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TEKTO KNIVES Folding & Automatic Knives Designed with the Mission in Mind











Sportline Rifle Case


PROTECTION » Double Stitched Seams » Heavily Padded Interior » Poly Lining Resists Staining From Gun Residue » Water Repellent Coated Fabric » Single Rifle Transport SAFETY » Locking Zipper Pulls » Wrap Around Carry Handle » Hands Free Carry - Padded Shoulder Strap » Exterior ID Patch » Two Sizes 44 " - 51 "

NEW KROLL Exclusive! Introducing the Voodoo Sport Line AVAILABLE COLORS: COYOTE & GRAY Dependable Versatility • Pack for the Pursuit Elevate Your Game with Voodoo’s Latest Sportline Offerings 44 " SPORTLINE RIFLE CASE » 44 " x 10 " x 3 " - Overall » Inside Dimension 43 " » Weighs: 2.55 lbs Prices Variable Based on Color & Pack Size

51 " SPORTLINE RIFLE CASE » 51 " x 10 " x 3 " - Overall » Inside Dimension 50 " » Weighs: 2.85 lbs

tline Pistol Case

Colors: Coyote - Gray


d Seams Interior sts Staining From Gun Residue t Coated Fabric

Sportline Rifle Case VDS02-7007 (Available in 44” & 51”) MSRP $59.95 | MAP $50.95 | Your Price $32.50

Range Bag VDS15-7001 MSRP $39.95 | MAP $33.95 Your Price $24.87


- 12 " - 15 "

E PISTOL CASE - Overall on 8 " s E PISTOL CASE - Overall on 11 " s E PISTOL CASE - Overall on 13.5 " s

Unique Shoulder Strap Carry Options FRONT & REAR

Sportline Weapons Case (VDS02-7008) Available in 42” & 51” MSRP $89.95 | MAP $77.95 | Your Price $48.85

Sportline Pistol Case VDS02-7006 (Available in 9”, 12”, & 15”) MSRP $16.95 MAP $14.95 Your Price $8.53


e - Gray



STOCK FOR SUMMER Tekto Knives The best of all worlds, Tekto blends global sourcing with local craftsmanship.


24 Hang This Kerhsaw Pocket Knife Poster In Your Store page 24 VP of Marketing at Volcom Talks to Kroll page 29

Benchmade̕ s Claymore: Better, Stronger, Faster page 7

Heat Up Your Pepper Spray Sales with ASP page 15 Axil Always Innovating page 19 Dual Flashlights Offer Law Enforcement Critical Advantages page 23

ESS, Creating a Better Eyeshield page 31

VertX Introduces the Recon X Uniform Collection page 41

† 3rd party selling restricted. *Offers and prices are subject to change without notification. Based on availability; limited quantities, while supplies last. Cannot be combined with additional offers unless otherwise specified. Account must be in good standing to participate. Potential margin calculations based on sale at MAP, if MAP: is not listed, margin is based on sale at MSRP. Additional costs may apply for larger apparel sizes and/or various color options. Firearms purchases may not be transacted online. Must contact your Account Manager at 586-739-9200 to order. A valid Federal Firearms License (FFL) is required for purchase. Applies to first responder program or individual officer program firearms only. 19



REDESIGNING A LEGEND The New Claymore Is Better, Stronger, and Faster

Somewhere on a hill in Oregon City, Oregon, in a dimly lit product war room, Benchmade engineers and designers huddled around a Benchmade Infidel and asked, “how can we possibly improve on the world’s most iconic out-the- front automatic knife?” Suddenly, the lab door burst open and in walked Vance Colver, Director of Product Line Management. He paused for a moment in deep thought and proclaimed in a low, but authoritarian voice, “Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology! We have the capability to make the world’s best out-the- front automatic knife. The Benchmade Clamore will be that knife. Better than it was before!” “BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER!” The mission was clear, and the Benchmade team went to work. Specific design goals were to create lighter weight knives without compromising form, fit, function or effectiveness — all at a significantly lower price. The Benchmade Claymore OTF was formally introduced at SHOT Show 2024. This new family of products ushers in a new generation of defense/utility tools that successfully balance the charter of reducing weight with advancements in ergonomics, performance, strength, and value. The resulting new platform of products enhances readiness by enabling law enforcement officers to maximize maneuverability, survivability, and general ability to serve and protect. The Claymore OTF optimizes the number of components while simultaneously achieving reductions in weight with improvements in functionality, impact strength, and break resistance. The Claymore OTF utilizes textured Grivory handle scales, a proven, high-performance polymer material that is an excellent lightweight replacement for aluminum. The Claymore weighs in 39% less than legacy aluminum products. Meanwhile, the handle material has excellent stiffness and strength properties along with good resistance to chemicals, low absorption of moisture and good dimensional stability and minimal warpage. The Claymore name was inspired by the powerful directional mine and is a clever nod to the knife’s explosive opening mechanism. The Claymore’s deployment speed is 14% faster than older models, improving LEO’s ability to engage quickly and maintain overmatch against tasks and adversaries. In addition to the super-fast deployment, the Claymore family is stronger, tougher, and more durable. The blade lock is 14% stronger than legacy products. And mean cycles before failure of the Claymore OTF mechanism is 60% longer than predecessors.

Coordinating with a wide variety of gear, uniforms and environments, the Claymore OTF and Mini Claymore OTF are both available in multiple colors and blade options. Handle scales are available in black or ranger green. The ranger green colorway is a coyote color with a hint of green which compliments many LE uniforms. The Claymore OTF comes with the traditional dagger blade shape. This double-edge blade shape is an excellent tool for poking, stabbing, and thrusting motions. The chisel grind sharpening yields razor sharp plain edges which are particularly excellent for the side-to-side slicing motions that come natural with the side-mounted ambidextrous thumb slide. An alternative model comes with a more utilitarian blade style with partial serrations. The serrations are strategically positioned at the base of both sides. The

toothed or saw-like edges are excellent for sawing thru rope, fabrics, flex cuffs, or stubborn foliage that requires tearing and ripping as part of the cutting process. These variations empower the peace officer to remain dominant throughout the full

spectrum of operational activities. The Claymore OTF

incorporates deliberate upgrades which lighten the load on the operator while improving durability, deployment speed, and providing more functionality than ever before. The value proposition is enhanced by its more affordable price point. The MSRP of the Claymore OTF is $400, an impressive 28% lower than the Infidel. Yet it is also covered by Benchmade’s unrivaled Limited Lifetime Warranty. All Benchmade knives are eligible for The Benchmade LifeSharp service which guarantees that Benchmade will inspect, clean, oil and make mechanical adjustments, including resharpening to a factory edge at no charge. There are many great knives out there, but Benchmade’s new Claymore OTF will surely forge it̕ s place in history as a new LEGEND.





PREVENT RUST + CORROSION caused by moisture






Blending Global Sourcing with Local Craftsmanship is the Tekto Ethos

All Tekto Knives are designed with the mission in mind — that is why they engineer them to be the ideal tactical everyday carry. They’ve made a commitment to delivering exceptional quality with tactical design — it’s at the heart of everything they do. Their manufacturing process is a testament to this ethos, uniquely blending global sourcing with local craftsmanship to create knives that are not just tools, but trusted companions. Design and Testing Every Tekto knife begins its journey in their design studio, where innovation meets functionality. First, their team of expert designers and engineers in the USA sketches, models, and prototypes each knife with precision and care. Then the prototype models go through rigorous testing and refinement. Blades are tested for sharpness, hardness and strength. Handles are tested for grip, fit, and functionality. Both are tested for durability — but they also take into account the aesthetics of the knife. Does the production method result in a well-designed, good looking, and functional knife? Are colors even? Through this process, they do their best to ensure that every aspect of the knife, from the blade to the handle, meets their high standards of performance and durability. This process ensures that when a Tekto knife reaches your hands, it’s not only tactically designed but also built to last. Sourcing of Materials Their manufacturing process employs a hybrid model, sourcing both locally and globally to bring you the best of both worlds. Critical components are imported from trusted partners overseas, chosen for their specialized materials and expertise. This global sourcing approach allows them to incorporate the finest materials into their knives, ensuring quality without compromise. Concurrently, they take pride in producing several key parts (such as some of their blades) right here in Maine and other localities in the USA. By investing in local production, they support local communities and have greater control over the manufacturing process, ensuring each part meets their exacting standards.

Assembly in the USA Once everything has been sourced, they move on to the assembly portion of their business. This process takes place entirely in the USA, at their home office in Portland, Maine. In Portland, knives are assembled, cleaned, tested, and made customer-ready. Knives are exclusively assembled there so that they can maintain a hands-on approach to quality control. This meticulous process ensures that every knife is perfectly balanced, with a seamless fit and finish that reflects their commitment to craftsmanship. Quality Control Their quality control measures involve multiple checkpoints throughout the manufacturing process. Just as each component part is inspected during assembly to ensure peak functionality, each knife is inspected to guarantee that it meets their high stand- ards of quality and performance. Their attention to detail allows them to provide premium quality knives to your customers. They back their manufacturing and design with a limited lifetime warranty covering any and all defects in materials or in workmanship. With their use of blended local and imported parts, Tekto has pioneered a hybrid manufacturing model that sets new standards in the knife industry. This approach allows them to offer your customers top-quality knives at competitive prices, and it reflects their long term dedication to excellence and affordability. Whether your customer is an outdoor enthusiast or a casual knife enthusiast, a Tekto knife is a symbol of trust, designed and crafted to accompany them on every adventure.




us a

A shared history of offering the best products on the market, configured to best solve our customers’ requirements. With a dedicated, experienced team that understands that only the best products will withstand the regions demanding conditions.

Kroll International, LLC offers the full range of FAST ® Helmet Systems, AMP ® Communication Headsets, Optics and Respiratory Systems, accessories and spares support available



through the Ops-Core ® brand. Visit us at

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Heat Up Your Pepper Spray Sales With Unique Defender ® OC Products from ASP

There are lots of good OC (Pepper Spray) products on the market, and if you’re a retailer of firearms, law enforcement equipment or sporting goods, chances are you have a display full of them in your store. Most OC devices are of similar form and function — a canister with a trigger and safety device of some kind mounted to the top of it — but Kroll supplier Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) has taken a different approach to the category. Their unique Defender products look and work like no other OC devices on the market. ASP is first and foremost a law enforce- ment equipment manufacturer, so they originally created the Defender line as an option for off-duty or plain clothes officers. That led to those officers giving them to their spouses and children, which led to broader civilian consumer interest. Here’s what makes Defender OC so different: Potent performance, incredibly sleek and discreet design The ASP Defender disperses potent, police-grade, 1.33% major capsaicinoid OC. It’s miserable if you’re the bad guy at the receiving end. But even the best self- defense tool is useless if you don’t have it with you when you need it, so ASP designed the Defender to be easy to carry anywhere, any time. Its slim form factor, innocuous appearance and available fashion colors don’t scream “weapon.” Its compact size (2 sizes available) and multiple carrying options mean it never needs to be left home — whether carrying in a pocket or even the smallest purse, on a keyring or using the available neck lanyard, the Defender is an easy 24/7 personal safety companion. Replaceable Insert System With most OC sprays, once used or expired, the whole device is discarded. The ASP Defender, on the other hand, is a premium tool that will last

a lifetime. Rather than being a “one-and-done” disposable unit, it uses inexpensive, replaceable aerosol inserts. So if the Defender is used, or on the recommended replacement date, the user simply discards the insert and puts a new one in the device. This modular design also allows the user to replace the active “Heat” canister with an

inert “Test” canister, for training and function checks. Each Defender includes a Heat insert, Test inserts are available separately.

Unique personal defense concept, supported by training

Also different about the the Defender is that it is held horizontally, like a flashlight — a more natural reactive and defensive position. And it doesn’t require precise aim; rather, it sprays a cone shaped cloud of irritant that ASP calls the “OC Shield.” When needed, the thumb safety is released and the actuator depressed for a short burst, putting this painful cloud between the would-be victim and the aggressor. Bad guy has to move through it to keep advancing, and begins reacting to the OC very quickly, giving the user time and distance to get away. The learning curve for using ASP Defenders is short and easy. But for those interested in professional training, ASP has created the new “Be Your Own Defender” (BYOD) training program, with classes starting to get set up around the world. Individuals interested in the class, or training professionals interested in becoming certified as instructors, can find more information at ASP Defenders are must-have tools for anyone interested in personal safety for themselves or the ones they love. And they’re great for business, too — offering customers a unique option in the category, supported by ASP’s uncompromising quality, purchase-driving product packaging, and legendary reputation in the defensive product and training world.







Axil: Seismic Shifts Are Taking Place In The Hearing Protection Industry

“This brand was built with the most devoted and enthusiastic professionals in mind,” opined Axil Director of Sales Tyler Smith during a conversation about the company and its past, present and future. “Our brand resonates with and speaks to our customers the same way their firearm or their motorcycle does”. “Enthusiasm and devotion” have indeed been an accurate description of perhaps not only the target audience for Axil, but also its growth and performance in a diverse, emerging market. What started as a small family business has transformed into a universal brand catering to different industries as varied as construction and professional racing organiza- tions, to hunting and competitive shooting sports. The company has experienced consistent explosive growth over the last few years with recent milestones that include a public listing on the NYSE stock exchange and securing partnerships with major companies including NASCAR and Sig Sauer. “We definitely distinguish ourselves from our competition in different ways,” says Smith as he describes how Axil technology doesn’t use traditional noise cancellation in its products, but actually a proprietary term they refer to as “compression” that utilizes digital technology to control the volume of sound allowed thru to the ears, changing hazardous noise into a different frequency entirely. This allows users to maintain critical spatial awareness when around loud industrial machinery or handling firearms in a training, competition or even emergency situation. Launched as a DTC online company, Axil has evolved into something much larger. They have a foundational strategy that increases and strengthens its relationship with

explains Jeff Brown, Chief Operating Officer. “That doesn’t just apply to innovation, or products, or even marketing. Rather, when we designed our sales plan, we designed and built it with the idea of expanding internationally and actively supporting retailers and dealers.” Examples of this strategy include giving maximum margin to retailers and giving full access for them to participate in online sales promotions. “Whether small box boutiques or big box retailers like Bass Pro Shops, our plan is to provide maximum value to both partners and customers alike.” Transitioning into a multifaceted business, dealer support for retail brick and mortar is an incremental focus for the company. However, both Brown and Smith are clear that online will continue to be a very strong and robust marketing aspect for future business, with a strong presence maintained in social media and brand awareness. “The business lines have been successful in complementing each other,” Brown says when discussing the DTC and B2B growth strategy. Axil has a full line of products running from traditional earplugs to muffs and wireless earbuds. The GS Extreme 2.0 is a cabled hearing protection product that has become Axil’s best selling product for good reason, touting the capabilities of three different products in one. Bluetooth earbuds, noise isolation headphones and electronic

earmuffs. “A lot of our growth can be attributed to the success of the GS line,” Smith says when discussing the versatile product being used by hunt- ers and industrial professionals alike. Last year Axil also released the XCOR line of wireless Bluetooth earbuds with touch controls and adjustable tips to accommodate the different needs of professionals working in hazardous noise environments. Sleek and tactical, they can be worn for everyday purposes like listening to music or taking calls, and are just as suitable for training on the firing range. Axil eventually released a less expensive non-Bluetooth version for workers and professionals that doesn̕ t require connectivity of phones or tablets, a clear demonstration of their goal to provide products to the changing demands of different industries. When asked about future products, Smith is tight-lipped, but talks about how with each product Axil has released, they have listened to their customers and released products accordingly. “The (GS Extreme 2.0) is a popular product, but a lot of customers were inquiring about a completely wireless option. So we released the XCOR with their concerns and suggestion in mind. Now we are listening to the feedback and suggestions regarding the XCOR and keeping that data in mind for future products.”

its B2B partners as well. “Axil is different from the ground up,”


CC-CBG-1007 Revolver Cylinder Pen Holder MSRP $25.00 Your Price $12.74

CC-CBG-1016 50 Caliber Bottle Opener MSRP $16.95 Your Price $8.66

CC-CBG-LMS-WHISKEY Last Man Standing - Bullet Whiskey Glass MSRP $19.00 Your Price $10.19

CC-CBG-1056 Automatic Handgun Pillow MSRP $30.00 MAP $24.00 Your Price $15.29

CC-CBG-1053 Assault Rifle Pillow MSRP $36.00 | MAP $28.80 Your Price $18.35

CC-CBG-1039 Tactical Mini Drink Vest MSRP $20.00 Your Price $10.19

CC-CBG-M-1049 Gun Mug MSRP $18.00 Your Price $9.17

CC-CBG-M-1043 Grenade Mug, green MSRP $17.95 Your Price $9.17

CC-CBG-M-1008 Caffeine Assault Mug / 12 Gauge MSRP $19.95 Your Price $10.19

CC-CBG-SG-LFLASK AR Magazine Flask MSRP $9.99 Your Price $5.10

CC-CBG-M-1069 Grenade Mug with Lid MSRP $20.00 Your Price $10.19


CC-UZI-HCEU-SC-NIJ UZI EU NIJ HANDCUFF Chain Silver, 2 Key MSRP $38.00 Your Price $19.37

CC-UZI-HCEU-BC-NIJ UZI EU NIJ HANDCUFF Black Chain, 2 Keys MSRP $38.00 Your Price $19.37

CC-UZI-HC-CPINK Handcuff Chain Pink MSRP $25.00 Your Price $12.74

CC-UZI-HC-C-S Handcuff Chain Silver MSRP $25.00 Your Price $12.74

CC-UZI-FLXC-B UZI Flex Cuffs Foldable MSRP $5.95 | MAP $4.76 Your Price $2.80

CC-UZI-HC-C-B Handcuff Chain Black MSRP $25.00 Your Price $12.74

CC-UZI-UMBRELLA UZI Tactical Umbrella MSRP $49.95 | MAP $39.96 Your Price $25.48

CC-UZI-001-R UZI Protector Watch MSRP $149.95 | MAP $119.96 Your Price $74.53

CC-UZI-HC-LEG Leg Irons MSRP $50.00 Your Price $25.48



CARRY CONFIDENCE. Our weapon lights have been specifically developed for, tested with and carried by law enforcement officers across the country. Built to perform under the most extreme conditions, the Nightstick TCM-10 delivers 650 lumens of pure confidence, providing you with the visual information you need to make split-second decisions.




Dual-Light Flashlights Offer Law Enforcement Important Advantages

Ironically, one of the biggest challenges officers and detectives face with flashlight use is too much light for the need at hand.

Law enforcement officers and detectives rely on flashlights daily during their investigations, whether that’s a traffic stop, domestic disturbance, or crime scene. Daylight scenarios can suddenly turn into dark, poorly lit environments in a matter of seconds. A flashlight allows them to deploy and direct personal lighting precisely where it’s needed, helping officers maintain control over lighting conditions for safety and security. Flashlights are also optimal for providing oblique lighting when searching for evidence on the ground in dark or confined spaces. Ironically, one of the biggest challenges officers and detectives face with flashlight use is often too much light for the need at hand. Searching under seats, in trunks and reading documents like driver’s licenses requires an even, soft light source for minimal glare. Tactical flashlights, often project- ing 1,000 lumens or more of tightly ocused light are often a hinderance in these searches, creating blinding reflections and blow-back from light colored surfaces. Nightstick, the original creator of the dual light flashlight, solved this problem with the invention of the dual-light flashlight for patrol use. In addition to the traditional forward-facing flashlight beam that illuminates distant objects, Nightstick added a secondary soft area floodlight to help users retain

visual acuity often lost by pupil constriction from reflected light. This downward-facing floodlight provides officers with a soft secondary flood light, ideal for evidence searches and documentation illumination. In addition to visual acuity being preserved, another benefit of dual-light mode is the increased safety and awareness to the user. Dual-light flashlights help officers regain lost peripheral vision caused by typically having to “wave the light” back and forth while walking and searching. The added safety of a simultaneous downward facing flood light in addition to the main spotlight beam provides additional peripheral illumination in front of the officer, while maintaining primary illumination towards distance spaces. While not a top-of-mind concern for most officers, the National Safety Council (NSC) reports the third leading cause of nonfatal work- related injuries is the “falls, slips, and trips,” category. Nightstick’s complete line of dual-light duty flashlights for law enforcement includes full size rechargeable models in both metal and polymer bodies as well as smaller 1” diameter USB- rechargeable models for the ultimate in compactness and power. To see the complete Nightstick product line and all body and style options, visit



Next Level Pocket Knives Launch 16 KK-7105

Just push the button and your blade is ready to go to work. From big, full-sized knives to under-2-inch autos that are legal in more places, the Launch series has the automatic knives your customers are craving.

The Launch 16 features a partially serrated tanto blade and extremely high edge retention.

Features • Blade Length 3.45 in. (8.8 cm) • Blade Material CPM M4 • HRC 63 • Blade Finish/Coating Black Cerakote


• Blade Thickness 0.16 in. (4.1 mm) • Closed Length 4.95 in. (12.6 cm) • Handle Material 6061-T6 aluminum, Trac-Tec inserts

• Handle Finish/Coating Black anodized • Handle Thickness 0.55 in. (14 mm)






HIGH-DEXTERITY GRIP GLOVE Combining Padlock ™ non-slip palm pattern for enhanced grip control with a high-dexterity ergonomic design for an unmatched trigger feel, making this the ultimate weapon for precision handling.

Padlock ™ Silicone Grip Technology

Touchscreen Capable

Machine Washable

Ergonomic Design

FIT. FEEL. FUNCTION. From Tactical and shooting sports to industrial safety uses, trust Vision Safety Eyewear in the most demanding environments. Certified protection meeting ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 standards as well as Tactical specific models passing MIL-PRF 32432 Ballistic Fragmentation standard.












Volcom, a leading lifestyle brand known for its innovative apparel and gear, is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated skate-inspired Tactical Boot Collection. Inspired by a liberated force of our founders and community, the footwear line combines Volcom’s signature skate style with advanced tactical features to deliver exceptional performance in any situation. The Volcom Tactical Collection has been designed to meet the needs of individuals who seek both style and functionality. Whether it’s outdoor exploration, urban adventures, or tactical missions, this collection equips wearers to conquer any challenge. Dangerous work? Let’s go. There’s no compromising in the pursuit. Meet Volcom Tactical: We were born to liberate. We turn obstacles into opportunities. We dare to attempt the impossible. Together, we chase that intoxicating moment when our mission is realized… when we are more than alive. Volcom Tactical is more than a brand; it’s a movement that unites those who are true to their passion. We embrace those who challenge the status quo and dare to attempt the impossible. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with. Volcom Launches New Tactical Boot Collection

“Our goal is to create a line of tactical footwear that empowers individuals to take on any challenge they encounter, while being true to themselves. We believe this collection will become a go-to boot choice for the persistent who are passionate in their pursuit and true to their mission of liberation and freedom.” — Brent Jennings, VP of Marketing

Q/A with Brent Jennings, VP of Marketing

What drove the creation and development of Volcom Tactical at this time? We have seen a lot of success within our Volcom Work line. The consumers are really responding to the skate and surf lifestyle branding. We found that there was nothing like this within the tactical industry, so we wanted to bring the success of the brand to this market. We felt consumers shouldn’t have to compromise their spirit and style when choosing their boot. Can you tell us more about the structure and comfort of this line? These boots were created with comfort in mind. Every style comes with a soft-landing comfort insole, which offers a rebound effect with every step. In addition, every style has the Grip Styk outsole, which works hard to prevent you from wiping out. What is your favorite part of working with the Volcom Tactical brand? Volcom tactical is all about being authentic and pursuing adventure. It’s exciting to capture that spirit within our marketing photoshoots and creative content. We are looking forward to seeing how consumers receive this package and relate to the branding.


NOW IN STOCK & AT KROLL Introducing the New QuiqLite LiteStick: The Ultimate EDC Technology for First Responders!

In the world of first responders, having the right tools can make all the difference. That̕ s where the QuiqLite LiteStick comes in - the newest and most advanced hands-free illumination device designed specifically for those who put their lives on the line every day. This year, the LiteStick is the perfect stocking stuffer for your customers, offering a range of features that set it apart from the rest.

Key Features: • H ands-Free Illumination

• S ecurely Clips into Uniform Shirt Pocket Pen Slot • U SB Rechargeable with Interchangeable Battery

QL-LSWWW (LiteStick Whitelite) QL-LSRWW (LiteStick Tactical Red) QL-LSRWB (LiteStick Code 3) MSRP $54.95 | MAP $49.95 Your Price $32.95 • A ircraft Aluminum Housing • 1 5+ Hours Battery Run Time • S afety Strobe • C ompact and Easy to Use • D esigned for Officer Safety • A djustable Brightness (20-200 lumens) • T hree Independent Programmable LEDs





Built for Battle. Tough for Life. Creating a Better Eyeshield.

At ESS, their focus is on developing innovative protective eyewear solutions that seamlessly fit and integrate with the mission and wearer. ESS has been designing and creating eye protection solutions for over 25 years, earning a reputation as a leading manufacturer of ballistic eye protection, trusted by militaries worldwide, and authorized for use by the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Their products not only endure the harshest environmental hazards but have also proven themselves on battlefields for over two decades. They don’t cut corners and stand by their innovative approach to building eyewear systems. Their eyeshield components integrate and work together to create an interchangeable eyewear platform.

on the inside and prevent scratches on the outside, while distortion-free ESSOPTICS™ keeps your vision sharp. The DedBolt™ Lens Lock pivot allows for quick lens exchanges. At ESS, they actively listen to feedback from real people in the field, incorporating ideas of form and function to answer the questions of why and how. This intersection of intense listening and design is what makes the whole of CrossBlade greater than the sum of its parts. This product was designed and built by humans for humans, solving issues like lens fogging and scratching during everyday use, and addressing microclimates around the head caused by heat and sweat. ESS CrossBlade eyeshields come equipped with ClearZone TM dedicated flow-coated Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Lens coatings. These advanced coatings are applied to each side of the lens separately, providing the best anti-fog and anti-scratch solution for vision. The Anti-Fog coating is applied to the inside of the lens, where the hydrophobic coating repels moisture buildup. To protect the exterior of the 2.2mm thick polycarbonate lens from scratching, a hard coating is applied to the outside, ensuring a long-lasting eyeshield. If lenses get damaged or users desire a different tint, accessory lenses can be purchased separately or as part of a full eyeshield kit. Lastly, as part of the ESS Cross-Series eyeshield platform, all CrossBlade components are cross- compatible and interchangeable with other ESS Eyeshield models, including ESS Crossbow, ® Suppressor, and Crosshair™ Eyeshields, all of which can also accept prescription inserts. The ESS U-Rx insert securely mounts behind the primary lens for a stable Rx platform to rely on. At ESS, their innovation and ideas are born from user feedback, and they continuously explore ways to enhance their product offerings. New for winter 2023/2024, ESS has partnered with Realtree ® to create a new line of eye protection featuring the latest photorealistic camo pattern, Realtree ® MAX-7, with the Realtree logo laser-engraved on our ballistic lenses. As an ESS Elite Member, you have exclusive early access to this collection. Realtree MAX-7 can seamlessly blend into almost any waterfowl hunting environment. At ESS, they celebrate the hunt as much as the process itself, offering eyewear that not only provides legendary ballistic protection but also pays homage hunters everywhere.

Their newest Eyeshield series, the ESS CrossBlade and CrossBlade NARO, exemplify this approach to eyewear solutions. They meet and exceed the most stringent safety standards, including ANSI-Z87+ MIL-SPEC, OSHA, and CE, offering protection against UVA/UVB and complying with safety standards. The ESS CrossBlade Eyeshield provides lens options for different lighting conditions, including three types of Laser Protective Lenses for visible and IR wavelengths. Crafted from lightweight and durable polycarbonate materials, the frame ensures a comfortable fit. The CrossBlade Standard and the smaller CrossBlade NARO provide you with the choice to find the right fit. The new ESS CrossBlade™ Eyeshield features advanced ClearZone™ Anti-fog coatings, along with two different-sized lens and nosepiece options, allowing for customizable modular fit. Users can choose between a standard lens and nosepiece or NARO lens and NARO nosepiece, tailoring the CrossBlade™ to fit the end user’s facial structure for both performance and comfort. The CrossBlade’s Tri-Tech Fit™ frame delivers a snug fit without any pressure points. Advanced ClearZone™ Dual Flow Coated lenses eliminate fog








FuelFoam midsole cushioning provides step-in comfort and long- lasting support, perfectly balancing cushioning and response MemoryTech footbed adapts to the contours of your foot and provides immediate cushioning Textured midsole sets off upper for a 3D terrain effect Slip resistant rubber outsole keeps footing secure on uneven and slippery surfaces Electrical Hazard protective sole Side Zipper for easy on/off

Inspired by retro trail runners, these tactical boots keep you safe on any terrain. The slip resistant rubber outsole keeps footing secure. Experience plush FuelFoam cushioning in both the midsole and MemoryTech memory foam in the footbed, providing step-in comfort and long- lasting support while perfectly balancing cushioning and response. All while winning style points with a 3D terrain visual effect.

8” | RB6655

6” | RB6650


The E2D Defender delivers 1,000 lumens of intense, disorienting white light to provide peace of mind when you’re navigating through low-light environments. In a hostile encounter you can also rely on its rugged crenellated Strike Bezel ® to strike a defensive blow and repel an aggressor. Machined of durable aerospace aluminum and O-ring sealed for maximum reliability in all weather conditions, the Defender is the tool you need to see your way home safely.

STRIKE BEZEL ® The Defender body incorporates a crenellated Strike Bezel ® and scalloped tailcap that turns this robust illumination tool into a formidable weapon »

MULTI-OUTPUT Click the Defender’s tailcap a second time and you’ll access a 5-lumen low output that’s ideal for admin tasks such as reading a map »

EVERYDAY CARRY A Melonite-coated steel pocket clip firmly secures the Defender in any pocket or pouch — you won’t lose it before you have to use it »


The Minimus is a precision-engineered illumination tool designed to keep your hands free so you can accomplish any mission in low lighting conditions. Its MaxVision Beam ® pattern is optimized for your field of vision, and its machined aluminum body ensures unmatched durability for everything from everyday tasks to extreme outdoor recreational pursuits. Rugged and reliable, the Minimus is the last headlamp you’ll ever need.

MAXVISION The ideal beam pattern for close-quarter use up to 25 meters; provides a seamless wall of light with no hot spots »

MULTI-OUTPUT Pushbutton on/off switch retains memory of any of 13 available settings whenever you activate the Minimus »

EXTREME DURABILITY A hard-anodized aerospace aluminum housing keeps this headlamp lightweight and durable »



High Performance Lithium Duty/Tactical Flashlights

Pelican ™ 7100 Tactical Flashlight » Full Time Battery Level Indication » Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence » Selectable Modes » Ingress Protected IPX8 Submersible » USB Lithium Ion Rechargeable With 4 programmable modes between high, strobe, medium, and low, AA disposable battery compatibility, and an IPX8 waterproof status the Pelican 7100 is prepared to deliver day in and day out Providing nearly 700 lumens of light output in a 5” body places the 7100 at the top of the list in compact/high performance flashlights.




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High Impact, Weather Resistant Large Pistol Case Engineered with an optimized blend of materials and production, Vault offers the ultimate trust at a cost-effective price. With foam inserts for multiple pistols and ammo, high-impact polymer material, stainless-steel pins, and push-button latches, the V300 Vault 5 Pistol Case is the ultimate solution to transport your firearms with confidence wherever you go. PURPOSE-BUILT PROTECTION ON THE GO

Removable insert for accessory storage

Vault 5 Pistol Case » Made for multiple handguns, extra magazines and accessories » High-impact polymer assures protection of your firearm, via road, trail or air » Crushproof, dustproof, and weather-resistant » Heavy duty handles are ergonomic and will stand up in even the toughest conditions » Two push button latches offer secure closure with easy-open access


23215 Early Avenue, Torrance, CA 90505 • TEL 310.326.4700 • FAX 310.326.3311 ©2024 Pelican Products, Inc. All trademarks are registered and/or unregistered trademarks of Pelican Products, Inc., its subsidiaries and/or affiliates. For warranty details go to 39




The Master Gun Workstation is the most advanced, versatile and comprehensive firearm workstation available! Cleaning, scope mounting and light gunsmithing have never had it this easy.

INTRODUCING REAL AVID BLADES RAV ™ SERIES Purpose-built carry knives. BORN READY ™ for the toughest challenges encountered by carry knives.



NEW FROM VERTX: PRO UNIFORM Introducing the Recon X Uniform Collection

Maximum Comfort and Protection in Extreme Environments

Vertx, a leading provider of high-performance tactical apparel, is proud to announce the launch of its new Vertx Pro — Recon X Uniform Collection. Designed to excel in the toughest situations, this collection is crafted with No Melt, No Drip (Cordura ® NYCO Extreme) fabric, offering unparalleled durability and protection. This innovative line is making its mark in the tactical uniform category and has quickly been adopted by SWAT teams for its ability to withstand the toughest conditions. Whether crawling through rugged terrains or scaling heights, the double-reinforced fabric with stretch

inserts ensures optimal comfort and performance every step of the way.

The Collection consists of: Tactical Pant, Short and Long-Sleeve Combat Shirts, and a Garrison Shirt. The Tactical Pants include a knee pad insert slot. Vertx has also just released their new FlexDefense Knee Pads. No Melt, No Drip Fabric Recon X utilizes No Melt No Drip (NMND) Cordura ® NYCO Extreme fabric which is ideal for tactical operations by combining nylon durability with cotton comfort. The fabric blend is also designed to protect the wearer from melting or dripping in extreme conditions involving sparks or fire. This will allow the professional to pat out the debris and continue with their mission, maximizing their performance. 37.5 ® Technology The Recon X Combat Shirts are built with NYCO Extreme sleeves and feature 37.5 ® Active Technology throughout the knit body. 37.5° is the degrees in Celsius (98.6° F) that your body works to maintain, and 37.5% humidity is the optimal level for body performance. This technology

works to remove sweat at the vapor stage, as well as reflecting your body’s nature IR in colder temps, keeping the wearer more comfortable whether it’s hot or cold. Modern Fit The Recon X Uniform Collection utilizes stretch woven inserts, which allow for enhanced mobility and flexibility during intense missions. Whether climbing, running, or engaging in close-quarter combat, professionals can rely on the freedom of movement provided by these strategically placed inserts. Vertx is committed to providing professionals with the highest quality gear, and the Recon X Uniform Collection is a testament to that com- mitment. With its superior protection, comfort, and performance, this collection is the ultimate choice for those who demand the best.



A/T SERIES DUTY BOOTS Built with All Terrain Load Assistance System Technology, our A/T boots provide support through a comprehensive system designed to distribute weight, provide support and comfort in order to help keep your attention where it needs to be, and not on your feet.


ORTHOLITE® FOOTBED Cushioning, breathability and moisture management

A/T SUPPORT PLATE For lateral stability and weight distribution

Shock dampening PU foam for cushioning and support

5.11® A/T SZ

The 5.11 A/T 8” Side Zip is a performance boot built from the sole up to increase performance. The All Terrain Load Assistance System (A.T.L.A.S.) is a force multiplier for those who carry heavy weight on long shifts. The boots were developed to work with your “work weight”. This boot is constructed of nylon with high abrasion air mesh, a water resistant leather upper, and because so many professional jobs demand it - a polishable toe. Additional features include a YKK® side zipper and a locking ankle eyelet, and a high traction outsole so you can take those corners in a foot pursuit or run headlong into whatever challenge you’re up against. + WR leather upper with high abrasion air mesh nylon + Polishable toe + Full-length YKK® side zipper + Echo Foam high rebound/energy return PU and Force Foam lightweight PU impact cushioning

High rebound energy-returning PU foam for a responsive feel


VERSATILE OUTSOLE Multi-directional design with heel brake, climbing lugs and arch traction. ASTM slip- and oil-resistant rubber compound

5-12431 A/T 8” SZ | Black 019 | Regular: 4, 5, 6-12, 13, 14, 15; Wide: 7-12, 13, 14

5-12439 A/T 6” SZ | Black 019 | Regular: 4, 5, 6-12, 13, 14, 15; Wide: 7-12, 13, 14



Designed for EMS/FIRE first responders to carry medical supplies and equipment. The Responder packs are made with wipe down friendly TPU coated 900D Polyester as more agencies are moving toward wipe down friendly materials for infection prevention, cross contamination control and longer product life. Compartmentalization, accessibility, visibility and durability are key elements to medical bags. Sleek design minimizes snag hazards and multiple external pockets allow for quick first grab items without having to open the main compartment. + Full wipe-down friendly exterior + Full clamshell opening main compartment with optional quick pull tabs + Light colored interior lining; Reinforced closed-cell foam panel construction + Internal O2 cylinder (D and Jumbo D) secured w/ removable non-slip quick release straps + 2 vertical and 4 horizontal internal dividers included + Internal side pass-through slip pocket (also holds D size O2 cylinder) + Dual internal zippered pockets with org capability + Large front zippered pocket with dual large zippered pockets, elastic bands + Reflective strips on front panel and shoulder straps + Embroidery friendly front panel + Two-way access top zippered pocket; Dual external side zippered pockets + Top and side grab handles + Contoured, padded yoke shoulder strap with removable sternum strap

+ Aluminum frame and HDPE board back panel + Compatible with 56749 Responder Med Pouch + 4 color snap

5-56719 Responder 72 Backpack | Black 019, Fire Red 474, Olympian 758





Designed for EMS/FIRE first responders to carry medical supplies and equipment. The Responder packs are made with wipe down friendly TPU coated 900D Polyester as more agencies are moving toward wipe down friendly materials for infection prevention, cross contamination control and longer product life. Compartmentalization, accessibility, visibility and durability are key elements to medical bags. Sleek design minimizes snag hazards and multiple external pockets allow for quick first grab items without having to open the main compartment. + Full wipe-down friendly exterior + Full clamshell opening main compartment + Light colored interior lining; Reinforced closed-cell foam panel construction + External non-slip quick release straps (optional D size O2 cylinder attachment) + 1 vertical and 4 horizontal internal dividers included + Dual internal zippered pockets with org capability + Large front zippered pocket with dual large zippered pockets, elastic bands + Reflective strips on front panel and shoulder straps + Embroidery friendly front panel + Dual external side zippered pockets + Top grab handles + Contoured, padded yoke shoulder strap with removable sternum strap + Aluminum frame and HDPE board back panel + Compatible with 56749 Responder Med Pouch + 4 color snap system for compartment identification (red, blue, yellow, green) + 35L 5-56718 Responder 48 Backpack | Black 019, Fire Red 474, Olympian 758




HARD USE SHORTS FOR EVERYDAY READINESS, 9” INSEAM + Taclite® poly-cotton ripstop provides outstanding durability + Teflon™ finish for stain and soil resistance + Action waistband + 5.11’s Trademarked rear slash pockets and strap TACLITE® PRO SHORT

5-73287 Taclite Short 9-1/2” | Black 019, Coyote 120, TDU Khaki 162, TDU Green 190, Tundra 192, Dark Navy 724 | 28-44 even size 5-63071 Women’s Taclite Short | Black 019, TDU Khaki 162, TDU Green 190, Dark Navy 724 | Women’s 2-20 even sizes


5-73309 Men’s Taclite® EMS Short | Dark Navy 724 28-54 even waist, 11” inseam* THE GO TO FIRST RESPONDER SHORT WITH ALL THE NEEDED FEATURES 11.5” INSEAM. + Adjustable waistband with double-time belt loops + Trademarked back strap and slash pockets + Nylon reinforced scissor pockets with tape straps + Expandable cargo pockets

COMFORTABLE, CAPABLE, AND READY FOR ANYTHING + Poly/cotton Flex-Tac® mechanical stretch canvas + Comfort waist + Hidden rear yoke phone/utility pockets + Cargo pockets with internal org APEX SHORT

5-73334 Apex Short | Black 019, Khaki 055, Battle Brown 116, TDU Green 190, Dark Navy 724 | 28-44 even waist sizes


LOW PROFILE, FAST AND FLEXIBLE + 8 pockets including hidden rear utility pockets + Flex-Tac® stretch canvas with Teflon™ stain resistance + Comfort waistband with gusseted construction

+ 9-1/2” inseam length (above the knee) + Branded Technology (PLM Import)

5-74359 Ridge Short | Ranger Green 186, Black 019, Khaki 055, Kangaroo 134, Dark Navy 724


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