Semantron 2015

Editor’s introduction

Neil Croally

Welcome to Semantron 15. So various were this year’s contributions that I felt unable to impose any sort of thematic order (as in earlier editions). Instead, the alphabet rules, and serendipitous pleasure is possible. However, as with earlier editions, most of the contributions come from boys in their last year and are based on their extended essay. In addition there are a number of pieces which were entered for an essay prize. The two essays on relativism (Cullen, Nugent) were entered for last year’s Erasmus essay prize, and the 6 pieces by Messrs. Macklin, Shehzore, Sheriff and Tudor were all prize-winners in our own Gareth Evans Essay Competition for boys in the Middle School. The essays by Kottering and Viswanathan, and one by Sealey, were entered for prizes organized by Oxbridge colleges.

Semantron was founded by Jan Piggott and Richard Scholar.

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