Drake's 1940 Catalog

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the 1940 Fords


If a bunch of Forties were throwing a party, you just know Bob would be there.

Bob at the Early Ford V8 Club Western National Meet, Redmond, Oregon - September 2012

Wow! I can’t believe the last time we did an all 1940 Ford Parts catalog was 1989. We realized with the 75th Anniversary of the 1940 Fords upon us, it was definitely time for a new one. Well, here you go. A brand spanking new 1940 Catalog, just in time for this momentous birthday celebration. I suspect the forty crowd is busy sprucing up their rides for this long awaited event. Well, we’re here to help you with this collection of parts, just for you. You’ll find all the old standbys we’ve produced for years, some exciting new offerings, and a bunch of hot rod stuff for the adventurous out there.

The Drake Team

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Illustration By Roy Jones

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18 26 32 72 90




Interior Wipers Doors

116 136 142 162 172 204 220 224 228 232 234 240 250 280 296 306 312 320 334 354 362 372 373 378 384

Windows Mirrors Chassis Gas Tanks

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Actual products may differ in appearance from photographs used herein. All prices subject to change without notice. No returns after 30 days.

What's New

1940 FORD Lights . . . Original Halogen LED & Accessories Also . . . License Plate Frames & Brackets




SEALED BEAM HEADLIGHT No alignment tabs, ready to install in your 1940 & up. No Ford script . 01A-13007-6V-NS (6-volt) 01A-13007-12V-NS (12-volt) $25.00 each

SEALED BEAM HEADLIGHT No alignment tabs, ready to install in your 1940 & up. Ford Script.


Fits many car and truck years using 7" round sealed beam lights. Fits non-Fords too. 01A-13018-S $40.00 pair

01A-13007-6V (6-volt) 01A-13007-12V (12-volt) $25.00 each

Headlight Rims

1940 Car, 1940-41 Pickup HEADLIGHT RIMS Die-cast, ready to paint. Parking light bezel and lens not included. 01A-13045-A $150.00 pair


Better than original detail and fit with show-quality chrome plating. Each pair includes stainless mounting screws. Sealed beams and parking light lenses sold separately. 01A-13045-B $150.00 pair

1940 Deluxe & Standard 1940-41 Pickup HEADLIGHT BUCKET TO FENDER GASKETS Die-cut cork as original.

1940 Car 1940-41 Pickup SMOOTH HEADLIGHT RIMS Die-cast, ready to paint. 01A-13045-AN $125.00 pair

01A-13044 $10.00 pair



Designed to fit 1940 Deluxe Headlight Rims Only

1940 Car, 1940-41 Pickup TURN SIGNAL CONVERSION KIT Remove your original park light and install Drake’s special socket and wire. You’ll be in the modern world without changing the factory look. Includes 12-volt yellow bulbs. Kit does both lights. 01A-13200-T $40.00 kit REPLACEMENT BULB 01A-13466-TS $5.00 each 12V LED FLASHER UNITS SPECIAL FOR L.E.D. 12-volt units necessary to operate LED brake and turn signal lights. HR-90650 2-terminal unit HR-90651 3-terminal unit $15.00 each

1940 Deluxe LED TURN-SIGNAL PARKING LIGHTS Each unit features 21 bright, LEDs with built-in lens. Replaces your old parking lights and lenses. Requires LED flasher unit. Clips included. Amber Parking with Amber Signal HR-13082 $45.00 pair White Parking with Amber Signal 9 White and 12 Amber HR-13083 $55.00 each

1937-40 Car & 1940-41 Pickup HEADLIGHT RIM SCREWS Special stainless steel screws hold

headlight rim to bucket. 01A-13026-S $3.00 pair

1940 Standard 1940-41 Pickup 1941 Sedan Delivery PARKING LIGHT LENS BEZELS Die-cast chrome-plated. Clips included. 01A-13084 $60.00 pair

1940 Car 1940-41 Pickup PARKING LIGHT LENS GASKETS 01A-13085 $5.00 pair

1940 PARK LIGHT RIM CLIPS For 01A-13045-B Secures parking light lens to Headlight Rims. 350786-S7 $2.00 set of 6

PARKING LIGHT LENSES Molded, gleaming glass. Fits in headlight rim.

Original Sealed Beam And Box First introduced in 1940. Why save a box? Maybe one element was burned out and it was saved for a spare. From Bob's Collection.

1940 Car & Pickup 1940-41 Sedan Delivery 01A-13082 $15.00 each

1941 Pickup 11C-13082 $15.00 each




1940 Car & 1940-41 Pickup HEADLIGHT BUCKETS 01A-13026 $225.00 pair




Original factory-style copy of the fabric sleeve that protects your wiring from rocks, dirt and water. Heavy-duty steel collars with 18" long conduit. One kit does one headlight or taillight. 4 kits required per car. 78-14597-RK $20.00 kit


1937-48 Car 1940-47 Pickup Headlight

1938-48 Car Taillight

Light Bulbs

At one time, many of these bulbs were extremely hard to find, but at Drake’s they all share the same roof. All are of the highest quality and still manufactured in the United States.


Part Number



Candle Power


81A-13465-HP12V 81A-13465-HP6V

$3.50 each $3.50 each $2.00 each $2.00 each

12 Volt 6 Volt 6 Volt 12 Volt

50 - 14 CP 50 - 14 CP

1933-48 1933-48 1933-48 1933-48

81A-13465-6V (Offset studs) 81A-13465-12V (Offset studs)

21-3 CP 32-3 CP


Part Number



Candle Power


1932 Passenger 1932-42 Pickup, Wagon and Commercial Stop Light 1942-48 Passenger Back Up Light 1932 Passenger 1932-42 Pickup, Wagon and Commercial Tail Lamp 1932-37 Except 1937 Passenger Parking Light in Headlight 1932-48 Dome Light 1938-48 License Plate Light 1932-39 Instrument Panel 1940-48 Luggage Compartment 1947-48 Passenger


12 Volt

21 CP

$2.00 each


6 Volt

32 CP


12 Volt

4 CP

$1.00 each


6 Volt

6 CP


12 Volt

6 CP

1942-47 Pickup Parking Light





On Lens


On Lens

1940 Our beautiful 1940 taillights are just another reason why Bob Drake is the “King of 1940 Ford parts.” Fits RH & LH. Rim is stamped “DUOLAMP”. Plain lens 01A-13405 $30.00 each Blue dot 01A-13405-BD $35.00 each


These all glass lenses are the safest way to go down the road. These have the “DUOLAMP” and “STIMSONITE” mark like the original. Specify all red glass or with faceted blue dot jewel installed (-BD.) Drilling a hole in a glass lens requires a diamond bit. Plain lens 01A-13450 $9.50 each Blue dot 01A-13450-BD $15.00 each

1940 LED TAILLIGHTS WITH CHROME BEZELS Install the unique, trouble-free glow of long lasting LED illumination. Each features a beautifully die-cast chrome bezel. 12-volt. HR-6027-PR $125.00 pair


1940 LED TAILLIGHT Install the unique, trouble- free glow of long lasting LED illumination. 12-volt. 01A-13450-LED $40.00 each



We’ve made the finest early Ford rubber products for over 35 years. Our taillight pads are made with a beaded edge for a super clean look. 01A-13420 $10.00 pair



’ 40 Pickup Taillights & Brackets Threaded buckets and non-threaded brackets

Threaded Mounting Holes

No Marking

No Marking

Threaded Mounting Holes





No Markings on Lens


1938-52 Pickup, 1946-48 Station Wagon & Commercial TAILLIGHT ASSEMBLY

1932 Car, 1932-44 Pickup TAILLIGHT ASSEMBLY

This style comes with welded mounting nuts on the inside of the bucket to be used on non-threaded taillight brackets. Black painted bucket and stainless steel rim. RH LH Plain lens 01C-13407 01C-13408 $30.00 each Blue dot 01C-13407-BD 01C-13408-BD $35.00 each

Each features a beautifully polished stainless steel bucket and rim. No details were left out including all correct markings. RH LH Plain lens B-13407 B-13408 $30.00 each Blue dot B-13407-BD B-13408-BD $35.00 each

Non-threaded bracket holes


1928-56 Pickup, 1957-64 Stepside TAILLIGHT WIRE SHIELD Fits on backside of the taillight and bracket. Protects wires as they enter the rear of the taillight housing. Die-stamped metal. B-13467 Painted gloss black $15.00 B-13467-SS Polished stainless $25.00

91C-13471 1938-54 Pickup Heavy-gauge steel. Use without rear bumper. 81Y-13470 1938-52 Pickup Heavy-gauge steel. Painted gloss black, use with bumper. Fits RH. 81Y-13471 1938-52 Pickup Heavy-gauge steel. Painted gloss black, use with bumper. Fits LH. Your Choice $20.00 each

RH No Marking


Threaded bracket holes

Black Painted Bucket & Stainless Steel Rim


1940-41 Sedan Delivery CAST BRASS TAILLIGHT MOUNTING BRACKETS Each cast in original shape with threaded taillight-bucket mounting holes. Ready to paint and mount. 01A-13463-L LH $165.00 each 01A-13463-R RH $165.00 each

1935-36 Car 1935-48 Sedan Delivery

To be used on a threaded taillight stand. Bucket has no welded mounting nuts inside . RH LH

Plain lens 48-13407


$30.00 each $35.00 each



Blue dot



Miscellaneous LED Lights

These state of the art mirrors have built in turn signals, each fits RH or LH. Includes mounting hardware. 4" PEEP MIRRORS

1157-STYLE RED LED 12-VOLT TAILLIGHT BULBS Drake’s LED (Light Emitting Diode) taillight bulbs are engineered to give extra-bright light while using ultra-low wattage. These durable, shock-resistant units create no measurable heat, for a superior lifespan outlasting standard incandescent types by 100 times, with 5 times the brightness. Adds safety and efficiency to any vehicle. LED-100 13/4" Diameter, 25-LED Array Bulb $12.50 pair LED-101 1" Diameter, 11-LED Array Bulb $12.50 pair


CONVEX CNX-17741-S $40.00 each

FLAT HR-17741-LED $40.00 each

BILLET ALUMINUM LICENSE FRAMES FOR MODERN PLATES Custom machine-shop designs in super quality.

Designed to fit 1940 Deluxe Headlight Rims Only


With LED 3rd brake & license light $75.00 each

HR-13403-PL With license plate light

$60.00 each

1940 Deluxe LED TURN-SIGNAL PARKING LIGHTS Each unit features 21 bright, LEDs with built-in lens. Replaces your old parking lights and lenses. Requires LED flasher unit. Clips included. Amber Parking with Amber Signal HR-13082 $45.00 pair 9 White Parking with 12 Amber Signal LEDs HR-13083 $55.00 each

12V LED FLASHER UNITS SPECIAL FOR L.E.D. 12-volt units necessary to operate LED brake and turn signal lights. HR-90650 2-terminal unit HR-90651 3-terminal unit $15.00 each


UNIVERSAL, AMBER HR-3947-LED $10.00 each

UNIVERSAL, RED HR-3948-LED $10.00 each




License Plate Brackets At 65 miles an hour (or more) a lot of pressure is exerted on these brackets as there is nothing aerodynamic about a license plate. That’s why we stamp ours from heavy-gauge steel. They’re built tough and can take a 65 mph breeze with gusts up to 100 mph. Dimensionally they are identical to original and are ready to bolt on. We offer them painted shiny black or in high-polish stainless steel. Either way you are guaranteed a high-quality, and long-lasting product.


POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL 91A-5034-SS 1939 Deluxe, 40 Car & 40-41 Pickup $35.00 each

GLOSS BLACK 91A-5034-B 1939 Deluxe, 40 Car & 40-41 Pickup $30.00 each


1938-48 Car

1938-48 Car REAR LICENSE PLATE BRACKET PAD Prevents moisture from seeping into the inner trunk-lid cavity. 81A-13446 $3.00 each






1928-56 Pickup, 1957-64 Stepside

1928-56 Pickup, 1957-64 Stepside

01A-13406-SS 1938-48 Car

01A-13406-B 1938-48 Car

$35.00 each

$30.00 each

1940-48 Ford & 1939 Mercury DECK-HANDLE BASE LENS Correct shape with

1940 Ford & 1939 Mercury LICENSE PLATE LENS GASKETS Seals & protects lens. One needed per car. 01A-13568/9 $2.00 set

inside frosted like original. 99A-13564 $10.00 each

1932-48 BULLET HEAD LICENSE PLATE HARDWARE KIT No-slip design prevents rattles and paint scratches to bracket. Set of 2 bullets with spring washers and screws (not suitable for License Frames). 1232 $5.00 set



BILLET ALUMINUM LICENSE FRAMES FOR MODERN PLATES Custom machine shop designs in super quality.


With LED 3rd brake & license light

$75.00 each HR-13403-PL With license plate light $60.00 each

7¾" B-13409-R


OLD TIME LICENSE PLATE FRAMES Stamped steel chrome plated.


CLASSIC LICENSE PLATE FRAMES Tired of cheap plastic and bulky billet? How about these slim, trim, no maintenance shiny stainless steel units! They fit your current US plate for a neat, clean look. Button head stainless hardware included. HR-13409 $40.00 pair


1940-1955 Round corners 6¼" X 14"


TUBULAR LICENSE PLATE LIGHT Polished stainless in a streamline design with 12-volt incandescent bulb. 7/8" diameter, 81/8" long. Installed mounting studs are 7" apart. Includes nuts. HR-13560-SS $36.00 each



COLUMBIA OVERDRIVE LICENSE PLATE FRAME MEDALLION Beautifully detailed replica of the rare original. Chrome plated with color enamel inlay. 31/2" overall height, 13/4" wide, 21/2" exposed height after mounting. DG-094 $12.00


Polished stainless steel. Louvred for that vintage rod look or flat space-age look. B-13401-LS Louvred B-13401-PS Plain $10.00 each

LICENSE PLATE LIGHT & BRACKET KIT These were once readily available from every speed shop and every “Hot Rodder” had one. We decided to bring back this bit of nostalgia. Originally there were two sizes. We made the small style because we thought it was a lot cleaner. The quality of the original one was poor, so we improved ours by stamping it from stainless steel, molded a lens, added a license bracket, molded a rubber pad, tossed in some stainless screws and a 12-volt bulb. You’re gonna love it. HR-13550 $50.00 kit



Taillight Lenses

These all glass lenses are the safest way to go down the road. Most have the “DUOLAMP” and/or “STIMSONITE” mark like the original. Specify all red glass or with faceted blue dot jewel installed ( -BD .) Drilling a hole in a glass lens requires a diamond bit.

1940 Car

Original Ruby Red Lens $9.50 each With Faceted Blue Dot Jewel Lens Installed $15.00 each

Universal BLUE DOT & RING

Faceted blue glass lens with chrome retainer ring. For plastic or glass lenses. BD-13400 $8.00 each

1940 Car 01A-13450 01A-13450-BD

Pickup, Wagon & Sedan Delivery

1933-36 Car, 1946-52 Pickup, 1946-51 Wagon, 1933-48 Sedan Delivery 40-13450 $9.50 each 40-13450-BD Blue dot $15.00 each STIMSONITE

1932 Car, 1932-44 Pickup B-13450 $9.50 each B-13450-BD Blue dot $15.00 each

Hot Rod Taillights

33/4" Diameter


1950 PONTIAC TAILLIGHTS Totally redesigned for the Hot Rod world. Shorter bucket clears rumble lids and tires. Bulb socket centered for better light focus. Glass lens for much improved clarity. Plain lens HR-13405 $125.00 pair Blue dot HR-13405-BD $130.00 pair

These babies give a unique, custom touch to any rod, custom or trailer. Features stainless rim, red glass lens and dual wire socket for 1157 bulbs. Includes 12-volt bulbs & rubber pads. 6A-13200-T-L $100.00 pair

1950 PONTIAC STYLE TAILLIGHT LENS For use with our HR-13405 taillights. HR-13450 plain $9.50 each HR-13450-BD blue dot $15.00 each

1950 Pontiac Style TAILLIGHT PADS

Universal BABY HOT ROD TAILLIGHT LENS For use with our 6A-13200-T-L taillights. 6A-13450 $8.00 each

We’ve made the finest early Ford rubber products for over 35 years. Our taillight pads are made with a beaded edge for a super clean look. HR-13405-2-B $10.00 pair



1933-52 LICENSE PLATE LENSES For LH style taillight buckets. Frosted white glass lens.

1933-36 Car, 1938-52 Pickup LICENSE PLATE LENS GASKETS Seals & protects lens. One needed per car.

1933-36 Car 1933-48 Sedan Delivery 1938-52 Pickup 40-13445 $8.00 each

1932 Car, 1932-44 Pickup B-13445 $8.00 each

1933-36 Car, '33-48 Sedan Delivery 1938-52 Pickup 40-13447 $1.50 each

1932 Car, 1932-44 Pickup B-13447 $1.50 each

1932-37 Car 1932-54 Pickup LICENSE LENS RETAINER CLIPS

1932-37 Car, 1932-52 Pickup TAILLIGHT SCREWS


Round-Head Slotted


Kit includes 2 stainless steel rimmounting screws and2eachof cad-platedmounting screws and lock washers. B-13446-S 1932 Car, 1932-44 Pickup 40-13446-S 1933-37 Car 1938-52 Pickup $2.00 kit

Holds the lens in place inside of bucket. Includes 2 stainless screws and 2 clips. B-13446-K 1932 Car, 1932-44 Pickup 40-13446-K 1933-37 Car, 1938-52 Pickup $2.00 kit




Counter-sunk Slotted


Revive Your Old Taillights

Taillight Lens Gaskets Cushions between lens & bucket

40-13460 1933-36 Car 1933-38 Sedan Delivery 1938-52 Pickup & 1946-51 Wagon 0.12" Thickness $2.00 pair

40-13461 1933-36 Car 1933-48 Sedan Delivery 1938-52 Pickup & 1946-51 Wagon 0.05" Thickness $2.00 pair

01A-13461 1940 Car $2.00 pair

B-13461 1932 Car, 1932-44 Pickup & Station Wagon $2.00 pair



Taillight Wires - ConcourseCorrect


1933-48 Car, 1938-52 Pickup & Commercial TAILLIGHT SOCKET WIRE 40-13410-A $6.00 each 1928-32 Car, 1928-44 Pickup & Commercial TAILLIGHT SOCKET WIRES A-13410 $12.00 pair

WIRE CONNECTOR ENDS Copy of the original. Can be crimped or soldered. Made from brass for a good contact. B-14486 $6.00 kit


Single Contact

Double Contact



1932-1948 WIRE LOOM - HEADLIGHT-TAILLIGHT Original-style flex loom with special coating.



" diameter, 24" length. Serves 2 lights

B-14487 $6.00 set Connects bullet ends together. Small common size used on most connections. 20 to 30 required per car. Set of 10. 81A-14487 1932-48 Brown coated rubber. $3.50 each Largest standard size. 2 to 3 required per car. 1932-48 Black coated rubber.

$4.00 each

Also available B-14597-1/4 ¼" diameter

$2.00 foot $2.00 foot $2.00 foot


" diameter

B-14597-5/16 5/16" diameter

1938-40 TAILLIGHT REFLECTORS These highly polished metal reflectors install inside the taillight bucket surrounding the bulb socket. Really improves your taillight brightness. 81A-13405-REF $15.00 pair

LAMP BULB PLIERS Automotive-Aircraft-Marine

The smart, safety-minded tool offering the easiest way to remove various sizes of round socket type bulbs for cars, trucks, aircraft and boat lamps. Avoid hazards in bare- handed removal of corrosion-seized bulbs with dangerously brittle glass. Any hobbyist or professional will appreciate this cool tool, specially designed for the job. TL-102 $15.00 each


This rugged, all chrome unit features green signal lights for LH & RH turns and a red emergency flasher in center. Comes 12-volt ready or change the internal 3 watt bulb for use in 6-volt systems. HR-13340-HD $35.00 each



Our long-time employee Gino is seen here assembling 1940 Taillights. You can see here all the various components needed and the personal commitment required to bring you complicated assemblies like these. We’re passionate about giving you the very best in early Ford reproduction parts.

Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/BobDrakeReproductions



Bob Drake’s hood ornaments are second to none, including the originals. Each features a superb chrome finish and a perfect fit. Why not install the very best on your Ford?

We recommend using Drake made ornaments and release handles together or with original Ford units. Those made by other makers may not be compatible with Drake’s or originals.




40 Standard & 40-41 Pickup

HOOD ORNAMENT 1940 Standard Car 01A-8218-A $150.00 each 1940-41 Pickup 01C-8218 $150.00 each HOOD HANDLES Perfect partners to our ornaments. Features show quality chrome. 1940 Standard Car 01A-8215-A $50.00 each Hood Handles Sold Seperately

1940 Standard Car 1940 Pickup HOOD EMBLEMS

Die-cast, chrome, blue insets. Includes mounting hardware. 01A-16604/5-B $65.00 pair

1940 Pickup 01C-8215 $50.00 1941 Pickup 11C-8215 $50.00

40 Deluxe

1940 Deluxe HOOD ORNAMENT 01A-8218-B $150.00 each Hood Handles Sold Seperately

1939 Deluxe - 40 Car & 1940-41 Pickup

HOOD RELEASE CLEVIS PIN Attaches ornament to handle. 91A-2466 $5.00 each

1940 Deluxe Car HOOD HANDLE

1940 Deluxe Ornament Shown

01A-8215-C $50.00 each

1939-40 Car 1940-41 Pickup

Easy to Install Alternative Clevis Pin

HOOD ORNAMENT HARDWARE KIT Special cup spacer is used on hood center flange to simplify installation. Includes all hardware to mount hood ornament to hood. 91A-8219 $20.00 kit

Installs with cotter pin BB-2466 $2.50 each



Hood Trim

Our beautiful reproductions are roll-formed from stainless steel. They slide over the rear of the hood ornament and finish in a perfect point at the back of the hood. The 1940 Deluxe style has the original rib design - others are smooth. Clips sold separately. 1939 Deluxe



1940 Standard 1940-41 Pickup


01A-16736-A 1940 Standard & Sedan Delivery 38" 01A-16736-B 1940 Deluxe 353/8" 01C-16736 1940-41 Pickup 345/8"

1940 Deluxe REAR

Your Choice $55.00 each

FRONT Fits in the end of the hood ornament

Hood Center Trim 01A-16736-B REAR

1939-40 Car & 1940-41 Pickup HOOD CENTER CLIPS 8-piece set. 91A-20003 $8.00 set

01A-16722-B Deluxe RH (side) 01A-16723-B Deluxe LH (side) 01A-16722-A Standard RH (side) 01A-16723-A Standard LH (side) HOOD SIDE TRIM Your Choice $50.00 each

1940 Deluxe “BIG” FRONT HOOD TRIM Gorgeous stainless. 5-rib pattern. Includes clips. 01A-16868/9 $95.00 pair

1940 Deluxe “SMALL” FRONT HOOD TRIM 3-rib pattern. Includes clips. 01A-16954/5 $75.00 pair

1940 Deluxe MOUNTING CLIP SET / BIG FRONT HOOD TRIM 01A-20002 set of 6 $6.00 set

1940 Deluxe MOUNTING CLIP SET / SMALL FRONT HOOD TRIM 01A-20001 set of 8 $6.00 set



1940 Standard & Pickup LOWER-FRONT HOOD TRIM

Highly polished stainless. 01A-8216 $75.00 pair

1941 Pickup HOOD TRIM Die-cast and chrome-plated. Perfect copies. 11C-8264/5 $180.00 pair

Hood Emblems

1940 Deluxe FORD & DELUXE HOOD EMBLEM KIT “RED PAINTED EDGES” Perfect repros of the originals. Kit incudes 2 FORD & 2 DELUXE plus mounting clips. 01A-16606/7-B $55.00 kit

Buy the 3-Piece Kit and Save!

1939 Deluxe, 1940 Standard 1940 Pickup FORD SCRIPT

1940 Pickup HOOD & DASH EMBLEM

Beautiful chrome over precision cast zinc as original. Excellent as a custom add-on for any year Ford’s interior or exterior. Includes mounting clips. 91A-16606 $15.00 each

The hood uses Ford emblem on each side while the 3rd Ford is used on dash board. Die-cast, chrome-plated. 3" long x 1" high. Includes mounting clips. 91A-16606-K $40.00 set

1941 Pickup HOOD & DASH EMBLEM Die stamped, chrome-plated. Includes hardware. 11C-16606 $40.00 each




HOOD RELEASE LINKAGE & SUPPORT BRACE KITS Each component is identical to the originals. All help revive hood function while providing needed support for the hood and latch assembly. Each kit includes hood latch tension springs (2) and hood lever hardware. Eliminate sloppy, sluggish hood function with these top quality kits by Drake.

1940 Deluxe 01A-16674-BK

1940 Standard 1940-41 Pickup 01A-16674-AK

1940 Deluxe

1940 Standard 1940-41 Pickup

Each kit comes with a diagram for easy installation.

Your Choice $60.00 kit

1940-41 HOOD LATCH TENSION SPRINGS Each pair is high quality spring steel as original. Revives crisp hood latch action. 01A-8223-B 1940 Deluxe $15.00 pair 01A-8223-A 1940 Standard, 1940-41 Pickup $15.00 pair

1940 Deluxe Shown

HOOD SAFETY CATCHES Cast stainless steel, unpolished and polished.

1940 Deluxe Unpolished

01A-16892-B 01A-16892-BS

$45.00 each $50.00 each


1940 Standard, 1940-41 Pickup

01A-16892-A 01A-16892-AS

$45.00 each $50.00 each



01A-16892-BS 01A-16892-AS



1938-47 Hood Hinge Brackets

Even the slightest bend in a bracket or worn pivot can cause hood latch function and alignment problems. Replacing hood hinges, supports and hardware can revive your hood to open and close like new and avoid ugly chips in your paint .

1938-40 Car, 1940-41 Sedan Delivery

1939 Deluxe - 1940 Car HOOD ARM BRACKETS Sturdy, heavy gauge steel as original. Fits on each side under hood at rear horizontal support rib and connects each hood arm support to the hood. 91A-16794/5-C $40.00 pair

Black 91A-16796/7 $60.00 pair

Stainless steel 91A-16796/7-SS $90.00 pair


1939-41 Ford Car 1940-41 Pickup & Commercial Black 91A-16789 $10.00 each

1939-48 Car 1940-47 Pickup HOOD ARM

1940-47 Pickup

Black 01C-16796 $50.00 pair

SHOULDER BOLT KIT Kit serves both sides. Nuts & lock washers included.

20308-S2 $8.00 kit

RH arm shown

Hood Arm Supports


1939 Deluxe Car 1940-41 Pickup

1940 Car ’41 Sedan Delivery

Special bolts allow smooth pivot- action of hinge arms. Exact copies of the originals. Contains 4 bolts, 4 washers and wire. 91A-16796-HK $12.00 kit

Black Finish 91A-16802/3 $75.00 pair

Black Finish 91A-16782/3 $75.00 pair

Stainless Steel 91A-16802/3-SS $125.00 pair

Stainless Steel 91A-16782/3-SS $125.00 pair

1937-40 HOOD HINGE PADS Quality, molded

Improved Bolt and Spring design for better hood

rubber with shouldered

stability & smoother function.

holes eliminates rattles. RH & LH.

78-16746/7 $20.00 pair


LH Shown

No Bracket




Henry Ford never thought of this one. • Stainless steel highly polished to a brilliant shine.

1940 Deluxe 01A-8327-B $130.00

• Easily installed in just minutes. • Great for Flathead or Overhead.

*1939 Deluxe, 1940 Standard 1940-41 Pickup

1941 Sedan Delivery 01A-8327 $130.00

1939-41 PLAIN STEEL AIR DEFLECTORS *1939 Dlx, 1940 Std, 1940-41 Pu 01A-8327-A 1940 Deluxe 01A-8327-P Your Choice $75.00 each

Simple to install: Use the air deflector as a template and drill holes in the upper grille support and install the nut inserts. Fasten down the air deflector using the supplied stainless button head Allen bolts and it’s done. Detailed instructions included.

*Early '39 Deluxe cars have a different hood latching mechanism. These deflectors will need modification to fit the early '39 models.

Hoods: 1937 & Later Car, 1938 & Later Truck Trunk Lids: All Years ADJUSTABLE MULTI-LEVEL HOOD & TRUNK LID PROP KITS

Super clean look and safe, dependable function. Automatically locks at your chosen level for one handed hood or trunk lid opening. Quick release allows easy closing. Made of aluminum and polished stainless steel for long life. HR-401014 3 Level (approximately 12" increments) $85.00 kit HR-401024 6 Level (approximately 6" increments) $85.00 kit

HYDRAULIC HOOD SUPPORT KITS Designed for long life and maximum strength while adding the ease of hydraulic hood lifting power. Kits come complete with hydraulic arms, rugged mounting brackets and all mounting hardware. Installation instructions included.

1940 Standard 40-SHSK $185.00 kit 1940 Deluxe 40-DHSK $185.00 kit



HOOD LACE For 3-piece hoods or fiberglass cars, try our soft sponge seal. The peel and stick tape means no hardware showing, for a clean look. Comes in 2 styles and 2 sizes each.

Square Ribbed Solid Core

Half Round Hollow Core


SMALL 3/8" W x 7/32" H

SMALL 3/8" W x 3/16" H

LARGE 5/8" W x 3/8" H

LARGE 5/8" W x 3/8" H


1937-40 Car, 1938-41 Pickup COWL LACE Includes 12 screws. 78-16740 $25.00 kit

FG-200-8 $15.00 each FG-200-20 Small - 20' $25.00 each FG-250-8 Large - 8' $20.00 each FG-250-20 Large - 20' $30.00 each Small - 8'

FG-300-8 $15.00 each FG-300-20 Small - 20' $25.00 each FG-350-8 Large - 8' $20.00 each FG-350-20 Large - 20' $30.00 each Small - 8'

1939-41 Hood Bumper Kits

Most manufacturers wouldn’t put alot of effort into such an insignificant part. When we created the tooling for these simple parts 25 years ago we stressed over getting every detail right, to give you a product as good or better than the original.

(2) Front Hood

(2) Front Hoodside

(2) Front Hoodside

(2) Front Hood

(2) Front Hood

(6) Hoodside

(6) Hoodside

(2) Cowl Bumper

(2) Cowl Bumper

1939 Deluxe 1940 Deluxe & Standard 14 pieces. 91A-16761 $20.00 kit

1940-41 Pickup 12 pieces. 01C-16761 $20.00 kit

TRIM/MOLDING/EMBLEM TOOL KIT Made of super-strong plastic designed specially for damage-free removal of large or small cosmetic trims, emblems or fasteners. Each tool’s tip features a fine chisel-edge for levering into even the tightest gaps without scratching paint or chrome. Perfect for removing door panels, body trim, glued-on weather seals or stubborn body clips. 5-piece kit. TL-105 $15.00 kit

Don’t be sorry, use the right tool.




The legendary face that made the ’40 Deluxe an instant classic ever since its birth. Bob Drake first offered his masterpiece copies in 1977, made just as Ford did, requiring an expert tool- making team to carve the expensive high-pressure die-cast molds. It’s the only way to achieve perfection unlike lower cost methods such as

sand-casting or investment casting. It also meant using several old- school chrome shops to feed the demand while maintaining the highest level of quality chrome plating. Today Bob Drake makes his grilles the same, old-school way. While modern auto makers now use plastics and composites coated with fake chrome, our tradition of bringing you the very best is perfectly represented with this grille. No expense is spared because we know our customers’ expectations.

Included With Your Grille: CHROME CENTER STRIP With or without crank hole cover.

BAR THICKNESS Each bar features the correct thickness of 3/16" with consistently even space between.

MOUNTING HOLE LOCATIONS Each is exactly where it should be.

SHOW QUALITY CHROME Our heavy chrome plating is hand-buffed like a crown jewel.

FINE DEBURRING OF CASTING Carefully done by hand to produce flawless results. Every corner, edge and radius is perfect.


CRANK-HOLE COVER Our original-style cover is polished stainless, spring- loaded to flip back into place.

The front of each bar is hand-polished before and after plating for an unmatched surface gleam.

Original Style 1940 DELUXE GRILLE WITH 2-PIECE CENTER STRIP With crank hole and polished stainless flip-cover installed. 01A-8206/7-D $845.00

Hot Rod Style 1940 DELUXE GRILLE WITH 1-PIECE CENTER STRIP For a smooth, sleek look with no crank hole. 01A-8206/7-DB $845.00

The Bob Drake name appears on the bottom, inside bars. Why settle for anything less?



’ 40 Deluxe “ The Grille ”



GRILLE CENTER PLATE Supports grille center & upper brace. 01A-8209 $60.00 each

Supports the entire upper grille assembly and hood safety latch. 01A-8145-B $125.00 each

LOWER RADIATOR GRILLE PAN Heavy-duty all-steel construction for protecting your radiator. 91A-8240-B $95.00 each

OUTER GRILLE PLATES Directs air into radiator while offering added grille support. 91A-8104/5 $55.00 pair GRILLE VENT PANELS Precision die-stamped heavy gauge steel for perfect original look & fit. 01A-16140/1-B $450.00 pair

LOWER GRILLE PLATE Braces lower grille. 01A-8434 $35.00 each

GRILLE CHIN PAN Beautiful copy in precision-formed steel. 01A-8211-B $60.00 each


1940 Deluxe Grille Centers &Trim

Roll formed stainless steel, pre-bent for exact fit. Four pieces of trim & clips. 01A-16856-K $80.00 kit

1940 Deluxe ORIGINAL GRILLE CENTER STRIP Die cast zinc, triple chrome plated, with mounting hardware. Original style, 3-piece kit includes stainless crank hole cover.

1940 Deluxe GRILLE TRIM BEAD Roll formed, pre-bent stainless crimped over a die-cut fabric insert. Two pieces. 01A-8182 $30.00 pair


Die-cast zinc, triple chrome plated, with mounting hardware. Street rod style, 1-piece design with no crank hole. 01A-8418/22-SR $100.00 each

01A-8418/22 $100.00 each

1940 Deluxe GRILLE TRIM MOUNTING CLIP SET Holds the small stainless trim onto the vent panels. 8 clips. 01A-20001 $6.00 set



Originally came with painted sides matching body color and with a chrome center. 1940 Standard Car , 1940-41 Pickup & 1941 Sedan Delivery

Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/BobDrakeReproductions Don’t worry. We wouldn’t take the time to make you the perfect grille and then ship it in flimsy packaging. We take designing the packaging for our chrome products very seriously. All grille pieces are placed in plastic bags, then carefully pocketed in a Styrofoam clamshell pack prior to being boxed for storage and shipping. One final step to ensure you will get the beautiful grille you deserve. • SIDES – Chrome-plated • CENTER – Chrome-plated Some folks like it shiny style. All 3 pieces are triple plated in brilliant chrome, giving your car a wider, lower look. 01A-8206/7-ACK 3-piece kit $845.00 kit NOTE: This all chrome grille is actually correct for the 1941 Sedan Delivery.

• SIDES – Ready to Paint • CENTER – Chrome-plated

Some folks like it Henry style. The side pieces are raw so you can paint them to match your body color and the center is chrome-plated. 3-piece kit. 01A-8206/7-AK 3-piece kit $745.00 kit

I wouldn't put my name on it if it wasn't the best.



’ 40 Standard / ’ 40-41 Pickup

Also fits 1941 Sedan Delivery & ’ 40-41 1/2 Ton Panel

1940 Standard 1940-41 Pickup UPPER GRILLE BRACE 01A-8145-A $125.00 each

Helps Cooling

1939 Deluxe, 1940 Car 1940-41 Pickup OUTER GRILLE PLATES Fits between fenders and grille to direct air flow through the radiator. 91A-8104/5 $55.00 pair

1940 Standard & 1940-41 Pickup LOWER GRILLE PAN Plain. 01A-8188-A $100.00 each

1939 Deluxe, 1940 Car 1940-41 Pickup, 1939-40 Mercury

RADIATOR GRILLE PAN 91A-8240-B $95.00 each

1940 Car & 1940-41 Pickup HOOD SAFETY CATCHES Each features a steel mounting base with polished or unpolished stainless catch-hook.

Henry Ford never thought of this one. Stainless steel highly polished to a brilliant shine. Easily installed in minutes. Great for Flathead or Overhead. Air Deflectors

*1939 Deluxe, 1940 Standard 1940-41 Pickup 1941 Sedan Delivery 01A-8327 $130.00 each

Polished shown Unpolished

*Early '39 Deluxe cars have a different hood latching mechanism. These deflectors will need modification to fit the early '39 models.

1940 Deluxe 01A-16892-B $45.00 each

1940 Standard 1940-41 Pickup

1940 Deluxe 01A-8327-B $130.00 each

Includes stainless mounting hardware.

01A-16892-A $45.00 each

SIMPLE TO INSTALL: Use the air deflector as a template and drill holes in the upper grille support and install the nut inserts. Fasten down the air deflector using the supplied stainless button head Allen bolts and it’s done. Detailed instructions included.


01A-16892-BS $50.00 each

01A-16892-AS $50.00 each



1940-41 Fender Aprons & Parts

Each kit is designed to match the originals and eliminate metal-to-metal road squeaks while protecting the paint from fender- to-body seam chips, easy to install. Each includes top quality, original style materials, each pre-cut, pre-punched and notched for a factory-style look and fit. These kits are well worth using just for their time-saving installation features.


1939 Deluxe, All 1940 1940-41 Pickup FENDER-GRILLE-APRON WELTING & WEBBING KIT Pre-cut, ready to install beaded welting. 91A-5010-B $60.00 kit


91A-5010-BCK $65.00 kit 91A-5010-B Fender-grille-apron welting & webbing kit. 91A-5010-C Running board to frame welting kit.

1935-40 Car & 1940-41 Pickup RUNNING BOARD TO FRAME WELTING KIT Beaded welting that fits between the frame and running boards. Pre-cut and ready to install. 91A-5010-C $25.00 kit


1940 Ford & Mercury, 1940-41 Pickup GRILLE GUARD KIT

This is Drake’s beautiful match to the rare original. It has every original detail including the correct contours and Ford script, made of extra heavy gauge, precision die-stamped steel with show quality chrome plating. Front or rear, designed for use with bumper guards. Each comes complete with the factory correct mounting stiffeners and special hardware. First introduced in 1940, it also looks fantastic on earlier year cars and pickups. 01A-18412 $295.00 kit

1940 Deluxe Grille Half in original wooden crate. Part Number 01A-8206D is stamped on the top of the crate. This rare item is a fairly rough casting and is painted brown. Maybe from the war years. From Bob's Collection.



1940 Standard Grille Assembly

Upper Brace 01A-8145-A

Grille 01A-8206/7-A

Grille Center

Outer Plates 01A-8206/7-AK

Lower Pan 01A-8188-A

Radiator Pan 91A-8240-B

1940 Deluxe Grille Assembly

Upper Brace 01A-8145-B

Stainless Bead 01A-8182

Center Plate 01A-8209

Vent Panels 01A-16140/1-B

Moldings 01A-16856-K

Grille Center Strip 01A-8418/22

Outer Plate 91A-8104/5

Grille 01A-8206/7-D

Lower Chin Pan 01A-8211-B

Radiator Pan 91A-8240-B

Lower Plate 01A-8434



• Water Pumps • Hoses • Manifold • Carburetor • Heads • Valves • Oil Pump • Ignition • Starter • Generator • Motor Mounts • Exhaust • Clutch • Drive-Train

• Books • Decals



Keep it Cool with Drake's Pumps


This bolt is always exposed to water, so having a rust free bolt holding it in could save hours of frustration the next time it needs to be removed. Kit comes with 2 bolts and lock washers to service both pumps . 78-8502-HK $6.00 kit

1937-48 Car & 1937-47 Pickup WATER PUMPS

Perfect for any original or hopped-up flatheads. Sealed bearings, no grease necessary. Fits 85, 95 & 100 Horsepower models. 78-8501/2 $125.00 pair Includes gaskets.

1937-48 Car & 1937-47 Pickup WATER PUMP MOUNTING GASKETS High quality heat resistant material. Ready to install. 78-8507 $5.00 pair

Each pump shaft is press-fitted with two modern double row ball bearings for reduced friction and heat and for super long pump life. Ford’s original bronze bushings don’t even compare.

ENGINE BELTS Our belts are each strong, multi-ply units made to original specifications. The raised Ford script and part number is correctly molded in. All come in the original factory assigned colors for an authentic look. Original Black Color with Script & # on Outside Surface: 78-8620-A Fan Belt: 1937-early 40 Car, 1939-41 Pickup & Comm. - Inside Circumference 50.83" 78-8620-C Fan Belt: Late 1940-41 Car V8 Generator: 1942-48 Car, Pickup & Comm. Inside Circumference 50.06" $35.00 each

When determining the Belt your engine requires, remember that belts do not sit fully within the generator and water pump pulleys.


script & part number on outside surface



Includes clamps

1939 Deluxe & 1940-41 Car & Pickup UPPER RADIATOR HOSE

Our upper hoses are molded of high-quality rubber for a perfect fit and long life. Each matches the originals in every way including the markings. These have the metal supports as original. 1 " I.D. 91A-8260 $55.00 pair

1939 Deluxe, 1940-41 Car & 1940-41 Pickup POLISHED STAINLESS UPPER RADIATOR HOSE KITS Adds beauty and superior cooling performance with indestructible coolant passages designed to last a lifetime. Beautifully polished to a brilliant shine, and come with extra-thick, super durable rubber couplings and stainless clamps. No more collapsed or cracked hoses. Easy to install. HR-8260-B $65.00 kit

Universal HOSE CLAMPS Stainless worm screw type hose clamps featuring Ford Script. Used by Ford on later model cars. B7A-8287-A 5/8" to 11/4" $2.00 each B7A-8287-B 11/2" to 21/2" $3.00 each

Includes clamps

1 " I.D.

1939 Deluxe & 1940-41 LOWER RADIATOR HOSE


1939 Deluxe & 1940-41 LOWER RADIATOR HOSE

Replace your old “ready to pop” hoses with a set of Drake’s premium quality units. Made of top-notch, reinforced rubber to original factory dimensions. They’re also visually correct as our research has proven. Drive worry free with Drake Quality. 91A-8286 $40.00 pair

Original markings. Our clamps are made just like the originals right down to the slots and the tab to hold the square nut in place. Zinc plated for long life. B-8261-A12 1 " I.D. Hose B-8261-A15 2" I.D. Hose $3.00 each

We have quite a few of these hoses. The quality and dependability factors are identical to our other hoses. The only difference is that these have a bumpy surface and no Ford script. 91A-8286-NC $20.00 pair

Got a Later Flathead in your 40?

Bob's New Design

1949-53 Ford & Mercury V-8 Car 1948-53 Ford V-8 Pickup


Use the HR-8592-A when installing a 49-53 engine in a 32-48 chassis. Then you can keep your larger diameter early radiator hoses and stock radiator.

WATER OUTLET Paint ’em or polish them to a bright finish. Includes gasket. HR-8592-A $25.00 each



8A-10884 RH Single Contact

8A-10990 LH Double Contact


1939-48 HOT WATER HEATER HOSE Excellent quality black rubber. Heat resistant & flexible for easy installation. 91A-15167 $2.00 per foot (Specify length)

Many cooling problems are due to a faulty thermostat. Upgrade your old, deteriorated one with a long lasting, high-quality replacement. (180°) 11A-8575-A $15.00 each

1940-48 Car & Pickup 6-VOLT TEMPERATURE SENDER Fits in cylinder head. $45.00 each

1945-48 FAN CARRIER BRACKET Cast aluminum. Manifold mount.

1938-48 Car HEATER HOSE SHUT OFF VALVE 91A-15142 $30.00 each


$50.00 each


RADIATOR CAPS 1937-48 Car & Pickup No Pressure Cap 78-8100-A $25.00 each


Universal WATER PUMP GREASE For original water pumps requiring grease. Big 14 oz cartridge. A-8500 $7.50 each

1937-48 Car & 1937-51 Pickup Our 4 lb. cap raises the boiling point a little for better cooling. We don't recommend any higher pressure as you might damage your core or tank. 78-8100-B $25.00 each

Installed by adding a hole in the RH lower radiator hose. Fits in hole and clamps tight. Installs from inside hose. 91A-15160-A $10.00 each

POLISHED ALUMINUM RADIATOR CAPS Genuine brass interior pressure lock with machined polished cover for the custom-made look. Fits most modern OEM and aftermarket radiators including Walker, PRC, Be Cool, Quick-Rad and others. Does not fit original Ford Flathead style radiators. Bullseye Cover: HR-1551-7 7 lb. pressure HR-1551-16 16 lb. pressure Plain Cover:


These heavy-duty clamp brackets are made tomatch the originals in every way. Features both RH & LH plated bracket assemblies and correct hardware. Safely holds and positions hoses to the spark plug loom. 2 piece Kit. 91A-15151-K $45.00 kit

HR-1550-7 7 lb. pressure HR-1550-16 16 lb. pressure $20.00 each



1939 Deluxe 1940 Cars & 1940-41 Pickup

91A-8005-B Dual Core

Same as Original . . .

• Headlight channel wire crossover • (2) Core design

• Hose inlet/outlet • Original fin spacing and count

• Brass Material • Correct Markings • Mounting brackets

• Accepts original radiator cap • Overflow tube



Protect your wiring from being chewed up by the fan blade. Routes & holds the headlight crossover wire in place. Die-stamped steel, painted & ready for easy installation. Can be modified for a street rod. 91A-8005-WB $45.00 each

Air Deflectors

Henry Ford never thought of this one. Stainless steel highly polished to a brilliant shine. Easily installed in just minutes. Great for Flathead or Overhead.

*Early '39 Deluxe cars have a different hood latching mechanism. These deflectors will need modification to fit the early '39 models.

*1939 Deluxe, 1940 Standard 1940-41 Pickup 1941 Sedan Delivery 01A-8327 $130.00 each

1940 Deluxe 01A-8327-B $130.00 each

1939-41 PLAIN STEEL AIR DEFLECTORS *1939 Dlx, 1940 Std, 1940-41 Pu 01A-8327-A 1940 Deluxe 01A-8327-P Your Choice $75.00 each 1940 Deluxe shown

Simple to install: Use theair deflector as a template and drill holes in the upper grille support and install the nut inserts. Fasten down the air deflector using the supplied stainless button head Allen bolts and it’s done. Detailed instructions included.



Cooling System



All Polished Stainless RADIATOR RECOVERY TANK KITS The finest available, made of high grade thick-wall stainless steel. Retains precious engine coolant and prolongs engine life. Great for all season driving for stock or high performance engines. HR-301-13 13" 16 fluid ounce capacity HR-301-15 15" 20 fluid ounce capacity $70.00 kit





Art Deco Spout Design No-Leak “O” Ring Seal

1 2 3

Knurled Knob for Grip & Comfort Coarse Threads for Easy On & Off High Polish Show Car Quality “No-Rust” Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Brackets & Hardware Radius Edge Mounting Tabs for Unlimited Mounting Positions Correct Size Return Tube to Radiator



Engraved Cap Kit

5 6

HR-301-13-V HR-301-15-V HR-301-13-F HR-301-15-F

13" 16 fluid ounce capacity - V8 15" 20 fluid ounce capacity - V8 13" 16 fluid ounce capacity - Ford 15" 20 fluid ounce capacity - Ford


Tank & Engraved Cap $85.00 kit





Transmission or Engine Automotive & Marine

Fluid inlet and outlet at same end for easy, clean installation. One fluid passes through two joined chambers for double cooling efficiency. Deep exterior cooling fins for maximum heat dissipation. Strong, lightweight aluminum mounting brackets included. 1 2 3 4 12" Long HR-9800-12 Recommended for smaller engines, and small/medium automatic transmissions and all power steering systems. $130.00 each 18" Long HR-9800-18 Recommended for larger engines and large automatic transmissions. $145.00 each High-Performance Dual-Chamber Fluid Cooler

The DUO-COOLER features precision O-ring seals and internal fins for optimum cooling performance.


Also required for installation: (2) 1/4" NPT hose connect fittings.

The most effective hydraulic fluid & oil cooler available for cars, trucks, RV’s and boats. Your transmission fluid, engine oil and power steering fluid all have one major enemy − heat. The DUO-COOLER ™ protects and prolongs life for all automatic transmissions, engines and power steering systems. Designed for automotive, industrial and marine applications.  



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