Information for Exhibitors October 2017

Information for Exhibitors 11 th October 2017 This is the sixth Business Showcase South West – a complete business exhibition at Ashton Gate Stadium. The most important thing for both venue and BSSW 2017 is a smooth-running event and the safety of all. Please find below detailed information about the event to aid your success and enjoyment at it. We hope that the information contained here will answer any questions you have regarding participation in the exhibition but if you have any queries please do get in touch. It is imperative that you read and distribute the following information at your earliest convenience. The 5 Most Important Things to Remember and Share with Your Team 2 – Please ensure you are set-up completely by 9.15am . DO allow for traffic delays for all the team. 3 – There is 1 parking bay at the stadium per exhibiting company (single or double stand) on event day. Company driver ID is now required on arrival showing their name. 4 – For strict health and safety reasons, exhibitors are not permitted to dismantle their stand until 4pm. 5 – Do remember the FREE Exhibitors Drinks event at 4pm-4.45pm in the VIP Lounge, in the Sports Bar! 6 – Order lunch that will be delivered to your stand. Find your menu enclosed. Take the order form to the Concessions stand in the Dolman and South Stand near the network café to place your order and pay by **10.30am**. 1 – All Exhibiting team members must have registered before the event day for an exhibitor pass.



The Show Wednesday 11 th October

Ashton Gate Stadium, Ashton Rd, Bristol BS3 2EJ

From 10:00 – 16:00

Exhibitors **MUST** register themselves and all their colleagues to attend the event ASAP and bring their printed etickets to access the event. Register here

On arrival at the venue please make your way to the entrance in the Sports Bar. At check-in, your ticket will be checked and you will be issued with a red lanyard and badge holder. You must wear this at all times while at the venue.

Exhibitor set-up is 14:00 – 19:00 – 10 th October Exhibitor check-in and set-up is 08:00 – 09:15 – 11 th October Exhibitor break down is 16:00 - 19:00 – 11 th October

Your pre-ordered furniture cannot be moved from your stand area.

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, for a number of reasons including delegate safety, **exhibitors are expressly prohibited from breaking down their stand before 16:00**.

Parking and Travel to the Show

We provide several FREE car parks for delegates, speakers and exhibitors. There is a whole fleet of FREE First Buses serving the event from the Official Showcase car parks and key locations in the city. Our nearest car park is 2.5 mins ride. Read our 4-page Travel & Parking Guide Please note there is only one parking bay for exhibitors at Ashton Gate Stadium on 11 th October. **Please also note, that your allocated car driver will be asked for identification and company name on arrival** Exhibitor/VIP Networking Drinks The Exhibitor/VIP Networking Drinks event presented by Campaign Circle is a great opportunity for those businesses who have spent all day chatting to delegates to catch up with their fellow exhibitors in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The event start at 4pm as soon as the show closes and runs till about 5pm. It's a superb way to end your day at the Business Showcase South West and is held in the exclusive upstairs section of the Sports Bar & Grill at Ashton Gate Stadium. We would love to see you there after the Showcase closes.


Key Events at the Business Showcase South West Throughout the day we have numerous speakers, and networking events. Please find details below. Seminars




Seminar Name

10.30 - 11.00

Berkeley Harris

Sandler Training

The First 5 Minutes of a Sales Meeting GDPR IT Requirements – Beat the 25 th May 2018 deadline Wellbeing In The Workplace Connecting With An Unparalleled Audience On Your Doorstep What Sales People Can Learn From Video Games Workplaces that move people to do more Stimulus for Change: Imposed or Instigated? Dare To Disrupt with TEDxBristol

11.00 – 11.30

Rowenna Fielding


11.45 – 12.15 12.15 – 12.45

Lucy Martin Sarah Pullen

OEG Interiors Trinity Mirror

13.00 – 13.30

Rhys Jenkins

Sales Joe

13.45 – 14.15

Calum Hutchinson


14.15 – 14.45

Christine Marsh

Prime Objectives

15.00 – 15.45

Daniel Edmund



Timings 10.15 – 10.55 13.30 – 14.15 14.30 – 15.10 15.15 – 15.55 Timings 11.00 – 11.25 11.30 – 11.55 12.00 – 12.25 12.30 – 12.55



Seminar Name

Patrick Cutliffe


Social Media for Business

Danny Matthews

Digital Transformation for Small Business

The Art of Self-disruption

Patrick Cutliffe


Google Analytics

Lizzy Lillington- Lester


Grow your business with Facebook & Instagram

Keynote Speakers




Bev Hurley CBE

Blood, Sweat and tears…the Joys of Growth

Tim Bowles

West of England Mayor

Lizzy Lillington-Lester


Mobile, Visual, Personal - Future proofing your business with Facebook Ben Towers in conversation with Alison Edgar

Ben Towers in conversation with Alison Edgar

Zest The Agency The Entrepreneurs Godmother


Networking Timings

Networking Type Location 07.30 – 09.30 Breakfast Networking (paid tickets required) Upstairs Sports Bar and Gill 11.45 – 12.30 Speed Networking

Speed Networking Zone (Dolman Hall) Speed Networking Zone (Dolman Hall) Upstairs in the Sports Bar and Grill

13.45 – 14.30 Speed Networking

16.00 - 16.45 Exhibitor/VIP Networking Drinks

UK VA Awards

Timings Company 14.15 – 14.30 John Palmer Storm Media Speaker

Key Contacts

Emma Samways Senior Event Manager Has overall responsibility for every element of the show. Emma is your main point of contact in the lead up to the show 07949 665649

Sarah Brooks Client Services Director Responsible for looking after all the exhibitors 07768 283059

Thea Wise Deputy Event Manager Supports the Senior Event Manager to ensure all elements of the show runs smoothly 07752 610810

James Devine Assistant Event Manager Working with Thea and Emma to ensure the smooth running of the event 07532 044682


Daria Robinson Seminar Zone Manager Responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the of the seminar zone and the main point of contact for the speakers on the day of the event. 07969 907888 Tom Wiltshire Parking and Travel Manager Responsible for ensuring smooth parking at the venue along with keeping the travel and car parking services running smoothly 07800 517088 Robyn Lush Keynote Speakers and Workshops Zone Manager Responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the of the keynote speaker and workshop zone and the main point of contact for the speakers on the day of the event. 07950 119944

Jen Gill Senior Registration Zone Host Overseeing delegate registration at the event

Sally Lawton Breakfast Networking Manager Speed Networking Zone Manager Exhibitor/VIP Networking Drinks Manager Responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the of the networking events and the main point of contact for the networking speakers on the day of the event.

07885 914076 Louise Hodges Exhibitor Host

Marta Yazbek Exhibitor Host


Amy Morse Exhibitor Host

Justin Eden Exhibitor Host

Emily Covill Exhibitor Host

Venue Plans



Access and loading

The showcase exhibition is taking place in the Dolman Hall, Dolman Corridor, South Concourse Corridor and the South Concourse. All areas have their own entrances and adjacent parking. Stand numbers prefixed with the letter D are in the Dolman Hall, those prefixed with the letter S are in the South Concourse. Stands prefixed with the letter C are located in the corridor that joins both halls. Please use the appropriate entrance and parking area to minimise the distance to your stand.

Please note that trolleys to assist with loading are not supplied by the venue or organisers.

If you choose to set up on 10th you will be issued with a security pass on arrival which you must keep on your person at all times while in the building. Please note that you will still need to register for your red showcase exhibitor lanyard and badge holder on the morning of 11 th .



Ashton Gate Stadium is fully accessible but please inform the organisers of any special requirements.


Food and drinks are available for purchase throughout the event from the catering outlets in the Dolman Hall and the South Concourse this includes several “bean to cup” outlets. We are providing a 10% discount for Exhibitors in the Sports Bar at the end of the South Concourse. Simply present your red exhibitor lanyard when you place your order to claim your discount.


Cloakroom facilities, run and managed by Ashton Gate Stadium, are located next to the registration area. The organisers accept no liability for any loss arising from use of the cloakroom facilities.

Damage and loss

Neither the organisers, nor Ashton Gate Stadium, accept any responsibility for damage or loss of any properties belonging to the exhibitors or their agents/contractors. We remind you of the need to have appropriate insurance cover in place.

Distribution of marketing materials

Publicity materials and notices may only be displayed on, and distributed from, the Exhibitor’s own stand. Permission to distribute literature away outside of your exhibition space must be agreed with the organisers in advance. The organiser reserves the right to remove and dispose of any materials found in any other part of the venue.


Deliveries may not be made to the venue in advance of the event. If you are delivering items on 10 th October please ensure a member of your team is on-site to receive them. The organisers and venue staff cannot be responsible for receiving deliveries.

Electrical Supply

Each exhibition space will be supplied with one 13amp socket. Extension cables may be used but exhibitors must ensure that they do not exceed the 13amp maximum per socket. Exhibitors must not tamper or interfere with the electrical supply to their stand. If there is an issue with the supply please contact the organisers. All electrical items brought into the exhibition must be PAT certified.

Exhibition Spaces

Spaces are 3m wide by 2m deep, sized so that you may bring roller banners or a standard pop-up display. Furniture will be provided only if it was ordered at the time of booking. Each space will be supplied with an electrical connection.

Fixing to walls of the venue is strictly prohibited. Any damage caused will be billed back to the exhibitor.


Exhibitors must not create displays which exceed the size of their exhibition space.

Fire Safety

Any person, whether exhibitor or contractor, discovering an outbreak of fire, however slight, should immediately notify an Ashton Gate Stadium or a Business Showcase South West member of staff. A copy of the venue’s emergency procedure is at the end of this document. APPENDIX 1

First Aid

There is a first aider on site at all times. They can be contacted through the Ashton Gate Stadium Duty Manager. Individuals seeking assistance for minor injuries should contact a member of Ashton Gate Stadium staff or speak to a member of the Business Showcase South West stationed at the registration desks at the entrance. In the event of a major incident the Ashton Gate Stadium Duty manager should be contacted who will contact the emergency services.

Health and Safety

All exhibitors will have completed a risk assessment declaration during the booking process. If your activities in the exhibition are not adequately covered by the declaration you must complete a full risk assessment and method statement as appropriate and submit this to the organisers for consideration with our full written acknowledgement and full written agreement at least 2 weeks before the event.

Please also read the Health and Safety information in Appendix 2.


Speakers wishing to play any recorded material are solely responsible for obtaining any license required to play music during their speech, licences can be obtained from the Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and Performing Rights Society (PRS).


Prior to the event the organisers can be contacted at

During the event the Organisers can be contacted via either of the check-in desks at the entrance in the Sports Bar.


Please ensure all rubbish is disposed of. You will find general waste and recycling bins dotted around the venue. If you have large boxes, pallets or packaging that is too large for the bins we ask that you take this with you and dispose of it yourself. Please ensure your stand space is clear of all rubbish when you leave the venue.


Ashton Gate Stadium is a large multi-use venue and whilst every reasonable precaution is taken during the event to ensure the premises are adequately patrolled, Ashton Gate Stadium and Business Showcase South West specifically


disclaim responsibility for any loss or damage to property of any Exhibitor from any cause. Any loss sustained should be reported to the organisers. To help ensure good security, please do not leave cash, handbags, mobile phones, laptops unattended at any time. Please note that there is no security on site overnight. All valuable items should be removed overnight.


Ashton Gate Stadium is a non-smoking venue. There are smoking areas clearly marked outside the Dolman Hall and South Concourse entrances.

Sound Equipment

Volume must not cause annoyance to any other exhibitors or delegates. Ashton Gate Stadium and Business Showcase South West reserve the right to prohibit the use of such equipment should, in their opinion, any annoyance be caused.


All exhibition spaces must be staffed throughout the open hours of the Exhibition.


There is no storage available at the venue. Exhibitors should ensure that all packaging materials are offloaded back to their vehicles before 09:300 on the morning of the event.


V-Cars are a local taxi service located close to the stadium. V-Cars: 01225 46 46 46

Please specify your collection point as either Ashton Road or the Sports Bar entrance.


Toilets are located throughout the venue and are heavily signposted.

Waste Disposal

All waste, including unwanted materials and packaging MUST be removed from the venue by 19:00 on 11 th October 2017. The organiser reserves the right to charge any exhibitor for the removal of their waste.

Wi-Fi and internet access

Wi-Fi is available throughout the venue on AshtonGateEdgeZ and is open.



Fire Evacuation Procedures If you are using one of our suites or classrooms, please make yourself familiar with the plan of the stadium on the rear of this document. The Fire Evacuation Point for persons in the South Stand including Sports Bar and Shop is the car park immediately in front of the stand and signed by an ‘Assembly Point’ sign The Fire Evacuation Point for the remainder of the Stadium East Stand and North Stand offices, is the Car Park at the rear of the North Stand behind the houses on Ashton Road. This is also signed by an ‘Assembly Point’ sign You will be briefed on exit points and routes on arrival at Ashton Gate by one of our Catering Managers. In the event of fire being discovered or the fire alarm (two tone warble sound) please remain calm. Leave at the nearest exit and make your way to one of the two evacuation points where you will be met by one of our Fire Marshalls. DO NOT remain in the building to recover items of property or coats. Persons with a disability will be removed to a place of safety by our own staff to await the arrival of the Fire Brigade. If you are unclear about any of the above instructions, please ask a member of staff who will be happy to brief you.


Health and Safety

Under Health and Safety legislation, Exhibitors are responsible for all activities that take place on their stand throughout the event and any actions that could affect others not on their stand.

The organisers, together with Ashton Gate Stadium, is committed to providing, maintaining and promoting, so far as is reasonably practicable, the highest standards of Health, Safety and Welfare at all our events.

All Exhibitors and contractors are expected to ensure that they work safely for the duration of the exhibition including set up and break down sessions, as is their legal duty under HASAWA 1974.


• Ensure you and anyone manning your stand understands the fire and evacuation procedures and locations of the Hall’s exits. (See appendix 1) • Make sure that your staff and contractors are working safely – and ensure they are trained and competent if setting up any technical equipment • Remove all rubbish and packing from your stand. It must not be stored on or behind your stand during the show • Make sure that you are properly insured for the exhibition. • Make sure that you have completed your Risk assessment declaration and submitted this to the organisers. do not overload or use unstable or unsecured items in your display • Do not tamper with the electrical supply to your stand


FOOD PRE-ORDER FORM Business Showcase Show West – 11 th October 2017

All pre-orders must be submitted by 10.30am Please deliver your pre-order to the concessions in the South or Dolman Stand Payment will be required at the concession upon placing your order





Please select bread of your choice

Sandwiches Made to Order



Honey Glazed Gammon & Piccalilli


Brie, Spiced Wasabi & Plum Chutney


Poached Salmon, Lemon & Garlic Mayonnaise





Caesar – Hardboiled Egg, Baby Gem Lettuce, Parmesan Shaving, Caesar Dressing


Grilled Mediterranean vegetables, pesto


New potato, bacon, grain mustard and chives





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