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Flower’s House

01 – Christ’s College Flower’s House


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03 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

Welcome to Flower’s House

I look forward to meeting you all and making 2023 an unforgettable year. This booklet will answer questions you may have about the House system at College and Flower’s House in particular.

The History of Flower’s House In 1910, AE Flower became the first Housemaster of Flower’s House. The original Flower’s House was situated in the eastern end of what was then known as the Headmaster’s House (built in 1868). The boys occupied the western end. Downstairs facing the river was the boys’ dining room, which catered for 40 boys, and their dormitories were upstairs. A very large kitchen served both the Flower family and the boys. The Board had hoped to build a new boarding house inside The Quadrangle, but circumstances were against them and instead the new house was built in Rolleston Avenue and completed in 1918. This building was demolished in 2004 and the new Flower’s House was completed in September 2005. It was officially opened on 25 October 2005 by Air Vice Marshall Hamilton (a Flower’s House Old Boy).

In Flower’s House we are proud of the strong sense of community that exists between boys, staff and families. This bond is invaluable in creating a sense of belonging and worth which in turn strongly influences attitudes to all strands of College life. Parents are welcome at all times and are actively encouraged to attend College and House events. These are published in advance and can be found in the school calendar at www.christscollege.com. – Lionel Randall, Housemaster


The Housemaster

“I am excited to have the opportunity to build on the positive traditions that exist in Flower’s House and I look forward to leading the boys to realising their potential”

“I want the Flower’s House boys to be renowned for their passion, grit and

determination, brave boys who are not afraid to dream big dreams and who leave as men ready to make a positive and lasting impact on the world”. Lionel Randall, Housemaster Mobile: +64 27 396 6433 Email: lionel.randall@christscollege.com

Having taught for several years at leading boy’s boarding schools both in South Africa and New Zealand, Lionel, his wife Taryn and their two sons moved south from Auckland Grammar to take up his new role at College at the start of Term 2, 2021. He has a passion for sport, in particular water polo where he has been highly involved at an elite level. Serving as a FINA International Water Polo referee at several FINA events, he also coached the South African national schoolboys’ team, and served as the assistant coach of the New Zealand National Men’s team from 2018–2021, which included team player College Old Boy Louis Clark. “I enjoy being a part of the College community, there is a real ‘can-do’ attitude and a strong sense of pride that the boys have for the school. I love the positivity and I endorse the values.”

05 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

Flower’s House Staff

Deputy Housemaster/Mentor Monique Ellis-Martin Monique has been at Christ’s College for 18 years, including Deputy Housemaster of Flower’s House for five years. She is the Teacher-in-Charge (TiC) of Design & Visual Communication and has a strong co-curricular involvement in both polo (Master-in- Charge) and hockey. Monique is married to Jason and they have two daughters. Mobile: +64 21 243 8327 Email : mellismartin@christscollege.com

Matron Karen Adams

Karen has been a Matron at Flower’s House for 13 years. She has had a long association with College as her two adult sons both went through the school. Karen enjoys getting involved in College life outside Flower’s House, in particular being involved in rowing.

Phone: +64 3 364 8637 Mobile: +64 27 555 4692 Email: kadams@christscollege.com

Overnight Nurse Kirsty Black Kirsty Black has taken on the new role of

Overnight Nurse for the three Boarding Houses. With experience in general surgery and high- dependency care, Kirsty now works part-time in gastroenterology at Christchurch Hospital. She is married to Toby and has a two-year-old daughter, Millie. Kirsty, who grew up on a North Canterbury farm, also went to boarding school. She believes that a holistic and nurturing environment is vital. Email: kirsty.black@christscollege.com


Dr Craig Aitken / Mentor

Travis Dixon / Mentor

Gill Kilpatrick / Mentor

Nick Sutcliffe / Mentor

Residential Tutors Benn McBrearty Nicholas Sutcliffe

07 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

New Boys in 2023



Archer Allen

Gisborne Central School

Thomas Clayson George Currie

Waihi School Waihi School

Hugh Davis

Holy Family School (Wanaka)

Richie Hazeldine Max Hindmarsh

Clarkville School

Waiheke High School

Guy Holmes

Waihi School

Tom Matthews Jonty Ramsden

Bohally Intermediate

Waihi School

James Reed

Cathedral Grammar

Tom Richmond Hunter Shallard

Seddon School

Remarkables Primary School


09 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

From the Assistant Principal – Boarding and Immerse & Inspire

I welcome students and their families to boarding at Christ’s College. While each of the three Boarding Houses has its own unique characteristics, the aim is that your son will have a common boarding experience no matter which House he is in.

home. We provide a warm, secure and caring environment in which boys grow and develop academically, socially, physically, morally, spiritually and emotionally. Our boarders all make the most of their access to a wonderful range of College facilities, as well as having the opportunity for downtime and privacy. Despite differences in cultural background, age and home regions, boarders are united by a unique connection. The boarding experience is rewarding, and enables boys to grow in confidence, independence, friendship and fun – the hallmarks of our community. Many boys enjoy a very smooth transition into our community, while others may encounter some challenges in learning to live with others. That is expected and we will walk with you and your sons though that journey. We have excellent staff, prefects and role models who guide boys in respecting differences and living in harmony. Our Christ’s College boarding staff enjoy the opportunity to create and develop a positive relationship with your son and your family. We believe that you, as parents, remain the key to helping your boy flourish throughout his time at Christ’s College. We look forward to nurturing this important partnership. I am proud to be part of the Christ’s College boarding community and look forward to meeting the boys and their families in 2023. Ben Vink, Assistant Principal – Boarding and Immerse & Inspire

Boarding will be one of the most exciting – and occasionally challenging – times of a boy’s life. Our boarding community is here to help guide you and your son over the next five years. This booklet provides background information regarding each of the boarding Houses, as well as answering some of the questions you may have about boarding at Christ’s College. The College boarding experience is unique within New Zealand as boarders have been an integral part of our school community for more than a century. Our boarders also live on the school site, adding to the richness of the

experience of all College students. Joining the boarding community is a

significant and inspiring step in a developing boy’s life. We understand that Christ’s College becomes not just their school, but also their


The House System

Boarding Staff

When a boy starts at Christ’s College, he also becomes a member of a smaller community – his House. Christ’s College has 10 Houses, seven for dayboys and three for boarders. The dayboy Houses are Condell’s, Corfe, Harper, Jacobs, Julius, Rolleston and Somes. The boarding Houses are Flower’s, Richards and School. These Houses are more than just physical spaces where boys live or congregate. Within each House, lifelong friendships are formed, a solid work ethic is nurtured, teamwork is fostered and leadership is promoted. Whether in academic, sporting or cultural activities, every boy within each House is able to make, and be recognised for, his contribution.

The Housemasters of the three boarding Houses are responsible for the welfare of all boys in their respective Houses. They are all academically qualified and full-time members of the academic teaching staff. They are each assisted by a Deputy Housemaster, a Matron, Residential Tutors and Non-Residential Tutors. All of these staff live in the House or onsite. The Matron lives in the boarding House and has overall responsibility for housekeeping, medical matters, uniform and laundry. All medical matters are the concern of the Matron and, if necessary, she refers boys to the College Health Centre. Any medication brought to College must be given to Matron for issuing and safekeeping. Matron must be advised of any significant medical history prior to the start of Term 1. Housemasters, Deputy Housemasters, Residential Tutors and Non-Residential Tutors formally supervise the boys throughout the week and at weekends, as well as help with excursions and other activities within the community. This includes the supervision of the weekend Boarding Programme activities. The Assistant Princpal – Boarding and Immerse & Inspire oversees boarding at Christ’s College, ensuring high standards and that a consistent approach is taken in the Boarding Houses. He is also the link for boarding to the Executive team at Christ’s College.

11 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

Master on Duty

Student Voice

The Master on Duty is the staff member who is formally rostered to care for the boys in a boarding House at any given time. If parents wish to contact a person on duty during the week (up until 6.30pm), it is best to call the Housemaster direct. The Master on Duty (and duty phone) operate from 6.30pm–11pm during the week and from 7am–11pm at the weekends. Boys are encouraged to use these numbers to keep in close contact with the staff member on duty, particularly if there has been a change in leave arrangements or they are running late returning to their boarding House. Parents can use these numbers to pass a message on to a boy if their son is not directly contactable. Flower’s House Duty Phone +64 27 489 0132 Richards House Duty Phone +64 27 489 0134 School House Duty Phone +64 27 489 0135

The Head of Boarding oversees two boarding committees. First, is the Leadership Committee made up of the Head of Boarding and the three Heads of Houses. Second, is the Boarding Committee, with members from all year levels from all three Houses. It aligns with other committees within the school, taking suggestions and ideas from across the boarding community. The committee then works towards a solution to any new initiatives.




A goal in boarding at Christ’s College is to have all boys happy and adhering to House routines, as well as fulfilling their potential by making the most of the opportunities on offer. The reality is that, at times, this will not be the case, which means there will be consequences for boys’ actions. In these situations there is a discipline model that all three Houses adhere to in terms of punishments handed out. Sitting alongside this discipline model is an emphasis on educating the boys on character to help them make responsible choices. It is a case of treating these moments as teachable opportunities, with an emphasis on a restorative process where appropriate. Your son’s Housemaster will go through the discipline model in detail on their arrival so they are aware of the expectations and boundaries in the boarding House.

All Year 9 students spend the first two weekends staying in and are involved in a variety of orientation activities during this time. The aim of these activities is to ensure as smooth a transition as possible into boarding life for your son. More details on this programme will be communicated to parents prior to the beginning of the year.

13 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

Boarding Programme

Interhouse Activities

A varied programme of regular weekend excursions, starting on the first weekend of term is organised for the boarders. Excursions encompass a variety of activities and all boarders are urged to take advantage of the extensive programme. A full list of the activities on offer is communicated to boys and parents at the beginning of each term. Previous activities have included: Super Rugby games, tenpin bowling, movies, archery, quad- biking, go-karting, paintball and Mega Air. We also have a strong relationship with our sister schools, with activities like dinner swaps, Valentine’s Day breakfast and Year 11 cooking classes taking place. The workshop is open (and supervised) for boys to complete school work or begin a new project. The heated swimming pool is also open (and supervised) at set times for the boys to have a swim. In the evenings during the week, the gymnasium and weights room are open (and supervised) for the boys’ use.

There are many interhouse competitions which range from most sporting codes to drama, debating, singing, chess and film- making. House prefects select and organise teams. Boys are encouraged to volunteer to be in teams, though teams are also selected on merit, based on age group and ability. The opportunities in interhouse activities are great fun and provide leadership skills as well as fostering a special spirit in the House. Boys can earn House colours for their involvement and performance in interhouse events.


15 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

International Students

International Students are an integral part of Christ’s College and the boarding community, with all students supported by International Student Manager Paul McCarthy. A separate, live-in orientation programme is run for international students prior to them moving into their House, to make the transition as smooth as possible.

International Student Manager Paul McCarthy Many of our international students choose to join our boarding community and Paul ensures they have the support they need to flourish. He is friendly and welcoming, taking a personal interest in the boys and their welfare. It is his goal to encourage all international students to engage fully in our College community. Developing successful learning pathways to tertiary education, celebrating international culture and diversity, and growing well-rounded young men is central to his role as International Student Manager. Mobile: +64 21 035 8161 Email: paul.mccarthy@christscollege.com


17 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

Leave Arrangements

As part of the boarding community’s duty of care, it is important that House staff know where all boys are at all times. The following is an explanation of the Christ’s College boarding leave arrangements.

Casual town leave (Years 9–10) All boys must: – See the Master on Duty (MoD) to get permission and then complete leave on the electronic leave system – Go in pairs – See the MoD on their return and confirm return on electronic leave system – Be back by 5.30pm – All College commitments must be met first – Limited to two leaves per week (Monday to Friday). Casual town leave (Years 11–13) All boys must: – Completeleaveonelectronicleavesystem– still required to communicate with MoD they are leaving – Confirm return on electronic leave system – not required to see MoD – Be back by 5.30pm – All College commitments must be met first – No limit on the number of leaves.

Day or tea leave (all year groups) – Given at HM’s or MoD’s discretion – Housemaster must have approval from parent and host (where applicable) prior. All boys must: – See MoD to get permission and then complete leave on electronic leave system – See MoD on return and confirm return on electronic leave system. Weekend leave (all year groups) – Leave request must be completed on electronic leave system by 1.50pm on the Thursday prior – Housemaster must receive approval from parent and host (where applicable) by 8.30pm on the Thursday prior – Students must see MoD when leaving and on return.


Health & Wellbeing

Health Centre The Health Centre plays an important role in the life of Christ’s College and is staffed by two registered nurses. They provide professional as well as personal care and support for all boys. When appropriate, the boys are encouraged to be self-caring and proactive in relation to their healthcare needs. The Health Centre is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8am–4pm and Wednesday 8am–5pm. The Health Centre nurses are contactable via the below. Phone: +64 3 364 8601 or +64 27 500 3357 Email: healthcentre@christscollege.com College has a visiting physiotherapist and Health Centre staff or Matron can organise an appointment. All medical matters, including sports injuries, are the concern of Matron. When she feels it necessary, she refers students to the doctor. Matron may accompany a student to the appointment, particularly younger boys. After hours, Matron takes students to the 24 Hour Surgery in Madras Street, or, if appropriate, to Christchurch Public Hospital. Boarders are not to put themselves to bed in the House during school hours. They must report to the Health Centre. At other times if a boarder feels unwell he must communicate with Matron or the Master on Duty.

We ask that you keep the Matron informed of any changes in your son’s healthcare needs. She is more than happy to answer any of your concerns or queries while your son is boarding at Christ’s College, so please feel free to contact her. Medication/Appointments To assist boarding staff with regard to management of medication or appointments, please note: Medication – All medication your son needs to take should be stored with his House Matron, so she is aware of what he is taking and the correct dosage, and the medication is kept safe. This includes Panadol, Ibuprofen, antihistamines and the like. Please also make the Matron aware if your son carries an inhaler, EpiPen or the like – there is a Google form you will need to complete. Appointments – Please communicate with your House Matron well in advance of any appointments you may have organised for your son – for example, orthodontist, physiotherapist, specialist. While we appreciate your communication on these matters, we also expect your son to take responsibility for communicating with his Housemaster or Matron well in advance of any appointments or activities that may take him away from College.

19 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

Adrenaline auto-injectors (EpiPens)

– The student will need to stay with the family member or designated guardian until they receive a negative Covid-19 test result – Parents need to ensure their son has recovered and been symptom free for 72 hours, prior to him coming back into boarding. If your son has been away from College unwell, he will be given a quick health check at the Health Centre to confirm no signs of illness, before returning to his boarding House. He will need to return to College during the school day to enable this to happen. If your son does take ill or has an injury while at home on weekend leave, we would expect that parents seek any required medical assistance and communicate with their son’s Housemaster or Matron regarding when it is appropriate for him to return to the boarding House.

Parents of students with anaphylaxis must provide two anaphylaxis kits containing an adrenaline auto-injector, antihistamine medication and an action plan. One kit is held by the student and should be taken to school each day and the second is stored in the allocated box in the Master on Duty office. The Health Centre has additional EpiPens in case of an emergency. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the EpiPens are kept up-to-date and do not expire. Any changes to medical records should be communicated through the Health Centre at the time of the change. Illness and Infection Hygiene continues to be a significant part of keeping on top of any illness (not just Covid-19) and this includes boys maintaining a high standard of handwashing and sanitising, as well as coughing and sneezing etiquette. Our health guidelines are based on normal health procedures as well as Ministry of Health expectations and important points to note here include: – A boarder should notify House staff at the first sign that they feel unwell – If a boarder becomes unwell, his parents must be in a position to take him home or to a local relative or friend as soon as is practically possible




All main meals are served in the Dining Hall each day, as well as morning tea on weekdays. Supper and additional supplies like milk, bread and spreads are available in each of the boarding Houses. The Boarding Committee with the Head of Boarding and the Assistant Principal – Boarding and Immerse & Inspire meet with the catering staff to consider feedback and to make appropriate changes if necessary. Boys are expected to attend all meals during the week except by prior arrangement with a member of the boarding staff. Boys requiring a late dinner because of sports training or co-curricular activities need to complete the appropriate form in the Dining Hall by lunchtime each day.

The Christ’s College Uniform Shop sells new and second-hand uniforms as well as stationery and some toiletries. It is located at

10 Gloucester Street. Manager: Ann Shaw Phone: 364 8613 Email: ashaw@christscollege.com Formal Uniform

The formal uniform consists of the grey suit and white shirt. It is worn on a Monday and Friday during Terms 2 and 3, and for Sunday Chapel services. Stripes Blazer Uniform This uniform consists of a striped blazer, white shirt, and mid-grey long trousers or charcoal grey walk shorts (summer). It is worn on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during Term 2 and 3 and every day during summer. It is also worn for any sport exchanges. Sports Gear All Houses have their own colours for athletics and interhouse sports. There is no regulation footwear for PE and athletics, but all boys must wear footwear around the school or when running in the park.

21 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

Dress Code


Boys should change into casual clothes at the end of each school day if they do not have a College-related activity, sports training or game. Boys may wear casual clothes around the boarding House and College community, including the Dining Hall, and during certain examination periods. Footwear must be worn when outside the buildings. Neat and clean casual clothes may be worn in the Dining Hall for evening meals. Footwear is necessary. Dirty sports gear, caps and singlets are not permitted in the Dining Hall. Residential dinners and special dinners with visiting girls’ schools require a special effort with dress. On these occasions, boys are asked to wear long trousers, a collared shirt and closed footwear. Boys are also asked to make a special effort with their grooming.

It is expected that all boys will be dressed in clean and neat attire at all times. In terms of clothes being cleaned, it is a combination of boys putting clothes out to go to the commercial laundry and also doing their own personal laundry. School shirts, socks, underwear, towels and College sports gear all go out to the commercial laundry. It is the responsibility of the boys to use the washing machines and dryers in their respective Houses to wash any other casual clothing. Naming of clothes To assist Matrons with the organisation of clean laundry and to prevent loss of clothes, all clothing must be correctly named. Name tags are the best method and can be ordered through the Uniform Shop. Please refer to the Uniform Shop pages on the website for the suggested list of clothing. Other points to note – Dry cleaning is done as necessary and arranged by Matron – A bed is made up with a sheet, a mattress protector, a pillow and pillowcase. Boys bring their own duvet inner and two covers. The duvet covers must be named – Sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are washed through the commercial laundry – A qualified seamstress is available once a week in each House to repair and name uniforms and casual clothing.


Electronic Devices


Electronic devices are a significant part of a student’s life. However, it is important that they are used appropriately. Email and the Internet All boys will have a school-issued email address (for example, jsmith@student.christscollege.com) to send and receive emails. Boys have wireless connections in the boarding Houses and can connect their computers to the school network. There is a photocopier in each House to print off work after hours and at weekends. Mobile phones Boys are permitted and encouraged to have a mobile phone. However, several conditions apply within the boarding community: – Phones are to be kept secure at all times – The boy’s phone number must be given to his Housemaster, Matron and Duty Phone – The Housemaster, Matron and Duty Phone numbers must be on his phone – The phone remains switched on while on day or weekend leave – All boys in Years 9–11 will be allocated a pigeon hole in a device storage cupboard. They must hand in electronic devices 30 minutes before bed time. (This includes gaming devices, phones, iPads, iPods and computers.) Failure to do so will result in confiscation. There are separate policies for the use of electronic devices at College during the school day.

Your son is responsible for the safekeeping of his own possessions. He will be given two padlocks at the beginning of the year (one for his wardrobe and one for his downstairs locker). This provides him with two secure areas to store any valuables. Points to note: – Matrons should hold important documents, such as travel tickets and passports, for safekeeping – It is recommended that little or no money be kept in your son’s area. It may be useful to open a cash card (EFTPOS) account for your son to cover any extra items during the school year – Mobile phones, iPods, stereo systems and valuables should be kept secure at all times – All personal belongings should be secured during periods of overnight or weekend leave. Please note, the school’s insurance policy does not cover the loss or damage to personal property brought into the residential community. Expensive items, i.e. devices or laptops, – must be covered by personal insurance.

23 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

Homework (Prep)


Homework is referred to as Prep. Prep time for all students is 7.30pm–8pm (Monday to Thursday) and 6.30–7.30pm on a Friday. Only academically related work can be done during these times. If boys complete their set work early, they are asked to read a book until the conclusion of Prep. There is strictly no gaming, email, instant messaging or phone calls during Prep time. We ask parents to help support the academic rigour of the study periods by contacting their son outside of these study times. This supports the programme and provides the ideal learning environment for your son.

Chapel is a central part of College life. Boys are required to attend services on Monday and Friday before classes, congregational practice on Wednesdays, and two evening (7pm) Sunday Chapel services each term. The boys attend these services in dress uniform. When attending these services, they should be back in the House and changed by 6.30pm. All services are listed in the College calendar or on the College website. Parents are welcome to attend any Sunday Chapel service. Boys who have a regular commitment in their parish church can apply for the chapel requirement to be halved. A letter from the priest or minister is required and will be forwarded to the Chaplain.


Daily Routine




Year 9 – 6.45am Year 10 – 7am Year 11 – 7.15am

At discretion of Master on Duty

30 mins later than during the week

Wake up times

Year 12 – Self-responsibility (up and ready for breakfast) Year 13 – Self-responsibility (up and ready for breakfast)





Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri – 12.50pm Wed – 12.25pm


11.30am–1.30pm 12.30pm





9am–3.35pm • Lessons are 50 minutes in duration • Interval is at the end of period 2 • Wednesday has six 40 minute periods with classes finishing at 2.30pm




Bed Times (Mon–Fri)

Devices Handed in

Bed Time

Lights Out

Year 9




Year 10




Year 11




Year 12




Year 13





At discretion of Master on Duty


The same as during the week

25 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

Other important times – House assembly 8.15am (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) and 9.20am (Thursday) – Chapel 8.30am (Monday and Friday) – Mentor groups 8.30am (Tuesday) – School assembly 9.30am (Thursday) – Dinner 5.30–6.15pm – Roll Call 7.30pm – Prep 7.30–8.30pm – Digital-free times – break and lunchtime (Tuesday and Thursday).



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