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Thank you for choosing Texas811 for your membership. It is our members that make us great and we are glad to have you on board.

Our mission of damage prevention and public safety is a shared responsibility. Every one of our members is committed to protecting the vital underground infrastructure in Texas and making sure that the men and women that work on and near the unseen underground get to go home safe to their families every day. We are striving toward a zero damages, zero waste state. Though this is a lofty goal, we feel it is a worthwhile pursuit, and together we know we can make a difference. All of us at Texas811 work every day to make our state a safer place to live and work and our partnership with you is a big part of how we get that done. We have a dedicated Member Services team that is ready to assist with whatever needs you may have as a member and we are all committed to providing the highest quality damage prevention experience in the industry. Additionally, we have a team of Damage Prevention Managers that span the state doing outreach and education to further our mission.

Being a member of Texas811 means being a part of the largest 811 team in the nation. Together, we further the mission and set the standard for damage prevention.

Welcome. If there is anything you need, we are here to help.

Thank you,

Chris Stovall President and CEO Texas811


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ABOUT US Texas811 is the link between those planning to dig and the protection of your underground utilities. We are not the utility locators, we notify you of planned excavation and you send out locators to mark the facilities.

Our goal is to help prevent unintended consequences from digging into an underground utility such as injury, damage to property and service outages.

Founded in 1984, the non-profit Texas811 is the largest one-call notification center in the country with more than 2,000 utility members. We process more than 3.5M inbound locate requests and send out more than 19M outbound notifications annually. DigTESS We used to be known as DigTESS (Texas Excavation Safety System). DigTESS is the name we were known by from our inception in 1984 until 2009. The 811 number was created in 2007, and we changed our name to Texas811 in 2009. The DigTESS name was so well known that to this day, we receive calls requesting a ‘DigTESS’. Our DigTESS heritage still lives in our blood. It is in every ticket we process, in our damage prevention programs, and in our customer service. When you want DigTESS quality, you’ll find it at Texas811! Member-Driven Board of Directors The Bylaws of Texas Excavation Safety System, Inc. (Texas811) state “the control of the business and affairs of the Corporation shall be in the Board of Directors unless otherwise specified or prohibited by the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act.” The Board of Directors is elected by the Texas811 membership. Our business is conducted in accordance with Texas law, our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, Board policies, and generally accepted business practices. The Board is made up of large and small-utilities companies, a construction company and municipalities to ensure each type of Texas811 member has a form of representation.


Our mission statement and core values tell you what you can expect from working with Texas811. They drive our purpose and our day-to-day activities. Mission Statement To facilitate damage prevention, promote public safety and protect the environment through stakeholder education and communication. Core Values D rive Collaboration • We Over Me • Embrace Collective Thinking • Challenge with Curiosity I nvest in Yourself • Find your Passion • Influence through Demonstration • Seek Learning Opportunities G o for WOW • Exceed Expectations • Challenge the Status Quo • Create Memorable Experiences



You can view examples of a typical 811 call in the two videos below.

Contact • The excavator/home owner requests a line locate through the Texas811 Portal or by dialing 811 to speak to a Damage Prevention Agent (also known as a Customer Service Representative). • The excavator describes the location and scope of their work area using an address or directions from an intersection. Texas811 also asks the excavator whether or not the designated work area is marked out in white flags or white paint, symbolizing proposed excavation. Texas811 will also ask for detailed items such as the excavation depth, and what type of equipment will be used. Excerpt from Texas Utilities Code Chapter 251: Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety: Except as provided by Sections 251.155 and 251.156, a person who intends to excavate shall notify a one-call notification center not earlier than the 14th day before the date the excavation is to begin or later than the 48th hour before the time the excavation is to begin, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays.


Notification • A Damage Prevention Agent or trained remote excavator will draw an area on the digital map to visually capture the work site information. • If the drawn map selection intersects the digital coverage area provided to Texas811 by the facility operator, this facility operator will receive a notification that excavation is planned near their registered lines.

Respond • Utility members dispatch their locators to mark the location of their registered underground lines with flags or paint. Click HERE to see the Utility Color Code • The member may also provide a response to the excavator, such as “Located” or “Clear, No Conflict” via email or through other means. Excavators can use these ‘Positive Responses’ to determine whether or not it is safe to begin digging. **Texas811 does not mark the location of underground facilities. Texas811 provides a bridge of communication between the excavator and the utility owner/operator. Excavation Once an excavator has waited the required time and all utilities have marked their lines, work can begin. It is the excavator’s responsibility to dig with care and respect the markings on site.

Marked lines and good communication, such as Positive Response, help prevent damage to buried lines.



Click HERE to view our Fee Schedule

Included in The Base Fee

• ​Portal/Portal Plus • Custom reports, advanced ticket searches • Interactive ticket link • Emergency back up notifications (text alerts) • Damage Prevention team • Member Services team


PORTAL/PORTAL PLUS FOR MEMBERS Self-service options are available for Texas811 members through our online Portal. Members have the ability to perform advanced ticket searches, print tickets and respond to excavator requests for locates. Sign up for a free Portal account HERE. View Portal tutorial (member features) HERE. Advanced Ticket Searches • Portal Plus for Members saves and stores all locate tickets in our digital database, giving you a complete and accurate record of all locate tickets submitted. Locate tickets and their history are easily searched using our newly available parameters, saving your company time by narrowing your search results.

• Search options include searching by date or date range, ticket number or code.

Custom Reporting • Utility Members can configure and request reports in custom formats. Positive Response • Eliminate unnecessary No Responses easily by using Positive Response. • Utility Members have the capability of responding back to the one-call notification center with one click. This feature has the ability to interact with multiple ticket management systems. Print Locate Tickets • Print locate tickets easily for your records or internal locators. Printed locate tickets display all contact and work site information and other Texas811 utility members notified in the area.


INTERACTIVE TICKET LINK The interactive ticket link is a URL link located on the excavator and utility member copy of the locate request ticket. By clicking on the interactive link, you will have access to: a. Detailed ticket information such as the excavator contact information, work location information, and list of utility members notified. b. The work area marking based on directions and/or an address provided by the excavator, of the ticket overlaid with your mapping data. Excavators and other utility members do not get access to your mapping data on their copies. c. Access to use location services on your device to get directions to the worksite. Additional attachments like maps, .kmz or .kml files, photos or .jpg images provided by the excavator, if applicable. d. Positive Responses provided by Texas811 members (Positive Response is a service that provides utility members the capability of responding back to the one-call notification center to let excavators know if the work site has been marked or cleared by the utility operator).



John Sparks Director of Damage Prevention (469) 344-5535

Ketha Molina Damage Prevention Manager

Doug Meeks Damage Prevention Manager (512) 963-0034

(432) 209-9482 Habla Español

Jesse Torres Damage Prevention Manager

Tina Sanders Damage Prevention Manager (469) 595-1357

David Ferguson Damage Prevention Manager (214) 674-5959

(361) 799-0959 Habla Español

MEMBER SERVICES TEAM Contact a Member Service Manager by calling 888-771-1877 option 2 or email MemberServices@Texas811.org

Sandoval Garcia

Rebecca Lane

Sam Littrell



Tickets sent out by Texas811 are classified by priority. These classifications are:

Emergency - ticket type used when an excavation operation is needed because if the work isn’t done, it could involve danger to life, health, or property. This ticket type is classified as a high priority, sent out with a zero hours’ notice, and should be responded to as soon as possible. • Definition of an Emergency: Texas Utilities Code Chapter 251.155 defines an emer - gency as excavation that is necessary to respond to a situation that endangers life, health or property or a situation in which the public need for uninterrupted service and immediate reestablishment of service if service is interrupted compels immediate reaction • Disclaimer read to the excavator: The State of Texas defines an Emergency Excavation as one involving danger to life, health, or property. Does your work meet that criteria? Digup - ticket type used when an excavation operation resulted in an exposure or damage to an underground utility. This ticket type is classified as a high priority, sent out with a zero hours’ notice, and should be responded to as soon as possible. • Definition of a damage: Texas Utilities Code Chapter 251.002 defines a damage as: a. the defacing, scraping, displacement, penetration, destruction, or partial or complete severance of an underground facility or of any protective coating, housing, or other protective device of an underground facility;

b. the weakening of structural or lateral support of an underground facility; or

c. the failure to properly replace the backfill covering an underground facility.

• This type of ticket may or may not list a previous ticket number in the additional information section depending on if the person requesting the Digup has one. If a previous ticket number is provided, the remarks will read: “Digup - (previous ticket number)” Non-Compliant - ticket type with less than two-business day notice. • Disclaimer read to the excavator: The start date and time you have requested is not in compliance with Texas State law, which requires 48 hours’ notice prior to excavating. If you start work prior to the required time, you will be in violation of the law and subject to a civil penalty. » We follow up the disclaimer by asking the excavator if they wish to change the start time; this allows them to move forward with a Non-Compliant ticket, or, process a


Normal - ticket type with at least a two-business day notice and not more than 14 days’ notice. No Response - ticket type used when one or more utility operators have not responded to mark their underground utilities. This ticket is classified as a high priority ticket and is only sent to the utility operators that have not responded to the previous request. This type of ticket is sent out with a zero hours’ notice and should be responded to as soon as possible. Recall - ticket type used when the excavator needs to modify information given on a previous ticket or notify utility operators that the locator did not mark the area correctly or completely. This ticket is sent out as a two-business day notice. • If the scope of work, driving directions or marking instructions change, it must be canceled and re-issued as a new ticket. Survey/Design - ticket type used when no excavation will take place but the excavator needs to know where the underground utilities are so that design work can be implemented. This ticket is sent out as a two-business day notice. A separate ticket request is required prior to any excavation. Update – Updates can be requested for two different reasons: To extend the life of the ticket to stay in compliance with Texas Administrative Code Chapter 18, which regulates Oil & Gas members (Update), or, because the locators’ marks are no longer visible and need to be remarked (Update and Remark).

• Both ticket types go out as an Update ticket; however, the description of the requests are slightly different.

» When a request is made for the underground utilities to be remarked, we send the ticket with the following verbiage: “Update & Remark – (previous ticket number)”. » When a request is made only extend the life of a ticket without a request to have the under-ground utilities remarked, we send the request with the following verbiage: “Update – (previous ticket number)”.

• Both the tickets are sent out with a two-business day notice.

Cancellation - informational ticket type used to notify utility operators that a previous ticket has been cancelled and needs no further action. The reason for the can- cellation, previous ticket number, and/or further instructions can be found in the addi- tional information section of the ticket. This ticket is sent out with a zero hours’ notice. Within minutes from the time a ticket is completed, all utility operators with under- ground utilities in the excavation area will receive a notification from the one-call center.



As a Texas811 utility member, you have options for how you receive your notifications: email, FTP, ticket management software, and text message. Collectively, Texas811 refers to these options as Receiving Sites . A receiving site is selected by the utility member when filling out the membership application and can be updated as often as needed thereafter. Limits There is a limit of two per code. A code is a short set of characters that denotes a specific region of your mapping coverage area. Here are some examples of acceptable receiving site setups, per single code:

• Two email addresses • One email address and one ticket management • One ticket management and one locating service

If more than two receiving sites are needed per code, we recommend that your organization create your own distribution email address, internally. This is typically handled by an IT Department. Distribution emails give direct access to add and remove multiple recipients as needed. We also recommend Korweb, powered by KorTerra, for ticket delivery to multiple recipients. You may also utilize the Texas811 Portal to search for tickets by ticket number or date range. In addition to electronic delivery, we offer free text messages for tickets that would qualify as a Digup or Emergency (please refer to the Ticket Types page within this member packet for more information). For this purpose, you may provide us up to two mobile numbers per code. If you are experiencing delivery issues with email or FTP, or for an extraordinary circumstance, Texas811 may temporarily add a fax receiving site. Audits Texas811 provides daily audits to the receiving site(s) we have on file for our utility members. The audits are sent after midnight, even if no tickets were delivered the previous day (the value will simply read as zero). In order to receive the audit, the receiving site must also be set up to receive tickets. While optional, we strongly recommend that you receive audits as a way to ensure that all tickets delivered from Texas811 are received.

The daily audits include the date, code(s), delivery status, and ticket total (Emergencies included).



Chapter 251.107 of the Texas Utilities Code requires Facility Operators to notify the one-call notification center

(3) at least quarterly but, if possible, as those changes occur, information relating to each change in the operator’s maps or grid locations or other identifiers or in the person or persons designated as the operator’s contact person or persons.

For changes or updates to your utility member mapping, please complete our Member Mapping Submission Form . For changes or updates to your contact information, please complete our Member Information Update Form . For more information on your legal responsibilities as a Facility Operator, please visit the links below. Texas Utilities Code Chapter 251 Governed by the OneCall Board of Texas for all underground facility operators. Texas Administrative Code Chapter 18 Governed by the Railroad Commission of Texas for oil and gas facility operators.



When changes happen within your organization, Texas811 is here to help. We have a dedicated Member Forms page providing you direct access to request several different types of updates, reports, and even submit an inquiry when you have a concern regarding a specific locate request. All forms can be accessed on the Texas811 Member Forms page HERE . Add New Code Form Upon registration as a utility member with Texs811, you will be assigned a unique member code that is used to identify your company in our system, as well as on the outbound locate request sent to excavators and other utility members. You can choose to have just one member code that encompasses all of your assets, or, you can divide your coverage area into multiple groups, each with their own unique code. Texas811 allows an unlimited number of codes a member can utilize to identify their various assets. New codes can be created by simply completing our Add New Code Form and attaching the corresponding mapping files.

Below are a couple of examples of when you may want to set up multiple member codes:

• You have different geographical regions where different locators or contacts handle their own region • You have multiple facility types (water, sewer, gas, electric, etc.) that may be handled by their own workforce or billing departments Member Mapping Submission Form State Law requires facility operators to update their member utility mapping at least quarterly, or as changes happen. To make these changes and stay in compliance with Texas Utilities Code Chapter 251.107 , use our Member Mapping Submission Form. (Texas811 accepts several mapping formats, but the preferred formats are KMZ or shapefiles) Detailed Report Request To request information regarding the amount of tickets your company has received or if you need to request specific ticket data such as: ticket types, excavator information, who the work is being done for, the nature of work, and the location of work.


Extraordinary Circumstances Form • An extraordinary circumstance is when your company is experiencing conditions that make it impractical to fully comply with your response time obligations, as detailed in Texas Utilities Code Chapter 251.158 . • Extraordinary circumstances can be declared for as many codes being affected by that circumstance. • Extraordinary circumstances are most often weather-related conditions such as a hurricane or tropical storm, but other conditions can activate the use of extraordinary circumstances. • You will continue receiving tickets as long as your receiving equipment is functioning. If not, the requests will remain in queue at Texas811’s call center and will be delivered as soon as your equipment is working properly. • Your member code and contact information will continue to be listed on requests, so excavators are aware of your facility. • Your specific message regarding the extraordinary circumstances is also displayed on the excavator copy of the ticket informing them of the declaration of extraordinary circumstance. Invoice Questions If you have a question about an invoice you received from Texas811, this form gives you direct access to our Accounting Department. Locate Request Concern Form If you have a concern about a locate request and would like Texas811 to review this concern, submit a Locate Request Concern Form. Once this form is received by the Member Services Department, they will share your concern with the appropriate parties within the contact center. Below are some examples of when you may want to utilize the locate request concern form: • Excavation polygon incorrect • Bad contact information • Incorrect street(s) listed on locate request • Incorrect driving directions or GPS • You did not receive a ticket for an area where you have assets registered • You receive a ticket where you do not have assets registered


Member Information Update Form State Law requires facility operators to update their contact information at least quarterly, or as changes happen. To make these changes and stay in compliance with Texas Utilities Code Chapter 251.107 , use our Member Information Update Form. The information that can be updated using this form is: • Utility Type/s • Primary Contact (the Contact person responsible for damage prevention needs, new features and services and questions regarding membership) • Correspondence Contact (the person responsible for questions/concerns with ticket delivery issues) • Referral Contact: contact information given to excavators when they have questions regarding your facilities or markings (required by law) • Billing Contact • GIS/Mapping Verification Contact • Holidays and other days off • Destination of Tickets (member receiving sites) • Emergency/Digup Backup Notifications New Member Application • This form is used to sign up for membership with Texas811. Membership with Texas811 means you will begin receiving notifications when an excavator is performing work near your underground utility lines. There is a place on this form to attach the mapping files for your underground utilities, which will then be registered in our mapping system. • If you need to register assets under a new company name that is not yet listed in our system, a membership application would be required. Portal Questions This form can be used for specific questions about The Portal, to include technical issues or login issues. Positive Response Configuration Form Positive Response helps to eliminate unnecessary No Responses and gives you the capability of responding back to the one-call notification center with one click. Excavators can view your responses by logging into The Portal or by using the Interactive Ticket Link located on their copy of the ticket. Excavators can also obtain your responses by calling the one-call notification center. This feature can also interact with multiple ticket manage - ment systems. Ticket Search This form is used to request a ticket search when you do not have a ticket number.



Texas811 makes every attempt to ensure registering your underground facilities is as effortless as possible. We offer a variety of methods for mapping submissions. These formats, along with detailed instruction and requirements for updates, are included on our Member Mapping Submission Form below. Safety and damage prevention are a top priority at Texas811; therefore, we encourage our members to update their mapping as frequently as necessary, and per Chapter 251.107 of the Texas Utilities Code, at least quarterly. • Member Mapping Submission Form • Instructions for Google Earth (KMZ) files

For additional information, please contact GIS by email or phone: 888-771-1877 (option 3).


BUFFER INFORMATION All utility members are responsible for providing their mapping data to Texas811. We accept several mapping formats, with the preferred formats being KMZ and shapefiles. If you do not have data in this format, please contact the GIS Team for assistance prior to submission. We have several options to support mapping development, including recommended contractors. Texas811 has the ability to place an additional buffer around mapping data provided. This buffer works to limit damage to your utility lines. The minimum utility line buffer is 10 feet. We recommend that you provide us with larger buffers wherever you may be unsure of the exact location of your buried lines. There are no limitations on the maximum utility line buffer that you may apply to your mapping file, and your mapping coverage area may be updated within in our database as often as you request and throughout the tenure of your membership. When selecting your buffer size, please keep in mind that Texas811 places a 150-foot buffer around the map selection, which is selected based off of directions and/or addresses provided by the excavator. To ensure that all assets remain protected, the buffer placed around the map selection acts as a cushion to the directions provided, which is typically an approximation. This buffer coupled with your buffer, (if applicable), allows the Texas811 system to identify registered utility lines where locates may be required. Reminder: The one-call system operates as a machine comprised of several different stakeholders. Texas811 acts as a liaison between the protection of your underground utility lines and the people who are living and working around them. When driving directions and work site information is provided, safety and damage prevention are our main goals. Your organization will be notified when your underground mapping data (buffer included, if applicable) intersects with the buffered marking placed on the Texas811 map; either by an agent in our contact center or by an excavator who processes their own tickets online. You can easily view your current mapping through SAE (Service area Editor) , an online program included in your membership. To request access to SAE , please contact GISMail@Texas811.org .



Bringing you The Next Generation of Damage Prevention™

Utility members look to Texas811 for out-of-the-box solutions to their most pressing concerns, like better ways to prevent damages to their underground facilities and approaches to minimize the ever-increasing costs of locating their underground facilities. Customized Solutions utilizes advanced technology to provide services that are customized to the needs of each Texas811 member. The innovative programs offered by Texas811 Customized Solutions are bringing you The Next Generation of Damage Prevention™. Since going operational in 2015, Customized Solutions has collectively saved 25 Member companies more than $12 million in unnecessary locating fees. For additional information click HERE or contact Solutions@Texas811.org . All Customized Solutions are available on a subscription basis and tailored to a member’s specific circumstances. Whether you’re looking to reduce damages or reduce locating expenses, or both, contact Solutions@Texas811.org to learn what Texas811 Customized Solutions can do for you.


Click the image below for a list of frequently asked utility member questions.


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