2023-2024 UnCruise Adventures Brochure

The Fine Print

Please read carefully before booking. Full terms and conditions available at UnCruise.com

disability or other conditions for which special accommodations or the use of a wheelchair is necessary or contemplated. We must also be notified of any medical treatment that may render the guest unfit for travel or constitute a risk or danger to the guest or anyone else on board. Guests needing any form of assistance and those who are physically disabled must be accompanied by someone who takes full responsibility for any needed assistance during the cruise and in the event of an emergency. We reserve the right to refuse passage to anyone who, in our sole opinion, may affect the health, safety, or enjoyment of other guests. Guests requiring a wheelchair must provide their own collapsible wheelchair. Some ports of call, shore excursions, docks, gangways, and other ship requirements may preclude a wheelchair guest from leaving the vessel; this decision will be made by the captain and is binding. Additionally, there may be certain physical conditions, including raised doorway thresholds from 2 to 16 inches, stairways, and narrow passageways within the vessel that may limit or preclude the accessibility of wheelchair guests to some areas. Due to the limitations of vessel facilities, bookings cannot be accepted for women who will be 30 or more weeks pregnant at the conclusion of travel. Women in their third trimester (greater than 24 weeks, but less than 30 weeks) must submit a letter from their physician granting permission to travel by boat (and for air travel, if applicable). Non-Discrimination Notification Under Title VI, Title IX It is the policy of InnerSea Discoveries Alaska, Inc. (dba UnCruise Adventures) not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, ancestry, national origin, or veteran status in its educational programs, activities, or employment as required by law. InnerSea Discoveries Alaska, Inc. (dba UnCruise Adventures) operates in Glacier Bay National Park as an authorized Concessioner of the National Park Service, Department of Interior. We are an equal opportunity provider and employer, operating in the Tongass National Forest under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service.

Contact Information Address: 3826 18th Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119 Email: sales@UnCruise.com; Website: UnCruise.com Toll free: 888-862-8881 (USA/CAN), Groups/Charters: 855-575-9358 (USA/CAN); Phone: 206-284-0300; Fax: 206-283-9322. UnCruise Adventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of InnerSea Discoveries Alaska, Inc., Juneau, AK. Payments: Individual Booking Deposits due within three business days of booking. Reservations are not confirmed until a deposit is received. Deposit is refundable up to 72 hours after payment is received. Premium payment for our Travel Protection Plan is optional. For more information, visit the travel protection page under the Booking tab on our main website. Final payment is due 90 days prior to departure from your home city or in full when reservations are confirmed if less than 90 days prior. If final payment is not received in time, your space may be released; rebooking will then be subject to final availability. Payments may be made by check, credit card, wire transfer, or money order.

Pre-/Post-Cruise Land Packages Deposits are non-refundable. P ayment and cancellation terms differ for optional hotel and land packages. Travel Protection To help protect you and your trip investment against the unexpected, we recommend purchasing a travel protection plan that provides coverage for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, Baggage Loss or Delay, Emergency Medical Expense and more. For more information, visit the Travel Protection page under the Booking tab on our main website. If you have protection plan questions, please call Travelex Insurance Services at 844.204.0943 and reference Plan Number 727A-0522 (or 352A- 1219 for residents of PA) . Should you wish to purchase the protection plan, please contact UnCruise f or plan costs and further details on the plan. Travelex Insurance Services, Inc CA Agency License #0D10209. Travel Insurance is underwritten by, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company; NAIC #22276. OVT Please Note: International guests should inquire with a home-country travel protection plan. Gratuities Gratuities are shared among crew members and are not included in your fare. Recommended amoun t is typically $25-35 per day per person. Final Travel Details All travel information is sent via email. If your reservation is paid in full and we have received your required online Guest Forms, Final Travel Details will be issued approximately 45 days prior to your departure. Submit all required Guest Forms online no later than 60 days prior to your departure. Late receipt of online Guest Forms and/or Final Payment will delay your Final Travel Details. Family Discoveries Savings Children ages 8-17 years (at time of travel) save $500 per child. Age guidelines are waived on all private charters. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to supervise their children at all times. Smoking Smokingis allowedonly in designatedareas on outsideaft decks.Smokingis not allowedinside the vessels at any time. Health and Disability Requirements Guests must notify us in writing at the time of booking of any physical or mental illness,

Privacy Policy Privacyshouldn’tbe an adventure.Youcanreview our privacy policy at: UnCruise.com on the webpage footer. Photographic Images UnCruise Adventures takes photographs throughout each cruise that sometimes include guests. Some images will be used for promotional purposes. Guests who prefer that their image not be used must notify the expedition leader on board. Guests who give images to our onboard team are thereby giving UnCruise Adventures permission to use such images for promotional purposes. Photo & Story Credit The images in this brochure were taken by guests, crew, and employees. Including Peter West Carey, and Jeff Colhoun. All stories shared are UnCruise experiences captured in blogs, guest comments, articles, or we lived them.

Deposit Required $750 per person $2,000 per person (Galápagos cruises)

Private Charters Deposit equal to one-third of the total charter cost is due within seven business days of the reservation. At 270 days (9 months) before departure, a second payment equal to one- third of the total charter cost is due. Final charter payment is due 120 days (4 months) prior to departure. Cancellation Policy Guests who cancel for any reason are subject to the following cancellation fees. Individuals: Days Prior To Departure Per Person Cancellation Fee 120 days or more 50% of initial deposit 119 to 91 days Forfeiture of full deposit 90 to 46 days 50% of gross fare 45 to 0 days 100% of gross fare Private Charter: Days Prior To Departure Charter Cancellation Fee Over 365 days 50% of initial deposit 365 to 271 days Forfeiture of full deposit 270 to 121 days 66.67% of gross fare 120 to 0 days 100% of gross fare

Due to the nature of our explorations, itineraries are guidelines and will change in order to maximize your vacation experience. Variations in itinerary and the order of days may occur. UnCruise Adventures reserves the right to make changes to itineraries, dates, pricing, and policies. For highly specialized, or restricted activities, fees may be required.

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