an easy-to-grow rose with a true hybrid tea rose flower from the award-winning breeder, Ping Lim at Altman Plants breeding. These roses produce true rose blooms, resist disease, and are easy to grow.

True Inspiration PPAF (AKA Formosa)

True Friendship PPAF (AKA Goldmine)

True Gratitude PPAF (AKA Flying Kiss)

True Bloom™ Hybrid Tea Shrub™ • True Rose Blooms • Low Maintenance • Easy to Grow • Disease Resistant

• Compact Habit • Repeat Flowering • Mass of Blooms

Awards • True Gratitude PPAF (AKA Flying Kiss) Biltmore Best Climber Award Winner 2015 • True Passion PPAF (AKA Double 10) A.R.T.S. Master Rose for 2018 by American Rose Trials for Sustainability • True Passion PPAF (AKA Double 10) Biltmore “Pauline Merrell” Award for Best Hybrid Tea Rose 2015

True Sincerity PPAF (Flamingo Dance) (AKA Flamingo Dance)

Integrity PPAF (AKA Early Bird)

True Passion PPAF (AKA Double 10)

Available from Plug Connection as 72-cell liners. More info @

• True Friendship PPAF (AKA Goldmine) Rose Hills Best Floribunda Award 2016

Grafted Vegetables Exclusively available from Plug Connection, these grafted vegetable programs give consumers innovative and exciting new edible gardening opportunities. From the Mighty lines with superb disease resistance and yields to the SuperDwarfs fitting any patio sized gardens to Ketchup ‘n’ Fries, giving tomatoes and potatoes on the same plant, these are the lineups that give more interest and more profitability to your edibles programs. Mighty ‘Mato Heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and peppers can be difficult to grow for homeowners, being susceptible to many soil borne diseases. Mighty ‘Matos, Mighty Melons and Mighty Veggies are the most delicious varieties grown on resilient commercial root- stock that will mitigate disease, increase fruit production and extend the growing season for homeowners. The Mighty lineup contains 212 varieties with 8 new introductions for 2019. SuperDwarfs No garden is too small for full-size vegetables. The SuperDwarfs are a collection of indeterminately fruiting plants that have a determinate habit due to rootstock and max out at 36-inches in

height. From small, sweet cherry tomatoes to large 1-lb. fruit, all varieties are suitable to container production.

Our patio collection mixed tray is available with 34 liners of the following six varieties: Boronia, Iditarod Red, Perth Pride, Rosella Purple, Sean’s Yellow Dwarf and Tasmanian Chocolate.

Kosmic Kale A cool edition to your edibles program, this unusual ornamental, edible kale has cosmic blue green leaves with a cream margin. Plants are beautiful in mixed beds or containers and provide continual harvest of delicious, nutritious, eye-catching greens for garnish, salad, or steaming. Ketchup ‘n’ Fries An incredible consumer novelty, Ketchup ‘n’ Fries is a grafted plant that produces tomatoes on top and potatoes underground. Gardeners will harvest an abundance of Sweet Million cherry tomatoes throughout the summer and then dig the plants in the fall to harvest up to 5-pounds of white potatoes. Improved for 2019—Sweet Million will be the variety grafted to the tomato. Excellent taste, more reliable grafts, and more controlled habit than the previous scion variety. Pixie Grapes The world’s first dwarf grape and the winner of the 2014 Cultivate Retailer’s Choice award. Pixie Grapes are champagne and wine varietals produced on miniature plants that are perfect for containers or even tabletop displays. The grapes are produced throughout the summer and can be enjoyed as a sweet snack or garnish. These plants make high-value gift items in the garden center. In the ground, plants are hardy to USDA Zone 3. Liners are available in early summer to be bulked, vernalized and finished for Mother’s Day sales.

Plug Connection is the industry leader in certified organic vegetable and herb young plants. Since our first organic certification in 2005, we have grown our organic offerings to include over 200 different organic vegetables and herbs from seed, over 40 vegetative herbs, and over 40 different grafted varieties. Our dry and cool climate offers low disease pressures, which pairs well with our adherence to strict CCOF organic protocols. All seed herbs and vegetables are grown organically under USDA certification by CCOF. While you don’t have to finish them as organic, the option is yours. Visit our ePicas site for a complete product listing of certified organic herbs and vegetables. Want a little variety? We offer an herb assortment that consists of six varieties, 34 of each. Two tray minimum. • French Tarragon • Double Mint • Italian Oregano • Rosemary Upright ‘Perfect Skewer’

Organic Vegetables & Herbs

• English Thyme • Salvia Bergarten

We welcome our customers to come and see our operations in Vista and Bonsall. Please schedule a visit to see why Southern California is such a great place to grow young plants. We are located about 30 miles north of downtown San Diego, California.

Bruce Gibson General Manager 760 631-0992 ext 160 Jon-Paul (JP) Williams Sales Manager 760 631-0992 ext 126 c: 619 787-1871 Lisa Finnegan Key Accounts 760 631-0992 ext 118 Maria Rojas Customer Service Specialist 760 631-0992 ext 106 Jennifer Ellis Customer Service Specialist 760 631-0992 ext 130 Lupe Galvan Customer Service Specialist 760 631-0992 ext 104 Laura Contreras Shipping coordinator 760 631-0992 ext 116

2627 Ramona Drive, Vista, California 92084 760.631.0992 •

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