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Say it ain ’ t so . . . the Season is almost at an end?!

Well, another election for Board members is now history and thank you to all the owners that took the time to send in their ballots. Congratulations are in order for your two newly elected Board members Kristen Damazio and Terry Leigh. Your officers include Kathy McCune as Vice - President, Paul Braconnier as CFO, and Kristen Damazio as Secretary. I am humbled and honored to be your President. A big thanks to Don Renoe for his past three years of service on the Board, culminating in his last year+ as President. Thanks also to Charles Leahy for his three - year term of service. Both have been valuable members and have put in many hours to help make your Resort better. I would also like to thank their wives, Louise and Carolyn respectively, for sharing and supporting their husbands during the past three years. Our Resort ’ s Strategic Plan Survey has been completed and we are eagerly awaiting the results. No matter the outcome, there will be helpful information that can guide the Board and the Resort going forward. As another wonderful season is quickly coming to an end, I wish you safe travels as many of you head back home. Know that your Board of Directors and staff will be hard at work all summer long preparing ORPS for the upcoming season. I am expecting next season to be even more exciting than this one, so enjoy your summer and see you all this fall!

Seems like just yesterday that the trickle, which started in early October and became a torrent by the end of the month and into November, was underway! While I never experienced a “ real ” season due to the pandemic, veteran staff and Owners reported not seeing such exuberance in those who returned. While we thought we were ready . . . we couldn ’ t have been! General managers of several sister RV Resorts reported the same thing to me. I learned several lessons, which I outlined in my report to the Members in attendance at the Annual Meeting. Logistics, logistics, logistics! I was really looking forward to showing off the improvements, large and small, which the team worked on for you during last season. I ’ m still proud of the dedication and work they performed and do so on a daily basis.

Now for next season . . . Here are some things for you to look for on your return.

1. The second “ half ” of the Resort will see a major improvement in the streets and curbs. Taking advantage of a bid for this year ’ s work, which addressed asphalt improvements in the area east of the La Palma Clubhouse, the Board asked that Priority 3, which improved the 1st Phase of the Resort be looked at. As a result, the rest of the community will have the same refreshed look that the back looks like now. The Board also chose to replace the 12” “ curb & gutter ” in Phase 1 & 2 with 24” drainage swales, to lessen the damage from water running out of the concrete and eroding the asphalt in the future. This is a MAJOR project which is expected to start in mid - May and may extend into July. Those who will still be in the Resort must expect some inconvenience during the improvement. 2. The goal of having a long - awaited Dog Park for your return has been set. A topographical survey has now been completed so that the architect can prepare biddable plans. Cathedral City has been contacted and is reviewing any concerns it may have regarding Engineering and first responder access and to expect permit applications. It should be ready for a grand opening when you return!

John Boudin Board President



APRIL 2022

3. While it may not be high on your mind, the Gatehouse has been in need of interior refurbishment for years. Additionally, a service window is planned so that guards don ’ t have to leave the doorway to check on guest admittance. Look for that when you get back. 4. The plan is also to have plenty of new deck furniture at the La Palma pool with refurbished furniture at El Saguaro 5. Many other “ little things. ” Stay tuned. We ’ ll keep you updated with Abby Lomeli ’ s “ What ’ s Happening ” via Constant Contact. Please let her know your email address so you can stay “ In the Know. ” Her email address is alomeli@orps.com. As the exit gate indicates as you leave for home, “ Safe Travels. ” I look forward to the torrent again in October.

SAFETY AND SECURITY OVER THE SUMMER We thought we would share a few tips to help keep your rig and lot safe and secure, until we meet up again next season! LOCK IT UP! - Rig windows and fans - Rig compartments - 5 th Wheel Enclosures (doghouse) - Storage containers - Bikes / or store in your doghouse - Lawn furniture - run a steel cable through with a lock - Golf carts - consider a wheel clamp, anti - theft brake pedal lock, and / or removing a battery so it is not as easy to drive it away (store the battery in a safe place and in a safe condition) LIGHT IT UP! - Your illuminated lot number must be operative through- out the year. Turning off electricity at the meter box when the lot is unoccupied is not allowed. The Association must have access to the meter box at all times. If the meter box is locked, the key must be left with Security. It ’ s the rule (check out section 5M of the A&A Rules). USE IT UP! - Try and store your propane tanks empty and store them out of direct sunlight in a well - ventilated area CHAIN IT UP! - Chaining up across your lot – remember, only metal chains are allowed. Plastic chains or colored chains are not permitted. The chain must extend between the two posts and may only be supported in the center by a removable post. No objects may be hung on the chain. (Check out 5G of the A&A Rules). SET IT UP! - Set up an arrangement with a neighbor or contract service to check on your rig through the summer season - Ensure the Administration Office has your correct contact details in the event of an emergency CALL US UP! - Call up Security before you leave, and a Guard can conduct a lot patrol to ensure everything is properly locked before you depart. Let ’ s all do our part to keep ORPS Safe and Secure!

Ed Vitrano General Manager

Wishing everyone a safe journey home … au revoir, hasta la vista, until we meet again!

Gatehouse Direct - 760 - 770 - 0065

Sonya Buys Safety & Security Committee




APRIL 2022

The past couple of years have been different for the Planning Committee compared to other years. Gone are the days of the big projects like the Owner ’ s Lounge, the El Saguaro Pool Deck and the El Saguaro Kitchen. Last summer the Committee was called in to assist with the planning of our new Dog Park. Questionnaires from the Resort were sent out to all owners. The Committee reviewed all returned questionnaires and categorized them in order of concern and then in looking at all concerns we were able to make our recommendations to the Board of Directors. Utmost in our decision making was the Quality of Life for Owner ’ s lots backed up to this new Dog Park. The project the Board took on with the McMahon Group moved the Planning committee into a “ holding pattern ” for the last couple of years. For this year, projects the committee worked on were … Improving the lighting around both clubhouse pools and walkways. Plants/vegetation around both pools. Shade structures around both clubhouse pools and the addition of more outdoor tables, chairs, and umbrellas around both clubhouse pools. The Gate House Station Improvement is on schedule for this summer. On behalf of your Planning Committee, Debbie Smith Vice - Chair, Bob Livingston, Sheryl Nelson, Mike Scheafer, Ed Gruel, Ray Sterbens. We are pleased to serve our fellow owners here in Outdoor Resort and look forward to next season.

Permits Required. For the last time this season I will remind you that you need a Permit to perform any improvements on your Lot. NO WORK CAN START PRIOR TO A & A COMMITTEE APPROVAL OF YOUR PERMIT APPLICATION . If unpermitted work is done, Owners could be subject to fines and possibly removal of this unpermitted work. Approved Permits must be posted on your Washingtonian palm tree at the front of your Lot until the work has received a final inspection. I would encourage everyone to read the A & A Rules on the orpshoa.com website. The rules are in place for a reason and that is to keep ORPS looking like a premier RV Resort. I believe we all want ORPS to continue to be our piece of paradise. The A & A Rules can be found at http://orps.com/ wp - content/uploads/2021/12/Restatement - of - AA - Rules - with - Exhibits.pdf. You can copy and paste or type this link into your browser and access all the A & A Rules. Workload - As I have said before, your A & A Committee volunteers have a pretty hefty workload. Up to the middle of March we had approximately 325 permit applications submitted, and we approved almost 290 of those. We also finalized 206 Permits for work that had already been completed. This is in addition to attendance at twice monthly meetings and assisting Owners with numerous consultations. November appears to have been our busiest month as we approved 121 Permit Applications. Once again it was a busy season for our A & A volunteers. Thank You. So, I close out this season at ORPS with a big THANK YOU to our Committee members - Lynn Wolfe, Tim Collins, Brian Maycock, Herb Nyquist, Janet Ream and Ed Gruel. And of course, this Committee could not do all its work without the capable assistance of our Compliance Officer, Julia Miramontes. They are a dedicated bunch. Next time you see them out and about in the Resort I hope you will say a thank you to them for all they do for us. Until next season, wishing everyone a wonderful summer and we will see you next Fall.

Respectfully Submitted, Michael J Curley Planning Committee Chair

Kathy McCune, A&A Chair



APRIL 2022

Well here we are at the end of another fun and competitive season of tennis here at ORPS. I want to wish all of you a healthy and happy summer wherever you may spend it! It has been my pleasure being your Tennis Committee Communications person for the last two years. I am leaving you in the very capable hands of Cindy Stoneback. Here are your Tennis Committee Members for the remainder of the 2022 - 2023 Season

Place: Jerry Whiteside, Janet Whiteside, Dan Vodvarka, Marilyn Sabens (not pictured), Bobbye Cukjati (not pictured)

Our final horse race of the season was held on Saturday March 5th with 49 participants.

Show: Julie Farmer, Harvey Pfluger, Maryann Charles, Mark Appel, Susan Cowan This was the first year that ORPS Tennis joined in the Can Am events. The competition was fierce and fun was had by all! The bragging rights go to the USA this year with 4 golds to Canada ’ s 2. Total medal count USA 12, CAN 6. And the winners are ……..

Win: Mark Lavertu, Rhonda Richards, Lucy Denham, Jane McMeekin (not pictured) The final mixer of the season was held on March 26th and was sponsored by the Women ’ s Top Gun team. The Mexican Fiesta themed lunch and tennis was Muy Caliente. Women ’ s Top Gun wrapped up in early March with Kim Krahn and Robin Polson taking 1st and 2nd place. Unfortunately the Men ’ s Top Gun had not completed in time to list this year's winners. Submitted by Dawn Williams, Tennis Communications



APRIL 2022

2022 Club Championship Winners

Trish Hall Daniel Garcon being presented the trophy by Remington Post Alice DeHaas HIO winner

Due to Remington ’ s departure and the failure to hire his replacement, our Farewell Tournament was rescheduled earlier than planned. Over 140 players signed up to play, enjoying donuts and coffee in the morning, a complimentary bar on the course (Thanks, Kristi, our bartender), and a sandwich lunch from Costco. A large box of Cheez - Its was presented to Remington as a farewell gift. This is his favorite snack. It should keep him fed until he gets to Colorado. In the meantime, Management will be searching for a new head of golf operations person. We look forward to working with him or her next season. The Golf Committee will be focusing on a few items next season besides helping our professional with the tournaments. One is pace of play. We want all golfers to have a good time, but golfers need to be aware of pace of play. Your having a good time does not mean the groups behind you are having a good time if holes ahead of you are open because of your slow play. Let ’ s be sure everyone is having a good time. Now that COVID - 19 seems to be in recession, a Player ’ s Assistance Program (formerly Golf Marshal) will be implemented next season, not only to patrol the course in case of any emergency, but to also help slower players maintain a decent pace of play. If you ’ re interested in volunteering, come see us next season. Other items on the agenda—getting tee times, adjusting the dress code, finding my replacement. Oh, the last one was just a joke. I ’ m staying on for another 2 years. Someone needs to take the minutes, provide you with refreshments, and make golfing here at ORPS a good experience. So, have a safe summer. See you when I see you.

Women: Gross Club Champion, Trish Hall, 122 +14 A Flight Net Winner , Christine Anderson, 99 - 9 B Flight Gross Winner , Karen Huckvale, 126 +18 B Flight Net Winner, Eva Norcross, 130 +22 C Flight Gross Winner , Michelle Power, 131 +23 C Flight Net Winner , Melodie Woods, 92 - 16 Men: Gross Club Champion, Daniel Gascon, 112 +4 A Flight Net Winner, Ken Yochim, 104 - 4 B Flight Gross Winner, Gary Eggertson, 122 +14 B Flight Net Winner, Roman Orenchuk 97 - 11 C Flight Gross Winner , Craig Woods, 127 +19 C Flight Net Winner , Russel Knipe, 96 - 12 My journalistic career is coming to a halt as this is the last “ Oracle ” for the season. However, before I sign off I hope you enjoyed all the photos from the Can/Am tournament. (Thanks, Abby) The Golf Committee would also like to thank the donors to our raffle -- Lupe ’ s Hair Salon , Marge ’ s Cookies, Malcolm from A - 1 Convenience Store and Tahquitz Creek Golf Course . If you were one of the winners, would you let me know. Our Club Championship just took place over two days; and even with the incredible strong winds, we played on. Congrats to Trish Hall our Women ’ s Champ and Daniel Gascon our Men ’ s Champ. We want to thank PGA Superstore for their donation of two $50 gift cards and Mark Frechette for his generous donation of two $100 discount cards. And weren ’ t those hot dogs delicious! Thanks to all of the volunteers (or “ volun - doers ”) for stepping up, esp. Lori Flood for her effort in trying to control the group. But thanks to all the golfers who supported the tournament. You ’ re all winners.

Submitted by Deanna Joe, Golf Committee Secretary



APRIL 2022



Hole #

02.16.22 02.16.22

John Mullins

10 10

Betty McCullough


Mac Felt



Brad Curle



Ridge Baker

4 (Small 9)


Liz Evans



Tony Surian



Margie Harrop



Guy Bourlon



Scott McDonald



Madison Betcher



Steve Sutton



Jerry Faulkner



Alice deHaas



Larry Baker



Trish Hall



Davi Deol



Lance Yates



Martha Sterbens


03.15.22 03.15.22

Grace Lyons


Rick Leitner


Check out the video on YouTube created by Ray and Martha Sterbens ’ Son Brett

The BEST Par 3 COURSE in PALM SPRINGS | Full 18 Hole Course Vlog | Outdoor Resort Palm Springs - YouTube



APRIL 2022

As the season closes, we would like to say we have enjoyed this year very much. We have had lots of laughs and welcomed many new friends to the

group. We had the pleasure of hosting the March Ladies ’ Luncheon and it turned out to be a wonderful event gathering 212 of our friends and neighbors. The “ Hearts of Gold ” luncheon allowed

us to show off some of our handmade treasures and give a glimpse into the work we do for Shelter From The Storm (SFTS), Cathedral City Fire Department and Cathedral City Police Department.

Our speaker, Ryann McMillan, former SFTS resident touched our hearts as he described his families hardships. He lived in the shelter during his teenage years

and was able to overcome tremendous obstacles to become a successful pillar of our community. It is Angelina Coe, Ryann & Mrs. McMillan

through the generosity of the ORPS community by participating in our raffles, sales and donations, we are able to sponsor these selfless groups. Your kindness generated $2,305 in cash the day of the event, and greatly needed items for the shelter. Through the money we have raised this

season, we were elated to award $4,000 to Angelina Coe, Executive Director, at Shelter from the Storm. We are so grateful to be a part of such a giving community. Thank you. We also held the drawing for the three raffle quilts. The lucky winners are: • Heart Quilt – David Quick • Basket Quilt – Judy Thomas • Blue and Yellow Quilt – Maryellen Muir Congratulations! We wish you all safe travels this summer and good health. We look forward to making many happy memories with you next season.

This club is open to everyone. Please drop in and see us or email us for more information at orpsquilters@gmail.com. You can join our Facebook page by searching for: orps quilters & sewing club Laura Moore, Lot 646 ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Reporter0

Laura Moore, Lot 646 ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Reporter



APRIL 2022

CAN - AM PICKLEBALL RESULTS What an amazing week of Can - Am spirit and comradery!!! Pickleball hosted three tournament days of men ’ s doubles, women ’ s doubles, and mixed doubles with the following results:


Men ’ s Double Winners: 2.5: 1 st - Orville Mason/Elton Reid - USA; 2 nd – Darren Clausen/Rod Troutner – USA; 3 rd : George Paul/Kevin Lefebvre – CAN; 3.0: 1 st - Ralph Joiner/Ed Bills - USA; 2 nd – Ron Hauser/Dave Iwanicka - CAN; 3 rd – Dan O ’ Melia/Steve Farley - USA; 3.5: 1 st – Larry Fredella/Aaron Gubin – USA; 2 nd : Dennis Duncan/ Richard Block – CAN; 3 rd : Mark Kumm/Jim Tiner – USA; 4.0: 1 st – Steve Flood/Ron Anderson – CAN; 2 nd : Dan Reiman/John Boudin – USA; 3 rd - Steve Unverzagt/Glen Brewer – USA. Women ’ s Double Winners: 2.5: 1 st - Kristin Damazio/Michelle Joiner – USA; 2 nd – Karney Bernhardt/Liz Carroll – CAN; 3 rd : Sue Pavelka/ Janet Miller – USA; 3.0: 1 st - Sylvia Dafoe/Connie Huff – CAN; 2 nd – Jeannie Unverzagt/Karen Brewer – USA; 3 rd – Terri Turko/Lori Flood – CAN; 3.5: 1 st – Cindy Rose/Jill Lawler – USA; 2 nd – Shirley Radtke/Colleen Iwanicka – CAN; 3 rd - Denise Evans/Sue Olsen – USA; 4.0: 1 st – Margaret Hill/Manjit Lalli – CAN; 2 nd : Mindy Feldman/Karen Schaper – USA; 3 rd – Sue Amondson/Kristy Rostiwicki – USA. Mixed Double Winners: 2.5: 1 st –The Forsythes; 2 nd – Jeannie Unverzagt/ Elton Reid – USA; 3 rd – Molly McCarthy/Allen Adams – CAN; 3.0: 1 st - Sue Sullivan/Mike Sullivan – USA; 2 nd - Terri Turko/Leo Turko – CAN; 3 rd – Maryjo Appel/ Ed Bills – USA; 3.5: 1 st - Cindy Rose/Mark Kumm – USA; 2 nd - Shirley Radtke/Brian Goltz – CAN; 3 rd – Sue Olsen/Kris Olsen - USA; 4.0: 1 st – Margaret Hill/ Ron Anderson - CAN; 2 nd – Kristy Rostiwicki/Aaron Gubin – USA; 3 rd – Alisia Foyle/Steve Unverzagt - USA FINAL COUNT



December 2, 2022 – Ugly Sweater Tournament and Ugly Sweater Christmas party at ES!

December 31, 2022 – New Year ’ s Eve Fun Tournament and Early Party.






7 5

6 6

9 3

22 14


The next pickleball meeting is scheduled for November 2, 2022 at noon at ES.

Submitted by Lynn Barry, Pickleball Public Relations SEE EVERYONE NEXT SEASON! TRAVEL SAFELY!



APRIL 2022

Your friends are here to help

ORPS Family Motor Coach Association, Life is Better With Friends, Especially our ORPS FMCA Friends

President - Terrence Fitzpatrick 559 - 681 - 4460 Lot 782 Vice President - Kris Olsen - 971 - 237 - 5112 Lot 555 Secretary, Newsletter - Ken Hearn - 610 - 573 - 3747 Treasurer - Vicki Hilmer - 253 - 312 - 0193 Lot 1082 FMCA National Director - Marlene Hinson 209 - 298 - 9486 Lot 709

Welcome our new family : Clifford & Patricia Mensch, from Del Mar CA March 2022 Highlights of our Rally, General Business Meeting Meet our new 2022 - 2023 season chapter board members and just some of the Chapter Past Presidents.

Please direct comments or questions to: Ken Hearn Lot 835 kenhearn59@gmail.com

Our Canadian residences are eligible to join the FMCA. You do not have to own a motorhome to join FMCA; all class of RV ’ s are welcome as well as commercial businesses that support the RV world. You will find local chapter membership applications in both Clubhouses in our wall displays. Membership in the National FMCA is required for membership in our local chapter FMCA ORPS. Please sign up first at www.fmca.com to get your national FMCA ID number. (Local $25.00 dues & a $10 badge for each new person)

Ken Hearn Fmca Secretary

(L - R) Jeff Buchman, Ron Langdon, Tom Ryan, Vern Chastain, Suzanne Strauss all Past Chapter Presidents, Terrence Fitzpatrick current Chapter President, Marlene Hinson - current National FMCA Director, Bob Moore - Past Chapter President, Ken Hearn - current Chapter Secretary, Kris Olsen - current Chapter Vice President, Vicki Hilmer - Chapter Treasurer and Charlie Koch Past Chapter President



APRIL 2022

wanders the maze of music equipment in our RV and can only shake his head. Finally, thank you to our audiences who clapped and sang along at our events. Remember, there is room for you in The Crew. Anyone wishing to join next season and get on our email list, can contact Marilyn at marilyn.sabens@gmail.com.

What an exciting an awesome season at Orps for The Ukulele Crew. So many new players joined the group, which entertained at five resort events. There were strummers who stepped forward to sing solos or play a different instrument. The 78 member group expanded its playlist, which totals over 100 songs. All of this was a great achievement for a group that only had eight players at the resort during the height of COVID. It ’ s time to thank everyone who had a hand in making this a fun activity and the reason to leave Wednesdays and Saturdays clear on calendars. Thanks to The Crew who learned and practiced many new and challenging songs. You proved that “ Sunny Afternoon ” by The Kinks can be a ukulele song. Thanks to the players who stepped up to the mic for a solo. You ’ ve got a ❤️ to prove you are a class act. It ’ s hard to perform in front of strangers, let alone your friends. Thanks to the Lifestyle & Events Team, Sean, Krystal, Jackie, April and Ernesto. You all helped get us on the Orps calendar and ready our meeting room and stages. A huge thank you to Abigail, Orps Communication Coordinator. Your contributions to the Oracle , photos, videos and our posters were professional and priceless. You go, girl! Thank you to General Manager, Ed Vitrano for his support of resort activities. A big hug and thank you to my hubby, Dave, who



APRIL 2022


Dedicated to those who have passed on in recent months


Shari Fent Pollard died 10/5/2021

We pray for a safe return as many of us head home, and for a great summer with family and friends! We are excited to see our 6 th great - grandchild in Denver...a healthy boy named Brody to Cody and his wife, Kristen. God is so good. Luke 24 is Dr. Luke ’ s account of Jesus ’ resurrection and His being seen by many which vindicated Him as the risen Savior...Luke tells us of Christ ’ s birth in Chapter 2 and His life ministry through Chapter 24. Jesus is clearly vindicated as the Son of Man in that wonderful section of the Bible. Read it carefully!!!! Luke 24:1 - 12 On the first day of the week, at early dawn, women came to the tomb, bringing spices which they had prepared. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, when they entered they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. While they were perplexed about this, behold, two men suddenly appeared near them in dazzling apparel; the women were terrified and bowed their faces to the ground, the men said to them "why do you seek THE LIVING AMONG THE DEAD? ” He is not here, but He has risen. Remember how He spoke to you while He was still in Galilee, saying the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and on the THIRD DAY RISE AGAIN? And they remembered His words, and returned from the tomb reporting all these things to the eleven and to all the rest. Now there were Mary Magdalene and Joanna and Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the other women were telling these things to the Apostles. These words appeared to them as nonsense, and they would not believe them. But Peter arose and ran to the tomb, stooping and looking in, saw the linen wrappings only. He went to his own home marveling at that which had happened." I pray you have accepted the proof of Jesus ’ resurrection as you celebrate it with family and friends. JESUS IS LORD, ALIVE AND COMING AGAIN. ALLELUIA! COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS.

Have you heard the GOOD NEWS?

The Resorters , our very own ORPS chorus is starting up again next season. We have a Director , and La Palma is reserved for Every Tuesday

Now all we need is a Pianist. If you can help with this or if you know of someone who

can, please let us know. Contact Margot Baur: mmbaur@telus.net

or Ken Bittle: bittlekr@gmail.com.

This is a fun way to meet new people and sing with them!

It ’ s time to dust off your tap shoes or buy your first pair over the summer. Tap dance class begins on November 8, 2022. All levels are welcome every Tuesday and there ’ s no class fee. Learn short routines and perform in some of the resort shows. Resort tap teacher, Janice Tooby MacDonald returns to ORPS, and classes, for a small fee, begin with her in January 2023. For more information contact: Marilyn Sabens: marilyn.sabens@gmail.com Deanna Joe : deannajoe@hotmail.com


April 3 April 10

Chaplain Gwinn / Janice Korthias Chaplain Gwinn / Janice Korthias


Jim Gwinn, Chaplain 847 - 445 - 0077



APRIL 2022



APRIL 2022



APRIL 2022



APRIL 2022

69411 Ramon Road Cathedral City, California 92234


760 - 328 - 3834

AGUIRRE'S PROPANE 760 342 1645

Admin Office

Ext. 244 242


ALL PRO 951 906 5200

Accounting Front Desk

301/302 Maintenance Dispatch 293 Community Standards 246 Gate/Security 260

BBQ ISLANDS 909 735 5009


La Palma Clubhouse Board Office

250 252 254 255 256 270 271 272 277


A1 Store Mailroom La Roma

El Saguaro Clubhouse Lifestyle Director

Lifestyle Assistant

GTZ MOBILE CAR WASH 760 397 6082


Lifestyle Admin Asst.


Golf Shack



Lupe ’ s Beauty Salon

760 - 328 - 0007


JORGE ’ S LANDSCAPE 760 443 3672

MIA ’ S DESIGNS 760 288 1830

SHADEMAKER INC 951 654 0841




APRIL 2022

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