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Industrial IoT Systems and Devices  Software and Industry Solutions Industrial Server Intelligent System Intelligent HMI and Monitors Automation Computers and Controllers Industrial Communication Remote I/O & Wireless Sensing Modules Industrial I/O and Video Solutions Enabling Industrial IoT with Intelligent Automation


Industrial IoT Systems and Devices / Table of Contents

Table of Contents

CH1 Software and Industry Solutions

Corporate Information

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About Advantech Advantech Online Services

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WISE-PaaS/IIoT and WebAccess Software iFactory & M2I/CNC Solution Ready Package E&E & M2I/E&E Solution Ready Package Intelligent Motion Control and Machine Vision Power & Energy Solution Intelligent Transportation Platforms

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Enabling IIoT and Industry 4.0 with Sector-Focused Solutions and Intelligent Automation Global Certified Partner Network

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Advantech iPlanet Care One-Stop Global Services

CH2 Industrial Server

Star Product Highlights

Industrial Storages GPU Servers

Advantech WISE-PaaS Edge Intelligence Platform iFactory and M2I Solution-Ready Packages Energy & Environment Solution-Ready Packages Machine Automation Power and Energy Solutions

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Industrial Server Boards Industrial Server Chassis

Intelligent Transportation Systems Intelligent Systems and Platforms Embedded Automation Computers Intelligent HMI Control IPCs Edge DAQ Devices Industrial Communication Wireless IoT Sensing Devices Data Acquisition and Control Remote I/O Modules Industrial Tablets for Mobile Workers

CH3 Intelligent System

Slot SBC & Passive Backplanes Industrial Motherboards Industrial Chassis CompactPCI Platforms Industrial Computer Peripherals

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CH4 Intelligent HMI and Monitors

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Modular Panel PC High-Performance Control Panels Thin-Client Terminals Domain Focused Industrial Operator Panel Industrial Monitors General Panel PC

Solution Forums

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Enabling an Industrial IoT Evolution Industry 4.0 Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Solutions Intelligent Transportation Systems Cloud-enabled Energy & Environment Solutions

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WISE-PaaS 2.0


Enabling IoT Edge Intelligence with WISE-PaaS


Table of Contents / Industrial IoT Systems and Devices

CH5 Automation Computers and Controllers

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Control Cabinet PCs Industrial IoT Gateways iDoor Technology Modules Modular IPCs Intelligent Inspection Systems Control IPCs WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink-Enabled Gateways: ADAM-3600, ECU-1000TL Remote DA&C Systems: ADAM-5000 Edge Data Acquisition and Analytics Platform: ADAM-6700

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CH6 Industrial Communication

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Industrial Ethernet Solutions Industrial Wireless and Protocol Gateway Solutions

CH7 Remote I/O & Wireless Sensing Modules

Wireless IoT Sensing Devices Ethernet I/O Modules: ADAM-6000 RS-485 I/O Modules: ADAM-4000

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CH8 Industrial I/O and Video Solutions

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Industrial I/O Intelligent Video Solutions


Corporate Information / About Advantech

About Advantech

Advantech : Partnering for Smart City and IoT Solutions Founded in 1983, Advantech has the corporate vision to “Enable an Intelligent Planet”. The company is a global leader in the fields of IoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms. To embrace the trends of IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, Advantech promotes IoT hardware and software solutions with the Edge Intelligence WISE-PaaS core to assist business partners and clients in connecting their industrial chains. Advantech is also working with business partners to co-create business ecosystems that accelerate the goal of industrial intelligence.

Advantech’s Good-to-Great 3-Circle Principle The Advantech 3-Circle Principle is based on the book “Good to Great,” by Jim Collins. According to the book, a company looking for long-term success should clearly address these three fundamental principles, and commit to their continuing, solid execution. Advantech is fully committed to this approach and has defined the Advantech “Good to Great 3-Circle Principle” as a means of adhering to it. World-Class Recognition Advantech is an authorized alliance partner of both Intel® and Microsoft®. Our customers find the technologies we use inside our products to be widely compatible with other products in the global marketplace. Interbrand, the world renowned brand consulting firm, recognized Advantech as one of the Top 20 Taiwanese Global Brands for many years. Advantech appreciates this recognition of our efforts to build a trusted, global brand; it also symbolizes a promise we give to our business partners, which is to keep building a trustworthy brand that is recognized everywhere and improves the lives of all.

Quality and Environmental Compliance As a member of the global village, Advantech understands the importance of preserving the environment. Our environmental programs focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling materials used in our manufacturing operations. Advantech’s quality and environmental compliance efforts include the

• RoHS Directive Compliance • WEEE Directive Compliance

• ISO 9001 Certification • ISO 14001 Certification • ISO 13485 Certification • OHSAS 18001 Certification • TL9000 Certification • ISO 17025 Certification

• Authorized Sony Green Partner • REACH SVHC Directive Compliance • EICC Conflict Minerals Declaration

Timely Support at Your Convenience Advantech has over 20 regional hotlines and offices throughout 23 countries, with over 8,000 employees employees to provide efficient, professional services for customer care, product selection, technical support, and order handling. Through our call centers and online stores, customers worldwide enjoy the convenience of Advantech’s multi-service channels to reduce business turnaround time. Together with the four logistics centers in Taiwan, China, Europe and the United States, our global service network offers an extensive spectrum of services that includes warehousing, logistics, peripheral certification, sourcing & purchasing, and RMA & value-added services, and technical support & training.


About Advantech / Corporate Information

Advantech Online Services Website Through, we not only offer comprehensive products, but also real-time updated information to our customers. In addition to product information, you also can find case studies of proven applications from diverse sectors. Furthermore, registered MyAdvantech members, can access the RMA service center, updated price lists, and various promotion programs.

Online Store To extend Advantech’s services, we launched the Buy.Advantech online store which offers one-stop shopping for Human Machine Interfaces, Industrial Ethernet networking, Controller & I/O products, plus computing platforms. This eStore offers comprehensive product information to build systems easily, with live expert support to solve problems, online configuration providing easy system customization options, instant quotations, an extensive library of FAQs and all the latest up-to-date downloads and firmware.

Online Support Providing superior self-support mechanisms is one of the most essential parts of being a top-tier automation company, and we take pride in the outstanding level of service that we offer. To best support our customers, we’ve created a suite of useful interactive online tools, including:

• Online Training: Self-training documents and videos to provide trainees with integrated information. • Online Catalog: A comprehensive online catalog with extensive product information.

• Technical Documents: Manuals, datasheets, updated drivers and utilities- all available for download through the support portal. • 3D Product Models: Simulated products in 3D format to provide detailed visualizations for evaluation.

24/7 Online Service To effectively respond to customers’ questions, our regional call centers support inquiries about: purchasing, shipping, technical, RMA issues and more. Contact your regional call center to get the support you need today.

Global Hotlines

8-800-555-01-50 (Moscow) 8-800-555-81-20 (St. Petersburg)

US / Canada
























Malaysia (KL)




00800-2426- 8080/8081

Australia/ New Zealand 1300-308-531

Malaysia (Penang)


5 Corporate Information / The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Advancing Key Growth Areas in Industry 4.0, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Energy & Environment and Transportation

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is set to open up a new era of industrial applications, booming opportunities, and economic growth. The IIoT is a matrix of networks that connects people with data and intelligent machines in order to optimize industrial operations, productivity, and efficiency. To support the growth of IIoT, Advantech provides products and services that build the IIoT infrastructure and strengthen their offerings with four layers including, IoT Sensing Devices, Edge Intelligence Servers (EIS), IoT Cloud Platforms, and Solution Ready Package (SRP). Advantech is devoted to leveraging its computing, data acquisition, and networking competence to provide customer-centric products and solutions for key growth areas in Industry 4.0, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Energy & Environment, and Transportation.

Realizing Industry 4.0 with Advantech’s iFactory SRP Solutions Industry 4.0 is transforming manufacturing worldwide. Factory management needs assistance as they either upgrade existing facilities, or establish new ones that take advantage of Industry 4.0 optimization. Advantech IoT solution architecture enables the development of iFactory Solution Ready Packages (SRPs) that help customers as they embrace Industry 4.0. Advantech’s iFactory SRPs are quick-start tools that enable a step-wise approach to achieving Industry 4.0. The Industry 4.0 situation room is the most important upgrade to intelligent transformation. The Industry 4.0 situation room is the factory’s nerve center where data is collected, analyzed, and visualized for real-time management. The situation room is realized with the iSensing devices, edge intelligent gateways, WISE-PaaS software platforms, and iFactory SRP solutions.

iFactory solutions facilitate machine connection without replacing existing equipment, allowing for collection of equipment status data, production data, and environmental data. Data acquisition enables production monitoring, data integration with MES, and visualization on the situation room dashboard for

production optimization and data-driven decision making. The WebAccess App enables push notifications of unexpected downtime,

allowing immediate action to be taken. Advantech realizes the

intelligent factory from a user perspective, and helps customers embrace Industry 4.0.

6 The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) / Corporate Information

The best industrial equipment manufacturing solutions for equipment builders A key step Advantech adopts to realize smart manufacturing is to connect devices, computing systems, and equipment all together to accomplish data acquisition and integration, and import services to accomplish manufacturing process integration. Advantech achieves the network connection of equipment and devices needed to improve manufacturing and transform industry. The product offerings of Advantech’s industrial IoT include Internet of Things software – WebAccess, industrial communication products, gateways, PC-based control platforms, industrial computing platforms, servers and data capture modules. Meanwhile, Advantech also provides equipment automation and intelligent factory solutions. In the vertical markets of equipment automation, Advantech works with partners to find the most suitable industrial machinery, electronic equipment, and manufacturing solutions to meet the needs coming from diverse markets.

Cloud-enabled Energy and Environment Solutions As the development of IoT and cloud technology, lots of Energy & Environment practices have evolved to remote management using cloud service for further analytics, visualization, and machine learning. However, there are still many difficulties system integrator and equipment operators need to overcome, including getting data from wide area, connecting data to different cloud service, and making data visible and applicable. To shorten the gap and accelerate our customers’ time-to- market, Advantech is devoted to offering Solution Ready Packages (SRP) for Energy & Environment markets based on our success of both hardware/software products and domain experience.

With our Machine-to-Intelligence (M2I) SRP, which include power inverters, water pumps, HVAC, and transformers, equipment builders can easily get the status of their machines and facilities then connect their data to the cloud. By integrating different M2I SRP into vertical system SRP, system integrators can quickly build up energy, solar power, water treatment, and pollution management solutions.

Intelligent Transportation Systems With a decade of successful experience, Advantech has dedicated resources to designing and developing new products designed for the transportation industry. These products support both railway and roadway applications, including railway automatic fare collection, wayside control, rolling stock, city traffic management, highway management, transport hubs, and more. Our mission is to enable intelligent transportation systems, which also helps us fulfill our vision of creating and delivering smart city technologies.


Enabling IIoT and Industry 4.0 with Sector-Focused Solutions and Intelligent Automation


d y P

Factory Situation Room

OEE Monitoring

Process Visualization

CNC Machine Monitoring

Equipment Connectivity

IoT Application Software Framework

Machine Condition Monitoring

M2I Edge Engine

HMI Runtime Development



H u m a n M

n e c t i v i t

IEC61850 Compliant

o n s

I n d u s t r i a l E t

l I o T P l a t f


t M a n u f a c t u r c k

Machine Automation

Air Quality Monitoring

Water Treatment Management

Renewable Energy Management

3rd Party Cloud

Video Content Management

Signage Content Management

Remote Monitoring and Management

Network Management

Node-RED Packages

e r n e


Corporate Information / Global Certified Partner Network

Global Certified Partner Network

Since 1983, Advantech has formed strong and lasting partnerships with many well-established channel partners and solution partners to deliver prompt and reliable local services for our customers. Currently, Advantech has over 600 partners in more than 70 countries worldwide to provide certified services and products anytime, anywhere.

Certified Professionals Guarantee Outstanding Quality Services Through rigorous training and validation, our partners are certified annually, guaranteeing a high standard of quality and service. With these dedicated and well-trained sales and technical support teams, Advantech customers can enjoy outstanding quality services and early access to latest industrial computing solutions.

• Quality technical support: All the partners have dedicated application engineers to provide pre-sales and post-sales technical support. Within Advantech, there’s a group of hotline and field application engineers to back up our partners, ensuring the highest service levels. • Fast delivery with flexible global supply chain: With over 600 partners and 4 regional service centers worldwide, Advantech offers fast delivery and after-sales support to our customers.

• Value-added services: Many of our partners are, value- added resellers, focused channels, system integrators, or independent software vendors specialized in specific industry segments or applications with years of experience in developing application ready platforms. Their profound knowledge in integrating Advantech’s hardware platforms with peripherals and software can speed up your time-to-market.

Dedicated Professionals

Online Technical Community

Global, High Quality Support

Reliable and Trusted Products

Vertical Solutions


Global Certified Partner Network / Corporate Information

Strategic Focus Makes the Difference As industrial and embedded computing applications become more diversified, customers are demanding tailored solutions for vertical applications plus high-quality local support. To fulfill such needs, Advantech has developed its global partner network with a strategic focus in mind. We only partner with distributors, VARs, and system integrators who value high-quality services as we do and pride themselves with expert industry know-how and technical proficiency. Through our comprehensive training and certification programs, Advantech partners are expert consultants in our portfolio of product and service offerings for various vertical segments. Currently, Advantech has partners in the following categories:

Channel Partners Advantech Industrial IoT Channel Partners (CPs) are focused on industrial automation, embedded systems, and general computing platform markets. With local inventory, logistic services, technical support and other add-on value services, our partners provide professional services and prompt delivery of system and components for automation applications. Aligned with our regional sales offices and service centers, Advantech CPs have formed a strong service network to offer professional pre-sales and post-sales worldwide. Advantech has also identified key channel partners and focused on specific vertical segments, to provide local value added services for our customers such as application development, technical consultation, design services, integration and installation, on-site services, technical training, and project management. These CPs are certified value-added resellers with expertise in application development and system integration for each vertical segment.

Solution Partners

Solution Partners are 3rd parties who integrate Advantech products and value-added software and peripherals to provide turn-key solutions. Advantech’s Solution Partners offer our customers a full range of field proven integrated solutions in Medical, Telecom, Transportation, Gaming, Power & Energy, Building & Home Automation, Factory & Machine Automation, Environmental Monitoring & Facility Management, Retail, Hospitality & Selfservice, and many more. Their solutions are validated with Advantech products for compatibility, quality, and service.

WISE-PaaS Alliance Advantech WISE-PaaS Alliance is a market-oriented cooperation model based on Advantech’s WISE-PaaS software platform. WISE-PaaS/ IIoT is one of the two software components of WISE-PaaS Alliance and is designed to connect partners, cultivate co-development of vertical solutions, and encourage strategic co-marketing. By providing comprehensive IoT solutions for diverse markets and applications, WISE-PaaS/IIoT can enable partners to expand into various IoT vertical markets. By leveraging WISE-PaaS/IIoT and WebAccess platform and solutions, partners will be able to shorten their project life cycles through integrated solutions, gain competitive advantages through early technology access, boost profits and revenue through co- marketing activities, and enable cross-region business through Advantech’s business networking and coverage.


Corporate Information / Advantech iPlant Care

Advantech iPlanet Care

Manufacturing Our dual, world-class manufacturing centers in Taiwan and China maintain precise quality control, and offer a full range of production in a timely and cost-effective manner. To maximize the efficiency of operational procedures, we have implemented a cluster manufacturing system within our segmented manufacturing service units. This unique approach enables a direct, simplified, and highly streamlined design-to- manufacturing process. • In-house board, chassis, and system production • Dual world-class manufacturing centers minimize business risks • Advanced production capabilities and customizable processes • Rigid quality assurance system • Most complete ISO standard coverage

Mutual Backup

Centralized ERP & Shop Floor

Configure To Order Services Advantech’s Configure To Order Services (CTOS) makes industrial computing solutions more accessible by offering web-based configuration tools, comprehensive, complex assembly services with high-mix, low-volume box build and customized assembly, modification, system integration and functional testing services.

• Online intelligent configuration • Comprehensive approach to complex configuration solutions • Local customized configuration services • 2 year global warranty covering system & peripherals integrated

Certified Quality Assurance System Advantech has been designing and manufacturing industrial PCs according to our 3C Quality Statement:

• Always strive for overall customer satisfaction • Continuous improvement • Apply closed-loop mechanisms to resolve problems

At Advantech, quality is our main priority. A complete line of safety, EMC and reliability measures such as ESD, vibration, drop testing, temperature, humidity and HALT chambers are available to ensure our products meet the strictest standards. All facilities are at least ISO 9001 and 14001 certified while others hold additional certifications such as ISO 13485, 17025, TL9000 and OHSAS18001. An environmental program that focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling of materials throughout the manufacturing process is also applied at Advantech. All our products are 100% RoHS compliant and hazardous substance management systems are applied to meet worldwide environmental requests. Advantech’s efforts towards environmental protection have been recognized by Sony since 2004 (Sony Green Partner).

• Complete ISO coverage • Green policies • Constant quality and reliability monitoring • Ease of access to quality contacts


One-Stop Global Services / Corporate Information

One-Stop Global Services

Global Logistics Services With strong integrated ERP and SAP supply chain solutions, our worldwide logistics network offers a wide range of options for different delivery models including local and global solutions that meet your unique needs and budget requirements. Advantech’s Logistics Service gives you the flexibility to simplify your logistical networks, bring your products to market on time, and enjoy a timely return on your investment. • Optimized and flexible shipping solutions • Integrated ERP and SAP supply chain solution with global distribution network • Centralized plants with local delivery

Advantech iPlanet Care combines exceptional business expertise, powerful design capacities, and a thorough global service network to provide one-stop global services and total solutions. Our broad range

of global support packages adds maximum flexibility and efficiency to your projects.

Global Peripheral Procurement Services Advantech global peripheral procurement network consists of local teams that leverage strong, worldwide supplier relationships and strict vendor and product management to offer quality-guaranteed, compatible peripherals with short lead times and competitive prices.

Global Customer Support Services • Localized procurement with worldwide network support • Global standardization management; 100% compatible peripherals

• Trusted quality with revision control • Short lead time and competitive price

Our global presence provides localized reliable customer support services. We can create an optimized maintenance and support plan, leveraging the full power of our service portfolio to help reduce costs and proactively mitigate business risks to best meet your needs. In addition to our complete technical and repair support, we provide a variety of customizable after-sales services, including extended warranty, advance replacement, upgrades, fast repairs, and more. With our knowledgeable local support groups, we enable a consistent support experience around the world and help keep your investment at peak performance and within your budget.

• 24/7 technical support: hotline AE & online chat support • Global deployment with local full-line repair capability • Easy-to-use web-based repair and tracking system (eRMA) • Various value-added, after-sales service packages

Advanced Replacement Service

Technology Update Service

Preventive Maintenance Service

Health Checkup Service

Onsite Service

Pick-up Service

Fast Repair Service

Upgrade Service

Extended Warranty Service

13 Star Product highlights / Advantech WISE-PaaS Edge Intelligence Platform

Advantech WISE-PaaS Edge Intelligence Platform

Enabling IoT Edge Intelligence & IoT Innovative Business Models

Advantech’s key strategies for the next decade are to provide integrated IoT solution platforms. The Advantech WISE-PaaS Edge Intelligence Platform offers a diverse range of software that can be applied and integrated into domain-focused SRPs. This platform provides a wide range of software and cloud- based service solutions from industrial data/ video acquisition, analysis, and visualization to cloud platform services and dashboard functions, thus enabling IoT at all system layers and realizing IoT-powered business models in various vertical markets. Join Advantech’s WISE-PaaS VIP program and enjoy IoT success by leveraging WISE-PaaS’s comprehensive solutions. WebAccess/SCADA Industrial IoT Application Software Platform • Enables 100% web-based remote engineering, monitoring, and control • Driver support for major PLCs, PACs, I/O modules, CNCs, network switches, and computer platforms • Redundant SCADA, ports, and devices for high availability • Supports multiple databases for data connectivity and data fusion • HTML5-based dashboard for cross-browser, cross-platform data visualization and data analysis • Provides flexible open interfaces for easy development and integration of third-party applications • Plug-and-play functionality ready for private cloud solution • Online software license authentication for cloud computing virtual machines

Advantech WebAccess Software

WebAccess/HMI HMI Runtime Development Software • Smart screen management • Project-based management for multiple applications • Software support for a diverse range of machines • Provides efficient tools for easy customization • Boosts performance with simulations • Enhanced data security

WebAccess/CNC CNC Machine Networking Solution • Supports leading CNC network controllers • Supports CNC machine and I/O device monitoring • Provides CNC availability queries and NC file transfer function • Supports all features and full functions of WebAccess/SCADA software • Automatically generates CNC projects for WebAccess/ SCADA software

WebAccess/MCM Machine Condition Monitoring Softwave • Dynamic signal acquisition and analysis • Real-time monitoring and alarm notification • Provides feature extraction algorithms for data processing • Remote management for distributed monitoring solutions • Integrated with WebAccess/ SCADA • Ensures easy setup without additional programming

WebAccess/NMS Network Management System • Cross-browser compatible • Online Google Maps and offlineOpenStreetMap support • Supports all Advantech Ethernetbased products • Dynamic connectivity indication • Automatically discovers and diagrams network topology • PoE, ring, wireless, cellular connection indication

WISE-PaaS/VideoCMS Video Content Management

WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS Platform for IoT Cloud Services

• Centralized management and deployment of video sources • Configurable video analysis modules, generated events, and attributed data to facilitate an intelligent security system • Powerful SDK integration for expansion to various application scenarios

• Connect, monitor, and manage millions of IoT assets • Managed SQL, NoSQL, and time-series databases for app developers • Visualization dashboard for deriving actionable insights • Quickly create powerful cloud apps using a fully managed platform


iFactory& M2I Solution Ready Packages / Star Product highlights

iFactory and M2I Solution-Ready Packages

Designed for Smart Factory and IoT Applications

In response to increasing demand for Industry 4.0 technology, Advantech has aimed to create data-driven solutions that enable intelligent manufacturing solutions that are more flexible and responsive. To highlight this, iFactory solutions are targeted at markets that seek to utilize smart factories, such as in food and beverage, electronics manufacturing, auto assembly, footwear, and energy and environment industries; whereas M2I/ CNC solutions are designed to enhance CNC intelligent machine monitoring.

Process Visualization Solutions

SRP-FPV240 Enhanced Productivity and Reduced Downtime with Centralized Management • Centralized applications and client management • Enables superior visualization for multi-tasking • Reduced downtime and easy maintenance of thin clients SRP Package: 1 x UNO-2362G-T2AE, ACP-Ready Thin Client, HDMI x 1, DP x 1

SRP-FPV220 Process Data Charting and Analysis for Production Optimization • Shop-floor information visualization • Mobile production monitoring with dashboards • Easily integrated with MES via open APIs SRP Package: 1 x WebAccess/ SCADA, 1 x UNO-2483G, 1 x WISE-4012

Equipment Connectivity Solutions

M2I/CNC Solution

SRP-M2i240-A Easy Programming for Real-Time

SRP-FEC220 Machine Data Acquisition for Monitoring and Optimization • 100% data acquisition • Flexible protocol conversion • Easily connect OT and IT SRP Package: 1 x WebAccess/ HMI, 1 x UNO-2271G, 1 x ADAM-6060

SRP-M2i600 CNC Processing Efficiency Monitoring and Tool Wear Management • Easy protocol conversion for all major CNC controllers • A range of CNC operation and management functions • Visual and web-based dashboards SRP Package: 1 x WebAccess/ CNC, 1 x UNO-1372G-J

Machine Control • IEC 61131-3-compliant

• Dual Fieldbus for real-time data acquisition • EtherCAT for real-time soft motion control SRP Package: 1 x CODESYS V3.5 SP8, 1 x UNO-1372G, 1 x iDoor CANOpen


Star Product highlights / Energy & Environment Solution-Ready Packages

Energy & Environment Solution-Ready Packages

Accelerating Cloud-enabled IoT and Smart City Applications

Given the growing public concern regarding energy and the environment, Advantech’s E&E SRPs have an industrial IoT focus on the processes of sensing, control monitoring, and remote communication. By combing these technologies with WebAccess and WISE-PaaS, both of which are reliable tools for information integration and data analysis, our E&E M2I and SRPs solutions can be widely utilized in various E&E industries.

Central Management

Multi-Display System

Data Server E&E SRP-010 Basic System Series • Highly stable and reliable industrial-grade server

Application Server

Display Server

E&E SRP-100 Situation Room Series • Multi-screen integration for creating a highly visualizable control room • Ruggedized fanless industrial display server • HD display quality Field Sites: Energy management, solar power management, and water managementt solutions

• Powerful processing performance based on the Intel ® Xeon ® E5 CPU • Extended hardware and software architecture for flexible scalability Field Sites: Energy management, solar power management, water management, and indoor air quality solutions

Field Site Solutions

E&E SRP-400 Energy Management Solution • Data acquisition sensors and meters • Customized energy consumption reports • Built-in formula for energy management SRP Package: 1 x EMS, 1 x WebAccess/ SCADA w/ 5000 tags, 1 x UNO-2483G, 1 x ECU-1251

E&E SRP-410 Solar Power Management Solution • Hierarchical visualization and complete management • System stability guaranteed by seamless integration • Precise and effective data acquisition SRP Package: 1 x SPMS, 1 x WebAccess/ SCADA, 1 x ECU-4784, 10 x ECU-1251

E&E SRP-WMS420 Water Management Solution • Monitoring and analysis for operational efficiency • Reliable and stable seamless integration • Data acquisition for different equipment types SRP Package: 1 x WMS, 1 x WebAccess/ SCADA w/ 20000 tags, 1 x ECU-4784, 1 x ADAM-3600

Machine to Intelligence (M2I) Solutions

E&E SRP-401 On-Site Energy Data Acquisition • Connect to field devices with multi-protocol support • Smart meter for energy data acquisition • Data store and forward SRP Package: ECU-1152TL, WISE-M502

E&E SRP-411 Distributed Solar Power Data Acquisition • One slot for wireless expansion • Built-in data mapping for solar power inverters • Data store and forward SRP Package: ECU-1251TL, WISE-M502

SRP-EM2i450 Distributed Equipment M2I SRP • Conditional maintenance • Real-time monitoring of operating status • Cloud connectivity via MQTT Applied devices: Water pumps, power generators, and HAVC


Machine Automation / Star Product highlights

Machine Automation

Integrated Soft Computing to Enable Intelligent Machines

Advantech has independently developed a unique SoftMotion kernel and innovative GigE Vision offload engine that uses field programmable gate arrays (FPGA), digital signal processing (DSP) units, and Arm® processors as the core- computing platform. In addition to providing versatile solutions, Advantech’s PCI and PCIe motion cards and all- in-one systems also deliver optimum motion performance and fulfill the needs of OEM machine makers and system integrators. Our new motion solutions also support EtherCAT for distributed, deterministic motion and I/O capability. MAS and VPS are our new SRP offerings for motion control and machine vision, enabling customers to continuously advance their technologies.

EtherCAT Solutions

High Precision • Motion master cycle time: Up to 250 µs for 6/ 10/ 16/ 32/ 64 axes • I/O master cycle time: 200 µs Real Time • Embedded RTOS for real-time motion control • User-friendly basic scripts for stored procedures Ease of Use • Unified API for rapid development • SoftMotion Engine for vertical applications Integration • Supports EtherCAT servo/ stepping motors • Pulse train control via EtherCAT motion modules • Automatic connection of EtherCAT slaves throughout a network Open Platform Multi-Axis Controller • Seamlessly integrated motion control, machine vision, and I/ O components • Open standard interface for communication and database connectivity One Programming Tool – Motion Studio • Easy to program with BASIC language, thus shortening the learning curve • Extensive debugging tools for machine control applications • Fast to learn, program, and service Real-Time SoftMotion Kernel • Up to 6-axis interpolation, trajectory planning, and tracking • Rich motion functions for XYZ table and SCADA control Configurable Application Software • Easy-to-configure and deploy applications without programming • Intuitive GUI shortens the learning curve • Industrial-grade and compact design • Fanless system w/ IP40 rating • 7-year product lifetime • Palm-sized (137 x 50 x 118 mm) Versatile I/O for the Factory Floor • PWM lighting control • Debounce filter w/ interrupt on digital input • Compliant with GigE Vision cameras


PC-Based Programmable Motion Control Solutions


Automatic Vision Inspection Solutions



Star Product highlights / Power and Energy Solutions

Power and Energy Solutions

Ensuring Reliable Solutions in the Changing Energy Market

To ensure safety and reliability by strengthening the energy management and monitoring of distributed energy stations, renewable energy sources, grid infrastructure, and manufacturing consumption, Advantech offers the ECU series of automation controllers, gateways, and data acquisition modules. These units are IEC 61850-3-compliant, have a robust design, and offer such features as wireless connectivity, multi- protocol support, and WebAccess integration to provide a flexible and robust open platform for convenient secondary development. By leveraging the extensive range of Advantech energy technology and solutions, users can manage tasks economically and efficiently despite the increasing complexity and dynamic nature of power and energy markets.

Automation Platforms

IEC61850 Compliant

ECU-4784 Series TUV IEC-61850-3-Certified Power Automation Computer • Intel ® Xeon ® quad-core E3-1505L processor (2.0 GHz) w/ 16 GB of DDR4 ECC RAM • Intel ® Core™ i7 4650U/ Core™ i3 4010U/ Celeron ® 2980U processor w/ 8 GB of DDR3L RAM • 8 x 10/ 100/ 1000MB LAN, 2 x RS-232, 8 x RS-232/ 422/ 485 serial ports • 2 x I/O expansion slots • Supports iCDManager/ VT-D/ AMT/ TPM

ECU-4685 IEC-61850-3-Compliant Power Automation Computer w/ Intel ® Celeron ® 2980U Processor • Intel ® Celeron 2980U processor (1.6 GHz) w/ 4 GB of DDR3L RAM • 6 x 10/ 100/ 1000MB LAN, 2 x RS-232, 8 x RS-232/ 485 serial ports

• 2 x relay output, 1 x IRIG-B • 1 x mini-PCIe slot (full size)

XPCIe Cards

ECU-P1524PE (HSR+PRP) 2-Port SFP Gigabit Ethernet card w/ HSR+PRP support • 2 x SFP (1000 Mbps Base-X) • 2 x SFP (HSR+PRP, selection via jumper) • Wide operating temperature range (-25~70°C)

ECU-P1761 (Digital I/O) 4-ch Isolated Digital Input/ 4-ch Isolated Relay Output Card w/ IRIG-B • 4 x digital input (wet contact) • 4 x relay output (Form C) • 1 x IRIG-B • Wide operating temperature range (-25~70°C)

ECU-P1628D/ 1618D (COM) 8-Port Isolated/ Non-Isolated

RS-232/ 422/ 485 Card • RS-232: 50~115.2 kbps (max.)

• RS-422/ 485: 50~921.6 kbps (max.) • 2500 VDC isolation (ECU-P1628D) • Wide operating temperature range (-20~70°C)

RISC-Based Gateways

IEC61850 Compliant

IEC61850 Compliant

IEC61850 Compliant

ECU-1251 IEC-61850-3-Compliant Cortex ® A8 Power Automation Gateway w/ 2 x LAN, 4 x COM • Arm ® Cortex ® A8 800-MHz processor w/ 256 MB of DDR3L RAM • 2 x 10/ 100 MB LAN, 4 x RS-232/ 485 serial ports • 1 x mini-PCIe slot for wireless expansion • Wide operating temperature range (-40~70°C)

ECU-1152 IEC-61850-3-Compliant Cortex ® A8 Power Automation Gateway w/ 2 x LAN, 6 x COM • Arm ® Cortex ® A8 800-MHz processor w/ 512 MB of DDR3L RAM • 2 x 10/ 100 MB LAN, 6 x RS-232/ 485 serial ports • 1 x mini-PCIe slot for wireless expansion • Wide operating temperature range (-40~70°C)

ECU-4553 IEC-61850-Compliant Cortex ® A8 Power Automation Gateway w/ 4 x LAN, 16 x COM • ARM ® Cortex ® A8 800-MHz processorw/ 1 GB of DDR3L RAM • 4 x 10/ 100MB LAN, 16 x RS-232/ 485 serial ports • 2 x CAN 2.0b, 1 x IRIG-B • Wide operating temperature range (-40~70°C)


Intelligent Transportation Systems / Star Product highlights

Intelligent Transportation Systems Total Solutions Build Up Modernized Infrastructure

With a decade of successful experience, Advantech has dedicated resources to designing and developing new products designed for the transportation industry. These products support both railway and roadway applications, including railway automatic fare collection, wayside control, rolling stock, city traffic management, highway management, transport hubs, and more. Our mission is to enable intelligent transportation systems, which also helps us fulfill our vision of creating and delivering smart city technologies.

Rugged-design Computer Platform

Display System

ITA-5831 EN 50155-Certified Compact Fanless System • Intel ® Core™ i7-6822EQ platform with QM170 • Satisfies EN 50155 Tx (-40~70°C) and IEC 61373 body mount Class B standards • Compliant with EMC standard EN 50121-3-2 for rolling stock apparatus • Ruggedized communication and power port connectors (M12) • Supports easy-swap storage and I/O modules

ITA-5231 EN 50155-Certified Fanless System • H-series, 6th generation Intel ® Core™ i3/i5/i7 platform with QM170 • Satisfies temp. standards for EN 50155 TX (-40~70°C) and IEC 61373 body mount class B • Compliant with EN 50121-3-2/ EN 50121-4 on EMC compatibility • Ruggedized connectors (M12) used for communication and power ports • Supports easy-swap storage and I/O modules

ARS-P3800 EN50155-Certified 38” Railway Panel PC w/ AMD ® Embedded G-Series Processor • 38” LCD panel w/ 1920 x 540 resolution • 1 x GbE (M12), 1 x USB 2.0 (M12) • Certificated with EN50155 T1 (-25~55°C), IEC 61373 Class B, EN 45545 • IP54 rating ensures protection against dust/ water ingress • Fanless, anti-shock and anti-vibration design

Process Visualization Solutions

Touch Panel PC

ITA-1711 Intel ® Celeron™ J1900 Fanless Compact System

ITA-2231 EN50121-4-Compliant 2U Fanless System • Intel ® 6th Gen Core™ i7 processor w/ 16 GB of DDR4 RAM (up to 32 GB via DIMM expansion) • Compliant with EN 50121-4 EMC standard for railway applications • Provides 3 x ITA-EM modules, 1 x PCI104, and 1 x M.2 slots for expansion • Wide operating temperature range (-25~60 °C) • Supports single/ dual power modules

ITA-8120 EN50155-Certified 12.1” Railway Panel PC with Intel ® Atom™ X Series Processor • 12”LCD touch panel w/ 1024 x768 resolution • 2x GbE (M12), 1x USB 2.0 (M12), 2x RS-422/ 485 (M12) • Wide voltage input range: 24/ 48/ 72/ 110 VDC (±40%) • Compliant with EN50155 T3 (-25~70°C), IEC 61373 Class B, and EN 45545

• 4 GB of DDR3 onboard RAM w/ optional NVRAM • 2 x LAN, 6 x USB, 14 x COM, and 1 x USB 3.0 ports • Replaceable secondary display (VGA 2/ DVI-D/ LVDS) • Supports dual outputs of full HD resolution video • Serial RS-232/ 422/ 485 ports support with automatic flow control

EN50155 Switches

Managed Ethernet Switch for Road Transportation

EKI-9500 Series 28/ 20/ 16/ 12/ 10/ 8-Port EN50155 Managed Switch w/ PoE Support • EKI-9520: 16 x M12 D-coded/ X-coded PoE ports + 4 x M12 X-coded w/ bypass • EKI-9528: 16 x M12 D-coded/ X-coded PoE ports + 4 x M12 X-coded w/ bypass + 8 x M12 D-coded/ X-coded ports • Wide power input range (24/ 36/ 48/ 72/ 96/ 110 VDC)

EKI-9512E-4EETB EN50155 Train Router for Rolling Stock Backbone • 8 x 10/ 100 Mbps M12 D-coded + 4 x 10/ 100 Mbps M12 D-coded w/ bypass • TTDP (IEC-61375-2-5) • Wide power input range (24/ 36/ 48/ 72/ 96/ 110 VDC)

EKI-7700 Series Industrial Managed Switch • X-Ring Pro redundancy (recovery time < 20 ms) • IXM for rapid deployment • PoE/ PoE+ models available • Compliant with EN50121-4 and NEMA TS2


Intelligent Systems and Platforms Star Product highlights / Intelligent Systems and Platforms

Infrastructure for the IoT

With a diverse range of innovative technologies including cloud computing (industrial and video servers), edge computing (fanless, slim, portable devices), and high-performance embedded systems, Advantech’s industrial cloud services and system design-to-order services (DTOS) transform embedded systems into intelligent systems equipped with smart, secure, energy-saving features. Our intelligent systems are designed specifically for vertical markets in intelligent transportation, factory automation/ machine automation, cloud infrastructure, and intelligent video application sectors.

Industrial Computers

ACP-2020 2U Rackmount Short Depth Chassis for

IPC-631 4U Front I/O Short Depth Rackmount Chassis for ATX/ Micro-ATX Motherboards • 350-mm short-depth rackmount chassis • Supports microATX single-processor motherboards, CPU TDP up to 120 W • 500-W single or redundant power supply • All I/O ports, buttons, LEDs, drive bays, and AC inlet on the same side • PWM-controlled smart fan for minimal noise

ACP-4340 4U Rackmount Chassis w/ 4 x Hot- Swap Drive Trays • Supports a PICMG backplane with up to 14 slots or an ATX/ microATX motherboard • Shock-resistant disk drive bay holds 4 x hot-swap 3.5” and 2.5” SATA disk trays, 1 x slim optical disk drive, and 1 x 2.5” internal drive • 2 x front USB 3.0 ports • Front-accessible system fan without opening top cover for easy maintenance • Intelligent system module for smart fan control, self- diagnosis, and remote management

ATX/ MicroATX Motherboards • 398-mm short-depth 2U rackmount chassis

• Supports microATX single-processor motherboards • 350-W single or 500-W redundant power supply • Two internal 2.5” or hot-swap drive bays • Intelligent system module for smart fan, self-diagnosis, and remote management

Machine Vision Systems

Modular Industrial Computer

AIIS-3400U/ P Compact Vision System, Intel ® 6th/ 7th Gen Core™ i CPU, 4-ch Camera Interface for GigE PoE or USB 3.0 • Intel ® 6th/ 7th Gen Core™ i CPU (LGA1151) • AIIS-3400P: 4-ch GbE PoE • AIIS-3400U: 4-CH USB 3.0 w/ dedicated controller

MIC-7700 Intel ® 6th/ 7th Gen Core™ i Desktop Compact Fanless System • Intel ® 6th/ 7th Gen Core™ i CPU socket-type (LGA1151) w/ Intel® Q170/ H110 chipset • VGA and DVI output • 2 x GigaLAN and 8 x USB 3.0

MIC-7420 Compact Fanless System with Intel ® 6th Gen Core™ i Processor • Intel ® 6th Gen Core™ i7/i3 (BGA type) processor w/ Intel ® QM170 chipset

• 8 GB of DDR4 memory (up to 24 GB) • 2 x DVI, 2 x GbE LAN, 8 x USB ports • 2 x PCIe x4/ 2 x PCI expansion slots • 2 x 3.5”/ 2.5” HDD and 1 x M.2

• 2 x RS-232/ 422/ 485 and 4 x RS232 serial ports • 1 x 2.5” HDD/ SSD, 1 x CFast, and 1 x mSATA


Intelligent Systems and Platforms / Star Product highlights

Storage / Hybrid Server

Tower Chassis

GPU Server


SKY-5240 2U 4-Node Intel ® Xeon ® Scalable Series Hybrid Server • Cutting edge technologies with Intel Xeon Scalable Family and support up to 24 DIMMs per Node • Flexible I/O options, easy to upgrade to 1G/10G/40G/100G LAN via daughter boards • Supports NVMe, SAS 12G, and SATA 6G for flexible storage arrangement • Featured with Platinum redundant power supply, providing up to 96% high efficiency • Supports two additional PCIe x16 expansion cards

HPC-5000 Small Tower Chassis for MicroATX/ Mini-ITX Motherboards • Supports microATX/ mini-ITX motherboards • Supports 2 x 3.5” or 1 x 3.5” and 1 x 2.5” internal HDDs • 2 x USB 2.0 and 2 x USB 3.0 ports on the front panel • Supports up to 4 FH/ FL (10.5”) expansion slots • Supports 300/ 500-W high-efficiency single ATX power supply • Replaceable air filter to protect against dust ingress • Under 23 dB(A) in idle mode (tested with ASMB-585 in smart fan mode)

SKY-6400 4U Rackmount Intel ® Xeon ® Scalable Series GPU server • Supports DDR4 REG 2666/ 2400/ 2133/ 1866-MHz DIMM (up to 384 GB) • Provides 4 expansion slots • PCIe x16 double-deck card + 1 • PCIe x8 single-deck FH/ FL card • PSU: 2000-W 1+1 redundant power supply with 80 PLUS Platinum certification

• IPMI function support for remote management • Dual Intel ® Xeon ® scalable series processor

Video Capture Cards

DVP-7011UHE 4K Capture Card • 1-ch 4K HDMI 2.0 video input with H.264 software compression • 60/ 50 fps (NTSC/ PAL) at up to 4096 x 2160p for recording and display • PCIe x 4 host interface • Low profile size

DVP-7635HE 4-ch AHD Capture Card • 4-ch AHD/ CVI/ TVI/ composite (CVBS) hardware compression • 30/ 25 fps (NTSC/ PAL) at up to 1920 x 1080p for recording and display per channel • PCIe x 4 host interface • Supports watchdog function

DVP-7011MHE M.2 DVI/ VGA/ HDMI Capture Card • 1-ch HDMI/ DVI-D/ DVI-A/ YPbPr channel video inputs with H.264 software compression • 30/ 25 fps (NTSC/ PAL) at up to full HD for recording and display • PCIe M.2 (B/ M) host interface

Slot Single-Board Computers

Industrial Motherboards

AIMB-705 LGA1151 6th/ 7th Gen Core™ i7/i5/i3/ Pentium ATX with DVI/ VGA, DDR4, SATAIII, USB 3.0, and 6 x COM • Intel ® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Pentium ® processor w/ H110 chipset • Dual-channel (non-ECC) DDR4 RAM at 1866/ 2133 MHz (up to 32GB)

AIMB-785 LGA1151 6th/ 7th Gen Core™ i7/i5/ i3/Celeron/ Pentium ATX with 2 x DVI VGA, DDR4, and SATA III, USB 3.0, and 6 x COM • Intel ® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Celeron ® /Pentium ® processor w/ Q170 chipset • Dual-channel (non-ECC) DDR4 at 1866/ 2133 MHz (up to 64 GB) • Supports triple display (VGA/ 2 DVI-D)

PCE-3029 LGA1151 6th/ 7th Gen Intel ® Core™ i7/i5/i3 Half-Sized SHB with DVI/ VGA, DDR4, SATA III, mSATA, USB 3.0, and 2 x COM • Intel ® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Celeron ® /Pentium ® processor w/ H110 chipset • Dual-channel (non-ECC) DDR4 at 1866/ 2133 MHz (up to 32 GB)

Slot Single-Board Computers

PCE-5029 LGA1151 6th/ 7th Gen Intel ® Core™ i7/i5/i3 Full-Sized SHB with DVI/ VGA, DDR4, SATA III, USB 3.0, and 2 x COM • Intel ® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processor w/ H110 chipset • Dual-channel (non-ECC) DDR4 at 1866/ 2133 MHz (up to 32 GB)

PCE-5129 LGA1151 6th/ 7th Gen Intel ® Core™ i7/ i5/i3 Full-Sized SHB with 2 x DVI VGA, DDR4, SATA III, USB 3.0, 2 x COM, M.2, and AMT • Intel ® Core™ i7/i5/i3 LGA1151 processor w/ Q170 chipset • Dual-channel (non-ECC) DDR4 at 1866/ 2133 MHz (up to 32 GB) • Supports SW Raid 0/ 1/ 5/ 10 • Supports triple display (VGA/ 2 DVI D) • Compliant with PICMG 1.3

PCE-7129 LGA1151 6th and 7th Gen Intel ® Xeon ® / Core™ 7/i5/i3/Pentium ® LGA1151System Host Board with DDR4, SATA 3.0, USB 3.0, M.2, Dual GbE, and Triple Display • Intel ® Xeon ® E3-1200v5/ Core™ i7/i5/i3 LGA1151 processor w/ C236 chipset • Dual-channel (non-ECC) DDR4 1866/ 2133 MHz (up to 32 GB) • Supports triple display (VGA/ 2 DVI D/ DP)

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