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It’s a Great Time to Be a Part of Dwyer Group® President’s Update: The Game of Work

Life’s Defining Moments

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Brent & Christy Moore By: Tommy Dutton

New Umbrella Brand Welcomes Dwyer Group Customers to the Neighborhood By: Lisa Zoellner

DWYER GROUP, INC. Mike Bidwell, President, CEO Dina-Dwyer Owens, Co-Chair Mary Kennedy Thompson, Chief Operating Officer Lisa Zoellner, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer AIRE SERV, LLC Steve Truett, President James Walker , Vice President of Operations Austin Brown, Local Marketing Specialist Randy Smith, Franchise Consultant Matt Mackling, Director of Retail Sales Tommy Dutton, Franchise Consultant Todd Williams, Franchise Consultant

PROTRADENET LLC Kathleen Seaman, Communications Specialist PRODUCTION Michael McCullough ,


Creative Manager James Brown,

Freelance Graphic Designer Kimberly Denman , Senior Communications Manager

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Building the Aire Serv Fan Base By: Matt Mackling

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To be a world class company admired for the excellence that customers, franchisees and associates experience with Dwyer Group .

To teach our principles and systems of personal and business success so that all people we touch live happier and more successful lives.

It’s a Great Time to Be a Part of Dwyer Group ®

By: Mike Bidwell

W e are at the dawn of a new day at Dwyer Group®. With great anticipation, we have launched our new overarching brand, Neighborly™ (known as Neighbourly™ in Canada), that we conceived prior to Reunion last year. This is a bold step forward to realizing our long- standing vision that we all benefit from being members of a common family of franchised brands. We have experimented over the years to find ways to expose customers from one brand to other Dwyer Group brands. However, each proved to be too burdensome, too inefficient and too expense. In retrospect, we had to wait for technology and how people use technology to catch up – including the Dwyer Group ecosystem – to be able to execute on this vision in an effective and sustainable way. As the marketplace has evolved, the full breadth of Dwyer Group’s service brands’ offerings has become more meaningful to homeowners. The dream was initially to leverage our individual customer silos that each of you have in your perspective local markets and expose those customers to other Dwyer Group brands. Since they are buying services from you, they are likely using many of our other service offerings as well to meet their needs. Unfortunately, our data says that less than two percent of the time they are using more than one of our brands. I suppose this makes sense when you consider market share in each market, and the fact that we do nothing to make it better. What nowmakes this possible is: • Our Dwyer Group Culture • Single Point of Sale (POS) system used in each brand, with API connectivity • Centralized data warehouse at Dwyer Group to consume all POS data • Universal customer surveying system (reviews and rankings)

• Dwyer Group Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and strategy • Our consumer content library • Robust brand consumer websites • Find a Neighbor (FaN) mapping system • Talent (internal and external) to orchestrate • Capacity – 2400 North American franchisees in 11 service verticals

• Evolving consumer shopping preferences • Financial capacity to make the investment • Vision and leadership to make it happen

It is a great time to be a part of Dwyer Group , now our Neighborly network. Our research and pilot test indicate the market is ready for Neighborly , and we are now ready to execute and deliver. Its purpose is to lower your customer acquisition cost, increase your customer count, shorten your customers’ purchase cycles, and reduce customer defection or attrition. All of this helps enhance your profitability. There is another reason as well. While this reason did not exist when we envisioned this dream, as market dynamics have evolved, it does today. If we don’t do this, someone else will – and they are attempting to do so now. Now, our motives are also protectionist. The good news is nobody has what we have. Nobody is better suited to execute and deliver the customer experience than us, so let’s get on with it… Neighborly,



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“People will pay for the privilege of working harder than they will work when they are paid.” By: Steve Truett

T he theme at Homecoming this year was “The Game of Work.” Chuck Coonradt discovered years ago that people will work harder for free (if what they were doing was considered “fun”) than they would if what they were doing wasn’t fun, even if they were getting paid. This revelation was Coonradt’s inspiration for his book entitled, The Game of Work . ACCORDING TO COONRADT, THERE ARE FIVE ELEMENTS THAT SEPARATE “PLAY” FROM “WORK”: 1. Goals are more clearly defined Coonradt learned that if you apply these principles to the workplace, employees will not only enjoy their work more, but they will also be more productive. I recently had an experience that reinforced this concept for me. My 17-year-old daughter, Cambry, is a planner. I invited her to join me on a trip to Boston during her spring break this year, and she did most of the planning. Cambry had a list of things for us to do that included the Freedom Trail, the Boston Tea Party Museum, Fenway Park Tour, Harvard Campus Tour, Old Ironsides, and more. Many of these activities were outdoors. This would not have been a problem if the temperature had not plummeted the day we got there from the 70’s to the 20’s. To make matters worse, we woke up Saturday morning to a temperature of 12 degrees and a wind chill of -4 degrees. Cambry had really put a lot of work into our itinerary and I really wanted to be able to enjoy the sights with her, but I was not excited about braving the elements that Mother Nature 2. The scorekeeping is better 3. Feedback is more frequent 4. Higher degree of personal choice 5. Rules are not changed in the middle of the game

had provided that day. However, there was no possible way that Cambry was going to let freezing temperatures stop her from enjoying Boston. We bundled up and walked outside to Uber over to Fenway to start the day. To top things off, as we waited for Uber, it began to rain! As we went from place to place, walking miles in the freezing cold, with the wind brutal at times, I noticed something. My 17-year-old daughter that procrastinates cleaning her room, complains about treating the swimming pool, and dreads doing any of her other chores, never complained once about the wind, the cold or the rain. In fact, she was having a blast. I couldn’t help but think about The Game of Work , and how the principles applied here. • She had goals she wanted to accomplish • She was checking them off her list • She was doing it because she wanted to do it, not because she had to Without a doubt, if we were home and it was -4 wind chill and drizzling rain, I would have a hard time “motivating” her to do any chores! It is amazing the difference in our attitudes in the things that we consider work and those things we consider play; the things we want to do, compared to the things we have to do. At Homecoming, we discussed ways to bring the elements of “gamification” into your local Aire Serv . If done successfully, these elements can help make your Aire Serv franchise the Employer of Choice in your market. You can find the PowerPoint presentations and handouts from Homecoming in the library on FranConnect. Contact your Franchise Consultant to discuss how you can implement “The Game of Work” to have more “fun in the process” and improve your sales and profits.



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LIFE’S DEFINING MOMENTS By: Mary Kennedy Thompson

H ow we offer services to our customers can be one of those daily actions that over time becomes the defining moment that makes us great. At the start of my career, each time I met a successful person, I would ask what they did to get there. I always expected to hear them say it was some significant occasion that created the change and growth toward excellence. It took my asking about 10 really successful people before I saw the real pattern. It was not a big decision nor a clear moment where a special event occurred that created the defining moment for achievement. I learned, instead, it is consistently practiced daily habits that help us grow into successful businessmen and women - and in doing so, we grow successful businesses. For our service brands, the defining moments happen each day on the phone and in our customer’s home. It includes all parts of our frontline service, a quick and friendly greeting when our customer first calls, and even doing the small things on each service call. It’s the basics – that’s why they’re called the basics - that grow a company. Ask yourself, “Are we using the basics in building everyday actions to create success?” Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning is a habit. Watch your thoughts, they become your beliefs. Watch your beliefs, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your character.” I believe great companies are built by great people who think “How can I improve my interactions with my customers?”

That thought becomes the belief that outstanding customer experiences will drive the business. And cheerleader customers become the character of the organization that help us recruit the right people. Exceptional customer interactions define the relationship, which builds the company. Below is a good place to start. • Cheerfully and efficiently answer the phone using a script to stay on point and build a great service call. • Offer convenience to our customer (such as a clear appointment time). • Conduct ride-alongs and randomly check up on our service providers when they are on service calls. You are the quality control manager for your business. • Coach invoices to help your service providers to see opportunity and follow up on customer needs. • Closely read the customer surveys to see how you’re really performing.

Let’s win!



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By: Dina Dwyer-Owens

I n September 2015, Dwyer Group® Chief Operating Officer, Mary Kennedy Thompson and I had the pleasure of meeting U.S. Representative, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, at the International Franchise Association’s Action Network meeting to talk about the most pressing issues facing franchisors across the country. We were excited to meet the highest ranking woman in the Republican Party and - wouldn’t you know it - our discussion turned to living and leading with values. How Dwyer Group Leveraged Values to Build a Billion-Dollar Company It’s been a little over two decades since Dwyer Group implemented its operationalized Code of Values and a series of principles that support our organization. Live R.I.C.H (Respect, Integrity, Customer focus and Having fun in the process) guide our business decisions. We strive daily to keep these values front-and-center ensuring that everyone in the company, from the leadership team to our franchisees on the front lines, know and embrace them. After a record year of historic growth in 2016, our organization now includes 16 consumer brands, more than 2,800 franchises and over $1.4 billion in annual system-wide sales that stretch across 11 countries around the globe. People routinely ask, “How can we create that kind of successful growth for our own organization?” The common thread behind our growing, collaborative and collective success is the Dwyer Group Code of Values. It’s a topic that speaks to my heart and one of the reasons I wrote my last book “Values, Inc.” I wanted to provide insight for organizations interested in what we are known for at Dwyer Group - helping businesses stay the course as they grow. In addition, I wanted a road map to help small business owners, including franchisees and their teams, navigate their business through the use of their own Code of Values. Helping others define a Code of Values that can live and breathe in their organizations is a passion of mine and it has been a privilege to share the journey of Dwyer Group with other franchisors, businesses, the public and yes, even government.

A Code of Values Can Energize Any Workplace - Even Our Government At that first meeting with Cathy, our Code of Values message really resonated with her, so she invited me to return to Washington, DC, later that year to give a “Values in Business” seminar to her entire congressional staff. The end result of the workshop was that her office wrote out their own Code of Values…something they have begun following over the last year. Taking a page from our Live R.I.C.H message, Cathy’s office now has a message to S.E.R.V.E. Cathy wrote a guest column for TIME Magazine, in which she shared a little about her team’s Code of Values: “On Capitol Hill, which is often the epicenter of partisanship and egos, my team and I established a system of values, a motto called, “Have Fun While We SERVE” — Seek Excellence, Everybody Matters, Responsibly Own It, Vigilant Integrity, and Embrace Change — and at staff meetings we talk about how we are living these values, and where we fall short.” In the last year, since having their own values, Cathy’s office has found several ways to put them into practice. In doing so, it has helped the team reflect on how their actions impact those around them and how they can strive to be better public servants, teammates and citizens. Other leaders on the Hill have asked for copies of her Code of Values to begin implementing in their own offices. Additionally, because of the reputation and culture created by their values, her office has attracted resumes of people seeking to work in their environment. Value Truly Knows No Boundaries All of this is music to my ears. Living and leading with values knows no boundaries. It can serve a small business, it can serve a large organization, and it can even serve our country’s highest offices. For any organization, a strong code of values, put into action, provides a roadmap to the future. The bottom line (and a profitable one, too) is that a company that lives and leads with values will always outperform, outshine, outdo and outlive competitors who put ethics on the back burner.




By: James Walker

If I asked you what role Michael Jordan played on the six-time champion Chicago Bulls, you might say he was an emotional leader. Some might say he was a shut-down defender, or a “closer” – the guy you want to have the ball when the game is on the line. Ultimately, Michael Jordan’s role as a professional basketball player was substantially more than “shooting guard,” his position on the team.



T here is so much more than simply a position that goes into defining what role someone plays on your team. Yet quite often, their position seems to be the defining (and sometimes limiting) factor that determines what they are able to accomplish on your team. The vast majority of people reading this article couldn’t name what position Michael Jordan played. Chances are, however, anyone reading who has never heard of him and doesn’t have at least a passing awareness of his value to the game of basketball most assuredly has been living under a rock for the past 20 years. We are challenged as leaders to evaluate our team members for the roles they will be most fulfilled in and most productive in, regardless of their position or job title. To be fair, title or position is a component of their role, but there are a few other things to consider when evaluating what role they can best fulfill on your team. 1. POSITION – a brand new maintenance technician has a definitively different role in the business than a dispatcher or team leader by virtue of their position. That is expected and cannot be circumvented, but it is important to not allow someone’s newness to a position or even placement within the company organizational chart limit their ability to fulfill their best role. 2. STRENGTHS – These are the attributes your team member exemplifies and the things he/she feels most comfortable doing. Is he a good listener or able to have a conversation with anyone? Is she extremely detailed and methodical? 3. PERSONALITY – We all know the class clown after any amount of time in a room with a new group of people. We all understand intuitively who is a leader, who has charisma, who has quiet confidence, and who is the social butterfly. Your team member’s best role takes all of these things into account. You might have a senior technician who is very technically competent, but he is a poor communicator (strengths) and doesn’t have much charisma (personality). Almost certainly, his best role is not as the motivational leader on the team. There may be a young maintenance technician who is extremely skilled in using technology and has a very easy way with everyone on the team. What might be his best role? What elements can you put in place to allow him to operate at peak effectiveness within that role? Perhaps you have a girl in the office who knows all of your technicians and is extremely perceptive about how they are doing personally, but she has a hard time striking up conversation. However, she loves planning and strategizing. How could you create a role that allows her to use that perceptiveness and planning to build the team? In doing so, you won’t just benefit the team, but create a new level of fulfillment and enjoyment for her within your company. Simply, it is not about just finding another technician or another Customer Service Representative (CSR). It is about defining what roles are filled on your team and what roles

are missing. From there, it is evaluating the strengths and personalities of your current team members to place each into a role that benefits them and benefits the company most. At the end of the day, you might not remember all the other players on those teams with Michael Jordan, but you can know for certain that if they had all tried to fulfill his same role, they wouldn’t have won a single championship. And probably only a handful of you would know who Michael Jordan was. “We are challenged as leaders to evaluate our team members for the roles they will be most fulfilled in and most productive in , regardless of their position or job title.”


In the fight against the elements, only Lennox ® offers a full line of HVAC equipment to cover every home. From temperature control to air quality to energy efficiency, we offer the best range to ensure that victory is yours. To learn more about our front line, visit or call 1-800-9-LENNOX.



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By: Tommy Dutton


Aire Serv® of Brunswick County

Why did you decide to buy an Aire Serv franchise? We decided to invest in an Aire Serv franchise because we were losing track of our customers and payments and we didn’t have a system to keep up with our business. When Aire Serv contacted us, it was just what I was looking for and the support that we have received for our business and personally has been great. What is your background and experience in the HVAC field? Brent grew up doing HVAC and refrigeration with his father’s repair business. He later went to college for HVAC training and went on to obtain his HVAC license and then later his limited electrical certification. What did you do before joining the Aire Serv family? We had a HVAC business since 1997 and joined Aire Serv in 2008. Previously, Brent had worked in hydro testing and was briefly in the Navy, which helped with our reducing the cost of our Franchise. I was simultaneously working with our business and as a real estate agent. Prior to that, I had worked with the county for six years in computer operations.

How did your experiences prior to Aire Serv help you make the transition to owning an Aire Serv franchise? I have a degree in business, which has been very helpful for my end of the Aire Serv business. I have prior knowledge of QuickBooks and standard business practices, while Brent has a vast knowledge on the HVAC side. Share some of the processes and systems that you have had the most success. One of the best things we have done to maintain an increase in business has been the Advantage Plan. Offering the Advantage Plan has kept our customers coming back to us year after year. Although we do not have a Business Network International (BNI) chapter in our area, this recommendation from Aire Serv puts us on the map in our area. Requiring our technicians to make the three recommendations has also increased our sales. What are some things you plan to implement in the next year? We did not end last year or start off 2017 as well as we would have liked, so we decided a major change was in order. We moved our salesperson, Hunter, into management. Although Hunter is new to management, he has made some major



improvements to our bottom line. The decision to move one of our service technicians, Cody, to performance pay has made a great difference, too. We have watched Cody take off and his sales have skyrocketed. We also sent Cody to Home Comfort class where he was top of the class. We are now seeking to hire more service technicians and Cody will be training them to have the same awesome performance. What are some of your goals in 2017? Our manager has a goal to reach one million dollars in sales, and we also plan to add two performance service technicians, and eventually, move me out of the office to where I can work from home. We are also looking to replace our install truck. What are your plans to achieve your goals? I have been working on procedures for management, installation and service to help things run smoothly. We have also worked on cutting back on Yellow Pages and will be doing more billboards in their place. Hiring more service performance technicians will also be the key to hitting our goals. Looking back, did you ever have those days when you wondered, “Why am I an entrepreneur?” If so, what helped you push through and continue on the road to success? There is a lot of stress that comes with running a business. I know that our customers and our employees are counting on us to keep things going. My father was a Marine drill instructor who instilled in me not to be a quitter and push through no matter how tough it gets. Howmany people do you have on your team? Do you want to give a shout out to some or all of them by name and position/role? Aire Serv of Brunswick County currently has nine employees on the team, but we hope to increase that this year. Cody is our star player. He always has a great attitude, confidence and a pretty smile. He came to us from another Aire Serv and has recently moved to performance pay, where he has taken off with success. He recently attended the Aire Serv top sales conference where he vows that he will be number-one next time and just may do that as his recent trip to Waco for sales training earned him first place in his class. Wendy, our assistant office manager

and dispatcher, has been a constant for almost three years. She is my right hand and has a heart for our customers. She makes sure that what she calls “my customers” are taken care of. If it means staying late, coming in early, or informing the staff of their needs, she is willing to do so. What is the most scheduled service that you and your team have? Maintenance is the most requested service at Aire Serv of Brunswick County. We are also seeing an increase in UV light sales, due to customers being more aware of the environment in their homes and their health. We inform our customer of their needs by sending them videos, brochures and our technicians offer words of advice in the home. How do you see our industry changing in the next five years? Customers are getting more tech savvy. Equipment and marketing will constantly need upgrading. Consumers will continue be more informed. We believe more changes for less impact on the environment will also need to be integrated. What is some advice that you would offer to new Aire Serv franchisees about starting and building their franchise business? We encourage other franchisees not to be scared to try something new. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone and step out in faith. Listen to the advice of your franchisee consultant, because your success is their success. Our franchise consultant, Tommy Dutton, has been a great help to us over the years. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family. How do you relax? What are your favorite hobbies and interests? Name two things that you feel make you unique. We have been married for 26 years. We have dated since 1988. We have two boys, Brent and Adam, who are grown and out of the house. We also have one daughter, Sydney, who is 13 years old and an eighth grader. Brent enjoys anything to do with guns and motorcycles and I like working on our house and going to auctions or antique shops. We both enjoy spending time with our family and with my sister’s family. We attend the church where we met in 1985. I am active at our church, singing in the choir and teaching children.




Aire Serv® Nation had quite the win in Nashville. The Country Music Hall of Fame is hard to beat, but the highlight of Homecoming may or may not have been the marketing team’s breakout session. Let me give you a play-by-play recap of our presentation.

By: Austin Brown

T o win a game, you have to have a plan. For us, that is a marketing plan, or the way to strategize and prepare how you are going to win. Your marketing plan is going to tell you where you are going to advertise, when you are going to do it, and whether it’s working to help you win. This plan allows us to review your stats, calculate ROI, and ensure that you are on your way to winning. Next, Brand Manager Mary Hromadka and I spoke about how you can win the game with different marketing resources and tactics. One resource we are very proud of is our redesigned website by Scorpion. Our website has won six prestigious awards in marketing and digital categories. You are able to customize your website with local content. Examples include staff photos, team bios, and coupons. Your Scorpion dashboard is where you can log in and see how



much your website is helping you win. The next resources and tactics we discussed centered on online reputation. This is where your customers let you know how much they root for you (or against you) by writing reviews. Listen360 notifies you of which customers are cheering for and which are not. Be sure you are responding to all reviews to provide world-class customer service. We also highlighted online reputation through Yelp. Aire Serv received over 17,000 user views in 2016 on Yelp! Your location already has a branded profile where customers can find you and leave reviews. Frequently check your Yelp dashboard to respond to reviews and check your activity. Some games have quarters or periods, and we have campaigns. Campaigns are based on seasonality and temperature. Each campaign is composed of a variety of marketing materials available to you. Postcards, letters, door hangers, and flyers are a few of the materials you may find. We also announced our newest campaign – Pre-Season Cooling! You can find all pre-season cooling pieces on BrandBuilder now. In order to win, you have to set goals. Without goals, what are we measuring against to determine if we win or lose? One of your goals might be to grow likes on Facebook by 1,000. Be specific and set deadlines. Goals will motivate you to work harder and keep you on track to win. How do we know who won a game? By the score! Having a marketing plan and executing these tactics ultimately leads to keeping score. Recording your numbers and stats on your marketing plan will allow you to know where you stand in the

game and if you are on a winning path. Keeping score can also be used to motivate you to get back on track and make a game- winning comeback. We are all in this to win! Hopefully you learned a new strategy or tactic to help you reach your goals while attending Homecoming. The marketing team is fully committed to assisting you and providing support to see you win! Go Aire Serv Nation! “In order to win, you have to set goals. Without goals, what are we measuring against to determine if we win or lose?”


• Reach serious homeowners in your area • Showcase your work with a custom profile

• Fill your calendar with booked appointments


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By: Randy Smith


Aire Serv® of Southern Michigan

a nice retirement plan in place for them, while also providing a confidence for them to feel they are important contributors to our successes. And this arises out of their everyday attainment of their goals as well as the goals of the business. What is your background and experience in the HVAC field? What did you do before joining the Aire Serv family? I first worked in this field while in high school during the late 1950s. I worked for a contractor and had successfully learned a great deal about the sheet metal trade, until I enlisted in the United States Army. When my military service ended, I had a chance to reinvent myself, but found out I suffered from HVAC fever. And so, I applied, was hired, and worked at Sears Roebuck & Company. There, I worked at the pilot program for Manager Training, following a prosperous and educational move to the position of the Installation Coordinator and Merchandise Manager for hard lines, which included HVAC. I continued to move forward into sales and became a Sales Manager for a HVAC contractor with three major locations. After I had learned enough to begin a business through these various experiences, I then bought my first company and took on a partner. The partner bought me out and I moved to the distributor side of the business as Regional Sales Manager. When an opportunity arose, I joined Lennox Industries as a Dealer Marketing Adviser and was exposed to many facets examining the successes and detriments of HVAC businesses across this nation. I then purchased my own company on April 1, 1990 and opened an adjunct business as a licensed custom

Why did you decide to buy an Aire Serv franchise? Over the past 27 years, I have run a successful heating, air conditioning, and ventilation business. During that time, I have explored many options, been faced with many decisions, and always believed I could achieve my expectations for every decision. None of the decisions I have made have been done in haste, which is why I attended an Aire Serv session and spoke to many current Aire Serv partners to hear about their trajectories, looking for a goodness of fit for my business and to serve my expectations and the expectations of my family. This decision could change the business I have grown on my own instincts, talents, and decisions. I can proudly say I changed HVAC service availability in my regional area over these nearly three decades. After the second session I attended, my wife and I concluded Aire Serv would be a good next step for growing our business. First, I had to achieve assuredness that Aire Serv could add to what I have already successfully built. While I believe this is so, I still needed to witness the full transition into an even more successful business. I knew that with the signing of a 10-year contract, I could then choose to make the same decision and continue, or go back to having a solo business. I have learned there are many different processes and procedures that Aire Serv offers that are intriguing to me. As my business is 27 years old, that equates to my advancement in age as well, and I have arrived at a place where I need to consider the future of the company, when I am not able, or select not to, continue the leadership. Important to me are the loyal employees who have been along for the ride beside me. And so, I desire to have



home builder. The HVAC portion of my business has now become Aire Serv of Southern Michigan. How did your experiences prior to Aire Serv help you make the transition to owning an Aire Serv franchise? As a successful business owner for both building custom homes and being able to flank with an appendage HVAC business, I have always approached both businesses looking at all sides of the issues being contemplated. What are some of your goals in 2017? • Increase social media exposure • Hire an HCD • Experience greater revenue from our already established customer base • Increase revenue through increased Advantage Plans sales • Improving our presentation of accessory options • Implementing “the big board” • Watching employees succeed with taking on the Aire Serv way of moving forward Looking back, did you ever have those days when you wondered, “Why am I an entrepreneur?” If so, what helped you push through and continue on the road to success? No, I have accomplished what was needed to have continued success. I have enjoyed entrepreneurship and will continue enjoying watching my business continue to grow in ways of which I had not yet thought. Howmany people do you have on your team? Do you want to give a shout out to some or all of them by name and position/role? We currently have nine employees. I will say that I am fortunate to have Marc Heibel, our Lead Service Person, who has been employed by me, has served beside me, bringing great ideas and strong centering, since the day I bought the company, more than 27 years ago. This dedication is unparalleled by anyone else on the team. Sherri Laing has also been a long- standing employee of more than 10 years and has brought many ideas to the table, with great enthusiasm, significant cooperation, and successful implementation of these ideas. The other people on my current team also significantly make my business a collective success on any given day. Do you have plans to expand your team? Yes, plans for expansion have always been useful to building and growing my company. I absolutely will continue along this way, growing the team as the new business requires.

worldwide web, with instant quotes, and assurances that may or may not be real. Therefore, they do ask for more competitive pricing with more thrown into the quotes. In this way, the consumers seem to be comparing apples from our quotes to oranges from the online, less explained quotes, all while holding our company to the same expectations. How do you see our industry changing in the next five years? I am heavily involved with geothermal, however, I believe with the tax credit gone after 2016, there will be a dip in new geothermal installations. I see no reason the servicing of the already placed geothermal systems will diminish, but the sales for new installs will assuredly fall. Therefore, the replacement needs will grow, but not the installs. We already have experienced a jump in sales for mini split systems and heat pumps. I believe this trend will continue to grow. What are some new technologies you are intrigued by or interested in? • Inverter compressors • Air source heat pumps that provide lower winter time operation • Wi-fi thermostats • Greater smart home automation I would first have to consider the level of their experiences before I could advise them any further. I could easily speak of my own experiences, but having served as an adviser for many years at Lennox Industries, I know the importance of considering precisely what it is they are asking about. I might also say that it is important to take their time when deciding and to be sure their questions are being answered in the way they need to hear the information. I would also encourage new franchisees to reach out to the support system Aire Serv has in place. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family. How do you relax? What are your favorite hobbies and interests? My wife, Eileen, joins me in my business as she has 30 years of experiences in the HVAC world. We spend a lot of time with our families. With two adult children and eight grandchildren, our blessings are many. We also have a four-year-old Golden Retriever, Leo, who has been the star of some advertising for my business. Relaxation for us is gained through travel, boating, lake activities, and farming over 450 acres of land. Name two things that you feel make you unique. I have a caring and giving personality, a sense of humor that keeps us laughing, and an ability to solve problems quickly. What is some advice that you would offer to new Aire Serv franchisees about starting and building their franchise business?

Do you see any trends in what homeowners are asking for? Consumers have access to more information via the




By: Lisa Zoellner

A fter six, short months between the 2016 Reunion presentation about the new Dwyer Group® umbrella brand, Neighborly™/Neighbourly™, we are excited to launch this brand. The U.S. and Canadian websites are now live and this long-time vision of Dwyer Group has finally been brought to fruition. This is the result of a lot of hard work by your Marketing team, many Dwyer Group functions, especially our IT department, and of our agency partners, Bullish and Scorpion. Why We Created Neighborly/Neighbourly Today, only 2.8% percent of our customers have ever used more than one Dwyer Group brand. In the past two years, that number shrinks to 1.7 percent! There is tremendous opportunity for growth by increasing usage of all our brands across our customer base and Neighborly/Neighbourly is this first step toward welcoming new and existing customers to our neighborhood. A Multi-Faceted Outreach Plan • Neighborly/Neighbourly was introduced to customers through an email campaign, which began in April. Email will be a critical communications tool, as we move forward. • The new Neighborly and Neighbourly websites will serve as an additional channel to provide leads to you.

• The Listen360 customer survey tool has been rolled out to many Dwyer Group brands. Those customer reviews are integrated into the Neighborly and Neighbourly websites. • Neighborly/Neighbourly has been incorporated, as a secondary message, on all of the Dwyer Group national brand websites. • A Neighborly/Neighbourly marketing campaign has been added globally to campaign options in ServiceTitan • The Neighborly/Neighbourly tagline has been integrated into each brand’s most-used marketing materials, which are available on the BrandBuilder website. • Traffic from the Dwyer Group’s former My Home Life (MHL) websites and social sites have been be redirected to our newly-created Neighborly/Neighbourly properties. • Our public relations media outreach began in early April with Fishman Public Relations. • Media testing using digital channels began in April in select markets.



60,000 + Visits to

Early Results

Increase in


1,700 Web Forms Have Been Submitted

New Customers


Increase in



Accounts Have


Been Created

Here’s How You Can Help To complement the national efforts, owners can get involved locally. Here are four easy ways: • Collect valid email addresses from every lead and customer to ensure they receive CRM communications and Listen360 customer surveys. • Update your vans by adding the Neighborly/Neighbourly decal. Incorporate updated creative with the Neighborly/Neighbourly logo and tagline in your local marketing, which are now available on the BrandBuilder website. • Start to use the new Neighborly/Neighbourly cross-branded advertising pieces, which have been created for owners to use for co-op and shared advertising events such as trade shows. Additional marketing materials such as video to be used for television and online advertising will be available soon. To work with fellow Dwyer Group franchisees in your area, I recommend referencing the Neighborly Brand Guidelines , local Marketing Playbook and contacting your brand’s marketing team to get started. The launch has been an amazing journey and we have really just begun. Now, the work begins to make Neighborly/ Neighbourly all it can be to fuel our growth!

To access the Marketing Playbook,

go to Franconnect and download

the latest version from the

Neighborly folder or go to this link:



N E W F R A N C H I S E E S 2017


Charles Whittenburg

Mike Kyser

James Nance


Steve & Kimberly England

Jonathan Brownlee

Gary & Shelley Mertz

David Scott




Mike McElroy

Ray Raya

Kenneth & Phyllis Cagle


Neal Morton




By: ToddWilliams

“Looking to the system for correction and proposing all possible solutions if something is not working.”

Service Titan offers great reports for coaching your team, but the old adage “garbage in/garbage out” still holds true. The importance of having the correct settings in place cannot be stressed enough. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions discussed at Homecoming. My advertised phone numbers have been ported into ServiceTitan. Why? When your phone numbers are ported and ringing through ServiceTitan, you are maximizing your Marketing Scorecard which allows you to see how well certain phone numbers and campaigns are doing for you. Porting also allows you to know how many calls came in during a specific timeframe and to know how many of those calls were answered and then booked as a new job. My office professional is booking new jobs and is correctly assigning the Business Unit (class code) as well as the correct job type and verifying the marketing campaign. Why? If your office professional is not correctly assigning the business unit on new jobs, this will impact your reporting/ tracking ability to determine how well your company is doing in specific areas of the business. I am using ServiceTitan to track my technician’s time on jobs and non-job appointments such as teammeetings. Why? Time tracking allows you to run reports such as the Big Board, timecard detail, and job costing. I am tracking all of my estimates including new system estimates inside of ServiceTitan, even when the customer does not wish to purchase the system or perform the recommend repairs. Why? Tracking all estimates inside of ServiceTitan allows for easier visibility for future work to be performed. It also allows the service professional to email the customer a copy of the recommend repairs for reference when the customer is able to have the repairs performed. My technicians are using the “SE – System Enhancement” category task codes when they selling an add-on / upgrade accessory item. For all other accessory repairs, they are using the “Accessory” category task codes. Why? For the accessories to show up on the Big Board report, you must use the “SE” category task codes. An example of SE versus AC would be replacing a thermostat. If it was replaced because the thermostat was broken, then you would use the AC task; but it if was replaced because your technician upgraded the thermostat to a newer model, you would use the SE task. It is important that everyone on your team knows when to use the SE task codes. If you do not have “SE – System Enhancement” task codes, please work with Shannon West ( or Noel Tarter (noel.tarter@ to have these task codes added to your price book.

When a technician needs to turn over a replacement lead to my Comfort Designer, my office professional is using the button “Lead” to book a new job for the replacement estimate. Why? When the replacement estimate is booked as a lead from another job, this triggers the Lead information to populate on the Big Board. Also, by using the lead button, you have the ability to run another helpful report called Sales Tracking Details. When a new comfort design system is sold, I am using the designated task codes for system replacement. These task codes begin with “10”, “11”, “12”, “13”, “14”, “15”, “16”, 17”, “18” as well task code “991005”. Why? For the visibility of replacement dollars sold on the Big Board, the correct task codes will need to be entered on your invoices. If you are currently using category “SS – Split System Options” this will need to be converted to category “10”. I am using the Recall button on the job to indicate that a technician is returning to a job that has been previously been completed. Why? Recall jobs are not counted as jobs ran on the “Customer Service Indicators” (red) side of the Big Board as your technician does not have the expectation of making a new repair or recommended repair sale.

Campaign Tracking Numbers can be purchased direct via ServiceTitan or numbers can be ported into ServiceTitan from your current carrier. Porting numbers does require further action. Please contact 254-405-6757 to begin.

When booking a new job, it is important to select the correct Business Unit, Job Type, and Verify the Marketing Campaign.



For set-up instructions on setting up proper flow of information in Service Titan, go to Help>Learn & Find Answers>Help Articles.

From ServiceTitan mobile, your technician can log each step of the job.

To create a lead flip, open the existing job from the drop down box and select the LEAD button. Then, press CREATE to book the next job.

From ServiceTitan in the office, you can view the timesheet on each job.

It is important for the Big Board results that you are entering system replacements into ServiceTitan with the correct task codes that are listed on your CDPro work order. These task codes begin with “10”, “11”, “12”, “13”, “14”, “15”, “16”, 17”, “18” as well task code “991005”. If you do not have these tasks codes, please work with Noel Tarter or Shannon West to modify your price book.

Use the Follow Ups screen to view all open/unsold Estimates for recommended repairs and new system installations.

Technicians must use the “SYSTEM ENHANCEMENT” category of tasks when they are selling an accessory that is not a required repair. If you do not have the SYSTEM ENHANCEMENT category in your price book, please work with Noel Tarter or Shannon West to update your book.

It is important to mark repair call backs or return visits as a recall so that the data will correctly display on your reports. A recall lets ServiceTitan know that the technician working on this job does not have the expectation to make additional repairs or an additional sale.




By: Matt Mackling



D o any of us really love to sit in a class or go online to do research? Once we find what we are looking for, do we apply it? Each day, we easily get distracted by every moving part of our business in the same way a professional or college athlete gets distracted by cars, money and fame. What happens from here? Many factors distinguish top paid performers from their counterparts. The biggest distinguishing factor is consistent, ongoing training! The top producers in any realm of competition practice and train harder than anyone else in their respective roles. TRAINING - the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior. Synonyms - education, tutoring, teaching, discipline, guidance, schooling, coaching “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” - Bruce Lee ADVANTAGE PLANS: THE SEASON TICKET HOLDERS No matter what sporting event or theme park we attend, they all have one thing in common: season ticket holders/ sales. Without season ticket sales, these venues would not be able to budget and plan for what their seasons hold. Our season ticket holders are one of the most important ingredients to our success. How do we find these extremely valuable customers? More importantly, how do we keep these extremely valuable customers? Like any very successful business or stadium, we must be the most attractive, offer the best seats, clearly present all available options, and make sure everyone on our team is trained to send the same message. “If we only wish to gather these tickets, we will fall short to the Hungry Hunter.” –Matt Mackling GET YOUR SMART THERMOSTAT; GET YOUR HOT DOG! About two thirds or more of a facility’s concession revenues come from hot dogs, peanuts, and other ballpark staples. Drinks almost always have a very high profit margin, at nearly 90 percent. When we relate this to Heating and Air Conditioning, we don’t think about the impact that our Accessory Sales can have on our bottom line. If we could get our ballpark to have a 15 percent concession rate on a business that is producing $1,000,000 in revenue, we would be looking at $150,000 in high profit margin goods. Most HVAC companies are only utilizing these products approximately three to six percent of the time.

“Would you like fries with that?”

- Every cashier at EVERY stadium PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER, OR BRONZE? One of the most vital parts to our revenue stream is our replacement sales. Think of these as the box seats! What kind of experience would you like to have when you watch the big game or the “Super Bowl” of your favorite sport: the 15-inch black and white version or the 110-inch HD projection experience? Box seats or the nose bleeds? Our season ticket holders want and need options to accommodate their budget and experience. Without options, we would not be able to accommodate the very diverse market we have. When our client is ready to make that substantial investment in heating and air, they want to know that they were getting all the options available regardless of their budget. We would all love watch Michael Jordan perform directly behind the Bulls bench, but we also know that the Gold option is a better solution for our home and family. When we have that top performing team, everyone will want to sign up for that Super Bowl experience. “The experience is changed by your example, not by your opinion” – Paulo Coelho SOCIAL MEDIA Did you know that 90 percent of small businesses have their own Facebook page, but that almost one third of them have less than 32 fans? Building an engaged audience can be difficult, and for many local businesses it’s the reason why they quit updating their pages long ago. In order to create a successful following on social media, every post needs to have value. Social Marketing focuses on the three elements that are most crucial in bringing more attention to a business’s profile: finding interesting content, discovering influential people, and creating deals. GAME TIME! Take me out to the ball game, take me out to crowd! Buy me some filters and thermostats , I don’t care if I sell all I got! For its root, root, root for Aire Serv , if they don’t win it’s a shame! For its one, two, three strikes you’re out at the old ball game! Let’s play ball!



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