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Catalyst Services UK is an award-winning provider of specialist investigations, repair and renewal services, primarily for the insurance industry but also for commercial and domestic customers. We derive our name from our vision and purpose: to bring together all parties involved in insurance claims to create the most efficient, effective, and sustainable outcomes for all concerned.

Our teams work on drainage systems, including off-mains drainage, and water supply systems. They also deliver subsidence investigation, environmental, and home emergency services. We have built, and continue to develop, a network of the best service contractors right across the UK – each one vetted and regularly audited so we can work together in confidence on behalf of clients and customers. Since our foundation in 2014, we have continued to expand rapidly, supported by a reputation for innovation, reliable delivery, smart use of data, and exceptional standards of customer service.

All members of Catalyst’s senior team have many years’ experience working with, and for, the insurance industry, helping us build a highly-stable and financially strong company focussed entirely on our clients’ needs. Their expertise is shared with our growing team of professional claim advisors through an innovative training programme that ensures our standards are set high and remain high. For example, Catalyst was a finalist in both the British Insurance Awards and Insurance Post Claims Awards in 2020 for the development of a new customer service apprenticeship course in partnership with a training provider and the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Brad Jackson ACII MCMI Managing Director Brad Jackson is the founder of Catalyst Services UK. He has provided services for the insurance industry for more than 16 years, with a focus on fast delivery and high quality outcomes.

Who we work for Catalyst’s primary focus is working for insurance providers and related professionals. We also deliver services for property landlords, public organisations, businesses and home owners.

We aim to make positive things happen. It’s in our name. Catalyst strives to deliver the high quality service our insurance clients need and support their customers, who are often in distress. I believe that vision is behind our strong growth and our confidence for the future.

Insurance Companies

Loss Adjusters


Property Landlords

Public Organisations

Home Owners

May 2015 Finalist, Start-up of the Year, Oldham Business Awards

April 2017 Attracts first Tier 1 insurer as a customer

December 2017 Move to bigger offices in Oldham

August 2017 Turnover for 2016-17 breaks through £1million

January 2018 Catalyst creates a new insurance sector apprenticeship

August 2014 Company established

August 2015 Move into new offices at Cairo House, Oldham

Sustainable and caring service

Catalyst is committed to delivering the most sustainable services it can. All board members are now required to ensure their departments are continuously looking for the best ways to protect the environment and use resources wisely. In this way, Catalyst aims to contribute proactively to our clients’ sustainability strategies, to comply with all regulatory requirements and to meet the expectations of customers on climate change. Catalyst is also committed to playing an active and positive role in the communities we serve. We do this through supporting charities and community groups. For example, our team has created a wildlife pond near our offices. We also support the I Love Claims charity day and the Insurance Charities.

Our values Our values drive the way we do business and how we deliver service. They define what Catalyst stands for and what our clients and customers can expect from us.

Focus Our primary objective is to deliver exceptional service for all our customers. So everything we do makes their lives better. Value Our product offering is centred on delivering four essential components to add value to our clients and customers. > Reducing claim lifecycles > Removing unnecessary costs > Enhancing the customer journey > Fully managing fulfilment by vetted and approved contractors Expertise Our clients and customers can be sure that we are the experts in our field. That includes our experienced project managers and our claims handlers who are trained and empowered to deliver the right solutions every time.

Integrity We act in the best interests of all parties involved in the projects we undertake, so a fair outcome is always achieved. We do this by having a strict ethical code. Innovation We are constantly looking at ways to improve our services. We do this by investing in research and development and through smart use of data analysis so we can provide clear advice on future risks and trends. Wellbeing We match our technical expertise with a caring approach to doing business. This starts with properly supporting our teams. We also seek to fully consider the wellbeing of our customers, so we leave them happier and better able to face future challenges.

John Townsend ACA Finance Director

Catalyst is determined to play its part in supporting the insurance industry to develop a sustainable future for us all. It demands new thinking and closer partnership working. We’re ready to work with clients to meet the challenges and unlock opportunities that flow from them. John Townsend is a highly experienced finance director with a strong background in strategic business consultancy and active support for charities in the North West.

August 2021 Turnover for 2020-21 rises 65% year-on-year during the Covid pandemic

June 2018 Brad Jackson, Finalist, Rising Star Awards, Insurance Post Claims Awards

May 2020 Catalyst goes live with home emergency heating and plumbing service

0800 870 8080

September 2018 New subsidence services launched

November 2020 Finalist in British Insurance Awards 2020 and Post Insurance awards for new customer service apprenticeship

Mark Johnston Quality Assurance and Network Manager

Mark Johnston has more than 20 years’ technical and operational experience in drainage and water service investigation and repair in the insurance industry.

Drain services Catalyst provides a comprehensive range of high quality, cost-effective drain surveying, unblocking and repair services. Drains and sewers in domestic and commercial premises are often out of sight and out of mind. When they go wrong they can cause major inconvenience, health risks and structural problems to homes and business premises.

We’re confident we can provide our clients and customers with first class support because we work very hard to make sure the drainage service specialists we select are the best, safest and most diligent in the business. We then work closely with them, auditing their performance and supporting innovations that improve customer service and experience.

Fast response Our starting point, from the moment of receiving a call for assistance, is to get to site quickly and limit any damage, and ongoing risks, caused by the reported drain problem. We then carry out a thorough drainage investigation, selecting from a wide range of surveying and diagnostic techniques, to establish the root cause. Finally, we put in place, or recommend, the most appropriate solution to the customer’s drain problem – and thanks to our expertise and capabilities, this is often a first time fix. No dig expertise We are specialists in using remote access ‘no-dig’ systems that allow more drain problems to be located, diagnosed and resolved safely without carrying out excavations. This controls our clients’ costs, greatly reduces inconvenience for their customers, and minimises claim lifecycles, much to everyone’s satisfaction.

Sustainable solutions The field teams we deploy use the most modern specialist drainage equipment and technologies, making our services among the most effective and sustainable in the UK. Our lining services include ultraviolet cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining and blue light CIPP lining, both faster, less disruptive and more sustainable than other methods. Exceptional outcomes Catalyst’s in-house drain experts project manage all drainage jobs every step of the way, delivering transparent, trusted service, and generating exceptional satisfaction

Customer comment

I’m very happy with the work carried out, and extremely happy that you didn’t need to dig my driveway up.

scores from clients and customers alike.

Our drain services > Drain dye testing > 3D scanning > Drain unblocking > Tree root removal > Pipe re-rounding and bursting

We use the latest CCTV survey systems and software to provide reports with unparalleled clarity, so clients can make fast and accurate decisions, maximising customer satisfaction

> CCTV surveys > Drain tracing > Drain excavation > CIPP pipe lining > CIPP patch lining > Robotic cutting

Our drain and sewer rehabilitation technology, including ultraviolet and blue light CIPP pipe lining that is faster, more sustainable, and less disruptive for customers

Our advanced robotic cutting services resolve the toughest pipe blockage challenges without the need for more costly and highly disruptive excavation and replacement


Alex Purtill Technical Claims Handler

Alex has more than 10 years’ experience working in the drainage and utilities industry. He specialises in managing off-mains drainage claims and installations.

Septic tanks Our wastewater experts have many years of experience in supporting users of off-mains drainage systems, including septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, and cesspits. We work on behalf of, insurance providers, loss adjusters and other clients on a full range of off-mains projects, including drainage investigations, repairs and asset installation. This includes ensuring all wastewater storage and treatment systems meet all standards (e.g. BS EN 12566 and BS 6297:2007) and are compliant with new general binding rules.

Since joining Catalyst I’ve been blown away by the technical knowledge my colleagues have. Also, I believe we do genuinely care about the policy holder and do more to explain the work being done, and how we can help. I think this attitude feeds into a better quality outcome for both our clients and customers.

Planning off-mains drainage

Expert project oversight All our off-mains drainage projects are project managed by Catalyst. This allows wider aspects and implications of the work to be considered and addressed in a timely manner. In this way, issues that might otherwise be missed are identified and action taken to mitigate future risks for both clients and customers, reducing long-term costs and generating significant goodwill.

When installing and maintaining off-mains drainage systems, it is essential to understand all technical and legal elements of the task in hand from the word go. Catalyst’s in-house experts will carefully review all aspects of any drainage problem and recommend robust and cost-effective solutions that meet all environmental and waste regulations. Safety advantage Our drainage engineers are specialists in working on cesspits, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. Our number one priority is the safety of our personnel and customers. For example, we use the latest remote access tank surveying and cleaning technologies that allow us to inspect and maintain off-main systems in the safest and most sustainable way.

Customer comment

All went as planned, the engineers kept their social distance. They were very polite, and did a very great job.

Catalyst are experienced in removing redundant or defective septic tanks and the installation of new off-mains assets . We support clients through every step of the installation process. Catalyst is often commissioned to carry out off-mains surveys and investigations. Topics include off-mains options, compliance with general binding rules, and asset replacement proposals.

Our septic tank services

> Consultancy and surveying > Tank emptying > Tank cleaning > Tank maintenance > Tank repair

> Tank removal > Tank installation > Drainage field design and installation > Compliance surveys

Find out more about Catalyst

0800 870 8080

Septic tank and sewage treatment plant repairs must be carried out by specialist companies. Catalyst has an audited network of these experts ready to respond across the UK.


Leah Morgan Cert CII Client Service Leader

Leah has more than 19 years’ experience in property claims management, 13 of them spent specialising in drainage and water services.

Water supply services Ensuring the water supply to homes and businesses is leak free and in good working order is of critical importance. From locating leaks to renewing supply pipes, Catalyst delivers a full range of water supply services across the UK. We deploy qualified and experienced water engineers and technicians across the UK to carry out emergency or planned water supply works, including investigations, repairs and pipe replacement.

Our two big priorities at Catalyst are delivering a quality service and excellent communication. I believe the two must go together. Much of our work involves helping customers in some distress, so we know effective communication is vital to support our clients’ brand promise.

Site investigation innovation

An end-to-end service We can be relied upon to deliver all services needed to inspect, install and maintain high quality water supply systems. We are experienced at working with other agencies, including water companies and local authorities. From carrying out validation studies and water quality testing to designing and installing water supply systems in any setting, we have the expertise and experience needed to carry out the work to the highest standard.

Catalyst uses the latest technology to carry out remote access investigations of water supply systems, so problems can be diagnosed quickly and cost-effectively, with the least disruption to customers. In this way, we can locate leak problems with pinpoint accuracy, stop the escape of water, reducing the risk of damage to property, and then put in place a solution that ensures the water supply is restored. Fast and effective repairs Catalyst makes use of a full range of repair and replacement techniques so the most appropriate solution is put in place every time. Again, our first options will be low- impact solutions that control cost and inconvenience for customers. If excavation is needed, this is always carried out safely. Catalyst fully project manages all work, so it is always carried out to the highest standard and without delay.

Customer comment

I got a call from Catalyst as soon as I put the phone down with my insurers. That’s fast!

Our water supply pipe services

If a leak is detected, a simple solution Catalyst will consider is carrying out a point pipe repair . This involves digging down to the pipe and repairing it in that location.

> Leak detection > Pipe tracing > Point repair > Water pipe moling > Water pipe rerouting

> Desktop

Our water quality testing , carried out in partnership with accredited laboratories, covers particulate and chemical contamination, as well as legionella sampling and testing.

validations > Water quality testing > Site visit validations

Catalyst is regularly called upon to carry out site visit validation investigations to provide an expert opinion on a third party contractor’s report of scope of works and costs.


Aminoor Rahman Senior Claims Handler

Aminoor has more than 8 years’ experience managing property and commercial claims, two years of which have been spent specialising in drainage and water services.

Leak detection Catalyst provides a comprehensive leak detection and repair service both for water supply pipes and beyond the internal stop tap. This means we are able to locate leaks inside and around customer properties quickly with the least possible disruption. If required, our field engineers will then carry out leak repairs to safeguard the property and minimise the risk of leaks reoccurring.

I’m proud to be part of a team that shares the common goal of understanding our

customers’ needs and expectations and then working hard to exceed them. Customer service is at the very heart of what we do. Knowing I’ve made a difference for a customer gives me a real buzz.

Trusted service Catalyst provides a national leak detection and water pipe tracing service primarily for the insurance industry and also for other clients. Our field engineers are the best in the business at tracking down leaks in all kinds of properties, including domestic homes, offices and industrial premises. All work is project managed by our in-house experts. We will liaise with other agencies, such as water companies, if necessary. And ensure clients and customers receive a service they can trust. Best technology Leak detection combines high levels of experience and skill, supported by the right equipment, which is becoming ever more sophisticated. We ensure we always use the best techniques, including the advanced non- destructive leak detection technologies, so leaks are found quickly and costs and damage are minimised.

Putting things right If a leak is detected, the first urgent task is to stop it. Next, the customer will want the damage assessed and repairs, if needed, carried out. Catalyst can assist with both these important steps, and will expertly project manage follow-on works to ensure they are carried out to a high standard and costs are controlled. Further investigations We can also carry out further investigation work, if required, to establish if leaks have caused additional problems, such as subsidence damage or the undermining of other underground assets.

Customer comment

Everyone has been extremely helpful and they managed to locate the leak quickly. I am very pleased.

Our leak detection services

Catalyst uses acoustic profiling , made possible with advanced microphones and software, to identify the noise created by a leak that may be many feet underground.

> Thermal imaging > Tracer gas analysis > Correlation leak detection > Damp meter detection

> Acoustic profiling

Find out more about Catalyst

Our engineers use a non-toxic dye to trace the flow of water to see where it may be escaping. The method can identify leaks in homes, businesses and swimming pools.

> Dye testing > Inspection cameras

0800 870 8080

We are often called to investigate damp. Important tools are very sensitive damp meters . We can trace damp problems and whether they are caused by leaks.


Paul Duddle Head of Technical and Network

Paul Duddle has more than 25 years’ experience in carrying out drainage, water mains and subsidence work. He is an executive member of the Subsidence Forum. Paul is responsible for developing Catalyst’s exceptional degree of technical competence across all services. Subsidence presents unique challenges in that its cause can be related to so many different factors. That’s why Catalyst’s ability, to bring together and project manage the best specialists to investigate often unique sets of circumstances, is so helpful to our clients.

0800 870 8080 Catalyst is a market leader in delivering subsidence investigation services. From targeted investigations to identifying and repairing causation, Catalyst is here to help. Subsidence Subsidence is one of the most serious and distressing problems a property owner or manager can face.

Site investigations Catalyst will thoroughly investigate subsidence problems and support contractors to put in place robust and practical solutions. We will establish the precise factors determining subsidence and its impact on specific buildings. These site investigations can take many forms and will be determined by the unique circumstances of each site. Drainage investigation and repair Catalyst can carry out a full range of drain surveying, including carrying out CCTV surveys using a robotic camera or laser and 3D camera profiling of pipes and chambers. Based on findings, we can also carry out drain unblocking, repair, and rehabilitation work, if required.

An expert service Our subsidence service is led by Paul Duddle. He has more than 25 years of technical experience carrying out subsidence investigations and remedial work and training other professionals. Paul is also an executive member of the Subsidence Forum, a national body of experts from the engineering, surveying and insurance professions. Our aim is to tackle subsidence issues as early and quickly as possible, giving property owners and managers peace of mind and supporting property value. Comprehensive service Catalyst can deploy a comprehensive range of investigative and analytical services to tackle subsidence. Our aim is to fully understand the subsidence issues affecting a particular site, so we can support the implementation of the best and most cost-effective long-term solutions.

Customer comment

Really happy with the customer service. Everyone who has called about our subsidence problem has been really professional.

Our subsidence services

We dig trial holes to investigate structure foundations. A borehole can then be drilled at the bottom of the trial hole to assess ground conditions under the foundation.

> Site

> Shear vane testing > Mackintosh


We work with the best scientific laboratories in the UK to test soils and root systems to identify properties that influence subsidence risks, with full reports provided.

> Drainage

investigations and repair

probe testing > Laboratory soil and root testing > Crack and level monitoring > Arboroculturalist reports

> Trial hole

and borehole investigations

Catalyst prepares technical reports on the way trees are influencing subsidence risks or are causing damage. This service can include proposed planting and landscaping schemes.


Paul Slattery Operations Manager

Paul has worked in operations management for more than 20 years, including 14 in the drainage industry. He leads our claims team to deliver a seamless service for our clients and their customers.

Home emergency Home emergencies need a response that is reliable, fast, and maximises the opportunity of a first time fix. Catalyst’s home emergency service does just that by combining smart task management with the best service engineers across the UK. We are trusted to mitigate damage, eliminate hazards and secure properties around the clock, 365 days a year.

Here at Catalyst, we work very closely with all our clients to tailor our services to their specific needs and delivered in accordance with their principles and ethos. Our aim is to provide seamless service, so customers are reassured and impressed every step of the way.

Trained to serve The quality of our home emergency service is founded on our experience and expertise in delivering responsive services and the robust systems we have in place to support them. Our claims handling professionals are trained to fully understand all aspects of home emergency situations and respond quickly, clearly and decisively to our customers’ needs. Expert response Our home emergency engineers are ambassadors for us and for our clients, at a time when customers are understandably under significant stress. That is why we select our field teams with great care, only working with those that show high levels of professionalism with clear evidence of customer care. We then carry out regular audits to ensure standards are maintained.

Safe and effective Our aim is to always deal effectively with a customer’s emergency, so they are safe, and where possible, a first time fix is put in place. Where further work is needed, we will facilitate this smoothly and effectively, on behalf of customers. Catalyst uses the latest digital data systems to optimise task management and provide our clients with excellent analysis of all work carried out. Maximum satisfaction Home emergencies are among the most stressful events our customers may ever experience. That’s why from the first call to the last, we make every effort to help, so they are completely satisfied with our service.

Customer comment

A job very well done. Nothing seemed to be any trouble and everything looks neat again after all the work.

Our home emergency services

We provide an emergency plumbing service anywhere in the UK. If we find a customer’s home problems require other expertise, we can quickly mobilise the trades needed.

> Drain

> Roof repairs > Glazing > Boilers and heating > Alternative

Find out more about Catalyst

unblocking > Water supply > Plumbing > Locks and doors > Pest removal

All our boiler and central heating emergency technicians are highly experienced. They assist customers in solving any problem, whether in be loss of heating or hot water.

0800 870 8080

Pest problems often begin as an emergency, requiring fast action. Catalyst’s pest control teams are on hand around the clock to respond to all calls for help.



Jon Haddon ACII Head of Business Development

Jon Haddon has more than four decades of experience working at senior management and director level in the insurance industry and associated building services.

Emergency to restoration Catalyst will diligently manage any emergency action needed to contain spills, assess risks to human health and the potential environmental damage to water courses and wildlife. We provide a complete service, from emergency response, containment and clean-up to site restoration for pollution incidents that involve sewage, oil, fuel, chemicals, and agricultural leachates. Our clients’ first concern will be to protect the environment by preventing pollution spills and responding diligently if the worst happens. Catalyst helps clients achieve both these objectives and, in the process, assists in controlling their financial and reputational exposure. Environmental services Catalyst expertise in environmental protection is trusted by insurance providers, businesses and residential property owners. We provide advice on the installation of environmental protection systems and the laws and regulations that control them.

Home buyer services Buying and selling a home can be a daunting prospect. It is the biggest investment that most people ever make. Private landlords may be investing in multiple properties, increasing the risk. Catalyst provides a rigorous home buyers survey service that minimises the risks associated with buying and selling domestic property. We provide the same service for commercial property as well. Who we work for Our customers include individual buyers, often of high value homes, property investors, private residential landlords, estate agents, letting agents, and financial institutions. We also carry out surveys for home sellers, so they can be sure of the condition and value of their properties before putting

Catalyst has unrivalled expertise in our core services. Another strength is our ambition. We’ve developed service offerings because our clients have asked us to. We’ll continue that process, not least in terms of environmental services. As climate shapes our futures, we want to be there assisting our clients and customers.

Customer comment

I’m very happy with Catalyst’s service. You all answer my calls very quickly and are always friendly and have answers when other people don’t.

them on the market or entering into negotiation with a potential buyer.

Our home buyers services

> RICS home

> Home buyers

Our environmental services

condition report

electrical report


> Boiler and heating inspection > Cavity wall tie survey > Damp, rot and woodworm > Subsidence survey

Homebuyer reports > RICS building surveys > Drainage surveys > Septic tank surveys > Roof surveys

> Domestic oil spills > Sewage spillages > Sewer

> Pollution


> Pollution


> Pollution clean-up > Environmental remediation

misconnection risks


Rachel Buckley Team Leader

Rachel Buckley has 6 years’ experience in successful team

management, spending a significant proportion of that time specialising in water utility services.

Service, maintain and renewal

At Catalyst we always put our clients and their customers

first. A Catalyst strength across the team is a real

Catalyst’s servicing, maintenance, and renewal service helps customers get the best value and use out of the assets in their properties, both commercial and domestic. We support the safety, long-life and cost-effective utilisation of all drainage, clean water supply, plumbing, electricity, and heating systems. When these assets have reached the end of their lives, our expert teams can cost-effectively replace them with new, up-to-date, and more efficient systems.

can-do attitude. We’d like to think they feel that we’re fully behind them, determined to work together to deliver a first class service.

Trusted service There is no substitute for peace of mind, for knowing your building systems are well maintained, safe to use, and in good condition. Catalyst manages a network of trusted and reliable service engineers and technicians across the UK, ready to step in and support domestic and commercial customers precisely when they are needed. Project managed expertise In addition, all work carried out by Catalyst is project managed by us. So our customers have one point of contact and they are kept informed of progress every step of the way. We make sure a team with all the right skills is put together, so our customers have no need to find multiple trades people and then juggle their requirements to get often complex tasks completed.

Transparent and honest Catalyst has a reputation for transparency and honesty, and we want to keep it. We vet our teams to make sure they work to high ethical standards. We also strive to work sustainably, so resources are used effectively, and eco-friendly solutions are selected. Certified service All our maintenance and asset renewal work is fully certified. So customers have proof that work has been carried to a high standard on their property.

Customer comment

They were at my house in no time and got things working again straight away. Very happy.

Our services

Our drainage engineers can visit your property every 12 months, or as frequently required, to clean and inspect your drainage system , reducing the risk of blockages.

> Drainage

> Water supply


maintenance and installation

> Drainage

> Boiler and

rehabilitation and replacement

Find out more about Catalyst

Where water systems are so defective they are difficult to maintain, or where they have reached the end of the life, we can replace sections of pipes or whole systems.

heating servicing and maintenance

> Septic tank emptying

> Boiler and

and cleaning

heating system installation > Asset condition surveys > Site and system mapping

> Sewage

0800 870 8080

Catalyst carries out asset condition surveys as a one-off task or regularly for planned maintenance. Our surveys also support site development and planning applications.

treatment plant servicing > Off-mains drainage installation


0800 870 8080

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