2022-2023 UnCruise Adventures Brochure

Latin America

Belize • Costa Rica • Guatemala • Panamá

Vines cascade into pink flowers springing from a swath of green. Spongy mushrooms cantilever out of Caribbean pine. A line of leafcutter ants trots along the forest floor bringing sawed off bits of green to their home. Your guide points out a flash of a monkey high above as a Red-capped Manakin does his dance in the trees. Welcome to the jungle. The rainforests are lush; the snorkeling, a kaleidoscope of color; and the beaches, even better than in pictures. Duck under the palms for a hike beneath the jungle canopy in Costa Rica and Panamá. Snorkel Cousteau- style among the cayes of Belize. Soak up local culture in seaside towns of Guatemala. This is the paradise you’ve dreamt of—white sands, crystalline waters, neon fish—plus high adventure led by your expert, enthusiastic guides. Hike, paddle, and play your way through this diverse part the world.


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Snapshot: Monkey business. .


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