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Let me set the mood.

It’s 75 degrees and perfect. There are 18 people in a beautiful mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They are gathered for one reason: the pursuit of building visionary brands. Visionaries will redefine what is possible in business and life. Today, your business doesn’t need to just be a business. It can be your vision, your calling, your legacy. You do not have to do things the way everyone else does. You can choose to build a brand that illuminates the world you choose to carve out. You can even go as far as calling the people in your business family.

of their career online. In that house were people saying yes to more freedom than a job or brick and mortar. In that house were people who wanted more from their network marketing businesses. In that house were people who fully realize most people won’t get what they’re doing yet. This was the best retreat I’ve put on. We carefully crafted a mix of learning, acting, storytelling, relaxing, drinking, and eating so as to make it an event that refreshed the mind, invigorated the soul, knocked out the work, and felt like a vacation. We opened up their training by putting them in front of the room and giving them three minutes to share their story. Of course, we had our favorite visionary tool (wine) flowing so they could laugh and have fun as well. As a visionary, a marketer, and a leader, you will be called on to take the stage, be on video, podcasts, and more. Owning the skillset to share your story in a concise, effective manner that positions you as an authority is not an option any longer. You must have it. All marketing and tribe-building is based on story. It’s why I’m always sharing mine. Training to be a visionary is not your typical work in the fitness industry. It’s not about sessions, floor time, and consults.

In that house were people choosing to get out of the studio world and open online brands. In that house were people choosing to enter the second stage

May 18–22, 2017: Visionary Planner Retreat, Redondo, CA

I know all of those things are scary to most. But we have made it a place where getting out of your comfort zone is easier than just trying to get on

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