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Custom manufacturing is our specialty. We have over 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom parts and solutions for manufacturng companies. We work together with your team to determine solutions to increase production and output of your equipment, while de- creasing your operating expensives for maximum profitability. Whether you’re just starting out or are an established manu- facturer, Fusion Tech has the tools to take your manufacturing process to the next level of efficiency and profitability.

It’s just one way we’re innovating the manufacturing industry.

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Fusion Tech becomes UL Panel Shop Certified. Fusion Tech expands office space into original homestead.




Fusion Tech acquired Cove Equipment to provide clients with cutting and cooking systems.


Fusion Tech becomes ISO 9001:2008 Certified.


Fusion Tech started as a fabrication shop in a small two- car garage outside of Roseville, Illinois in 1998 with only 3 employees. The quality and timeliness of our work caused the company to grow, landing some big-name clients in the manufacturing industry. This growth caused us to expand quickly to the facility we have now— over 50,000 square feet of manufac- turing floor space complete with a drafting and design office and near 100 employees. We currently have two offices: our main headquarters in Roseville, Illinois — the same location where we start- ed back in 1998, and a second design office in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota. Our dedication to quality and drive for innovation keeps Fusion Tech as the preferred custom parts provider for some of the largest companies in the agriculture, trans- portation, and renewable fuels industries.


Expanded manufacturing facility to 3 shops.


Expanded manufacturing facility to 2 shops.

Incorporated as a Woman-Owned Small Business.



Built first manufacturing facility.

Fusion Tech established in a small two-car garage outside of Roseville, Illinois.


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At Fusion Tech Integrated, we partner with companies in the transportation, agriculture, and renewable fuels industries to provide innovative solutions to increase production and sales while decreasing costs for maxi- mum profitability. Whether you’re expanding manufac- turing or introducing a new product to the market, we have the expertise to design and fabricate everything you need to get up and running.

I will never send anything elsewhere. Fusion Tech really is my #1 resource and a one stop shop. The team at Fusion Tech is great and continually help me out, plus no one can compete with their pricing and quality. Robby Frazier, D.A.D. Manufacturing, Inc

Fusion Tech has filled the manufacturing position we needed quickly and seamlessly. Their staff has the needed skill sets to increase our produc- tivity and in return our ability to fill orders to our customers. Andrea Weekley, Calmer Corn Heads

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Fusion Tech offers reverse engineering services - extracting knowledge or design information in order to recreate or improve upon your component part. Often, reverse engineering and fabricating a new component is cheaper than buying stock component parts and can improve upon the quality of your equipment.

Fusion Tech not only provides you with the com- ponent parts you purchase, but we can also de- sign and model out the part to look for ways to improve durability and longevity. You will get to see how the component parts will look before they are manufactured. Plus, it allows for easy and fast reordering - you know, for when you need to fulfill more sales orders.



Part nesting is a fancy term for laying out cut pat- terns to minimize material waste. In other words, our nesting software will calculate the best layouts to provide you the maximum amount of compo- nents for the material used - saving you money and allowing the reproduction of the component pieces in the future.

Hiring Fusion Tech to manufacture your equipment component parts is often the less expensive route to go! We can optimize the use of materials to reduce waste, purchase materials at a cheaper rate, we already have the workforce to get your order to you quickly, and can eliminate the need for you to hire your own fabricators. No health insurance pre- miums, unemployment taxes, or sick and vacation days coming out of your pocket.


Utilizing an industrial laser cutter, we can provide you with precise, exact cuts every single time — guaranteeing that whether you’re purchasing a single component piece or 500, each one will be exactly the same. Consistent parts allow for easy assembly, increased quality, and are a great solu- tion if you plan to provide replacement parts for your clients.

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Using state-of-the-art equipment, our staff is able to meet all your metal forming, fabrication, and testing needs. We com- bine discipline and creativity to deliver high quality products for your manufacturing operation. Our turnkey service allows us the in-house services necessary to meet our customer’s demand of speed-to-market. Our fully equipped manufacturing facility includes a complete CNC machine shop, abrasive waterjet cutting, high watt lasers, mig – tig – arc welding, bead blasting, CNC press breaks, roll forming, and surface polishing.

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Our range is impressive; and the quality of the welding and assembly is even more so. Our welds and steel parts can be seen all over the world, performing consistently and reliably as they’re pushed to the limit through grueling conditions. We are experts in welding stainless steel, aluminum, & mild steel. Typical weldments range from 1 pound to 10,000 pounds with multiple complete joint penetration configurations. We also deliver structural steel-type weldments and smaller sub-weldments.

Welding Certifications: • AWS D1.1 • AWS B2.1-8-212:2001 • AWS B2.1-8-024:2001 • AWS B2.1-1-020-94R • AWS B2.1-1-017-94R Materials Typically Joined: • Carbon Steels • Stainless Steels • Aluminum • Titanium • Exotic Metals • Dissimilar Metals • Dissimilar Wall Thicknesses • Corrosion Resistant Materials • Ultra Thin Metals • Sanitary / Purge Weld & Pipe

Learn more at

Welding Styles: • TIG • MIG

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Laser cutting is the most cost-effective cutting technology that produces clean smooth edges, extreme accuracy, and can be repeated. Designs are processed through sophisticated nesting software to ensure best usage of material and maximum control over the cutting process. From machining parts to intricate nameplates, signs, and designs, our laser cutting services will provide you with high quality pieces. Our two in-house lasers are speedy and extremely accurate, which allows us to offer high quality production and quick turnaround, while lowering your overall costs. Advantages of Laser Cutting: • Clean cut edges • High level of precision and positional accuracy • Nesting provides optimal utilization of material and minimize scrap • Dual (60” x 120”) cutting tables to maximize production • Ability to replicate exact cuts multiple times • Capable of cutting complex geometry Learn more at



Stainless Steel






Laser Cutting Equipment: • Prima Platino 5000 Watt Laser • Amada 4000 Watt Laser

Machine Specs: • Cutting Envelope: 60” x 120” • +/- .005 on 3/8” and under

• Gauge through 3/4” • Fixture Capabilities

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Water jet cutting is a unique process that provides good edge quality with no burrs and typically eliminates the need for secondary finishing processes. Water jets do not generate heat, eliminating distortion and leaving the material edge unaffected. Our water jet cutting machines are capable of cutting virtually any material, including: stainless, aluminum, carbon, heat treated carbon alloys, nickel, titanium, plastic, granite, marble, and more.

Thickness: • Gauge through 6”

Materials: • Stainless Steel • Carbon • Aluminum • Nickel • Titanium

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Advantages of Waterjet Cutting: • Cuts virtually any material • No heat-affected zone (does not change material properties) • Does not require uniformity of material • Better tolerances on thicker parts • Provides a variety of edge qualities • Ability to make intricate cut designs • Incredible precision • Allows for difficult to machine materials and shapes

• Plastic • Rubber • Wood

Waterjet Cutting Equipment: • (2) OMAX 80 x 160 Dual HeadWa- terjets Machine Specs: • No HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) • +/- .020” to .030” • Gauge through 6” • Difficult to machine parts (Near Net Shapes)

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Fusion Tech provides our clients with a wide range of CNC machining services. We produce high quality milling, bending and rolling, and turn- ing for all your fabricating needs. Our CNC machines are capable of large jobs, both in size and quantity. Due to our extensive experience, we are able to quickly and effectively meet the needs of our clients.

Machining Capabilities: • Tapping • Countersinking

• Boring • Facing

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YamaSeiki VMB-1600 CNC Vertical Mill Travel size: 63” X, 31.5” Y, 31.5” Z

YamaSeiki GA-2800LM CNC Live Tooling Lathe Max Swing: 22.83”, Max Turning: 13.77”, 3” through

(2) CNC Trak DPM V7 Bed Mills Travel size: 60” X, 20” Y, 20.5” Z

Willis Digital Readout Lathe 15.25” swing x 40”, 2” through

YamaSeiki VMB-1400 CNC Vertical Mill Travel size: 55” X, 31.5” Y, 28” Z

ProtoTRAK TRL 2470SX CNC Trak Lathe Max Swing: 24”, Max Turning: , 4” through

Willis Digital Readout Mill Travel size: 36” X, 11.25” Y, 15” Z

Flex-Arm Hydraulic Tapping Machine 2x, up to 1” eighth tap


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Fusion Tech is equipped to handle your heavy brake forming require- ments. Our experience, fully-equipped CNC shop, and wide variety of dies allow us to form components, segments, and parts for our clients. Our press brake work is considered top-notch in the business.

Thickness: Call 309.774.4275 for quoting

Material: • Stainless Steel • Carbon • Aluminum

Our CNC Press Brakes are able to gauge through 3/4” x 14’ long material, allowing us to handle any forming job, big or small.

The advantage of using Fusion Tech: we can form custom channels and angles, cut all pre-located holes, and pre-tab for easy assembly.

Forming Equipment: • 230 Ton ProForm Cincinnati CNC Press Brake • 135 Ton MaxForm Cincinnati CNC Press Brake

Learn more at

Machine Specs: • +/- 1/2 degree • Gauge through 3/8” x 14’ long

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Fusion Tech offers high quality rolling and bending of plates and sheets. We maintain high quality partnerships to provide rolling and bending of pipes and tubes. Possible tube shapes include round, rectangular, square and solid. Our fully equipped CNC partners have rolling and bending machines that can manipulate materials to fit the exacting specifications of any job you need in a timely fashion.

Rolling & Bending Equipment: • Roundo Hydraulic Double Pinch Power Roller • Ercolina SB48 Super Bender

Fusion Tech offers cost saving alternatives to the more traditional methods of rolling and bending.

Machine Specs: • Capacity: .375” thick x 96” long • Bends in large diameter pipe, tubes, squares, rectangular, and solids

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Fusion Tech provides a wide variety of finishing services for your custom manufactured products and equipment. We are equipped in house and through years of quality partnerships to handle a variety of metal finishing requirements. We have built solid relationships with a wide variety of secondary services not done in house but managed by our personnel to ensure you the “one stop finished goods” you are looking for.

Finishing Equipment: • Costa MD 6 CVC V1350

Deburring / Finishing Machine • Vibratory Finishing Machine • Blasting Booth

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Machine Specs: • 12 cu. ft. • 13” Channel Non-Slip Surfaces: • Flooring • Handrails • Ladder Rungs

Choose Your Finish

2B Finish This dull finish is achieved by cold-rolling, heat-treating, and pickling. A final light rolling pass gives the surface a smooth, reflective gray sheen. It is the standard finish for 304, 304L, and 316 stainless steel. 2BO-DA Finish This dull finish is achieved by applying a standard 2B finish and including a final coarse uniform oscillated finish. Bead Blast Finish Bead blasting provides uniform, non-directional, low-re- flective surfaces that contrast well with high polished finishes. It is accomplished by applying fine glass beads at a high pressure without damaging the surface.

• Stair Treads • Stair Noses • Catwalks • Mezzanines • Platforms • Drain Covers • Other 3D Application Shapes

Finishing Capabilities

Outsourced Partner Capabilities: • Heat Treat • Power Coating • Painting • Galvanizing • Anodizing • Zinc Coating

Internal Capabilities: • Polishing • Oxidation Removal • Passivation • Blasting Booth (variety of media): • Stainless Steel - 1200 sq. ft. • Carbon - 30’ x 50’

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Laser marking is the process by which a computer-controlled laser beam is used to discolor the surface of a component. Due to the extreme accuracy of laser marking, text, logos, barcodes and more can be added to a variety of materials. The uses are endless, and include: • Marking equipment with barcodes, serial numbers, and logos • Adding CE marks on safety and electrical equipment • Marking batch numbers and serial numbers for ISO 9000 compliance • Applying logos to promotional materials • Asset ID Tags • ASME Nameplates • And countless more!

We Can Mark: • Text

• Graphics • Barcodes • 2D & Datamatrix Codes • UID Codes • Logos • Much More!

Materials: • Stainless • Carbon • Aluminum • Brass

Marking Size • 4” x 4”Marking Window • 9” x 11” Bed Plate

Learn more at

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Fusion Tech has been helping manufacturing companies improve production yields, capacity, and consistency, all while optimizing their processing to live up to its fullest potential for over 15 years. We accomplish this by working with a company to determine their operational and industry specifications, and use that information to develop manufacturing solutions that exceed their needs.

The results speak for themselves.

Viewmore case studies online at

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Project Scope This project included: •

Design and prints of all component parts

• • •

Nesting parts for consistency

Laser cutting

A local corn head manufacturer came to us with a unique situation - their innovative new corn heads were selling faster than they could be produced and they needed an outside fabricator to assist with the load. The client was also looking for a way to reduce overhead costs that come with fabricating components in-house while staying inexpensive enough to keep their product competitive in the market place. Upon meeting with the client, our team provided design prints for easy reor- dering, assembly and welding of pre-purchased components, laser cutting of required components, and high quantity on time output.

Fabrication / Assembly

- Decreased Manufacturing Costs - Increased Quality and Consistency of Parts - High Quantity Output to Catch Up to Demand


Custom Equipment Design

• •

Laser Cutting

High Quantity Output

Fusion Tech has filled the manufacturing position we needed quickly and seamlessly. Their staff has the needed skill sets to increase our productivity and in return our ability to fill orders to our customers. Andrea Weekley, Calmer Corn Heads

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ILLINOIS Main Facility 218 20th Ave Roseville, IL 61473 Phone: 309.588.4803

SOUTH DAKOTA Drafting Office 600 Stevens Port Dr., Ste 112 Dakota Dunes, SD 57049


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