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Feb 8–9 | Crown, Melbourne 2019



E N H A N C I N G T H E L I V E S O F T H O S E W E T O U C H ®

Pain Is OK


We all know someone (perhaps it is ourselves) who would like to get from point A to point B but never gets there because between point A and point B there is potential pain. By pain, I mean swallowing one’s pride (that’s painful!), or risking rejection (that’s painful!), or giving up bad habits, risking failure, admitting we are wrong, saying we’re sorry, risking embarrassment, forcing ourselves to be diligent and disciplined, facing ourselves, repenting from wrongdoing, asking directions, getting back up when we fall down, or trying again and again (all painful!). We all tend to avoid pain—even when we know that it might be for our own good. We all have known someone who has physical symptoms that might indicate a serious physical problem, but who refuses to see a doctor for fear of what they might learn. Ridiculous!?! You bet! Avoidance of pain was given to all species of living creatures so that they would survive. To be eaten alive or even bitten by a predator would be extremely painful, so most animals will try to avoid the experience. When a deer flees a pursuing mountain lion it is not the loss of blood the animal fears, should the mountain lion catch it. It is the fear of pain that stimulates

adrenaline and induces flight. If a species could not feel pain, they would not try to avoid it and the results would be disastrous for the entire species. Avoidance of pain is a survival mechanism; without it we would not live very long. But sometimes it backfires on us! Besides physical pain man can feel emotional pain, and we tend to avoid emotional pain to the same degree as we do physical pain. Unfortunately, there are a ton of

the weekend. A huge boulder weighing close to 1,000 pounds fell on his arm and held him trapped for five days. After three days of being stuck and after having run out of water and after having eaten the last few crumbs in a candy bar wrapper, he decided to amputate his right arm. But he made little progress. He started sawing back and forth with his pocketknife to no avail. The knife was so dull that he could not even cut the hair on his arm,

“As you look at what goals you have in life and where you want to get to compared with where you are today, I would invite you to ask yourself what is preventing you from going there?”

potentially beneficial things that can cause us emotional pain, and that is where it gets tricky! Sometimes going through pain will not cause our destruction at all, but may be essential for our survival. Take, for instance, Aron Ralston from Colorado. We all watched the news with astonishment several years ago as his story unfolded. He had gone hiking in a remote canyon in Utah for

let alone cut through the bones in his arm. Two days later he realised he had to do something while he was still coherent. “It was the last opportunity I would have and still have the physical strength to get out,” he said. “It occurred to me I could break my bones.” First the radius snapped just above his wrist. He kept twisting his arm and a few minutes later the ulna


broke. The whole process, including setting out bandages and first aid supplies, took about an hour. He applied a tourniquet, cut off his lower arm, rappelled down a 60-foot cliff, and hiked 5 miles through a national park in Utah. “I’m not sure how I handled it,” he said. “I felt pain. I coped with it. I moved on.” With the makeshift bandage and tourniquet, he still had to crawl along a 147-foot canyon. He then rappelled, one-armed, down the rock face. After hiking for hours, he met a family who went for medical attention. In Aron’s case, going through pain is what he had to do to survive. Aron explained, “A lot of people think of it in terms of, ‘I would never be able to put a blade to my own skin.’ But having gone to the depths and coming to accept I could very well die there, and then seeing the light of being able to get out, it didn’t even occur to me to dwell on the painful side of the experience.” We could all learn a lot from Aron’s experience. The truth is we could all do what Aron did. The question is would we decide to do it? Aron realised that pain should not be a deterrent to getting himself off of the mountain and getting on with his life. He did not let pain stop him! In other words, he realised that pain is OK! Many people are currently

in situations quite similar to Aron Ralston’s, but they just don’t realise it. They want things to be better than they are, but in order to get to where they want to be they will have to go through pain. What they don’t realise is pain is OK! I am always surprised at how quickly some people give up and quit when they experience a little pain. We all have known men and women who have suffered painful romantic experiences and because they never want to go through that again, they commit to themselves never to remarry or go on another date! And therefore they will never experience the joy that a happy marriage would bring them. Often people are too prideful to say “I’m sorry,” even when they know it would open the door for both them and their loved ones to heal. They don’t do it because swallowing their pride and admitting they were wrong or saying “I’m sorry” would be too painful! Many never try to succeed in realising their dreams because of fear of failure or fear of rejection. In their minds they have convinced themselves that being told “no” would be more painful than never to have asked. And therefore, at the end of their lives, they find themselves still in the canyon with the boulder

continuing to hold them fast. I have learned that nothing great in life ever comes without risking and experiencing some pain. If we could only remember that pain is OK! We need to learn to cope with it and move on. As you look at what goals you have in life and where you want to get to compared with where you are today, I would invite you to ask yourself: What is preventing you from going there? What painful experiences are you avoiding? What is holding you fast in the canyon you find yourself in? Is it bad habits? Is it fear of failure or rejection? Is it pride? The greatest reason many people never reach their dreams is their propensity to avoid emotional pain. We must understand that whatever it is that is holding us back, we each have within us what Aron Ralston had. We can decide to face it head on, to “cope with it and move on.” And we can learn what he learned—pain really is OK. And when we face it and decide to go through it, it can open up a wonderful life before us!







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FEATURES: Real Lives. Real Change................. 12 Your Future Starts Here! ............... 15 2019 Convention ........................ 16 Oil of the Month ............................. 32 Now We Know the Truth .............. 33 Guard your home with Sol-U-Guard Botanical . ................. 36 Recognition ..................................... 42 THE CONVENTION EXPERIENCE When you attend Convention, you walk away a different person—stronger, more focused, and primed for success. So bring your team, break past your own beliefs, and see what’s possible when you attend Convention 2019! P8

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do? you doWhat


Beauthentic. Beyou.





WHAT DO YOU DO? It’s the question that opens the door to Enroling a customer for a lifetime and partnering up with the business builder you’re looking for. Are you prepared to answer it?

ROAD TO SENIOR DIRECTOR - CROWNE PLAZA SURFERS PARADISE The perfect backdrop for some inspirational storytelling, productive learning and celebration of successes. PAGE 22


HARSH CHEMICAL CLEANING COMPOUNDS have a history of popular use followed by a growing awareness of their harmful and sometimes deadly effects.





T E A M , W H A T D I D W E L E A R N ?


Leadership in Action is more than reading material—it’s a training tool for you and your team! After reading this issue, turn education into action. Below you’ll find questions that you can ask yourself or use to engage your team in discussions to help everyone reach their goals.



F R A N K ’ S M E S S A G E : What pain—real or anticipated—stops you from pursuing your goals? Identify an example when pain benefited you. Have a team discussion on this topic and share your examples. How can you shift from fearing pain to knowing it’s okay?

› ›  MA I N M E S S A G E For those who go every year, Convention is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Melaleuca products, receive world-class training, and get to know like-minded people who want to see everybody reach their goals in life. For those who are new to Melaleuca, either as Preferred Members or Marketing Executives, Convention can be an experience that changes their lives forever! › ›  P R O D U C T T R A I N I N G A N D W E L L N E S S It’s time for you to become a Peak Performer with your own story. If you don’t take the Peak Performance Nutrition Pack consistently, it’s time to start and lead by example. What will your story be by this time next year? › ›  B U S I N E S S T R A I N I N G A N D M I N D S E T Why do you think so many new Marketing Executives struggle to answer the question “What do you do?” Practice answering this question with your team. Remember that your confidence means as much as the words you say. › › E V E N T S Who are the members on your team with a goal to attend the next Road to Senior Director Event. Develop a plan with them to help them achieve this huge milestone.

QUESTION OF THE MONTH How do you stay disciplined when building your business in spring? Tell us about it at anz@melaleuca.com

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Aim High… Embrace Failure

Spend less. Save more. Lose weight. Gain knowledge. A new year is upon us, and with it comes the annual tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions for the 12 months ahead. Despite estimates that only 8-10% of all resolutions are seen through to completion, I consider the practice of setting new goals to be very constructive and entirely worthwhile. Personal resolutions relating to health, finances, travel, and self-improvement are common, but I challenge you as we begin 2019 to also establish new goals relating to your Melaleuca business. What makes a good goal? Remember the acronym S.M.A.R.T., which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Here are some examples of S.M.A.R.T. goals relating to a Melaleuca business: • Advance my business to Director 3 status for the first time by the end of March. • Enrol 4 new personal Preferred Customers each month. • Develop a personally-enrolled customer to Director status at least once per quarter. • Make at least 4 calls/approaches every day, regardless of the outcome. • Advance my business to Senior Director status by the end of September. • Grow my residual income (organisation commission) to $1,000 per month by the end of 2019.

Each of these goals meets S.M.A.R.T. criteria, and each is focused in one way or another on the Critical Activities proven to help you build a business to last a lifetime. If you are anything like me, however, you may be thinking in the back of your mind, “But what if I fail to accomplish this goal?” What if, indeed? A poem I learned many years ago comes to mind. It matters not if you try and fail, And try and fail again. But it matters much if you try and fail, And fail to try again. Consider the goals suggested earlier. Coming up a bit short with any of these objectives would still mean that progress was made. Failing to reach Senior Director but reaching Director 8 in the process would provide plenty of cause for celebration. Failing to make four calls or approaches each day but still managing to do three would undoubtedly result in sizeable positive growth for any business. What is it that stops us, then, from setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and doing all we can to achieve them, even when we know we may fall short? In CEO Frank VanderSloot’s message “Pain is OK” at the beginning of this Leadership in Action issue, he states: “Many never try to succeed in realising their dreams because of fear of failure or fear of rejection. In their minds they have convinced themselves that being told ‘no’ would be more painful than never to have asked.” World-famous author J.K. Rowling, creator of the beloved Harry Potter

character, stated that she was “…jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain…” as she set out to find a publisher for her Harry Potter story. She faced countless rejections before finally finding a single publisher willing to take a risk on her. We all know how that turned out. Her words in a Harvard University commencement address given in 2008 ring true today: “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.” I challenge you to take the time to set numerous S.M.A.R.T. goals relating to your Melaleuca business in 2019. Then have the resolve to work consistently every single day at accomplishing your goals, knowing full well that failure and rejection will come your way. Embrace the success AND the failure, as both are a part of growth and improvement.






Feb 8-9 | Crown, Melbourne 2019

Change doesn’t just happen. It takes dedication, a support system, and a process that’s proven to deliver results—it takes insights and commitments you’ll find only at Convention. When you attend Convention, you walk away a different person—stronger, more focused, and primed for success. So bring your team, break past your own beliefs, and see what’s possible when you attend Convention 2019!


"Convention is around the corner again. What a fantastic time, no matter where you are on your Melaleuca journey, everybody is equal and you are able to connect and learn from the best. I have developed wonderful friendships over the years. The event will be filled with fantastic training. Having my whole team there, will help inspire and fill our belief bucket! This event helps set new goals for the year. If you are new or thinking of building a business now, you cannot afford to miss Convention. This is an event for everyone." Cyreen Davidow, Director 8 Western Australia

"Convention is the highlight of the year, and we have been every year. Right from the start, I considered this company to be where my future was going to be. Meeting with other leaders, getting to know the corporate staff and learning about the company is key. It’s a business to last a lifetime and being part of the growth, journey and success is what Convention offers. See you there."

EXCLUSIVE TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES • Experiential Product Hall • Interactive General Sessions • Business-Enhancing Product Launches • Celebrate Achievements

Executive Director, Jenny Poett Western Australia


For those who go every year, Convention is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Melaleuca products, receive world-class training, and get to know like-minded people who want to see everybody reach their goals in life. For those who are new to Melaleuca, either as Preferred Members or Marketing Executives, Convention can be an experience that changes their lives forever! That’s why Melaleuca has created several easy ways to make your Convention 2019 experience as affordable as possible. Register for Convention in January for $259 . All first-time Directors in November & December will receive an exclusive registration price for Convention! It’s not too late to register, you’ll pay only $199 for your Convention ticket. Invest in yourself at Convention 2019! "This will be my tenth Convention and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I went to the first convention in 2009, five months after I enrolled. It changed my life! This was where I realised what an amazing company Melaleuca really is. This is an investment for your future. You won’t regret it." Judith Scott, Senior Director 9 Hamilton, New Zealand

To Register, CALL - 1 800 07 33 99 AU I 0800 08 33 99 NZ or go to Melaleuca.com!





GET READY FOR THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME! Everything at Convention – from the first step through the Crown Conference doors to the last round of applause at the Awards Gala – is expertly designed to help you reach your goals. These two days are the best time to learn from the best, improve yourself, build belief, celebrate success and forge new connections. Convention is the Melaleuca event of the year. All year, Marketing Executives look forward to world-class training, celebration and camaraderie. It’s moving, it’s insightful, it’s educational…and it’s so much more. Hundreds of Marketing Executives with the intensity and drive to change their lives are converging on Melbourne in February for Convention 2019. Why not you too?

THE GENERAL SESSIONS The first general session kicks off Convention and sets the tone for everything to come. In every general session, with every Convention attendee gathered in one big hall, you’ll feel the enormous energy, excitement, and potential like nowhere else. You will learn from Melaleuca Australia and New Zealand’s General Manager, Peter Lamb and many of our other corporate managers and top-performing Marketing Executives. Immerse yourself in unique training sessions about the Melaleuca products and the residual income Melaleuca offers to fundamentally change lives. THE CELEBRATION Cheer on your fellow business builders who are celebrating their hard-earned successes. It’s one thing you’ll notice right away: celebration is the lifeblood of Convention. Recognition is motivational for everyone and celebrating is essential for rewarding the hard work of each individual. Even if you won’t walk the stage this time, Convention is the perfect place to set your goals to be on that stage next year.


THE PRODUCTS Melaleuca’s world-class wellness products, like the Peak Performance Packs and many, many others, are always front-and-centre at Convention. You will see them on banners, in the product showcase and you’ll hear about them everywhere you go. Melaleuca corporate

THE AWARDS Convention is where Melaleuca’s 2018 Marketing Executives of the Year will be announced. It is also when many other coveted awards are presented—like the Business Builder Award and the Master Enroler

staff will be on hand to present the research and benefits behind them. Best of all, as a Convention attendee, you’ll be the first to hear about any new products—and the first to try them too! Want to deepen your product knowledge even more? Just step into the Product Showcase! Get up-close and firsthand experience with the products you’ve always wanted to try. Discover all the reasons why we’re called Melaleuca: The Wellness Company.® THE TRAINING There’s simply no equal to the training you’ll receive at Convention. You’ll leave these workshops with much more of the knowledge, tools, and motivation you need to do amazing things enhancing lives of other while advancing your business. Training sessions will be conducted by Corporate staff as well as well-established Marketing Executives who live by our mission statement, every day. Convention 2019 will be held February 8 & 9 in Melbourne. Register now at Melaleuca.com using SKU 3756

Award. You can learn more about all the awards given exclusively at Convention on page 17.

"Convention really ignites the fire within and fills your belief bucket. I will never miss a Convention and urge everyone who is serious about building a Melaleuca business to attend. Can’t wait to see what 2019 Convention brings."

THE PEOPLE Some of the most

important aha moments happen between events at Convention. That’s when you are out rubbing shoulders with all the other Convention attendees. For so many Marketing Executives, this is when they realise how much they have in common with the thousands of others from all over the country and around the world. Every single person at Convention is just an ordinary person who has decided to enhance their own life and the lives of many others by embracing what Melaleuca has to

Carole Sellar – Senior Director 8 South Australia

"I have attended every Convention since 2012. I learned very early that if one is serious about building a Melaleuca business to last a lifetime, then you simply must attend Convention, no matter what! Lives most definitely change here."

Kathryn Cross, Director 5 Queensland

offer. It’s a belief-building experience like no other – and Convention is the best place to experience it!




When you speak with our advancing Marketing Executives, you discover how building a healthy, vibrant Melaleuca business is reshaping their lives in so many ways! Better health. More time. More resources to provide for their loved ones and live out their dreams. How has Melaleuca changed their lives? How could Melaleuca change yours?

You’ve heard that some things never change. Others, thankfully, do. When you look around and find your circumstances less than ideal, it’s important to know that you have the power to change them. Hard work. Determination. A focused goal. And undeterred passion. When coupled with the right activities, change will happen. Real, lasting, positive change! How do we know? Because we see it every day.


Jill Webb-Sear Jill runs a cleaning business working on average 45 hours a week. When her Enroller, Senior Director 8 - Carole Sellar discussed health risks of using carcinogenic cleaning products and explained the findings of the Lung Study, it was a clear decision for Jill that she needed to look at products she had been using for her cleaning business. At this point, she made conscious decision to replace her cleaners with Melaleuca’s EcoSense range which are sourced from ingredients like thyme oil, enzymes, Melaleuca Oil, and citric acid which would be safer for herself, family and clients. In October, Jill Enroled 8 customers and double advanced her business to Director 2. "As I became involved with people and their health, my motivation quickly turned to a desire for helping people have better physical wellness."

Angela McAllister Angela was in a place in life where she was ready for a change when a friend and work colleague, Director - Lynn Lethbridge invited her for an Overview. Melaleuca's solid principles, wellness products, environmental focus and R&D appealed to Angela. Angela is a Teacher and loves her job educating children. However, Angela is looking for work-life balance to spend more time with family, seeking financial freedom to have no mortgage, travel more, and live a healthy life. Angela Enroled in September 2018 and referred her very first personal customer in the same month. She introduced 8 new customers in October 2018 to advance her business to Director in Pacesetter time, earning a cheque of $491.65. Angela focuses on Critical Activities 1 & 2 to enhance the lives of others.



Karen Gillespie Karen claims she was too busy with 'life' and didn't have (or make) the time to build a business initially. She always had an inner 'yearning' to help people, and Melaleuca's mission aligns with her ethos. Karen's WHY is to provide financial security to her 9 year old son, Mitchell. She would like Mitchell to have more opportunities and understands that with residual income, she will be able to achieve this. Karen conducted her first in-home overview on the 12th of October with the support of her Enroler - Senior Director 3, Hayley Harding. 7 people attended of which 5 Enroled on the night and the other 2 customers Enroled the following weekend. Karen introduced Melaleuca to 10 customers in October 2018, double advanced to Director 2 in October and received a total cheque amount of $1,009.55. In November, Karen shared Melaleuca with 10 more customers and achieved 20/20 club, where she received a $700 bonus. Karen is now working towards a goal of Director 3 by helping people discover Melaleuca.

October 2018: $1,099.55

November 2018: $1,300.59



1st Step to Financial Freedom Award Pay off all your credit cards and take the first step to financial freedom. Financial Freedom Award Conquer all debts aside from your mortgage. (No personal loans, student loans, car loans, etc.) Total Financial Freedom Award Pay off your mortgage to accomplish total financial freedom and celebrate with an all-expenses-paid trip to Convention to burn your mortgage on stage with CEO Frank VanderSloot. Celebrate your steps toward financial freedom with Melaleuca!

Financial success cannot be defined by how much money you make, but by how much of your money you keep. But keeping your money is harder than ever before. The average household debt is at an all-time high in Australia & New Zealand. Skyrocketing debt not only compromises the power your money has today, it entirely erodes the security of your future. For most, the idea of ever being debt-free is little more than a dream. Some buy into the myth that nothing is wrong with a “manageable” amount of debt. Many others would love to be debt-free but feel it is an impossible ideal. Here at Melaleuca, we strongly value financial freedom. As a company, we are completely debt-free. We want nothing more than for all of you to have true financial freedom too!




Melbourne, Victoria Australia Crown Melbourne • 8-9 February


All Roads Lead to Melaleuca! Join hundreds of Marketing Executives from across Australia and New Zealand at our most anticipated event of the year - Convention 2019! From inspiring workshops to groundbreaking announcements, Melaleuca’s Convention is your exclusive resource for exceptional, real-world business training, groundbreaking product announcements, heart warming success stories, and the glamorous Gala Awards Banquet. Experience it all over two excitement-filled days at Crown Melbourne.*



Who will we be celebrating? Master Enroler Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the more new quality personal Enrolments in the award year. Half-Century Club The Half-Century Club is awarded to Marketing Executives with 50–99 personally Enrolled active Preferred Members as of 31 December 2018. Century Club The Century Club is awarded to Marketing Executives with 100 or more personally Enrolled active Preferred Members as of 31 December 2018. Personal Director Growth Awarded to the top Marketing Executive with the most new net personal Directors developed in the award year. Personal Director 3 Growth Awarded to the top Marketing Executive with the most number of personal Directors 3, developed in the award year. Rapid Advancement Awards Awarded to the top Marketing Executives who achieve specified statuses in the shortest amount of time. Friends & Family Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the highest average product points per new personal Enrolees (excludes Home Convention and Value Packs) Home Conversion Award Awarded to the top Marketing Executives withthe highest percentage of new Personal Customers with Home Conversion or Value Packs. Download the President’s Club 2019 Rules at Melaleuca. com/BusinessCenter. Click on “President’s Club” under “Celebrating Success.” *To qualify for awards, Marketing Executives must have a tenure long enough to establish a Five-Month Retention Index. Visit Melaleuca.com/ BusinessCenter for complete qualifications

Leader Achievement - Directors Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the highest net Preferred Member growth, the highest number of new personally developed Directors, and have a 92% reorder rate. Leader Achievement - Senior & Executive Directors Awarded to the top Senior and Executive Directors with the highest net Preferred Member growth, the highest number of new personally developed Directors 3, and have a 92% reorder rate. Mentoring Award Awarded to the top Marketing Executives who have the highest number of personal Enrolee advancements for Directors and above. Core Mentoring Award Awarded to the top Marketing Executives who have the highest number of Directors and above advancements of personal Enrolees’ Marketing Executives. Business Builder Award Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the largest number of active Preferred Members in their organisation who have also developed a new personal Director during the award period. Million Dollar Club Awarded to all Marketing Executives who have lifetime earnings of $1 million or more. Organisation Director 3 Growth Awarded to the top Marketing Executives who have the most total commission rate Directors 3 and above. Preferred Customer Growth Awarded to the top Marketing Executives who have the largest net increase in organisational Preferred Customers. Retention Award Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with a 12-month average Re-Order Rate of 90% or higher and positive Preferred Customer Growth. Marketing Executive of the Year Awarded to Australia and New Zealand’s number one Marketing Executive who has a reorder rate of 90% or higher. President’s Club Each year, the top Australian and New Zealand Marketing Executives for the year will join the elite ranks of President’s Club achievers. Once you earn President’s Club, you’re a lifelong member of Melaleuca’s most prestigious club. The year’s achievers receive an all-expenses-paid vacation to one of the world’s most memorable destinations!






do? youdoWhat

It’s the basic small talk question: “What do you do?” The answer is usually simple. “I’m a nurse.” “I’m a finance executive.” “I’m a sales manager.” “I’m a teacher.” “I’m an at-home mum.” But how do you answer the question when you’re also a Melaleuca Marketing Executive? Whether you’re starting out new as a Marketing Executive or you’ve been at it for a while, confidently answering the question “What do you do?” can open new doors and fuel your business. Your answer has the potential to help someone Enrol as a Melaleuca Preferred Member. No matter how you personalise your answer, here are four guidelines that can help you make the most of any opportunity to explain your role as a Melaleuca Marketing Executive.



Twenty years ago, when Senior Director 5 Danielle Howley’s son was born premature and her husband, Martin, became very ill, Danielle decided to get toxic products out of her home. Today, when those who knew about Martin’s illness ask Danielle how he’s doing, she tells them he’s doing amazing. The conversation often leads to her sharing her Melaleuca story: finding a company with the safe products she was looking for and that also gave her a chance for financial freedom. By sharing her story, answering “What do you do?” becomes simple. “I help parents get all the toxic products out of their home,” Danielle says. Her story became her answer. What’s your story? How will it motivate your answer?


It can be tempting to turn your answer for “What do you do?” into a mini Melaleuca Overview, detracting from presenting a full Overview in the future. “In general, when someone is asking that question, ‘What do you do?’ they just want tobe able tomentally categorise you,”National Director 9 Heidi Bartolotta says. “It’s really just someone asking you so they can figure out who you are.” Keep your answer simple and to the point so others can get to knowwho you are. Invite them to learn more at a future time.



You won’t be perfect at responding to “What do you do?” but practicing your answers will help you deliver an answer that is confident. The more you have some answers ingrained in your mind, the more your favourite responses will come to the tip of your tongue when needed. How will you


As a Melaleuca Marketing Executive, you get to be yourself as you build your business. It’s what makes Melaleuca unique. You build your business on your own terms! There is no script to answering “What do you do?” While there are many examples of what you could say, the important thing is to make it your own and fit it to how you build your business and enhance the lives of others.


Be you. “ “ “

I am partnered with an wellness company. I help families detoxify their homes by shopping at a new store with high-quality products at affordable prices. I don’t sell anything. I share details on the store and let people decide for themselves if it’s a fit.” — National Director 3 Jen Sebbas I work sales in the “.com” industry with Melaleuca. I get to work from home around my kids’ schedule. I simply help customers shop on their online site and get paid commissions to do so. I actually think you would be good at what I do and I would enjoy working with you. Are you open to grabbing coffee and we can chat about it? I could definitely show you a way to make a great additional income.” — National Director 9 Brooke Paulin I work from home educating and marketing for an online wellness company. I get to show people how to bring wellness home on a budget and help families and individuals add a legitimate growing revenue stream to their lives. There’s no investment, overhead, selling things, or posting to social media. It’s really meaningful work, and I love it.” — Senior Director 3 Megan Terk

Using these guidelines and examples, come up with some answers of your own. Practice answers with your team.



Road to Senior Director is an exclusive two-day event we fully host for newly advancing Directors 3 , with an objective to build up their belief in the company, products and its compensation plan. This is typically the first time most of our Directors 3 will meet corporate staff and other leaders in person. We introduce Marketing Executives to Melaleuca’s culture and throughout the event, touch on our mission statement which is to ‘enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals’. General Manager, Peter Lamb commenced the event with a segment on Establishing your WHY . Melaleuca is all about making a difference in people’s lives, whether it be physical, financial, personal or environmental. We find that most Marketing Executives have more than one of these reasons why they themselves Enroled with Melaleuca and why they started referring their friends and family. Senior Marketing Manager, Jessie De Bono elaborated on our product range and how we differentiate to what is available in the Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise

market to provide exceptional products at reasonable prices . We discussed Melaleuca’s flagship. In a separate segment, there were discussions of objections from potential customers and how best to tackle them, with examples of how Melaleuca’s products are superior and competitively priced within Australia & New Zealand markets. Critical Activities were in the forefront of this training. Senior Director 3, Hayley Harding, elaborated on Critical Activity 1: Build your contact list . Hayley explained how important it is to be consistent and always add names to your contact lists. Executive Directors 3, Doug Glennie explained how to set appointments with potential customers. Doug discussed how important it is to always be professional and treat your Melaleuca business as a BUSINESS, not a hobby. Executive Director, Jenny Poett presented on Critical Activity 3: How to present a Melalecua Overview. There were several key take away moments for those in attendance, such as: how to best approach


a potential customer. Jenny shared with the group what has worked for her over her time with Melaleuca, what hasn’t, how long the presentations should be and how to personalise them. We live in a world where we are surrounded by social media. Regional Sales Manager, Ricky De Visser presented the Social Media training session. The objective of this segment was to enlighten Marketing Executives on how to utilise social media effectively to assist with your business building activities. We established that less than 1% of Directors at Melaleuca were attracted to the company by social media. Ricky discussed DOs and DONTs in depth with real examples and expressed the importance of using social media to connect with people rather than building a business on social media. Melaleuca has a lucrative Compensation Plan that any average Aussie or Kiwi can take advantage of without a big investment, no stocking, no billing etc. Director of Sales, Kevin Procter trained on Melaleuca’s compensation and explained how leaders

could assist their potential customers in fulfilling financial needs with a supplementary income from Melaleuca. These were just some of the training session covered at the Road to Senior Director event. During the two days, we celebrated success of fully hosted Directors 3 where we covered 2 nights of hotel accommodation, flights and transfers to the Gold Coast and all meals during this training event. Newly advancing Directors 3 had a great opportunity to meet with Senior Directors who were present in the room and discuss tips of business strategies, products and network with these esteemed leaders. Advance your business to Director 3 before 30 April 2019 to be fully hosted at the next Road to Senior Director event in June 2019 at Mantra on Salt Beach, Kingscliff.







JUNE 21 & 22, 2019 Mantra on Salt Beach– Kingscliff NSW

Live your life on your own terms and enjoy Financial Freedom

Advance your business to Director 3 for the first time: - Hold status for 3 months. Two ways to qualify as fully hosted: Qualifying Period: October 2018 – April 2019

Receive the training and guidance you need to help you advance your business to Senior Director – and have lots of fun along the way! Attend this fabulous event fully hosted – Melaleuca will arrange flights from your capital city, 2 nights’ accommodation and 2 days of exclusive training with all meals included!

1. 2.

Develop 2 x Personally Enroled Director 3s: - You must be a Commission Rate Director 4 or above on 30 April 2018.





Build Your Contact List



Set Appointments


Share Melaleuca: An Overview


Hold Strategy Sessions


Celebrate Success

Always Be Involved with Fast Track



Lead by Example



have moved


Senior Director Real income enhancing lives

Senior Director 9 Judith Scott 2016 Mitsubishi ASX

Executive Director 3 Sharlene Lesa 2017 Hyundai Tucson Highlander

Senior Director 8 Carole Sellar 2015 Ford Kuga

Senior Director 6 Jennifer Robinson 2014 Hyundai Veloster Plus

Executive Director 4 Bee Vaughan 2018 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

Executive Directors 3 Doug & Anne Glennie 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Senior and Executive Directors

GROW your business to Senior Director, then select your new car and apply for Melaleuca’s Car Bonus Programme! Active leaders receive the following monthly Car Bonus for qualifying vehicles at these statuses:

Senior Director $800 Executive Director $2,000 GROW your business and drive away in a new car!



It all starts with a phone call.

Want to speed the growth of your organisation? Double your phone calls. Phone calls lead to appointments. Phone calls are the simple fuel that powers your business.


Introducing... Brand NEW Florify & K2-D3


New Ingredient Supply - Same Formula you love

Active Ingredients: Each Florify capsule contains: ü L. acidophilus (La-14) ü L. plantarum (LP-115) ü L. rhamnosus (Lr-32) ü B. longum (Rosell-175) ü B. bifidum (Bb-06) ü B. lactis (BL-04)

Vegetarian friendly? Yes. Free from: gluten, milk, nuts, artificial colours and flavours. Allergens: contains encapsulating aids, and soya bean products. Dosage format: Small Vegetarian Capsule.

4.5 billion

3 billion

500 million 500 million 500 million 500 million

ü L. casei (Lc-11 )

500 million Total 10 billion


New Improved Formula

Active Ingredients: Each K2-D3 softgel capsule contains: ü Vitamin D3 25mcg/1000IU ü Vitamin K2 90mcg

Now in Softgel Capsules Liquid format for better absorption

Vegetarian friendly? No, outer shell is gelatin. Free from: lactose, dairy, gluten, nuts Allergens: contains encapsulating aids, soya bean products, sulfites, phenylalanine, and gelatin. Dosage format: Softgel Capsule.




Origanum marjorana

EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam distillation AROMA: Bright, sweet, balsamic

HOW CAN I USE IT? PURE ™ Marjoram helps freshen rooms for a relaxing atmosphere • Massage on the temples, neck and shoulders • Diffuse or place in a humidifier for a warm, comforting environment • Can be used in a warm bath HISTORY: Marjoram was used commonly by the ancient Greeks as a medicinal plant. With its warm, calming aroma it is the perfect addition to a hot bath or a warm compress.

WHAT SHOULD I BLEND IT WITH?: PURE ™ Marjorana pairs well with Eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, melaleuca, peppermint, and rosemary.


Melaleuca offers a full range of 100% pure essential oils, at a level of quality and purity that is second to none.


A new, independent study based on 20 years of international data reveals that cleaning your home as little as once a week with harsh chemical compounds is as damaging over time to respiratory health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years! Let’s learn a lesson from the history of cigarettes and their deadly impact on the health of millions of people. Don’t wait 50 years to switch from regular cleaners with caustic chemicals to EcoSense ® cleaning products!

In the 1920s smoking cigarettes was thought to be harmless by the general public. Today cigarettes are confirmed by thousands of independent researchers to be hazardous to your health. It took about 50 years for society to realise cigarettes are dangerous, then to respond with usage parameters, and finally to codify those parameters in law. Millions died from the effects of smoking before the evolution was complete. Recently, another kind of consumer product, once thought harmless, has been proven to be harmful: cleaning products with problematic ingredients



1850 Tobacconists are one of the first shops established on the goldfields in Victoria. 1900 Dr Harry Brookes Allen, Professor of Anatomy and Pathology at the University of Melbourne, noted that the number of deaths attributable to oral cancer rose significantly within 30 years. 1945 World War II gave cigarette smoking a boost and consumption had peaked during that period. 1950 First clear and unequivocal evidence of the links between smoking and lung cancer, as proved by Sir Richard Doll and Sir Austin Bradford Hill and documented in the paper: Smoking and Carcinoma of the Lung. 75% of Australian men and 25% Australian women were smokers at this time! 1973 Health warnings first mandated on all cigarette packs in Australia. Gough Whitlam of the Labor Government implemented a ban on direct tobacco advertising on radio and television. 1979 US Surgeon General's report noted that in the 15 years since the first report, more than 30,000 scientific papers provided further irrefutable evidence on the negative health consequences of smoking 1986 Report was released from the National Health and Medical Research Council: Effects of Passive Smoking on Health (1986). 1990 After intense lobbying by a range of health promotion groups, led by Cancer Councils across the country, the Tobacco Control Act 1990 came into force to regulate the sale and promotion of tobacco.


CIGARETTES became popular for both men and women in the 1920s. By 1950, around half the adult population smoked—consuming nearly 400,000,000,000 cigarettes per year. Cigarettes were advertised as refreshing and relaxing—even healthy. Ads picturing “tough guys” from Air Force pilots to race car drivers gave smoking an aspirational, masculine image. At the same time, glamorous models and actresses implied cigarettes were a key element of their feminine mystique. As the evils of smoking became better known, courtroom wars raged as tobacco brands fought liability lawsuits—the science was inconclusive, they argued. Millions of smokers became collateral damage to their greed.

https://www.tobaccoinaustralia.org.au/appendix-1/a1-6-history-of-tobacco-in-australia/a1-6-timeline.html http://www.tobaccoinaustralia.org.au/fandi/fandi/c03.htm https://www.acosh.org/law-policy/wa-tobacco-control-legislation/tobacco-legislation-and-policy-timeline/


HARSH CHEMICAL CLEANING COMPOUNDS have a history of popular use followed by a growing awareness of their harmful and sometimes deadly effects. Chlorine bleach, ammonia, and quaternary disinfectants are only three among many dangerous chemicals lurking in the regular cleaners. About 90% of child poisonings occur in the home. Each year, 180,000 calls are made to Poison Information Centres in Australia with about half of these relating to children. NOW WE KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT CLEANERS WITH HARSH CHEMICAL CLEANING COMPOUNDS.

CHLORINE BLEACH 1772 Swedish chemist C. W. Scheeles discovers chlorine, an essential ingredient in modern bleaches. 1913 The Electro-Alkaline Co. (name later changed to Clorox Chemical Company) sells chlorine bleach to institutional users only. 1947 Chlorine bleach starts to get accepted by households. 1997 Estimated 85% of Australian households use chlorine bleach. As usage grows, so do horrifying statistics of child poisonings. The accidental exposure to chlorine bleach is one of the most frequently received calls at Poison Information Centres involving children. AMMONIA This common household cleaner is an acknowledged toxin. Exposure to cleaning products containing ammonia can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, throat, respiratory tract, and skin. QUATERNARY DISINFECTANTS Recent research shows a rise in linking asthma to the use of cleaning products, and one particular ingredient linked with both the onset and increased rates of asthma is quaternary disinfectant compounds. Some also interfere with hormone functions.

After 20 years of data collection, the results were compiled and analyzed by a team of 28 researchers from 9 countries led by scientists at the University of Bergen in Norway. In March 2018, the study was published in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine . And it generated global media attention. While future legislation and warning labels will eventually shift the perception of the masses, you can act now. Dispose of any of your regular cleaners with caustic chemicals in a responsible manner and switch to EcoSense ® products. Don’t wait. Share what you know with those you care about. It took over half a century for the deadly effects of cigarettes to be fully acknowledged by the general public, by science, and by law. Let’s not wait 50 years to act on the knowledge that caustic chemical cleaning compounds are dangerous to our health! 2018 An independent study concludes that cleaning with harsh chemical cleaning compounds as little as once per week is as damaging over time to respiratory health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years!



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