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Let me set the mood.

It’s 75 degrees and perfect. There are 18 people in a beautiful mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They are gathered for one reason: the pursuit of building visionary brands. Visionaries will redefine what is possible in business and life. Today, your business doesn’t need to just be a business. It can be your vision, your calling, your legacy. You do not have to do things the way everyone else does. You can choose to build a brand that illuminates the world you choose to carve out. You can even go as far as calling the people in your business family.

of their career online. In that house were people saying yes to more freedom than a job or brick and mortar. In that house were people who wanted more from their network marketing businesses. In that house were people who fully realize most people won’t get what they’re doing yet. This was the best retreat I’ve put on. We carefully crafted a mix of learning, acting, storytelling, relaxing, drinking, and eating so as to make it an event that refreshed the mind, invigorated the soul, knocked out the work, and felt like a vacation. We opened up their training by putting them in front of the room and giving them three minutes to share their story. Of course, we had our favorite visionary tool (wine) flowing so they could laugh and have fun as well. As a visionary, a marketer, and a leader, you will be called on to take the stage, be on video, podcasts, and more. Owning the skillset to share your story in a concise, effective manner that positions you as an authority is not an option any longer. You must have it. All marketing and tribe-building is based on story. It’s why I’m always sharing mine. Training to be a visionary is not your typical work in the fitness industry. It’s not about sessions, floor time, and consults.

In that house were people choosing to get out of the studio world and open online brands. In that house were people choosing to enter the second stage

May 18–22, 2017: Visionary Planner Retreat, Redondo, CA

I know all of those things are scary to most. But we have made it a place where getting out of your comfort zone is easier than just trying to get on

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all those stages, videos, and podcasts alone. We are all going through the process, and it makes this lone visionary journey not lonely anymore. COVER CONTINUED ...

Saturday: Day 3 Yoga on the beach: 6:30–8 a.m. Breakfast: 8–9 a.m. Sessions start: 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lunch and breaks in between Verification Paths

My wife cooked up feasts each night, I let the wine flow, and all over the house was talk of brands, courses, online funnels, tribes, vision, and direction.

Here is how the agenda looked, if you are thinking of attending a retreat or hosting your own. Thursday: Day 1 Cocktails and Apps: 5–6 p.m. Visionary Story: 6–7 p.m. Dinner: 7–8 p.m. Visionary Story: 8 p.m., when we stopped laughing Friday: Day 2 Workouts in groups or on your own: 6:30–8 a.m. Breakfast: 8–9 a.m. Sessions start: 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lunch and breaks in between 7 Gates of the Sale Teaching Maps Dinner: 7–8:30 p.m.

Sunday: Day 4 Visionary Reflections Depart

Not too much coaching, just enough wine (more than enough :)), and a tribe filled with creativity to take back to their businesses at home.

This mastermind and coaching group is not for everyone. You gotta have that something literally yearning inside you to go BIG, to go take that risk, to make a change for you, your family, and your message. I don’t take it lightly this crew stepped out and did that for themselves. The reviews and feedback are overflowing, causing us to be even more excited to host Visionary Planner Retreat in October, in California again. Location TBD, but the vision is set, and we are ready to deliver more goods for our students. That is a Visionary Planning retreat in a nutshell. Hope to see one of you there soon. There is always room to grow within our businesses. Now let’s grow together. - Vito Lafata


You need these for your ad campaigns. You can try different poses, have your eyes looking up, down, to the sides, etc. so that when you use them, you can place text or graphics in the image and it will draw your audience’s gaze to what you’re looking or pointing at.

TIP: Tell the photographer to leave space in the shot so you’re able to place ad messages, product graphics, etc. in the frame.

Motivational scenes

Have fun with it

These are great for your quotes and inspirational messages.

If you need some easy-to-use apps to edit your photos to take even those raw images up to professional quality, my team told me to tell you about these. Almost everything can be done on your phone and on the run nowadays. *Note: These are all available in your app store. VSCO Cam and Afterlight for brightening/sharpening your photos. Wordswag and Studio for branding text on your images. iMovie , PicPlayPost , and Videoshop for cutting and creating short videos for your content. Put your brand colors/logos in Canva (on your computer and an app) and have a slew of imagery flowing in there to use.

I was standing under a bridge in the city of Portland looking out over the river and thinking to myself, “What does this moment say? What could it mean to others?” I came up with a list of quotes and sayings I want my tribe to think and feel. Then we ran around the city looking for scenes that could embody those images.


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Made Better

Social media today has us “speaking” to one another online through images, quotes, ideas, and motivational and inspirational messages. Even life lessons and insights are placed on images so we can capture attention and generate an action or reaction from the viewer, which hopefully is to buy, subscribe (follow), and/or connect.

No colors are planned out. No signature looks. Not enough diversity.

At least once a year you want to update your social media images. Why?

Images are designed to help us communicate and create a connection between our message and our audience. The hope is that by using imagery that catches the scroller’s attention, we can engage them long enough with a message that pulls them into our tribe and then moves them into our programs. This way, we can coach them to the goals and dreams they strive for, and then our brands can grow and we can perpetuate the mission. The only problem is that most entrepreneurs aren’t planning this. They don’t plan on the imagery for their social media, and they don’t invest in quality photography. Instead, it’s random or unprofessional photos. Not that everything needs to be a $2,000 photo shoot. Raw images from our phones are great and serve a purpose. They are the in-the-moment images we use. But if you want your brand to stand out, you should be thinking and planning out your social media images so that you can have a fresh library for your ad campaigns, awareness campaigns, Facebook group banners, website headers, and more. You want to freshen these up and replenish their look yearly. If you’re still using your headshot from five years ago, you’re not being very authentic. No one likes to see an image online and then see you live at an event and be like, “Who the hell is that? That ain’t the person I saw in the ad.” I was recently in Portland for an event, so I carved out five hours to do a photo shoot and get some fresh images. Portland is an amazing city with such diverse architecture and fun locations that it made for an ideal investment.

If you’re a brand-builder and entrepreneur, you should plan out the images that will speak to your tribe and help grow your audience.

Using the same images over and over leads to marketing numbness. This is when people have been seeing the same thing over and over to the point that they become so numb or desensitized to the message that they ignore it.

In a social media world, where your growth is dependent on how quick you can grab and hold someone’s attention, you may only have one second and a two-finger scroll before your potential tribe member scrolls right past your ad or post. All that work to craft and post content that’s only seen by a few is defeating. I get it. In order to avoid that, you need a steady rotation of professional images that play an important part in four key branding goals:

Here’s how you can think through this:

1. Create a professional feel.

2. Create consistency.

Get lifestyle photos. These are great to showcase your personality and let your audience connect with who you are.

3. Create brand awareness and familiarity.

Plan a few different outfits that let you show different sides of your personality.

4. Stop the scroll.

Think of the things that make you unique. As an example, I had shots taken with me drinking and enjoying wine, because my tribe knows wine is a visionary tool. :)

Most entrepreneurs are simply not putting enough time and attention into having professional images that say “this brand is pro,” or that are planned out so a potential audience member can put the pieces together long enough to get familiar with your brand.


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We do not need to wait for it to come from on high, or to be ordained. We can choose to be a voice all on our own. Social media has given every human being the same ability to create a platform and amplify their voice. Only the visionaries whose souls are stirring for more will do it. There are people who are content to stay right where they are. They are the excuse makers, the people who play scared and lack vision, and years later are still cemented in the repeating story they tell themselves. The government isn’t coming around to fix your world. Religion is not coming around to fix your world. Your boss isn’t coming around to fix your world. Only you can fix your world. Our industry, and industries all over the world, will be going through a radical change in the next five years that will be owned by those brave enough to step up and announce themselves as visionaries. Visionaries will not play by the old set of rules. They will write new ones. They will not be shackled by the old models of how we did things. They will define, create, and open new ones. Industry platforms are mature. The visionaries and renegades are already on them, speaking, sharing, messaging, creating, rebelling against the norm. You will not survive the next five years in your industry doing more of what you’re already doing. You will be required to think radically different. Elon Musk different. You will have to endure the side glances, the whispers about you, the slander, the misunderstandings — all the while believing in your course of action. Being a visionary is not something you are born with, it’s something you train for, learn how to do, and practice daily. I’m in the business now of training future visionaries. Right now, there are 35 up-and-coming visionaries in my training who are working against the grain to develop their voices, mapping out the treasures they will share with their audience, developing their teaching maps, and being willing to lead from the front. We choose to live by a credo, knowing full well that creating just one visionary brand that allows us to live into our passions, feel in control of our Are you equipped for this?

destiny, and have the reigns of our lives fully in our hands is all it takes to live a life full of dreams, legacy, and significance.

Join us. THE VISIONARY MANIFESTO I AM a visionary.

I CREATE my own way. I IMAGINE a better world. I SHARE my message. I LIVE my mission. I BUILD my own success. I ILLUMINATE the way for others. I’m one VISIONARY BRAND away … How are you creating your own Visionary Guide to the Universe? Sit down and create yours today or this week. Fill in the blanks, get out there with your fist in the air, and stand up for what you believe in. You’re not alone, my friend. Get out here. I used to be a , that grew into a . I was a , that grew into a . I was a , that grew into a . I’ve become a . This is like your Mad Libs version of your life’s mission. I had my assistant, Kim, do it to see what it sparked with her. When you do this, share it on your social media and tag me: Vito Lafata – Fitnesspreneur’s Life and #VisionariesGuidetotheUniverse. I look forward to seeing this from you!

It’s been brewing. For the last three years, things have been shifting. I felt it. I was just not unleashing it fully yet. Then, like all great things, it came first like a quiet evolution, barely noticed, but taking shape planning for the survival of the fittest. And then it came with a giant shove, like a mother bird pushing her baby out of the nest to go fly on its own. I USED to be a trainer; I GREW into a studio owner. I WAS a studio owner; I GREW into a fitnesspreneur. Yes, I’m still a fitnesspreneur, but now I see a wider world than just the fitness industry. I started in one place and have moved to another. You will do the same. If you don’t, you will slowly wither. Nothing survives if you do the same thing forever without a new challenge. Doing the same thing without challenge or skill growth leads to boredom and frustration — a slow killing of your soul, because you lose your sense of flow. People who are not given the chance to grow, spread their wings, and evolve get restless, stir-crazy. We know through history, sociology, and science that the human being who cannot express their personal freedom dies or revolts. I believe the future of our world will belong to the visionaries! These are the people who see that the world can be shaped in a new way. That it can become something better than what it is right now. Flip on any news channel, and you can plainly see that right now, the world needs NEW voices and leaders rising up. I AM a fitnesspreneur; I EVOLVED into a visionary. I’ve become a visionary.

Kim’s Visionary Guide to The Universe:

I used to be an event planner who grew into a trainer.

I was a trainer who grew into an entrepreneur.

I was an entrepreneur who grew into a visionary.

I’ve become a visionary.

Get after it, visionaries.


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I’m a firm believer that when you know what you’re worth, you can truly make more money by leveraging your expertise in bigger ways . In order to do that, you’re going to have to know how to clear the deck of tasks you can outsource so you can make more money with your time. I love this simple idea to 10x your productivity that I got from Craig Ballantyne. One of the things I teach all my Hard Chargers coaches and Visionary students is to, as fast as you can, start clearing the deck of household chores and errands that eat up your time. If you’re still cleaning the toilet, you are not making money. This simple system I saw in Craig’s breakdown is one of the best I’ve seen. Use it to audit the places you’re losing money because you’re doing errands versus working on your brand. The Perfect House Management Audit 1. Who is on your current house management team? (Housekeeper, nanny, etc.) Right now, Anna and I have our housecleaners come twice a month to hit the house from top to bottom. This way, we can save two full days of cleaning and instead get 12–16 hours of more productivity out. You have no idea how long it took me to get Anna to let go of that, but now she gets it. PERFECT HOUSE MANAGEMENT AUDIT We’ve already talked about how a nanny is going to be a go to for the day we have kids. Because being a parent is awesome, but so is continuing on with the vision and mission we laid out for our lives. So, if having a nanny come for a few hours a day keeps us on track and producing, we are working it into the budget. 2. Who would be on your dream team for house management if money was no object? Anna and I just bought a house in Temecula, and we are going to have 3-plus acres of gardens, we are planting a vineyard, and have our dream landscaping. That means a gardener is on our dream team. Both of us love working with our plants and helping out as relaxation on a Saturday or Sunday. But the everyday weeding, maintenance — no. So, that means for us, we have to start planning for a gardener, pool guy, and more. On my dream team is a personal assistant that lives close to us. I have a virtual personal assistant, but not a local one who can hit Costco, get groceries, clean the dishes, etc. That’s been a matter of finding the right person, so it hasn’t made the dream team yet. But it’s on the board and it’s on the radar. Every one of those minutes and hours we get back means we are getting more done for our brands — and getting more done is how you make more money. Period. What could you do if you had 12–16 more hours a month for your brand?

of money I could make. Being a trainer and studio owner wasn’t cutting it. That’s why I added Beachbody and built an online brand so I could make way more money and work smarter.

But that wasn’t where I started. I first started with just a housecleaner for my apartment, then scaled up. You have to make the move sooner than you think you can. It’s going to be a short-term pain for a long-term gain. If you go and hire someone to help you for four weeks and then just put more errand crap on your plate, yes, you are going to fail. But if for four weeks you did nothing but dig into your business, because you had more time, in four weeks you would be making more money to be able to afford the person you hired. Then, over the coming months, you would start to make even more from the compounding effect of every single month that you would have more time to produce and hence make more money, for the rest of your life. 4. What major problems would each new position solve, and how many hours would that save you each week? List it out. Then prioritize which tasks matter the most, get you the best bang for your buck, and save you the most time. 5. What dollar value do you put on your time? (How much are you worth per hour?) If you didn’t say at least $50 an hour, you got money issues. You should be worth at least $50 an hour, and when you are, you recognize that anyone on your House Dream Team could be hired for less. So, in the end, for every hour you have free by hiring someone, you pay $15–20 an hour; you are out there making more money than you’re spending. And that’s an investment. 6. What household chores are you doing on a daily/weekly basis? What is your total time cost (hours x your hourly rate) of these chores? (ex: How much money are you losing by doing this yourself?) Take that dollar amount you are worth per hour and run through this math. See the money you’re losing compared to the money you could be making. It took me doing this to realize how much money I was bleeding by not outsourcing daily activities. It freaked me right into action. 7. What are you realistically willing to spend to hire someone to do these tasks for you so you can focus on what matters? (And for your spouse/partner, if applicable?) Come up with a budget to start. Do it with a spouse or business partner. Believe (with conviction) that when you have these extra hours that you will get more done and make more money with that time so the cost will be nothing in the face of your productivity. Your vision for a better life hasn’t happened doing what you’re doing now. So, could it be that you need to choose another direction? Use what others have proven to work. What do you have to lose besides errands, which, as visionaries, we all hate doing anyhow? Grocery shopping? Errands? Empty fridge? Messy house? Disorganized desk?

3. What would each position cost?

Listen, I know you might be saying, “I don’t have the budget for that.” Neither did I. I had to change the way I do business to increase the amount


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Behind the ScenesWith Brendon Burchard (Kicking ItWith the Greats)

So, here are three key assets to help you prepare for future team growth that will help things go smoother: 1. A Systems Manual that lays out all key duties, operations, and contingency plans for each task and role in your business, including WHY each task is important and critical to the overall vision of your brand. 2. Vision Orientation Week. A vision orientation week is when you immerse the new hires in your culture, language, day-to-day vision, and mission so that they can BELIEVE in what the brand is doing, what it’s about, and where it’s going. If they can see the big picture, they can know if what they’re doing is moving the ball down the field or going to end up a fumble. 3. Product Immersion. This is when you have your new hires go through your courses, attend your events, and be inside the tools you’ve created for your audience. You do this so that they know what it’s like to be a student or member in your brand. Taking the time to plan for these three things will help you avoid some of the people problems we all face at some point or another in our journey of growth.

Last month, I got to spend a day up in Brendon Burchard’s* Portland office watching him do his thing with his monthly live webcasts that he uses to add value to his monthly subscription offers. I didn’t know I was going to get an added bonus of some pure laser coaching from the man himself. SCORE! *If you don’t know Brendon Burchard yet, where have you been? Under a rock? Okay, no public shaming here ... yet. ;) He is the world’s No.1 high-performance coach. Plug into his stuff ASAP. Let’s take a stroll down some lessons I picked up that day that I think can help serve you in your quest to take your brand and entrepreneurship to the next level. Let me explain. Brendon is on the verge of scaling his brand by adding 30-plus team members to his High Performance Institute. It’s the first time in the history of his own brand that he’s had to think through the logistics of adding 30-plus people at once. Now, you might not be adding 30-plus people, but even if it’s one or two, you gotta build your business as though you are going to grow that way. A business without scale or without systems is not a business, it’s a job. 1. Everyone has people problems.

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2. When you’re given the chance, know your ONE thing.

For the last two years, we’ve been building and refining our Visionary Planner process so that we can, like clockwork, start anyone who has the desire to build a visionary brand and help them design it, build it, and automate it. Our endgame is to be able to one day scale it beyond ourselves so we can teach others the process and have them go out and work in new industries, new niches, and new areas of expertise. In order for us to do that, we have to build our brand as though we are going to take this to a $40 million company. That means we need to know the ins and the outs, the ups and the downs, the legalities, and the processes to end up where we want. You don’t get to your destination without a map. In that 45 minutes that I had Brendon to myself, he asked me questions, dug into the vision, asked me to walk him through what we got and where we want to see ourselves. Then, on a white board, he ripped through the three possible business models we could follow. I’m talking about laying out the issues with each, from what Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issues we could run into, to what areas of growth could look like, where quality control could become an issue, where we could leverage better and improve quality control, what our numbers could look like, and more. In one strategy session for our Visionary Planner brand, we saved five years of mistakes and cut through to create clarity of action, focus, and direction. There is nothing more valuable than clarity in a world full of distraction, endless opportunity, and shiny objects. The clarity of what to focus on is priceless to a visionary and entrepreneur. It helps you say NO faster. And to say YES faster. It helps you to block time, shut out options, and just go deep on what needs your attention. Attention coupled with intention is the KEY ingredient to building a life where your dreams come true. That one hour was worth the $60,000 investment in Brendon’s mastermind. Why? Because I believe in cutting a check for speed. Cutting a check for experience. Cutting a check for wisdom. Cutting a check for know-how from someone who’s been there, done that.

I’ve heard Dan Kennedy and other mentors say, “When you’re given the chance to be in the room with the right people, be prepared with the right questions.” Man, I was grateful for this piece of advice. It’s not often that you get a chance to be in a room with someone like Brendon, unless you’re paying $25–50K for the day. I knew if I was going to get my mastermind money’s worth for the whole year in one shot, this was it. Right after we wrapped up getting to watch the recordings of his three livecast episodes (the man’s a machine when it comes to recording), Brendon surprised us and carved out nearly two hours for myself and fellow HPM mastermind member Michael Hackman (see what he’s up to below), and basically gave each of us private coaching on ONE thing. He walked into the room and said, “I got an hour and half for you two. I want you to think of the ONE thing you want the most feedback on right now that can move the needle for you.” That’s it. He gave us the opportunity to pick his brain, but it wasn’t “have five questions ready.” It was get your ONE thing, and we go deep on it. I’ll tell you my ONE thing in the No.3 lesson below. But first, do you know your ONE thing? The thing that if you had one shot to work with someone who can share years of wisdom and experience that can trim your learning curve, help you avoid mistakes, dial right into areas of opportunity, and scale 10 times faster, would you know it? I hope so. I’ve found that in life, instead of “luck,” or “hope,” or “wishing,” be responsible for success. It’s just two things: preparation and hard work. Are you prepared in life? Seeing ahead? Do you have clarity, so that if given the chance to seize everything you ever wanted, you could do it? Or ask how to do it? 3. There is NOTHING more valuable in business and life than CLARITY. So, like I was sharing above, Brendon asked my ONE thing. I was ready. I asked him to walk me through the process of how he took his high- performance coaching model, perfected it, scaled it, and then rolled it out into a certification process for other coaches to utilize, and finally, how he then created the process to fill those coaches up with clients. That one thing could be what redefines your entire future. Know it.

Are you willing to do that?

While you wait others are doing it.

Get prepared.

Know your ONE thing.

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that it would become a “pre-flight” checklist that any team member in the future could use.

4. Shit happens LIVE.

“Don’t ever compare your messy backstage to someone else’s front stage.”

c. Assign roles and tasks.

Once that system was in place he assigned the roles and tasks that each person would assume from here on out. This way nothing was left unattended.

The reality is this ... no matter how high you climb, shit happens. Especially in the world of live webcasts and video today. We’re all operating like our own mini TV and broadcast stations, and most of us were never trained for it, so we just gotta do the best we can.

d. How you deal with mistakes determines your leadership.

As you prepare to do more videos, go LIVE more often, and put yourself out there more ... SHIT is going to go wrong.

What I observed the most was that the energy, focus, and intention of the leader created the urgency, focus, and calm to be able to take in the mistakes, accept responsibility on all ends, and then come up with a plan to handle it. As much as I wish were we all born with that skillset, it’s a learned one. I believe we can all take a page out of this snapshot on how to deal with shit when it happens so that we can lean into our leadership, and not worry or stress over mistakes, but simply know how to lead from them. How often do you get to sit in a room and listen in to a conversation that involves Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and saving the planet from space storms?! Can we take second to nerd out over this? Okay, second over! Pretty cool, huh? 5. No matter how big your project, you can do it in five moves.

The world doesn’t care. We are all human. We all make mistakes and crap goes off the rails and it’s okay. If you know how to handle it, you’ll be fine.

Here’s what I saw when Brendon had a few mishaps during his livecast.

a. Address it.

He simply made a joke that “now you know we are truly live.” Just call it out for what it is, a mistake, and be vulnerable about it, and your audience will forgive you, because they will want that back someday. People are generally cool.

b. Come up with systems to solve it.

The minute he was off camera, he talked about it with the team, took blame himself, and then created the steps needed to overcome it so

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BEHIND THE SCENES ... continued from page 8

We did that right after our meeting with Brendon for our Visionary Planner brand. All projects can be broken down into five moves.

This is Michael Hackman, mapping out on a board the five moves it will take to keep the planet safe from space storms that the sun will be causing over the next 20 years. Yes, I never thought I’d be in a mastermind with a guy who’s placing satellites in space that can save our planet.

Mike also reminded me of a deep lesson.

The clock is ticking. Always ticking. Be a purpose maker.

Michael suffers from Parkinson’s disease. He knows it. His body reminds him every day. But he doesn’t sit, wait, or ponder it. He shared with me a simple mindset that we could all use a little more of: “Vito, I got a clock ticking. And it’s going down. I don’t have the time to worry. I only have the time to live more. I have a purpose before this body gives out, and it’s to hopefully save the planet from space storms, but it’s also as simple as helping others with Parkinson’s live more. If only our world would focus more on being purpose makers, I think we could see better days.” I sat there and my heart warmed up when he shared that with me. I think that was the moment we bonded. When you get purpose-driven people in a room together and their energies collide, it’s like the Big Bang exploding into new worlds! continued on page 10 >>>

What did I learn from this gentleman?

Michael needs a $500 million budget to move his projects to the next level. Cool, calm, and collected, he just mapped it out in five moves.

The things that were built already.

The things that needed to be built.

The timelines for them.

The people he would need.

The deadlines for everything to come together.

That’s it. Matter of fact. Planned. Timed. Coordinated.

Can you break the projects you’re working on into five moves like the ones above? I bet you can. Then you will feel confident you can tackle anything in front of you.


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807 Brooks Ave. Venice, CA 90291



It’s a Visionary’s World


Ad Photos


Social Media Made Better


The Visionary’s Guide to the Universe


Perfect House Management Audit


Behind the Scenes With Brendon Burchard (Kicking It With the Greats)



... continued from page 9

Michael shared another great thing with me as well. He’s been managing his tremors and disease with a few simple things: 1. Exercise. High-intensity exercise. He’s been using Beachbody workouts like P90X3 to work out from home and on the road. He’s been doing the more intense exercise, because for Parkinson’s, it’s actually better than steady state or light exercise. High-intensity exercise recruits more nerves, and for someone with Parkinson’s, the more they do that, the longer they can delay the full onset of the disease. 2. Shakeology. And better nutrition. I asked him what he thought of Shakeology and all he could tell me was that, “Whatever is in it, it’s quality nutrition, and my body is responding to it.” Amen. Let’s never get too far away from helping people put quality nutrients in their

masterminds do best — form up a venture. Thanks to our ability to partner together through the Beachbody business, Michael and I have embarked on a mission to create programs for Parkinson’s patients using the Beachbody tools. Who would’ve thunk it … a visionary and a space engineer coming together to help people in their own unique way. Friends, I hope you’re in rooms with purpose makers — the people that help you imagine, create, and illuminate this world!

body versus chemically inducing a fat-loss process or going for quick easy fixes and gimmicks out there. Feed the body, it responds. Feed it well, it responds beautifully. Knowing he was using products from Beachbody made me proud for being affiliated with Beachbody and for being out there helping people find quality nutrients like Shakeology. As a matter of fact, without the Beachbody model, I wouldn’t have been able to do what


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