Crest Ink - Volume 27 - Number 04

Crest Ink

Ingredient Division Warehouse Finds a New Home Volume 27 • Number 04 October, November & December 2015 Ashton, IL 61006

Martin Vega, Rick Lucas, Joe Loomis, Tom Balch, Joe Richardson, Tom Saunders, Adam Drew, Art Ruiz & Henry Bunger

The crew at the ingredient division warehouse is getting used to their new home. Activity in this facility will range from receiving of all ingredients and supplies for the Dairy Ingredient Division and Consumer Products Division as well as the associated QA sampling of these supplies, staging of all batches to be mixed in the Ingredient blending facility, weighing of all the minor ingredients for each batch, shipping of all finished Ingredient Division product and final assembly and shipping for all consumer products. This is a veteran group of employees and many of them can remember when the warehousing function for this group was housed in a corner area of an already too full building. Much growth has brought us to the point of needing a 120,000 square foot facility to meet our needs…and we’re already thinking of how we could add on if needed.

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