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SiteSync IQ® Wireless Clocks and Clock Systems

Synchronized Time Made Simple.

K-12 SCHOOLS Keep students, faculty and staff on time for classes, buses and events with long-lasting wireless clocks. HIGHER EDUCATION Rely on powerful wireless clock technology to cover one building or a large, hilly campus! HEALTHCARE Accurate, low-maintenance clocks and systems keep everyone working precisely and safely.

LARGE MANUFACTURING FACILITIES Keep large and complex manufacturing and industrial facilities running smoothly. Meetings and shift changes are on time when wireless clocks display the same, accurate time everywhere.

Less is More One powerful transmitter does it all. No boosters or repeaters necessary. An unlimited number of clocks can rely on the time synchronization signal. with both wired and wireless clocks. No need to scrap your legacy wired clocks. Simply replace them with a new SiteSync IQ wireless clock when they fail. Options to Fit Your Needs Choose from analog and digital wireless clocks in a variety of sizes to fit each space in your facility. Custom logos on your analog clock faces, along with choices of wood, steel, aluminum and molded plastic cases, allow you to brand and beautify your entire campus. The Power and Ease of Wireless Synchronized Time American Time’s SiteSync IQ wireless clock system gives you control over your time. Get synchronized precision and low maintenance for years to come. Seamless Optimization The SiteSync IQ system controller works

“I absolutely love the American Time SiteSync IQ wireless clock system. This is the best solution for keeping everyone on time.” – dave g ., buildings & grounds supervisor

The SiteSync IQ wireless system controller receives a time signal from the internet or the Global Positioning System (GPS). The controller transmits a time signal to each clock using a radio frequency, which keeps all your clocks on time and in sync.

With the SiteSync IQ Wireless Clock System, you can…  Reduce wiring costs in new building construction and additions

Why American Time Technology? • Transition from your legacy wired system on your time and your budget. The SiteSync IQ wireless system controller can operate wired clocks, making it the perfect solution for extending the life of a legacy wired clock system while you replace failing clocks with SiteSync IQ wireless clocks. The SiteSync IQ wireless controller can operate clocks from Simplex, Lathem, National Time, Cincinnati, Honeywell, Standard Electric, Stromberg, Dukane and more! • No boosters or repeaters needed! Choose from 5, 10, and 30 watt transmitter options for your system controller to ensure every clock in your building or campus receives a signal. • No hassles. We manage the FCC radio frequency license for you! • Manage and schedule clocks from Remote Connect, an easy-to-use online portal. • Peace of mind. Five-year warranty on the system controller. Three-year warranty on wireless clocks. • Dozens of clock styles and materials to fit your brand, plus guards to protect your valuable equipment.

Control legacy wired clocks and bells, as well as new wireless products Install an unlimited number of clocks using one system controller

Activate Devices

Wireless Bells



 Schedule and control your bell schedules from any web browser

Wireless Relay

Wireless Horns

Streamline management of wired and/or wireless clocks, bells, lights, and locks

Wireless Digital Clocks

Remote Connect

Wireless Analog Clocks

Wireless Strobes


“SiteSync IQ is going to save us a ton of money on wiring because I’ll be able to just hang a wireless clock anywhere someone needs it, and it’s good for five years. Plus, we save money on the installation because we can just hang up the clocks ourselves. ”

Wired Analog Clocks

Wired Digital Clocks

Wired Bells

- tony d ., building and grounds director

“The controller broadcasts to our largest building that’s 60,000 square feet and solid cinderblock…we’ve never had a problem with our clocks and we don’t even need a booster.” – jason b ., facilities support

A wireless clock system starts with a System Controller. The Controller receives a time signal from the internet via Ethernet or from satellites via a GPS receiver. A wireless signal is sent to each clock for correction and synchronization. • Run up to 99 schedules and 9,999 events • Automatic daylight saving time adjustments • Schedule and control up to 6 wired or wireless signal circuits, including bells, tone generators, doors, lights or locks • Five-year warranty • FCC Compliant • UL listed SiteSync IQ System Controller “One Master Clock takes care of it all, whereas other vendors required repeaters and more equipment to synchronize the whole campus. American Time’s demonstration showed how easy their system is to install and operate.” – jerry d ., lead electrician

SiteSync IQ System Control ler with Ethernet Sync and Remote Connect Web Interface Simply connect the Sitesync IQ System Controller to your local network to receive the time synchronization signal via Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP). Then log into our Remote Connect web interface to schedule and control your entire wireless system from any current web browser.

System Control ler with Optional GPS Sync

GPS Plus Perfect for any setting with a long distance (up to 1,500 feet) between the GPS receiver and System Controller. If the controller is installed where an Ethernet connection isn’t convenient, you may choose the GPS Sync option. For optimum performance, the receiver antenna should be located on the roof of the building with a clear view of the sky. The standard 15-foot GPS receiver cable can be extended an additional 100 feet.

Standard GPS

GPS Plus

Remote Connect: Clock Scheduling Made Easy There’s no need to be on location to adjust clocks or change schedules. With the Remote Connect web interface from American Time, you can control the SiteSync IQ wireless clock system from any current browser. • Schedule all System Controller functions • Review and change bell or circuit programs • Manage system controllers in multiple locations

“One time I was on a cruise in Antarctica and I had to change the school’s bell schedule that day. I just logged in and did it!” – jose s ., tech support

With durable cases, safety crystals and highly visible dials, these clocks provide years of precise, maintenance-free time. • Choose battery-powered or AC- powered (electric) clocks • Variety of case styles and colors: steel, wood, aluminum, and molded plastic • Flush and surface mounts • Wall and ceiling double-dial mounts • Three-year warranty Wireless Analog Clocks

• Never change batteries • Up to one hour of operation during power outages WHY ELECTRIC WIRELESS CLOCKS? • Hang them anywhere • No wiring or expertise required • Keep accurate time during power outages WHY BATTERY-POWERED WIRELESS CLOCKS? “We installed the SiteSync wireless clock system in our new facility. No wires, clocks set to the same time in every classroom, no manual update after power outages, no complaints – only compliments, imagine that!” – jerry w ., superintendent

The buzzer option is perfect for any facility that needs signaling but doesn’t have a bell system.

Beautify your space and reinforce your brand. Add a free logo or image on orders of 10 clocks or more!

Battery clocks include a booster pack for up to 5 years of battery life!

When Measuring Time Matters Add a timer control station to any 6-digit surface or flush-mount clock to enable elapsed time indicator, Code Blue, and count up/down functions (with audible alarm).

The industry standard for craftsmanship, design and precision. For large or dim areas that require high-visibility clocks, these wireless digital clocks deliver it all in a compact, aluminum case. • 4-digit or 6-digit options • Enhanced readability with 2.5-inch or 4-inch digit sizes • Red or green digit colors • Date display options • 24VAC, 120VAC, or 220VAC compatible with Molex® connections (3-prong plug available for 120VAC) • Adjustable brightness • Surface and flush mounts • Wall and ceiling double-dial mounts Wireless Digital Clocks

Timer Control Station

COUNT DOWN YOUR TIME Keep schedule changes efficient with a countdown timer that’s controlled from the System Controller.


“Before the American Time system, students claimed that they didn’t hear the bell and that’s why they were late for class. Now we have a visual countdown and an audible bell. The clocks are the foundation of what makes the tardy policy work.” - angi m ., assistant principal

For areas in your facility that require greater visibility or at greater distances, our wireless digital clocks deliver in a compact, aluminum case. • Maintenance-free operation • Automatic updates for daylight saving time • Tall, ultra-bright LED digits deliver improved readability for large or dim areas • Calendar models toggle time/date and count down to a bell or schedule change

All surface mount clocks include a hanging bracket for easy installation.

Calendar: Toggle between time & date

Extend your SiteSync IQ Wireless System Pair these products with SiteSync IQ for even more efficiency and productivity

AUDIO AND TONE GENERATORS • Tone generators produce pulsed, whoop, chime or steady tones • Audio generators provide custom options for uploaded MP3 files or recorded voice memos • Wired option also available WIRELESS RELAYS • Activate low-power devices such as bells, horns and strobes • Linked to a wired signal circuit relay in the System Controller • Triggered on demand, scheduled in the System Controller or via Remote Connect

WIRELESS BELLS, HORNS AND STROBES • Triggered on demand, pre-programmed in the System Controller or via Remote Connect.

Each of these wireless devices is factory set to one of the wired signal circuit relays in the system controller.

PROTECTIVE GUARDS Protect your equipment from damage, theft or the elements. We have a huge range of sturdy, attractive and easy-to-install guards.

Analog Clock Guards

Digital Clock Guards

Bell Guards

Horn/Strobe Guards

Wireless Bell

Wireless Strobe

Wireless Horn

Clock Options

At-a-Glance Tech Specifications

Case Styles

System Controllers Time Sync

Relays Receiver frequency Power source

Ethernet or GPS

450 – 470 MHz UL Listed AC wall adaptor 120VAC – 9V 650 mA (adaptor included with module) Normally-open contacts rated for 2A @ 30VDC or 0.5A @ 120VAC (normally-closed contacts available special order). Active closure time of 1–9 seconds.

Optional dry contact circuits Transmission wattage RF frequency range

2 clock, 6 signal 5 W, 10 W and 30 W

Dry contacts

450 – 470 MHz

Light Oak

Gray Steel


Strobe/Sirens Lens color

Clocks - Analog Clock sizes

White or blue 32 user-selectable tones 10 high-intensity LEDs User-selectable between 85dB and 100dB

10”, 12” and 15”


Time accuracy Operating power Mounting options

+/-1 second to the System Controller Flush, surface, ceiling or wall* Battery or Electric 120VAC & 24VAC

Siren tone

Siren volume


Black Steel

Black Plastic

White Plastic

Bell Power options

Clocks - Digital LED display color LED display height

Mounting Options


7-segment red or green options 4- and 6-digit options 2.5” and 4” options Flush, surface, ceiling or wall*

• Single-sided analog clocks: Surface and Flush • Double-sided analog clocks: Ceiling and Wall


450 – 470 MHz 95 to 100dB

Receiver frequency

LED digits

Mounting types

Audio Generators File format




Antennas Mag mount

MP3 Rotates up to 8 different files SiteSync IQ System Contoller USB Flash Drive; UL rated terminal block

150 Wmaximum power 450 – 470 MHz frequency range 1000 Wmaximum power 450 – 470 MHz frequency range


“I needed something turnkey. American Time listened to what we had to say, did an on-site consultation and gave us guidance on our different options. Most of the folks here are traveling on motorized equipment, so they will pass at least two or three clocks as they move. They can trust that the time they’re seeing is the accurate time.” – tom s ., senior support analyst , it field services

Mounting Options

MP3 capacity

Campus antenna


Horns Power options

“The benefit to our department is that our work orders for clocks have been next to nothing for the past four years.” – larry j ., senior lead engineer





On Demand through System Controller. Programmable through System Controller or Remote Connect. 78 dB to 103 dB @10’ (adjustable)


*Availability of sizes, case types and mounting options depend on combinations selected. Call us at 800-328-8996 for assistance or visit our website to learn more.



140 3rd Street South Dassel, MN 55325 Ph. 800-328-8996

American Time SiteSync IQ Wireless Clock Systems To learn more about our wireless clock technology or to request a consultation, visit Visit to explore more communication and synchronized time solutions.

v “We replaced our old wired clocks with SiteSync IQ wireless clocks and now we have clocks that keep perfect time…The signal range is amazing! Your support team is also fantastic...I wish more companies had service like yours.” - dennis e ., assistant plant manager

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