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is to enhance and improve the Equestrian experience for Horse, Rider, and Saddler.


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1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :

Our History

George Steel, great-great-great grandfather of the generation currently operating Steele Saddle Tree Company, went through his apprenticeship making saddle trees in England during the 1840’s, after which he built saddle trees there for a number of years. He came to this country on business several times, and finally immigrated with his family in 1856. After spending some time in New York and Pennsylvania, he settled in what would become Goodlettsville, Tennessee and went into business building wagons. In 1859, after raising sufficient capital, he moved to Nashville and started a saddle tree factory. He did a thriving business and employed over sixty men prior to the Civil War. During the war he built trees for the Confederate Cavalry. When Nashville was captured his entire operation was confiscated and all his machinery was shipped north. He was then thrown out of the country because, as a British subject having not yet acquired American citizenship, he could only be deported for supplying the Confederacy. After the war, he returned and went back into the saddle tree business on the same property in Nashville. Except for a few temporary shutdowns due to being destroyed once by war, once by tornado, twice by fire and once by the advent of the automobile, this business has been around for over 160 years and six generations.

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :

Steele or Steel? As evidenced by these original documents, sometime around the turn of the 19th to 20th century an ‘e’ was added to the end of our family name. The original spelling without the ‘e’ is the English spelling of the name. The spelling including the final ‘e’ was generally recognized as the Irish spelling, though we now identify it as the American version also. My grandfather, John William (Jack) Steele, Jr. was unsure of the exact reason for the addition but speculated on several possibilities. One reason he postulated was that the modified spelling avoided confusion regarding the material from which our saddle trees are produced. A steel saddle tree would be impractical for fastening leather and heavier than wood to boot. We honestly continue to this day to have the occasional rider express surprise that our saddle trees aren’t made of metal. Another speculation was the modified spelling was implemented to set us apart from the English and establish an American identity. I don’t think this is likely as our family is proud of our English roots and have never tried to distance ourselves from them. The most likely reason posited by Jack Steele is that his mother simply thought the additional ‘e’ made the name look more sophisticated, an assertion on which we make no judgement. We’ll leave that to those to whom such things matter. The present generations will continue the present spelling so no further explanation will be necessary.

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :

Our Commitment

Shop and crew of Steele Saddle Tree Company Circa 1900

As with every consumer based manufacturer, we aim to please the customer. However, we face the question of which customer: Saddlers, our direct customer; riders, our indirect customers; or horses, our incidental customers? Displeasing any of the three is not an option. Therefore we aim to please the ‘customer’ we have identified as an equal partnership between the saddlers who build the saddles, the riders who buy and ride them, and the horses who wear them. Our goal is to enhance and improve the experience of all three. We achieve this by providing timely delivery of consistent and accurate saddle trees; by developing and offering the variety of fits and styles necessary for today’s broad spectrum of horses, riders and disciplines; and by continuing to apply and utilize new technologies and materials as they become available. Our commitment to serving the partnership is the sustaining force enabling us to remain at the forefront of the western saddle tree industry for more than a century and a half. ‘Serving the partnership’ means that Steele Saddle Tree will not make a change for the convenience of either the saddler or rider if doing so is a detriment to the horse. There are vast numbers of saddlers, riders and horses who interact and combine in innumerable ‘partnerships’, each with its own specialized interests. We provide for this disparate assortment of wants and needs with the extensive variety of styles and fits available in each of our product lines. If we don’t currently offer exactly what you need or are looking for, we can tool it up, make the necessary modification, or even put your ideas into production.

Steele Saddle Tree, LLC adheres to principles and practices established in the industry prior to the advent of the automobile. In those times competition was primarily between alliances or teams of tree and saddle makers, not among individual tree makers vying for the same saddler customers. These ‘teams’ had generally much the same high volume items, but all tended to have areas in which they specialized. If you had a certain build horse or unique requirement, there was likely a saddler who specialized in that area and purchased their trees from a single tree maker. Catering to these specific markets required close cooperation between tree maker and saddler to the point of sharing proprietary information. At that time there was no worry of company secrets being revealed because the tree maker/ saddler team competed with other teams. Now, though there are no longer these ‘teams’ competing with one another, your proprietary specifications and styles are secure with Steele Saddle Tree, LLC because we understand and respect the need for confidentiality with each of our customers. We make available to all customers new styles and fits we develop or improvements that originate in the public arena. At the same time we do our best to provide each customer with unique combinations of fits and styles. We are here to serve the partnership of horse, rider and saddler. Insuring the well-being of all three has been our priority for six generations. We aim to provide the same quality service for generations more.

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :


ABOUT OUR TREES O ur quality hand-crafted saddle trees are made of Southern Yellow Pine and laminated with quality plywoods. Self-designed and engineered lathes produce your tree parts from the same patterns for years to come, insuring consistency even decades into the future. All tree parts are then hand-trimmed, sanded and assembled to your specifications in jigs, resulting in every tree being square, level and symmetrical. All trees are assembled with industrial adhesives and fastened with multiple 2” staples on all joints; Roping and Ranching trees have additional 4” screws in each bar-to-fork joint. More strength upgrades are also available. Trees are once again sanded, if needed, to insure contours are smooth flowing before being covered in hand-laid 6 oz. fiberglass cloth. Both domestic and international orders are processed and shipped within 30 days from order date .

OUR SERVICES Steele Saddle Tree is proud to offer the following. 1. Quality Saddle Trees which are: • Built from patterns to your specifications in virtually any style and fit to the horse. • Produced in quantities and pricing to meet your needs, from individual custom-assembled trees to production orders of several hundred trees at a time. • Shipped across the U.S. and internationally. • Processed in a timely manner, shipping (except for the largest orders) within 30 days for flexible and standard fiberglass covered trees. • Stock trees are available for immediate shipment. 2. Saddle Tree Repair We can usually repair a broken tree by any manufacturer to stronger-than-original condition at less cost than a new tree, and you can know the original tree will fit the leather. Alternatively, if a new replacement is desired or needed, we have hundreds of patterns and will usually have a close if not identical match for most trees on the market.

3. Fit to the Horse

Your choice of dozens of available fits and even more variations on those fits. We also have a process for determining our best standard – or, if needed, customized -- fit for a particular horse.

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :


Equi-Fit® Classic trees feature the widest range of fits available of all our tree lines. Included are all ten fits represented by FTBS plus numerous variations of them. In addition we produce a number of ‘exclusive’ fits. These are fits designed to individual saddler specifications, produced exclusively for and available only from the saddler named on the ‘Exclusive Design’ hang tag supplied with their trees.

• Wood Tree • Fiberglass covered • Full selection of styles and fits.

• Conventional 4-part tree • Bars: Molded of a quality flexible elastomer • Fork and cantle: Wood / fiberglass-covered • Virtually any style is available. Fits are limited in EFF.

Equi-Fit Flexible® allows independent modification of the bar rafter angle front and rear. This allows a more proper fit for a wide spectrum of back types.

• Built on a flexible ‘Foundation’ (bars and groundseat molded together in one unit) • Fork and cantle: Wood / fiberglass-covered • Virtually any style is available. Fits are

Our Foundation Flex® is a flexible tree that Bends with your horse. Foundation Flex® attains its flexibility by combining a traditional rigid fork and cantle together with a state-of-the-art foundation in lieu of the conventional bars and ground seat.

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :

Specialty and Historical Trees

Various specialty tree styles are available, some of which can be seen on our ‘Styles’ section. Some of our best customers build saddles for historical re-enactors. Should you need a specialty tree which is not currently available, we develop new and reproduction styles of specialty trees on an ongoing basis. Contact us for further information.

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :


SADDLE / SADDLE TREE FIT As the oldest and largest manufacturer of classic wood western saddle trees, we at Steele Saddle Tree receive a large volume of inquiries regarding saddle fit.The majority come from riders who are experiencing difficulty finding a properly fitting saddle for their horse. These horses are frequently described as ‘unusual’ shaped because every off-the-rack saddle they’ve tried causes soring, is unstable, won’t stay in position, or their horse acts up when it is placed on the horse’s back; all of which can be indications of improper fit. I can assure you as a saddle treemaker with literally scores of available fits,’unusual’ is the new normal. When horses were the chief mode of personal and family transportation in this country, they were bred to a somewhat uniform conformation within the breed. A saddle represented a considerable investment, so it wasn’t necessarily replaced as often as your horse. The saddle often needed to properly fit your last, your present and your next horse. A horse that didn’t fit your saddle rendered your investment worthless, so was not in great demand. ‘Unusual’ shaped horses were relegated to activities other than riding, such as pulling wagons and carriages or plowing. With the present demand for carriage and plow horses at essentially zero, there is now only one major market for horses - Riders. Uniform conformation, as a prerequisite for buying a ‘riding’ horse, has disappeared over the past century as the understanding and awareness of proper fit has declined. In other words, there was a time when if you bought a ‘riding’ horse, chances were it fit your saddle. There are no longer ‘riding’ horses, ‘carriage’ horses or ‘plow’ horses. They’re all ‘riding’ horses now! But riders continue to consider proper fit a given (though there is a growing awareness of the problems associated with improperly fitting saddles). We’re never going back to the way it was, so the next step is to increase


In the simplest terms, a saddle is an upholstered saddle tree. Some trees require the saddler to create and shape the saddle seat, but the underside shape, or ‘fit’, is not routinely altered by the western saddler. Therefore, how your saddle fits, or conforms to your horse’s back, is determined primarily by the shape of the tree inside. If the tree doesn’t fit properly, neither will the saddle. There are pads that enable you to fill in the spaces created by or resulting from an improper fit. These function well for fine tuning a relatively close fit, but cannot completely compensate for a drastically improper fit, so should not be used as a permanent substitute for a truly properly fitting saddle tree / saddle. WHAT IS PROPER FIT? At Steele Saddle Tree we define proper fit as achieving contact between the tree and the horse’s back over as large an area as possible while not creating pressure points during normal riding activity. This distributes the combined weight of the rider and equipment over as large an area as possible, thus reducing the pound per square inch ratio (the more square inches of bearing surface, the less weight per square inch with a given load). There is no single, absolute definition of proper fit because different riding disciplines benefit from slight variations. For instance, a barrel racing tree gives the rider an advantage if it has additional clearance at the ends of the bars so that ‘bridging’ and the associated restriction is not an impediment to the horse when bending around the barrels. A cutting tree gives an advantage to the rider by having a flatter rear rafter angle. This allows the rear of the saddle to float, thereby not restricting the horse’s maneuverability by locking the horse’s rear end to its front. There are as many of these slight variations as there are disciplines but, in general, more contact means less pressure per square inch and thus less likelihood of restricted blood flow and skin/muscle trauma.

rider knowledge of proper fit in order that these ‘unusual’ shaped horses must no longer suffer under poorly fitting saddles.

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :

FIT CLASSIFICATION- UNCERTAINTY RULES! Despite the near-universal use of measurements (gullet, spread, etc.) and breed- or body type-specific descriptions (semi-quarter, full quarter, draft, gaited, etc.), there are NO INDUSTRY-WIDE ACCEPTED AND UTILIZED STANDARDS for saddle tree fits! It’s every saddle tree maker for themselves; one tree maker’s ‘quarter horse’ fit is not necessarily the same as another’s. Even within some tree makers’ own lines, the same fit description can be applied to entirely differently shaped trees. Furthermore, it is impossible to accurately describe - especially for comparison purposes - the complex, three dimensional shape of a saddle tree using a few measurements from one side to the other. DETERMINING FIT: THE PROBLEM & THE SOLUTION Due to the reasons mentioned, it is virtually impossible to determine that your horse needs, say, a ‘quarter horse’ fit. The only way to know if a particular saddle truly fits your horse is to place a tree identical to the one inside the saddle onto your horse. This is impractical and more often than not, impossible (How many stores have trees that correspond to all saddles in stock?). Steele Equi-Fit ®

saddle trees are the only ones on the market that adhere to an across-the-board standard of fit that can be readily tried or demonstrated on your horse. Ten of our most widely utilized fits can be demonstrated using ‘Fit-To-Be- Seen’ (FTBS), the Equi-Fit ® saddle tree fit designation and demonstration system. These ten fits, represented by lightweight ‘Fit Forms,’ are described below. When a particular horse requires a fit beyond those ten, an actual tree (or ‘Fit Tree’) must be used for demonstration purposes. However, due to the large volume of fits offered by Steele way to determine the most proper fit we will have for a particular horse. You will find this process detailed on the following page. Saddle Tree, there is a quicker and better

FTBS FIT DESIGNATIONS The different fits are labeled with a one or two letter designation. In addition, a general description of each follows along with the more familiar breed- specific or back- type classification. These limited descriptions cannot be readily utilized for fit determination but will assist when comparing one to another.

J - Semi-Quarter Horse (Semi)/Arabian - Steeper front and rear rafter angle and closer- spaced bars relative to Standard Quarter Horse fit when positioned at standard spread. In addition, sufficient bow (rocker) enables this fit to conform well to the short Arabian back having a narrow wither dropping off quickly to the shoulder. D - Standard Quarter Horse - Approximate 92º front rafter angle. Good front flare, bow and upturned tails to avoid bridging and bar edge pressure points. TF - Full Quarter Spread - Same bow (rocker) and wind (twist) as ‘D’ fit with an additional 1/2” front spread (‘GW+1/2’ or ‘+1/2’) than standard. NE - Straight-Back Quarter - Similar flare and rafter angle to the ‘D’ fit with much less bow. Developed for straighter backed, well collected horses. Also works well for mules that require a flatter front rafter than the ‘SE’. SE - Mule - Reduced bow and steeper front rafter angle to conform to the distinctive mule back. Helps prevent the back of the saddle rocking up when cinched, which creates tremendous pressure under the stirrup leather when the rider’s weight pushes it back down.

HA - Draft Horse - Approximate 105º front rafter angle. Flatter rear rafter also and less bow for broad, flat backs with little dip. LT - Gaited Horse - Steeper rear rafter angle, additional front flare and more bow relative to the ‘D’ fit. PW - Walking Horse - Flatter rear rafter angle, steeper front rafter angle. AW- Full Wither/Arabian) - Flared out front and rear to allow for full or mutton wither with no pockets. The resulting bow enables this fit to conform well to the short Arabian back having wide withers rounding out into the shoulder. The AW has also been found to work for more dipped-back draft horses. X- Performance Quarter - Flatter front and rear rafter angle and less convex front bar pads allow for the broad wither and well-developed shoulder muscles of the highly trained, daily ridden working quarter horse. A more open waist facilitates collecting and core development.

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :



Pictured on the tree style pages are some of the various parts available and possible trees that can be ordered. Keep in mind there is no limitation to

ordering trees only as they are pictured in this catalog. Bars, forks, cantles, and horns are interchangeable, and any combination of the various components are considered a standard production tree.

8X 75

McBride (Specialty Tree)

A127, 37 Horn

9Y2F, 29 Horn

4876, 36 Horn

P801, 41 Horn

1936, 45 Horn

3512, 32 Horn

L336, 41 Horn

G475, 32 Horn

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :


1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :


1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :


1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :


1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :


1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :


Material Our horns are cast from 100% certified alloy: Smaller and thinner horns of #719 alloy with a tensile strength of 35 K.S.I., larger and thicker horns of #319 alloy with a tensile strength of 27 K.S.I. Fasteners (4s) Four #10 x 1 ¾” screws. Recommended for pleasure, trail, reining, show and timed events. (6s) Six #10 x 1 ¾” screws. Recommended for tall cutting horns that create increased leverage. (4r/2s) Four 3/16 wagon box rivets and two #10 x 1 ¾” screws. Recommended for roping.

#11 Pleasure h.= 3 1/4” c.= 2 1/2”

#15 All Around h.= 3” c.= 2 1/2”

#19 Barrel Pleasure h.= 3 3/8” c.= 2”

#20 Roy Cooper Roper h.= 3 3/8” c.= 2”

#21 Smooth Cap Cutter h.= 4” c.= 1 3/4”

#22 Bulldogging h. 3” c. 1 1/2” w. x 2 1/2” l.

#23 Standard Post Roper h.= 3 3/4” c.= 2 1/4” Also available in 3 1/4” h.

#27 Large Cap Roper h.= 3 3/4” c.= 2 3/4”

#28 Large Cap Roper h.= 3 1/4” c.= 2 3/4”

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :

#29 Braiding Barrel Racer h.= 3 1/2” c.= 1 3/4”

#30 Heart Cap Cutter h.= 4” c.= 1-1/2” w. x 1 3/4” l.

#32 Small Post Roper h.= 3 1/4” c.= 2”

#33 Post Cutter h.= 3 3/8” c.= 1 5/8” Also available in 4 3/8 “ h.

#34 Pelican Show/ Equitation h.= 3 1/4” c.= 2 3/8”

#35 Show / Pleasure h.= 3 1/2” c.= 2 1/4”

#36 Wood Post-Style Roper h.= 3 1/2” c.= 3 1/2”

#37 Standard Cutter h.= 4 1/4” c.= 1 1/2”

#39 Pelican Show/ Equitation h.= 2 5/8” c.= 2”

#41 Southwest Roper h.= 3 1/2” c.= 2”

#42 Fwd. Lean Cutter/ Barrel h.= 3 5/8” c.= 1 1/2”

#43 Easy Grip Barrel/ Pleasure h.= 4” c.= 1 3/4”

#44 Reining h.= 2 3/4” c.= 1 3/4”

#45 All-Around h.=3 1/8” c.=2”

#46 Reining h.=2 1/2” c.=1 3/4”

#47 Pleasure / Trail h.=3” c.=1 3/4”

#48 Wood-Post Style Roper h.=3” c.=2 5/8”

#49 Horn h.= 3” c.= 2”

#LNP Pelican Roper h.= 3 1/2” c.= 3”

#SNP Pelican Show/ Equitation h.= 2 3/4” c.= 3”

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :

A wide selection of wood horn styles is available from Steele Saddle Tree. Caps come in three basic shapes: Round, Spade, and Teardrop: Wood Horns

Designations and measurements follow for some of the wood horns we offer. NOTE: Wood horns may not match up to every fork style. Cap Size Length Width Height Shape 4R 3 ¾” 3 ½” 2 7/8” Spade 5X-1 3 ¼” 2 7/8” 2 ½” Spade 5X-2 2 ¾” 2 5/8” 2 ¼” Teardrop 5X-3 4” 3 ¾” 3” Spade 5X-4 3 ½” 3 ½” 2 ¾” Round 7B-1 4 3/8” 4 3/8” 2 ½” Round 8X-1 4 1/8” 4 1/8” 2 ¼” Round 8X-2 3 ½” 3 3/8” 2 ¾” Teardrop 8X-3 3 ½” 3 ½” 2 ¼” Round 9W-1 3 1/8” 2 7/8” 2 ½” Spade


Cap Size






1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :


COVERING: Our ‘Equi-Fit Classic’ wood trees are available in: • Standard Fiberglass Covered - The entire tree is covered in hand-laid 6 oz. fiberglass cloth.


STRENGTH UPGRADES: ‘Double Layer’ (DL) Roping or Cutting Upgrade

• The stress points for Roping (back of fork and fork/bar joint) or Cutting (thinner, close-contact bars) are reinforced with an additional layer of fiberglass underneath the fiberglass or rawhide covering. ‘Premium’ Strength Upgrade • ‘+’ One additional 4” screw in each joint • ‘++’ Two additional screws in fork joints, one in cantle joints Additional-Fiberglass Covering

• Full Glass – Tree covered with an additional layer of fiberglass • ½ Glass – Additional layer of fiberglass applied to front half of tree

COSMETIC UPGRADE: Fiberglass Covering Upgrade • ‘SL’ (‘Slick Finish’): • Production fiberglass/resin covering is hand-sanded, then an additional coat of resin is applied for a smoother finish.

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :


STOCK TREES Limited tree styles are in stock and can be purchased in small quantities or individually at Quantity Pricing. The following are generally available for immediate shipment in Quarter Horse fit, fiberglass covered: 6914 - Round-front Barrel Racer,

#29 Horn, 13”-17” Seat 9716 - Bowman Roper, #23 Horn, 13”-18” Seat


Steele Saddle Tree Company offers a vast selection of traditional saddle trees assembled from four parts – five including the horn. Combinations of the hundreds of individual fork, cantle, bar and horn patterns we have available create a countless variety of styles and fits, enabling us to offer each customer unique and exclusive designs. In addition to our extensive selection of existing styles, fits and horns, we are able to tool-up your ideas and put them into pro- duction, effectively giving you ‘custom’ trees at volume prices. Do you need a tree to augment an existing supplier or replace models no longer available? Our relatively inexpensive and read- ily modified duplicating patterns enable us to tweak your specific trees to exactly what you need and have been looking for. We offer virtually the same models so prior leather patterns match, as well as models with modifications such as different fits to the horse, different horns, higher cantles, various seat lengths, etc.

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :


Give us a call! at 615-792-7171. Or email us at with any questions.

Initial orders are best worked out with a phone call due to the sheer volume of styles, fits and other variables associated with our product lines. Email can be utilized to send photos or links which show the styles you are interested in and those we have available. Once your needs are determined and a working relationship established, you can easily re-order by phone, fax, mail, or email. HELP WITH TREE DESIGNATIONS The following is for those interested in how our tree designations work. Sample Tree Designation: 9716 NE 16” #23 FG



Bar Designation

Seat Length


Covering Type



NE 16”

#23 FG

The designation breaks down as follows: 97

= Fork/swell/pommel (the 97 being a Bowman roper)


= Cantle (the 16 being a 4 x 12.5” oval)

NE = Bar, also identifying the ‘Fit’, in this case our straighter-back Quarter horse 16” = Seat length #23 = Horn (the #23 being our standard post roper) FG = Covering (‘FG’ indicating ‘fiberglass covered’)

The tree designation identifies every component of your tree. It is used for scheduling orders and to identify trees on packing lists and invoices. Using the same designation when reordering will guarantee you the exact same tree every time, even years into the future.


QUANTITY PRICING: Available to customers ordering in lots of six or more (Fiberglass covered): All alike 1 variation* 2 variations* Six Tree Price: $128 $133 $138 2-5 Tree Price: $148 $153 $158 Single Tree: $163

* A variation would be two different seat lengths, different horns, or different cantles, etc. within an order. The above pricing is for a typical Western tree in Equi Fit ® Classic, fiberglass covered. Additional charges will apply for upgrades and certain items (Examples: Slim endurance fork, wood-post horn, custom modification). Add $52 per tree for Equi Fit ® Flexible or Foundation Flex trees.



Production parts, Jig Set-up

Payment can be made by check, major credit/debit cards, or PayPal.


Production parts, Custom Set-up, match contours and dutchmen


Specialty parts, Jig Set-up

CUSTOM: $300 Specialty parts, Custom Set-up Pricing is for Fiberglass Covered. An extra charge will apply for each modification.

CONTACT US Steele Saddle Tree, LLC 1343 Saddle Tree Road Ashland City, TN 37015 Hours: 8 AM – 4 PM (or so) CST - Monday-Friday Phone: 615-792-7171 Fax: 615-657-4921 Email: Website:


‘Double Layer’ Roping or Cutting Strength Upgrade ‘+’ Strength Upgrade $ 12 ‘++’ Strength Upgrade $ 20 Additional half fiberglass covering (front half of tree) $ 30 Additional full fiberglass covering $ 30 ‘SL’ or ‘Slick Finish’ $ 8

Due to our extensive selection of trees and options, we do not attempt to inventory trees. All orders are custom processed to your specifications.


The following is a list of some of our vendors who carry saddles made with Steele Saddle Tree products.

A-1 SADDLERY 3202 Alabama Hwy 75 Flat Rock, AL 35966 256-632-3790 ALLEGANY MOUNTAIN SADDLERY INC. Staci Saulter 10999 Persia Rd Gowanda, NY 14070 PH: 716-257-9574 AMERICAN SADDLERY 1001 37th St. P.O. Box 71899 Chattanooga, TN 37407 TN: 1-800-253-7288 Out Of State: 1-800-251-7288 BIG HORN, INC. 1001 37th St. P.O. Box 71899 Chattanooga, TN 37407 423-867-9901 PRO RIDER SADDLERY PO Box 105 Flat Rock, AL 35966 (256) 632-3687 CONTINENTAL SADDLERY INC

DAKOTA SADDLERY INC. Rt. 1, Box 441 Ider, AL 35981 256-632-3303

PHOENIX RISING SADDLES 32 Olson Ave Jamestown, NY 14701 716-665-2999 THE “RIGHT FIT” EQUINE COMPANY LLC 41235 Baptist Church Dr. Lebanon, OR 97355 (541) 619-0790 THE SADDLE GUY 11055 Highway 94 Grady, AL 36036 334-562-3726 Email: TRIPLE CREEK SADDLERY 2072 County Road 146 Higdon, AL 35979 256-632-3461 VALLEY HEAD SADDLERY 10670 AL. Highway 75 Ider, AL 35981

DOUBLE DIAMOND EQUINE AND SADDLES EQUIMapping Shelby Friml Vass, NC 28394 336-267-0276 EST FABTRON 3806 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy Maryville, TN 37804 800-654-2321 FRONTIER SADDLERY, INC. 2795 Alabama Hwy. 75 Flat Rock, AL 35966 256-632-2910

HI TACK + SADDLES GMBH Exclusive Equi-Flex ® Dealer

Lange Gasse 31 A-6850 Dornbirn

Tel 0049-7122-827235 Fax 0049-7122-8206059 JJ MAXWELL TACK & SADDLE CO 3680 Main St. Cottonwood, CA 96022 888-739-0108 or 530-347-2417 KUDA SADDLERY 1331 Green Forest Ct., # 10 Winter Garden FL 34787 Ph: (407) 614-3794 Email:

Ph: 256-657-6130 Fx: 256-657-2453 SYNERGIST SADDLES

1345 Curt Gowdy Dr Cheyenne, WY 82009 307-433-1008 Website : Email : TENNESSEE SADDLERY, LLC Ridgway, PA 15853 814.335.2590

Exclusive Equi-Flex ® Dealer P.O. Box 482

Ider, AL 35981 (256) 632-4165

CRATES LEATHER CO 515 North Holtzclaw Avenue Chattanooga, TN 37404 USA (423) 622-7503

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 OFFICE: 615-792-7171 • FAX: 615-657-4921 email:

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