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Worcestershire Register Office County Hall Worcester WR5 2NP

Telephone: 01905 768181 Minicom: 01905 766399

Email: Visit:

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welcome We would like to extend a warm welcome from everyone here at Worcestershire County Council Registration Service and look forward to helping you make your ceremony just perfect! Why hold your celebrations in Worcestershire? We offer more options to personalise your day than anywhere else. Worcestershire sits in the heart of England. It boasts a superb motorway network for easy access across the county and offers a blend of outstanding scenery, together with a wonderful variety of venues and accommodation, with attractions for all the family. The districts of Worcestershire are packed with history. We have amazing landscapes and vistas, such as the Malvern Hills, the Wyre Forest, and the beautiful Vale of Evesham. There is a huge variety of venues licensed for Civil Wedding Ceremonies and other celebrations, which range from unique and quirky hotels, manor houses, grand halls, castles, glamorous barns, National Trust properties and cosy houses by the river. We even have the famous Commandery, the Royalist headquarters for the historic Battle of Worcester in 1651… and lots, lots more to choose from. Whether you are looking for something simple, something lavish or something in between, we are sure you will find it in Worcestershire.

Worcestershire is proud to deliver high quality ceremonies with a price to suit everyone. Whether you want small and intimate or something completely different, we offer a whole range of options to suit everyone. Your celebration is ‘Just for You’ and we have a team of dedicated staff who are happy to discuss your needs and to help tailor your celebration to reflect your own personal wishes. Whether you are looking to have your ceremony at a Registration Office or a licensed venue we are able to deliver a very personal ceremony for you. However you decide to celebrate your special occasion we will listen to your ideas, combine our experience and professionalism, building on our past experience since 1837, to ensure you have a day to remember. We’re not just about weddings… Dip into the brochure to discover what else we have to offer. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at the variety and range of celebratory services on offer.

Welcome to Celebrating in Worcestershire…


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your ceremony in worcestershire • Weddings • Civil Partnerships

• Enhanced Ceremonies • Bespoke Ceremonies • Celebration Ceremonies • Commitment Ceremonies • Renewal of Vows • Naming Ceremonies

The first decision when planning your big day is to decide where you would like to hold your celebration. This guide will take you through the various locations available either in registration offices or approved premises. Approved premises are usually venues like hotels or stately homes. You will also find information on all our services and ceremony options, as well as legal information, hints and tips and planning for your ceremony. Please visit our website for details of all our venues and how to book your ceremony online. other services • Citizenship Ceremonies

• Deed Poll Service • Copy Certificates • Commemorative Certificates

contact details Worcestershire Register Office County Hall

Worcester WR5 2NP

The contents of this brochure are correct at time of printing. Restrictions due to Covid-19 may mean that we are not able to deliver some of the services and options listed within the brochure. Please refer to our website for the most up to date information.

Telephone: 01905 768181 Minicom: 01905 766399

Email: Visit:


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where to start In the following pages we outline the process to ensure your civil ceremony fulfils all the legal criteria and give you an idea of what will happen on the day. Choosing and booking your venue should be the top of your list of things to do and then booking the Registrars. We hope you find the following useful and, remember, we are here to help!! choosing your venue You may hold your ceremony at any one of our registration offices in the county. Alternatively, you can choose from one of the many licenced venues. Visit our website for the most up to date list and for further information on booking. It’s important that you make sure your chosen venue has availability before contacting us to book the registrars. Once you have chosen your venue go on our website to find details on how to book your Registrars. Following this, notice of marriage / civil partnership needs to be given by each party – see Legal Requirements. booking your registrars Now you have found your venue you need to make sure that the registrars are available. We can usually accommodate the date you wish but not always the time, especially during the Summer months. Popular times are between noon and 2.30pm and can get booked up very quickly. You are able to book your registrars up to 3 years in advance which hopefully will help with your planning. We are able to carry out ceremonies on any day of the week, including Bank Holidays. There is no longer a legal restriction to the time of day. Our normal availability is between 9am and 7pm. If you wish to have your ceremony outside of these hours please contact us. It is essential that you agree the date and time with both the registration service and the venue before making any other arrangements.

fees A list of current fees and other information is shown on our website. Full payment must be made three months before the date of your ceremony. To see the full range of ceremony options we offer see pages 13. giving notice – see Legal Requirements . change of date or time If you need to amend the date/time/location of your ceremony, we may be able to, subject to availability. A charge may be levied for any change made to your booking. a quick checklist

o 4

o Choose and ‘reserve’ a venue

o Up to three years before – book your registrar

o 12 months-9 months before – give your notice of marriage – see legal requirements

o 3 months before – pay remaining fees

o 6 weeks before – complete and return our ceremony checklist

o On the day – Enjoy!


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legal requirements what is the notice of marriage/civil partnership?

your venue before you can give notice. You can provisionally book your ceremony up to two years in advance if it is taking place in Worcestershire. what documents do I need to provide? You will need to provide evidence of your name, age, nationality, marital status, address, and immigration status. If the correct documents, as listed below, are not available at your appointment we will be unable to take your notice - you will need to make another appointment. Only original documents are accepted, we cannot accept photocopies. However, where proof of address is required a printed copy of an electronic bill or bank statement is acceptable. Each person giving notice must provide one document from each of the sections below. Some documents such as valid passports can be provided as evidence in multiple sections. name and date of birth • valid passport • British Birth certificate - your full birth certificate must be provided, and you must also provide another document confirming your current name. e.g. valid driving licence (provisional or full) bank statement (no older than one month), utility bills (no older than three months), council tax bill (only this financial year) • if you have changed your name from birth - you may need to provide the evidence of the name change; for example, a change of name deed or marriage certificate

You must each give formal notice of your intention to marry or enter into a civil partnership, in person at a registration office, in the district where you live. You are required to have lived in the district for at least eight days before giving notice. You need to include details of where you intend to get married or enter into your civil partnership. A notice is a signed legal statement that is displayed on the register office notice board for 28 clear calendar days (this can be extended to 70 days for foreign nationals). It includes the names, age, marital status, address, occupation, and nationality of the people intending to marry or form a civil partnership. It also states the intended venue for the ceremony. The minimum period between giving notice and when a ceremony can take place is usually 28 clear days. The schedule for marriage or civil partnership will be issued on the 29 th calendar day after giving notice and is valid for 12 months from the date of your formal notice. Please be aware that you cannot give your notice more than 12 months in advance of the ceremony date. However, it is a good idea to give your notices as soon as you can within this timescale. Should you be ill or unable to travel, housebound or staying in hospital, special arrangements can sometimes be made for a ceremony at such places. Please contact the Registration Service for more information. By law you must give a notice of marriage or notice of civil partnership, which is a formal declaration of your intention marry or form a civil partnership in England or Wales. The marriage / civil partnership can only take place at the venue you name on the notice(s). If you change the venue you will have to give, and pay for, the notice(s) again, so you need to have booked

nationality • valid passport • British Naturalisation certificate • British Birth certificate


abuse of immigration laws We are working with the Home Office to identify marriages and civil partnerships which seek to abuse UK immigration laws. Anybody found to be arranging, facilitating, or entering into a marriage or civil partnership solely to gain permission to stay in the UK risks arrest or prosecution. Foreign nationals may also face deportation and be barred from re-entering the UK for up to 14 years. proof of immigration status Please note: If either party is a national of an EU country and does not have settled or pre-settled status (or a pending application) or is a national of a non-EU country you may be subject to immigration control. This means you must give your notices together at the Register Office covering the district in which you have both lived for the preceding 7 clear days. If you both live in different registration districts you must give your notices together at either Register Office.

• if you were born before 1 January 1983 your full birth certificate must be provided • if you were born on or after 1 January 1983, your full birth certificate must be provided, and you must also provide a birth certificate or passport for one of your parents, who were born in the UK; if your parents were married at the time of your birth, or your birth has been re-registered after their marriage, then either of your parent’s birth certificates or passports can be provided; otherwise, only your mother’s birth certificate or passport can be provided or evidence of your parent’s British Citizenship (must have been issued before your birth) If you are subject to immigration control please read the information below as you will need further documentary evidence. changes for those subject to immigration control Immigration laws changed on 1 July 2021 to reflect changes brought about following the exit from the EU. Legislative updates regarding immigration will impact the process of taking notices of marriage and civil partnerships. On 1 July all register offices in England and Wales became specified offices, this means that where one or both parties is subject to immigration control, notice of marriage or civil partnership will need to be given together at a district where either one or both parties reside. visa requirements If you are entering the UK for the purpose of marrying or entering into civil partnership you must check with the UKVI that you have the correct visa to do so; this would usually be a marriage or civil partnership visa. Worcestershire Registration Service are unable to offer any advice regarding immigration matters, please contact the Home Office.

Registrars cannot give immigration advice.

In addition to the documents you need to provide when giving notice, you must provide evidence of your immigration status: • proof of settled, pre-settled or pending EUSS status, including the 9-digit alphanumeric share code from the GOV.UK website: • valid Biometric residence permit

• valid UK visa/entry clearance in passport • valid Home Office endorsement in passport • valid UK residence permit in passport

If you do not have the correct proof your marriage will be referred to the Home Office, who may decide to extend your notice period for 70 days if they wish to investigate further. The marriage cannot take place until approval is granted by the Home Office. More information on this can be found at marriages and civil partnerships in England and Wales


sent off to be considered by the General Register Office for a fee of £75.00**. • former spouse/civil partner has died; you will need to provide a copy of their death certificate; if you are not named as spouse on the death certificate, you will also need to produce your marriage certificate • you must provide a translation of any documents (if not already in English) at the time of giving notice how much will the notice cost? There are statutory fees for giving notice they will be either £35.00 per person or if referred to Home Office Immigration £47.00 per person. * Consideration by a Superintendent Registrar of a divorce/civil partnership dissolution obtained outside of the British Isles - £50.00. ** Consideration by the Registrar General of a divorce/civil partnership dissolution obtained outside of the British Isles - £75.00. We are unable to determine which fee will be payable, until you provide the documentation at your appointment. You must also provide a translation of the document (if applicable) at the time of giving notice. marrying in a church If you are getting married in a Church (other than the Church of England) at least one of the parties to the marriage must live in the district of the church or it must be their usual place of worship. ceremonies in places of religious worship For all religious weddings you will need to contact the priest, minister or other religious representative to obtain agreement for your wedding to be conducted in their place of worship. For marriages in the Church of England, banns should be called during the three months before your marriage. This should be arranged by the vicar. There is generally no need to involve the local registration service and notice of marriage is not normally required. If you are in any doubt, please speak to a member of the Registration Team. For marriages in churches of other denominations, after making your booking with the priest or minister, you will need to contact the registration service to arrange for notice of marriage to be given by each party. marrying abroad You may also need to give notice in Worcestershire, if you live in the district and plan to marry or form a civil partnership abroad.

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photographs Both parties will also need to provide a colour photograph at the time of giving notice unless you are a British, Irish national or you can provide proof of settled status. Each photograph must be a UK passport style and size and meet the following criteria: • it should clearly show your face with a neutral expression • you must not be wearing any head covering (other than for religious or medical reasons) • you must be photographed alone with no other person or object in shot • it should be unmarked, unaltered and without tears or creases • it must be a recent photo and show a current likeness address • valid UK photo card driving licence (full or provisional) showing your current address • utility bill - gas, electric, water, broadband or landline bill dated no more than three months before the date of your appointment; we will accept printed copies of your electronic bills • bank or building society statement dated no more than one month before the date of your appointment. We will accept printed copies of your electronic statement • Council tax or Mortgage statement dated no more than one year before the date of the appointment. We will accept printed copies of your electronic statement proof of marital status (if you have been previously married or formed a civil partnership) • divorced in the UK - an original court stamped copy of your decree absolute/civil partnership dissolution. If you have reverted to your maiden name you must provide your marriage certificate. We will accepted printed copies of your electronic decree absolute/civil partnership dissolution with the covering letter. • divorced anywhere else - If your divorce was not granted in a UK court, you will be required to pay a fee at the time of your appointment for consideration of the validity of the documentation; this fee does not guarantee that the document will be approved • Some divorces/dissolutions can be approved at your notice appointment for a fee of £50.00*. • However, in a lot of cases the documentation will need to be

Ask the overseas authority if you need a “ Certificate of No Impediment ”.

If you are planning to marry abroad in a commonwealth country we can no longer issue ‘Certificates of No Impediment’. We suggest you check the government website on marriage abroad for up to date advice and information getting married abroad - The above legal requirements were correct at time of printing. These are subject to change and registration services staff will advise at time of booking your appointment. Please also check the for the up to date legal requirements.


ceremonies in worcestershire marriage

commitment ceremony Whatever the reason, you can commit to each other in a ceremony style of your choice. Vows can be written to express your thoughts and feelings about your lives together and your hopes and dreams for the future. Rings can be exchanged. You can even sign a Certificate of Commitment. Call us and discuss with one of our team about the various options possible. child or baby naming ceremony Celebrate with your family and friends to confirm your baby’s or children’s registered names; celebrate the joining of two families, an adopted child or children into your family. These ceremonies are non-religious and carry no legal status. There is no age limit and the ceremony can be for one child or a whole family! Let us help you make this a magical ceremony where everyone can be involved from grandparents, civil parents, other family members and friends joining together with special poems or songs. One of our registrars will work with you to create a ceremony in almost any location of your choice. You can even choose a Sand Ceremony that includes children. If you are blending families, then this element is a nice way to include all your children. “mix and match” We are being increasingly asked for ceremonies where sisters/ brothers/friends are holding their wedding celebrations on the same day… why not have a double ceremony? We have also recently seen an increase for adding a “Naming Ceremony” at the end of a wedding/civil partnership– a wonderful way to welcome a new baby; the joining of two families or welcoming an adoptive son/daughter. We specialise in all types of ceremonies. Come and talk to us if you have anything special or different that you would like to do. The following pages will give you more ideas that you may wish to incorporate into your special day. For further information on all our ceremonies and links to our guidance information please visit

The law currently requires two Registrars to be present at your marriage. One will conduct the ceremony whilst at the same time the other completes the legal paperwork which will formally register the marriage. civil partnership Civil Partnerships are slightly different in that there is no formal ceremony as part of your formation. The law just requires you to sign a schedule (legal contract). This gives you the perfect opportunity to add a celebration of your union however and wherever you choose. On the following pages you will see outlined our ceremony options. There is a full range which we hope will suit all tastes and budgets. other celebratory services Whilst the following carry no legal status, they are a wonderful way to celebrate special events. These ceremonies can take place in almost any location of your choice. It doesn’t have to be in a registration office or licenced venue Whatever the reason for your celebration, we can help… renewal of vows This is sometimes referred to as a Reaffirmation of Vows. A ceremony to celebrate perhaps your first wedding anniversary, 10 Years, Silver or Golden Anniversary… or just because you want to! One of our Registrars will perform a renewal of vows ceremony in almost any venue of your choice. It does not need to be a licensed venue. You can follow the format of a “wedding ceremony” or enhance your ceremony in any way you wish. This could involve your family and friends, including those who were with you on the “day”, remembering all those moments in life that will make your day forever special. Our Registrar will discuss all options, listen to your ideas and together will make it happen. celebration ceremony These ceremonies can be designed to celebrate anything! Perhaps you have undertaken your legal ceremony; this is a wonderful opportunity to be able to celebrate with those family and friends who perhaps could not be with you. Maybe you are having a small legal ceremony and would like to have a celebration with all your family and friends in a special place…


On the day you must bring at least two people with you to be witnesses to your marriage who must be able to understand and speak English. You can choose any relative or friend as long as they are old enough to understand what is taking place. Before the ceremony is due to commence, we will need to check the details taken at the time of the Notice of Marriage. Please refer to your ceremony booklet for details. Please be aware that other ceremonies may be booked around yours, so it is important that you arrive on time to ensure that your ceremony can take place. The ceremony time will vary dependent on the type of ceremony you have chosen so can be between 10 and 45 minutes in duration.

Every marriage will include;

The Registrar will welcome everyone to the ceremony.

Everyone will be reminded of the legal definition of marriage and of the solemn and binding character of the vows you will be making to each other.

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You will declare that you are free to marry (a declaration).

personalising your special day

You will make a contract with each other (contracting words).

You may exchange rings and make promises.

You and your witnesses will sign legal documentation that will register your marriage. There will be an opportunity for photographs – see Photography and Videography . The above is only a very brief outline of the skeleton of a marriage ceremony. The options on the following pages will show you how you can enhance or bespoke your ceremony …… happy planning! What happens at your civil partnership formation? Civil Partnerships are slightly different in that there is no formal ceremony as part of your formation. The law just requires you to sign a schedule (legal contract). As with marriage ceremonies you will need to bring two people with you to be witnesses to your civil partnership who must be able to understand and speak English. You can choose any relative or friend as long as they are old enough to understand what is taking place. Before the formation is due to commence, we will need to check the details taken at the time of the Notice of Civil Partnership. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the formation is due to commence as we will need to check the details taken at the time of the Notice of Civil Partnership. Should you wish to have a celebration of your Civil Partnership then we can follow your formation with a Celebration or Commitment Ceremony that celebrates your union as Civil Partners. Use the following pages to provide ideas that will make your ceremony one to remember There will be an opportunity for photographs – see Photography and Videography .

Once you have given notice of marriage / civil partnership you will be provided with a pack which will include additional information to help you organise your ceremony. We are happy to discuss any aspect of your ceremony, so please feel free to contact us. Everyone is different and we want to provide the perfect day for you. Please remember that any music, readings or vows should be of a non-religious nature. However, there is plenty of choice and it is the readings, poems, special vows and music that make each ceremony unique. On the following pages you will find a range of ceremony options to cover all budgets. There is something to suit everyone, from a simple office to a completely bespoke ceremony. Gone are the days when there was no choice… gone are the days when you could not personalise your ceremony. Everyone has an idea of how they would like their special day to be and here in Worcestershire we want to ensure you have a ceremony to remember and perfect just for you. If, after you have made your booking, you need to change the date, time, or cancel your ceremony, please notify the Registration Service immediately in order that we can try and accommodate your requests. Registration staff will be able to advise you of the process. Please note terms and conditions apply to re-bookings, cancellations etc and these will have been advised in writing to you at the time of booking. We are here to give you guidance and support throughout and will do everything within our power to make your day happy and memorable. what happens at your legal ceremony? We want you to have a day to remember, but as with most special events there are some things that we need to ensure happens.


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enhanced & bespoke worcestershire

fully enhanced worcestershire… Worcestershire is unique in that we offer such a range of options to enable you to personalise your ceremony. So long as there is no religious or cultural content you can include a number of elements; so many to choose from! The Fully Enhanced option allows for additional readings, live music and more personalisation. Maybe you want to be given away by someone in addition to a loved one – father and grandfather; your brothers on either side of you walking down the aisle – maybe you want to play the saxophone as you walk down the aisle, with your husband to be responding on a clarinet… anything is possible. In addition to the standard and enhanced ceremony elements, couples can choose to include a Sand Ceremony or a “Joining of these Hands”, to name but two. You may have your own ideas about what you would like to include. Perhaps having the “The Lovely Dinosaur” poem read with your best man and bridesmaid taking on the roles of the dinosaurs for the reading? Maybe you would like to have a poem or reading with background music (live or recorded) playing quietly during the reading. Perhaps you like the idea of a non-religious tradition e.g. “Warming of the Rings”….. The ideas are endless. You might be having a winter wedding and instead of going outside, would like your walk as a newly married couple down the aisle to be marked with the throwing of confetti? – subject of course to your venue being amenable to the idea! There are lots and lots of ways you can weave your own unique thoughts and ideas in and around your ceremony; a ceremony that will be completely unique and personal to you and include all the legal elements.

Every couple wants their day to be as unique as they are. We have listened to couples and asked them what they want – “We want our day to reflect us, us as a couple”; “We wanted something different”; “We wanted to include all our family in our ceremony”; “The sand ceremony was important to us, as it represented the joining together of two people and will be a lasting reminder of the start of our life together”. As you start to plan your day did you know that you can create your own ceremony to make it entirely unique? Gone are the days when there was little or no choice with your ceremony. We have a range of options to enable you to personlise your ceremony; there is no longer a need to have a legal ceremony and then have a separate celebration ceremony because you want to completely personalise your wedding. You’ll be surprised at what can be included and how unique you can make it. Worcestershire Registration Service provides registrars who are knowledgeable and highly skilled. They will make sure that whatever ceremony you are having, it will be not only within the boundaries of the law, but as unique as you wish. They will work with you to plan, personalise and bring your dreams and wishes into reality; a wedding to remember; a ceremony like no other. enhanced worcestershire… An Enhanced Ceremony allows you to include further elements around the statutory requirements of the ceremony. Not everyone wants their ceremony completely personalised. Some couples just want to make certain moments unique or include family and friends with readings and music; maybe the inclusion of guests singing or a vocalist; or just a little tweaking of the standard ceremony.


bespoke worcestershire… Sometimes you just have a yearning to have and do something different… “Your Day, Your Way” Worcestershire Registration Service can offer a complete bespoke service to include everything you have always dreamed of. Maybe you have always wanted to get “married” in a special place, at home, in your garden, by a lake, in the woods or anywhere else your dream takes you. Whilst you can only legally be married in a licensed venue or outdoor structure, you can still make your wedding – Your Day, Your Way… How? There are a number of options. The only stipulation is that your legal ceremony must take place in a licensed room before a bespoke celebration. After all how can you celebrate something that has not yet happened! Your legal ceremony can take place a week or a few days before, the day before, or on the day itself; earlier in the day or just before your celebration. Your Wedding Celebration can then take place anywhere and in any style you please… even including a religious element if you wished. Ceremonies undertaken in this way can include any religious, cultural or other elements. It can be as long or as short as you wish. You are in control of everything… Your Day, Your Way… If your chosen special place is not already a venue licensed for civil ceremonies we can undertake a risk assessment and advise appropriately. You may need to obtain permission for a “public

gathering” or hire the space from the local council e.g. you would like to hold your Celebration of Marriage in the bandstand in your local park, but we can advise on the steps that you would need to take. All our staff are knowledgeable professionals and there is nothing we haven’t seen or been asked! We have built on years of experience, seen the changing trends, moved with the times and most of all listened to couples in order to be able to offer you such a unique service. We have undertaken bespoke ceremonies in back gardens, front gardens, at the VW Music Festival, private stately homes, arboretums, railway stations, craft centres, bandstands, on a farm, in the woods and by a lake… these are to name but a few. Our bespoke service really is the crème de la crème of ceremonies and celebrations. You can safely be assured that everything from your legal to your celebration of marriage ceremonies will be in accordance with statutory requirements, whilst still ensuring you have the day you wish for, in the way you wish. Email the and request our bespoke service. The team will contact you to take all your details and be able to advise you on “next steps”. Following this we will put you in touch with your dedicated Registrar who will work with you throughout – from discussing your ideas to helping you bring those dreams and ideas to life; from the words used to the structure of your ceremony and beyond… Let the magic begin…




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essentials photography and videography

lighting and candles We are often asked for subdued lighting or candlelight at ceremonies. Unfortunately, we are unable to have candlelight within our registration offices. Licenced venues will have their own arrangements and should be contacted directly for details. Please be aware that the registrars attending will need to have a clear, well- lit area whilst conducting and completing the legal documentation. Please note that candles will not be allowed on or near the table that is used by the registrar. If you require further information, please contact us. floral arrangements All our Registration Office ceremony rooms have silk floral arrangements in neutral colours. You are welcome to provide your own flowers or floral arrangements, especially if you want them to fit into a particular colour scheme. Floral arrangements in licenced venues will need to be discussed with the venue. decorations It is not possible within our registration office ceremony rooms for couples to decorate the ceremony room e.g. chair coverings or floral arches, as we have to be mindful of the timing of other ceremonies taking place immediately before and after. Floral arrangements are permissible, as mentioned above. For decorations of ceremony rooms in licenced venues couples will need to liaise with the venue. Please be aware that any decorations must be of non-religious or cultural nature. themed celebrations If you have chosen a theme for your ceremony etc, please talk to us and we will do our utmost to fit in with your wishes. Our registrars have been known to enter into the spirit of a themed celebration. We have been asked for specific colours, to wear a dinosaur hat, a cloak in keeping with a medieval theme and even Star Wars! We will always do our best to please, including a DC Comics theme where we had the lovely compliment - “We were so happy that the registrar was prepared to be our Superhero” However, please discuss your requirements well in advance.

Wedding photographs and videos are special mementoes and we encourage you to capture the unforgettable moments of your special day. They are the lasting memories that you can keep forever and share with your friends and family. Before your ceremony begins the registrar will advise you regarding the taking of photographs and the use of video cameras to ensure that the dignity of the occasion is maintained whilst ensuring that you take home wonderful memories of your great occasion. You will receive with your ceremony pack, when you have booked and given Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership, a guidance note which we encourage couples to forward to the person you have chosen to take your photographs/video, so that they are aware of the boundaries within which we have to work. If you do have any special requests please make a note of these on your checklist. music If you have chosen music as part of your ceremony please note that, by law, music with a religious context cannot be used in a civil ceremony. If you need inspiration, we have a selection that you can choose from, both classical and modern genres. Please check with your chosen venue as to the music facilites they have in order to ensure that what you provide is compatible. For ceremonies taking place in registration offices our staff will advise the format we will require. Some of our venues have ipod/Bluetooth facilities. If you would like live music, a choir, singers or your guests to join you in song, this is possible. We would need to know what music / lyrics are intended and how and who will be performing. For Bespoke Worcestershire Ceremonies, religious content is allowable as this ceremony does not form part of the legal process. confetti Traditionally confetti is said to bestow prosperity on the newly joined couple. It is a lovely way to celebrate. Please feel free to use it outside at any of our registration offices, but do help us look after the environment by using biodegradable confetti or petals. Approved premises will have their own arrangements and should be contacted directly for details.


registration offices in worcestershire

bromsgrove The birthplace of A.E. Houseman, Bromsgrove is situated on the north east side of the county and is within easy walking distance of the town centre. The registration office is situated within the recently refurbished Parkside School, which we also share with a number of other services and organisations. The ceremony room has been refurbished to keep the integrity of the building and is decorated in soft neutral tones and has a light and airy feel to the room. There is waiting area next door and following the celebration the couple and their guests can exit from the ceremony room to the beautiful landscaped garden, where photographs can be taken. See our website for further information regarding parking, services provided and room capacities.

worcester Worcester “The Faithful City” is the home of the Register Office for the County of Worcestershire. It is situated on the eastern side of the city, located at County Hall. It is set in extensive sweeping grounds with a woodland backdrop, providing wonderful photographic opportunities. The modern ceremony room is light, airy and decorated in warm, neutral tones. Following the celebration the couple and their guests can exit from the ceremony room to the specially designed garden. See our website for further information regarding parking, services provided and room capacities.


evesham The Registration Office is situated in the historic town of Evesham within easy walking distance of the town centre. The ceremony room is octagonal in shape, being modern, light and spacious. Because of its shape the venue lends itself to something different, whereby ceremonies can be very intimate or accommodate a larger number. The ceremony room is decorated in warm tones of creams and reds. Following the celebration couples and their guests can use the small courtyard garden for photographs. See our website for further information regarding parking, services provided and room capacities.

redditch Redditch provides a modern purpose-built accommodation, decorated in soft neutral tones. The ceremony room has an attractive ceiling window which provides a light and airy room for your special day. After your celebration the party can leave through the rear of the ceremony room to a small courtyard where photographs can be taken in a sheltered paved area with seating and attractive planting. See our website for further information regarding parking, services provided and room capacities.


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tenbury wells Working in partnership with Tenbury Town Council, the attractive setting of the historic spa Pump Rooms with its decorative Victorian brick work, provides a unique and imposing feature. The building is constructed in an unusual Chinese Gothic architectural style. Please contact Tenbury Town Council for further details before booking your registrars, as room hire charges apply.

malvern Working in partnership with Malvern Hills District Council, Malvern Council House is situated at the foot of the Malvern Hills in the landscaped surrounding park and gardens. The ceremony room is situated in an imposing residence built in the late Gothic style. Please contact Malvern Hills District Council for further details before booking your registrars, as room hire charges apply. Kidderminster Registration office works in partnership with Kidderminster Town Council and is based at the Town Hall. The venue has the facility of three ceremony rooms. The King Charles Room is an historic room with beautiful panelling and stained glass window. The Music Room has the benefit of the beautiful organ as a back drop. There is also the former Magistrate Court Room. Please contact Kidderminster Town Hall for further details before booking your registrars, as room hire charges apply.


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The Abbey Hotel

The Abbey Hotel Set in the most idyllic location at the foot of the Malvern Hills, boasting outstanding views over the Vale of Evesham, the Abbey Hotel is the perfect venue to celebrate the most memorable day of your life. A peaceful setting offering picture-perfect landscapes and scenic gardens that make for the perfect backdrop for your cherished wedding album. Seven unique function suites are available for your special day, catering for up to 150 guests for a civil ceremony and 300 for a grand reception. All-inclusive wedding packages are available and can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Brockencote Hall

Brockencote Hall Brockencote Hall is a beautifully refurbished 21 bedroom Victorian mansion with a sweeping driveway, French inspired architecture and stunning features such as a scenic lake and lovingly restored dovecote. The country house hotel is licensed to hold civil ceremonies for 2 - 90 guests in a choice of elegant rooms, with a dedicated wedding and events manager who will guide you through the best possible options to suit the spirit of your event.

The Abbey Hotel, Abbey Road, Great Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 3ET. Tel: 01684 878 146 Email: Web:

Brockencote Hall, Chaddesley Corbett, Worcestershire DY10 4PY. Tel: 01562 777876 Email: Web: Twitter: @BrockencoteHall

The Worcester Whitehouse Hotel The hotel considers itself to be one of the area’s premier wedding venues and provides a superb setting, catering for weddings for up to 100 for a sit down meal and with evening functions for up to 120 guests. The flexibility of the banqueting suites means they can accommodate smaller, more intimate celebrations too. They have a civil licence that enables them to hold wedding ceremonies at the hotel in a choice of suites suitable for 10 to 100 guests.

The Worcester Whitehouse Hotel, 62 Foregate Street, Worcester WR1 1EA. Tel: 01905 24308 Email: Web:

The Worcester Whitehouse Hotel


Spring Grove House

Safari Venues at West Midland Safari Park Three amazing venues - one unique location. Safari Venues create simple packages with you in mind. Along with a warm welcome, friendly advice and attention to detail, the bespoke service can provide you with the opportunity to work directly with the Wedding Coordinators and Chefs to create your perfect day. With three unique venues, the dedicated team will ensure your wedding is one to remember! Spring Grove House, a beautiful Georgian manor, is the perfect location for an elegant wedding. Set in the grounds of West Midland Safari Park, it has built its well-deserved reputation on impeccable service, luxury menu selections and attention to detail. The venue is available for exclusive use for civil ceremonies and receptions of up to 200 guests.

Nestled under the grand Spring Grove House is Cellarz - a large, brick-vaulted venue with a completely unique atmosphere. Cellarz has a capacity of up to 150 guests with its own chic bar area and stylish lounge facilities. It is ideal to hire as part of Spring Grove House or separately. For larger wedding celebrations, Treetops Pavilion is another fantastic venue licensed for civil wedding ceremonies. Its vast proportions and capacity make it one of the largest entertainment facilities in the county. Treetops boasts a capacity of 100 to 1,000 guests with a maximum of 400 seated.

Safari Venues, West Midland Safari Park, Spring Grove, Bewdley, Worcestershire DY12 1LF. Tel: 01299 406 460 Email: Web: Facebook:


Council House

Council House Set in the heart of Great Malvern, against the stunning backdrop of the Malvern Hills, this unique venue is the perfect location for your wedding, civil partnership ceremony or blessing. Walking through the grand entrance into the historic council house, you can admire the intricate stained glass windows, oak staircase and impressive hallway, ideal for your special day. After your ceremony you will step out of this beautiful building straight into a photographer’s paradise. Enjoy a romantic stroll around the Victorian gardens of Priory Park and marvel at England’s finest scenery.

Bank House Hotel

Bank House Hotel, Spa and Golf Club Set against the picturesque backdrop of the stunning Malvern Hills in the idyllic Worcestershire countryside, the Bank House Hotel, Spa & Golf Club is the perfect venue for your special day. With a range of banqueting suites and packages to choose from, whether you are planning an intimate civil ceremony, a bespoke wedding breakfast, or a lavish celebration, the Bank House will provide you with a unforgettable day that is filled with fun, laughter and happy memories to last a lifetime. Talk to them today about your plans for your dream wedding, and let them make the fairy tale happen for you.

Council House Tel: 01684 862412 Email: Web: Facebook: @malverncouncilhouse

Bank House Hotel, Spa and Golf Club, Bransford, Worcester WR6 5JD. Tel: 01886 833551 Email: Web:

Old Rose and Crown Hotel Set in the beautiful Lickey Hills, south of Birmingham and close to Bromsgrove, the Old Rose and Crown Hotel is a popular choice as a wedding venue. They offer exclusive use for weddings, so you won’t share the beautiful gardens with another bridal party! Catering for 45 to 130 guests across two suites for civil weddings or traditional receptions, with their dedicated Wedding Co-ordinator on hand. The hotel offers 11 individual ensuite guest rooms, including large family rooms. Menu choices are totally flexible including canapés, pig roasts, traditional wedding breakfasts and afternoon tea.

Old Rose and Crown Hotel, Lickey, Birmingham B45 8RT. Tel: 0121 453 3502 Email: Web:

Old Rose and Crown Hotel


The Guildhall, Worcester Set in the heart of the historic city of Worcester, The Guildhall is a unique and beautiful Grade 1 listed building, which boasts impressive decor and character. It is the perfect setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Whether you are planning an intimate ceremony or a large celebration for 200 guests, they have a range of rooms which are steeped in history and grandeur and provide the ideal backdrop for your special day. The friendly staff will be able to advise on catering, bar and entertainment arrangements, which you will need to organise, if required, and their selection of wedding packages are perfect to suit every budget. Come and take a look - you’ll be pleased you did. To discuss your requirements further, please contact them on guildhallbookings@ or call on 01905 722308. You may also visit the website on

The Guildhall, High Street, Worcester WR1 2EY.


Manor Arms, Abberley Set in picturesque gardens and overlooking spectacular views of the rolling Worcestershire countryside, The Manor Arms is the perfect venue for your special day. Registered for civil ceremonies - either inside or in the new gazebo which overlooks the beautiful views. Whether a large celebration or a small, more intimate affair, tailor-made packages are offered - working around your wish-list to create the perfect day.

Manor Arms, Abberley Abberley Village, Worcestershire WR6 6BN. Tel: 01299 890300 Email: Web:

Manor Arms, Abberley

Malvern College Weddings Malvern College is set in beautiful grounds on the slopes of the Malvern Hills with a mix of historic and modern facilities. Dating back to 1865, the College offers a selection of licensed rooms for your wedding ceremony. The elegant wood-panelled Memorial Library is ideal for intimate ceremonies; alternatively, for a larger wedding the Big School accommodates up to 200 guests. Also, the newly refurbished ceremony room, Lyall Foyer is the perfect space for 70 guests with the most spectacular views of senior cricket pitch and looking up to College’s main building. After your ceremony, photographs can be taken in the stunning grounds. For those wishing to host their entire day there, the Gryphon Room is ideal for receptions, wedding breakfast and evening entertainment. Whatever your choice, the dedicated team will work with you to ensure the smooth running of your special day.

Malvern College Weddings, College Road, Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 3DF. Tel: 01684 581640 Email: Web:

Malvern College Weddings

The Vale Golf & Country Club Set in 300 acres of woodland, amidst an area of outstanding natural beauty, within the stunning Worcestershire countryside, The Vale Golf & Country Club is the ideal venue at which to celebrate your very special day. Their aim is to make your planning, budgeting and decision making easy. Your wedding plans are individually tailored to suit, culminating in a wonderful memorable day that is truly your own. The Vale Golf & Country Club, Hill Furze Road, Bishampton, Worcestershire WR10 2LZ Tel: 01386 462781 Email: Web:

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