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“The grape’s fate is as deep as the roots of its planting.” –Franca

or life?” And then create an action plan for that. The best lessons in life or business have absolutely zero value unless they are put into action. Here we go …

In this special edition, I have some business-building and life-mastery lessons from my recent vacation to Chianti and Florence, Italy, where the food and wine are on another level, and the ancient traditions are not dead yet. Instead, people are fighting to preserve them. Everywhere you go in the world — anytime you step outside your door, get on a plane, or travel to places you’ve never been — you will find at least one thing to open your mind to the possibilities. All you need to have is a growth mindset, and you can find hidden nuggets and clues of growth tucked in the most seamless of conversations, the tiniest of stores, the breaking of bread. Anna and I make travel abroad a must almost every year. In the last five years, we only skipped it the year we bought our house. We shall see what happens the first year Lucca is born. But it’s a must and a goal for us because everywhere you look in the world today, there are gems of value that can help make your business unique, create the breakthrough you need, or just add depth and more fabric to life. Let’s get right into some of the top notes I took from this trip that I want you to ponder over some wine or a good coffee. But don’t just ponder them; ask yourself, “How can I do this in my business

Mimma and Franca explaining roots that run deep

1. Grow Deep Roots, Not Shallow Ones.

In Italy, in the Chianti region, you’re not allowed to water the grapes, unless in a serious drought. That definitely took me by surprise. Until Franca and Mimma (the Mammas) explained why. They taught us that when you water the grapes, it gives them easy access to the

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