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WHAT WE’RE ABOUT Pathways is a quarterly journal and resource guide for the greater Washington area. We are committed to providing the public with free access to local resources and specific tools for improving the quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is our intent to provide this access through information and ideas. The articles and advertisements in Pathways demonstrate a growing commitment on the part of local individuals to do business in a spirit of unity, cooperation and understanding and to maintain a high level of integrity, responsibility and service. —R. Buckminster Fuller Our journal encourages the “little individual” to join together in the dynamic process of personal and social transformation. Pathways is a communications network that can provide the who, what, where, and when for you to become involved in this dynamic process. But these tools for communication become meaningful only when you use them. Connect with individuals and groups listed in Pathways and take the next step towards your further involvement in this transformation. The world public has become disenchanted with both the political and financial leadership, which it no longer trusts to solve the problems of historical crises. Further more, all the individuals of humanity are looking for the answer to what the little individual can do that can’t be done by great nations and great enterprises. MAKING CONNECTIONS Pathways presents useful information in several ways—through articles, advertisements, a directory and a calendar of local events. Many of the journal articles contain specific resource lists that enable you to delve deeper into the subject area. When an ad, an article or an event in Pathways intrigues you, don’t hesitate to call the people up or arrange to visit them. The people in the Pathways network are happy to talk to you about what they do and why. Feel free to contact the authors and advertisers for comments or advice. The resources listed here are the people as much as the goods, services and activities they offer. So, when you call them up, it’s helpful to tell them what it was that caught your interest. The personal connection is the important thing. FINDING PATHWAYS PATHWAYS IS GOING GREEN! GIVEN THE CURRENT VIRUS SITUATION, WE HAVE DECIDED TO DOWHAT MOST PUBLICATIONS HAVE DONE AND STOP PRINTING ON PAPER AND CONTINUE USING OUR VERY POPULAR ONLINE VERSION OF OUR MAGAZINE. MOST READERS PREFER THE ONLINE VERSION BECAUSE OF THE CONVENIENCE OF READING ANYTIME, ANYPLACE AND THE HUNDREDS OF LINKS TO EXPLORE Go to www.PathwaysMagazine.com to download the complete online edition of Pathways and many more resources. ADVERTISING IN PATHWAYS If you would like to advertise with us, contact us for specifications and rates. You can find our rates and specifications at: www.pathwaysmagazine.com. You can now even place and pay for your ad on our secure website. Or write to: Pathways, 6501 EasternAve., Takoma Park, MD 20912, or call us at 240-247-0393 (Mon.- Thurs. 12 PM - 5 PM). You can e-mail us at advertising@pathwaysmagazine.com or fax us at 888-262-0870 (toll-free). We have been able to cut our advertising rates by over 1/2 since going green. We publish four times per year, 3/3, 6/3, 9/3 and 12/3. Advertising Deadlines are 2/10, 5/10, 8/1 0 and 11/10. If it is past the deadline, give us a call anyway—we may have space. Listings on our website are a free benefit to our display and logo listing advertisers.

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HERB CORNER H oLy B asiL ...t He H igHest o F t He H igH P Lants .................................. 9 B y t om W oLFe TO YOUR HEALTH y ouR H eaLtH i n L ate s ummeR : a cuPunctuRe t HeoRy a nd .............. 11 F unctionaL m edicine a PPRoacH B y H eLena a mos MIND • BODY • SPIRIT a ngeR a nd t He F ouR c omPassionate a ctivities .............................. 13 B y P atRicia u LLman ENERGETIC LITERACY s PiRituaLLy s tRong ? o R s tuck ? ......................................................... 15 B y R ose R osetRee ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS F aLL Q uaRteR 2020 – t iPPing P oints B egin ....................................... 17 B y m isty k uceRis YOGA TODAY W Hat s tudents H ave t o s ay a Bout v iRtuaL y oga ......................... 23 B y c Laudia n euman MIND • BODY • SPIRIT m indFuL L iving t HRougH L etting g o /F acing t He B aRRieRs i n y ouR W ay . 29 P aRt t Wo : t He P itFaLL o F F utuRe F eaR B y k atHy v ines MIND • BODY • SPIRIT a FFinity F oR i nFinite d iveRsity ........................................................... 34 B y t RisH H aLL WASHINGTON GARDENER u RBan F oRaging : t He u Ltimate R evenge a gainst W eeds ......................37 B y k atHy J entz MIND • BODY • SPIRIT P Recious m emoRies .............................................................................. 39 B y J oyce a nd B aRRy v isseLL MIND • BODY • SPIRIT H oW t o a ttRact P ositive e neRgy i n an egativeLy c HaRged W oRLd ... 46 • s tReet o F e teRnaL H aPPiness : B ig c ity d Reams a Long a s HangHai R oad ....... 45 • B ee B asics : a n i ntRoduction t o o uR n ative B ees ............................................... 45 • n ative P Lants F oR W iLdLiFe H aBitat & c onseRvation L andscaPing ................. 47 B y s eRina a Ramaki BOOK REVIEWS BY ALYCE ORTUZAR www.PathwaysMagazine.com • www.NaturalLivingExpo.com a n I nvItatIon F rom l ou de S abla & e rIn de S abla , t He p ublISHerS o F p atHwaYS m agazIne Please set aside Sunday, April 18, on your calendar to share our joy at our 51st Natural Living Expo. It is a won- derful opportunity to explore, learn, shop, play, network and have a great time. I have been blessed with the honor of hosting this mind, body, spirit event for all these years and I am constantly amazed at the diverse group of attendees that wander the exhibit halls and workshop rooms with a common look of awe and amazement. Everyone has a sub- lime time. Please check the website to confirm the date, if the conference center isn’t open yet, we will move the date. At only $10, it’s cheaper than most movies. You can visit 150 booths and attend up to 8 workshops of the 56 that are offered, all included in the $10 price of admission. You can learn about alternative medicine; get a massage and other healing services; a psychic, Tarot, shamanic or face reading; or peruse hundreds of unique products.

Y our H ealtH I n l ate S ummer : a cupuncture t HeorY a nd F unctIonal m edIcIne a pproacH B y H eLena a mos • P age 11 We’ve been examining the Five Ele- ment Theory and how it is a guide to how each element corresponds to an internal organ system, and each sys- tem is associated with certain physi- cal and psychological conditions. The late summer is ruled by the Earth ele- ment, which represents the core of the body in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), i.e., the Stomach and Spleen/ Pancreas. It is about digestive vitality and emotional nourishment.

R esouRces F oR c Reative L iving • Fall Calendar ................................... 48 • Classes and Learning Centers....... 58 • Health Services................................ 62 • Metaphysical Sciences.................... 64 • Personal Services ............................ 66 • Psychology and Therapy ............... 66 • Resource Directory ......................... 68 • Online Directory ............................. 74 • Natural Food Stores Guide............ 75 • Advertiser Index ............................ 78 • Network Of Light News ................ 81 Anger is often thought of as a problematic emotion that we should squash. But there is wisdom in anger that can be contacted and unleashed. When anger arises it can send us straight to a mental hell, and the words and actions that arise from that can so easily spread that hell to every- one around us. It can make our world seem dark and small. It traps us in its cycle of hatred and blame. There is little space within anger for aware- ness, insight, or compassion. a ngeR a nd t He F ouR c omPassionate a ctivities B y P atRicia u LLman • P age 13

PATHWAYS—Fall 20—7 PATH AYS Fall–20 7

Uma Alexandra Beepat Soul Alignment Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Spiritual Teacher Owner of The Lotus and The Light Metaphysical Center www.thelotusandthelight.com

Sessions with Uma: • Psychic Mediumship Readings

• Soul Plan Readings • Spiritual Assessments • Soul Alignment Coaching Special Events with Uma: 6 Week Online Mediumship Mentorship Program with Uma and Carlos A 6 week psychic mediumship development program

beginning Sunday October 11, 2020 www.bit.ly/onllinemediumship2020

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Holy Basil: The Highest of the High Plants

well as markers of insulin resistance.” I also noticed that holy basil helped with the stress of owning a small business when walk in traffic halted due to Covid. This makes sense since holy basil has been proven to reduce cortisol levels significantly. Dr. Oz. on his website lists holy basil 6 th in his cortisol reducing list of supplements and foods. One test of an herb’s efficacy is to see what happens when you stop taking it and on the few days when I was unable to make my thermos of tulsi tea I could definitely tell the dif- ference. So, in summary, I found holy basil to lift my mood under trying circumstances, stabilize bold sugar, and reduce stress, probably due to its ability to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Here’s what other herbalists have found from their research and experi- ence about holy basil: David Winston says in his book Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stam- ina, and Stress Relief : “In my clinical practice I use holy basil to enhance cerebral circulation and memory. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine to relieve “mental fog” caused by chronic can- nabis smoking. It can be combined with other cerebral stimulants such as rosemary, bacopa, and gingko, to help people with menopausal cloudy thinking, poor memory, attention defi- cit disorder (ADD) and attention defi- cit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and to speed up recovery from head trauma. I also use holy basil as an antidepressant for “stagnant depres- sion” which is a term I coined to describe depression due to an event in a person’s life that they are unable to move on from. In addition to therapy, herbs such as holy basil, rosemary, and lavender are especially helpful in removing this condition.” PMS Reliever: Holy basil has a high content of iron; just one tablespoon of dried holy basil can provide you with 10% of the recommended daily value. Menstrua- tion causes a loss in iron, which causes difficulties such as irritability, fatigue, bloating and general unwellness. Sprinkling holy basil on your fruit can help with the bloating (especially pineapple) and incorporating a cup of fresh holy basil into your salad twice a day can replace the lost iron that natu- rally occurs during menstruation. Blemish Eraser: Holy basil has a high antibacterial content. which can help heal pimples and blemishes. Many such blemishes are caused or worsened by bacteria on the skin, and holy basil can help! Try this face cleaning recipe once or twice a day to freshen your face: continued on page 80


“Holy Basil (Tulsi) is the highest plant form and the last plant form in evolution before animal form” Meher Baba: God Speaks “Next to the Lotus, Holy Basil is perhaps the most sacred plant of India. Holy Basil opens the heart and mind, bestowing the energy of Love and devotion. Holy Basil gives the protection of the Divine by clearing the aura and strengthen- ing the immune system. A plant of Holy Basil should be kept in every house for its purifying influence.” David Frawley: The Yoga of Herbs In the 35 years or so I have been writing the Herb Corner for Pathways magazine, very rarely have I singled out one herb for a column. Usually I group the green angels together by what we call the Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE): Symptom, Action, System and Energetics. We call this approach SASE because it returns the responsibility for healing where it rightfully belongs … back to you, just like an envelope addressed to you from yourself (or should I say YourSelf). However, my experiences with holy basil (tulsi) over the past few months since the Corona Virus hit have left me in awe of this plant, so this Herb Corner breaks all the rules and is devoted to just one herb--basili- cum sancticum (also known as tulsi). First, I will share my experience with holy basil as a plant to grow, then I will share what benefits I got from the daily use of holy basil for the first two months of the pandemic. After that I will share what other herbalists have discovered, and a selection from the writings of two Friends of mine, Vishnu Das, the owner of Blue Lotus Ayurveda in Asheville, North Caro- lina and David Winston, owner and founder of Herbalist and Alchemist Herb Company in Washington, New Jersey. My experience with growing holy basil has been awesome! Amem- ber of the mint family, holy basil offers relief from anxiety, stress, depression, and more. And because it’s a member of the mint family, holy basil is very easy to grow from seed! Over the past winter I decided to see how holy basil wintered under shop lights in my new greenhouse. I discovered that holy basil winters over great in the DC under easily available shop lighting area as long as you water it once weekly. So, when spring came (along with a pandemic) I started making tea daily out of just the strongest part of the plant which is the flowers. What happened next is incredible, and I am going to make a

teaching video about just how awe- some it is to harvest holy basil flowers. What happened was each flower head cut made two flower heads which is called bifurcating in botany language. As I was cutting and using 24 flower heads daily (for protection in a dan- gerous time) there were 48 new flower heads beginning daily. Since I had wintered over about a dozen plants there began to be an amazing abun- dance of hundreds of holy basil flower heads so much so that even using 24 holy basil flower heads daily they kept increasing in number. From a few plants over the winter that I was not even sure would survive and prosper I now had a hundred flower heads and six large shrub sized holy basil plants growing larger every day. The more I clipped them the more they responded with abundance. Holy basil is here to serve and the more we allow it to serve us the larger and more vibrant the plants become. What a delight it was to find that holy basil, which in 1988 I saw grown as a perennial in Maharastra State, India could be es- sentially grown as a perennial here in the DC area as long as it is protected in the winter, watered weekly and given

sufficient light. Now on to what I noticed from tak- ing tea made out of 24 holy basil flow- ers daily. First, it elevated my Spirit and was slightly stimulating similar to a strong cup of black tea though without the caffeine. Secondly, my blood sugar levels seemed more even which is backed up by Western sci- ence. Kaiser Permanente of DC writes on their website that holy basil gets two stars in their raring system out of three stars for science backed lower- ing of blood sugar. Their website says taking holy basil may help people with type 2 diabetes control their blood glucose levels. From Kaiser Permanente’s website “Holy basil (Ocimim sanctum), also known as tulsi basil, has demon- strated positive effects in multiple studies using animal models of type 2 diabetes. A randomized controlled trial in people with type 2 diabetes found 2,500 mg of holy basil per day lowered blood glucose and choles- terol levels. Another pilot trial in overweight and obese youth found holy basil, at 500 mg per day for eight weeks improved glucose, insulin, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels, as

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TO YOUR HEALTH Your Health in Late Summer: Acupuncture Theory & Functional Medicine Approach

conditions can be managed naturally through dietary adjustments and herb- al supplements, as well as with recom- mendations for lifestyle changes. Here are just some of the ways to take care of your stomach and spleen/ pancreas: • Explore different diet protocols, e.g., Paleo, SCD, FODMAP, Gaps, Keto- genic, Mediterranean, Low Histamine, Blood type and more. • Choose natural supplements to coun- teract your symptoms such as proper digestive enzymes, blood sugar stabi- lizers, probiotics and natural antibac- terial and antifungal remedies. Check your micronutrients and supplement the missing ones. • Make nutritional adjustments to avoid food allergens, like gluten, grains or dairy. Very often eliminating grains and cow dairy helps tremendously. • Eliminate spicy foods, and fried and processed foods, all of which fuel acid production in the stomach. • Follow a food-combining chart for better and faster digestion. And sticking to some simple life- style tips can go a long way toward symptom prevention and supporting good digestive health: • Don’t worry, be happy! Worries, anx- iety and overthinking can negatively impact your digestive health. • Eat mostly cooked and warm foods and beverages. • Don’t overeat! And have dinner by no later than 7pm to give your stom- ach, along with your other organs, a chance to rest and digest fully before bed. • Increase your activity level! Nourish your muscles. Late Summer is the perfect time to get your digestive health in order. The wisdom of Chinese medicine encour- ages taking care of your stomach and spleen/pancreas, which also supports mind and spirit with strength and sta- bility. Western medicine echoes the finding that digestive wellness sup- ports mental wellness, and vice versa. Use the wisdom of the Earth element as the basis for balancing your body’s core. Helena Amos, M.Ac., L.Ac., is a li- censed acupuncturist, European physi- cian, and natural medicine practitioner since 1986. She is the owner of the Acu- puncture and Natural Medicine Clinic in Rockville, MD, and is available for in- office and telehealth complementary con- sultations. Visit rockvilleacupuncturemd. com/ for more information about clinic ser- vices and to sign up to receive her monthly health e-newsletters. LIKE on Facebook @ AmosAcupunctureAndNaturalMedicine. See also her ad on page 49.


As the days become shorter, the air cooler, and the harvests ready; we know we are entering late summer, which is the last “season” in our exploration of the Five Element Theory of acupunc- ture. So far we’ve discussed the follow- ing season-element pairs: Fall-Metal, Winter-Water, Spring-Wood, and Sum- mer-Fire. We’ve been examining the theory and how it is a guide to how each ele- ment corresponds to an internal organ system, and each system is associated with certain physical and psychological conditions. The late summer is ruled by the Earth element, which represents the core of the body in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), i.e., the Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas. It is about digestive vitality and emotional nourishment. Late Summer: The Earth Element There are 4 seasons. But Late Sum- mer, which is associated with Earth, is not a season in and of itself—it is much more. It is the field that enables the play of 4 seasons because Earth gives every- thing life. This season is characterized by sustaining both body and spirit. The activities of an Indian summer see indi- viduals taking advantage of what’s left of the light and warmth to begin har- vesting preparation for fall and winter. It is both a literal going to the ground to get the earth’s bounty, and a figurative grounding of one’s emotions. When the Earth element is unbal- anced emotionally, worry and anxiety are manifested. A person gets stuck in rumination and overthinking which impedes any action and contributes to feelings of being overwhelmed or pre- occupied. Brains are foggy and pensive. An emotionally balanced Earth element is found in a person who is strong, con- nected, and who can give and receive sympathy. That person would be clear thinking, able to receive and assimilate knowledge and have a sense of stability. And that person will be able to nourish the body with a healthy digestive sys- tem. When we speak of physical imbalanc- es in the Earth element, we are seeing symptoms associated with disorders and deficiencies within the stomach and spleen/pancreas—those organs responsible for digestive health. In my clinical practice, I see a demonstration of how almost all diseases related to imbalances of Earth Element, meaning Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas Meridi- ans, present as digestive tract disorders. These 2 meridians of the Earth element are at the heart of digestive health and this acupuncture theory intersects with Western medicine as the root of almost all medical conditions. Physical symptoms of spleen/pancreas deficiency include: • Exhaustion and fatigue • Lack of appetite

• Undigested foods in loose stool • Weight gain • Yeast and candida • Nausea and vomiting • Fibromyalgia • Organ prolapse • Weak muscles and tendons • Insulin issues, pre-diabetes, diabetes Stomach disorders are indicated by: •Epigastric hunger pain; constant hunger •Thick white or yellow coat on the tongue • Bloated feeling after eating • Sour regurgitation, belching and hic- cups • Halitosis There are also facial indicators of Earth element deficiencies. Stomach and spleen/pancreas organs are repre- sented on the face by lips and mouth. If there is a darker color around the mouth and skin and common out- breaks in that area, these are early signs of GI tract disorders. GI Tract: At the Earth (Element) Core GI tract disorders are the primary source of any Earth element imbal- ance, and right now, these conditions are running rampant. Examples of these physical disorders include: • Gastritis • GERD, aka Acid Reflux • IBS • SIBO (small intestine bacterial over- growth) • Candida • Leaky gut syndrome, • Insulin resistance • Diabetes, and more

Most GI tract issues are a result of problems with diet, lifestyle, and en- vironmental toxins interacting with our unique genetic susceptibilities. For example, with insulin resistance, cells cannot absorb glucose (sugar) for en- ergy production. Insulin builds up in the blood, creating high levels of blood sugar and A1C. As your insulin levels increase it leads to ramped up appe- tite, increasing weight gain around the belly, more inflammation and oxidative stress, and myriad downstream effects including diabetes, high blood pres- sure, high cholesterol, low HDL, high triglycerides, thickening of the blood, and increased risk of cancer, Alzheim- er’s, and depression. Another example is gastritis. This condition involves stomach inflamma- tion most often due to the presence of infection or excessive bacteria (H. py- lori) from a variety of different sourc- es, which cause persistent heartburn, bloating, and in some cases vomiting. The influencing factors of gastritis range from food allergies or sensitivi- ties to eating spicy foods and heavy meals before bedtime. Working Out Your Core: Treatment and Tips Insulin resistance, gastritis, and vir- tually all the GI tract disorders and their symptoms can be resolved by fol- lowing a special diet, detecting food allergies, cultivating your gut biome, and improving digestive enzymes and intestinal mucosa. In my clinic, we em- ploy a Functional Medicine approach to testing—meridian/organ testing, food allergy/sensitivity testing, blood tests, parasite tests, and more— and to treat- ment protocols, which safely and effec- tively identify and treat root causes as well as the symptoms. Overall, these

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Takoma Metaphysical Chapel

A Spiritual Community That Supports Your Individual Development

Sunday 11:00 Services now virtual at Zoom (81385184622) and Facebook Live. Other activities via conf. at 712-775-7000 (635833#)

Imagine A Place Where…. Your beliefs are supported and embraced. Everyday events are explored from the physical, mental and spiritual perspective. Like-minded individuals support you in your spiritual journey. At the Takoma Metaphysical Chapel, you will find such a place. The Takoma Metaphysical Chapel is a growing community of people committed to spiritual growth and development resulting in transformation and emotional well- being. You’ll find uplifting services, you’ll feel the spirit of Love, and you’ll learn practical ways to put this energy to work for your greatest good. Relevant, Practical Themes. Teachings based on numerous “new thought” spiritual traditions that show you how to apply timeless spiritual principles in practical ways to navigate your life with more peace, joy and grace.

Our Mailing Address Is: 1901 Powder Mill Road, Silver Spring, MD 20903

Classes and Workshops Include: SPIRIT SPEAKS

Mondays 7:30 via conf. 712-775-7000 (635833#) SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Thursdays at 7:30 pm via conf. 712-775-7000 (635833#)

Come As You Are

See website www.takomachapel.org for other classes, online support and more details. Many classes available via conference call also.

Come experience uplifting music, meditation, prayer and messages designed to touch your heart and uplift your spirit. Experience wisdom from various spiritual traditions to heal your heart, mind and soul. The Takoma Metaphysical Chapel meets on Sundays at 11:00 am on Zoom (Meeting Code 541626278) and on Facebook Live.

OTHER EVENTS INCLUDE: Wednesday Evening Healing/ Meditation Circles 7:15 - 8:30 via conf. 712-775-7000 (635833#) 3rd Sunday Goddess Circle 7:30 p.m via conf. 712-775-7000 (635833#) A Course In Miracles Calls M-F 6:55 a.m. via conf Sunday 9:30 am via conf 712-775-7000 (635833#)

(301) 587-7200 • takomachapel@netzero.com www.takomachapel.org

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you suddenly become the CEO of a company and are unfamiliar with its corporate culture and current business environment, the first thing you need to do is listen. Before imposing your ideas, which may not be accurate, you offer your availability to listen and learn. You observe with intelligence and humbleness, without engaging in opinions and controversy. This goes for every moment in our lives, this ability to be present in the here and now with openness and curiosity. Sometimes this is all that’s needed. The second karma is called enriching. With the fresh overview we gain from pacifying, we can appreciate what we have. There is a quality of confi- dence and encouragement, which is the opposite of depression caused by the feeling of not having enough or of wanting things to be different. We’re able to see the richness and possibility in the present situation, which is full of energy in and of itself. Third is the karma of magnetizing, the courageous quality of facing our fears and confronting the inevitability of change head-on. From the clarity and appreciative energy of the first two karmas, we become aware of new possibilities and can fearlessly include them when they are helpful and ap- propriate, and reject them when they are confused and ego-based. We can stay awake within the turmoil of the continued on page 78

words and actions that arise from that can so easily spread that hell to every- one around us. It can make our world seem dark and small. It traps us in its cycle of hatred and blame. There is little space within anger for aware- ness, insight, or compassion. But all of our emotions contain both confusion and wisdom. Aggressive people are often effective because they can see exactly where to direct the knife. When we react to people or situations with anger, the true cause of our anger is often overwhelmed by the destructive qualities of hatred. We can no longer see clearly or act effectively. But unleashed anger, when liberated from aggression, is a powerful and compassionate sword. We usually don’t think of anger as compassionate, but in the Buddhist teachings it’s one of the four compas- sionate activities described as the four karmas. (Karma here means “activ- ity.”) All of these are accessible when we can separate our conditioned, ego- based reactions from the greater view of what’s actually going on, when we can contact, honor, and act on the wisdom within our emotions. After this brief summary, I offer a method for doing this. The first karma is referred to as paci- fying, taming, or non-struggle. It’s related to listening with unbiased ears so that you can see, understand, and be with what’s actually going on. If

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Anger And The Four Compassionate Activities

accomplished, kind, and wise group of Washingtonians, the honesty and openness about anger was both touch- ing and refreshing. I’m grateful to them for their willingness to bring this to the surface. Anger is often thought of as a prob- lematic emotion that we should squash. But there is wisdom in anger that can be contacted and unleashed. When anger arises it can send us straight to a mental hell, and the


I’ve led a weekly meditation group for the Sibley Seniors Association for the last few years, now, of course, via Zoom. Recently they asked me to help them work with the anger many of them feel about being trapped in a country that’s out of control, where we can’t visit our children and grand- children, and where there is so much to be fearful and angry about. In this

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HEALING AS NATURE INTENDED Colon Hydrotherapy &Herbal Cleansing Programs Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, painless, and effective method of removing waste from the large intestine without the use of drugs or laxatives. By introducing ultraviolet-light purified, carbon filtered, and temperature controlled water into the colon, waste is softened and loosened resulting in evacuation through natural muscle contraction or peristalsis. is process is repeated many times during a therapy session. State of the Art FDA approved colon hydrotherapy equipment, disposables and WSSC Clean-Water-Act Certified. Privacy • Comfort • Support

Herbal Cleansing: Along with colon hydrotherapy, it may be helpful to cleanse the body in stages: liver, gallbladder, lungs, kidneys, bladder, lymphatic system, bloodstream and even your skin! We use only Certified Organic,Wildcrafted and Responsibly Harvested herbs. 5 to 21 days herbal cleansing programs available.

Soft Tissue Release A Pain Reduction-Elimination Therapy

Soft Tissue Release is a unique injury treatment technique for soft tissue dysfunction that can provide relief from chronic or acute pain in as little as one session. At the heart of STR is a specific compression and precise extension. is coordinated movement is administered in a systematic manner resulting in a profound opening effect on all micro trauma and scar tissue. Muscle memory is engaged and relief from pain starts immediately. Who needs STR? ❚ Repetitive Strain Injuries that may take the form of muscle spasms, strains, inflammation of joints and various soft tissues, loss of motion, and chronic pain. Some examples are carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, rotator cuff injury, and frozen shoulder problems. ❚ Chronic low back pain: including Piriformis Syndrome and the referred problems of Quadratus Lumborum – the two most overlooked, insidious perpetrators of low back pain ❚ Whiplash injuries: including Levator Scapular, Scalenes, and SCM, pain“between the shoulder blades”, and repetitive use problems involving Rhomboids, mid and upper traps ❚ Sports injuries: including Plantar Fascitis, heel pain, shin splints, knee pain, Hamstring, Quad, and IT band problems, and Adductor and groin injuries ❚ Fibromyalgia andoracic Outlet Syndrome including myofascial pain syndrome and primary fibromyalgia Lymphatic Therapy Benefits: ❚ Removes metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, bacteria, large protein molecules and foreign substances from the tissues. ❚ Helps to alleviate pain by reducing the pain signals sent to the brain. ❚ Relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, thus helping to relieve stress. ❚ Supports and enhances the action of the immune system. ❚ Helps the body heal more quickly from injuries, surgical trauma, chronic conditions, and edema. ❚ Helps to minimize scar formation. Juicing & Raw-Living Food Menu Preparation Coaching Learn first hand to make Cold-Pressed, Cleansing and Nourishing Juice Recipes, Wondrous Appetizers & Side Dishes, Creamy Nut Milks & Non-Dairy Yogurt, Tasty Soups, Breads & Crackers, Sassy Sauces, Dips & Spreads, Hearty Entrees, Super Salads, Marinades & Condiments, Delicious Dressings, and Delectable Desserts & Drinks. Instruction given by Robert Jordan –35 years background in raw foods preparation and Living Foods Lifestyle. “As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.” —Adelle Davis

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ENERGETIC LITERACY Spiritually Strong? Or Stuck?

ing what people say and do. Another easy way to understand objective reality is this: Whatever shows in a YouTube video. Contrasting with that, you also have access to subjective reality , which means how you feel and think, also your thoughts and theories about other people. Of course, subjective reality matters. The big question is, how much? Simply put, here’s your daily choice: Mostly you can pay attention to objective reality , choosing how you’re going to spend your time produc- tively; then following through. Maybe you’ll decide to limit your daily exposure to media news to what, 30-60 minutes? You decide. Even when you #StayHome, you don’t have to feel lonely. Find out how you can reach out to others in objec- tive reality, and then do it. Resourceful living can improve your quality of life. Besides that, as a consequence, you’ll grow extra fast spiritually. Alternatively, it’s all too easy to live stuck in subjective reality . Some find #StayHome the perfect excuse to wallow in subjective theorizing. For instance, they’ll spend hours each day spacing out with self-analysis; perhaps doing way too much meditation or re- ligious practice, which ironically leads to spiritual atrophy, or no progress at all.

• According to some, it’s a terrifying time of “Woe is me,” and “Like a war,” and “I’m so depressed, of course.” • While others are finding that, “I’m growing faster than ever.” Also, “My life is good.” What accounts for that differ- ence? It’s not just the class divide in America, income inequality, and such – topics more properly discussed at a column quite different from mine, written by some Other Columnist. Here, let’s talk free will. Many people don’t actively use that, so they don’t know how much choice they have. Accordingly, they’re falling into the doom-and-gloom reported in the media, or discussed among friends. Have you noticed how misery is the script being circulated in collective consciousness? You could consider it like a default. Like, if you don’t opt-out, you’ll enjoy the best part of “Misery loves company.” (Of course, making that choice, you’ll also be spi- raling into misery .) This happened to my client Gladys, until she had a recent session with me. While we talked, I noticed a dullness that was startlingly new; despair satu- rated her conversation and choices, go- ing all the way down to the level of the chakra databanks in her aura. Exactly


the sort of thing I probe with skills for energetic literacy! So I asked Gladys how she was spending her days, while working from home, and guess what! At least 5 hours a day, Gladys played TV news in the background. “For company.” And for variety, she would stream a Netflix show called “Werewolves.” “For crying out loud, why?” I asked Gladys. “Why would you do this to yourself?” “I don’t know,” she said dully. At least, by the end of our conversa- tion, Gladys understood that she had a choice. [Possible pullout quote.] Why expose herself to a steady me- dia diet of doom and gloom? Rather than living as a victim-in-waiting, Gladys began to use her free will. And like her, Strong You, you have a choice as well. Will you grow and thrive? Or will you doom-&-gloom? This following set of ideas can bring you more clarity about what brings authentic growth during the coronavi- rus pandemic. Objective Reality Versus Subjective Reality. Get the Difference? All your waking hours, you can say yes to life. How? By paying attention to objective reality . That means notic-

It is my hope you’ll find encour- agement in this article, Strong You (Yes, that’s what I’ll be calling you in today’s column), because for one thing I’ll bring you a spiritual perspective on what’s going on with the corona- virus, and for another you’ll receive a simple model for understanding why some people find mask wearing so dif- ficult. Yes, all of this can help you to shed the confusion that’s rife during these dramatic times.But mostly – as you may already have guessed -- I’d like to educate you about what it can mean to come through this era of social distancing beautifully . Yes, you can come through this challenge, not just surviving, but stronger than ever. If my work with energetic literacy has taught me anything lately, it’s how this historic time presents us with a very simple spiritual choice; a choice that each of us can make intelligently. Actually, let’s start there, with choice. The Big Choice Before You Right Now What is that big choice? Depends on whom you talk to these days, doesn’t it?

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We believe people can heal most effectively when connected to their natural instincts. That we’re biologically designed to grow and evolve in following our life’s pursuits. Our clinical experience confirms this. People’s lives change. Not just because they got out of pain. It becomes easier to adapt to the physical, emotional, and life situational changes that life demands.

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Learn to be a Professional Massage Therapist

Feet!: Oct 10 Hands!: Nov 14 Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy IX: Sept 28 Washing Out the Fascial Sweater: Jan 23 Community Workshops & Continuing Education ONLINE CLASSES Diversity for Massage Therapists: Jan 17 LGBTQ Literacy: Jan 17 CERTIFICATION CLASSES CPR for Healthcare Practitioners: Mar 7 (meets MD-LMT Licensure Requirements) CPR & First Aid: Mar 13 (Red Cross Approved) COMING SOON Trager ® Practitioner Certification with Roger Tolle These classes have been postponed and will be rescheduled:

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Fall Quarter 2020 – Tipping Points Begin

Tips to Staying Well Amid COVID-19 by Dr. J Reset. The sun will rise tomorrow and it will be a new day for you.


Foundations are shaken. You feel this strongly as the full Moon occurs on September 2nd, with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces. You want to understand what’s happen- ing in the world and how to operate on a daily basis. Yet, with this full Moon forming aspects to Uranus, you only see more unexpected situations occurring. You know that the old way of doing things doesn’t work and you haven’t established a new way yet. What you do know is that you are in the midst of various tipping points that require you to look at life from a different perspective. It’s important to start pulling back in your life, especially on September 9th when Mars in Aries turns retro- grade. Usually when Mars is in direct motion, especially in its sign of Aries, you are willing to go out into the world and take risks. But when Mars is retrograde, you realize that you need to become more introspective. You need to plan your actions. Per- haps even wait to act until Mars goes direct again, as it will on November 13, 2020. This is especially true since Mars will be forming square to the Jupiter retrograde, Pluto retrograde, and Saturn retrograde conjunction in Capricorn. Right now it’s impor- tant that you feel you have a place in society. This is the time to think about your goals and how you’re going to develop a structure that empowers you to achieve those goals. As Jupiter turns direct on Septem- ber 12th you want to find more ways to bring rules and regulations into your life that support your values and life styles. You want to understand how to balance your ethics and spiri- tual beliefs with your daily needs. You want to be able to go out and move about the world. The new Moon which occurs on September 17th has both the Sun and Moon in Virgo and forms a trine to Jupiter, Pluto retrograde, and Sat- urn retrograde while also forming a quincunx to Mars retrograde. This is a day where understanding the facts helps you develop plans as well as create safety zones in your life. You’ll need to make adjustments in how you approach situations. The old way of doing things isn’t going to work. So, you need to develop new ways for doing things. This includes how you manage your daily routine as well as how you take care of your health. This is exactly the purpose of a new Moon: Finding the next steps to take so that you can move on with your life. On September 22nd the Sun enters the sign of Libra and the autum- nal equinox begins in the northern hemisphere. This marks the halfway mark of the astrological year, which began on March 19, 2019 at the time of the spring equinox. Unfortunately, in

many ways the spring equinox was a tipping point. On that date, Governor Gavin Newsom of California became the first governor to set mandatory stay-at-home restrictions due to the coronavirus. At the time we incorpo- rated new phrases or words: quaran- tine, stay-at-home, stay-in-place. We also became adept at zooming meet- ings and parties. The spring equinox represents what I need in life. And, the “I” is finding ways to stay safe. The autumnal equi- nox represents what “we” as a family and as a society need in life. We need to find balance in this world to feel safe and live a safe life. We need to consider that foundations we created in the past and how to make changes that incorporate more people into our lives. We also want to be respected for who we are. As the month of September ends, Saturn in Capricorn turns direct. Saturn had left the sign of Capricorn on March 21, 2020 when it entered the sign of Aquarius for a short time period. At 1º57” of Aquarius Saturn turned retrograde on May 11, 2020. It re-entered the sign of Capricorn on July 1, 2020. This time period of Saturn in Capricorn is the last time it will be in this sign for approximately 29 years. It will re-enter the sign of Aquarius on December 17, 2020 and remain there until March 7, 2023 when it enters the sign of Pisces. Saturn in Capricorn represents the foundations which society needs in order to function. Yet, when Saturn turned retrograde in May 2020, more of those foundations where shaken. Many states started reopening yet finding that spikes of the coronavirus started increasing. Another major tipping point occurred on May 25, 2020 with the tragic death of George Floyd and the realization that Black Lives Matter and we need to create a foundation where people are not disenfranchised. Now with Saturn direct, you need to look at the foundations that fell apart so you can determine how to build new ones which are more realis- tic and more inclusive of all members

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