Danette May's Lotus Journal - May 2020

May 2020

Combating ‘Mom Guilt’


“You cannot serve from an empty cup.”

I’ll never forget one of the greatest lessons I learned from a beautiful mentor of mine. It was a powerful metaphor that sprang from one of the simplest images. It taught me the value of placing my health, my happiness, and my well-being first so that I may then give to my children and those I feel compelled to serve.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this May, I believe this lesson is something all women need to learn.

Imagine a saucer holding a teacup.

Picture pouring tea into the cup, filling it all the way to the brim until a little bit spills over and rests in the saucer. It was at this point in the lesson that my mentor said the words that are still so profound to me to this day: “Serve from the overflow. Serve from your saucer. Fill yourself up so much that you’re serving from your saucer.”

I must take care of myself, serve myself, honor myself first before I can even begin to give of myself.

Those words hit me hard. “Mom guilt” is an all-too-real and all-too-frequent emotion many women feel, even if they are not moms. As women, we are taught to believe that if we are taking care of ourselves, then we must be letting someone else down. We are wired to be nurturers, to care, to be selfless. We focus our energy on making sure those who need us are served, and CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 ...


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