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ISSUE HIGHLIGHTS Volume 24 Issue 14 July 27 - August 16, 2012 Meridian Capital Group negotiates $25.2m in financing

Combined Heat and Power system to preserve archival documents Aegis Energy Services installs CHP system in the National Archives


OLLEGE PARK, MD — It is common knowl- edge that heat and hu-

suited to healthcare facilities, recreational facilities, hotels, dormitories, and multi-unit residential buildings; wherever there is a need for the useable thermal energy (domestic hot water, space heating, absorption cooling, pool water heating,etc) produced from the cogeneration unit. Prior to recommending a CHP system, Aegis Energy Services always performs a no-cost thor- ough evaluation of the building’s heating systems and a propri- etary energy analysis using his- torical energy usage. This work ensures that its CHP systems will be properly engineered to deliver promised and reliable savings consistently year after year. The National Archives is ben- efitting from the reliable, high efficiency CHP systems manu- factured and installed by Aegis Energy Services, which helped cut their high energy costs, while simultaneously reducing carbon and other greenhouse-gas emis- sions, thus benefitting the DC metropolitan area, at large. ■

midity are detrimental to the preservation of archival docu- ments. No organization is more serious about safeguarding our nation’s historical record than The National Archives, located in Washington, DC and College Park, MD. Maintaining steady tempera- ture and low humidity is a 24/7, 365 day a year mission for the Archives’ facility management, and is a costly proposition. But when you are protecting the original Constitution of the United States or the Declara- tion of Independence, you take no chances! Looking to cut their overall energy expenses by 30%, the Na- tional Archives of College Park, MD and Washington DC, em- barked on a series of measures, including the installation of a Combined Heat and Power sys- tem engineered, manufactured and installed by Aegis Energy Services, Inc. Combined Heat and Power (CHP), also known as cogen- eration, is the production of both electricity and heat from a SINGLE fuel source, in this case natural gas. It is a well estab- lished, proven, high-efficiency energy-saving technology. Aegis Energy Services, Inc. has been the leader in CHP for nearly 27 years with hundreds of systems located in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. In 2009, The NationalArchives


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National Archives

installed two Aegis 75kw CHP systems in their Washington, DC facility. In 2010, the College Park, Maryland site installed three Aegis CHP systems. Heat recovered from the CHP systems is used to re-heat ambient air to 70 degrees F, after previously being cooled to 55 degrees F in an effort to condense out any moisture. At College Park, the three Ae-

gis CHP systems were installed in the building’s main mechani- cal room, located close to the boil- ers and chillers. The systems not only help protect the valuable archives, but also keep the five hundred people employed there and the site’s several hundred daily visitors comfortable. In addition to dehumidifica- tion applications such as this one, CHP technology is well


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Cooper-Horowitz arranges $161.4 million in financing

NEW YORK, NY — Coo- per-Horowitz, Inc. recently arranged financing on the fol- lowing properties: • DunbarApartment Portfo- lio: 211-227 and 231-247 West 149th Street; 210-226 and 230- 246 West 150th Street; 2580- 2594 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd; 2802-2824 Frederick Douglas Blvd., New York, NY. The loan was for $20.9 mil- lion. Jayson Schwartz and Richard Horowitz represented the firm • The Bedford Portfolio: 158- 160 North 4th Street; 237-241 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Retail/Residential. The loan was for $51 million. Mark Niman, Richard Horowitz and Louis Mirando represented the firm. • 1133 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, NY. 625,000 s/f office building. The loan was for $79 million. Richard

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Bedford Portfolio rendering

Horowitz represented the firm. • 350 West Broadway, New York, NY. Retail/Condomin-

ium. The loan was for $10.5 million. David Horowitz and Richard Horowitz represented the firm. ■


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