Implementation Guide


The Vision

by Lisa Zoellner

As I look back on the path that led to the much-anticipated launch of Neighborly ™ , I can’t help but be amazed at the countless hours and numbers of people who helped make it all happen. From the websites, social media platforms, public relations efforts and CRM/Email activities to the local advertising, branded service vehicles and co-ops, each moving part adds value and drives revenue for all brands. We’re all in this together! The level of detail involved in all these touch points is overwhelming. We developed this guide to help you better understand all the areas we have been working on to conduct a successful Neighborly launch. I encourage you to read through the guide. Let it inspire you, motivate you, and move you to continue the momentum and integration of

the Neighborly brand into our local marketing efforts. We can’t do this alone. We need all of you, our front line, on board and committed to making Neighborly succeed. As owners of home service brands, you interact with customers in the same neighborhoods, same cities, and many times, same homes. Now, you have Neighborly, the perfect opportunity and platform to serve your customers in a whole new way... a neighborly way.

Together, let’s use these well- thought-out strategies and

work together to be the best neighbors we can be, to our customers and to our neighboring brands.




This guide was developed to help the Dwyer Group ® family get a better sense of how the Neighborly ™ brand is being introduced to the marketplace and the strategy behind it.


CRM/ Email


The launch and focus of Neighborly is primarily, but not exclusively, centered on our most valuable asset; the customers we serve. As shown here, Neighborly is being introduced to existing customers in numerous ways on a national and local level through websites, CRM activities, social media, public relations, local advertising and branded service vehicles.

Social Media

Local Advertising

PR and Communications


Neighborly ™ Launch Tactics


The Neighborly ™ brand launch is centered around three main areas of focus -national, local, and co-op tactics. The chart shows the various tactics that come in to play within each area and the next several pages give a more in depth view of the multitude of marketing activities being used for the Neighborly launch.


National Tactics


National cross marketing tactics have been underway since our very first CRM focused email to existing customers in July 2016. Now, almost a year later, we have deployed multiple co- branded thank you emails and e-newsletters to 5+ million customers and have refreshed all CRM creative to include the Neighborly ™ look and feel. Other major national milestones include new GetNeighborly.com and GetNeighbourly.ca websites, a full scale Neighborly social media strategy, a digital test campaign in limited markets and ongoing communication and public relation plans internally and externally.


NEIGHBORLY ™ WEBSITES GetNeighborly.com and GetNeighbourly.ca are live and all national marketing efforts are designed to draw traffic to these websites.

The Neighborly branded websites will showcase three main features:

Find a Pro utility - This feature encourages customers to tell us about their home repair and maintenance needs, helps customers find a Neighborly professional in their area and offers customers the opportunity to schedule an appointment with one of our home service brands. My Account login - This feature allows consumers to customize and manage their home service experience with Neighborly by creating a task and season calendar-generated reminder that feeds into our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program, seeing a record of their service history across all brands, and adding a Favorites list of all the Neighborly professionals in their area. Blog and Lifestyle content - This area of the website will engage customers and drive our CRM and email marketing program. The section will feature original Neighborly blog content, curated brand blog content with top-level SEO and strong lead generation calls to action.


BRAND AND DWYER GROUP ® WEBSITES A comprehensive plan that integrates Neighborly ™ into the corporate, franchisee and franchise sales websites includes making subtle but impactful branding updates to each site and communicating to our customers and colleagues the connection of all Neighborly brands.

The plan is multi-faceted and entails the following:

About Us - On each brand’s website, “a neighborly company” is added to the About Us dropdown menu. On the About Us page, a call to action statement with a link to the brand’s Neighborly page is added. My Home Life has been removed from all brand website pages and replaced with blogs. Neighborly Anthem Video - A Neighborly focused, two- minute video providing an overview of home services covered is placed on the brand’s Neighborly page located under About Us.

US -

CA -

A Neighborly Company Tagline - The main logo on each website is updated with the new, co-branded logo featuring the “a neighborly company” tagline. Full Neighborly Logo - The full Neighborly logo is added to the footer of each brand website with a link to the brand’s onsite Neighborly page.


CRM AND EMAIL PROGRAMS Email is an important element of the launch plan and is a way to reach a large number of customers quickly. We have used a series of dedicated Neighborly ™ emails sent to our customers introducing the Neighborly concept. Also, existing brand email templates are being updated to incorporate the new Neighborly branding.


SOCIAL MEDIA Secured media placements are being promoted and shared on the Neighborly™ social media pages and we encourage franchisees to get involved. By leveraging the social networks of our franchisees, associates of our franchisees, our corporate associates and their networks, we can expand the reach of our social media efforts and make an important contribution to creating awareness for Neighborly - for free. Below are ways to get involved:

accounts and promoted to owners’ local Facebook pages. In May, and going forward, on a weekly national social media post will feature Neighborly . Franchisees are encouraged to engage with Neighborly content on their personal and business

1. Like or Follow Existing Social Media Pages My Home Life (MHL) has been around for many years and includes a vast library of relevant content that we will use on the Neighborly site. The MHL social

media pages have garnered thousands of followers and subscribers over the years. These existing social media pages have been converted from My Home Life to Neighborly following the launch.

social media accounts, as Likes, Shares and Comments help intensify the social proof, a.k.a. reach, of our efforts.

4. Spring Cleaning Giveaway The Neighborly Spring Cleaning

Giveaway is a sweepstakes that runs from April 1st 2017 until May 12, 2017 with the goal of enticing consumers to sign up for a free Neighborly account. The first 100 people to sign up for the Neighborly account during the giveaway time frame are entered for a chance to win 1 of 4 Molly Maid ® gift certificates good towards a whole home cleaning. The winners are randomly chosen from the 100 entrants. The giveaway is promoted and boosted on the Neighborly Facebook page, as well as the national brand Facebook pages and some local franchisee pages.

2. Use the #GetNeighborly

Hashtag During the Neighborly launch and beyond, franchisees are encouraged to post about their brand belonging to “a

community of home service experts” on their personal and business social media pages and use the #GetNeighborly hashtag to generate awareness and followers.

3. Engage with Neighborly Posts on Social Media During April two Neighborly posts per week will be shared on each brand’s national social media


Public Relations /External Communications Fishman Public Relations has created a national broadcast, print and online strategy for Neighborly ™ . Media outreach kicked off on March 30 and regional-based national, trade and local reporters were invited to attend the Dwyer Group ® Waco, Texas campus for a Neighborly block party. Additional plans for media outreach include a New York City media tour with Dina Dwyer-Owens to announce Neighborly and additional targeted outreach to B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer), and consumer-facing publications as well as online influencers. Internal Communications In February, prior to the Neighborly launch, the Communications team began sending weekly emails and video messages to franchisees and Dwyer Group Corporate staff as to inform and communicate clearly about the nuts and bolts of national and local efforts for Neighborly . Each week’s communication covers a particular section of the Neighborly launch plan. Contained in these messages were links to the Marketing Playbook and Neighborly Brand Book as well as a list of frequently asked questions related to the launch. All of the franchisee communications can be found in the library section of their brands connection site.




















Media Testing The launch of Neighborly ™ will be focused on our existing customers. However, a small media test is in place in selected markets to determine effectiveness of interactive media at acquiring new customers leveraging the Neighborly brand. Digital tactics include Facebook ads, Pay-Per-Click, remarketing ads, display ads and Gmail ads. Markets were chosen by several criteria including most Neighborly brands and overlapping service coverage. Measurement & Goals With all the various programs in place, such as new websites and CRM campaigns, It is imperative to set goals and measure these marketing activities. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) have been established and are tracked, measured and reported on the various programs running.


Local Tactics



While we focus on national tactics to drive more revenue, we also encourage franchisees to integrate the Neighborly ™ brand in their local marketing efforts. This will create greater synergy among all the Neighborly service brands, present more impactful messaging for a franchisee’s own brand and give our current customers more options for superior service providers. A variety of materials are available from multiple sources, such as ProTradeNet ® vendors, that include the new Neighborly tagline and URL.


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Local Advertising Materials – New service brand creative that includes Neighborly ™ is available as well as Neighborly driven advertising where the service brand is in the supporting position. Materials include video, print, direct mail, vehicle wraps and more. Printed Materials Printed marketing materials, logos, style guides, social media graphics, and much more are available through the ProTradeNet ® vendors, asset portals and on the Brand Builder platform. Revisions to creative pieces will be implemented in phases, beginning with customer facing pieces, and will be completed by mid year. Neighborly Videos Neighborly branded videos will be available for local franchisee use for websites, social media, and local TV buys.

000-000-0000 MrRooter.com3456789012345678901234567890


Vehicle Decals and Wraps To collectively market the Neighborly ™ brand, vehicle decals and wraps have been created. The decals and wraps will improve local exposure for brands, create sustained impressions and offer a cost-effective method to market Neighborly in your neighborhoods. A single option will be available in different sizes and colors depending on the type and color of the vehicle. The decals are available from Traffic Graffics. You can contact Pat Smith at pat@traffic-graffics.com or call 210-493-3400. Full vehicle wrap designs are available. For new vehicle wraps, contact your Local Marketing Specialist or Brand Manager to submit your customized wrap request to the Dwyer Group ® Creative team.

Customer data collection One of the most important action items for franchisees is to collect accurate and complete customer data at time of service. Why? National tactics such as CRM/Email and local efforts like direct mail to existing customers will deliver the best results if customer email, mailing address and mobile phone number are collected and entered correctly in the point of sales systems.


Co-Op Tactics


Go ahead. You can judge us by the company we keep.

We are part of a family of brands who treat your house like a home.


GlassDoctor 123GlassDoctorWay City,State00000


Wearepartofa familyofbrandswhocare foryour home like family.


Hineighbor.We’re GlassDoctor andwe specialize inexceptionalglass repairand replacement. Our trained specialistscanquickly repairyourhomeorautomobileandwork tomakeyourpanesperfect. Andour specialists aren’t justexperts– they’re themost respectfulandprofessional folkswhohaveeverworkedonyour homeorautomobile. GlassDoctor ispartof theNeighborly ™ familyofbrands thatmany loyalcustomershavecome to relyon.When youneedworkdone,youknowyoucandependon GlassDoctor too.We’llhandleallglass repairand replacement, includingwindowsand showerenclosures,andallyourautoglassneedswith the same levelofoutstanding serviceyou’vecome toexpect fromour familyofbrands.We’vebeen inbusiness since1962andwhilewe’re locally, independentlyownedandoperated,wecandrawonexpertiseand resourcesofournetworkacross thecountry. We’d like to inviteyou togiveusa try.Giveusacall todayandwe’ll take$25offany serviceof$250ormore. Justcallusat000-000-0000andmention this letter.


Sincerely, (Owner’sName)

Brand Guidelines

HowToConnectWithYourNeighbors,GainCustomers &GROWYourBusinessLocally. Marketing Playbook

Co-branded printed materials Franchise owners are encouraged to join and cross-market in their local territory to boost Neighborly brand awareness to existing customers, lower local marketing costs, and drive additional revenue. The Sure Start and Jump Start direct mail programs are a great place to begin. Consult the Neighborly playbook for a complete how to guide and examples on co-branded printed materials and tactics.

Neighborly ™ branded materials Neighborly specific creative is available for cross- marketing opportunities so local groups or multi-unit franchisees can drive customers to the GetNeighborly websites allowing customers to find all the expert services in one place. This new Neighborly collateral will add impact to existing cross-marketing campaigns already in place or being developed. The following pages contain samples from the Marketing Playbook which can be found on Brand Builder in the Marketing Education section or by copying this URL in your web browser: https://online.flippingbooks.com/view/217803/


Home Shows & Local Networking Local Neighborly ™ groups can benefit from community networking in several ways. Sharing a booth at a local home show or meeting with your local real estate offices are great places to network and find new customers. Co-branded materials such as magnets, business cards and flyers are developed especially for local Neighborly advertising.

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GroundsCare License#00000

Visit GetNeighborly.com for specialoffers.

It takesa community. LearnmoreaboutNeighborly,a community ofhome

service expertson standby,at www.GetNeighborly.com


Referral programs Referral and incentive programs promoting Neighborly ™ brands can increase a brand’s customer retention in a local area, generate quality leads to all brands and create synergy within the local Neighborly group and their employees. Advantage plans, discount cards, employee referral/bonus plans are just a few tactics that can be used to promote Neighborly brands in a local market.

One Great Town... Three Great Services!







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