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JEFFERSON GREEN Advances to Corporate Director 4!


E N H A N C I N G T H E L I V E S O F T H O S E W E T O U C H ®

You Are Valued Here


ers have never enrolled another customer. That 80% are customers are only inter- ested in having superior products in their home. Only 20% are business builders. And even of those, the vast majority have only enrolled one, two, or three custom- ers. The majority of our customers have been brought to us by the “little guys.” A healthy Melaleuca business will have a lot of customers who never refer another customer and a lot who simply refer one or two customers. That is what a healthy business looks like! It’s important that we celebrate those who have referred only one or two cus- tomers to us! We need to do better in doing that. I worry about what people reading this magazine are thinking when they see somebody who has been with us for only six months and they’re already a Senior Director or someone who has been with us for only 12 months and they’re already an Executive Director. I worry about the message that it sends to the thousands who’ve been with us for six or seven years and just advanced to Director 5. In my opinion, that is the more exciting story. I’m excited to see the fast builders walk across stage at

don’t want to have handouts. We believe people just want an opportunity, and that’s what we bring to them. We believe that what the world needs is redistribu- tion of opportunity. And that is what we do! We believe that we need to redistrib- ute opportunity so that the little guys can compete with major corporations through their own initiative. Our people are doing that. And they are winning big time! We bring people the opportunity to take charge of their own lives. When you redistribute opportunity, you give the little guy an opportunity to dig in and to get going and change their lives. It cre- ates initiative rather than destroys it. We have evidence in Melaleuca that proves that we have a successful model. I think the world needs us. We have a responsi- bility to get out there and tell our story. As you tell our story and seek to build your business, I just want to throw a couple of ideas out there to you. If you’re only looking for business builders, you’re making a big mistake. You’re passing up 80% of the opportunity—maybe more—if you’re just looking for business builders. Please remember that 80% of our custom-

We’ve just had the best start to a new year in the US and Canada that we have ever had in our 34-year history. We’ve never started a year like this—ever. It’s clear that Melaleuca is being discovered! It looks like we’re in for a really, really good year. It makes sense. The world needs us. Canada needs us. And America needs us. People care more about their health than ever before. And they are learning that their health is largely impacted by what they breathe and eat. People need us from another perspec- tive as well. There’s a lot of talk about the wealthy getting wealthier, the spread between the middle class and the upper class getting wider. It’s a real thing. That is definitely happening. We recognize the problem and we believe we have a solu- tion. We believe that those who are advo- cating for government remedies, such as socialism, are dead wrong. Throughout history, socialism has brought disaster to every country that has ever tried it. It is impossible to simply redistribute wealth without destroying initiative and caus- ing widespread national poverty. It never works. So we are adamantly opposed to that concept. We believe that people


Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.

in life, who want to have the resources to go and do and be whatever they want to be. We’re now experiencing the fastest growth that we’ve ever experienced. We are all getting better at what we do. As a company—and as an opportunity—we are getting better on all fronts, and we’re counting on you to get out there and tell the world about it.

Convention, but I’m much more excited to celebrate that Senior Director who took 20 years to get there and stayed at it—and never gave up. I want every customer who has never referred a single customer to know how valuable they are to us. I also want the Marketing Executives who may be reading this who have referred just one or two or three customers to know that they are the lifeblood of Melaleuca. Our success is because of you and others like you! You are precious to us! Thank you for your contribution to our success! And I’m wondering if you’ll join me— in every single possible way that you can—to let every customer know how precious they are to us, and to let every single person who has ever referred a single customer know how grateful we are to them. They are true winners. Every

“Do you realize that over 50% of all our customers were enrolled by someone who has less than ten enrollments? Over 50%! That’s how valuable someone is who brings us just one customer!”


one of them! I want them to know that they have made a tremendous contribu- tion to our success. We have a great opportunity for people to change their lives. We have the answer for people who want to get ahead





On the Fast Track to Kauai In February 2019, Melaleuca kicked off the largest and most lucrative Fast Track in Melaleuca history. More than 11,000 businesses commited to team up, hold each other accountable, and intentionally build their businesses. By engaging in the critical activities every day, teams could qualify for a Caribbean cruise or an exclusive trip to Kauai. During the final moments of Convention 2019, the Fast Track earners took the stage to celebrate their incredible accomplishments and be recognized for their consistency and dedication.




Saluting Those Who Served Friday morning of Convention 2019 began with a stirring and respectful color guard and tribute to all the men and women who have served their country in the armed forces. On stage, Sr. Vice President of Sales Darrin Johnson and Sr. Vice President of Business Development Kevin Sommer presented Director 3 Chester Gross with two medals: one for his service in Korea and another from the people of the Northern Mariana Islands for his role in their liberation during World War II.




A Honky-Tonky Winky Wonky Weekend Show The Melaleuca Talent Show is a cherished Convention tradition. It’s a prime example of Melaleuca culture—a time when the Melaleuca family comes together to sing, dance, and laugh. At Convention 2019, National Director 9 Dave Crescenzo played a baby— complete with a bottle—while Corporate Director 9 Ed Bestoso played a Scottish “Mrs. Doubtfire” hilariously reading The Wonky Donkey to her “infant.”




J U N E 2 0 1 9

Jefferson Green advances to Corporate Director 4! Jefferson hasn’t slowed down since he started. See how accountability and consistency are part of his success equation.



Celebrating 25 Years in Canada .......... 32

Share Overviews Like a Pro with QuickShare PRO..................................... 38 What a Healthy Inflammatory Response Can Do for You.................... 42 Looking Back on Convention 2019 ....................................... 46 Why You and Everyone You Know Need InfoGuard....................................... 62 See the 2019 PartnerUp Challenge Winners................................. 70

summer a

of growth

GET READY FOR A BOOMING SUMMER Summer is beckoning, but you can still enjoy the sunshine and keep your business moving forward with ongoing accountability. PAGE 26


ADVANCING LEADERS These Melaleuca businesses are advancing, and yours can too! Learn from these impressive, high-achieving leaders.

With QuickShare PRO, Melaleuca’s compelling message is easier to share—but you still need to ask the right questions to get the right answer. PAGE 14


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T E A M , W H A T D I D W E L E A R N ?


Leadership in Action is more than reading material—it’s an empowering development tool for you and your team! After reading this issue, turn education into action. Below you’ll find questions that you can ask yourself or use to engage your team in discussions to help everyone reach their goals.



E X E C U T I V E M E S S A G E S Frank describes what a healthy business looks like. Does your business look similar? How do you celebrate and value the 80% of your customers who are loyal shoppers? Darrin challenges you to talk less and ask more—and ask smarter questions. At your next leadership meeting, have your team share how they normally close a Melaleuca Overview. Come up with more questions—smarter questions—to try next time. ›  › MA I N M E S S A G E The effect that Convention can have on a team can fuel your motivation and momentum. Schedule time with your team so those who attended Convention 2019 can share their insights. Remind everyone that every serious builder needs to go next year. Lead by example and nab your Convenion 2020 ticket at early- bird pricing. ›  ›  A D VA N C E M E N T S Jefferson Green says that one thing more leaders need to do is ask permission to get tough with their teamwhen it’s needed. Accountability is like a football team in a huddle. How can you work this advice into your Strategy Sessions? Give your teammembers permission to get tough with you.  ›  ›  B U S I N E S S COA C H I N G A N D M I N D S E T Business growth often slows during summer. Is that part of your plan? If not, don’t let the summer slide happen to you and your team. Address it head on. Plan for summer distractions, be realistic with your goals, and set up accountability partnerships. Watch each prerecorded Overview video on the QuickShare PROwebpage with your contact list in hand. Note which video would be most appropriate for each contact. Now go make some calls! ›  ›  P R O D U C T E D U C AT I O N A N D W E L L N E S S Recover AI ™ is a truly unique product. After reading the article on page 42, learn more about this supplement at Melaleuca.com. What is the purpose of inflammation in the body? Why is chronic inflammation a concern? What is the role of Recover AI in the Peak Performance Pack ? New InfoGuard Advanced Identity Protection offers some great benefits you and your whole team should be aware of—including monthly Product Points. This is a valuable, affordable service everyone needs. Plan some time to call all of your customers and encourage them to check out InfoGuard .

QUESTION OF THE MONTH What new product will be in your next order? Tell us at LIA@melaleuca.com.

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Erin & Aaron Clark MISSOURI

Jefferson Green GEORGIA

Rachaell & Seville Ko KANSAS

Kimberly & Edward Satterwhite GEORGIA









Rebecca Garrett GEORGIA

Jennifer & Steve Morgan CALIFORNIA

Lisa & Greg Carter CALIFORNIA

Alan & Heather Guzzino FLORIDA





All Executive Leadership Council (ELC) calculations are based on Preferred Member growth from US and Canadian customers only.


Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.

The Executive Leadership Council is composed of the top Corporate, National, or Executive Director businesses with the highest contribution index and a current Monthly Retention Index (MRI) of 50% or more. The contribution index is the product of the net increase in an organization’s Preferred Members during the prior 60 days, multiplied by the number of each Corporate, National, or Executive Director’s Personal Enrollee Advancement Factor (the same factor found within President’s Club criteria). Council membership is reviewed monthly. At least five positions are reserved for Masters.






Claudia & Paul Hardin TEXAS

Adrienne & Michael Sifontes GEORGIA

Arthur McCauley & Kimberly Bertolucci IDAHO

Karen & John Gillighan NOVA SCOTIA













Jason Fisher NEW YORK

Myrna & Mark Atha ARIZONA

Jeff & Maureen Miller FLORIDA

Stacy & Garry Bodnar ALBERTA





Masters are those Executive, National, and Corporate Directors who have been Senior Directors or above for five or more years.



Becoming Unstoppable with QuickShare PRO

When I was Vice President of Medical Sales for Mead Johnson Nutritionals, a division of Bristol- Myers Squibb, I saw first hand what can happen when a sales force has the right presentation



and is motivated to share it with others. I specifically remember a time when we were bringing a new product to the market and the message was simple: adding DHA and ARA to infant formula at levels found in breast milk gives infants better clinical outcomes in both retina and brain development. simple for health-care professionals and moms to understand. Only when we simplified the message did our sales team and our customers promote the new product with enthusiasm. What was the result of a simpler, more compelling message? Millions of infants now benefit from these fatty acids essential for brain and eye development. During my seven years with Melaleuca, I’ve observed how some Marketing Executives find it challenging to present Melaleuca to others in a simple, memorable way. As a result, they become frustrated, leading to self-doubt even though they know Melaleuca is the vehicle to change their lives. Even though the message was compelling, we struggled with making the message

Whether you choose to use them in person or online, these prerecorded Overviews are designed to help you simply convey the benefits of Melaleuca in a short amount of time, no matter your experience level. With the support of QuickShare PRO, you’re going to appreciate the increased confidence you feel when approaching others because you know your presentation will always be on point. And I think you’ll be happy with having 24/7 access to these prerecorded Overviews—allowing you and your customers even more flexibility and options. You’ll have access to several prerecorded Overviews, each designed with a specific audience in mind. No matter who you approach, you’ll know there is a perfect

And even though others feel comfortable sharing the Melaleuca Overview, they want a more efficient and effective way to share the perfect message every time with potential Preferred Members. At Convention 2019, we announced a powerful business-building solution that will bring you even more confidence and allow you to focus on sharing Melaleuca with others better than ever before.

QuickShare PRO and online Overviews.

We’ve been so excited to bring you QuickShare PRO—a collection of

prerecorded Overviews—to help you share the benefits of enrolling with Melaleuca.


people open their shopping accounts and begin shopping. Others start shopping and also want to earn extra cash by referring friends and family to Melaleuca. And some want to start shopping and also earn significant income by enrolling new Preferred Members. Which one interests you most?” And then follow it up with another great question: “Great choice! Tell me, why did you select that option?” I’m confident that asking good questions and having a good closing statement will help you enroll more customers and help them be ready to shop right away. Recently, Corporate Director 4 Jefferson Green was our guest presenter on a North American webinar on how to best use QuickShare PRO and the new Overviews. During his webinar, he encouraged us to to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and then ask, “What’s the best way for us to proceed? Would you like to open a shopping account and place your order? Or would you like to open your shopping account and refer other people?”

Overview you can share to make it easier to enroll new Preferred Members and help them shop with Melaleuca longer than ever. My personal favorite is entitled “Melaleuca is for Moms and Dads.” I love how the message breaks through in a fun, fresh way. I think you’ll like it too. As you share Melaleuca with others using this new business-building tool, let me give you an observation from coaching and leading sales teams for more than 25 years. Here it is: we all talk too much. Instead of asking great questions that help us meet the needs of our customers, we keep talking. Can you relate? Below are some simple language choices you can use that will change how you feel about transitioning from the Overview into the “close.” Focus more on asking great questions and listen to what’s being said. Avoid asking a lazy question like, “What did you think?” Questions like that open the door for negative thoughts and responses that will derail the conversation. Instead, ask better questions that encourage the brain to think positive thoughts: “What did you like most?” “What was your favorite part?” This one shift in your language creates a completely different feel for you and your potential customer. Focusing on the positives allows the brain to see all the possibilities. Your response to their answer should reinforce what they liked most. For example, if they liked the fact that Melaleuca is the manufacturer and the store, you can easily affirm what you like about that too. Great questions naturally lead to a comfortable closing statement that anyone can do well. I can see many Marketing Executives saying something like the following: “After learning more about being a shopper with Melaleuca, most Talk less. Ask more.

Grow your tomorrow today.

What does all this mean to you? The new QuickShare PRO gives you even more confidence and pride when you share Melaleuca with others. You no longer need to worry about what you’ll say or have the unrealistic expectation to deliver the perfect presentation. Simply focus on sharing Melaleuca with others and let the power of the message win the day. What excites you most about QuickShare PRO and the online Overviews? Over the next 30 days, I challenge you to start using QuickShare PRO and begin using the questions I outlined earlier. When you do, you’ll experience a mindset shift and increased confidence —both keys to helping you reach your goals faster.

What a great example of being really intentional about asking great questions!

Go to page 38 of this Leadership in Action to see all the powerful details of QuickShare PRO.




Jefferson Green GEORGIA Huddle Up, Then Get to Work

Between Convention 2018 and Convention 2019, Jefferson Green advanced an incredible three times! In May 2018, he double advanced to Corporate Director 2. Then in February 2019, Jefferson advanced to Corporate Director 3. And in March 2019, Jefferson advanced to Corporate Director 4. At Convention 2019, we celebrated all three advancements on the main stage. It’s no exaggeration to say that Jefferson’s Melaleuca career has caught the attention of everyone at Melaeluca. He’s the first to admit that there’s no secret to his success—simply hard work, consistency, and accountability. Jefferson is admittedly a huge football fan, so he was beyond excited when his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, hosted the Super Bowl this past February. February was also the month that Melaleuca’s corporate Fast Track got underway. Maybe Fast Track was on Jefferson’s mind when he watched the Super Bowl, but this year something about the sport of football stood out to him. “I realized that there’s one transformative activity that sets football apart from all other major team sports,” Jefferson says. “And that’s the huddle.” These professional players could easily communicate through hand signals on the field. But do you know of a single professional football team that doesn’t huddle? “In the few brief seconds of a huddle, the players are able to look in each other’s eyes and get instructions from their leader so they can execute the plan together,” Jefferson says. “The huddle is the time to devise a strategy. Then the strategy is implemented during the play. And then, boom, you come back and you report the results and celebrate. Sounds a lot like a Fast Track, doesn’t it?” When Jefferson and six others enrolled together in July of 2017, they focused on daily strategy, action, reporting, and celebrating. They didn’t call what they were doing “Fast Track” because they didn’t know the terminology. Even so, this daily practice created a solid start for Jefferson, Corporate Directors 4 Erin and Aaron Clark, National Director 3 Madra Jones, Executive Director 6 Kimberly Bertolucci, Executive Director 4 Abby Rottinghaus, and Executive Director 4 Kai Fluitt. “When you see a stable, solid, steadily growing organization, you’re seeing the fruits of Fast Track,” Jefferson says. From day one, Jefferson and his team have huddled together daily. Rather than sending each other hand signals from the field, they strategize together, which helps each of them implement their part of the play better. In football and in Fast Track, the huddle serves several purposes.


Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.

The power of an accountability partnership lies in its ability to clarify goals and give the assurance a team needs to keep them focused. “Success is subjective,” he says. “You get clarity in your goal setting when more than one pair of eyes can see the end.” To get the most out of accountability partnerships, you need three things: a desire to be accountable, permission to get tough with each other, and love for your team. 1. Desire When Jefferson first enrolled, he not only needed the wisdom of his enroller, Executive Director 6 Klinton Keller, he wanted it. “There’s so much power in esteeming others who are further along in their journey,” Jefferson says. “Being accountable to someone is one of the greatest gifts.” Being accountable goes hand in hand with being coachable. That’s something essential for anyone playing to win, whether in the Super Bowl or in building a business to last a lifetime. 2. Get Permission to Get Tough Whenever you’re setting goals with a Marketing Executive, whether it’s in a new-enrollee Strategy Session or while setting up teams for Fast Track, set expectations—including the expectation of what will happen when things get tough. “First, find out what is important to them,” Jefferson advises. “They have to know that you care about them. Then you need to ask for permission to be able to have the tough conversations long before the tough conversations show up.” 3. A Love for Your Team One of the many things that stood out to Jefferson at Convention 2019 was the love that radiated from CEO Frank VanderSloot. “Frank was buzzing the entire Convention,” Jefferson remembers. “You saw his love for his corporate staff, for the Marketing Executives, for Melaleuca and where it was positioned, and for all the hard work that has gotten Melaleuca to where it is. You could just feel his love radiating out. It’s easy to follow someone who you know really cares for you.” Love is a hallmark of leadership. And love and leadership are integral to accountability too. “Accountability is birthed out of love,” Jefferson says. “It’s a mindset that focuses on others. If you care about someone, you’re not going to drop them when the going gets tough. That’s why you see teams that continue to have success and resilience. Those are the teams that can build a business to last a lifetime.” LH

The Huddle Unites a Team “It’s a simple yet powerful way to unite a group of people,” Jefferson says. “When you’re in that huddle, you know you’re part of a team.” The Huddle Initiates Action “Listen, we aren’t getting together just to get together,” he says. “The purpose of the huddle is to take action. Everyone leaving the huddle should know his or her role and how to follow through on it. Everyone should leave the huddle with a goal to accomplish.” The Huddle Is for Celebration “Another purpose of the huddle—or the ‘accountability call’ in Melaleuca terms—is that it is a place to affirm and celebrate team members,” he says. “Celebrating success is one of our Critical Activities and core values.” The Huddle Generates Teamwork “Remember that huddles help team members work together rather than separately,” Jefferson says. “Team members can talk about something they’ve been struggling with and compare ideas and solutions. They can give and receive help. It’s the right environment to commit to make an improvement and hold each other accountable for taking action.” The Gift of Accountability All the effectiveness of the huddle boils down to accountability— something you can’t have by yourself. “Accountability can’t be done alone,” Jefferson says. “Responsibility is something you can do by yourself, but accountability requires wisdom and partnership.”

Jefferson’s number-one tip is to make an unalterable decision to succeed. “I’ve never seen a person who didn’t make a deci- sion to succeed actually suc- ceed,” he says. “And I’ve never seen a person who decided to succeed with their business fail. Don’t just ‘try.’ Make an unalterable decision.”





Steve & Jennifer Morgan CALIFORNIA Belief Builds Businesses

The Morgans believe so strongly that Melaleuca can help everyone they refuse to give up after hearing no . “Some people say no ,” Jennifer admits, “but they eventually say yes . They just need more information.” Jennifer reached out to Executive Director 2 Lauretta Kloha for four months before finally enrolling her. Despite constantly getting sent to Lauretta’s voicemail, Jennifer persisted. “I knewI had to talk to her,” Jennifer says. “I knew Melaleuca could bless her and her family. And it has! Today, she and her husband have a thriving Melaleuca business. They thank us all the time for not giving up on them. Fortune is truly in the follow-up.” Jennifer and Steve have already bought their tickets for Convention 2020, and if they could buy them for the next ten years, they would. “We’re here for life,” Jennifer says. “I always tell new team members, ‘When you join me, you better plan on attending Convention.’ I already have everyone committed to attending ADVANCE Regional Celebration in Idaho this August. It’s my favorite ADVANCE. When you walk into the corporate headquarters, you can see it’s real. It’s beautiful and tangible. It’s so important to attend these events, to invest in your business.” The Morgans recently invested in their business by participating in the corporate Fast Track, and it helped them advance to National Directors. The Fast Track motivated others in their organization to start vigorously working their businesses, and the Morgans jumped at the opportunity to help them. “When Senior Director 3 Jennifer Lynn-Powell began building her business about a year ago, she just dabbled and then fell backward,” Steve says. “But when she heard about the three-month corporate Fast Track, she decided to go all in. She decided to intentionally schedule building her business into her day. The first month, she made $498.64. The second, $6,415.78. And the third, $19,166.83! That’s how 90 days can change your life.”

Jennifer and Steve Morgan are absolute believers in Melaleuca events, especially Convention. While a Convention ticket does come at a cost, they believe that the event itself is priceless. “The only thing you’ll regret about attending Convention is that you didn’t bring more people,” Jennifer says. “It’s the best event of the year. Everyone needs to be there. If you’re serious about building your business, you can’t put a price on Convention.” “When you attend Convention, your posture changes,” Steve says. “You see clearly that Melaleuca is for everyone. Your belief in the Mission Statement and for what Melaleuca is doing for so many people is solidified.” This belief creates confidence and allows Marketing Executives at every level to share Melaleuca with their whole heart. “Once I show people Melaleuca through my eyes, they won’t be able to say no ,” Jennifer says. “Never overthink your contact list. At the least, everyone can be a Melaleuca Preferred Member. “When you truly know what Melaleuca can do for people’s lives, you feel like you’ve got to go out and rescue them. There are people who need a solution for their health and wellness. You can’t prejudge your contacts. You don’t know who may be suffering in silence.”

“Our goal is to be 100% debt-free in the next four to five months,”


Steve says. “We’re going to burn our

mortgage on stage at Convention next year.”



Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Jennifer & Jason Hughes NEW MEXICO Living Life on Their Own Terms

“Jen is an introvert, so starting a Melaleuca business was a challenge,” Jason explains. “Still, she pushed through and gave it 100%. She would often leave the house at 8 a.m. and didn’t come home until after 5. That’s how dedicated she was.” After two months, Jennifer asked Jason to work with her. He did, and the dark cloud that had been hanging over Jason’s head since their move to New Mexico lifted. “I felt like I had purpose again,” Jason says. Together, Jennifer and Jason began setting goals. Within six months they reached Senior Director status. Within 12 they became Executive Directors. “Jen and I set our own schedule,” Jason says proudly. “We’re working our business full time, but we’re able to sleep in when we want or spontaneously go on a trip. We’ll visit family for a week or two and end up staying for a month. You can’t put a price on that kind of freedom!” The financial freedom was also life changing. Jason deferred his student loans for a year, and in one day was able to pay the last of them down. “I dropped $20,000 and walked away,” Jason says. “It was a giant weight off my shoulders.” Being debt-free is important to Jason and Jennifer, but it’s the quality of the products that inspire them to keep sharing Melaleuca with everyone they meet. Jason’s favorites include the Peak Performance Pack , FiberWise® , and Luminex® Mood Support . “When I think of Melaleuca, the word ‘integrity’ comes to mind,” Jason says. “This company really cares, and they go to the next level to prove that their products truly are better for you.”

Executive Directors 3 Jason and Jennifer Hughes have always wanted three things out of life: financial stability, time freedom, and the opportunity to help people. Through Melaleuca, they’ve been able to achieve these goals and more. “We’re blessed to be able to help people with their health and financial well-being,” says Jason. A former medic in the US Army, Jason has always felt it is his calling to serve others. One of his favorite memories is watching family friends cry tears of joy at receiving their first Melaleuca check. “They’d been trying to make ends meet, and I’m so happy that we could enhance their lives through this business.” Jason and Jennifer understand what it’s like to struggle financially. After moving from Dallas, Texas, to Roswell, New Mexico, money was tight. They were working over 40 hours a week for paychecks that barely covered living expenses. That’s when Jennifer decided to try building a Melaleuca business. “She did it for me,” Jason says. “I became depressed with our situation, so Jennifer said, ‘If it brings your spark back, I’ll get out of my comfort zone.’” For 90 days, Jennifer put her heart and soul into building her contact list—overcoming her fear of talking to strangers and connecting with potential customers at events and coffee shops.

“To be successful in this business you have to step outside your comfort zone,” Jason says. “Wherever you are—be it the coffee shop or the grocery store or an event—introduce


yourself and make those connections.”



Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Claudia & Paul Hardin TEXAS Teamwork and the Power of Now

of now,’” says Paul. “It’s a driving force for us. Now is always the right time to do the right thing. It’s all about overcoming procrastination to maximize every moment and every opportunity.” It’s evident that Paul and Claudia remember the power of now. They seized the opportunity to participate in the corporate Fast Track and saw tremendous growth—in April their team developed 10 new Directors! After advancing to Executive Director, Paul saw how it could be easy to move into management mode with their business. But he and Claudia aren’t ready to slow down. “Our business evolves as we make it a goal to be part of Circle of Influence or Expanded Circle of Influence each month,” Paul says. “When we do that, everything falls into place.” With their continued focus on enrolling new Preferred Members, the Hardins are excited about the new QuickShare PRO and online Overview videos. When Paul called Claudia from Convention and told her about QuickShare PRO, she used it right away. “I used one before anyone else on the team and enrolled three people!” she said. “I’m super excited about it. I love the different audiences they are made for and how they are expertly produced, funny, and concise.” The Hardins are grateful for every opportunity they have had to help others because of Melaleuca. “We’re both educators, and empowering other people is what we get out of bed to do every day,” says Paul. “But Melaleuca has been the most practical thing we’ve been able to give to others. We can show them how to live a better life through the physical and financial wellness provided by Melaleuca.”

When the Hardins first enrolled with Melaleuca, Paul dove into the business with enthusiasm—and Claudia supported his efforts. But between working full time and helping raise their kids, Claudia didn’t find the time to help Paul build. “Last March, when Paul had to travel to South Africa, I had to step in and be at an Overview with some of our guests,” says Claudia. “I absolutely fell in love with the business after that presentation. One of my core values is helping others and making a difference in their lives. When I saw the potential Melaleuca had for so many families, I never looked back. Now I’m loving every minute of building my Melaleuca business.” Their teamwork has helped their business grow significantly. While Paul is at the forefront of their business—presenting Melaleuca: An Overview and holding team meetings—Claudia keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes. She tracks their progress and often holds Strategy Sessions with new Marketing Executives. Tag teaming the different aspects of their business works because Paul and Claudia have the same goal in mind. “One of the things that we have really worked hard to develop in our family life and in our business is remembering the ‘power

The entire Hardin family is invested in Melaleuca— 10-year-old daughter, Ally, recently came home excited that she had shared Melaleuca with her friend’s mom. All their children plan on opening their own Melaleuca businesses when they turn 18.



Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Robert & Dawn Lemus FLORIDA The Promise of Real Residual Income

“Melaleuca launched the PURE ™ Essential Oils brand at that Convention,” Dawn recalls. “And I said, ‘It’s on!’ We realized Melaleuca was a product-first company that understood the true value of real customers.” Robert and Dawn experienced early momentum and success, but they found their growth slowing after reaching Senior Director 9. “We hit a flat spot, and we began to experience some setbacks,” Robert explains. Discouraged, they took a step back from their Melaleuca business. But even though they weren’t actively building, Scott and Shana Falany maintained their relationship. “They never gave up on us,” Robert says. “They kept in close contact as friends and often invited us to their events.” The Falany’s commitment to their friendship was rewarded when about a year later they invited Robert and Dawn to another event. “The timing was right for us, and we reengaged in our business.” Robert says. Over the next several months, they came close to advancing to Executive Director but would just miss it. Instead of getting discouraged, Robert and Dawn just worked harder. “We never expected it to be easy,” Robert says. “We just wanted it to be worth it. And after four years and one month, it’s totally been worth it!” Robert and Dawn now have a business report of their own with customers that stretch back to their enrollment. And thanks to their dedication and persistence, they have double advanced to Executive Directors 2 and are looking forward to many years of reliable, residual income.

When Robert and Dawn Lemus were first approached about Melaleuca in 2015, they wanted nothing to do with it. They had been disappointed by MLMs in the past and were afraid Melaleuca was just another “false reality letdown.” But National Director Scott Falany was persistent. As Robert says, “Out of courtesy and respect for our past friendship, we eventually listened to what he wanted to say.” What Scott said really stuck out to Robert and Dawn. Scott not only told them about the company and products, he told them about his enroller, Corporate Director 9 Jeff Miller. While Jeff had been with the company more than 18 years at that time, he had a business report that showed that he still had many customers from his earliest days building a Melaleuca business. “That shifted us to a wide-open attention span,” Robert says. “Retention of that many customers meant that Jeff was realizing real residual income. In everything that Dawn and I had been aligned with in the past, we had never experienced true long- term retention or residual income.” Inspired by what they saw, Robert and Dawn enrolled with Melaleuca and shortly thereafter attended their first Convention.

The Lemus team philosophy is to qualify for every incentive, every month. “That will keep you on the Pacesetter time frame and you’ll never miss a bonus,” Robert says.





Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Susan & Dennis Smith MISSISSIPPI Making a Comeback with Fast Track

principles they learned in Fast Track and have created new teams for the opportunity of helping others. Over the years that Susan has been building her business, she’s learned that Melaleuca’s business model works because it’s built on solid principles—something that her previous company didn’t have. “I always tell people when they enroll and become a part of our group, ‘You have a solid foundation here,’” says Susan. “We don’t struggle with retention. We don’t struggle with Product Point orders. We stick to the basics of what we’ve always done. Even though the tools will continue to evolve—such as having the new QuickShare PRO Overview videos—the principles always stay the same. We are a company that has real people using real products, and we’re here to educate them.” The solid foundation Melaleuca provides has helped Susan build a wonderful life for her family. When she started with Melaleuca, she hoped to help her teenage children with upcoming college expenses. Today, her Melaleuca business helps her and her husband, Dennis, take family vacations and enjoy spending time with their four grandchildren. “We have so much freedom,” Susan says. “When we make choices, it’s purely because of what we feel we want to do. We never have to say, ‘We can’t do this because we don’t have money.’ We can make our decisions without that stress. It’s a huge blessing that I love being able to pass on to others.”

Advancing to Executive Director 2 was a long-awaited dream for Susan Smith. Though she had been putting in a lot of hard work, this advancement came about five years after her first advancement to Executive Director. She’s gained momentum to move forward and she’s not stopping—she hopes to advance to Executive Director 3 in the coming months. “I’ve always found it so fun and rewarding to see people advancing again and coming back after encountering some adversity,” Susan says. “Now it’s my turn.” Susan’s new upward climb was spurred by her participation in the corporate Fast Track held earlier this year. While practicing daily accountability with her Fast Track team, she realized that she had been working hard at activities that didn’t produce the growth she wanted. With a renewed focus on all of the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities, she gained the momentum she needed to advance and help her team. She’s extremely proud of her teammates, Senior Director Cheryl Heavener, Director 2 Jennifer Grisham, and Director 8 Patsy Gregory, who reinvigorated their businesses and met their goals. Their team enrolled over 100 customers during Fast Track! They are all continuing to build their businesses with the

“I love the fact that people can come into Melaleuca brand new and do just as much as or more than those who have been here a long time,” says Susan. “Because of this, Melaleuca is growing by leaps and bounds, so our future looks very bright.”



Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Megan & Ben Terk OREGON A Business for Everyone

to Convention who had never been before. She knows it’s a special event that helps attendees truly understand the vision of the company. “I love every time [Melaleuca CEO] Frank [VanderSloot] gets up to speak because he’s just the heart behind Melaleuca,” Megan says. “And when people hear and feel his heart for this company and his heart for us, it’s really powerful.” Megan has this same heart for her own Melaleuca business, and she lets people see it both when she approaches them and when she presents Melaleuca Overviews. It’s not about having the perfect script. It’s about being real and genuine. “When people can hear your voice over the phone or in person, they can feel, not just hear, the words you’re saying,” Megan says. “When they can feel that you’re genuine, they’re going to respond positively to that.” Because Megan values showing her genuine love for Melaleuca products, she enjoys giving full Overviews. “There is something really personable about being able to share your personal experience during the Overview and really dive deep into the products,” Megan says. Yet Megan has still found ways to utilize the new QuickShare PRO Overview videos in a way that works for her business. “I’ve found that the new videos are a perfect follow-up after a full Melaleuca Overview. If someone is sitting on the fence about shopping and it has been a week since I met with them for the Overview, I feel that they need a recap. The video sums it up really well in a simple, concise way. “I’m also a big fan of ‘What Makes Melaleuca Different,’ another QuickShare PRO video that shows what separates Melaleuca from MLM businesses. For those who are hesitant to schedule a Strategy Session, I set an appointment with them to watch that video. It’s really been resonating with people.”

When Megan first enrolled as a Melaleuca Preferred Member, she had no intention of building a business, let alone becoming an Executive Director. She told her enroller that she just wanted to shop. After a few months of getting to know the products, she realized that she knew friends and neighbors who could benefit from them. So she began to share Melaleuca with others with the goal of getting a few hundred dollars a month in residual income. “Because of how simple this is,” Megan says, “we got to that goal rather quickly, and we thought, ‘Why don’t we just keep going?’” As a self-described hermit turned Executive Director, Megan confidently feels that her success proves that you don’t need to be a charismatic, popular extrovert to do well with a Melaleuca business. When she began building her business, she didn’t have the luxury of a large contact list. “I didn’t know if I could put 20 names down on a list,” Megan laughs. “My enroller, Executive Director 4 Cassidy Burns, and I still get a kick out of it to this day. It doesn’t matter what your personality is. Anyone who makes a decision and commits to doing the Critical Business-Building Activities can find success.” Megan loves helping others see that Melaleuca is different, that Melaleuca is special. This year, she took a big team of people

“This is a company you can trust,” Megan says. “No one gets hurt with Melaleuca. This isn’t a shiny or sexy company. It’s meaningful and attainable. It’s real.”




Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.



If you want to achieve your goals with Melaleuca, you need to focus on and repeatedly do these seven activities day after day and week after week.

1 Build Your Contact List

Set Appointments 2

I want you to notice something about the Seven Critical Activities, the first four in particular. You cannot do Critical Activity 3, Share Overviews, before you do Critical Activity 2 or Critical Activity 1. That’s not how it works. These activities are in this order because that’s the order you’ll need to do them in. Before you can hold a Strategy Session, you need to present Melaleuca: An Overview and enroll a customer. And before you can do that, you’ll need to invite someone you know to your Overview. There’s a reason the first Critical Activity is not Set Appointments. Before you invite someone to your Overview, you should already have a relationship. The first thing to do is add their name to your contact list and begin establishing a relationship. When the time is right, you can invite them to attend a Melaleuca Overview and make a decision about Melaleuca. We are a “warm market” company. The right way to build your business is with people who know you, like you, and trust you. So before you approach someone to set an appointment, take the time to build a genuine relationship with them. As you help them reach their goals, you’ll find that those personal relationships can be just as rewarding—if not more so—as your income from your Melaleuca business.

Share Melaleuca: An Overview 3

Hold Strategy Sessions 4

Celebrate Success 5

Always Be Involved with Fast Track


Lead by Example 7



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With 15 grams of protein and two tempting flavors, Simply Fit ™ Protein Chewy Bars are worth a celebration!

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of growth mer S ummer is here! And if you’re like many people out there, you’re ready to soak up some sun and enjoy summer to the fullest. While making plans filled with pools and sunscreen, you may be looking at your calendar asking the question, “When will I build my Melaleuca business?” Our panel of Marketing Executives have all asked themselves the same question—and they’ve come to the same conclusion. Participating in Fast Track keeps you from pushing pause on your Melaleuca business when the sun starts to shine. In fact, it’s critical for your continued growth. And because you can build your business on your own schedule, you will still have plenty of time to enjoy every bike ride, swim day, and half-melted popsicle summer has to offer.



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